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    My name is Zuzana Cinková alias Baty Alquawen. Videogames takes part in my life as far as I remember. My favorite genre is tactical FPS, RPG and survival games. I have five years long experience on gaming scene in several roles like journalist, PR, marketing and community. I worked on communities for Czech region of Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Rocksmith, Rayman series etc.), Codemasters and SEGA franchises for 4 years.

    Beginning of my DayZ journey started on 28th December 2013 since then I have more than 1500 hours of private gameplay time. I play a lot of styles - role-play, survival, friendly and PVP which I play with my clan on dedicated servers. My hobbies are streaming games, cosplay and cats (yes, I am crazy cat lady).

    My work at Bohemia Interactive started as tester and now, I am fulfilling my dream to be community manager. I really hope that all this is a great foundation for my DayZ community work.

    So... Friendly?

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  1. Hello Survivors, we just released a new Experimental update with some fixes. Check it out: NOTES It is highly recommended to use the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update. Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates. In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q. You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker. FIXED Fixed: client error while moving a rotated item in the inventory Fixed: player could not walk through a gate after a server restart Fixed: dropped items could be clipping through the ground Fixed: item weight penalty is not applied when heavy items are taken into a backpack with Glow Stick attached
  2. Baty Alquawen

    Experimental Update 1.03.151529

    Barbed wire on top is supposed to stop infected from climbing but it hasn't been implemented yet. Thank you for your feedback guys.
  3. Baty Alquawen

    Experimental Update 1.03.151511

    Thank you guys, devs are looking into it.
  4. Hello Survivors, another Experimental update is out! Check out the patchnotes: NOTES It is highly recommended to use the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update. Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates. In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q. You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker. FIXES: Fixed: Combat Gas Mask obstructed view in first person view when using optics (T139332). Fixed: Tactical Helmet obstructed view in optic mode in first person view (T139336). Fixed: hair and beards were floating above some characters. Fixed: console button could appear in gesture menu. Fixed: Handheld transceiver was not held properly. Fixed: weapons barrel hiding while using optics. Fixed: NVGoggles could be turn off in iron sights. Fixed: Long Torch had incorrect name and missing description.
  5. Hello Survivors, we have released the third 1.03 Experimental update and we look forward to your feedback. Patchnotes NOTES It is highly recommended to use the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update. Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates. In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q. You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker. ADDED Added: Belts (Military and Civilian version) with attachments. Added: Wooden Crate (crafted). Added: Hair hiding mechanism to avoid hair clipping. FIXED Fixed: Server error while drinking from a well. Fixed: Drinking from wells/pumps with an item in hands. Fixed: Quickbar not being visible despite it being on in HUD settings. Fixed: Items could be rotated even when they were not being dragged. Fixed: Buried containers were unable to dig up. Fixed: Inventory could not be scrolled all the way down. Fixed: Weapon swap animations were not played when switched via Quickbar. Fixed: Weapon dropped by restrained player was unusable. Fixed: Player was not able to type into the chat bar. Fixed: Melee with a one-handed item pushed character forward - allowing to look through walls. TWEAKED Tweaked: Disabled locking of aim while the melee attack is committed. Tweaked: Character statistics in the main menu. Tweaked: Melee damage. Tweaked: Melee armour.
  6. Baty Alquawen

