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  1. Happy to read Development is still churning out and .63 is coming along swimmingly. . Still VERY excited to mess around with Vehicles once more, as well as see the eventual-rise of Helicopters/Planes that'll bring the game to the level and passed of the renditions of DayZ on Arma 3 and such. Maybe next SR we can hear how close cars are to experimenting with?
  2. Espa

    Status Report - 19 June 2018

    How much longer until we're given back vehicles? With the new game engine, I think vehicles will reintroduce a lot of fun encounters.
  3. Espa

    Letter to Developers

    Just putting my 2 cents in, also. First of all, it's deeply refreshing to see a member of the DayZ Team interacting in threads in these mysterious BETA times. So, good on you, @ImpulZ for being there for us :) As for the worries of players - I, myself, am actually leaning the other way. Every new update they include on the .63 Stress Tests shows more and more of that Fabled Final Version we have all fantasized and desired for years is slowly coming into focus. My worries are lessening by the great work of the Devs, even if a selfish part of me wishes I could wake up one day and it all be done with (I am sure they feel the same). For a short while I was really thinking that the community was turning the page and abandoning the project, but most of those fears have been alleviated by the mass of Test Players, as well as Console-Streamers starting to get an itch to get a hold of this game on their FunBoxes. Along with that, if the Devs somehow implement PC/Console Cross-Gaming Servers, then the numbers will swell far more than we have ever seen. Just reading from the OP, @noentry45, but their words seem to echo most of ours. We're grateful to see a survival game fantasy come into full reality with a Dev Team that has stuck out the worst of their times to finally arrive here with the game feeling like 2.0. And because impatience doesn't help anything, I won't get into how badly I just want vehicles to show up in the new .63 already. . . . . But I do want that. . Cheers, friends.
  4. Espa

    Soft Skills

    They haven't been fully implemented so I just assume that the Soft Skills effects are heavily WIP. However, I do think it's a bit weird that someone would have to pick between either Medic or Builder 'specs' to the detriment of the other. I do think players would enjoy it far more if they simply had two separate bars stapled atop each other, rather than along and against each other. Fine Actions --------------------> Rough Actions -----------------> That way, players would be able to attempt to max out both and lower action times of both, as well as restore health to self and constructions while bandaging/building.
  5. Espa

    0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Really pretty excited about the changes, but don't want to touch it until the new blood particles and vehicles come into play. Hoping that's soon ^^
  6. Espa

    Stress Test vol.11

    Nice to see the new Loot Economy is in play :D Any word on how soon we could see vehicles with it? Truly excited to see how well they'll perform now!
  7. Espa

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I'm not set on the new zombie roars. I think they sound kind of out of place, and way less like zombies and more like murlocks from WoW. I'm sure people will make mods for that business if these aren't just WIP, but otherwise I really enjoy what I see in the Offline Mode. Can't wait for Experimental.
  8. Espa

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Finally got a chance to mess around in offline mode for .63. Groovy times! Love how smooth movement feels, the indoors gun-sounds, the stronger zeds due to our own stamina needs. Great changes in general. Despite my good feelings on the matter, I do feel like the Public Stress Tests should be more prevalent if they want more data. . But assuming they don't, I hope another update comes around for the Stress Test. Can't wait to drive a car on the altered roads and hiking trails :D Good job, Devs! P.S.: The Middle-Button, or Right-click + Shift to get into Aim Mode is NOT so bad. 2 Cents.
  9. Wow, wow, wow! This Status Report is Perfect. So much good information, great positive vibes, awesome screenies, videos. . The whole shabang haha. One thing that I don't know how to feel about is JUST HOW CLOSE IS BETA!? This SR has got me wondering just how much more there could be to do. . Especially happy to hear that your New Engine is much easier to assemble on and it's taking much less time :D Also! The new hitpoints look and sound pretty awesome. Been waiting a long time for it to be addressed in specialized places = specific damages and effects. Can't wait to play with that! Last Note!: For the Infected, super excited to see what you guys can muster up for them. Something I would really love to see is this Stealth that has been mentioned for 2 years or so. Like, would it mean that they would be quiet and be on the 'hunt' for players instead of lazily droning about? That would be very interesting. - Also, still not sure just how Undead these Infected 'Zombies' are. Is it possible that we see more gestures of them, depicting their natures? Sick = Coughing and sounding raving mad? Keep up the AMAZING work. We cannot wait to play with your new work!
  10. Tuesday is coming back around soon. I know the Devs are working hard and probably don't have a lot to show us that is new. Because of that, I thought I'd make a small list of things that are still interesting to see, might be repeating myself a bit. . But still! 1.) Information on Snow And/Or Radiation Effects (Still WIP?) 2.) Information on Map Easter-Eggs and Scenic Views (Crashed Boat, Plane Crash in Cherno, mass graves about.) -- Basically, can we expect to see any new Posters or even Evacuation Notices? 3.) What kind of new movements and gestures will Infected (Zombies) be getting? 4.) Will players be getting the ability to vault over high fences, like Infected do? 5.) Last Question: Without naming dates, is there a Quarter we can expect to get our hands on BETA? Perhaps Q3?
  11. Seems it's been since 7 November since we heard from him. >.> Odd.
  12. Things are looking crisp AF. Super excited to get my hands on in this in the next weeks/months/whenever you're done! Stick to the hard duty and it'll pay off. . Definitely feeling like it's much much closer than ever before. Happy about everything so far! I would like to hear if Vehicle Aim-Spaces were still going to be introduced in BETA or after. Along with that, would it be possible for us to see some of the new vehicles in action? *Cough* Motorcycle *Cough*
  13. Espa

    Exp Update 0.62.14463

    I do remember there being talk of the Snow Map that the Map Maker made for Arma 2/3 being converted into a Map for DayZ. I also remember them saying that the Map could NOT be expanded. . But I don't see why the Snow effects couldn't simply be modified Rain particles. Granted, the snow settling would be a totally different story!
  14. Espa

    Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Real Question!: When can we see SNOW in this game? There was a heavy snow for the past two days where I live and it reminds me how atmospheric it would be to add! :D
  15. Espa

    Exp Update 0.62.143483

    Thanks Baty! :D . . Do you think we could get a few weeks of Double Loot whilst we wait for the BETA? ;D