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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Checklist says that enviroment exposure is postponed and to-do...thats bad
  2. 0.63 Experimental Release

    diseases or temperatures in yet?
  3. Stress test vol.18

    What i ment is that i dont wanna stones be easier to find but just stone could be spawn just middle in a forest.i think that its quite easy even with tourist trail stones to craft knife.when i was playin i always saw trails and its guaranteed to find stone....player should try to seek proper knifes and maybe keep stones as a back-up....and in future,there should be few new items to craft improvised knifes...examble:class and small piece of metal
  4. Stress test vol.18

    On tourist trails...find two stones...it shows in inventory 8 stones.take hand and compine...if i recall correctly...but really dont like stone spawn mechanic....why stones spawns just on tourist trails?why not randomly in world?
  5. Stress test vol.18

    this test feels quite good in stability vice... when we can have coldness,wetness,diseases? edit: HAHA CRASH! EDIT 2: just used first time improvised stoneknife and it went badly damaged after one fireplace making...GREAT!!! at last there is some use of real knifes in game!!
  6. Stress test vol.18

    i cant shoot or move in this place
  7. Stress Test vol.16

    ok...i was goofying with infecteds and met two other players....suddenly everything just freezed.player voip could be heared but infecteds and other players was just still.i was unable to open doors,take stuff.also when alt tab...character heavy breathing leaked on headphones in loop.
  8. Cigarettes

    yeah..its quite dilemma in games that you cant have drugs,gigarettes or porn but you can hit with the hammer in head of your friend when grilling chickens:D
  9. Stress Test vol.14

    okei...game has shutted down without any error two times...i give up...going in sauna.
  10. Stress Test vol.14

    servers up....what is regular survivor spawns? i spawned with guns and beans and stuff? throwed all stuff away
  11. Cigarettes

    yes...if anyday,there gonna be happiness meter or something like that,this would must be in... think when you have travel long distanced,avoiding murderers and sick people...you see good view... you stop there to make fire...drink some coffee and smoke gigarette....happy...apocalypse is not that bad in that moment. food for the mind
  12. Stress Test vol.14

    servers up or?
  13. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    just tested offline mode and noticed some UI thingy when open inventory in left bottom corner... some hammer and needle....whats that?
  14. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    ok....even offline mode is shutting down from me when try to interact with inventory. edit:its shuts down even after 4 seconds...
  15. Stress Test vol.12

    it shows me 3.6 gb....over an hour downloading?