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  1. I have to wonder why this was done?
  2. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Clear and concise! Thank you.
  3. Donald Trump plays DayZ

    And I am out of he dayz forums. I was here for a game, not to listen to intolerant lunatic leftist propaganda. My family are half black half white, Republican and support Trump. I see enough crap in the media calling me a racist and a bigot, no need to see it here too. Enjoy the game people.
  4. Status Report - 8 August 2017

    Great SR! Good luck at gamescon. I hope all the pieces fall into place for a successful event. Some of those bugs can be made into a spin-off! You can call it the DayZ Dizco.
  5. Donald Trump

    This whole thread is a heap of stinking bullSH*t. I was just surprised to see it here. Anyway, back to the game DAYZ for me. Au Revoir
  6. Reasons for "Mostly Negative"?

    Never read the comments on a youtube video you like or reviews on a game for that matter.
  7. Recommendations For A PC

    AMD's ZEN architecture is solid. I suspect we will see improvements as it matures and as drivers and software gets some Zen optimization. As far as price/performance you cannot go wrong with Zen(Ryzen and Threadripper) but for now stick with Nvidia for graphics. Although that will change within a year or so. I bet a lot of money on that. I started betting on AMD in 2012 after Jim Keller went back to design Zen. From 2 to 14. All and all this competition between AMD/INTEL/NVIDIA is very good for us the consumer. And now with AMD finally back... it's getting better!
  8. Donald Trump

    I love President Trump and what he is doing. (This is the right forum for this No??)
  9. Way too many birds

    Birds do not depend on humans nor are humans part of their food chain. (Unless vultures and crows when you die) So a disease affecting people will only benefit birds specifically birds that are negatively impacted by human expansion and humans destroying habitat. SOURCE: Wild Birds Unlimited (this is from folks that makes a living from selling wild bird food)
  10. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    You have probably tried all and everything at this point but... Try and delete/remove dayz completely and re-install.
  11. Daylight Moon

    Nice daylight moon on experimental a couple of days ago.
  12. Dayz just made me snort

    Y'all should try some good 'ole southern diner Sweet Tea. Cold with ice. The way it was intended.
  13. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    I found stone on train tracks somewhere south of Svetlo once. I know not all tracks have the stone though. I did not know this is a thing! thanks Bob!
  14. Exp Update 0.62.139869

    I would've grabbed it but I won't be able to play until Sunday night...maybe.