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Hello Survivors! The long awaited update is out now! 1.02 brings a stylish and super-fast Olga 24 sedan and you can also find two new .308 caliber weapons on Chernarus. The design team added a HUD noise indicator, so now you always know how loud your actions are to the infected. For the night owls among you, there are also some good changes to night lighting! New vehicle - Olga 24 Once a high end, "Executive" level car, the Olga 24 is a four-door Sedan easily able to reach top speeds on the Chernarussian roads. New Firearms LAR The select-fire rifle LAR is used by specialized military forces. It comes with a 20 round magazine, using .308 caliber bullets. M70 Tundra The M70 Tundra is a bolt-action hunting rifle using .308 caliber ammunition. New & improved weapon attachments Usable backup iron sight of the ATOG Compensator for the Mosin 91/30 Mini Sight (small red dot) RVN sight Individual zeroing of iron sight and telescopic sight for compatible items Clothing Holster and pouch for the plate carrier vest Assault vest and its butt-pack Other Possibility to kill an infected in melee hit (e.g. with an axe), from the back Changes to night lighting New Noise indicator to encourage stealthy gameplay NOTES In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q. You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker. Patchnotes KNOWN ISSUES This update is not addressing the issue with some player characters not being saved properly. This is currently still being investigated by our teams. Players affected by this issue will experience character inventory rollbacks - these rollbacks are a preventative measure that we introduced to prevent your characters from being deleted completely, or locked from playing. FPS drops in bigger towns. Individual melee hit registration issues against infected. Going unconscious with an open map can cause freezes. Combination locks from the 1.01 patch can cause issues. Player is not able to move to the right in vicinity (2nd+ line) Crash After Suspending Title And Switching Accounts Favourited and Previously played filters in Server browser aren't working. Game freezes when holding large item (barrel, generator) and making shrug or surrender gesture Release Candidate Item Description Remains On Screen Zeroing down and VOIP are using the same input - down arrow D-pad. Combining items in Quickslot isn't working. Basebuilding - Character Picks Up Wrong Item Basebuilding - Unable To See Built Lower Frame Until Respawn Unable to unzoom a hunting scope once zoomed 1PN51 Scope day night mode inverted Player is walking and scrolling simultaneously Servers sorting by Full-Empty doesn't work Having a container with items in it in hands and escaping using RT/LT creates oddities afterward. ADDED Added: OLGA 24 with attachments Added: LAR with attachments Added: M70 Tundra Added: .308 WIN ammunition Added: Assault vest Added: Utility buttpack Added: Plate carrier holster and pouches Added: Mini red dot and RVN sights Added: Mini red dot sights now compatible with CR-75 and BK-133 as well Added: Functional back iron sights on ATOG optics Added: Precise weapon lifting by weapon length Added: HUD noise indicator Added: Ability to one hit kill infected from behind with selected items Added: Particle effects visible on the inventory player character Added: Inventory character has items in hands Added: Client-side personal night light (environment is subtly illuminated from the camera at night to save players from becoming completely blind without a light source) Added: Mosin 91/30 compensator Added: Independent firearm zeroing for iron sights and scopes Added: Hand cramp for brain disease Added: Injury animation is visible in inventory view Added: Footsteps sounds for movement inside tents Added: Footsteps scuff sounds for grass surface Added: Sounds for lock/unlock doors action Added: Sounds for combination locks Added: Sound animation events for heavy hit animations Added: New set of sounds for male infected Added: Sounds for hot and freezing character animation Added: Foley sounds for movement with heavy items in hands (Power Generator, Barrel, Tents, Sea Chest) Added: Sounds for pick up and drop action for various items Added: Position dispersion when infected cannot see the target, but can hear it Added: Muzzle flash effect for Mosin compensator Added: Tutorial: Inventory screen Added: Logout timer: Disable quick logout FIXED Fixed: Server crash caused by in-game actions Fixed: Server/client errors upon loading weapon Fixed: Client error when equipping bandana Fixed: Server error when manipulating vehicles parts Fixed: Client error when manipulating barrel Fixed: Client error