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  1. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Maybe you are right but opinions are opinions...for me...i cant see reason to play this game without enviromental challenges
  2. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Headlight bug,light values from torch,road flare etc....diseases,coldness....then i would play with buddies.
  3. base destroyable?

    I made thread about it some months ago...base building and benefit...or something...and still i dont understand what player will benefit from the base? Dayz have always been "dont attached on your gear" mental so bases,what i understand,is gonna be raided,camped...why build base because its easily spotted ?...barrels on woods and stashes underground is way to go....on my thread i treid to ask what is benefit from base after hours of building,looting and crafting? Only one good idea what i was brainstorming was spawnpoint for you.
  4. i got to say that new stamina system works well. IMO...jogging speed it just fine....i really hope that there not gonna be cars everywhere cos i like go on foot...thats why i guess i like that jogging is little bit fast. maybe if you can introduce bicycles,then i would bare the tone down of jogging. stances change to c-button was not my favorit cos i like to have crouch and prone to my Q and E button...i just have used to it from start of the project reality battlefield mod over 10 years ago and it has been habit for me in every game to change stances to Q-E.
  5. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    when we get proper diseases and coldness? there was mention 4 months ago that diseases and coldness(without any repercussions first to gather more information on how harsh we want to get.)in content patch i have now collect data and you cant die in sickness or cold.chernarus feels like la canaria. my stomach is full of alcohol tincture/gasoline and raw chicken meat and they guts and also i have taken cold baths in ocean and stream and ponds and killed infected to it and then also taken sips from it. cant die.also my bloody hands did not affect anything. i have collected the data, also wanna point out that like in that status report shows: AI Sensors/Audibility/Visibility... it doesent matter what i carry or what i do....zombies are like zombies.dum
  6. Tried 6.3, have the Zombies gotten worse?

    yes...i have also noticed chickens are quite low.also i managed yesterday go and beat the cows with my fist. maybe all AI has a problem
  7. Stable Update 0.63149365

    so,next year we have proper diseases you say?...i ate lots of raw chickens and also drink tincture with the mix of dirty water and i finally got some pill mark on statuses...but it doesent do anything to me. i just cant see any reason to play if enviroment dont give any challenge. diseases and coldness/heatness should be the first thing to get right because those things drive people to make other decisions. i can eat raw chicken so i dont need matches,axe,firedrill...i cant get sick,so i dont need to visit hospitals,dont need car...list goes on. and those rags....so infected doesent make you bleeding anymore?...i have get hit by lots of infected but cant use rags...i just heal automatically(arrows up) i think that those new status icons are quite bad...pill mark dosent tell me what is wrong with me...cancer,diarhorea,aids,leg,head,stomach or what. i dont know what devs think what is core feature and what is flavor...but players character and its needs/effects should be priority. just think the long dark game with no feeling cold or no frostbite or parasites or diarhorea?...its just items and snowy map
  8. Experimental Update 0.63149374

    12x speed seems to be too fast acceleration on official servers...8x-10x would be perfect i waited the night change off...then start to travel but it felt that second night came too quick.
  9. maybe its a perfomance problem. i thinked today that is infecteds inventory perfomance eater? if its,inventory from infecteds should be gone. i wouldnt mind many of things what could help perfomance and bring more infected in game. even less players on server.ofc...there is some line over there also... maybe 40 players on server,if its helping to bring hordes on infecteds on road,city and some wander on forest
  10. Experimental Update 0.63149374

    thanks for update and its not raining anymore on every server but.... every server in experimental is night... ofc...i can wait for the day but it would help to test things straight away
  11. It's still always night, and always raining.

    offcial servers.....raining and then 10 minutes playing....night. did you get your temperature red? not working for me
  12. Stable Update 0.63149365

    back from hiatus and tested the game... why it feels that every official servers are plagued raining? it rains all the time... i like the rain but in every server? also...what makes me go hiatus again is that there is no sickness. i can eat 3 raw chickenz with guts,eat with my bloody hands,drink water in every source but still healhty in apocalypse. also,i think that i cant make my character suffer from cold.i just tried with all my powers to get character to freeze to death but no luck. swimming in ocean with clothes and naked...running at all servers whit rain...no effect at all. it has been long time allready when all this thing with diseases has been on the table and still its not working properly. diseases should be core mechanic in game because it drives people to make other actions beside them...dry clothing,washing hands,making fires,find shelters. no need to do anything because lack of enviromental challence. even alcohol tincture didnt give me any effect...i try still find some gasoline to drink and get me sick but really feels that there is not any disease in beta also,how i use rags?...i did get hit by infected but arrow just shows up automatically. i tried to use rags but no luck. also i found barrel and it was graphically open.only option was to open it. i could not take barrel with me
  13. i have started feel the same...last one what really hitting me out of this game was that fishing mechanic is not coming this year.... for player who likes to go solo and foot....fishing is one "what to do" in game. almost 5 months left this year and devs said that after some diibadaaba,developing the game becomes faster. but i understand,you cant make everyone happy...so i have to seek some other games what is coming. see you next year
  14. Stress Test vol.34

    fishing not in this year!!!? why on earth?...what is so tricky to add fishing? in stress test i drink from stream with bloody hands and also eated few raw chickens but didnt get sick.