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  1. I found a Barrel in Pustoshka and more Gardenlime than i need. I emptied my pockets and roamed the forrest round Myshkino where i found a pack of wolfes. After the 3rd They ran away. So i flew back to my barrel as you can see in the picture. And now i have shyny wolfleather-clothes. Kille em , eat em, wear em, or so! I tanned the leather too quickly to try if i can make improvised-leather-courierbag like this: http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Leather_Courier_Bag
  2. Thanx for that! Those poor Wolfes. I think they all gonna die! For my part, I'll do my best! Are there any plans for crafting hats from AnimalHeads? Would be awsome with wolfheads, but I probably wear GoatsHead!
  3. # Today i had my first invicible V3Scargo. I parked it at NWATents, looted the tents, wanted to get back in the car and it was gone. Had to relog before i could see it and drive along. # I heard about 6 of every species of cars will spawn on the map. 5 different species makes 30 in all?!? Am i right with that. Because i drove by every possible V3Scargospawn on the map and after that round i saw only 5 of them?!? Hardly i could miss one with no serverrestart. #I also experienced today the 3 states of car-wreckness! 1; Car wont start. (start to hit the car) 2; Car texture turns into rusty. U can still get in the car. (ceep on hitting the car) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852834495033343/EEE0D64E30432C4437041AB56E9964F627321FAE/ 3; Car texture turns into rusty and generally gray. U cannot get in the car. (stop hitting the car) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852834495033624/CEF1B8845DBC5CFD4B815394F02E5D38C78F141C/ Now the car should despawn. I tried to make Photos but it was too dark. I wrecked a few cars and thought they would respawn, but they didnt until i realized i can make them more ruined than ruined. Now i look for every wrack until it disapears. So keep your heads down while slaughter your vehicles!
  4. Thats from the walk the other direction. Leaving the map from SW-corner along the coast, trying to reach NOVIGRAD! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852096644473100/566D8B21A2836988EC839AB9E331820397EABADD/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852096644473723/94335D895E9F9E81AE4D67F540CAB939DF251138/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852096644473911/FC07643D0AE71D770A599106262CDF76499F91E8/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93852096644475074/5B60E85C20AF1BA229D7226F8DF73F0DDFA4DE2E/
  5. So i made a junkjard out of our camp! Or lets say, its a caravan-site! Nevertheless, there's nuch inventory space now. Could be a nice new picture of chernarus, if the servers survive this. Lets see how this ends. See u in wasteland. So long, the Junkjard-goat!
  6. I had some nice travel with my cars today, but the V3S cargos dont like me anymore. Had one on the hill at our base. The next day i got into the V3s cargo and it turned 90 degre. Surprise: Crash, car dead. ok. The same with the Ladas in cartents, but they survived after a bit of driving front and back. It was so hard to get in there. So, i searched myself another V3s cargo for tent-transporting from Tisy, and drove it to the hill. Once out of the car and replaced everything to pristine in the V3S. Did this two times today, and everytime the fu.. Truck stop working without any crash. Now i have 3 dead V3S cargos in the center of our camp. So, can anyone tell me pleese, 1; What causes the V3Scargos to stop working with all prestine parts and without a crash.? Tried to fix crashed cars with prestine parts. Also dont work. 2; What can i do with all those Wracks in our camp? I blew one up with 3 Flashbangs (had no Granades) and about 20 shots from the shotgun. Something exploded at the last shot and i cannot get in the car anymore. But when we use it like a tent it wont respawn? So i go on carrying the tents from tisy! Or go with the bus. (I dont like the bus!)
  7. The first thing to say is THANX!!!! And this: I noticed earlier on experimental and now on stable again, that the stuttering is much (MUCH) better in 1st person View when you point the view so high, that the dashboard can not be seen. Had an extremely frameratchange from 180FPS=(looking up) to 40FPS=(looking at the dashboard) outside the Map. In cities it makes a huge difference too! Also the condition of the tires influences the stuttering heavily. All in all: Repair your wheels, stay in 1st-person-view and keep your heads up, and everything is fine! Thats it for (from) me!
  8. I tried to find me a Lada in the north/east, but, I found the orgin of a rainbow! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629703231/A2E84D4884065C286DC5F75552D622E120E39F5D/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629703559/4AF9F09195CE74120ED0C28705093F45D744537C/ I tried to follw and look how far it goes! suddenly: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629703808/DE09FF4BA9BF132832A2E1825E47AD3CBEA85BA9/ So i went back NE and found me a Lada finally. Removed the doors and drove to Belaya Polana to get hydrated and energyzed. Once stuffed i drove to the westend and found a bay outside the map. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629704028/DA49CF787A66986B3ED05CEAF429694064C3D72D/ So, the map goes on. How far? To figure out, i started at the NE.corner of the map and kept going north. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629704227/D0E5D3A90903C4C06A1CA714DBF0DC4E3C408BAD/ After a while i found "Lines" that lead me directly north! I could only get back in the car using the Inventory. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629704500/063F2E6F441D870A449B160862BCCC5AF2EAF6A6/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629704730/D0C5348D43C06D449ACD4B8C5CB88E097045B472/ After a while af driving, i saw water. Is this the Northcoast?! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629705150/87097A954B3F3E787A3B2E0FDDF543A042D56E68/ I kept driving and found a second Lake. And later a third one! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629705329/AA5AAF1D360E025F7C55E082F640D001710DDA49/ I left the car a few times to eat. Car was invisible 2 times. I had to relog to see it again. The last look to the dashboard showed me a half full gas-tank. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629705505/1B75456B61C297FDBCCAEC03587B34406D1EAC28/ On some point, my vehicle slipped into the ground, turned around and left me alone after 1,5 hour of driving north. So far so good! I was f..... out there! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629705743/D0B8249C0A78119B865ED51456CD85AEA230D07E/ I kept on walking! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629706210/C9E4ABFD069B0B14C299B7CC3F6DBC9A6F369EA3/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629706405/641DE4A541E7328CC0C534C724D0E71AD99C8863/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629706580/9665717D8DACBC5D2FA51FAFD0184F50035A2BB4/ Untill: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/93851906629707154/028A09ADBE5CB0903453374DAC1E29F42F52690C/ There is no edge to fall down! This world is huge! Is this all programmed landscape? Is this creating landscape as long i keep going? Can i make a camp at the Lakes out there? There's water and maybe fish. Maybe u can make a gardenplot out there. I It's peacefull out there and a BIT boring. No Zeds, no KOS. Anyway, I'm glad, i teleported back to the coast in the end.!
