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༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  0.62 


Hello guys,

Today is THE DAY(Z) and we are pushing out the major 0.62 update do Experimental branch.

What is new:

  • New tree models
  • Denser forests
  • New clutter (grass, small plants)
  • New surface textures - plains and such
  • Improved wind behavior
  • New shader for the wind, affecting trees and grass
  • Tweaked and changed lighting for the world
  • Small improvements to satellite textures
  • Rain affected by wind and refinement of its behavior in general
  • Many reworked locations on Chernarus
  • Reworked ghillie (to be consistent with new tech)
  • Small bugfixes to some issues from 0.61
  • New ambient sounds

This is the first public version on unstable servers, it can contain new bugs and crashes. If you find some bugs/crashes let me know on our Feedback Tracker, we need to know about it. You can help us to solve game crash issues.Thank you! 

If you run into any problems with camera (movement of camera, zooming), delete your profile in documents (C:\Users\yourPCname\Documents\DayZ).


While you'll be waiting for the update to download, I also have the first part of our new Q&A video for you. This time with Adam Franců, amazing map designer! He will give you some new information and answer your questions from Twitter, Forum and Reddit.


And the last news. If you are active content creator you can join our white-listed Content Creator server.

As a small appreciation of our community of live streamers, YouTubers and other content creators, we're launching a passworded, whitelisted server for the 0.62 Experimental update where you can get a look at the new visual improvements in 0.62 without waiting in the Experimental server queue.

Everyone with an active channel on both YouTube and Twitch will be granted access on a "first to come, first to serve" basis, as we'd like to have both familiar names and small content creators on the list!

The server has 60 slots, and we'll be whitelisting 70 of you for now (to allow for a bit of an overflow during less frequented hours), with the important factor for whitelisting being that we're able to tell your channel is active. In short, that means you had at least one DayZ video uploaded over the past month, or streamed any game at least once during the past 7 days.

Occasionally, we may also have developers join the server, which may take up to additional 5 slots on the list, but we'll try to stay out during busy hours.

Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/9Exb5VUwS9LN0Zna2

We'll let you know if you've been selected by email. The form will be closed after filling the capacity.

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Where the hell is 0.63? We've been waiting for literally 11 minutes. Lazy scam devs!

Seriously though, I might give 0.62 a whirl tonight if I can get on. The creator whitelist idea is neat - perfect for pure testing as well. Keen to see the new changes.

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10 minutes ago, Espa said:

This just in:


Treefiregeometrie^^ ... that are the point.

New collision bodys of plants ... i think not only for Player.. ( hidden text: bullets ).

Edit: i cant play..  :(   ... but at all have nice immersion with my slot (y)

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1 hour ago, Baty Alquawen said:

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  0.62 


Hello guys,

Today is THE DAY(Z)


I hope not the last day as "Z" indicates the last...... Sry

Nice visuals and sounds. Realy nice done. Got lost  imitately for a few minutes. The first time since month.

P.s.: Why do the german server die?

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