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  1. Hey, um why u do dis?

    Head bob only happens when you sprint in 3rd person. I had to go test it cause I was so used to jogging I forgot head bob existed. Only time I sprint is when I get shot at.
  2. pls add the american 180

    That made me think of the .357 harrett barrel for the Longhorn.
  3. Dying because of stairs

    Easy to run off the stairs in that barn if you don't slow down and be careful.
  4. system specs

    At 1080p you can play all high settings with this pc.
  5. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    When I copy pasted the code I accidently left a space in front of it. I noticed in your post you have two spaces in front so be sure you are not doing that.
  6. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    The servers are up but you will get a CTD after a couple of mins. Think there is a problem with battleye becasue ARMA3 is also having the same problem.
  7. I would also make sure there are no xbox controllers or joysticks plugged in until you figured it out.
  8. For the Mule in all of us

    Wheelbarrow would be awesome for hauling injured players and they could sit up with their weapon while you push. All for the shopping cart but it has to have the option where you can ride in it down inclines.
  9. Reduced sun glare by wearing sunglasses

    I don't think it should even work in 3rd person. Scopes and sights are the same way. How it simulates the shading is another issue.
  10. Automatic shifting in vehicles

    If it was a simulator you would have to hold down the clutch key while you change gears.
  11. where's all the private servers

    Could also try going into the settings of steam, in game settings, and change the "in game server browser:max pings /min" to one of the lower settings.
  12. Set Launch to always start x64 bit DayZ?

    Could copy over and rename the 32bit exe with the 64bit exe.
  13. FPS Problems Preventing Gameplay

    Windows 7 Professional x86 (32-bit)
  14. Error Loading DayZ

    Did you disable the Intel HD GPU in the BIOS? I would do that first and then driver clean install.
  15. In a village or town full of infected and other players, the last thing you want to do is open a door with a shotgun.