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  1. odin_lowe

    Status Report - July 2019

    Dean Hall had already said it but a lot of us didn't understand, or didn't want it to be true, but Dean Hall said it : "This game concept is fundamentally flawed." - Dean Hall 2014 He was simply trying to warn us that the game would never get finished, at least not the way it was meant to. I love DayZ, but I'm sad it came to this.
  2. odin_lowe

    DayZ Battle Royale (survivor gamez)

    Survivor gameZ have been out since before PUBG and all of those... It's just being more fleshed out. Survivor gameZ have been held in DayZ since the mod, and when the stand alone came out in early access alpha. It's nothing new people, it's just more polished and with some publicity, which was done internally initially. Move along, move along...
  3. odin_lowe

    Add handcars maybe horses?

    They had announced horses along with companion dogs, but both have been scrapped. Maybe modders will make them in a few years...
  4. odin_lowe

    Stable Update 1.04

    Ouch. I really thought you had learned from passed mistake. My first idea was to warn you on the experimental forums NOT to push the patch on stable, and wait till the major bugs were fixed, but it seems you were to careless, and pushed it too fast. The main game breaking issues that were on experimental branch are STILL in the stable version. Big mistake guys, come on!!! Never ever thought I was going to say this, but the big supporters and dedicated players that were here since day one, that all seem to have left now, well I'm starting to understand why. They say humans learn from past mistake, I say they never learn and keep making them.
  5. odin_lowe

    Stable Update 1.04

    Oh no! You should have waited just a bit, there's still massive bugs that render the experience very tedious... :(
  6. odin_lowe

    Experimental Update 1.04.151959

    Quick question. I've seen a few posts about the server menu still appearing when in-game, and personally it's the menu itself. Any way to get rid of it?? edit: It's the server menu too, simply go to it to select the server instead of hitting "play".
  7. odin_lowe

    Experimental Update 1.04.151959

    For those of us with thousands of hours, that has been here from the start, the code locks and vehicles are important. Yes, those little details are a nice comeback, but let's not forget that we had access to those a few years ago, and the major changes/switches of the player controller, engine and scripts removed those assets/mechanics from the game. They are back, ok, it's cool. But vehicles and code locks worked great in 1.02 and I had completely fixed and used about 15 vehicles. I don't build bases, but the community servers I play on all make use of them, and are a priority for them. Using mods is an alternative, not a fix.
  8. odin_lowe

    Exp Update 1.03.151552

    Any news about the combination lock fix? Also, since 1.03 the vehicles move around or straight up despawn/respawn after a server restart. Wasn't like that at all in 1.02. Nice to see quick fixes. Keep it up! But Baty, would you care to share about the most pressing issues? Thanks! Cheers!
  9. odin_lowe

    Using a scope on a bolt action

    Hold the trigger after the shot.
  10. odin_lowe

    Car persistency on 1.03

    Seen those reports too, and experienced some first hand. Would like to know if this is worked on or fixed internally.
  11. odin_lowe

    Experimental Update 1.03.151529

    Is the gunter 2 spawning? Didn't find any. There should be a complete wipe of the experimental servers so we can properly test what's been added. Thank you.
  12. You'll get everything in that list either from mods for the standalone (M16 is already modded) or eventually officially.
  13. odin_lowe

    9v battery question

    I've been using lots of batteries in radios, light sources and scopes, and they run out pretty quickly in light sources and radios, but so far I haven't run out of power using them for scopes. Yes, the PSO uses a battery to get the reticle red. It means the battery you are using is dead/flat. Could it be you used an old battery that was in another item that drained it? Or you've been using your scope a lot and this for a while now?
  14. odin_lowe

    Single player mode

    I have to agree that the offline mode need some love. It was nice for testing purposes, but with the current mechanics there should be a way to save progress, and be able to really play a single player experience.