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  1. Sqeezorz

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    Thanks @-Gews-, you explained it better. (English is not my favorite language ^^).
  2. Sqeezorz

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    The Crossbowmod is based on rifles. The "Real Crossbow or bow" is a tool to "throw" the bullet -> the bullet must be ingame "real" and not just a fictional "energy" that reaches a target, and there is charged. A bullet from an arc is therefore an "item" that is not lost immediately. This circumstance makes much more complicated than a firearm with rounds.
  3. Sqeezorz

    Stable Update 1.02

    my guess: base building is not finished yet. ---> A fence shows you after the construction the "state point" as Pristine. Base building elements should be in sync from Pristine to Ruined during the 45 days (End of 45 day). One way to prevent this is to repair the base (with nails and planks). The meaning is then: abandoned bases are removed. However, the condition may only be checked by the "inside" to avoid meta. Further, a Pristine fence is said to be much harder to destroy than a badly damaged one.
  4. Sqeezorz

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    That's what makes it very believable or understandable. The bow and the "throw" is not something that has never been there. Although the engine has new commands / parameters and syntax, it must be possible to "translate" a sentence from Olddayz to Newdayz. Surely they want to do the bow "better" than in -0.62, but the basics will still be the same. So where is the "tight spot" that prevents it?
  5. Sqeezorz

    Stable Update 1.02

    @matiman Did you try to interact with the fences and towers? (stuff nails into the building inventory and take them out again ---> interaction without changing the structure.) If that works, it's also a useful thing, since this can only be done from the "inside".
  6. Sqeezorz

    Vanilla Filter for Server Browser

    Good idea, even if the list will be quite small. FYI (GermanDayZ.de Vanilla / 60 Slot / Adress:
  7. Sqeezorz

    Clothing capacity and objects size

    Short answer: It is a "setting" for the GAME created by the developer. It does not have to be a realistic accurate logic, it has to track the gameplay meaning of the vanilla plan.
  8. What you see, others see differently, why? Please read the post in the link. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/243265-night-time-is-unfairly-darker-for-some-players-vs-others/?do=findComment&comment=2426502
  9. Sqeezorz

    [Update] Any details available (PC)?

    13.feb. update from Exp to stable. Now, 21.mar. and exp goes down. 27.mar. big time to xbox.... and the next content for exp stay in the stars, and we cant see because the binoculars are broken....
  10. Since humans began to build walls against enemies, he had to realize that there is no wall that is safe. Not even Alcatraz was safe enough to be safe, a jail on an island, and we believe we can redefine Fort Knox with a few simple boards. The only thing to complain about: the time / effort it takes to destroy something, in contrast to the construction. A good approach here would really be that bases are tied to the PlayerID, and only the owners can benefit from easy demolition / yield. The assumption is close, however, that will come quite a bit in terms of basebuilding, as it rather represents a "fast feature that still needs to 1.0". Add: I'm surprised why here in the forum nothing is said about the fact that the Exp.-Server go offline ... (not why, only the information about it).
  11. Sqeezorz

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    Ok, then we are all ready here: that mr. P can post the link to orginalen idea here. (I know it's "eating time" for the trolls, but this is just dirty salt water, not a really good soup.)
  12. Sqeezorz

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    Nobody (not even the devs) knew what it meant to build a new engine into an existing scaffold. The simplicity, however, turned out to be a theory, it was certainly never the goal of everything that already existed was "new" adapt, which meant more a complete rebuilding.
  13. Sqeezorz

    the real hardcore survival server

    Or you make a real madness with very simple server demodding: HorrorZmod that's every day has a new loot default (eg types.xml and Infected-loot) you make 9 types.xml with the property where there are things that are very rare or even complete missing, and on the other hand are things that were not found yesterday suddenly moderate or frequent ..... that is then only for 1 day .... today 2 cans ... it could last for 3 days be the one you find ... (And play with the Tier1234 Zones in types.xml.. one time all Tier4 are empty with weapons... and Tier1 have the big sales 😉 ). The Limit are only your Fantasy.
  14. Sqeezorz

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    So that everyone here understands your idea better I searched an old video of the devs.
  15. Sqeezorz

    Gun jam remove ?

    Modding becomes more of a platform that says: how can you turn off all the mechanics who devised and created the devs in the last few years? If they'd known that, then without all those mechanics, the development would have been much faster ... actually, they'd just have to implement the sound and graphics enhancements into the Arma DayZ Mod. It sometimes seems like people just like the map, and the Arma asset selection. Add: Does it make any sense for the developers to finish the other missing mechanics .... or can they cancel them immediately and move them to the archive? I always thought modding was there to create more and new content or mechanics, and not to disable existing ones.