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  1. Mannnn, I am hoping for awesome news tomorrow! I'm ready to get my binge-gaming on!
  2. Important stuff! New Heartattack and etc. .
  3. I really like this concept, HOWEVER, I don't think it should enter into the realm of Killing your character if you log off under poor conditions. Instead, I would say have their gear pay the price for inactivity, as well as placing them into a Hunger/Thirst zone of immediacy. The reason I don't like the killing part is we don't know about Disconnects, or how much time would elapse for these to take affect, but I could see it being hella frustrating for NEW PLAYERS who finally figure out the game, log off randomly to go attend life, come back and their first beloved character is dead because they logged off in the forest. There would have to be a lot of specifics for this to work. . Warning message as you log off to tell you possible consequences Time elapsed to take effect Way more tuned weather effects and bodily changes would help
  4. I wonder if these guys stayed over the weekend to pump it out when this new blocker showed up >.< That would suck so much to be grieved with another bad bug after fixing a rather annoying one. Baty says it'll be about Wednesday before we really know more, but that doesn't include having the situation fixed. As much as we all want to play this week, we may be set back another if this Addon Verification bug won't settle down. . Granted, if given the chance, I couldn't care less about spending time trying to log on if it meant being able to see the new world! Here's really hoping they can produce a fix and a release by Thursday! God knows they probably want it released more than we do.
  5. Any day this week, I'm feeling <3
  6. Thanks veryyyyyy much for the update on .62! I had a feeling there was something I had missed! We are SO CLOSE, guys! OMG! It'll be like a reunion of all the cool peoples once more (And the people we shoot) :D Also. . Why are any of you speaking like you have sway over the Devs' actions? They were courteous enough to tell us they are like 99.99999% done and have pretty much figured the problem, awaiting release monday or soon after. . Go do yourselves a favor and go outside this weekend. . Because you won't be leaving your computer after this update comes out xD
  7. I'm with the idea, for sure! One thing that I'm a little worried about is the value of the Walkie-Talkie, where even starting with one won't warrant a player to just throw it out of his/her inventory right away - However, I do think there are steps in order to make them much more appealing and nice to have! Long lasting batteries (No brainer and more convenient for players) Lower-end radios to start with every player, with higher-end radios to scavenge in the wilds that have perhaps a GPS system for locating oneself on a digital map of Chernarus. New inventory spot reserved for radios! I thoroughly believe that if Walkie-Talkies were given their own 'place' in your inventory isle to rest, like attaching them to your belt rather than anywhere else as to never have to sacrifice the inventory space for it. With the .62 update, I'd really like to see this in action, even for testing purposes.
  8. Ahhh, all of this looks so great :D I can't wait to try out .62 and try all this stuff! Here's hoping that server performance is bombtastic. As for radios, I think that's not too bad of an idea! If everyone started with one, I'm pretty sure most people would turn it on and give it a try. . Or scan and listen for other's locations. . ;D All for that ^_^ So. . We looking at Friday? Eh? Eh?
  9. I'm very optimistic for tomorrow's news! I hope that they've made a lot of headway with Beta and figured out what they're doing with .62. I'm not fully against them combining .62 and .63 into a larger update if it's more concise and finished, but I can't deny wanting to play some new and shiny now xD
  10. I'll source it in a minute, but they've only added the gunshots audio from Arma 3. They plan on delivering new sounds for forests, night time, new ambience, and much more. Check out the last 2 SRs, guys.. The reason .62 isn't here is because their new sounds were crashing the game on their legacy sound system and Eugen stated they had 3 options, but landed on building the new tech for Beta.
  11. They've had to make a decision to Jury-Rig their legacy sound system to provide Directional Environment Audio, or have to build a completely new system for it for Beta. . It's likely they're building that new one. What worries me is they said they were supposed to have .62 on EXP the Second Week of last month. . Now it's at that point a month later. *Tired sigh*
  12. If you want to join a new RP Server with an old community starting this Saturday (Week from now), come to and check out their new Arma 3 stuff! Pretty neat people, good friends from old communities come together.
  13. They aren't zombies, despite the common usage of Zed. If compared to anything, they're the Infected from 28 Days Later :) Which in my opinion is way scarier! As for custom zeds, just wait for modding! There'll be everything under the sun, then. I am in agreement that Night time should be tense as hell, in some form or another! I'd prefer the wolf packs just quadriple in population and stretch out to the south as well. They're strong and scary already and night hunting makes perfect sense.
  14. Exile :)
  15. Thanks Baty! :D We really appreciate these updates! Is there any word on Gas Lamps? I've really been wanting to use them again, but their lighting doesn't ever work for me for months! Will this be getting replaced or fixed? :o