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  1. Wow, wow, wow! This Status Report is Perfect. So much good information, great positive vibes, awesome screenies, videos. . The whole shabang haha. One thing that I don't know how to feel about is JUST HOW CLOSE IS BETA!? This SR has got me wondering just how much more there could be to do. . Especially happy to hear that your New Engine is much easier to assemble on and it's taking much less time :D Also! The new hitpoints look and sound pretty awesome. Been waiting a long time for it to be addressed in specialized places = specific damages and effects. Can't wait to play with that! Last Note!: For the Infected, super excited to see what you guys can muster up for them. Something I would really love to see is this Stealth that has been mentioned for 2 years or so. Like, would it mean that they would be quiet and be on the 'hunt' for players instead of lazily droning about? That would be very interesting. - Also, still not sure just how Undead these Infected 'Zombies' are. Is it possible that we see more gestures of them, depicting their natures? Sick = Coughing and sounding raving mad? Keep up the AMAZING work. We cannot wait to play with your new work!
  2. Tuesday is coming back around soon. I know the Devs are working hard and probably don't have a lot to show us that is new. Because of that, I thought I'd make a small list of things that are still interesting to see, might be repeating myself a bit. . But still! 1.) Information on Snow And/Or Radiation Effects (Still WIP?) 2.) Information on Map Easter-Eggs and Scenic Views (Crashed Boat, Plane Crash in Cherno, mass graves about.) -- Basically, can we expect to see any new Posters or even Evacuation Notices? 3.) What kind of new movements and gestures will Infected (Zombies) be getting? 4.) Will players be getting the ability to vault over high fences, like Infected do? 5.) Last Question: Without naming dates, is there a Quarter we can expect to get our hands on BETA? Perhaps Q3?
  3. Seems it's been since 7 November since we heard from him. >.> Odd.
  4. Things are looking crisp AF. Super excited to get my hands on in this in the next weeks/months/whenever you're done! Stick to the hard duty and it'll pay off. . Definitely feeling like it's much much closer than ever before. Happy about everything so far! I would like to hear if Vehicle Aim-Spaces were still going to be introduced in BETA or after. Along with that, would it be possible for us to see some of the new vehicles in action? *Cough* Motorcycle *Cough*
  5. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    I do remember there being talk of the Snow Map that the Map Maker made for Arma 2/3 being converted into a Map for DayZ. I also remember them saying that the Map could NOT be expanded. . But I don't see why the Snow effects couldn't simply be modified Rain particles. Granted, the snow settling would be a totally different story!
  6. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Real Question!: When can we see SNOW in this game? There was a heavy snow for the past two days where I live and it reminds me how atmospheric it would be to add! :D
  7. Exp Update 0.62.143483

    Thanks Baty! :D . . Do you think we could get a few weeks of Double Loot whilst we wait for the BETA? ;D
  8. Question on New Feature: When will players be released the Modding Tools in order to build their own maps? Will it be included in the First BETA release so players can begin 'assisting' the Development process with our efforts? I would personally love to make a map out of where I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO. (Sometimes snowy mountain town that mixes the urban spread of cities with the expanse of forests and rocky mountains surrounding it.)
  9. Stable Update 0.62.143267

    After reading that .63 BETA won't be coming out this year, I have a radical idea to pose to you guys. In this lull-space of December and the Winter before first .63 BETA patch drops, give us insanity on the CLE. Increase weapon/item spawn Infected spawning rate X5 Vehicle amount doubled. Despite the obvious hit that the servers would take in terms of desync/lag due to increased server load, I think that THIS would be the best way to 'give us something' without any real work or effort required by staff. Simply adjusting the modifiers of items, infected/wolves, vehicles to about double their amount would make for an experience that would be different and allow for a much more entertaining route than the current known state of the game. Included with the insane amount of weapons to be found (Thus a lack of scarcity), I would love to see ridiculous amounts of infected like in the above video xD
  10. I didn't realize I was logged into this rando account I didn't know I had haha xD
  11. Wow, a week delay on typing up the report and it turns out to be depressing. . eek. After expecting some good news about the BETA release and such, reading this SR was a huge disappointment. Not only was the release postponed until next year, it's indeterminate in date with a solid list of items to be completed still. I really hate to read this kind of news knowing that the Dev team will be dispersing for Winter Holiday (As they should) and no work will really be done until weeks into January. What's worse is, a lot of our hype had been rejuvenated by the events of GamesCom and such, the videos of the BETA looked awesome and held promise for a new game for us all. - But months later, it's a little worrisome that nothing tangible has been delivered. I really want to hold on hope for this game, but interest is fading. . and the amount of trust I have in promises has become minuscule. Please give us more than words. A reasonable amount of time has already been given to waiting for -any- kind of tangible progress for us to play with. . So why have we still touched nothing? O.o Question: Can players expect first release of BETA in January, or will it be several months after?
  12. .63 ETA ?

    To be honest, I would play their buggy ass version over the current .62 - If their whole map is compatible with the new engine, anyway. Just ready to see and play some new stuff, knowing full well that it won't be perfect just yet - But who cares. . xD Looks like we'll be getting a Holiday Beta drop, probably
  13. DayZ - 0.63 Gamescom Demo Overview (fan-made)

    Simple and clear. Good job :)
  14. Dynamic Weather is something everybody wants.

    I've alwaysssss been a strong proponent for adding Snow to the game as an additional weather event! Since Namalsk I think players have had a taste of that exiled and dangerous feeling of a snowy wasteland, so adding it to DayZ SA would be HUGE. There are ways of doing this quickly (Quicker) or to completely overhaul certain features of the weather system to allow the kind of Dynamism that players want to see in their environment. The Quicker Way: Simply add it as a modified Rain script with re-textured rain particles so that when the droplets fall, they're larger and crisp white. - You could also add onto the rain script that when the event is triggered, everyone in the existing cloud perimeter (If it's similar to how Arma's Editor works) would push the temperature system into Freezing levels. Essentially, super hypothermia weather that would reduce players' heat levels on a consistent (But slow rate) if not by a fire or have left the 'snowing' area. However. . That leaves the problem with the snow collecting onto the ground, a system that hasn't been featured as of yet (Even with water). . The Overhaul Way: This way involves a lot of work that will either have to be done by the Devs themselves, or a super good modder. Essentially, change all the weather scripts to leave behind distinctive textures on the ground that have physicality. (I.E. Snow that has depth or can be shuffled about like freefloating textures). While this would take longer to achieve, it would most certainly have the best future usage and would bring another realistic trait to the game's atmosphere. Raining would leave behind muddy puddles that could be splashed about in for additional sound effects, Snow would leave a crunch to every step and small piles of white that would cover most items after a good bit of it snowing. However it is done, I know that I would fall in love when a DayZ SA Snowy Chernarus (Event, or full map). The real thing is beautiful. . . Canz we has it?
  15. Will DayZ Ever Go Full Price ?

    Yeah, I think @Girth Brooks is right. Price will probably only be full for XB1 and PS4 players, whereas I believe they'll make their money on incremental expansions of Official Maps/Features/Weaponry/Better Tools - Akin to what Arma does. :)