when manipulating radios Fixed: Client error when manipulating dead infected Fixed: Client error when removing wooden logs from fence or watchtower Fixed: Client error when disconnecting near a radio control panel Fixed: Client error when removing rag from the mouth Fixed: Client error when attaching combination locks Fixed: Client error when committing suicide with weapon Fixed: Multitude of environmental issues (models adjustments, objects collisions, incorrect LODs, ) Fixed: Various IK poses (base building and electricity items, seeds packets, ammunition, vehicle parts) Fixed: Blending of textures on Skybox (previously causing sudden flashes) Fixed: Weak dynamic lights during dusk and dawn Fixed: Items can be picked up through walls (T137847) Fixed: Texture artefacts on the crosshair Fixed: Player can skip vomiting by staying crouched Fixed: Player can skip vomiting by jumping Fixed: Salute gesture keeps items in hand Fixed: BK-133 does not change textures according to damage states Fixed: FPS drop when dismantling/destroying base building parts Fixed: Barbed wire attached to fence will now move properly when opening gate Fixed: Player does not get proper damage while standing in flames Fixed: Driving over a character with a vehicle does not inflict damage Fixed: Some gestures with weapons make arms twitch Fixed: Infected do not inflict any damage to animals Fixed: Player becomes deformed for others while sitting in a car Fixed: Windows cannot be destroyed for some of the vehicles Fixed: Projectile impacts do not alert infected Fixed: Swapped clothing items can remain in characters inventory when standing in the vicinity (T136679) Fixed: Sawing off Mosin 91/30 with attached optic/loaded ammo deletes the items completely (T136205) Fixed: Players are able to access dismantle actions on towers from the outside (T136666 + T 137639) Fixed: Item size changes visually for wielded item when logging off (T136822) Fixed: Attacking infected clip through the player (T137370) Fixed: Hunting scope allows looking through walls (T137033) Fixed: Crafting improvised suppressor takes 1 % from the duct tape (T133200) Fixed: Collision of packed Car Tent remains in the middle of the unpacked Car Tent Fixed: Weapons cannot be reloaded while lying on the back Fixed: Handheld optic, binoculars or rangefinder were not usable (T137102) Fixed: AIs might get stuck mid-air after being killed by vehicle Fixed: Enduro helmet attachments are out of place in inventory Fixed: Fitting of localized item names in tool-tips and headers Fixed: Electric devices (spotlight, cable reel, etc.) getting unplugged after server restart Fixed: Server crash upon respawn Fixed: FX-45 was not functional Fixed: Getting shot underwater put the character into falling animation Fixed: The first gunshot caused FPS drop Fixed: Server VMEs related to the in-game map Fixed: Character noise indicator not being present Fixed: Character noise indicator not showing appropriate values Fixed: Collisions of base building objects remaining after their parts have been detached Fixed: Rangefinder drawing its value on other clients' screens, assorted client error, and interference between rangefinders Fixed: When opening doors for the first time, the whole building model can move slightly Fixed: Client error connected to player presence indicator Fixed: A client-side crash connected to the base building feature Fixed: Fence gate cannot be opened after server restart Fixed: Fence can be walked through after server restart Fixed: Client error tied to base building Fixed: Ruined tires now affect vehicle behaviour Fixed: Fire geometry for offshore worker infected type Fixed: Invisible dynamic events and custom objects Fixed: Adjusted MRDS post-process on FX to make it more usable Fixed: Tuna can miss the "Open" action in certain conditions (player/others nearby manipulating with a Compass) Fixed: Stacks of .308 Ammo spawning with 0 quantity Fixed: The player now dies properly from hypothermia, preventing client errors and other issues Fixed: Only one player in a VoN conversation can hear the others Fixed: Vehicle radiator cannot be refilled until the car has been started Fixed: Character movement speed desynchronization, where the character moves as if aiming down sights even when they are not Fixed: Client error connected to using a water bottle on a fireplace Fixed: Leaving ADS on weapon actions Fixed: Server Browser: Crash during network cable disconnect Fixed: Inventory: Equipping from vicinity can be done using both Y and B Fixed: Basebuilding: Player can move fences, gates and watchtowers using inventory Fixed: Radial Menu: Player cannot equip and hide item without leaving Quickbar slot Fixed: Controls: Remove