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  1. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    And much better visual bullet impact well done in this new patch! )) And I shoot myself in the leg to test out item damage, and only my pants got ruined since the bullet went through it, all other items were pristine in my backpack.
  2. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    The offline version struggle a little after the #11 stress test dayz 0.63 patch - the zombies don`t always respawn, and it`s similar loot. I know you guys working on the next #12 build and that is your priority, but just my experience after a quick morning offline session. I only get a blue screen trying to check the new #12 patch update in the offline mode - hopefully a fix for it.
  3. The Ability to IV yourself

    Yes definitely I hope dev. read this, because it`s hard to find each other sometimes if u play with a friend or start far away from each other, and it helps when u solo to use salin on yourself. If you ask an unknown person he more likely to shoot you and take your loot in this game if you have end game gear. It`s sometimes hard to trust other unknown players after 5-6 years of dayz experience since 2012 and Arma II mod.
  4. Stress Test vol.11

    I hope the improvise backpack have space enough for the Splitting Axe in 0.63 - right now you can`t fit the axe inside it so you need to use it on the shoulder which means u are easier to spot unless you find a larger backpack like the dry backpack, but the cammo rating on it is not that good on the dry backpack, or wait until you find the assault backpack, but often that is too late since it mainly spawn at the military locations.
  5. Stress Test vol.11

    You can change mags without any sounds at all and completely silent - it`s a huge advantage in some situations, and many are aware of it, but I will not post details about the sound bug here. - Anyway food consumption is a bit fast at the moment in the current 0.63 build in comparison to water. In real life it`s opposite - you need to drink more than food for instant. :) And my last feedback this morning after this night friday testing and about Battle eye kicks. The main reason for it is the stagger/freeze lag when your load into a new server after some seconds or you need to start over with a new character. I was kicked in my last 2 attempts all low pop. servers just for testing purpose UK 06 & 10 servers. Overall thoughts I believe it was a good build concerning items spawns. I found items inside most houses I visited and I mostly played on full servers. And very stable servers so far without crashes, and the FPS is very good. I still miss scopes & leaning mechanic a lot though, and stamina bar need to be tweaked if u watch Shroud earlier this night. He was loaded with items, but he could not sprint, and the stamina bar was too low in my opinion due to item weight. Also some weather condition need some adjustment - when it first rain on a server it never stop it seems like in the offline mode.
  6. Stress Test vol.11

    I`ve reported it weeks ago to 0.63, but check sound bugs reports related to weapons without going into details here on forum so other players can exploit it, or send me a priv. msg, on twitter about it, but no changes in this patch update.
  7. 0.63 And Beyond - My Biggest Concerns

    About the Raiding system. If you look at Crowfall which is an massive mmo (massive multiplayer game - thousands of players in the same world) - you`ve limited windows you can attack another POI (Points of interest) or a castle with siege equipment and it has been used since the old Shadowbane game since 2003 with success. And in Conan Exiles another open sandbox world with bases have also used own time schedule with fire bottles which can damage structure, and they have own unique windows when your base can be damaged and need defense on different server settings. And that means you can plan it and defend your base more effective in that vulnerable window when your material required to build a base can be damaged for instant, and people stop getting frustrated getting raided when they are offline or sleeping if you can set a window when the raiding system is active and all bases on the server is vulnerable for instant to have a simple model. But such a system can be quite detailed as well - it depends how much time and effort put into a raiding system to get it more interesting and inviting to create a base for instant. Maybe you get a minor bonus and you`ve slept better inside the base so you consume less food that day when you loged out inside a base like a soft skill. It`s just an example how to create it more interesting in a sandbox environment like Dayz.
  8. My .63 Offline Experiences

    Yes, stamina bar and item weight need some tweaking for sure, but I really enjoy the 0.63 build overall and I believe the Dayz Dev. team did a fantastic job on it, and it`s much closer to the standard of other shooter games, and some of the new weapon animations looks simply amazing. :)
  9. My .63 Offline Experiences

    It was well written @Thurman Merman - I agree to most of your content, and it should also be possible to move while moving items in your bag. And another point I would like to point out would be amazing improvement - not sure if it will be in this 0.63 build, but before the game is fully released is to have bullet impact - 7.62 ammo should easy penetrate wood doors or barn doors for instant, and it should be better noticeable bullet impacts when you hit a tree or a building. Have a great weekend!
  10. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Yes, I`m glad to hear that and it`s a good decision, because Dayz is about player interaction to create those unique moments while playing, and when I sometime stream 0.63 offline is mainly to test out new features and report issues about the current build.
  11. Stress test vol.5

    Food & Drink bars need to be tweaked in next update. I ran from Pavlovo village to the closest military base with some barracks and hospital found an AKM + 2 Mags + ammo with full health bars, and I ran back to Pavlovo after I looted and almost died to thirst, and that`s like maybe 1000 meters both ways in distance. :)
  12. Stress test vol.5

    Wow well done - I had/have over 100 fps looking at a tree at max graphic setting in this stress test - that`s +50 fps gain since previous patch for me on 0.63 build and my performance report 1 day ago.
  13. Stress test vol.5

    It`s the same in the offline mode - when u just start or load it freeze for some seconds until you get a very smooth experience, but when you die or restart a new character you get that stutter or freeze when it load the new characater in offline and in this stress test. Yes same here bad module bug. )) It helped to restart the game for me and try a different server which was less populated.
  14. Stress test vol.5

    Are they waiting for scope weapon attachment before they release it on experimental servers?
  15. General Discussion

    Shoulder straps should be much tighter to the character model in 0.63 at least on the mountain backpack and improvised backpack. In a game on a multiplayer server you can be easier to spot based on that, but it`s not that important fix compare to game breaking crashes.