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  1. Absolutely do I attack other players. The majority of the time, I justify my actions based on what gear they have, if a gun is out, or if they seem too bambi. My intentions with others also changes on how they speak back to me - Sometimes that response can actually lead to friendship and they'll never know that I was there to accost and perhaps kill them xD I initiate most talks with people and do not KOS - Unless I'm in a terrible situation and letting someone/s survive would only threaten me. Like at a Military Base, I'm not your friend at all because there's too many variables of being killed trying to rob or talk. But anywhere else and I catch you, I'm there for either your bullets and food or to talk :)
  2. A fun thought to be sure :) I'm not sure what kind of story the Devs are going for, but I have all the faith that if they explain the virus, it'll be pretty awesome. As for Radiation - Modders already made Rad Zones for Arma 3, so if it's not in the base game, it will definitely arrive for the Modding Workshop! I remember watching an old video of Epoch, I believe, and watching as Frankie had to take shelter from a radiation storm and it was badass haha
  3. Ohhhh, you're right! Contanimated zones! I wonder just what that will entail. . Perhaps a virulent disease that's airborne and affects the player if not using a gas mask, or a protective suit! Not bad ideas above. Still, even with the distorted shading being borrowed from the grass and such, I would love it if this was an effect to stay. Imagine consequences from an invisible Rad Bar and being able to find a Geiger Counter, as well as Treatments for Rad Poisoning! Not to mention the neat visual effects we would get to see ^_^ Yellowish/Greenish Clouds with perhaps a constant lightning and rain storm that passes through delivering Rads. -- Or it could be acid rain, but that's not as fun haha
  4. Great 1PP Server to play on! :D
  5. I also like this idea quite a bit :D Keep all the Apple trees in the first sliver of the Coastal area, as well as have grocery markets bursting with food -- But almost no firearms to be found! Second sliver gets basic guns and a little less food - (More Deer and Chickens) Third Sliver gets decent weaponry and only huntable animals (Including Wolves) Last Sliver has no food except Wolf Packs, but has all the insane weaponry!
  6. Hehe I thought about this as well! Zombies making human footsteps gets me anxious occasionally, as well as there be a distinct sound of like a pinecone hitting the ground that sounds like a light step! That one always gets me a little worried. . But anyway, the topic of this subject is actually a good one! We should be trying really hard to figure out if someone is there, biting our tongue in fear or anxiety if people are actually around or if your mind is just playing tricks on you xD
  7. Actually, it seems there is some nuclear presence as Tisy is going to be made Radioactive, stated by the Devs! There's also going to be Radiation Showers to purge yourself as well as protective gear such as a Hazmat suit! This is all open to inspection on their trello!
  8. Hey guys, just kind of random, but I thought I'd mention something already brought up a while ago - but I still think is pretty interesting! I have two pictures, both of which were the result of a Bug, I believe?. . But it looked so freaking cool that I kind of wanted it to be real and for it to have some kind of effect. None of this was modified in any way and was shot from in-game presently! (Or was two days ago before a patch) But I love the effect! If it gave Rain a radiation effect that players would have to look after, I would be so hyped! xD Anyway, let me know what you think!
  9. Acting pretty hostile there for a game that you're spending time on in their forums. . Maybe play the game and stop bitching, eh?
  10. There is a locking system, actually. They have lockpicks in game that you can use to lock doors already, as well as Barricading/Constructing becoming a thing soon in Beta.
  11. They would have to expand upon the map if they wished to add Caves or other Underground areas - Or they'd have to remodel content already to do so. The interesting thing is, the ground levels would have to be configured to either some kind of pit, or they would just place rocks on top of the ground structure. If they do decide to do so, it would be pretty neat I am sure, but they have a lot of great things they could do even before this - Like a Boating DLC that gives a larger island to the south of Chernarus (Utes)
  12. Well thought out post! I agree and like the ideas of fixed magnifications for realism and making scopes feel more specific.
  13. Finally get to play again tomorrow since I'm off work! Will probably want to trek with some good friends or even some new ones if anyone wants to tag along! I'll probably see what Rene is up to, if he wants more shenanigans ^_^
  14. Aww great SR guys! Can't believe Beta is fight around the corner! Also, I'm totally in the BarelyInfected video! So awesome of Rene to share that story :D Great guy!
  15. Finally had a day to myself to really test out this amazing patch and oh my god, it just keeps getting better and better. I truly love the new changes done by the Devs to improve immersion - It's a huge success. While there are a few bugs, I'm not frustrated in the least! I'm so happy that there's more to see and do! Also, the night time is DARK! I love it :D Got to run and play with the great Rene from BarelyInfected for many hours and didn't have one violence occurrence!