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  1. US-3 Colony PVE is a great way to start, but be wary that there are still some killers there. They get banned, but only through the report process. I also have a character on 3PP public and one on 1PP public, but mostly play on private hives, and have about 10 different characters on them... (DayZ Underground US and EU, DayZ Colony, OldSchool Hardcore, Gents of Novo, etc.) Be sure to add the private servers you play on to your favorites (click on the star on the left of the server name) and use the browser filters to quickly access them after. Safe travels survivor.
  2. Be my guest!! :)
  3. Just a few shots of the gorgeous 0.62
  4. I find camps all the time on high pop servers like DayZ Underground, OldSchool Hardcore DayZ, DayZ Colony, Gents of Novo, etc. You don't find that many camps on low pop servers. Civilian tents are super easy to find in apartment buildings on the coast, and if you can't get one there, it's a 100% chance at the Novaya Petrovka ones. If you want military tents, you will need to venture in military bases and compounds. Barrels are another thing though. When the servers are freshly started it's a race to get one. But still, you can find one pretty easily if you know where to look for. You should check the Trello and old Status Reports, as the implementation of camo netting to hide tents and camps has been confirmed, as well as digging holes and hiding things in the ground. Lastly, the CLE will see alterations until final release, there's still plenty fixes to come to loot spawns as right now it's not the best, at all... Safe travels survivor.
  5. But I thought they were early access cookies?! XD
  6. video

    That moment at 5:00... Wow! That was brilliant!!
  7. Just met a fellow survivor on Skalisty. He had trouble to find push the talk key, so I waited, but in the end it was worth it. Turns out he's from the same region as me... Gave him some rice, helped him get a fire going and left to continue my research... Oh, and I left him my black raincoat, and now I'm wearing a pink one. It's only temporary... :/
  8. Thanks Baty! Cheers!
  9. This. Problem solved. That would be amazing seriously. They should have done that since the start in a way, so they could record various bird or wildlife sounds from different seasons. I think I'm asking too much... (But they had the time to do it though.)
  10. Hmm. Not really. It's DayZ. Day Zero. Patient Zero started the infection, that only spread through humans, and now has stopped... Thus why "players" are immune, everyone that reaches Chernaurus (spawns on the beach) is immune to the infection, but the roaming infected are aggressive, violent and will try to kill anyone that comes to close to them. No cows, wolves or birds were affected by the infection. The lack of humans made the cows, chickens, pigs or any livestock unattended, and they started to roam free. Thus why we encounter them anywhere on the map. Of course, right now there's only cows, chickens, wolves and deers but there used to be boars, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits and foxes. Eventually they'll probably be brought back. So in the end, it's not a zombie apocalypse that killed every life form on Chernaurus. The birds are totally unaffected by this.
  11. I live in a small town (about 50 000 people) and there's constant birds singing, like, all the time... I just came back from a week-end at the cabin, in the woods, near a small village of less than 100 people, and there was far more birds, so constant and overlapping different species of birds were singing. Right now, there's still not enough of them in DayZ, and we would need more variety too. Different birds for different environments. It's still a long way from being an immersive authentic experience. P.S.: This was the place. Shots taken on Saturday. These are real-time recordings of forest sounds. Almost constant bird sounds. I'm almost satisfied with how the bird sounds effects are right now, but I wish the owl was back in the nights, and there was more city birds in towns like the swallow. Still, we'll see how it goes, it's a work in progress after all.
  12. That was some brilliant info!! Really glad to see Tatanko there too, but I have to say I'm a bit jealous!! XD Green Mountain has always been my favorite spot on Chernaurus... Keep it up fellas!! Cheers!!
  13. Sadly since at least 0.59 no weapons can be found at heli crash sites. The M4 can be found at military locations (green containers, tents, quonset huts, etc.) and this one was found at Tisy. There was 2 of them. Can't wait till weapons come back in heli crash site loot tables. They said it was related to dynamic events, but I don't really understand why they couldn't just apply the same system as the police cars dynamic spawn system, as they spawn weapons without any problems, and both are dynamic events. Anyway... Been hunting for crash sites a lot in 0.62 and plate carriers, the pouches and pistol holster as well as SMERSH vests/backpacks seem to be missing from the lot tables.
  14. Found an FN FAL a few days ago on Stable 0.62 and as you can see, the character is wearing gloves. I've been finding gloves in garages, sheds, or any industrial spawns really. All my characters are wearing them. And this one from the most recent experimental build. Pristine brown working gloves. As for the VSS, haven't found any mags or ammo for it at crash sites, and usually Tisy guard towers have the weapon, but haven't seen one in 0.62
  15. Yes, those red flower fields are great. Wish there was some blue or purple ones, just more wild flowers in general.