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  1. GermanDayZ Community

    And a little Trailer to this Event....
  2. Experimental Content Update

    Jump...jump... great for Fun. (Pic, yesterday on the Germandayz Server 0.63)
  3. Use mousewheel to toggle between run modes/add run modes

    I find this idea better when it comes to different speeds. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/238250-stamina-system-the-way-i-expected/
  4. General at games. Players will always adapt to the game. When you start a new game, the learning curve is extremely steep, and the player tries to move on step by step. After a while, the game becomes easier with the experience you have gained: The player begins to take new risks or will use his experience to his advantage. In most singleplayer games, there are various "difficulty levels" to keep up the challenge. Dayz does not have "difficulty levels" there is only "you" and "the environment" and your "experience". Increasing the "difficulty level" in DayZ will only cause frustration for "new players", on the other hand veterans will be bored because there is no challenge. So it's a twist between "easy" and "hard". One possible solution would be to have area-dependent levels of difficulty in the map, with words: just as the map is divided into "loot zones", the difficulty should also increase. This peculiarity would lead to the fact that there are places and areas that even a veteran can hardly manage alone, which means he needs support, so interaction can be the solution. So short and sweet: the approach to increase the difficulty is the right way, but not generally across the map.
  5. Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    Scum is a new title that now appears in EA. DayZ was that too, but it was a long time ago. For some time now it has become very quiet here in the field of ideas and suggestions, and I believe with good reason: There has been a lot of ideas and suggestions over the years. Now it's time for the devs to do their thing, because their list of work is done and needs to be put into reality. For everything that will not be there on DayZ 1.0, there will be a portal called "Modding". Now at this stage of development to implement new things that are not on the "to-do list" will cost a lot of time and chaos.
  6. French translation ... fast!

    Just ask your questions here in the forum. Whether you put them in French or English is not that important.(in French you can certainly formulate your questions much more precisely) There are enough people here willing to help you. In an emergency, we are always helped by Dr. Google of Translator. et maitenant bonne nuit pour moi
  7. Melee System Fix

    Is this about 0.63 spoken? If so, forget all the values you know from 0.62 .... in 0.63 your char should only have 100 healthpoints ... if it's still like that ... I do not know (was at stress test # 10 nearby like that .) Do not stick to values in 0.63 ... it's a huge WIP framework.
  8. 0.63 Stable (BETA)

    No, it's not about more years. Fact is that on 1.1.2019 a big shitstorm through the DayZ-media will go if beta is not published .... well and then maybe it will be in March 2019 .... is that bad if it (the game) will be good?
  9. 0.63 Stable (BETA)

    hmm .. after reading this and many times before, i always ask myself a question, what is more important: to hold the date, or the quality of the game .... if it were my house built, then People build it first ... I do not want to live in it when the roof is still leaking.
  10. I know, but be patient.

    It sounds like DayZ is not for all DayZ. Some see DayZ as the original, others the Mods of DayZ, when compared to another brand that can make the confusion, I see these pictures when the word "Lamborghini" is written. DayZ "Vanilla" as Vehicle: Or DayZ mod of mod: A word that has a different meaning for everyone. The tractor stands for slow, robust, heavy, time-resistant. The sports car for fast, fragile, light, fast paced. Which is your DayZ?
  11. I know, but be patient.

    ehm, an example? Who remembers Peter Jackson, what a great criticism he had to capture when he announced the film adaptation of the legend of Tolkien (Lord of the Rings). until the final release of the movies, the votes of the fans were very pessimistic. The result, however, was a huge success, as many people now could see the story they previously dare knew (because they had never read the books). Even the big critics had to admit that Peter Jackson had put the world of Tolkien very well into a movie scene.
  12. Throwing tied-up people from helicopters

    When this feature comes, it should also be available for "boats" and "trains".
  13. Status Report - 14 August 2018

    Thank you for your insight into the work. Something made me a smile, but also a reflection on how you are not content with simple things. Filip's report is so worth the gold. You are not content with a simple engine noise, no, you really have to try everything to convince. The way the sound recordings show: the imagination gives you the way. Adhesive tape the object of many things possible .... and that on pictures, so wonderful. Because it would have been much easier to take some soundfiles out of the archive, or look for them in Internet libraries and then mix them up for a sound BBQ. But, everything should be different. Respect for you, this is a real Team-DayZ.
  14. Stress Test vol.35

    The point go to @LordBlackwolf No thing I understood your message. A little humor may have its place here in the forum. There are often too few of them. Just like the bugs in the game, they can be nerve-racking, and yet it's exactly these things that make us laugh so often in the game. (ok, it's offtopic because, sry i wanted to test the stress test yesterday, waiting in the loop, it was too long for me, to chew on the short fingernails uselessly. SW or SE 2-2 was the only joinable server, but only because he kicked everyone after 20-30 seconds ingame, so I'll wait until the content comes on exp.)
  15. Stress Test vol.35

    Lol, I believe you, because you are never shot by a gun, but by the bullet ^ ^. (sorry for the irony ... but my first thoughts with a smile).