iron sights on left trigger tap Fixed: Controls: Remove iron sights on left bumper double tap while holding left trigger Fixed: Radial Menu: Selecting main category in gestures menu doesn't bring you to presumed subcategory Fixed: Controls: Character performs barrel rolls while moving in inventory in prone Fixed: Inventory: Can't equip items from vicinity Fixed: Inventory: Hands: Missing capacity info for containers Fixed: Inventory: Tooltips are missing in zombies inventory Fixed: Inventory: Split action(Y) is missing toolbar info Fixed: Inventory: FPS drops when opening inventory in vicinity w/ multiple other items Fixed: Inventory: Closing container breaks scrolling Fixed: Inventory: 1st container stays highlighted Fixed: Inventory: 1st container header not shown when scrolling upwards Fixed: Radial Menu: Radial menu doesn't work with sensitivities toned down to bare minimum Fixed: Radial Menu: It's possible to use quickslot menu in car Fixed: Server Browser: Server scrolling freezes after refresh of servers Fixed: Server Browser: Favorite server is not saved after restarting the game Fixed: Controls: Player can`t switch between user actions in car Fixed: Menu: Respawn button gets skipped after dying Fixed: Menu: Game Displaying Wrong Copyright Year Fixed: Menu: Warning message that your character will die after pressing respawn button pops up when player is dead already Fixed: Items: Rangefinder/binoculars not usable Fixed: The title crashes to Xbox Home at various points during gameplay Fixed: The title enters an indefinite unresponsive state when using the Hold to talk feature during gameplay Fixed: Title crashes after suspending while in the Main menu or during the gameplay Fixed: Controller reconnect msg: Do not show during loading TWEAKED Changed: The weather simulation has been reworked, improving the network synchronization and lowering its performance cost. Changed: Improved the impact of dynamic lights on surfaces (including the roads) Tweaked: Minor tweaks to the global light config Tweaked: Alpha channel of mud road texture, so it's lit up properly by the dynamic lights Tweaked: Inventory blur intensity is now at half of the previous value Changed: Items located in fireplace cargo will now be burned to 'Ruined' state instead of 'Badly damaged' Tweaked: Damage system for ADA 4x4 Tweaked: Central economy (minor adjustments) Changed: Item view bounding box enlargement when attachments are added Changed: Improved behaviour of all light sources (fade in / fade out effects and more) Changed: Light sources slowly fade out when they are low on energy instead of suddenly going completely dark Tweaked: Slightly darkened breath vapour particle to avoid glowing at night Changed: Improved behaviour of smoking chambers on all guns (smoke escapes only while the chamber is open) Tweaked: Decreased intensity of all light sources during daytime Changed: Reflector surface of all light sources now shines properly Tweaked: Chemlight illumination radius increased Changed: Torch is now always transformed to stick when its rags are removed from it Changed: Bear trap damage output is now dynamic (it always causes the victim to start limping, but it won't kill them unless their health is already critical) Changed: Significantly improved quality of vehicle smoke particles during high speed Changed: Melee/weapons to animate with "spine3" bone (different shoulder animation) Optimized: Size of entity create network messages Tweaked: In-game map behaviour Changed: All particles are now preloaded during the game's initial loading Changed: 'FullAuto' fire mode set as default mode on all relevant weapons Tweaked: Infected are less perceptive in terms of sounds in general, limited vision at night Tweaked: Blood and health regeneration slowed by roughly 1/3rd Tweaked: Water and energy metabolism slowed down by approximately 1/5th Tweaked: Increased water, energy and healthy penalty by approximately 1/2 when heat comfort is low/high Tweaked: Chemlight illumination range lowered to 7.5 m Changed: Updated tourist trail map model and textures Changed: Lowered the Infected alertness caused by projectile impacts nearby Changed: Disabled attaching of MRDS to CR75 (MRDS currently has issues on the weapon that need to be dealt with first) Changed: Amount of blood loss from haemolytic reaction raised Changed: Lowered the illumination range of chemlight and the light around character at night Tweaked: Lowered chance of jamming for pistols Tweaked: Inventory: Button tooltips when switching between containers and places Tweaked: Server Browser: Disable controls during connect Tweaked: Other visual and functional improvements for Inventory and Radial Menu
  7. Baty Alquawen

