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  1. Do you mean West of Sverograd? I agree and make the NorthWesterners pay more taxes to fund it! Never mind, they are all super lazy and infected.
  2. @☣biohaze☣ I took my beans back after watching the video..... What in the actual f**k!! You owe me 4 minutes!
  3. Reluctantly!
  4. Very true, it was more of a tongue in cheek comment. The fact that BCBasher is so close but yet so far must be frustrating. Line of site WiFi or fiber optic will be a solution. All doable and "relatively" inexpensive as far as equipment goes. Line of site wifi from C.Crane with up to 24Mbps over 3 miles will run you ~$450US. But I do not want to hijack the thread!
  5. @BCBasher Maybe you should invest in this : But If I could I would sacrifice broadband access for living in the woods. I'm in the habit of scoping out towns before entering. Coming back after a 6months+ break from Dayz I made the mistake of shooting a z in town. There was none to be seen before I entered. I was beaten to a pulp. Lesson learned.
  6. All these map changes "look's" fantastic. I have to get my gaming machine fixed! Maybe Santa can help me out...
  7. video

    Really well done! @Harold Palmer Great Job.
  8. Sad news! But I do understand. I have been unable to play due to work/family etc. And then my PC crapped out. I have a new mobo and will get that in in a few weeks. My guess is I will start playing when the server gets back ;-) Hopefully before that though. With winter coming I will have more time available. Thank you(@eno, @schwaBAM) for the server! And Thank you @emuthreat for letting me run with you and showing me some neat stuff! (Googlebot)
  9. Will you be able to drop grenades out of it?
  10. Replied to an Old post. Still my home server though ;-) Some jackass did murder me in a helicopter Wednesday for no reason! I will find you son!
  11. I've been all in on AMD for 16 years now. No breakages, no issues. My current setup R9 280X and AMD 8350 runs dayz smooth as silk And when I'm not playing they fold for cures at Folding@home. So my all AMD machine practically runs 24/7 at full blast with no issues. This current setup (R9 280X and AMD 8350) has been running like this since 05/2014. I did replace the stock fan on the CPU and a couple of case fans. So S3V3N i can highly recommend AMD because of my experiences. And you get more bang for your buck. Finances permitting I will upgrade to the new generation of AMD GPU's, by then the full line-ups will be available and the problems sorted out.
  12. I played .60 stable for the first time last night ( I did play experimental .60). Spawned in close to Kamenka. Started looting through Kamenka and then ran to Komarovo and found enough canned food and soda to silence my grumbling belly. Not too much, just enough to take the orange away. Finding clothing, weapons and ammo was fairly easy, matching weapons to ammo is a different story! I found a MP5 and a RAK in the police station but no clips for either. I do have 9mm, shotgun and 5.56 ammo. Down by the buildings on the docks Komarovo I found an offroad hatchback with 1 wheel missing. A third wheel was in the trunk and I saw one in a shed. I got the offroad on the road to Pavlovo. Just past the gate to the military base I decided to call it quits and drove into the woods to hide the hatchback. Bad call. This morning I had a half hour to myself end logged in to see if I could drive to the Myshkino tents to make life easier when I play again, but my vehicle was gone. Server or thief? Oh well, the thing was a bitch to drive anyway. My aim now is to see if I can get hunting and fishing. Twice I saw deer and I'm eager to bag one. It was fun as usual.
  13. The changes is what keeps me interested in the game. The only other game I was ever hooked on was Warcraft. (not WoW! that is garbage!) Once Dayz hits stable and no new stuff happens I will probably get tired of it and stop playing. Embrace the changes! @NewPlayer80If what you say is true(brain injury and struggling financially) pm me and I will refund your $30 and you keep your steam and Dayz. Good luck man. Edit: Finally figured out the @ player tag!
  14. Photographic evidence or it did not happen! ;-) (I'm at work so I follow this forum to get my dayz fix)
  15. You have to make bases in exp! How else will we be testing and reporting bugs on bases if we don't?