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  1. try it again....this time i spawned skalisty. playing with my own rules.... i was starving to death but managed to catch with fishing rod two fish....but where those are?no inventory,no on ground?
  2. when you dont have to really eat or drink...its major bug and kills the survival aspect....yeah but lets wait for better times.
  3. ok
  4. i dont know if its ever been fixed but it seems when server is high populated,your status bar gets bugged.bright green is lit constantly. but when playin empty server,character are hungry all the time. is there any dev who could give confirmation to that :is hungry/thirsty anyhow related to server time acceleration? in dayz underground server,high population,4x acceleration=no need to eat or drink really. in dayztv.com server:server is empty,8x acceleration= contsant need of eating and drinking.... ?
  5. i feel the same
  6. is there coming any fixes that i cant run between those trees? And also,why my character everytime when logging says "ouch"...
  7. Maybe its because full server....i play dayz tv com server and its almost empty all the time....i play like this,its hard but when you overcome difficulties...its great....but character needs too much food i guess.2 can of spagetti,one can of sardines,1can of peaches its not enough to get energized...you should be fine a week but not even 1day.
  8. New sounds inside houses?...what is particle effects?can we have snowfall?
  9. another spawn in north...spawned in svetlo and without apples,im doing fine.im energized and hydrated.also i have two bandages(pristine),i have gun from policestation,few bullets.
  10. Audio Sounds for weapon interactions so is there anyone working in ambient sounds anymore?bird feel too repeative still and i sometimes hear some odd snapping sounds in end of bird sound. what about house interiors?when we can hear some new ambient sounds inside or are we waiting new house models?sometimes wind is so loud and i ingame run inside the house to ease my ears but then i remember...its same sound:(... also if there was some secret sounds integated in ambient (steps,infected like sound,door opening),those should be gone...lot of people have reported there ghost sounds but if there is no one walking,there should be no step sounds. also fro the audio team,can you add some other sound when you carry bow in your back....it have rifle klik klok sound.
  11. i have also dreamed some survival game with some bonus effects and dayz has been always my light at the end of tunnel but survive the nights has come beside dayz. its good to have competition because i bellieve that they lift up each others product in competition.but now im just waiting dead matter to wipe out the genre and put line for other games when its comes to standards.
  12. to kirov...i tested that i spawned more north,where are no apples...i managed to get my self energized with can on beans.so its possible, but....i died bloodloss because infected attacked me.didnt have bandages or alcohol purified rags. fresh start that it is....again.
  13. I prefer to give feedback on forums...forums feels alive more when people post something.
  14. dayz has its big map what i like when survive the nights map is smaller (Around 64 square kilometers of playable area) but survive the night has dynamic seasons,so there is real winter and snow falling from the sky....so id say that both games are even. but there is some game called deadmatter what claim to have 400 square kilometre map with seasons...so that game,if its not hoax or something gonna drawn a line to other games.
  15. suggestion

    There was saying that dayz is what you make of it.....or something like that. But with lack of imagination,game comes repative and booring. Im not sure if game itself should give to you those liittle spicys or just make it in your own brain....but in future...there is soft skill and something coming...but waiting fot those things...create a character and just decide that he is allergic to apples😀