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  1. Oh, do they do? If thrown objects do damage, I'll also do so:
  2. Well, it did. I had to download "nircmd" and copy it to my windowsfolder. So i got my "nircmd setdefaultsounddevice "Headset" " working in a .bat file! Fine so far! I finaly made me a DayZ-launcher.bat: @echo off nircmd setdefaultsounddevice "Headset" start steam://rungameid/221100 exit nircmd is a petty neat little thing in combination with .bat-files! So i dont have to run an aplication, just an execution of some comands. Very nice! I made a shortcut for Dayz from Steam-Libary and took the path from there: "steam://rungameid/221100". Mostlikely the 32Bit-version. When i start from DayZx64.exe. I can enter the Game, but the game restarts wen i enter a server. That's not happening when i hit the "DayZ_BE.exe" or start with this "start steam://rungameid/221100".
  3. That would be a serious solution. But i have no idea how to .bat somtehing to work. I keep on googleing for forums. Shurely someone did it before or can help me. Just found .bat files for keybordshortcuts that would work for me. So, the half way is gone.
  4. Check, done! I can change manually! I normaly listen through speakers when watching vids or musik. Only when i play DayZ it should switch automaticly. BECAUSE: When i forget to switch before starting the game, i have to close Dayz, to change it! (That not happens sometimes) Startoptions in steam can not do that for me. # There are programs like Chevolume that root specific sounds through different outputs. But thats not what i'm searching for. # Searching for something like: my keyboard changes lights and G-Key funktions when starting a game. # There was a slider for steam in the volumemixer of Win10 but i cannot configure it. # Maybe a liitle bit of script smuggled into the Dayz.exe that changes quickly my audio-output when staring DayZ.
  5. Thanx, this is a nice one. Is there some "-exe ..?#* " for changing my sound-output to my "shiny Hypex-Cloud2 external soundcard" automaticly when hitting the playbutton? Any hints where to find a list of working commands like this "-exe ..?#* "? I go google for it meanwhile. Nope! Sry. But i have seriously problems with the queue? Every server under 200 ping has a queue of 20. Simply unplayable while in queue. Any solutions for this? Sry, just joking. Wouldnt it be a solution to push it to stable? There is also the possebility for pushing updates after testing in Exp. Want to say, that this patch is petty stable for me such as the last .61-builds were.
  6. As far as i know, since i never had a guilly, they only changed the behaviour, like getting hot, cold, wet ......!
  7. This is what I do when I switch: So I have the stable branch installed and I want to install Experimental: 1. Find where your "DayZ" folder is installed. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps) I rename it to "DayZS" (meaning DayZStable). 2. Right click on DayZ in your Steam Library and selected "Delete Local Content" 3. Navigate to the option to download experimental and do so. 4. Now I have Experimental downloaded and installed to play, and the Stable folder renamed DayZS when I want to play that. Then when I want to play stable again, #1. I navigate to the DayZ folder and rename the experimental install folder to DayZE (for DayZ Experimental). #2. Right click on DayZ in your Steam Library and selected "Delete Local Content" #3. Rename DayZS to DayZ. #4. Make sure you are not opted into experimental. #5. Press install the game and it will verfiy your files and your ready to play Stable in seconds without downloading the whole pile. Repeat these "#" action whenever you want to switch!
  8. @emuthreat:Sad that it does'nt work! I had to kill 2 wolfes with my nailed baseballbat! (I got my pistol robbed yesterday) After failing to tann them, they tracked me somehow and I got eaten by them. The gameplay is definitly edited by "Murphy's law"! Ready for beach stroll again!
  9. Thanks for the tip. I just tried out windowed mode and got better frames than before, so i screwed up my videosettings a little. I overdid it (~20fps), but the look was soo different awsome. My toon's life started in the afternoon near elektro. The nights seem less dark in windowed mode and absolutely playable. I came to ZUB at midnight and had to make a torch in the forrest. My 7.1-headset and the visuals didnt disapoint me. The shock when I saw a Zed rigt before me in the torchlight! Thanx! Died IRL, but my toon is ok! Just of curiosity i threw my torch from off the tower. Wow, awsome picture, but how do i get down now. ;-) I made it with luck and wandered through the next day just to reach the next night. Awsome again. Got lost in a (usualy) well known area. When the sun raised, i reached Green Mountain and found a truck where i got instantly shot. The chech guy helped me up again after he killed the other "Bad" guy! We had another firefight ( he had, i was unarmed) before Zelenogorsk! So we passed it and i logged off under a bidge with 1800 blood! I'm glad to make it that far in that time and I had so much luck with my first encounter in .62.139748! Today i had no terible problems like the days before. (rubberbanding and delaed reactions) Not even a stuck item. The sounds sounded better for me. I didnt hear the R2D2 peeping today but a spooky howling from the wind in forrest like ghostwhispering. Also some ticking and rustle, tied to specific areas, made me shiver and searching for where "the steps" come from not one time today. I think i will never use Gamma from now on!
  10. Those dawm tradesman?! Must have been the apprentice. That makes it hard to close in Zeds. I stumbled over a few of them. I gutto collect screenshots to sue them for compensation for this mad work!
  11. Agree, agree, agree. Indeed, its not the right time for ideas like that while waiting for the new playercontroller and all the new improvements on weapons in .63! I'm curious what it will be like. Are you a hunter or weapon dealer? Awsome knowledge. (i learned a bit) I also thought abot, atatching a scope to a weapon should not work without adjusting. (but i have no clue about weapons in reallive!) Dealing with a weapon and a scope should be more difficult and dangerus. Without any knowledge and a weapon, found on the floor with a scope freshly atatched, zeroing at 400meters, the first shot shoud never hit what expected. You are just loud with a gun if u dont know what you do and seriously no harm to other players or Zeds. Would be great if the devs nerf guns in such way when i look at all those kiddies, running around juggling with 3 weapons and acting with the accuracy of a western-hero! In an apocalyptic landscape I would expect "finding a gun" like: 1. Mostlikely damaged, so you have to clean it before use. 2. You have to test the guns with ironsights too and it should not be that accurat. So you have to know your gun! The same goes for adding a scope with the ability to adjust it! I hope this Idea ends up in a Save-folder of some Devs, because i think thats a kind of detail, that makes DayZ unique in difference to other "shooter games"!!
  12. The ground is very slippery sometimes. I had a Lada yesterday: After the rain i was not able to drive the smallest hills on grass. (Had a simmilar experience IRL the other day) Also driving in forrests is very realistic i.m.o.! On the road, acceleration is pretty good. Then i drove my right frontwheel in the road bank and ended up reverse on the other side of the street. (Had a simmilar experience IRL the other day) More and more i see what driving will be like, or what it is meant to be in the future! Very detailed and hard to master these cars!
  13. bug rock stuck

    I got out when standing with my back to the wall and press F11. When he sits down he pulled his ass through the texture. Maybe anothe animation will work too: like throw your backpack (it will set u a step back). Not sure, but beeing naked may help getting through texture. These two workarounds got me out of rock/building just before I F11 myself. Was both times naked, because I stored my stuff on the edge of the wall to get it back from the outside after F11 myself! I'm glad i survived both before i F11ed myself!
  14. Nice, i didnt knew that. So I googled again: Armed Assault was written in SQF !? After that BI created the Real-Virtuality-engine for ArmA 2 -3 and Operation Flashpoint !? Why was DayZ written in SQF? Is DayZ that old?
  15. After 2 beer: I don't understand your statement. I support their decission they made: Start from scratch with enfusion engine! P.s.: Maybe i missunderstand something since i have not much experience with higher programming-languages!