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  1. Stable Update 1.0.149974

    Any updates on the long range scope like eta? Merry xmas, a huge achievement to reach 1.0, and it will be interesting to look ahead with possible new dayz maps and with more content by air or road and maybe new weapons! :)
  2. Stable Update 0.63.149442

    Yes the dark Nights with different light sources need to be adjusted in near future patches, because you get almost blinded at the moment. And our eyes should get used to the lightsource after a while that is how it suppose to work, but it is just a painful process now in the dark with different light sources.
  3. Stable Update 0.63.149442

    Will movement while looting be back before 1.0 release @ImpulZ ? I really miss it and it increase chance of survival if not in 1.0, but post launch later maybe? Another topic it`s hard to see the stamina bar now after the latest patch - not sure if it is intended or not. I like the patch so far well done! ))
  4. Xbox update 05/09/2018

    I hope the dev. team consider to bring back character movement while examine your backpack so you don`t stand still while org. your loot in jackets, backpacks etc.
  5. Take a vacation @blackberrygoo come back and test it out after next major update when the 1.0 is ready. And don`t wait each day and evening, because it`s a small dev. team. It`s not like BF V from closed alpha to a full game in 3 months, because Dice and EA have 500 ++ employees. They are trying to create the best survival game that is within their limited resources and I`m positive they will reach the company goal concerning 1.0 to a full game. I appreciate the interview @M1NDR - I hope u all had a good time there.
  6. Status Report - 28 August 2018

    I enjoyed the interview, and I hope you all had a great time on Gamescom even though I can imagine it can be exhausting with all the journalists.
  7. Game Update 31/8/18

    There are some major issues now with the magazines and some automatic rifles involving magazines. It`s newly reported on the bug tracker by the way to the dev. team as a major in-game issue.
  8. Stress Test vol.35

    Well I don`t see it as an issue if they zoom a little better, but I still miss the long range combat and personally really miss random events which include crash sites. About the damage tweaking - a headshot unless he/she wears a helmet should be an instant kill though.
  9. What`s new with this update - scopes & new weapons? We need random events back too - I`m missing the crash sites for sure.
  10. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    And much better visual bullet impact well done in this new patch! )) And I shoot myself in the leg to test out item damage, and only my pants got ruined since the bullet went through it, all other items were pristine in my backpack.
  11. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    The offline version struggle a little after the #11 stress test dayz 0.63 patch - the zombies don`t always respawn, and it`s similar loot. I know you guys working on the next #12 build and that is your priority, but just my experience after a quick morning offline session. I only get a blue screen trying to check the new #12 patch update in the offline mode - hopefully a fix for it.
  12. The Ability to IV yourself

    Yes definitely I hope dev. read this, because it`s hard to find each other sometimes if u play with a friend or start far away from each other, and it helps when u solo to use salin on yourself. If you ask an unknown person he more likely to shoot you and take your loot in this game if you have end game gear. It`s sometimes hard to trust other unknown players after 5-6 years of dayz experience since 2012 and Arma II mod.
  13. Stress Test vol.11

    I hope the improvise backpack have space enough for the Splitting Axe in 0.63 - right now you can`t fit the axe inside it so you need to use it on the shoulder which means u are easier to spot unless you find a larger backpack like the dry backpack, but the cammo rating on it is not that good on the dry backpack, or wait until you find the assault backpack, but often that is too late since it mainly spawn at the military locations.
  14. Stress Test vol.11

    You can change mags without any sounds at all and completely silent - it`s a huge advantage in some situations, and many are aware of it, but I will not post details about the sound bug here. - Anyway food consumption is a bit fast at the moment in the current 0.63 build in comparison to water. In real life it`s opposite - you need to drink more than food for instant. :) And my last feedback this morning after this night friday testing and about Battle eye kicks. The main reason for it is the stagger/freeze lag when your load into a new server after some seconds or you need to start over with a new character. I was kicked in my last 2 attempts all low pop. servers just for testing purpose UK 06 & 10 servers. Overall thoughts I believe it was a good build concerning items spawns. I found items inside most houses I visited and I mostly played on full servers. And very stable servers so far without crashes, and the FPS is very good. I still miss scopes & leaning mechanic a lot though, and stamina bar need to be tweaked if u watch Shroud earlier this night. He was loaded with items, but he could not sprint, and the stamina bar was too low in my opinion due to item weight. Also some weather condition need some adjustment - when it first rain on a server it never stop it seems like in the offline mode.
  15. Stress Test vol.11

    I`ve reported it weeks ago to 0.63, but check sound bugs reports related to weapons without going into details here on forum so other players can exploit it, or send me a priv. msg, on twitter about it, but no changes in this patch update.