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  1. Guess not on their PC's with that amount of players on their servers. For sure we'll figure out on Exp.branch! P.s.:I know i'm not Baty but I asked myself the same question and that was my answer!
  2. Had a look at DayZspy. They are busily testing 2 different .62 versions. Also no experimental servers are online as i see! So: Be prepaired! I hope i get lost again in the new landscape like in the first days like: where the fuck i am here stranded?
  3. Has anyone lost his tents or barrels around wednesday? 0n 1 private server all tents and barrels disapeared but not the cars. I only have bases on this server. I thought someone stole it until i realized every single one on the map was gone! Unthinkable that someone found all of my stuff. (~10 barrels and ~10tents spread over the map) Severowner assured me it was not from their side. So i'm confused because noone else seems to notice that.
  4. 34 jear old from Austria (the one with the Goats, not the Kangoroo). I play this game for 6 month now. Mostly frindly and hiding in the woods playing with wolfs. Sometimes Beachparty with random deaths at Kamy or Berenzino. Slowly getting better in PVP-situations. I took my first steps and this game changes with every single step. I cannot imagine that this will ever get bored. Especialy with all the updates that changes gameplay, enviroment, AI......
  5. I'd rather play a broken game, because i like to see why games work (or why not). But thats my opinion, and we will get what (when) we get it! Thank's for being that honest. (.....we tried, but failed) What more to say.
  6. 1.: Patch .063? So the release date is set for 2030? Where did u get that "information" from? 2.: By the end of the year I may have uninstalled the game. It might be the best thing to do with a game u dont like! 3.: BIS are seriously going downhill :( Thats what u think because of your "knowledge"? B.t.w.: Nice constructive Topic!
  7. You are playing the unfunny part of KOS! Avoid Public servers like sayd above. You can have a character on every private server each. So it's not that bad when getting killed on one. Also look for emty server if you enjoy wildlife. Otherwise, learn to deal with "You are DEAD" message every few hour until you're realy good and you are the one who's shooting! Ps.: Pretend tha people in DayZ are mostlikely Dicks! You will be surprised, some are not!
  8. Thats the name of the Game? Maybe we see a great Zivilisation fall again soon. Sometimes DayZ shows me the deep dark of human souls. I hope they do'nt act so when Day-Z has come. Now you know it, can you go out and countinue stupid stuff like before? Dont worry, the world keeps turning for a long time. ( as long as it's not flat, or hollow, or an illusion, .............
  9. I also heard this 7-8day (43 ingame days) myth, and was busily moving tents every week. Nearby i parked extra tents, barrels and cars. 2 of each, one emty and the other one with items. I never saw only one thing disapear. Interacting with it or not. It was a private server 2 month ago.
  10. Wolfs are definitly in the game. Went 2 times to Tisy and each run i had 2 packs of them so I had to pich a tent and barrel to store and tann all those cute animals. Feel free to use what i left there. P.S.: Everytime i see Wolfs, they are fighting Zombies somewhere in the woods. That makes it very easy to shoot 2 of them before they start atacking me. (its too easy to kill them imho) Maybe they are too busy fighting other AI instead of tracking down Survivors. Maybe nerf their agggro on AI and let them smell Survivors from much farther away. When they came to the game you had allways to fight them when you hear the howlin. Nowadays you can run away without getting atacked. So, I liked them better in the beginning.
  11. I dont like or need 3rd-peron- and public-servers. In a survival-simulator you should not have the possibility to have the view of a drone hovering over u. Also teleporting to another dimension of Chernarus with the same toon is not written in the script of how DayZ is ment to be played, i think. So why give us the possibility to do so? It's a freakin jungle of public-servers out there. Way too much in my opinion. Many of them are only for selfish purpose (mostly not enterable or offline). For me it will have no negative consiquences if BI quit private-conrolled-public server, but for many others like clans and such. But i believe these problems can be solved otherwise. Some more easyly conected private-servers or such, or linking 2 private server for a weekend should solve the most problems i think. Dont know if thats possible. I also dont think that that BI can administrate a nessecary amount of servers. I'm also sure there will be less public-servers on the list (what is great in my opinion). I think the public server will turn into a mess of KOS-Deathmatch with all kind of dupers and such which normaly hidden on their servers while doing their dirty business. In this way BI will be much more faced with all that dirt thats happening on public. I also see BI forced eating all the hate that is curently thrown at the "Badmins". Nevertheless the public will always be well needed for the Game itself. Most new players drop into the game on public servers. Many of them come from CoD, Arma and such and turn to realy friendly and inspired players if they understand the deep of the game. Others will not and keep on KOSing, ghosting and duping and such. But thats OK. DayZ is kind of game that can be played in so many ways. This fact was the reason for me to buy this game, and everyone has the same right to play his way. Thats what private-servers are for and if modding-features are added, public will also change dramaticly. Resüme: Its good i dont have to decide this. The game is in Alpha and the public server need adjustment. @BI dont be shy. Start fixing this. You will do some players a favor as u offend others no matter how u do. How is it ment to be played?
  12. I found a Barrel in Pustoshka and more Gardenlime than i need. I emptied my pockets and roamed the forrest round Myshkino where i found a pack of wolfes. After the 3rd They ran away. So i flew back to my barrel as you can see in the picture. And now i have shyny wolfleather-clothes. Kille em , eat em, wear em, or so! I tanned the leather too quickly to try if i can make improvised-leather-courierbag like this: http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Leather_Courier_Bag
  13. Thanx for that! Those poor Wolfes. I think they all gonna die! For my part, I'll do my best! Are there any plans for crafting hats from AnimalHeads? Would be awsome with wolfheads, but I probably wear GoatsHead!
  14. # Today i had my first invicible V3Scargo. I parked it at NWATents, looted the tents, wanted to get back in the car and it was gone. Had to relog before i could see it and drive along. # I heard about 6 of every species of cars will spawn on the map. 5 different species makes 30 in all?!? Am i right with that. Because i drove by every possible V3Scargospawn on the map and after that round i saw only 5 of them?!? Hardly i could miss one with no serverrestart. #I also experienced today the 3 states of car-wreckness! 1; Car wont start. (start to hit the car) 2; Car texture turns into rusty. U can still get in the car. (ceep on hitting the car) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852834495033343/EEE0D64E30432C4437041AB56E9964F627321FAE/ 3; Car texture turns into rusty and generally gray. U cannot get in the car. (stop hitting the car) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852834495033624/CEF1B8845DBC5CFD4B815394F02E5D38C78F141C/ Now the car should despawn. I tried to make Photos but it was too dark. I wrecked a few cars and thought they would respawn, but they didnt until i realized i can make them more ruined than ruined. Now i look for every wrack until it disapears. So keep your heads down while slaughter your vehicles!