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  1. Sqeezorz


    First, the main question should be clarified: Is it intended that the fog increases with the playing time, or is it a desynch of the weather system from the server. (A relog will reload the weather data, so what's wrong with it?) Because: this would give every server hopper an advantage as it jumps from server to server, giving it the benefit of better visibility, in return for the players who play longer without relog. And this has zero to do with the night, that is a completely different topic, the fog/relog problem was already mentioned in the Expbranch (2Player play ingame... one see little fog, and the other see only a wall of fog... this are the problem).
  2. Sqeezorz

    DayZ Crashes with Offline Missions

    The same Problem with CommuniyOfflineMod... before Update no Problem, after Update only Crash/Abort while Loading.
  3. Sqeezorz

    bow and arrow?

    The model, the animation, that's not the problem of the bow and arrow. The key point is shot physics. The bow needs the physics engine parts of the "throw". The "projectile" will be accelerated and arrive at the target and remain, the big difference to the firearms, the projectiles of the firearms are only virtual and disappear at the firing. So the bow, together with the "throwing", will see the light of Chernarus. If only the developers know, probably one of the next features, if the server / client structure solves the stability problems.
  4. The same here. I have only delete the Complete DayZ folder in my Documents (rename of parts do not work).
  5. Sqeezorz

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    Keep it up Gews, your posts will also be read by the team. The fact that they do not answer is not a new thing, it is only important that they know that someone has investigated it and found errors / deviations. (maybe the values are also distorted by a new engine calculation and are so flawed ... everything is possible, if you do not know everything.)
  6. if I fix something then: I can only improve one level. (badly damaged> damaged >> next try >> damaged to worn. That means I needed 2 unit-packets from the repair kit, but each item seems to have its own amount of repair points.
  7. Sqeezorz

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    Reading data is not the same as writing data. (Some parts of the hard-coded engineparts should be unchangeable for all but the developers .... otherwise there will soon be a Trumpet with the power of impact like an atomic bomb ... in a recoil of a fly at touchdown and Survivors with 10Giga Lifepoints and 10 ' 000 liters of blood .... you know what I mean). What Gews is trying to do is to show the real character of a weapon so that the difference is not just in rendering the pixels. Only the true character makes the choice and the difference .... if these nuances are missing then each weapon is only an optical skin .... and that makes no difference to the product. Without these "subtleties" to consider it needs no other weapons right? DayZ is DayZ and should not be a Quake Arena. (I do not need any weapons actively in DayZ, but that's my point of view, and I want to understand others who WANT.)
  8. Sqeezorz

    When Picking Up Weapons From Dead Players...

    Hmm. 1) Tab F, take on Hands. Hold F (short 1-2sec. craftingcircle), take on Inventory. Add: if you have already some item in your handslot, and Hold F then goes also to inventory. Its like the "stand/crouch/prone" system. 2) Tab G put on Ground/Floor (in direction to Viewpoint). HOLD G (loadcircle for Power) goes to throw the Item in direction to your View.
  9. Sqeezorz

    New zombies

    like this:
  10. Sqeezorz


    >>> https://forums.dayz.com/topic/236606-future-of-public-hive-servers/?do=findComment&comment=2370934 Status ?
  11. Sqeezorz

    Infected lootz tweaking

    I really hope that the lack of some features intentionally gameplay to make it easy for new 1.0 players. It would make it easier to understand than a veteran, if its then so.
  12. Sqeezorz

    What is done during maintenance?

    Maybe this ?
  13. Sqeezorz

    Testing Persistence

    That is to say: the persistence works properly. Intact items are retained, ruined items are removed. Reason: The items now respond to "damage", which is set so that everything is made of thin glass ?
  14. Sqeezorz

    Not enough server

    Twitter monday morning: //Hello Survivors, the Steam Free Weekend is now over. We want to thank every one of you who participated, we hope we could share a bit more of the DayZ experience with all of you. We will also deactivate the extra servers for the event. See you in Chernarus!//