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  1. small tip: avoid this server (or TS or forum etc.) and try your luck on an official server ... no one will ban or kick you. Since you can do everything you want, simply without security, that makes the game exciting.
  2. that's right. so I mentioned you as an OP ( Open Post ). I did not want to simply insert the steam-link, because I do not know whether you wanted it so. I have tested what you wrote and have found something crucial. (I think @mantasisg wanted to know). The vehicle will stop by gear-change if the speed go under 4 kmh. You need so at a hill min. Speed from 1st gear by 8kmh. I have test this on overland (grass into the rain --> ;-) nice in the rain i'm love it) After a kiss with little tree, one tire are damaged...and with this conditions (rear wheels are all 3/4 damaged) its not possible drive up to speed 8kmh.. max. Speed are 7kmh, and this are to less. I repair the front tire and its work. But its need a perfekt timing. I found (IMO) if you hold up the gas key (W&Shift) during the gear-change (E) its works easyer.... sry maybe only my feeling, the time are to short to test finaly --> my woman need me ^^ . The shift from the 2nd gear to the 3rd are the same procedere only at min. 12kmh speed ( 3@4 are no problem ). The steep hill from testing, its not easy to say, the steep are the same as from the steep road before Staroye if you drive up from Elektro. (Sry on HandyCandy.. i will insert here the Izurvives coordinates when i on a PC )
  3. Try to Test: I just tried to change my gear timing so I found it it is possible without any runup just completely stopping on a hill then starting driving from 0mph and reach the 4th gear. If I really try to explain what I found out is when you put your vehicle on 1st gear hold shift then press W and hold you reach max speed of 13 or something just for a split second at that moment you change to 2nd gear and you will see that your vehicle won't stop and you will be able to change to 3rd and 4rd just like you are on a flat road. So you gotta change to 2nd gear when you get that extra speed for a split second just after you give the starting gas with turbo. If you miss it your speed will go to 7mph like always and when you change the gear your vehicle will stop. "From Steamboard, answer from OP. Positive side effect: Problem's force the search to solutions ;-) "
  4. I'm not sure I'm simply writing my guess. The vehicles are not yet physically defined. Weight, performance, inertia all of this is not optimized. because a heavier v3s of the 9kmh / 7mph drive, will need more way/time from its weight to stand still than a slight hatchback. What comes to this is the engine at the moment only 2 wheel axles supported, at a v3s fatal. the other is (it once stood in a SR) that we switch from character to vehicle when we drive. so our character is a doll. in the future we will control the vehicle as a character directly (because I strongly believe that this is all together with the Pl-Ctrl.) I understand the driving system as it is now with a fully loaded v3s with trailer of full stones is at a steep road (I feel the same with the Sedan with 130 ... it is like with bad tires in the rain..aquaplaning.) But as seen in the last SR .. here will come updated systems with the vehicles, they are not yet final.
  5. OMG... i read just BENNY HILL.. BOAMM... the sound are branding in my brain.. LOL. Here the 3pp ambient sound. I hope to more servers with 1pp in Vanilla on official branch. 3pp are nice to make RP or Funny things. (IMO)
  6. Found from 2014... ... let us wait to 0.63.. the pressure for the devs are hight.
  7. It was here: https://dayz-servers.org/server/12569/ Exp 24/7 Rain/heavy Rain. Edit: ExpServer are offline... i hope we have a offizial "Veteran-Rain" Server ... wait. maybe ;)
  8. there is also a good side of the medallion. it will tend to steer the players in 2 streets (1). The one the light Pvp with lots of loot in every corner. (2) The others are looking for a challenge in a game (they are not just PVE or RP .. there are also PvPler who are looking for that). Chaff and separating wheat makes sense.
  9. I love the rain. it brings a certain challenge. Ok, I do not want to compare DayZ and RL now what makes sense and what is nonsense, the differences from a game to the RL are much too large. what bothers me the most is the rainproof clothing the risk of rain in 1sec. from danger to happiness. my opinion is, nothing keeps you immee to 100% dry even a rain jacket, and if, then only a pristine best. damaged rainjacket watterproof to 100% ??? not really. This is the reason why I do not wear rain clothes in the rain, just for the challenge, because you can fire every 100m somewhere.
  10. I think it was the fine announcement of the "Helloween" -update :-) ... long live the vegetable farmer .... or even briefly.
  11. as @DannyDog writes, there are "modules" which they insert. so far the modules were not extremely "networked" with other modules. It is not possible to replace only a part of a module, only the whole or nothing. The Pl-Ctrl simply has too much influence on all other modules and is particularly closely linked to the animation system. Sure, it would be possible to first insert only the Pl-Ctrl without the new animation system, but it would be a double work, which surely does not make much sense, already seen from the bugfixing alone. we just wait and hope they make good progress.
  12. if I understand the development of DayZ correctly then it is like this: We have a long time already the Enfusion engine. Initially, only a few individual parts of the new system were implemented. Then came the Renderer, The audio system and also network system. Until now, this was some of what was missing the player controller. (ok there are still more things than what I've enumerated). The controller is certainly the most complex part. there is so much that is related to it, actually almost everything we do in the game and do what we see, what we hear. These things all run first in the PlayerController, and from there to the Soundsystem and the renderer. I believe it is a very big work to combine everything ... so many sounds, animations and influences that arise. at the end, I must give you right, it makes no sense to work on the old system or give us a new 1/4 version.
  13. when we speak of seasons, it is realistic to see the horizon after the final release. Seasons in beta is certainly wrong. For what does not come does not have to be impossible. Now there are much more important core points. But dreams are tomorrow's ideas.
  14. I think the insertion of seasons as a visual effect is not so difficult, it simply needs several texture sets (data would simply be much higher on hard disk, and the gamesystem need the mechanic to use multitexturing). a dynamic change of seasons is already more difficult because it would require more than 4 texture sets. So we stay with the change of the main seasons, which are configured by the setting of the server date. The adjustment of the weather data is certainly not the problem (I hope). The big influence, however, is the environmental mechanics, in words what is in what season, how and how effectively possible. (As an example of Apple, when and how are Apple's available in the seasons and which alternatives are there to the "zero apple times" --> then there are nuts or berries to be found ? What about vegetable growing in the winter .. you need an intact! Greenhouse, and longer growing times with less yield. In my opinion, these are the big questions to be answered. The only visual effect is not a real experience and no challenge.
  15. it is certainly a normal full price for Final Release to Desire, (in the range of the Arma series). Beta price policy we will see, although here every DayZ possesses, sometimes even several times. otherwise we could talk be synonymous over prices of computer components or mobile phones.