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  1. DayZ - DeerIsle (Map)

    The map has a very interesting landmass. To make this map fun and meaningful, it needs working boats.(connecting all islands with bridges would break much experience.) Until these are delivered by BI, it takes a while. This means for you that you can also take the time to design the map. Thumbs up for you.
  2. how to fix base building

    Want to seriously invade a base with a home-made ladder? You know how dangerous and buggy the standard ladders in DayZ are. Since you can save yourself the trouble and press F11. If BI wont let you craft a ladder, then only because they do not want you to die. Smile ^^
  3. how to fix base building

    At least it is that you can not steal material by mining bases. The obtained material despawn .... no matter where it is put down (barrel or tent).
  4. base destroyable?

    -For *RP communities, basebuilding is already very good, as he is willing to do right now (who does real RP does not need a lock on his base). - For real *PVE servers, the basebuilding is already good. -For pure PVP servers ... who needs bases? Or who has the time and nerves to build a base? Or why ... this is not an action. - So only the public servers and the free communities remain. And just for this it needs a relatively stable structure, and a balance between "construction time (includes the raw materials)" and "destroy / penetrate (includes also the materials to do this successfully) only then it will in this playstiyles (all the you can imagine) funny and very different. * This applies only to such groups, the members have their own and the thoughts of Com. understand and live.
  5. base destroyable?

    Well, what do the players expect what they will find in a base? Tents full of special tools / ammunition / explosives / whiskey / cigarettes / cash / dog excrement bags or drugs ??? I think the smart player or the smart group will bury their "BEST VALUES" treasures in stashes and store them X times more secure than in easy-to-find bases. The best players will not let anything in a base that's worth so much effort. (at the moment the whole base building is not yet personalized, so it is always in the construction phase for all participants ... therefore they are not worthy of protection).
  6. how to fix base building

    The problem with basebuilding is: It is not yet personalized. If you build it ... you can change it too / tear it off. The base elements are under construction for all players "Upbuild / Downbuild". In words: there is no status "base element ready" for the server yet.
  7. Nachladen funktioniert nicht

    No. Only all settings (video/audio/keybinds) goes to default.
  8. Nachladen funktioniert nicht

    Try at first to delete all files in our C:\Users\(our username)\Documents\DayZ\ ...
  9. Nachladen funktioniert nicht

    Do you have that with all servers / characters or only with a certain character. You say it's like that with all your weapons .. so I suppose it's always the same character. If you can load one rounds, it seems like a banned magazine is already in the guns. Hast du das mit allen Servern / Charakteren oder nur mit einem bestimmten Charakter? Du sagst es ist so mit all deinen Waffen .. also nehme ich an, dass es immer der gleiche Charakter ist. Wenn Sie eine Patrone laden können, scheint ein verbugtes Magazin bereits in der Waffe zu sein. (Sry aber ich benutze eher selten Schusswaffen.. besonders jetzt wo das Gewicht zählt ^^ ).
  10. 4 million copies of DayZ sold

    Not only BI will be happy about new players, the whole Com. it will liven it up. (5 years of development have good sides too).
  11. Nachladen funktioniert nicht

    Do you have the weapon in your hand? Actions that you only within the Inv. make are very buggy ... except stack of items. Note: You should write here in English ... even if it's hard for you. (Take a translator to help .. like me). // Hast du dabei die Waffe in der Hand ? Aktionen die du nur innerhalb des Inv. machst sind sehr buggy... ausser stapeln von Items. Amerkung: Du solltest hier in englisch schreiben...auch wenn es dir schwer fällt. (Nimm einen translator zu hilfe ..so wie ich).
  12. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Does this mean that "M&K" XO players have access to the hives of PC servers? Or will it be separate hives? (within the XO Hives).
  13. Hmm.. you run in the forest... and a wall of "action pop-ups" flashing up. It would be better if you could craft "1 Stick" / "2 Sticks" / "3 Sticks *" with almost any tool. * = Depending on the logic or efficiency of the tool.
  14. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Oh .. I remember my youth, we often played in the woods ... and ran through the undergrowth ... until we noticed at home how our shoes and pants (sometimes jackets) changed from the bushes and thorns to a miserable condition (at this moment our mom are at home the Infected ^^ ok..long time ago), I've been wishing for a long time that this works in DayZ too ... watch your clothes stay in place, meaning YOU are responsible for your behavior ... you're always running across the undergrowth for no reason ... then yours Pants show you the revenge.
  15. Diabetes Issue

    Go to a well... an press F ...F ...F ... 30x an now you have enough water. A sip is only a sip ^^ .