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  1. Red dot sights not working?

  2. Addressing the most pressing issues

    Quick question about those key binds: In the last stress test jump was changed to spacebar (default now) and hold breath was on left ctrl, but now in stable /experimental it seems hold breath on left ctrl isn't working anymore. Anyone know the new default key for hold breath? I went to the config file where the keybinds are in, but can't seem to find it. There's this "tactical view" near the change optics, but that's it.
  3. Experimental Update 0.63.149358

    Cheers! Brilliant!
  4. Stress Test vol. 53

    Happy Halloween to you all!! Haven't found any Halloween stuff yet, but I'm very happy to see so many items added. Cheers!
  5. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    The assets are in. The modders will make it happen when we get horticulture back in. Fingers crossed. :)
  6. M4 scope?

    You need to remove the "handle/ironsight" to put the ACOG or other scopes on it. You can simply switch it too.
  7. Night Time is Garbage

    At least this is just for Xbox players, as I'm very pleased to see darker nights come back in DayZ. 0.63 as much better nights than 0.62 and before that. Games these days don't know how to properly "light" the nights, or not to actually. Nights are far too bright in most modern games. A quick example : Back in the days there was a game named TES3 : Morrowind that had great nights and dark caves/dungeons that required you to use the game's light source (torches, lamps, candles, light spells, etc.) to light your way, but as soon as we got Oblivion or Skyrim, the need to use lights sources at night was useless. This might be a good thing for the light sources in DayZ, as the need to use a torch, flashlight, flare, weapon attachment flashlight, etc. will become relevant, instead of totally useless. But, as long as this is for consoles, this doesn't concern me much. If the change lighting for the consoles, so be it, but don't touch on my PC version. Or, let the modders do their stuff...
  8. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    The compass is already in the game. (0.63) And they said they were implementing the binoculars and scopes for use in hand. Check the "Optics" section of this status report.
  9. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Personally, the thing I hated the most of DayZ mod was when Epoch and all those "base building" mods came around. I really didn't like those, and stuck with the vanilla DayZ mod, so the base building in the Stand Alone is my least important feature, one that I would've liked never implemented in the first place, and left to the modders... I would've really liked to see the baseball caps, engraved 1911 and fishing back in the game instead. Like, 1000x more... Keep it up devs! But honestly disappointing Status Report. :(
  10. Stress Test vol.50

    I like the new animations for taking out/holstering a weapon on your shoulder. Also, the weapon collision with the environment is a welcomed addition, although leaning can be pretty funny in third person. Very cool in 1PP. So far so good! Haven't found much though since I haven't moved around much yet.
  11. It's Been 6 Years

    DayZ has been part of my life since day 1, and I still love it. I'm almost at the 3000 hours milestone, and I'm still enjoying it. Although I have to admit I miss some features, it's still DayZ. I really like how the game changed many times with mechanics, visuals, audio, etc. For many years I thought the audio part wasn't been worked on enough, but now it's very cool and I like the direction it's taking. It's been a bumpy road, and still is, but it's by far my favorite early access road I've taken, and I've taken many, many... Cheers to DayZ, and to Dean Hall! Now if they can simply add back the baseball caps so I can get my beige one, I will be the happiest lad there is!!
  12. Sadly I don't. I've seen the devs mention they are tweaking AI and infected spawns in the recent Status Report, but I haven't seen any workaround right now for the privately owned servers. Good luck!
  13. In 0.63 currently there's a lot of content missing. We don't have access to spray paint or netting. They will be added back eventually. As for the infected spawning problem, I have no idea.
  14. Experimental Content Update

    I understand. It's just that since I try, test and play most, if not every, versions of the game, I thought that the "content" patch was somewhat different. It was my mistake.
  15. Experimental Content Update

    :D I know. I've participated in the very first experimental branch years ago, and been helping with the stress tests ever since they were available. My point was that many players were asking what was new in this "content" patch, as it was called like that, but since it's exactly the same thing as the stress test patch being pushed to experimental, or experimental being push to stable, and nothing new, I was wondering why they were calling it the "content" patch... Back in the days when a big experimental patch was being pushed to stable, with lots of new features, it wasn't called anything other than the number of the patch being pushed to stable, so there was a lot of confusion about this "content" patch. Shouldn't been called like that really. At most, "private server 0.63 patch" would have been a bit better imo, or nothing at all, like in the past...