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  1. seasons...yes. dayz is falling behind if looking survive the nights and dead matter.they have dynamic seasons. and why there cant be running water in chernarus...i mean river?...i watched map designer youtube video and,it felt like you cant do anything with easy in this new engine. i dont know how easy these kind of things is with other engines....but dynamic seasons designed in game...lakes frozen,leafs falling ground,apples rotten,animals different colours,blizzards...it feels very hard task. i dont believe that we gonna see seasons in dayz....
  2. i think that 60 player per server is good....for me 50 is fine also. player interactions should be tried to achieve with gameplay changes...there should be some loot on shores,,,maybe some crates from boats...make hospitals and supermarkets more important. antibiotics,bandages,other medicines should be important but without proper diseases(flus,fever)and overpowered rags....you dont need medicine at the moment.
  3. what about the server perfomance? and is there in 0.63 version gonna be some changes to appletrees?
  4. thanks baty for that...can you poke eugen to confirm or debunk this:low players servers vs high players servers and differential feel of need to eat and drink? i have always that feel when im playing....if i play low population servers (2-4 players),it feels that i have to drink and eat often.when 40-60 players,game is more forgiving about coldness,hungry and drinking...even infected feels different in terms of how much they give damage. i have always were worried that is this differential feeling between low/high servers just my internet speed or is it in servers fault.ping is 45-100. thanks
  5. modding

    Dayz modding....more cars,more,loot,more weapons...loit respawns every 5minutes?...☺
  6. yeah,i now that is they are working...but is server perfomance on to do list in 0.63?maybe someone remember from other status reports about server perfomance?
  7. Hey devs...when we can have better server perfomance that status bar dont get stuck when server has many players? is there 0.63 some fixes in server perfomance,what kind of fix?
  8. I count myself as a gone away player but may be back when bugs are fixed and little more difficulty added.fix the status bar bug via server perfomance...fix the bugs around fishing...make chickens travel randomly in landscape(not only in towns)...nerf the apples and medical system...surviving should be more than collect apples,find few rags and gun and go to the war.make stamina one of the biggest thing in game via happiness,healthy food and social interactions etc....more you eat variety of foods,more you spend time on heat of the fire just randomly,more happy you are and it effect your stamina...link everything to stamina.....coldness,thirsty,hungry should first affect stamina...and please...when its cold in game,try somehow show it visually...just little snowflakes that melt instantly on ground....thats it.
  9. modding

    So,i have searched some new games and arma 3 desolation redux has popped our all the time....i think that they have all what standalone has and base building....so whats the difference?
  10. try it again....this time i spawned skalisty. playing with my own rules.... i was starving to death but managed to catch with fishing rod two fish....but where those are?no inventory,no on ground?
  11. when you dont have to really eat or drink...its major bug and kills the survival aspect....yeah but lets wait for better times.
  12. ok
  13. i dont know if its ever been fixed but it seems when server is high populated,your status bar gets bugged.bright green is lit constantly. but when playin empty server,character are hungry all the time. is there any dev who could give confirmation to that :is hungry/thirsty anyhow related to server time acceleration? in dayz underground server,high population,4x acceleration=no need to eat or drink really. in dayztv.com server:server is empty,8x acceleration= contsant need of eating and drinking.... ?
  14. i feel the same