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  1. Stable Update 0.63.149525

    ;-( Does that mean my "Hoppers" are gone. I followed my first one for 20minutes through forrests and towns.
  2. Status Report - April 25 2018

    I sadly had no chance to test! I luckyly was at home at the time and I tried to figure it out for the hole time the servers were on. '#**%&$§"!'*#..Battleye..'#**%&$§"!'*# @Baty Alquawen: Where was the secret location from the last statusreport-riddle?
  3. General Discussion

    https://dayz.com/blog/0-63-stress-tests Follow the instruction. I did so, but i get that anoying massage everytime i want to enter a server: " ...... modified data.)". I cannot join a server, so i uninstalled and download again. I hope i can play at least for a few minutes today!
  4. 0.63 Stress tests

  5. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    This topic feels like hearing shots in the next town. Could be the gunfight of your live, or a possibly new friend to help out, or just nothing interesting, or getting shot in the back while examining the area, or ............ No matter what, you'll never know sir, before u go there! I'm just HYPED and prepare Pizza and Whisky for 6:00pm. Make my day Bohemia once again!
  6. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Are you shure? OMG, They are all back. What a loss! A dark day for all "appleglitchfree" survivors.
  7. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Fix confirmed. Character is also the same. Thank you, i hope we havent done too much damage with the Appletrees!
  8. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Has anyone problems conecting to experimental servers? Until today i got kikked from the server everytime i tried to join. Today the whole game freezes and i have to end it in Taskmanager. Checked DayZspy: Last player seen on all experimental servers: SNG 0-1 / 20.02.2018, 13:37:00
  9. Appless Coast UK 0-4

    Nice. Now I get kicked off on every experimental server!
  10. Appless Coast UK 0-4

    Found an server without Appletree on the coast. Someone killed them all. ^^ @Baty Alquawen : Can we keep that state of appletrees on this server for a while.
  11. Stable Update 0.62.143267

    @Hajami:Ja, I somewhat agree with your opinion, but I'm not sseing something like that comeing before modding. So meanwhile i gave you some Beans for your Post since you dont like Apples. :-) @Baty Alquawen: You take our PumpkinZ? So I hope you dont forget to give us our ChristmasTreeZ!
  12. For the Mule in all of us

    I was also thinking that, wheelbarrows or just rolling a full barrel, were a good idea, but: I want Shoppingcarts instad. I can see Hobos strolling along the coast!! Awsome Idea!
  13. why ocd people should never house-sit

    Partly thats why i dont do camps anymore. DayZ is now teaching me the beauty of chaotic firefights.
  14. Stable Update 0.62.140525

    Those are for Ladas and hopefully for Dirtbikes (in the future) like the narrow canyons / dry riverbeds and the curly dirtroads around this area. Had a few tries, but never managed to have a clear landing on the big (the right one on the Foto) ramp. The left is also possible with Sedan.