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  1. i have started feel the same...last one what really hitting me out of this game was that fishing mechanic is not coming this year.... for player who likes to go solo and foot....fishing is one "what to do" in game. almost 5 months left this year and devs said that after some diibadaaba,developing the game becomes faster. but i understand,you cant make everyone happy...so i have to seek some other games what is coming. see you next year
  2. Stress Test vol.34

    fishing not in this year!!!? why on earth?...what is so tricky to add fishing? in stress test i drink from stream with bloody hands and also eated few raw chickens but didnt get sick.
  3. craft poisonous food(trap)

    with the new mushrooms,some deadly,i think that you should be able mix mushrooms and canned spagetti,beans etc, to get deadly trap. also you could boil fluids out of deadly mushroom and mix this with water inside of cantees and waterbottles.
  4. Stress Test vol.34

    can any dev answer this? when we gonna get these features? affecting diseases affecting coldness farming fishing these features are more important to me,not any scopes or guns. i just wanna know that when is my time to testing. are we talking days,weeks or months in here?
  5. Stress Test vol.34

    too much stuff at start...guns and food and stuff. diseases and coldness not added yet properly?
  6. Stress Test vol.34

    cant take anything in my hand:( (after crafting fireplace and firedrill)
  7. Stress Test vol.32

    Yeah...i was quite disappointed about content patch.really no survival things added.mushrooms were nice addition. But temperatures and diseases not working---->no reason to play survival game...how long we have to wait fishing,farming etc?
  8. Stress Test vol.32

    is there someone in office still?.... battle-eye kicks even when there is low players... just standing still and kicked after 10 seconds ping is sometimes 40 and sometimes 300
  9. Stress Test vol.32

    is battleeye taken off?...now playing 30 minutes without kicking. infecteds lags sometimes.also met two survivors. keep the stress test going?more servers? edit:battle-eye kicking again EDIT2-also my character got lost somehow after kicking
  10. Stress Test vol.32

    battleeye kicking out constantly
  11. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    what is situtiation in this? do we have all new content and can game saved yet?
  12. Stress Test vol.32

    are you sure?....it sounds like you are playing 0.62 version:D
  13. Stress Test vol.32

    just started and after 10 minutes of running,every door,infected loot was bugged.cant interact anything and then,i logged off and tried to log in again...character is locked in database. then i managed tp get myself in queue(40+)...then again,character logged. managed get rid off from locked problem but...again i cant interact anything and vicinity,there is always water purification tablets. very unstable is game right now also,water purification tablets,there was text "RAW"
  14. hmm...well...hmm...where is the goddamit updateeee!!!!? or is that some hoax?