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  1. yeah...maybe you could use ruined bullets in this....bullets should be so rare in game that you dont wanna waste them as a decoy.
  2. and another one....today i was playing dayz and someone know my name in game but i dont tell him my character name....?is there way to check it?
  3. OUH MAI GOD: DAYZ UNDERGROUND: i spawnned as frankie barrelinho and spawned near where my cousin was murdered.i runned to straight to the staroye. i met some russian guy there....he gave me gun and bullets and...it was nice guy....byt then game this german guy. he got very good accent and this russian guy just were speaking just something that we cant understand. so german dude and me instantly came friends...i forget to ask the name for the german but by my self i named him muller. se we start going together....he went inside some hospital in staroye....and we got lost:D... i was yelling...mylller,muller...sometimes i yllled klinsman but no luck.... but suddenly there was again this russian guy....i asken his name also but....amybe vladimir it was...i guess. we hated both muller...cos he left us. so together me and maybe vladimir runned near town. we drink beer and vodka together in woods.vladi founded me some schoolbag...the best summer ever with vlad... then i got murdered from the distance....i dont know what happened to my friend from russia but...perkele,helvetti....i hope you managed to survive away from the murderers and my new character is named marko tynnyri EDIT1: Hmm but icant join anymore undergound server....my face was black when i was get killed but now when trying rejoining game is stuck in loading screen where is some city and dayz logo is on left on the screen. i can hear game sounds but cant play EDIT2: i was kicked maybe ten minutes idling in that loading screen by battleeye.....reason was idling:) EDIT3:after kicking by battleeye....same thing...stuck in loading screen and cant login the server.
  4. Yeah,im maybe walking on fire here but game really needs more player interaction and RP servers are not enough....we need interactions in regular servers. and kill on sight is one of the main problems what ends those. what if,there is somekind of humanity/insane status. every time you kill your status goes lower but examble bury the body helps the status to rise up little. of course bury the body thing you would need pickaxe to make some gravestone or axe to make cross. aaaaannnndddd...,shovel to make hole in the ground. this whole process should take your time. or another way to low your psychopatic status is to use drugs...you can also craft drugs examble from mushrooms. yeah im just brainstorming here:)....or is it better just make bullets very rare? if this suggestion goes through i gonna be drugseller....or gravestone/woodencross smith. one can heroin=one can of beans:D
  5. and another one...is there way that game identify/realize what is self-defence and what is murder?was there in MOD dayz anything like it? i just thought some suggestion what is related in BANDIT/KOS/DRUGS...but the main problem is maybe that game doesnt know when you are self-defencing or murdering?
  6. Private Shard

    How often is server restart? and it is causing some behaviour in day to night cycle cos` havent seen the night on your server on few weeks playing? also few times when its raining,server crash....its just....is it intented?or is there something in rain what is causing server crash. sorry about conspiracy thoughts.
  7. never tried but internet says that you cannot boil the rice ingame? is it true?i dont wanna search rice for test it cos its too rare
  8. infected should have falling animations when go over fences and obstacles....
  9. (played on underground server) AAANNNDD next character.im naming him just richard barrel because i was just searching barrels for my stuff that i can move on countryside and start to grow some tomatos and go at morning fishing. I woke up on factory and just went through dolina searching every little storage barrels.nothing but infecteds. then i arrived staroye.no barrels but there was some guy who was from DEFENDERS OF PEOPLE OF CHERNARUS. He tied me up and ask some questions.i told that im just lone wolf searching barrels here.he loose the handcuffs and let me go.i was amazed...game needs this!!! There was also second guy from DPC and also some other random guy. what happens?can you guess?...this other dude murder me and also this other random guy. we need real defenders of people of chernarus!!!....and need to wipe out those bandits.... .......and my next character is named frankie barrelinho
  10. character lived maybe 8 hours.i tried to find barrel but found none.i also visited in north,at the end of the map...i found one tent and maybe 1 hour i tried to put it in some hiding but no luck...blue tent is so visible.then i found average spot for my tent and also i met first player with this character. i screamed him "dont shoot" and he didnt speak or anything...just killed right away.this is funny game.
  11. Same here...underground server...barrels none.
  12. give me beeeeaaaannsss!:D
  13. maybe logging out of game should be nerfed somehow. one thing what i have thought that you should only able log out without consequences in bed/your tent or sleeping bags etc etc... if you log out in middle of forest,maybe your gear should be visible 30 min or something. but when logging out on beds or tents etc...no visible gear. it also simulate sleeping. and one thing,logging out without blanket or tents or bed,you should log in with some disease(flu)...and thirsty and hungry.
  14. i think its good suggestion and should be ingame...and also make me little sad because i know that these good suggestions what have popped out in forum is not gonna be ingame in a long time.
  15. There is that 0.60 experimental subforum...should it be named 0.61 or taken off completively?