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  1. Nice daylight moon on experimental a couple of days ago.
  2. Y'all should try some good 'ole southern diner Sweet Tea. Cold with ice. The way it was intended.
  3. I found stone on train tracks somewhere south of Svetlo once. I know not all tracks have the stone though. I did not know this is a thing! thanks Bob!
  4. I would've grabbed it but I won't be able to play until Sunday night...maybe.
  5. The sounds is probably something the developers will have to decide on what is a good balance in their opinion and stick to it. Some people like the birds, some don't. I like the new sounds except I find the wind sound very annoying. Some people like it...
  6. @MooseByte It's all here ->
  7. I don't know. Experimental was pretty brutal with .62! In the past people were a bit friendlier on experimental but this go around it was a killing field. That was my experience but I had a blast anyway. The more I play this thing the more I get hooked. Flaws and all.
  8. Yes they are at 0.62.139835
  9. It was/is brutal! I was axed to death by a friendly. He said "Hi dude" I said "Hi" and continue on running out a building, stop to check my inventory and "Whack" .. dead. Spawn in a barn seconds before two guys ran in. They called me some nasty names and ran away laughing. Was shot dead twice, and beaten by Z's once. Met one guy and he asked if I saw his buddy and then we separated peacefully. One time my client completely froze. as in I hear a sound and see movement once every 4~5 seconds and everything streaked. Terminated the process and rebooted. No dumps was produced. I like the sounds except for the wind sound is really load sometimes. And then there is this sign...
  10. Mainly because DayZ is building a real engine! (sorry not sorry :-\ )
  11. Brooks's Law "adding manpower to a late software project makes it later" . It is stupid to think that "us" thinks like you. Some maybe but not all. Some of us understand the development cycle and the issues the devs are experiencing. We still play and enjoy the game and help with bug reports. For 30 bucks I can't even get into SixFlags for an hour, my 30 bucks I gave to Bohemia gave me 900 hours so far and it just keep on giving.
  12. One thing I did notice in .62 is that stone are really hard to find now. If you do not spawn on a beach, finding stone to craft a knife can be a challenge. I had to run around bleeding until I finally found stones on a railroad track. Other players on the other hand could not find stones on the tracks. Was that an intentional change?
  13. IRL a bandit is a douche. In game a bandit is a douche. If your feelings gets hurt easily by insults, maybe the douche-life is not for you. Even real life bandits will rob you at gunpoint and let you go 99% of the time.
  14. Spawned in at Solnichniy in middle of the night . Found a V3S truck idling on one of the sidestreets. I did not see any other players nearby so I don't know if the ruck spawn idling or what. And this was right after .62 dropped Tried to interact with a jerrycan. It show the "empty, drink" statuses but I could not see it in my hands. I froze to death soon after because I was not paying attention. Fun!
  15. The sounds!