    Community Spotlight - 22 February 2019

    The map isn't final. But when it is ready we are going to print it. 🙂
  8. Hello Survivors, There's been a lot of great stuff happening in the community and today's Community Spotlight is once again completely packed, so make yourselves a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy! To kick things off, I have some interesting facts for you from our animation team. The animators have already made or started progress on 5660 animations for DayZ, and 4169 of those animations are currently being used in the game. And another interesting fact - the longest animation we have is shaving which clocks in at 400 frames, meaning it's just a little over 13 seconds long. Thank you Adam Oresten for this interesting info! The Xbox community has a lot of questions and we decided to answer them in a live stream. We took the frequently asked questions and issues you've sent to us in the Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019 on our Forums and we were talking about them on the live stream. Check it out: I can't forget to mention it was Valentine's Day. All of us get from our nice colleague Ket (who's taking care of all the crashes you send, and takes her lovely huskies to the office every day) a DayZ heart cookie. But we get nice stories and wishes from you too. Look at this cute picture. It's Valentine's gift from Kyla to her other half - a picture of them playing DayZ together for the first time. It's so romantic and it is cool to know you can find the love of your life in DayZ. And thank you all for nice wishes and pictures. It warmed our hearts.❤️ Yeah, we've had an annoying issue with persistence, and hopefully it is all gone right now (thank you devs so much!), many of you tried to help us to identify and resolve persistence problems, and among the most active reporters were the members of the community from the Village server who built a wall across the Chernarus to find out what breaks the persistence. In the end, it was a different issue, but we want to thank you for your passion for DayZ, we love you. Here's how was "The Great Wall of Persistence" built. But the persistence issue didn't scare some people, and they continued with their bases without the fear of losing progress. Check out this massive base made by ElementFireClan: Or this one made by judderman2005: A Reddit user jude_ned made an interesting post for all of you guys in the DayZ community. He made a couple of Reddit threads on history, types and exciting facts about the weapons that you can find in-game. He already covered Mosin Nagant and SKS. It's a quality read, check it out: Let's also check out some nice pictures from you. This one looks like some surrealistic painting but it is, in fact, a Chernarus map! Don't ask me how it was made, I have no idea, but you can ask drumfish who posted it on the Reddit. It's just beautiful. Imdenkos shared a screenshot of his squad and they look scary, I don't think they are friendly, but they are dope! Snakevsplane bought a map of Chernarus and put it into a frame, so he is not going to lose it anymore. If you are interested in this map too, you can find it in our shop together with patches, hoodies and t-shirts. And the last picture is a photo by Ciiza, who lives in the Real Chernarus and wants to show you how it looks in Dubky right now. Can you recognize it? Modding is one of the most important things for the community right now, let me show some of fine things that I found. Guys from the Czech community (the same group also working on the BARRANDIEN map) created a really handy thing. It's an interactive map where you can see logs of all the events that you need to have to make server admin's life easier. You can see real-time kills, deaths, logins, logouts and more on the map. It's still WIP and not for the public now, but it's sick! There's also a new map called Chiemsee. It's 10x10km big, and fully playable even though towns get improved all the time.. You can find it on the "Chiemsee Official" server. And here a gameplay video from the Chiemsee map by 3RNO with his friend Gibs (that Jonny Rotten's face). And another one by Belzelga: Next up is DeanoZ who's creating some really entertaining content on his channel. He shows his modded content like karts or new cars but the most interesting are tutorial videos. If you are into modding but don't know how to start, his tutorial can help you. Do you have a nice base, but are you tired of looking for food every day? A private garden is the solution to your problem. You can grow tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins or zucchinis and eat them raw, dry or prepare them on the stick. But do you know how to grow your vegetables? AmishZed has a guide for you. Another guide is intended for beginners, who have troubles finding out where they spawned and where to run after spawn. Grunt made a helpful video for you. And one more guide! Building a working car is not easy. You need to find a lot of car parts and make them work together. Element FIRE Clan made a tutorial on how to build a 100% working Ada, so if you are not sure, check out this video. I couldn't imagine how cool this video is until I've played it. It is an ASMR DayZ video, just sounds of the sea, burning fireplace and ambient nature, really good for sleeping. I love this idea. YThis is a funny moment when Lirik met a crazy KKona Guy. I laughed a lot. This is a story of two FBI officers investigating a cannibal in Electro, and it has everything, action, friendship and tears at the end. Check it out; it's really entertaining. That feeling when you complete a car and then someone kills your driver and you are a hostage of two full geared guys, trapped on the back seat: Priceless. Nice video CitrusPunch! And thumb up for 1PP and VOIP! Another great story made by Gekofish. His videos are so relaxing and funny. And he started to be really popular in the community, so join his subscribe crew: While we are working on our Survivor GameZ, some community make their own battle royal games. On the Round Table Gaming server will be the event on Saturday at 22:00 GMT/5:30 EST and if you want to participate, you need to sign up on their Discord. You can find more info HERE. And here is a video from their last event: And we can't forget about the location riddle. The last location was in the northeast of Shakovka village. And the winners are: Cyril‏ CanisDirus‏ DrDeSync‏ #FreeFadez‏ Rustycaddy‏ Molly Magoo‏ Here is a new location for the next Community Spotlight: If you know where is this place, tweet it to our official DayZ Twitter account and don't forget to add #DayZRiddleTime. Thank you very much for all your content, I had really enjoyable time going through everything you shared. See you next time! - Baty Alquawen/Community Manager
  9. Baty Alquawen

