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  1. - Alright, I`ve a bug update on weapon ready. If you ready any weapons with your right mouse button and then aim with the right mouse button - it will automatically lower it after (5-10) seconds. However if you ready your weapons or binoculars with a hot key like B for example -it should be okey and you can use a scope without interruption, enjoy! :)
  2. I can cofirm that - the random footstep might be an audio bug. In the first Dayz SA versions we heard random voices too - it might be a similar pattern bug just now we hear footsteps.
  3. - Chernogorsk barrels. Persistance is working indeed. Yeah it might be some loot issues I read on the steam forum earlier. I also found some loot piles of weapons inside civil buildings at Balota, and far north of some places on the map. I don`t remember exact locations at the moment, but I will investigate it in near future! :)
  4. Maybe I`m not sure it`s not just a scope, but also when you aim with a weapon at least CR75 as well.
  5. It can probably happen - build a base somewhere and store some items. The wipe affected characters and not persistance barrels and tents, but I understand the frustration especially those with limited time this weekend.
  6. And I found a critical bug - don`t log out in high blocks buildings and u will get stuck for sure. I had to suicide and run back to my backpack - I reproduced the same bug with a different character and same stuck result. I was in the second floor.
  7. - It was a heli crash site just south of it and I`m going to explore it! But I`m cold rain all day and no raincoat or Gorka! I`m really enjoy this game now almost all experimental branch servers have been full this friday - I`m going to find a tent and barrel and build a base in Cherno!! Let`s go!, 2 am at night, but who the fuck cares about sleep - I`ve cold beers, brb! ;) Anyway about a bug anyone noticed something odd with the hunting scope when I zoom in sometimes automatically stop using it until I manually start zooming again with right click?
  8. It`s intended - the forest is dense so hard to spot anyone deep inside it. So I enjoy the new tree changes - very positive, hiding inside a tree is not a good in-game mechanic in my opinion.
  9. - Near Balota Airfield at sunset just below the infamous sniper hill.
  10. I noticed that as well - some servers are really unstable with similar old 0.61 fps drop once in a while so I drop to 1 fps and it crashed to desktop/window as well for me earlier this evening. But I think some servers are better than others at the moment.
  11. All think they are Mike Tyson in this game, but I end his/her life at the church in Elektro with my P1 pistol a full mag too, but an unfortunate accident happen later that night... ..while I was afk one of my toilet breaks with my 24/7 dayz sessions - a zombie gnawed on me when I was back, and they bite quite hard so I barely had 1200 blood! I was knocked unconncious and I probably woke up as a zombie, that was my first life, but now I`m exploring Cherno found a shotgun and with a new story hopefully soon in this 0.62 journey! :)
  12. A weapon already! Ya, it`s cold for sure. :)
  13. Spread the words and enjoy your evening for sure - soon summer vacation too! ;)
  14. I`m tempted to start a live stream just to talk about Dayz SA development since 2014 in an attempt to gather some old Dayz SA players since we have such an old community here since 2012 - when some of us had fun in that Arma 2 dayz mod! :) I won`t live stream the game though until I`ve a new hardware, gpu - a quality live stream is important for me personally hence why I`ve not been streaming the past months since closed beta of Player Unknown`s Battlegrounds. `grin`
  15. So they will wait with the new animations until the beta release @Baty Alquawen - it makes sense though. ' It`s a rumor that Summit1g a popular twitch streamer will play Dayz SA this evening - he is kind of tired of Battlegrounds recently. He actually mention this game in his last night stream, but not sure if that is ultimately his plan this evening though.