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  1. Well some are waiting for 0.63 - so I guess the new color pattern will get into beta. :)
  2. - It`s a long unedited movie from this morning stream 20.07.2017 on twitch - I don`t earn any money from Youtube. So it`s mainly for those who enjoy Dayz SA content hence why I posted it here - even though it`s over 2 hours long. :) I learnt something new this morning in Dayz SA - it`s certainly most action near the coast! Anyway I hope you enjoy it!
  3. You're supposed to use trains on those tracks, not cars!! :P
  4. Any of the recent experimental patches been pushed over to the stable branch yet?
  5. alright nice.
  6. yeah not sure if bolts and quiver is in this build - I`ve not found the magnum loader - the 22 pistol is usually on top of lighthouses, very rare since there are only three lightthouses on the entire map. One on the island, another one south of the island, and the last one far west of Balota so u can see to the prison island.
  7. @Hicks_206 (DayZ) and others on the dev. team I hope you consider to rewrite the entire fall damage code from the old legacy system, because it`s too clunky. The game should not stop to calculate 1/2 meter when you jump and freeze your character in the process - I hope you guys look into it in beta. It`s not all about broken ladders, but how the fall damage is calculated and coded on this engine.
  8. Which server are u guys playing on to try to get on medium server? :) @Lirik will be happy with that he accidently got killed last evening by the office ladder. )) - A minor bug update for this evening test session. Well sometimes u can climb deer stances with a pistol in your hand, but other times it will automatically place it in your backpack if u have space - otherwise it will drop on the ground below it. It`s kind of random result while holding a pistol - a glock 19 to be specific.
  9. yeah it was an amazing experimental update! I crashed 1 time in the end of my play session - probably a memory leak issue, but it was after 4 hours of playing with a relative old GPU card too Asus gtx 780 at max setting (very high). The color pattern was a lot sharper in comparison to an earlier version, and I hope to see this new update as soon as possible on the stable brach 0.62, and it felt more stable when I was playing with my brief testing time earlier this evening! :) A great overall update to 0.62! - I had to mention one thing about creating a fire place u cant add lumber from your inventory into the fireplace, but you need to drop it to the ground then add fire wood at your fireplace outside of the inventory system - just a minor thing!
  10. Yeah, construction watchtower and grenade traps is awesome to protect you hard working precious loot! :D I recommend to listen to Hicks interview too - a great informative update and a good quality interview about earlier decisions concerning Dayz SA development and EA since the beginning.
  11. Perfect - much better sound level at night! :)
  12. Great, I`ll save an hour this evening to test some basics! :)
  13. Still too loud at nights near buildings or places of interest - otherwise it`s fine at the moment.
  14. A guy waited at me 5 min. ago inside the school when I was in the police station at Vybor - we both see each other and I had a shoty with ammo on UK-07 server, but I let him go since he did not had a weapon with ammo! :) Yeah I`ve notice it too @Biohaze- there are some issues with loot table at the moment.
  15. New patch this friday? I won`t collect items to my home base if we get a new patch this evening! :) It`s a huge advantage to start with a barrel base and it`s more fun to play when u have a spot on the map u call home - it`s not even RP. If u carry ammo and weapons u can`t use place it in a barrel, and u can take more risk as well since if someone spot u and die, u will always have something in your barrel when u start over. Anyway happy weekend, and most importantly find those bugs and report! Lastly, I hope the dev. team want to explore to increase the amount of players on this map to 75/75 again, because u can have 50 guys around cherno and it would still be hard to spot anyone! :)