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  1. kopo79


    normal houses should have clothes,shoes,sometimes medicine... dayz its not wargame...if everything is give you from the start...you passed the game.... but if you wanna better loot....go in military places.but there is other players. interactions is dayz salt but it never been really thing yet.
  2. kopo79

    Bad news

    BAD NEWS Aah...sunrise. It looks every time,hmm,hopeful. Long night, bad sleep and you wait that glimmer what gives you hope. ...And there it is...its like, calling you to live. Yes, i have cancer... It was diagnosed years ago but i just kept going. This outbreak, this cancer...i didn't have other choices than just keep going. Just recently i have felt that maybe the tumors are spreading more aggressively. It's because i keep forgetting things, feeling sad,feeling tired. More bad news for me...Nothing new. But there is sun rising up and i'm gonna make this day just a little bit positive. I have planned this hike to the north for year now but always something else came. Fix the roof...feed the chickens,search for supplies, fix the roof again. But then Rocky died...yes, the chicken's name was Rocky. It died peacefully... But i think that now is right time to go and complete my hike to the Black lake. I'm gonna catch the biggest zander of my life before i'm too weak to do this trip. After inventory, last look towards the God`s house and destination where i was headed. Time to go...This is gonna be sunny and positive day at the middle of apocalypse. . (Played on Intenz hardcore survival server) http://www.dayzintenz.com/
  3. those who bought the game in early access shouldnt have to pay about dlc anymore...countless of experimentals,countless of stress test build...i have over 1000 hours of dayz and really just few good gameplay session comes to my mind. 80% have been testing status bar behaviours,black face/white face bugs,server perfomances fireplaces behaviour and stuff few characters i had where i was playing serious...but... mike, character died when barrel get stuck in his hands...other character get stuck at middle of stone... we have give you free beta testing and bug fixing for years...no paid DLC
  4. maybe i should buy from steam some fishing simulator and play that and dayz same time...then like roleplay that im fishing in dayz.
  5. Our focus for DayZ for the rest of 2019 will be: bug fixing, stabilizing, balancing, and modding support. so, no new content this year.
  6. is fishing coming this year`? i have allready crafted bone hooks and waiting at black lake to get some fish
  7. also zombies breaking doors? is there way to mod this things in game?...like fishing,bone breaking?more advanced cooking? so do modders have to finish this game...so its like modded standalone game about mod...öö game... we can still craft bone hooks in game...what to do with worms? in early version...fishing was working just fine
  8. so now i got my answer for my question what i have been trying to ask here maybe two years no fishing,no bows ever.... nice. i think that this engine is developed for other war games what bohemia is releasing in future and why the hell there would be fishing mechanic in wargame... i didnt get the game what i wanted but i funded damn game engine...what still sucks
  9. do we get fishing and bows this year?
  10. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    kind of my thoughts... dug server is best for now but its hard to get on the server because of queu and if you are not whitelisted. but this profes that hardcore server with good tweaks and good community for server is key for success. everytime i go dug server,it feels like home...died multiple times at fresh spawn but when you manage to overcome difficulties,it becomes intense like hell. there is room for maybe 5 hardcore servers if you look playerbase... still,sometimes feels that guns are way too easy to find on servers...if you find gun after 20 minutes playing..it doesent give me anything to enjoy...but after two hours...its like you won lottery:D
  11. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    anymore hardcore servers? i really dont like any sidechats or autoruns...
  12. kopo79

    the real hardcore survival server

    yeah,i may someday try this. i think that there is still room for few hardcore servers. but really dont like any killfeeds and sidechats in server. OK....tested that server and infected count was good but really not fan of the srat gear with guns and apples and stuff. also,not sure if lucky but three guns in 10 minutes testing is too much for me.
  13. when we can see fishing back in game?
  14. kopo79

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    next one is out of office....
  15. just tested this server and almost freezed to death...is spring coming when in server? it would be best option to take off fruits at winter but you could collect them at summer and autumn...same as mushrooms. its just immersion killing when i found pears in snow... so like collect food at summer and autumn prepare for winter.