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  1. Sadly since at least 0.59 no weapons can be found at heli crash sites. The M4 can be found at military locations (green containers, tents, quonset huts, etc.) and this one was found at Tisy. There was 2 of them. Can't wait till weapons come back in heli crash site loot tables. They said it was related to dynamic events, but I don't really understand why they couldn't just apply the same system as the police cars dynamic spawn system, as they spawn weapons without any problems, and both are dynamic events. Anyway... Been hunting for crash sites a lot in 0.62 and plate carriers, the pouches and pistol holster as well as SMERSH vests/backpacks seem to be missing from the lot tables.
  2. Found an FN FAL a few days ago on Stable 0.62 and as you can see, the character is wearing gloves. I've been finding gloves in garages, sheds, or any industrial spawns really. All my characters are wearing them. And this one from the most recent experimental build. Pristine brown working gloves. As for the VSS, haven't found any mags or ammo for it at crash sites, and usually Tisy guard towers have the weapon, but haven't seen one in 0.62
  3. Yes, those red flower fields are great. Wish there was some blue or purple ones, just more wild flowers in general.
  4. Just took this shot on experimental. Southcentral Novaya Petrovka train station
  5. How come you have the debug monitor? It's been off for the past 2 patches on experimental?? o_0
  6. Brilliant Status Report!! So much to chew on!! Looking forward to 0.63, but it seems it'll be a totally different experience from what we've played all those years! (I wish there was a way to have the current version as a single player backup software, for prosperity and nostalgia... I'd play that in 10 or 15 years!) Cheers!
  7. This reminds so much of System Shock 2!! The hybrids controlled by the Many roaming the Von Braun were great at those! " We seek, we seek!!! Run, RRRUNNN!!" "We see you!!" "The Many demands your demise!!!" Would be great.
  8. Small update : There is still bird ambient sounds, just not during the day. It was very early in the morning, sun wasn't risen yet, and there was all the usual sound effects, but during the day it gets much more quiet. I logged in AUS-02 and got a lada to start making my way to Grishino and Kamensk. I think the updates were only for trees and bushes placements, as I didn't notice any changes to the layout of the buildings, roads are anything else. Visually it's still stunning. The trip through Grishino and Kamensk.
  9. Wow... o_0 I'm shocked. I knew some people were annoyed by the new sound effects, mainly the birds, but to remove them all?? That's pretty radical. Looking at the screenshot below, isn't it a beautiful day? Well, going from Rogovo to Kamensk, there was 0 bird sound effects. Just a few crickets. Now DayZ sounds dead, while it sounded great in the first few 0.62 experimental patches. Going back to stable to enjoy the new sounds a bit more before they get lost... Also, as you can tell, even though it's the experimental branch, the debug monitor has been removed for now. Edit: P.S. I know, it's still a work in progress, but still, personally I didn't see any progress removing all the bird sound effects. Just like loot distribution, it's bound to be tweaked and changed again, at least, I hope.
  10. The Devs explained it here.
  11. Goodbye experimental 0.62 and hello Stable branch!! Thanks all for the great work! Keep it up Devs!!! 0.63 is right around the corner with the big beta milestone!! Cheers all!!
  12. I really don't understand why people were so annoyed by sounds because they didn't "see" their origin. Personally, I had 0 problems with the ambiant sound effects as they were. It's a video game people!! I played literally hundreds of video games that had bird sound effects without having models and textures of birds directly linked to the sound effects. There had always been bird and insect sound effects in ArmA2, ArmA3 and DayZ stand alone, yet no one ever complained until they made an updated, more dynamic and varied version of the ambient sound effects. Since they update, I've read many times people complaining about sound effects linked to "invisible" animals or insects. I hate to do this but I have to: In real life, do you go to great lengths to visually confirm to position of the dog you heard barking? The cricket you heard or the bird who sang?? Probably not, so it's not that important in a game... P.S.: I just came back from experimental. There's still plenty of the non-directional/positional sound effects. Like crickets, birds or the "left" owl at night. They removed some, but there's still many there. Not sure what was the purpose of the selective removal.
  13. @Baty Alquawen Quick question. I had mentioned this on the first 0.62 thread, but no one seemed to care. I really love the makeover of the map with the new foliage, trees, and behavior based on the weather, but what happened to certain towns? I know the dev had said that the Tulga sky slopes (chairlift and all) were going to move, but they just seem removed completely. And for some reason, Rogovo was downgraded and changed back to it's pre 0.61 self. Why? Is this a bug or intentional?? Some screenshots of the last 2 days.
  14. New player controller in 0.63 comes with new animations. Tweaks will come with it too. We'll see how it goes from there. Right now the player character in DayZ runs way too fast, and without any impact from the weight and items he carries. The new stamina system will introduce various states of running, and the weight of your gear will have impact too.
  15. Adding a few shots for prosperity. In an online game like DayZ, or any competitive multiplayer game, changing gamma or brightness shouldn't be available, to a certain extent. I remember playing an online game, similar to DayZ, with some players using other means or third party softwares to "enhance" night time and make it brighter. These were offences that lead you straight on the ban list, if caught. I wish it was similar with DayZ.... :( But honestly I doubt we'll ever see a solution to gamma exploit, or 3PP-see-over-walls-and-corners exploit...