  9. Had great issues today when drivin a damaged Lada. (Barrel-rooll of death, stuttering and freezing till gamecrash). Switched to a prestine Lada and drove only in 1st person. Everything fine (FPS). Took one full round the map without any crash and only little FPS problems in Elektro. Best ride i ever had in DayZ!!!!!!! Including "Salute-fire" while driving along the coast! :-) Is it possible that the damaged parts of the vehicle causes the problems with cars? Anyone the same experience?
  10. I saw these stripes too. Mostly small one! Tried to follow one untill it disapeared in the Hill at the end of the Map. Shure went the wrong direction to find his roots and had not the nerf to walk the other way too. Its geometrical SW in the same hight. Must be a Chemtrail fallen to theground, or an AlienBeamStream! Found this earlier: Be aware:
  11. The DE server gets even more brutal! Got killed after spawn at Kamenka! Cars feel realy good. Chased a guy on the coast. Realy funny and good frames while surrounding a punch of Zeds and other players. Finaly i drove over him, but died while looting his body. @bingo_fuel: I met 3 players next to Berenzino on the coast which punched me uncon. I wake up and they drove over me with a VS3 that arived suddenly. Just spawned back next to the truck and i could get up the truck. They took me to the roadlock with the tents where they killed me. They talked less, so it was less funny. Too bad, i was not in the truck when they met u! Had 2 times a mix of desync, rubberbanding and gettin pushed to one side constantly for a few seconds. But not in a car.
  12. I know this feeleing, when driving and running for hours 1/2 times around the map to nearly every militarybase just to find me a mag and a silencer for my lovely AKS-74U! At the end i had 1 mag and a damaged and badly-damaged silencer. Phuhh, finally. But for goatsake let us figure this out on experimental, because it needs work indeed. I also cannot imagine how on stabel it can be disabled. Those many basebuilders. I dont understand them but, ....There are realy people running round on multiple servers right after serverrestart just to fill up tents with weapon they could never use. But sometimes i jump on an server at the right time and it feels like christmas! (It was christmas when i found an Steyr-AUG in every Hanger). Otherwise it is a realy hardcore survival game like today. (I really had to pick apples) The DE 0-1 was realy full today and i saw much players, took one with me in the car on the coast, met a Player that only whistled, and noone kosed me. Maybe someone would in Berenzino, but i didnt stop my Truck. Sounded like hellfire there. If less loot is the price for full server, i´ll pay the price! Edit: Cars felt good today. I avoid 3rd person-view as ever possible.Not really FPS-drops. Game froze 2 times on foot. One times i had to kill with the task manager the 2nd time i had to restart the computer.
  13. I dont want begging. Ok, i did sry! Would only be nice to know, to find the right server for your playstyle. I personaly like persistence off, because the loot is better in my eyes and cars are easier to find. Other players prefer the tent city playstyle with cars, and thats good for the CLE testing. Items in tents effect the spawn of loot dramaticly i think. Dont know if that is wanted! In the meantime i'll figure that out on my own!
  14. @Baty AlquawenThat would be realy nice! Pleeaase tell us what the persitent are!
  15. Yesterday i got "oneshot, Instakilled" by a Zed the first time. Short bevore i heard wolfes in the far. I ran the other way and they didnt follow. I havent even stopped running, i heard the next pack in front of me. SHiT! I looked back and front, and ran the middle way. I got cought by that pack in a single barn on a field without a door. 2 shotgunshells and 16 9mil for my CR75. Killed the last with the spear and the last ran away. Got hit ~3 times but was not bleeding. Thinking of previous bugs, i bandaged and made a splint just to make sure. ...... AUHHHHH, howling and barking again. I ran into the other pack while flee from the other pack. Sht. I thought i could make it to Severograd where friends were waiting, but i flew in an Caravan on the fields. Killed 2 of them with the spear and waited for my friends to come for the doggies. Bleeded 3 times this time. Got a little gray vision, but not bad. Bandaged, made a campfire because it was raining while fighting the wolfes, and paied my friends with my spear for saving me. (That was all that was left from my gear. We ran to the Camp by a lake, my colours came fully back and i got energised/hydrated again. Then came a Zed and the "You are DEAD!" message on the blackscreen! So, I have no problem so far with getting killed. I'm even proud to survive 2 wolfpacks. (not alone, but..) The reason of my dead was only the stress i had to meet up, and was not carefull enough! Just want to know if the course of "oneshot/instakilled" is that i didnt make a splint after the second pack. Is the Splint resetting the Bonedamage completely. Or was it the shock that killed me? Can i repair shockstatus somehow? Can anyone tell what causes that things, so i could master such situations!