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  1. Hotbar issues

    @Baty Alquawen Double posting this problem. Here are more infos and the "solution.
  2. Layers

    The idea is nice. optically feasible without problem. It would only affect your isolation of heat. the slots of the lower layers would have to be lost. So the temperatures in Chernarus could fall to hard life. But ! how is the playability as a new spawn? People would freeze in large numbers and the echo in the media would be a negative wave of outrage. As mods? Yes OK.
  3. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    The stress-test is not beta ... it's not even exp. 0.63. The stress-test is to bring the network structure and the new Core-Engine to the limits to test the foundation of the game. The stress test version will only contain time-critical elements and push them to the limit. It is the ground on which the first 0.63 exp. part will start ... and beta will be only when 0.63 stable reached. I hope as mentioned earlier that there are a few texture updates in the houses and assets .... but I understand that this has no priority ... because it is "make-up" and "make-up" you wear only on before you do that House leaves, so last.
  4. DAYZ: End of the Road

    Very good, thumbs up. And the mystery remains: "who or what was in the trunk?"
  5. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Good jop, boys & girls. We would have waited well until Tuesday ... but now the load of next week is no longer in the focus of the SR. (The picture from Bugreport tells me that you will not be bored, but have a nice weekend).
  6. A new running animation please!

    No words.
  7. Doors. Sorry, but wtf is this?

    I also noticed that in the XBox stream. It should show that these doors are not usable. I have to say that I liked the old without "door handle" better. If it should be like that, then rather no doors, or those that are too bricked. The shown "lock" encourages you to try to break the door.
  8. My Suggestions/Wishes for DayZ

    I hope the game finds its balance in such a way that you lose your ass with the idea to build a base in a military zone.
  9. 0.63 Stress tests

    more than 100 would be nice if it was possible. But better less and a little reserve to have good performance with modding.
  10. the amount of loot is not crucial. If the mechanics offers some POI 's places, so much can arise. For example, a report mentioned that the sawmills will have a function. So if you need a sawmill to make logs from trunks, these places will become important key points. This in every way to the gameplay. Such places make the high number of loot places as no matter, as long as there are a few special places that bring "play mechanic" benefits. (A military base does not provide a "mechanical advantage" as it is "only" a loot place).
  11. it looks like the test will be at Chernogorsk. I hope the devs do it on the current 0.62 map .... otherwise the test will run on 90% of the players to NWAF race to see it. This is certainly not the point of the matter, but pure action in a concentrated space to bring the network traffic to the limits .... Combat (and vehicles on speed) is the real time-critical point at DayZ .... desynch fishing will not bother anyone.
  12. Locked trunk of police cars

    The same should apply to heli crashes. The loot may be inside or at the crash site in a chest / box you need to break up (it could certainly be on the ground, but it would surely be ruined). A crash site would certainly attract the infected, which would then be found there. So not an easy task to get the loot like now. This is not a new idea ... I have read this before ... just without the point with the closed boxes).
  13. 0.63 Stress tests

    Chernarus vs Namalsk. And here Namalsk alone (15x15 km size with sea. The size of landmass im not found.
  14. Despawning of player dead bodies

    That's right, in a SR it was talked about. It should also give the possibility of "hide body", but not as we know it. It was mentioned that the dead body can be buried. The meaning behind it is logical with the danger of illness, because a dead body in your base can become a danger to yourself and others. (It was also suggested that it makes sense to "sanitize / cleanse" objects from the dead .... because Loot could kill you).