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  1. ScipioII

    my own server dont show on lan

    Is it the stable; or EXP server? I have this problem with EXP.
  2. ScipioII

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    It's OK to throw the dog a bone once in a while. That is why I read this forum. I agree with @emuthreat... I do not dislike Twitter, I hate Twitter. With a passion. Reddit is a little better but I prefer the forum.
  3. ScipioII

    How's the community?

    EDIT: I did not notice that this was posted in the xbox section and I have no idea how that part of dayz works. @CarlTheGooner It all depends on the server you join. If you want to join a group to help new players etc. look at this post and see if it interest you. I had fun spending time with them in the past. Recently my time is limited due to work but I'm hoping to get active again soon.
  4. ScipioII

    Persistence in single player or home server?

    @BCBasher No you do not need a separate license for the server files. I do not use tools for the server to run. Everything you need is there. It boils down to configuring the server and startup process. I play and run the server on my machine, and my son connects to my server. Persistence worked OK. We had a blast exploring and building cars. Read this forum topic : https://forums.dayz.com/topic/239635-dayz-server-files-documentation/ I hope to have some time to play again this weekend. 😞 If needed I can send you my startup .bat files.
  5. ScipioII

    What would you do?

    @eno Good to see you and the Helpers Back! I have not yet tried breaking bones in this release.
  6. ScipioII

    bad version server rejected

    Opt out of Experimental with the client.
  7. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    my install is on my local machine so I connect to "localhost:2302". My servers runs Linux so I'm waiting for the Linux release of the server files.
  8. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    Can you ping the IP of the machine the server is running on?
  9. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    As far as I know you set only the port. (2302 is the default). The ip is the IP address of the machine it runs on.
  10. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    did you do a search on IP address and port?
  11. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    You will have to give us more info. What kinda trouble?
  12. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    I've created a .bat file called dayzser.bat contaning:
  13. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    @JohnnyBravo2014 That was it. Thank you. I'm up and running.
  14. ScipioII

    Cannot start host on port 2302

    I get "Bad version, server rejected connection." Which client are we suppose to use? (I'm on stress)
  15. ScipioII

    Status Report 3 July 2018

    This is all fine and dandy but I did not see any NIN posters in Chernarus last I checked. This should be a priority devs!!