    Stable Update 1.01

    Thank you for your feedback with TrackIR, devs really appreciate it.
  10. Dear DayZ Community, We are three weeks into our quite intensive development planning that will shape DayZ this year. It means sorting through, and selecting features, content, and timeline of their delivery - in practice a lot of meetings, whiteboard scribbles, and digging through our backlogs trying to identify what we're able to deliver this year, and when. In the meantime, normal development continues, and we have deployed a first bug fixing patch, with more bug fixing ahead of us of course, as we also have a backlog there to go through. The first quarter of this year is pretty much all about spring cleaning, and us getting on track to more scheduled Stable Platform Updates bringing new content and fixes. The first Platform Update is on its way to be released in February, and we will share more details once it's live on Experimental. We want to improve the game in many areas. We also hear you loud and clear and are aware of a vast amount of reported issues. They will get the attention they deserve when there's a right time for that, for now, let's look at some of the most critical and immediate ones. Top Community Issues Server Performance - server performance affects everything, from user actions taking too long, doors not opening, infected that stutter, to vehicle physics behaving in weird ways. Most of the gameplay can get affected when the server FPS dip below 20, and currently, that's happening on full or high population servers more often than acceptable. As such, this is our top priority to sort out. While the build out there right now has seen a noticeable FPS increase on low population servers, it still does not scale well enough when more players are active, and we are tracking possible causes of this server performance drop. Persistence - right now, we are preparing a safety net for persistence that will help the current shortcomings where entire areas get wiped when the server crashes during the writing process of the snapshot of the world state. In simpler terms, the persistence data does not save correctly because of a crash. The proposed solution is in testing and will land on Experimental once ready. When that happens, we will do our best to share useful information on the usage and functionality of the safety net solution. Server Browser - we know the new server browser still has its flaws, and performance issues which are getting in the way of the DayZ experience. We are looking into possible improvements on a more granular level; however, those might take time, so at first, we will dig into the issues that damage the experience the most. Once there is more information to share, we will provide an update. Animation issues - we are tracking multiple issues that break characters/weapons and more, and these require engine level fixes that are in discussion right now. Once the details get sorted out, and fixes are confirmed, we will talk about these in greater detail. The issues above are our primary areas of interest as of now, but the list of reported issues goes on, from bullet damage to medical items not serving any real purpose, or item placing being very limited, and more. While the list above does represent some of the reported issues (arguably the ones that break the gameplay experience the most), it does not mean we're not considering, or working on the rest. Modding We'll do justice to our company motto - Curiosity, Creativity, Community - by delivering significant modding improvements this year. Documentation, samples, and fixes that make new things possible are all in our pipeline. We will look at the topics of licenses and content usage, as well as making sure that with upcoming Platform Updates, we provide Experimental server branch to everybody so that both server owners and content creators can look at the game changes happening, and make necessary arrangements for their creations. We're already seeing lots of cool creations in the Steam Workshop (some prime examples in the video below!), and it'll be exciting to see what's possible in the future. Weapons We have a massive weapons backlog to go through, and you can expect that we will not only look into current issues with firearms (both visual and functional), damage and unconsciousness values but most importantly into that big stash of weapons that haven't been implemented yet. Our weapons strike team has already managed to make steps toward having two new firearms implemented in the upcoming February Platform Update. We will share more details when they're ready. Vehicles Vehicles have a lot more polish coming to them this year in terms of stability and functionality. As already mentioned, we know and understand that server performance has a huge impact on the experience, especially