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  1. Correct. I have also traveled from Novo to Tisy, all military places looted for ammunition and weapons to destroy my bus. I had to kill more than 70 infected to find my goal (a lot of munition and the appropriate weapon) .. but with caution and tactics always: one to one. For best Loot I never go into Military Places, this is just for me PVP Loot and not "better Loot". But they all look a bit different, and that's a good thing.
  2. Rule #1 play only on good ping servers. Rule #2 take your frustation, and put into a trashcan. Rule #3 wait for 0.63, the new system. Rule #4 We all have the same problem, melee is risk. If the server laaging, then are infected as Russian roulette, The best is avoid the contact with infected, with sneak, wait, watch, or just reverse, else Back to Rule #1/#2/#3.
  3. Please only serious answer, keep the tread clean. (And do not condemn any answers you do not like) Thanks. My imagination. Chernarus must be hell on earth. Some places should not be accessible without tactics and ingenuity. (Areas with infected which are extremely dangerous). Some items, for example SVD should be extremely rare, so I have to think about whether I just have to die for possession of this item. The climate should have a strong influence. Much should not be done alone, or be accessible.
  4. Lol, odin i say you are middle young. I stay at 46 years, life in swiss, and i have never learnig english.... i scratch my to the language.
  5. Are here BUPG ?
  6. Correct, This must be so because it is still the old engine, they are working on the new engine we have never seen before. Nobody renovated his old house when he built a new one.
  7. Thanks to some posters. You have done it that the team will not give any further comments. Well, they have tried to be open and honest, but it shows that it can not be digested. The Darwin Award is becoming increasingly popular.
  8. thanks for the information. Hey people restrains your thoughts, there is now open information from the team given and then it is also not good. What are they supposed to do, keep quiet? This is then again not the yellow of the egg.
  9. Be happy but that in your RL everything is ok. Is so, right?
  10. hmm. Yes they have a long time, they really needed a long time. I deal, professionally, with controls of packaging machines. Controls There are many models ... and each control has a different "language" each has strengthen and weaken. Let's see it at DayZ. They have changed to a 'different' control, they have optimized and modified it to meet the requirements of their expectations. They have developed a new "control language" ... and that sounds much easier than it is, because: all who have to work with it, these people have to learn and understand this language. And that takes time .... and nerves. Oh yes the manuals and tutorials that once the modders get, have also been made .. all things no one has seen. And HI :)
  11. Thanks for this SR. The part of Eugene is my quiet highlight, I can feel right how it must be the puzzle parts to form a big picture. Certainly not easy, but it must be gigantic. The part of Peter made me wonder, oh my god, the old spawn point system, since you have certainly got the Nobel Prize in complex mathematics ^^ sry, but a smaller server load is almost logical with the new system. The Team with 0.62 .. I see that it is different, the pictures look good, but I can imagine this only when I can see it with real FPS. Hmm the 'great big stone bridge' , my first thought when I saw it in the picture: "you can jump down there" ... psst... I will test it. And at Final, the video trip into the region Aussig .. nice .. the surely a great Q & A video ..lol since I am looking forward to more about the great pictures than on the answers. And finally: keep up, I want to die in the beta once again in lack / disease or fear in DayZ.
  12. No problem, Alpha/Beta is for testing.
  13. There has not been very much done in really visible things in the game. The main reason is the engine, not the engine you know, no the reason is the new engine. Instead of now to write a lot, I take it very briefly: we still play the old DayZ, in the background the real DayZ. My tip to you if you do not want to read everything: wait until the end of year and keep your ears and eyes open for something called Patch 0.63. If this is online, come back and get a new picture of DayZ. Believe me, you will be amazed, and you will forget the frustration of the old bugs. (Sure there will be bugs, but it will be different).
  14. What if you have a spawn from the coast a battery. This battery is the start for communication. You have then various options open to use this (speak only of communication): -Walki Talki find and use (range limited 1km?) -In a building find a radio (you can only hear not speak, limited range 1.5 km) - at a lighthouse with stationary radio (talking / listening range 3 km is indeed large area but since these are on the coast is much range on the sea. - for a radio antenna (talk / listen, range variable depending on antenna size -> small 2km green mountain 8km) - at AirControlTowers (speaking / listening only from ACT to ACT!) - altar speak / send; Range 5km The ranges are only examples
  15. Wow i scroll fast down, and see many pictures. Thx .. now i take time and read.