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  1. The CLE is one of the biggest toys for the Devs. They can play with us, they look at how we react to change, whether we can adapt to it and what the consequences are. Many things that look like a bug at first sight are so wanted, just to test how it affects the game behavior. You can also set the spawn rate of all automatic weapons to max 5 per server, then good luck when looking, and I already hear the owl about the evil devs. We will see some changes of the loot system until there is a final consideration for the vanilla-version, on privatservers the CLE will also be the first thing that is mercilessly changed ......I hope only that there are limits from Dev.
  2. The point of the big risk to new player leave the game in short time. Killed by players or influences of the game world (f11 as an exception perhaps?) Must not lead to a punishment.
  3. The test is still from the old Exp. Update. I noticed that when throwing individual round and apples, these very often glitch in the ground. Especially from a certain throw-distance. This was on all areas at the Krasnostav airfield. The servers i have a good ping (50-70) and low player population, only ten cows are my friends nearby.
  4. The despanwn of the vehicle works well. It takes some 30 minutes or less, because a broken front hood was still at the site, but gone was the sedan. tested with 2 vehicles. (What I watched last night: If there is a vehicle on the head, the motor with an axe can not be destroyed, and you can not check whether the motor is broken, because no interaction with a twisted vehicle, findings are from the car texture--> not broken) R.I.P Lada...... https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/159156673336041036/8A363C591AE9627E228C492830A1C643C656422C/
  5. Lift the moon. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/159156673336045438/906CACB53B35AB9CCAE280B7D70D1F4E1680CEE2/
  6. some patience. Many things will only make sense in the game when the new controller is implemented. The old controller simply does not have enough capacity to handle everything, which was certainly one of the reasons why the team decided to step up completely. Arma is mil-sim and DayZ is survival-sim. with high military background but open acting.
  7. Maybe Sinistok gets a Firestation. If the ski lift is put there ^ ^. Would in any case make sense in this region.
  8. Are this the bridge from Chernogorsk centeral ? There are very buggy, 40m before Bridge you have a spring in the ground. Yesterday i many drive with V3S and Lada. On 1pp never have a Game-Crash. On 3pp with Lada (velocity the problem?) 2x ---> YAD :( . Edit: Cars are still going into the ground. When they fall into the ground at a steep angle.(Here I do not know whether it is on the steep terrain or with the angle of collision). Test area cliffs above Evac zone of Severograd.Svetlojarsk, Testing with Sedan / Lada. (Bus and V3S there do not test, since the road too steep for these vehicles).
  9. I have already tested this. But it is to say that there are many spawn points for AI. ---> logoff in an area where there are many AI-Zed. (I was south of Polesovo, there are few houses, good view). Then log in again, best other server (if you can see after the spawn AI was or is another player in the area). After the spawn of you, you will not see AI, look around and move a few meters. With some luck will see the birth of the AI ... they fall from 1m from the sky. You can repeat this several times and the result is almost always different ... it also takes about 10-60! Sec until you see the first. The detection to the AI spawn are only YOU in the network bubble .. the number seems random, however if you move much more appears also more. I could not say the 2x an AI was in the same place, it feels more like a range (the range is not very large 5-10 meters, in the field it is also not easy to define).
  10. To create a balance is possible with a cooldown of the respawntimer. Long life will be rewarded, and kills will be forgotten. All in dependence of the real playtime. But this is a tricky thing because we do not know what else is coming, maybe we have a lot more problems with 1.0 than kill other players.
  11. You can also turn this system over. Reverse Increase Respawn. In words: every time you kill a player, increase your own respawn-timer by 5-10 min. Which means that you will pay the penalty at your own death. So a Bambi is not punished who fights for his life and dies by KoS. The killer piles up his own risk account when he dies. So you have to consider whether a kill is useful or not.
  12. @Espa Quote from SR 21.03.2017 That's all from audio department now, we will share some more before the update drops! - Andrej Sinkevic / Lead Sound Designer For the launch to 0.62 on Exp... i think we must waiting min. 3-4 weeks... next SR in 2 weeks for "some more" ...and some more wait to launch. Mom, where is my timemachine.
  13. the Bus is not destroyable... Play on AUS 1pp with 380 Ping ... very often triple Rubberbandings. Crash the Bus with full Speed (60) more to 10x into differend objects.. never goes down. the Bus have a traction like as Lada, you can climbing up the mountains like a slow Spider ^^. i have never Gamecrash in 1 h. Play... make this the high Ping ? on better Ping Servers, after more to 30min. drive a Vehicle, everytime one Gamecrash. (after AUS go to UK and test a Lada Crash, Fullspeed into a Tree and the Car are totaly ruined with one Run )
  14. You'll find everything, if you do not want it, or need it.
  15. German, pure Swiss-german ;) i give my best