when player counts go beyond the recommended 60 players on community servers. Server optimisation plays a huge part in our early spring cleaning, so bear with us. While this is, of course, important, we can't forget that we should expand the variety of vehicular transport; this year will bring more options to players. Once again, we will share more details on the upcoming vehicles once we're sure we're ready to deliver. Consoles Recently, we've opened a round of Community Feedback targeted at our Xbox Survivors, and it proved to be a great source of useful information. Our console specialists in Bratislava are already looking into Xbox specific issues that were reported often and can be scheduled for a relatively easy fix, and there are of course the more complex issues like rendering and performance drops that are being investigated. DayZ launched with very decent frames in Xbox Game Preview, and we believe we can get rid of the current drops. It will take some time though. We also know that we still have a large sleeper community on PlayStation 4 patiently waiting for a release. While we are currently not able to dedicate more resources to advancing with another platform, we're taking small steps towards a PS4 release later this year. Communication With many internal changes in planning and how we approach update releases overall, we will also need to be rethinking how often and in what forms we're communicating with you. We still have a lot of brainstorming to do, but it's very likely that the frequency of development Status Reports will no longer follow the 2 week period. Instead, we'd like to think of ways how to more actively work with what's happening in the community, engage in the events organised by community server owners, and improve the direct communication across channels. Before the PC 1.0, we've made an attempt at Focused Feedback rounds with our game designers, and we'd like to get back to that idea when we know our developers can invest the time into carefully evaluating the feedback we receive on balancing, or specific game design topics. What we mentioned today is merely a fraction of things that are ahead of us this year; there's more to share down the road, but only when we're ready to talk about it. Once our internal roadmap is fleshed out, we will start our deep dive into how exactly DayZ will change this year. Until then, see you all in Chernarus! - Eugen Harton / Project Lead
  11. Hello, Survivors! It has been a bit over a month since our last Community Spotlight and a lot has happened since then! In December we released DayZ 1.0 on PC. It was definitely the craziest month in the office and the devs really deserved their Christmas holidays. I know we've been pretty quiet this year so far, and I've even noticed that some of you think we're still on holiday somewhere, but that could not be further away from the reality! Most of the team has been back to their stations since January 2nd and there's a lot of buzz in the office. We're working on fixes, planning our road ahead, and also getting ready for our first Platform Update - but I'll let Eugen explain it in his first Status Report of the year, so stay tuned! We are collecting feedback from the Xbox community because the Xbox version still has several specific issues, and we want to know them all. If you are an Xbox player and have some feedback, here is the place to talk about it. We've organized a 5 Year Anniversary Live Stream in December and answered a lot of questions, so if you missed it, here's a VOD of the live stream: For the live stream, Tim and I organized a special community event for our content creators and a bunch of other members of our community. The event was about attackers assaulting the defenders inside their base. The defenders were asked to build and defend a complex of buildings, the attackers had to kill them all. If you want to know some stats from the battlefield, here they are: DayZ 5 Year Anniversary Stream Results: Hero of the Attackers - AnarchyHD (7 kills) Hero of the Defenders - M1ndr (7 kills) First Blood - M1ndr after 3 minutes Highest Kill Streak - Anarchy (7 kills, stopped by DrDeSync); M1ndr (7 kills, stopped by Moondye7) Blood Enemies - Fadez and Jonny Rotten traded Kills Brought a melee weapon to a gunfight - and won - Uncuepa: 2 kills with the Wooden Axe; Catfu: 1 kill with the Combat Knife Last Men Standing - DrDeSync, Dizzy and Gary were the last surviving defenders Immortal Warrior - Dannyboyy did not die during the event. The best motivational speech - MrMoon We definitely want to keep doing live streams, so stay tuned for more - and feel free to send us some tips about what you'd like to see us streaming! Let's check the community content. Our friends at the Australian DayZ podcast Compass asked us for an interview and we joined