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  1. Tweaked and changed lighting for the world? are gamers still able to exploit gammasettings?
  2. Basebuilding,what i have read,its one of the most waited feature in game. i have seen some art pictures about bases and they seem big,with electricity and stuff. so,you gather wood,metal,generators,etc and then its ready,what is your benefits from the base? you see so much trouble to build one but is there some reward?
  3. hmm,maybe there should be some sleep/log off button and when you push it,you get approx info your characters next log in stats... maybe in future,you can craft blanket or find blanket,sleeping bag etc...when you log out with good stuff,your log in stats are quite good. i like in the long dark game that if you drink warm tea before you go to sleep,character sleeps more calm...(some stats are better or same after waking up) so,fighting with wolfs,zombies,werewolfs,players,ghosts and then go "sleep"...you wake up hungry/thirsty,scary,flu,fever and tired:D op suggestion is quite good and i have also used this "log out in shelter" rule in my gameplay. also this would maybe prevent a little combat logging. maybe after some hours those effect could be on your character...5 hours maybe. log of naked in the rain at -1 celsius : Your log in stats next time:DEAD. set fire in fireplace,drink tea and write a journal,go in sleeping bag and log off. your log in stats next time:never been happier
  4. map with apple trees....got to say that,maybe there is too much apple trees.:D
  5. I think that mike was suffering some mental illness and was hallucinating....hands stuck in a barrel....yeah right...😀
  6. and where guns are rare and bullets are like coins/cash/money....that i forgot.
  7. zero hours pvp? i have played over 500 hours i guess and never killed anyone other player...maybe one guy i killed when i was grilling chicken and this russian guy comes there and try to hit with axe in my face. i put the stick in the eye:D
  8. also some kind of humanity status should be in game...killing everybody should be almost freely to achieve but lunatic murderers,who snipe womans and mans,just to check what they carry on their backpacks should maintain their mental health with some medification. or then they should bury the bodies what they kill but burying the body...what a mess...shoveling the pit in cold,hard soil in middle of rain takes time. killings happens in end of the world but you can be nice killer,who pull the trigger and then lay to rest wictim and get just little penalty on your mental health. but nasty lunatic killer murderers:)...they pull the trigger,take teddy bear from backpack and then eat pills.if pills run out....go visit in cherno hospital.
  9. i expect true survival horror game where only most clever and best lonewolfs can survive...others has to depend from help from other players in grouping together to create little squads. in citys,you can find fast food in form of canned foods,drinks, and medical supplys...you dont have to craft anything,just go in city and collect stuff....but... cities are fullfilled with extreme dangerous infecteds and when they get the scent of you....20% that you can survive out of there alive. But if with group,changes are better. but living beside wildlife,you can have almost all of this more safely but every action,getting food,drink and medical herbs takes time.you struggle with hunger a lot,it effetcs in your stamina,you hike in landscape slowly but your struggle get your in goal....but living in constant lack of things,lure you visit in big cities sometimes... do you really want to make fire with firedrill kit,stuck in animation what takes time 20 minutes?or do you wanna visit nearby city to find lighter or matches? do you wanna boil your water from the pond and be stuck in animation at the fireplace 10 minutes or do you wanna go near city to find soda ordrink from well? do you wanna skin the chicken and maybe ruin it and be stuck at animation 15 minutes or wanna go to visit supermarket in cherno,to find maybe delicious tuna or beans? either way....in apocalypse,you are in deep S**t
  10. Omg...im young
  11. hmm,how old are you guys?or girls? just thinking sometimes when writing with someone here that because im old fart...37 years. am i writing with 15 years oldies or old fart like me? and maybe more...where are you from? im from finland:D
  12. dont give any help for players...but make players to need help from other players...infected more powerfull(causing infections)...make people to get need stuff...medical,fire making stuff,food...game mechanics that need two players... i have even thought sometimes that maybe when large group, 4-6 players are together,infected just scream but dont come close easilly....lone wolfers would be in trouble but sneaky tactics,they can also survive....but with little army of you and your buddies....it would be more safe to enter the city.
  13. Character is dead by suicide...
  14. hmm....never get attached to you gear....barrel stuck in hands:D