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  1. @chambersenator very good points. Your consideration of exploits were my first thoughts while viewing the video. Carry a wounded player with all his equipment. It is hard for me to accept this, especially with the weight system and the stamina system. The reason to wear a player must not go out of his loot, it must be the value of the player or the body. This means loot or body (either the own loot has to be deposited [vest / backpack] or that of the "rescue body"). Furthermore, it must cost the savior much strength and endurance. The decision must include consequences which lead to compromises. A compromise will be, loot or life .... the softskills will certainly influence the decisions. In the case of dead bodies, it is primarily a question of removing "evidence" or "hints", and again only to secure the life of one's own life or that of the group. It has already been mentioned that it is possible to bury corpses (graves). This is certainly meant in a certain environment of the crime scene. To make further transports with bodies (and Loot) one must use vehicles ... and that is something we can so far, even if now the vehicles through the Instant Drive do not have the same value as they later with the "maintenance Mechanics ".
  2. It was once mentioned in a SR that they plan something like that. But I'm not sure if it's about "carry" by body went or pull. But it is certainly more than year ago. I think it was related to the "SOS" animation. Edit: found this on DayZtv. http://www.dayztv.com/pic/dayz-drag-a-wounded-body-idea-concept/ And on the comments are a little answer: "Antykain, Hero 1 year ago: Yes, as some of the other have already said, dragging of bodies has been talked about (by Hicks) being added in the near future. I believe they are just waiting on some of the increased functionality that the new renderer will bring to DayZ SA."
  3. Bohemia will start the marketing and push if they consider it useful. The game is not finished, so BI is not interested in the fact that there are more players to buy NOW. There will be some (many?) Sure to come back to beta, there will surely be some (many?) Which will start it only then. The game is now 4 years, during this time many "new" players have grown, and do not forget the story with the console. We are worried too much, BI will already know what they have to do as and when. I also understand the concerns of many players, because I know what it means when a MMO is no online players (pure pointlessness), there is no reason to play this because it is designed as MMO. (DayZ is not a real MMO, and is thanks to the permadeath system always different). Our worries are the servers and communitis, which simply suffer from it, and we suffer because the hype has caused a huge variety of servers and communitis, which are now starving with the modest player numbers. I'm convinced it will be all right, but some Comms / Servers will have to die by then, it's natural selection, and that's good, because Beta DayZ will not be the same DayZ as many people know. Just hold your thumb firmly.
  4. Your RAM... 4MB (edit: 4GB) .. i think this are to less in combination with your GPU. Not sure if with the new renderer and soundsystem other minimum system-componemts are recomenemd.
  5. no words... only a Little Picture from my Dreams Full View http://imgur.com/a/nzQdh
  6. I have something strange happened last time. I made a fire under a tree in the rain. The fireplace was filled with 5 sticks. When the fireplace still had 3 sticks, the fire extinguished. I gave Bark again, and wanted to ignite the fire again. But it did not work. There came the message: can not ignite the fire because it's wet. (Word not 100% exactly ... it is already few days ago). I tried yesterday to reproduce this phenomenon (before it was not possible because it was more important to raise my status from the starving: /) .. but it was not any more. Was the coincidence? I as a fire devil was very positive Surprised over this feature ;-).
  7. LOL --- pure Headturn
  8. Stamina/ weightsystem/ different Energy-Water levels / Injuries/ Diseases/ Noise level of the type of equipment with regard to it environment. All this will greatly influence the way to live and survive. Today, the whole map is the same, whether it's coast or north-west .. there is no difference in the challenge of the environment (It is even the opposite, the coast in the east is more difficult to guard than the north-west, in terms of loot and food)... Except perhaps players and wolves.
  9. Early Shift in this week... no chance to change... sniff...
  10. I think you do not quite understand what it is in this thread here. This is about your own limitations to have a challenge. If it is not your thing then stop yourself out there, because no one MUST in DayZ do something he does not like or understands.
  11. my only words....
  12. My feeling, tells me that the Devs have already finished many of the modules. It may be underestimated what it means to merge the modules. The merge means to connect all networks and dependencies. And this alone I imagine as a huge work ... countless variables that influence with others in the end a gigantic spider net represent, and that has a big error potential. But we are waiting anxiously what will come. I trust the team that they can do something that lets our hair out.
  13. Yesterday i have beginn a new challange on the Rain-De-Exp-Server. Without Waterproof clothes / No apples / and never Running only walk an jogging.... 1.5 h play.. 2x starving and 1x hypothermic.. my Health and Bloodlevel are fcuking down. (Search for berrys are very hard.. 5% chance of win and very less nutrions and chickens find in the night are the hell on normal gamma... i have everytime water in my ears from my Hollydays at the Redsea... very bad to hear the chickens :-( ).
  14. (Pick in handslot) Go to the near of stone just you see the message "mine stone" then press F and wait of the end of animation... all other activities make abort the mineing. (The Iceaxe are the fastest worktool from mine stones)
  15. @goateswyn Very very nice "story creating" with this buggy Infected. Your Ideas make fun.