them for their latest episode. Eugen and Peter were talking about some interesting topics and if you are interested in DayZ development, you should definitely check it out: If you are a DayZ beginner, you will maybe appreciate some community help. Recently, my favorite "DayZ teacher" has been Archie Stormcloud, who has his own "DayZ school". Check out his videos, they are funny, informative and entertaining. How to find fruits in DayZ: How to navigate in DayZ: Have you ever thought about base building, but you never really knew how to do it? BarelyInfected has prepared a guide for base building. It can come in handy! Another amazing piece of work from Asmondian. He has created a series of #dayztips pictures with instructions how some things work. Let's check out some of them. If you are into modding, you can find some great community mods in the Steam Workshop. The most popular Workshop item -at least for the last month- has been Winter_Chernarus. This mod retextures Chernarus to a beautiful winter environment. And if you run Winter_Chernarus on your server, I suggest you to add Cl0ud's Wintergear, it is really nice. Everyone wants Namalsk, but other terrain creators are already doing an amazing job as well, so now you can check out a new terrain called DeerIsle. It is a 16x16 km size map based on the DeerIsle location in the USA and is still in development. You can try the 3x3 km starting area on the creator's server Here is a sneak peek by the creator JohnMcLane. And here is a first encounters video by TheRunningManZ. I want to show you one more video, which the DayZ team really likes. This base is really awesome, good job guys. And the last thing I want to share with you are some examples of amazing handwork skill. dubas_ got this amazing picture as a gift. Why don't I have anything like this on my own wall? DrZZed shared with us his logo cut from wood. It is huge! I carved a DayZ logo into pumpkin last year and it was so hard. But Reddit user ApersonawithCANCER did the same thing with a piece of wood, how it is even possible to do this by hand? And the last one is a very atmospheric sketch made by Specu85. You are talented, man! And one bonus photo to end things in style. Who else is envious of this DayZ command center by DownBy9UpBy5? I know I am for sure. As always, it's location riddle time. The location from the latest Community Spotlight was under a little factory west of Lopatino. And who guessed it right? Rosiu (@Rosiu11) DrDeSync (@DrDeSync) Emu Threat (@DayzedEmu) Foxypote (@Foxypoteoffical) Good job, guys. Here's the next one: If you know where the location is, send your answer to our Twitter account with the #DayZriddleTime hashtag. Good luck! That's all from me for now, thanks for all the awesome content you create, enjoy the game and see you in two weeks. - Baty Alquawen / Community Manager
  12. Hello everyone, we are pushing out a new Experimental update. Patchnotes FIXED Fixed: A player to player desync issue Fixed: A client crash Fixed: A server crash Fixed: Error messages pertaining to weapon usage Fixed: Further changes to improve server performance KNOWN ISSUES Server crashes can cause a persistence wipe. So especially for server owners, try to work with regular persistence backups and if you encounter server crashes, report with your crash dumps to our Feedback Tracker. If you have any proven reproduction steps for persistence wipes, let us know. The team is working on a long-term solution, which unfortunately will take some time. Notes Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update. In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q. Please verify your game files before playing the new update, and report all bugs you encounter to https://feedback.bistudio.com/, please. Keep in mind that Experimental updates are not available for server files or modding tools yet. Those will be updated with the Stable release of the patch. Thank you for playing on the Experimental branch.
  13. Baty Alquawen

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Yes, the tracer ammo note was removed, it was a mistake. Sorry for it.
  14. Baty Alquawen

    Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    This is Rolf. He is more cute right now.
  15. Baty Alquawen

    1pp official PC and XBOX servers

    Hello Survivors, We switched some servers to the hard-core mode which means that there is only 1st person view and no crosshair. PC Stable: DayZ NL 3664728 HC (Public) DayZ NL 3664734 HC (Public) DayZ US 3664224 HC (Public) DayZ US 3664362 HC (Public) Xbox: DayZ NL 3663858 HC (Game Preview) DayZ NL 3664692 HC (Game Preview) DayZ RU 3664110 HC (Game Preview) DayZ SG 3664437 HC (Game Preview) DayZ US 3664179 HC (Game Preview) DayZ US 3664227 HC (Game Preview) DayZ US 3664287 HC (Game Preview) DayZ US 3664335 HC (Game Preview)