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  1. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Has anyone problems conecting to experimental servers? Until today i got kikked from the server everytime i tried to join. Today the whole game freezes and i have to end it in Taskmanager. Checked DayZspy: Last player seen on all experimental servers: SNG 0-1 / 20.02.2018, 13:37:00
  2. Appless Coast UK 0-4

    Nice. Now I get kicked off on every experimental server!
  3. Appless Coast UK 0-4

    Found an server without Appletree on the coast. Someone killed them all. ^^ @Baty Alquawen : Can we keep that state of appletrees on this server for a while.
  4. Stable Update 0.62.143267

    @Hajami:Ja, I somewhat agree with your opinion, but I'm not sseing something like that comeing before modding. So meanwhile i gave you some Beans for your Post since you dont like Apples. :-) @Baty Alquawen: You take our PumpkinZ? So I hope you dont forget to give us our ChristmasTreeZ!
  5. For the Mule in all of us

    I was also thinking that, wheelbarrows or just rolling a full barrel, were a good idea, but: I want Shoppingcarts instad. I can see Hobos strolling along the coast!! Awsome Idea!
  6. why ocd people should never house-sit

    Partly thats why i dont do camps anymore. DayZ is now teaching me the beauty of chaotic firefights.
  7. Stable Update 0.62.140525

    Those are for Ladas and hopefully for Dirtbikes (in the future) like the narrow canyons / dry riverbeds and the curly dirtroads around this area. Had a few tries, but never managed to have a clear landing on the big (the right one on the Foto) ramp. The left is also possible with Sedan.
  8. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    The barrel and my offroad from yesterday is gone again. I dont mind them because i found anoter right after. I drove to the Skiingarea with the Jumpramps to test a prestine Lada's flyingskills. On my way i had a crash with a local farmer: I drove the car away........ .......and helped him off the street: As i arrived, it was night, so i desided to make a fire under the broken bridge / ramp and feeded the wolfes that came across with myself. Its a long time since i got eaten by wolfes. I think, they developed tactics. First one bite my Glock (ruined), second ruined my headtorch. Mahlzeit! BTW.: Thanks for the Barrel stuffed with Bambiloot in Solnichy. Helped a lot at the restart.
  9. V3S Bug

    ..... normaly yes, but thats not working in this patch. But u can combine two single ones to a doublewheel i think. Gutto give it a try. Last week i could switch orange to blue hood of trucks without tools, just in the Inventory. Tried again yesterday to make a "thre-colour-hippie-truck", but it did'nt work.
  10. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    Looks much better now. THX I was not able to craft some ghillie-suit for comparison. Was there a Tent-Barrel-wipe on DE Rain-server or did some Fu'#\²³~#-<# stole the whole stuff north of Novaya Petrovka?
  11. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    ....one good reason to switch to experimental again. Nice to see there are some Dev's working on .62 while prepearing .63 for Gamescom. I was concerned about the progress of .62 after reading S.R. yesterday. But, thanx again.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    @Sqeezorz: Ahh, i see. Your're a true survivor seeking for the hardcore survival experience! Why else playing on this ridiculous WET server. Nice to hear that u're alive. As i see on your photo, you did'nt emty whole Tisy area. I could'nt even find a wolf! I never planed to set up a camp, but if live gives you a barrel, you have to kill some pets for "shiny boots of leather"! After roaming the NW-area around Tisy without seeing any animal i go to Lopatino where i mostlikely find some Pets to tann/eat! As soon as I get my leather I store my Gorka away and turn into "fully-crafted-survival-mode" with bow and a cooking-tripod and a fire every 15 min's. ^^ The Lada and the Truck were good to drive in the rain as long you stay on the road. Also in Grass it's driveable/recoverable. Had some serious problems with Sedan. It would'nt move even on plane grass. // Had to restart 2 times because of invicible items in the car (1 Barrel and 1 mag). // can confirm: Helicopterspawns have just clotes and headlights // Cant wait to see more "Hardcore-survival-moded-sever" with harsher enviroment and less Loot/weapons! ( @Baty Alquawen : Can you make a this server even more challengeing for me? ) Ps.: 11 + (2x7) = (25.7.2017) StatusreportTuesday!!!!!!! Gimme the News for .63 ! ( and an update maybe??)
  13. Exp Update 0.62.140525

    The rain-server is really hard to survive until i found a Gorka-jacket, 2 Lada's and 2 V3Scargos, a Barrel and a Tent just in a 3-hour-run today. It's a nice place to stay here in the north until new patch-wipe. Just one things to mention after a game without crash: The rain allways comes in waves. It goes from hard rain to light rain in ~6-second-interval. This pulsing makes me wiered in my head after long playin. Also time acceleration is a bit to fast in my opinion. @Sqeezorz: I hope u survived. Sadly i have no Charcol or Antibiotics in my tent. If u wanna store your stuff before u die, i have a half emty tent to strore your stuff if u want! The tent is behind the .........! Ahhm, i send you a p.m. if u need!
  14. DayZ - Sh*t happens (short clip)

    Invisible "Rocks" or so?! Crashed a Truck on the same location and a bit up to the castle and on the roads around. Wolfes, Zeds and Cars react to these "Rocks" but not the character itself. Bullets also go through like there is nothing. Shot a pack of Wolfes running around like 6meters high on invisible Rock. They were too "high" to spot me while i was shooting them! :-)
  15. How did this happen?

    Clearing the NWA with an Amphibia is quiet a chalange. But thats the only way to get chalenged by Zed's because you need to headshot them. That trains the aim! Military-Infected do and take more damage than civilian's do and take. I think that this sytem is'nt working as it is intended to be. But looking at this placeholders and Beta ahead, I think we get what we want from those creepy companions in the future. They often have good cloth on them. I also wanna see this in their Inventory.