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  1. Hey guys! What are the final issues with .61 we're dealing with? It's sounding pretty much fixed up as well as it can be on the engine it's using? Can't even wait for .62 to come out! The new environment will be such a pleasing experience. .
  2. Ooooh interesting! :D I love the new animations I spied! Fist fighting looks great! Hopefully there are kicks too!
  3. Thanks for the mini update! :D I was all excited for .62 to somehow branch over into Exp, but I'll just have to wait longer! Oh well xD
  4. This is my experience as well! I thought it was weird if other people have been able to read books and I couldn't xD
  5. Yesssss! They're going to be scary again! Haha. @Baty Alquawen is the best <3 Thanks for the clarity!
  6. I wonder if these will finally be put to use :D Or these . .
  7. Took me a minute to find it, buttttt. . Voila.
  8. Just to point out some key points for you :) Technically, you can already go to a building that you believe is never used and use a lockpick on the door to lock it, thus having a 'safer base' -- But other players will always be curious when there's a locked door and attempt to break it, so choose wisely where to go! As for future Base Building, yes! It is a feature that is being worked on with quite a lot of interesting stuff to see and do with it :D When we will see it is up for debate, as that will come shortly after .63 comes out I would assume. I would place bets on maybe at the end of the year, we'll be able to build smaller things IF Precise Placement of goods is operable. Scroll down on the In Progress and you'll find a few models.
  9. Oh, I found one more addition to fix. This is way old and is giving bad information to the players. - This needs to be worked into Moving into 2017/Beta
  10. Totally understand dude. Honestly, in the end, I want DayZ to run like an amazing sandbox that feels Singleplayer -- But lo and behold, there are other players around to interact with.
  11. For the casual or new player, running to a specific kind of house to find a bed just to log out will only raise frustrations. I think the best fix for this would simply be to make the respawn timer to like 2 minutes when killed, a sort of timer (visual or literal) while unconscious, and when you're logging out - Have a signal that will either let you do so (Not in combat) or forbid the button from being pressed because you were attacked in the last 30 seconds or so. Raising the log out timer to 15-30 seconds with a resting animation would be great though.
  12. The new attack animations look great! :D I can't wait to see how players are affected by these swings/stabs! I'm really not sure how much more work is being put into .62, but it sounds fantastic! The audio part of the update will certainly be amazing and much needed! Can't wait to be immersed into Chernarus even more ^_^ Am I wrong to think that .62 doesn't sound that far off from being done?? I want to see it, like.. Thursday/Friday haha. (Here's to hoping!) QUESTION - Are Infected receiving any new Audio sounds, as well?
  13. Thank you VERY much for posting this! It's always nice to see that the DayZ Staff and Devs care about their consumer and how their product looks on the outside. We can all appreciate this gesture as it's good for everyone involved and gets us to a more personalized DayZ page. Personally, I find myself on the DayZ Forums a lot more than just the because it seems like this is the place where all info is centered. - I would like to see a that is more revealing about talks between the Developers/Players on Twitter, these Forums, the Reddit, and even youtube videos! - In a way of saying, the needs to be the Mecca for all DayZ related topics, news, and excitement. I understand that you guys don't want to create unnecessary/early hype, but if you guys want more foot traffic, I would say a weekly Dev picture showcasing something interesting, NEW OR NOT, would definitely get us players to be all over that site every week. - We just need something to talk about, even if it's a picture of the Staff room so we can see where all the Devs work and such. On the Twitter Broadcast, I would like Brian Hicks, Eugen Harton, and Peter Nespensny to be followed also, as well as any other Devs/Staff that are the 'face' of DayZ. It would also be neat to see a section for Community Spotlights/Great vids of DayZ so that newer players can be hyped up into playing the game. -- Also, a bit extra, but I think the Steam page needs a bit of an update with new graphics/visuals for the pics showcased, as well as the Dev Q&As being placed on there. More personal touches always feel more sincere :D Thanks for listening!
  14. Haha 1 out of 10 Zeds running after me like Poopy pants would be funny actually xD -- The idea of having varying types of moving Infected is an idea in itself, an actual great one! Basically have OMGkiller fast Strong Zed, Normal Zed who move a little bit slower than us, and Poopy Pants Weak ones. I like :D Honestly though, I hope they are doing MOCAPs for the new controller that will translate onto the Infected bodies. They look so unnatural currently. . -- I have a dream where I play DayZ and look through a town and can't tell who is an Infected and who is a player, except for the noises they make and their close-up appearance.