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  1. Environmental influences, diseases and the possibility of building an improvised tent .... then 0.62 is the past for me, then lets go to 0.63
  2. The advantages of 3pp to combat should be filled with disadvantages in this attitude. (For example: 3pp is only possible with an empty hand slot, which does not solve all the advantages, but breaks the advantage of seeing the wall to shoot, because the handling of the slot change should make audible noises.) Surely a suggestion of me no Applause from the world will bring.
  3. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Realy 1x ? 1x 1000 = 1000 ;-) You mean 2x ? Or not ?
  4. I think the poll here will not bring an authentic result. Here are mostly members who know what DayZ is, and therefore also very well agree with 1pp. Out there, however, there is another majority who play or love DayZ differently. (There are also understandable reasons that speak for 3pp, for example, motion sickness).
  5. I've also thought a lot about why! the dispersion is no longer implemented. One possible fact could be that there will be a lot of influences in the endgame that will not let your character be quiet. Cold / Heat / Humidity / Diseases / Hunger / Thirst / Injury / Exertion / Stamina and maybe other parameters will leave you feeling restless. Ok, it's a point to act on. On the other hand, what if you're the perfect gear and in top-fit and healthy? Then you have the big advantage over everything. This contradicts the novice friendliness, because exactly they will have the greatest challenge with these parameters. My still hope is still that the dispersion of weapons with Scopes is used.
  6. Stress-Test forever?

    @Beavis3D oh... so beautifully and so well formulated what these branches mean. Unfortunately, these words drip on most of the "gameplay moreloot critics" like water on a lotus leaf.
  7. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    The first experimental version is available. So an "open work for experimental" section does not make any more sense.
  8. Stress-Test forever?

    Be patient, the way will end. With a bit of imagination we will end up with stress test # 63 ... why 63? yes think it's the launch of 0.63 ... oh wait ... x100 ... well then it will be stress test # 630 .... it's a lot but it's the horizon .... and no, I'm not taking any drugs.
  9. Item/weapon suggestions

    It is certainly not completely clean and I apologize for sharing this "black matter". The idea and implementation to the video, however, is good.
  10. Get involved with your community?

    I completely agree with the idea. The time has not yet been born. With beta release or with the Fullrelease 1.0 I agree.
  11. A vision of D.Hall and B.Hicks was, "You'll be so happy to find a can to eat". This way the devs start to shape. But until that happens, it takes some time to get all the mechanics into the game, so that this experience also gives you an experience.
  12. Get involved with your community?

    Question: will that change our understanding? Let's see it better / faster or what. There would be only fuel for Hater, because the good is always one step back.
  13. So I tried to log out..

    Holy Mary, shocking timing ...
  14. How Many People Were Killed By You?

    ~15! in ~1400h. (Included all "Please Kill me") 3 in the last 2 week....only for BBQ.
  15. Hey, um why u do dis?

    The idea of penalizing people on 3pp with "headbobbing" is wrong. The benefits of using 3pp players are not necessarily running, but most of the benefits are standing up behind an object to avoid the "real" eye level and width. and standing there is no headbobbing. (I only play in 1pp .... but I also saw it in 3pp and it does not offer any real experience.) A real experience would be if the field of view were adjusted to the headdress ... and headbobbing here in relation to the weight of the headdress - > No heavy helmet, 0 headbobbing, that would give the players some understanding.)