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  1. kopo79

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Every server where i have been i can loot farm.village,officials and dome random server.
  2. kopo79

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Cant believe that loot cycling is even in game still...other day when i played i went on military area and there was not gun....but because ,if you take all the stuff from tents and throw them in forest,new loot spawns in seconds....about three times i farmed this system and like magic...i had two guns quite easy. Stop changing gloves color and focuse on loot farming,eating raw meat,diseases,persistence.
  3. kopo79

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    Yes...complex loot economy is just loot cycling/farming...
  4. All this is nice..but when we have that survival game?diseases,temperatures?penalty for eating whole sheep raw?
  5. kopo79

    Stable Update 1.01

    Just my thought but was it good idea to add modding in this state? Bug fixing has gone just more complex.
  6. kopo79

    bow and arrow?

    If its so hard to make bows in game....so fishing maybe in 3 years?
  7. kopo79

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    just go through google and youtube...so this loot farm/loot cycle have been presence for years....i always thought that if you log out of server,loot spawns back in towns after some amount of time when i have been disconnected. i just asked this from some server mods and they said that its abuse of system and dont do it... this system cant be final?.... im honest player and dont want do cheating but its annoying when im not in same line as others. think of me when im go town and find just rags and helmet....guy after me comes and do this thing and find gun,knife,map,compass,food,bullets. "they are aware of this problem"....of cousre they are because this system is presence from dayz mod. this thread is 4 years old... some comments on there: - Jesus, dude, it's a bug. It's not going to stay like this forever. - Wow, but this should not be like this... Hopefully fix in the future, maybe on Tuesday. - Its a first attempt for a game in beta. Who gives a shit if its not perfect yet. Once they had the respawn down its incredibly easy to add in a delay response. - its alpha experimental what do you expect; perfection? or would you have rathered to wait till full release before we got anything?
  8. kopo79

    Stable Update 1.01

    yeah but there is problem in game and i wanna know when it get fixed...
  9. kopo79

    Stable Update 1.01

    after 15 minutes chasing the stupid sheeps and managed to kill one with my fists... i ate that whole sheep raw...sometimes puking because overeating but then just continued eating. why the sheeps dont run away?then run maybe 5 meters away from me but i just continued hitting all of them. when we have to cook the food again?
  10. kopo79

    Stable Update 1.01

    how long it takes to have these things in game?: enviromental coldness diseases(some more than sneezing) bow fishing penalty for eating animal meat raw persistence servers loot farming problem i would be quite happy if i would know that where devs are with thsese things... "its in the works" is not good enough
  11. kopo79

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    name of the server?
  12. kopo79

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    after chit chat...loot farming.... todays free stuff comes from military area(three tents)... weak infecteds gived me plenty of food...i killed them all with my fists.... i got two guns,many bullets,clothes....also i noticed that where my loot was,mushrooms keep spawning...so do mushrooms also spawn as other loots? combass,helmet,weapon attachments. there was on other side of my running path,trains....i didnt loot farm those but i if....then loot amount would be double of this... server was low populated and in experimental. waiting fix for this or some info what devs have plans to do this. is there server where i cant do this?
  13. Persistence,diseases,coldness,more infecteds and fix loot farming...then we have game
  14. I just hate word "soon". But where we are with "diseases"?... Also i think that fixing loot farming would help games perfomance. Now stuff keep spawning constantly. Also i tested swimming in ocean to see if my character suffering coldness but no....i just keep running aimlessly to get rid off thermometer logo. So no cold,no penalty eating raw meat...why making fire?find matches?..etc
  15. seems like good patch. just tested few things.. killed sheep with my fists and skinned it with stone knife. i ate whole sheep...no health problems beside over eating. also managed "loot farm" with two houses...plenty of clothes keep spawning in...but noticed that food in pockets was reduced..i guess. is there any plan to check loot farming problem and eating raw meat problem? and those sheeps just were stupid...why they not runned away?...and maybe adult rams should really attack player if player starts to hit them