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  1. Hmm. Honestly, I never once thought the world was sane. People have always been crazy, since the dawn of men. Is it worst today than yesterday? Maybe, but just a bit. Since it's an Endless Waltz of peace, revolution and war, as long as humans are in their current state of evolution, it'll never stop.
  2. Looks and sounds extremely promising!! Wow.
  3. Private Shard

    Adding a few more screenshots of encounters and events. Enjoy. All of this was taken from Colony US-2 server.
  4. This was by far my favorite DayZ mod variation along with Namalsk. The original Breaking Point for ArmA2 was so fun. The first few versions also had a great atmospheric fog when night would set in. When the aircraft carrier was brought along the shores of Cherno, the mod changed radically to a simple and easy "battle royale" style game, which was a huge disappointment. But it wasn't for too long, as the mod ceased to being supported for the ArmA2 game...
  5. I use DayZ TV for my public 1PP needs. I wanted to complete my appearance and still needed a beige baseball cap. For an instant, when I saw "BCBasher is losing connection", I thought I was on experimental... :P I hang around mostly Cherno, Elktro and Skalisty, using only an engraved 1911.
  6. If you're looking for barrel on the DayZ Underground private servers, I'd suggest looking for bases on the edges of the map. You'll find tents and barrels a plenty!! Be on the lookout for guards defending their bases though. Good luck! P.S.: I found a few barrels stashed in pine trees and bushes around Green Mountain too. You can use a hunting scope or binoculars to try and spot them from afar since the foliage renders differently, and even if you try to hide a barrel closest to the trunk, it's still visible when you are far away enough.
  7. Looking forward to 0.62 for all the forest and vegetation changes, but the thing I'm most excited about is the new environmental sounds!! This will change the experience a lot!! Although, part of me will miss the old sounds that have been around with us for the past years. Keep it up fellas!! Cheers!
  8. Private Shard

    The DayZ Colony is still the number place to go for interesting interactions, light-RP or anything in between, when it comes to 3PP. It's community over the course of a few years have grown to be one of the best I've seen in any "online" game. When it comes to events, this is by far the best servers to go! Long live the Colony, it's members, and founding father, overseer Weyland. Red Dawn event. Encountering other survivors at the Pinkerton Trading Company. Meeting McDoogan at a crash site. Going for trades at PTC. I'll add some more once I recover my backup of screenshots. Safe travels everyone. Cheers!
  9. Will jump in a little later on! Looking forward to test out destroying vehicles... ;) (And driving them of course.) @☣BioHaze☣ At least you got a sweet screenshot!! P.S.: The sigs are back!! :D Saw them come back to life right before my eyes!! lol
  10. Great news. Everyone was always telling me how the melee was "definitive" and would not change by the time of full release, and how it sucked, when I was telling them it was only a place holder and it would be polished. Guess they were wrong, and I was right! Thanks devs for all the great work! Keep it up!! Looking forward to the new forest and vegetation in 0.62 and the new animations and so on for 0.63 and onward. Cheers!
  11. Yazar8 is tha man!! Thanks for sharing Irish! Cheers.
  12. Thanks for sharing Eugene! Really appreciated!! Keep it up fellas, we're all behind you and you got our support! Cheers!
  13. Hmm. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64x, and the path/folder exist. The error logs are all in there. You must have it, since core files for BattleEye are in there too. I'd suggest using the "search" function in windows, and searching for all folders title "DayZ". If the path is different, at least the folder will be visible, and you'll be able to trace the folder path. The folder should contain a BAttleEye folder, a MPMissionCache folder and crash report files in .bidmp and .mdmp extensions. Let us know if you still can't find them.
  14. Actually, no. You're not entitled to anything. You click "I understand" every time you start the game. You should have read that you can encounter bugs, glitches, unfinished features and interruption of services. Early access alpha. It doesn't matter if it's been 10 years, the fact is that the game isn't a game yet, and is only a software being developed as we speak. You might not be happy about that, but it's the reality. Deal with it. On a side note, it seems a lot of new forum members only created their accounts to whine and troll. Although they are insulting others, their behavior suggest they are immature and won't be helping out or providing to the forums. I suggest banning them before the corruption spreads.
  15. I logged in an made my way to Tisy to get a weapon. As I got there, most of the tents only had clothes and few items related, but no weapons, in any of the tents, guard towers, barracks, or bunkers... As I was finishing up checking out the tents, got shot at from an unknown location, suppressed fire. Not one shot hit me, but I bailed out, as I had no idea where it was from. I made my way south, towards the south west military checkpoint near Vavilovo. Then, I encountered a pack of 9 wolves. I killed 5 and the 4 that was left ran away, but just for 2 minutes or so, as they ran back towards me and attacked me again. Like many said before, yes, wolves can 1 hit kill you as they always aim for the throat/head area. Use a helmet, at all times, this will save your life. I killed 3 of the 4 and the last one ran away, again, only for 2 minutes before running back at me and attacking again. So I finished the entire 9 wolves pack and continued on my loot run. Ruined motorcycle helmet was changed, and I headed to wards Myshkino tents. As I got there, there was again no traces of weapons apart from a AKS-74U. I headed south and made a fire in the woods to cook the wolf meat I had. As soon as I finished cooking it, and started to get on the move again, I got shot at again. And again, no bullets hit me. I never saw the aggressor, and never hear a shot (suppressed again I guess) only the snaps/cracks of the bullets passing me, or hitting the elements around me. All this was on 1PP, UK-4 or AUS-1 as they are the only 2 1PP servers on the experimental branch.