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  1. For those Nay-Saying on Map Expansion, don't forget they could do a lot more on Islands off the mainland. Boats could do a lot for DayZ :)
  2. I actually remember that bit of Lore, but. . After seeing that silly movie, I think it may actually be fun to make it an additional threat caused by the Infected. - Making players visibly sick and vomit black blood or something of the like. - It would make certain interactions with others a bit more tense if you hear someone sneeze/cough, wondering if they have a Cold, or the Infection itself. Of course, if that were introduced. . It'd have to make Player-made Infected a lot more dangerous than the Norm, to provide incentive to fear them.
  3. Hahaha wow, you guys are being way more literal than I thought xD I was asking what 'kind' of Zed are they to you guys! Ya jerks lol
  4. Hey guys, so I've been taking it easy from DayZ and every now and then check up on things here. I saw the movie Pandemic a few nights ago and thought, "Wow.. This is a perfect representation of DayZ Infected. ." It got me thinking, I wonder if everyone has their own idea of what they are, but I gotta tell you. . The movie representation was spot on, to me! Now, the movie wasn't super good or anything, but the idea of the Infected was great. Alike DayZ, the 'Zed' are just sick people going through stages of a shitty disease. They're fully able to talk until they're last stage of the virus, where they've essentially been mutated by the virus into being a feral creature. Also, the Infected are fully capable of making traps against survivors, as well as attacking with melee weapons! Although they're not connected, I felt the movie did inspire one thought that might benefit the game: Make Survivors susceptible to the disease that degenerates them into a Zed xD
  5. Yes :D I would love all of those! Hopefully in Beta :)
  6. It looks like a pretty good base game, but I'm not sure it has anything on DayZ just yet. . especially if their Beta is impressive. If .63 goes well, it doesn't really matter what other games do haha
  7. I chose the new User Action system! I want to be able to do more to my friends/victims. . Like carry them places when they're unconscious xD
  8. I get the gist of what you're saying here and I've thought about it as well. However, it seems that All Players and All Clothing are the SAME SIZE, which is a bit silly to me, but easier on the systems probably. There are already Vests you can find that go over your outfit, but I do desire a lot more to arrive as well as turn certain other items into Vest Items. Such as the Rain Coat. - This should be able to be used as a poncho that goes over main attire. Still, not sure this is at all a priority to the Devs who had much bigger fish to fry. - There's also the issue of Clipping. But. . Modders will get to it if the Devs do not. In time.
  9. With that amount, you'll be fine with anything over the 1K amount for generally High graphics. I play on a Gaming Laptop, but others like Desk Tops. I'd shoot for 8-12G RAM at least Decent Graphics Card - Nvidia usually won't let you down. I5 - I7, I'd shoot for processor. Basic stuff, but hope it helps.
  10. I'm sure all of that and more will come between the Dev's efforts and Modders. - If Modders get activated in .63, then we can customized our own gang clothing at that point - If not a lot more. Graffiti and all sorts of other things that will make the game so much more realistic and alive.
  11. Ah, yeah. . Looks like a lot of time has passed since the Devs have announced Base Building. . Hrm. I am actually on the excited team for Base Building, however. It will do so many things for the game that I think people will want to spend much more time on the game, itself. 1.) Gives New/Old Players a sense of purpose when you join a server and become a part of a Faction. - You'd have a communal project that you share with others, and most likely now have many enemies. 2.) Faction Set-Up finally tangible. - With any kind of base you can think of, you could have Gangsters in a built-up part of a city. . Could have Rangers or Cannibals out on the outskirts. 3.) RP will blow up big when you can start making places 'safer' and more secure. Giving players a sense of ownership in the game, more than just the loot you find, is paramount. 4.) In order for this to work well, Infected would likely be more finished in that: They can break down doors, pass on multiple diseases, are wild enough to truly see them as a threat.
  12. They'd better Livestream the .63 Demos or I'ma be mad as hell xD
  13. Interestingggg. . Gamescom is in roughly a month. If they have a solid patch for their testing purposes then, I wonder how long it'll be for the rest of the systems to be in working condition. . By October perhaps?
  14. Looks like this has been answered haha But yeah, I agree that I would like the Zeds do quite a bit more, and don't doubt they will eventually. Soon enough, they'll break down doors and barricades, Peter hinted at them leaping from rooftops, and a whole mess of biohazardous infections. So while the players are immune to the Z-Virus, they're scary lepers coming at you. I think in the future game in a group that plays correctly to simply hear another character cough will be cause enough to wish to get away from them, or even to kill them so they can't infect anyone. As for Modding.. You can be sure to see someone make the Zed like Romero Zombies that need to be headshot, as well as other kinds of monsters. At the end of the day, if they pump up the player count to 100 eventually and keep the same zed count with a % Chance to summon a Horde in your immediate surroundings (10-20 Hive), then that'll be scary enough.
  15. Absolutely do I attack other players. The majority of the time, I justify my actions based on what gear they have, if a gun is out, or if they seem too bambi. My intentions with others also changes on how they speak back to me - Sometimes that response can actually lead to friendship and they'll never know that I was there to accost and perhaps kill them xD I initiate most talks with people and do not KOS - Unless I'm in a terrible situation and letting someone/s survive would only threaten me. Like at a Military Base, I'm not your friend at all because there's too many variables of being killed trying to rob or talk. But anywhere else and I catch you, I'm there for either your bullets and food or to talk :)