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  1. Status Report 3 July 2018

    That parkour!! Wow. Really looking forward to being able to repair clothes again! :D -AI sensors : seems like stealth will become important for PVE as much as for PVP. It's a good thing. Very nice status report. Cheers fellas!
  2. Going Hardcore is "how to expell"

  3. Going Hardcore is "how to expell"

    The DayZ devs are from Bohemia Interactive, but they ARE NOT Bohemia themselves. The executives who takes the big decisions behind projects. The devs who are currently making DayZ, are they the ones who made ArmA3? Argo? Take on Mars? And what about the new game Vigor? No. There's about 250 employees at Bohemia, and they don't all work on the DayZ project, that's just not how it works. At the start of the project, Dean Hall wanted a different engine than simply use 90%+ of assets from ArmA2, but Bohemia executives didn't let him, so they had to make their own from scratch, all the while they provided an "alpha" build of the game to consumers. But all this time they knew they would eventually switch, as the first time I heard about the splitting of the team to create the "new" engine and getting rid of the legacy code was from Eugene, back in early 2014. VBS3 would have been very interesting to use for the core DayZ engine, but BIS didn't want to. You know BIS spun from BI Australia right? Anyway, we know the story. We're here today, and that's what matters.
  4. Going Hardcore is "how to expell"

    Total misconception of what the DEVs had to deal with. When I first played DayZ, it was a simple mod for the game ArmA2, but it was a unique experience. We had the chance to have an independent game made from it with the Stand Alone, but Bohemia screwed the DEV team a bit by making them create their own engine for it instead of providing a better platform from the start. So when I first tried the stand alone, with the 0.18 Alpha build, I wasn't too surprised to see it was basically the mod with a different inventory system, which was already light years better than in the mod. Don't get me wrong, I loved the mod (about 1500 hours in it) but the clunkyness of it was atrocious. If the DEVs have had the option to simply build their game instead of making everything, things would have been very different. The process was very interesting, but I think we had access to the project way too early. Although I'm at 2874 hours, and loved every minute of it, I think the overall reception would have been more positive with the current build of the game, and it would have taken a lot less time since they had to fix so much stuff that is now gone. (the legacy code, and everything related) TL,DR DayZ is life. Long live DayZ.
  5. Stress Test vol.29

    The CR75 is now the P-07 9, the Makarov is the IJ-70 and the FNX is now the 4-five .45 ACP
  6. Stress Test vol.29

    So far no crash, no kicks, no memory leaks. :)
  7. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    2 comments above you had the same issue, with a provided fix. Restart steam and check integrity of files for DayZ, it will download the missing files you need.
  8. Stress Test vol.27

    Memory leaks when closing the app seem gone too. That was quick.
  9. Status Report - 19 June 2018

    Very nice! Another ambiance upgrade with the changes to the rain effects. Not much on the sound side though. I know that players sound effects are important, but I truly hope the streams, rivers and ponds get proper sound effects eventually, not just the coast with it's "ocean" sound effects. Cheers fellas! Keep it up!
  10. Few questions about 0.63

    The ballistic vest is heavy indeed, but can save your life vs an AKM right now. It's a compromise. The current experimental is identical to the last stress test we had, so most of the content will be added eventually as they focus on stability and performance first.
  11. Stress Test vol.25

    I haven't crashed once during this stress test . About 5 hours of gameplay with a 3 hours straight at one point. Memory leaks during the closing of the game. Only played on the highest pop possible which was SWE 2-2 for a while, then Northeast 2-2. So far so good.
  12. 0.63 exp review after 1650 hours in dayz

    Adapt, or die. You can go prone. Jump or "vault" is automatic right now until proper animations are implemented. You can carry 2 "big" weapons", but this isn't PUBG or Fortnite, it's a more mature games where most kids seem to cry and whine a lot... You get heavy, you have less stamina, simple. Adapt, or die.
  13. Hmm, so far the comments are mostly focused on "guns" and "kos", but what the main complaint was is that players right now on experimental are not interacting other than punching or attacking others every time they encounter someone. I understand that all debate on KOS and whatnot, been here long enough for that, but what I see here is just a genuine complaint about the current "experimental" branch compared to what previous experiences were. To be fair I haven't joined the new experimental branch yet, as I don't see the point since the stress tests are still going, and they should be the main focus. I love experimental, and it's been like that since the very first one. Many of my memorable interactions and encounters were on experimental, and I met players that became friends and that I still play with today, but the current experimental is different, and quite frankly unnecessary. Once the stress tests are shut down and focus gets directed towards bugs finding on new features on Experimental Branch, than I'll consider it "real" experimental, and we'll see how interactions goes from then on. KOS have been part of the game since day 1, but "freshspawncrazypunchoutpartyallthetime" is no fun, not KOS in my book, and not in any way how interactions should be limited with.
  14. Stress Test vol.25

    :D I know!! I hope they put baseball caps back in as soon as possible, as I can find my white check shirt easily!
  15. Stress Test vol.26

    No kicks or crashes so far. Will get back in tonight but for now everything went well on a high pop server. Played for about 30-40 mins.