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  1. yes to this...characters should be able to wash hands. washing hands sometimes could prevent you to get examble Nephropathia epidemica and norovirus i have suffered norovirus and really,,,,its bad...rather i would be eaten by the zombies than have noro.
  2. so no serious gaming before update... do it today!!!!:D
  3. Like in first post...everything is not from realism...more like just through gameplay...game cannot be full realism ever...no pee or poo,no sleeping,you can take stuff from your backpack to hands in seconds....and i have fitted this to my own game session lenght...i play approx 3 hours maximum and with speed of that i can enjoy night also in gamesession.
  4. one more..."Bonfires" Make fires on top of these places: any suggestions for places?...it could be fun that this mission could get player moving in all directions and also to visit places with good view. west,north,east,south and in middle mountains,rocks hills?
  5. ok,i add some missions...really dont know if those are easy or hard. maybe just one funny mission to add...wal-martz...loot the towns and carry all the stuff in supermarket
  6. maybe those "buzz" and "footsteps on wood"should only be hearable those who murder people in sight,aka "KOS":) i noticed yesterday that if i wanna hear footsteps of my own and other people,i have to turn volume up.but then gunshot sounds are so loud that when fireing a shotgun,my ears just explode:(
  7. when im next time spawn in svetlo,i try with these settings...i have played for now with just normal....but there is no thrill.so back with my own settings. i spawn at coast and headed inland.my focus was to find few important things:rope,bandages,knife,matches and food. whole my hour playing i was struggling to find any...but finally,machete and rope.then struggling to find chicken but at deepest night i found it. im gonna eat soon...but i have to be carefull because i saw someone other player near town,so firemaking is not wise. also im thinking to create some "missions" with these settings....if there is ideas,tell me! one "mission" what i had in mind was from my rp playing server...."The photographer" mission is take steam screenshot all the castles in chernarus.
  8. aaand...fresh spawn...runned on some church....T-Shirt. next target was railway carriages...shotgun,derringer,12 gauqe buckshot,and izh 18 rifle. devs have touched clearly on loot spawns...this is going to wrong way now. disappointment:( also i think that devs should look gun sounds quickly because when you set your volumes to good level that ambient wind feels good and maybe wanna hear also another players sounds....but when firing a shotgun,my ears just sufferedhearing damage.
  9. maybe 20 minutes on server...raining,cold,hunger...i found t-shirt and then pistol with magazine with 5 bullets. i get the t-shirt and other things...but GUN!!!! everytime when i play....GUN...the effects that when you find a gun is gone away..reduce the guns in civilian buildings.... and also...im suffering again bug when you try to join on server.... launch dayz...in server screen,choose server and connect....game shuts itself and you are in start. this is extremely frustrating when queye is +5
  10. if you wanna set up gun store.....go berehzki and please.....can we have just one server in private,8x acceleration and 1pp...and populated...please!
  11. hmm,i sense some irony here:) i think that i ended up in this condition because i play with my own rules. hunt animals with only long-range weapons,no apples and no pickupping damaged items.
  12. im in deep shit:)
  13. It feels that chickens have reduced...anyone feel the same? also,do blood regenerate faster when your character is resting?(not moving,sitting,walking)or is it allways same,even if you are sprinting full speed?
  14. this would be needed badly in game.
  15. in sound "problem" it would really help that indoors would be quiet...you could always escape the wind and constant bird-army inside the houses and relax your ears.