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  1. Error Creating Enfusion Engine?!?

    Other Games run fine ? Maybe try to install not the newsted Graphicdriver. (search for a referencedriver)
  2. Wells, and Forests

    The easiest way would be to bring the landmass to the west and north in the debug zone below zero, so it would be ocean. But, it would destroy the complete background of the history and situation of Chernarus. To see Chernarus as an island, it would take a new story or lore. (a passage to the sea as in the northeastern corner, forest, then debug steeply sloping down to the sea). but what about it?
  3. Exp Update 0.62.143483

    Small ? Surprise ?? Aaahm..... Holstered Bananaaaa ??? Hype...hype...
  4. Is Bohemia a good home for DayZ devs ?

    Everyone in a factory is doing their job. There are many different jobs from boss to janitor. Everyone is doing their Job, and not everyone can do whatever their buddy can. The boss can support, but doing so remains with the people who are responsible. If the management says, ok guys, we'll give you more time, then the boss has already helped, because at the end of the month, everyone has their wages and they have earned their holidays, even if things are not going according as planned. Most things do not go according to plan, we are humans and not machines.
  5. When will gameplay be introduced?

    A modder is only as good as the base on which he wants to build. If the base game allows for good mechanics then a modder will succeed. So without a good core will never grow a fruit.
  6. I feel like @wype, many friends in my Steam circle have gone to other games. The only thing that keeps me in DayZ are 2 great communities. They try to play with all the stuff we have with the DayZ. It's like a hard core believing in the game and trying to play the game in many variations. The one of the second communitys makes many exciting and great events, I'm always amazed by the new ideas they put into the world of Chernarus, it starts with hard pvp to funny comedy. The other community plays DayZ as a pure roleplaying platform. They too have a very big commitment to offer the best for the players. Both communities are in Germany and for German speaking users. The point I want to point out is this: until DayZ reaches beta status, they will, (and not just these two Germans, no, all the communities that put a lot of effort and work into the project), all of them will take a big (hard) deal. The servers are freely selectable with Beta and so cheaper. It's weird thing, the server owners will have to give their blood until Beta comes, just so they can carry their hard-earned name. We all have to wait, no question, but it will be very hard for all communities to keep their servers, a heart that has to bleed with money to hope it will pay off. So I appeal to the team: make all the effort and work of the communities worthwhile. Or take the server owners a step to lower rentsystem, if that works. (I never rented a server, but I was always committed to supporting the servers I visited and I still do it even though I almost do not play anymore).
  7. At this point, it would be interesting to read a few "numbers" about the development process. I mean: we wrote x scripts, the CLE tool contains y code lines, we created z animations, there is xy kbyte text as information, so far we have been yy sheet paper for witheboards ... zz pens and and have ordered yxz pizzas , the pizza box No. 245 we needed to set the air conditioning ..... that would be information that I would welcome .... just to know the measure of things.
  8. Thank you for your transparency. Honest words usually sound hard. I'm not very surprised about this report. We can only hope that they do not get nasty surprises or setbacks. Keep your fingers crossed, do your thing.
  9. Removing Apple's and Berry's is good for "Hard and Snappy Veterans." However, it is very harmful to "new players" in its current state. And there are not really many new players at the moment, and the help of the "old DayZ players" has also reached a relatively low limit. I do not like the apple and berries either (as they are now, ok blue berrys are hard to find in a legal way). But I've been deliberately playing it for about 1 year without the glitch ... and use it only in emergency situations. So I'm ready for the "new apple generation".
  10. Status Report 7 November 2017

    we can wait well, no problem.
  11. 1pp to 1pp/3pp switch Server Option.

    yes I wrote it wrong: the option should only be available for "private shard servers".
  12. 1pp and 1pp / 3pp server have a separate charhive if I'm right. Or is it possible to set a server from 1pp to 1pp / 3pp? If not, it would be a good option for "normal private servers" for certain events to switch the server from 3pp to the fair 1pp. what do you all mean ? Switchoption change (3to1 or 1to3pp) with every Restart possible.
  13. For the Mule in all of us

    In future...
  14. Starting off with a full stomach

    it is also easy "without apple glitch". you just need 5-6min. instead of 20sec. I can already hear the screaming of the crowd when apples are no longer infinite and you really have to look for them. (try now to survive only with black berries, without the glitch ... you will start to destroy your keyboard ^^)
  15. Starting off with a full stomach

    I did a test on the exp-rain-server a few months ago. The test was on what are you going to die and after what time, when you are ONLY: walking / jogging / running. the result was amazing .. it took 3 ~ 23-25min. The difference was the cause of death (I had never stopped and so looted nothing). Running: death by starvation. (not cold) Jogging: death by hypothermic and starving. Walking: death by hypothermic (hungry / thirsty orange). The big difference was the distance I could walk. With the inclusion of Stamina, a lot will change. Therefore wait. Edit: (Spawn to shipwreck/Berezino, Running, and die close to Kamishovo ! A big distance).