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  1. Love this open communication! Thanks for the updates!
  2. So your ~30 ( pounds,dollars,lire,euros,rands ) investment entitle you to set the direction for and content of the game? Now we are moving from looney to bizarre. LOL I'm done wasting my time with this. Good luck.
  3. Why should the dev's do what you demand? Are you the only player and everyone should play the game you want? There is a forum for suggestions.
  4. Good grief..... Seriously. How many times does the dev's have to say they are still working on the game? The loot system is not complete? The CLE is not balanced? This thread does not go to looney land... it IS looney land. Some people need a diaper change.
  5. Dear dev's, Please do NOT push .62 this weekend! I got shit planned and a honeydo list longer than the bug list for 0.59! Thank you for your cooperation.
  6. Fantastic progress! Beans to the Dev's! Yet here you are, spending time on that thing you tell other people to not spend time on. I think there is a word for that.... hmm... irony? hypocrite?
  7. I will have to check that out. Thanks
  8. We all enjoy playing survivors in a post-apocalyptic environment where a disease ravaged and destroyed society as we know it. But I believe none of us want's to live in a world like DayZ. What if we can prevent a real life DayZ? Well you can by contributing to the prevention of the “outbreak”! How? By donating your spare computing power! Especially now that we are in a holding pattern for Beta, those CPU’s and GPU’s needs to stay in good shape and searching for a cure for the outbreak is the best exercise regimen for that. I have been donating my spare and off hour’s computing power to the search for cures to cancer, zika, aids, tuberculosis and even clean water since the early 2000’s starting with the Human Genome Project on the World Community Grid. The 2 organization's I’m contributing too are the World Community Grid started by IBM in 2004 and folding@home hosted by Stanford. I’m not going to attempt and explain exactly what they do and how, all that information is on the respective websites with tons of details. Both are in my opinion Noble organizations and I am very proud of my contributions so far. Go read what they are all about and consider donating and who knows, maybe you’re humble PC may find the cure to cancer. I took the liberty of creating team "DayZSurvivors" at both the sites. World Community Grid team: DayZSurvivors folding@home team : DayZSurvivors Please consider joining one of the 2 teams(or go on your own, join some other loser team :-)). It takes the download and install of the client programs, joining and you start contributing. Thanks! Why do I contribute? My Mother and my Daughter were struck with diseases that have no known cure.
  9. Tasty Fiber! Hopefully they will get that in quick so you can enjoy. A stone throw from CotA! Lucky.
  10. server administration

    Go play on a different server! Seriously. There's literally hundreds available.
  11. server administration

    Bohemia's rules are the rules. On the other hand, if someone pays for a server and want's to create a PvE world, let them. If the Server name says "FRIENDLY" then abide by that rule! Don't be a jackass and KOS on a server where players expect a peaceful environment. If you suspect the server is a lootfarm, report it. It's not like that is the only server. There are hundreds of other servers where KOS is allowed and even encourage. Or pay for your own server and make you're own rules.
  12. @emuthreat is probably one of the best guides in Chernarus I had the pleasure of running with as a new player. He's forever picking up strays(new players) and showing them around and even give guided tours around his very impressive camps. So I think there may be a misunderstanding at play here.
  13. Establish a small camp in the south-east quadrant and use that as a meeting point. Study the map, pick a spot and go from there. The more you run to camp from the coast the easier it will get. The problem with suicide until we meet is that you do not gather experience that way. It used to take me several sessions and hours to get to my camp. Now I can do that within an hour and I get there with a backpack full of stuff.
  14. I was doing some work yesterday and was watching my favourite streamer on my other monitor. This was for about an hour. He was very focused and coordinated in the beginning but as the time progressed you could see his focus was slipping and he was making mistakes. Several tents were pitched all over the base for no apparent reason. I knew it was all over when he randomly started chopping a tree down in the middle of Tisy base and then lost his prized Fireman's ax after attacking a Z. He ran over the ax at least twice without noticing it. A long wooden stick in it's place on his pack. A classic rookie survivor mistake (Remember kids, always check for wooden sticks on your back after chopping a tree down) Soon after that, while running around with a truck battery(??) he was attacked and shot down before he could even get his FAL in hand to defend himself. A tragic and unnecessary death of a great survivor if you ask. Al of this could have been prevented if we kept the beer drinking restricted to camp. So let this be a warning kids, do not temp fate by running around in Chernarus under the influence. We lost a great one yesterday. RIP my friend.
  15. Known issue. And as Orlok said, the dev's are working on the vehicles. They just did not get it done in the 2 hours since your demand. It will probably take a tad more time.