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  1. (ingame) map are inaktiv at Moment.
  2. It is not in the sense of the map of Chernarus the spawn points to distribute the whole map. The map already has "zones" and I am firmly convinced that these "zones" in the future are not only different from the loot. The requirements and the challenges will increase with the "Zones". Therefore, this makes no sense to spread spawnpoints. // it would be senseless to get a spawn point in Lopatino if you can not survive it. Only my opinion..or hope to this are the way of the game.
  3. Yes. Until today, exp and stable were identical. So build 0.62.140099. Now exp again a step ahead (big step 0099 to 0267, sounds like a lot of work with the memory crash-fix) Thx at Devs. // If I had a wish then: I would like to have an experimental server on which it always rains, only for the science. And it would be good if this is so called "Experimental UK-Rain7 / 24" i.e.
  4. Oh people. Please keep your feet still a little. The renderer on DX11 has still a lot of potential upward, since the introduction numerous improvements have been made. The same also applies to the Ambientsound ... it is only at the beginning and also here is still much before us. What is still the case today, can be changed tomorrow. There are simply very many things that depend on the "player controller".
  5. Everytime the same Server ? Or you login on different servers ? 1) (If you logout, your Character are for ~ 30 sec. visible and aktiv on the server... in this time its possible from a Kill be a Player) 2) its possible if you have aggro from wolves or infected while logout, them can kill you on the Logout phase. ( closed doors no help for AI glitch )
  6. and this New Render on night. Night (ambient light) are only Rendering on 8 bit, if you use a lightsource then are the lighted area on full colordepth. Screenshot (edited) with max. Gamma. Edit: I am happy for this change. I really tried to survive with 50% Gamma in Krasnostav. It was as dark as a bear's ass (3/4 fullmoon !!). Infected were almost not visible and I had to locate them with the noise. With a torch it was very pleasant, just making a torch no harm, a real challenge. Infected were also with max. Gamma is very bad to see, depending on the clothing and background they become almost invisible. The farther away they are, the more they become the environment. Oh what I would have given everything for a headlight .... all my 2 cans of food. The direction is right, even if there will be many "critics", the challenge slowly takes shape.
  7. if you will Play public then make this on "Veteran Servers" Server hopping ? Yes Kick by Admin ? No Random shutdown/resets ? No All empty on Milbases ? No (no transver from Loot to hoarded Servers) And at Moment because see above, more lowpop.
  8. @shuter165 http://dayz.gamepedia.com/DayZ_Standalone_Wiki
  9. Stop....Hello Devs...we need hairdresser.
  10. Maybe a first test to reduce gamma abuses. (More Gamma, less Colordeep).
  11. One Rock.
  12. Not only for RP servers... i think for all Vanilla can this surprising.
  13. Lol .... we are here at DayZ and not at Conan Exiles .... ;-) is still missing the adjustment of various body parts in the length
  14. DayZ generally has far too few con sequences of your action. The world in DayZ is not an apocalypse. This is what makes everything possible, without the need to worry about other players. A stranger player is better when he is death, since everyone can do it all by himself with some tactics. Only when the world in Chernarus is hostile to you, only then will you be glad to meet another player just to have a chance to achieve something. It sounds like hardcore, but that's what it takes Tisy to reach. DayZ has to go as far as you need to think, whether you should take the SVD before you, or if you leave it, for fear to become a potential goal, just because you have an SVD. It needs sensitivity to decide what is good for you, or what harms you. The decisions of your action, with the consequences are simply missing at the moment. I once said: The way you go, decides how long you live / survive.
  15. @plasma (DayZ). I think the big different in DayZ are the controll of physics. In DayZ controlls the server many influences. IMO to make harder to cheat.