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  1. My stress test 0.63 video

    A good video - are u friendly? come up here, hehe! )) The torch light was really nice, well done.
  2. General Discussion

    Crosshair in shooters is unrealistic - which make it much easier to hit something without using the weapon iron sight. If u have a CS:GO crosshair it`s much easier to hit something without using scopes at all in short range, and it`s much faster when you don`t need to scope or zoom in on your target. Yes 0.62 version of dayz SA is clunky related to movements and using weapons at the same time compare to other shooter games like pubg or CS. My brief point I seldom or never stand still when I play in pubg related to characer movements.
  3. General Discussion

    That sounds great I hope we can move and shoot at the same time like in pubg. And make the crosshair similar like in Counterstrike or don`t use it at all and keep it realistic - which u need to use the weapon iron sight or a scope. And pls. add x4 and x8 scopes even maybe a x 15 scope like in pubg with milk, x15 scope could be found in a heli crash site loot like rare or very rare item, because the huge main map can support such a scope in a future release and update. The North West Airfield looked simply amazing with all the new map changes, well done dayz dev. team! :)
  4. 0.63 Stress tests

    I`m fine with 100/100 on the main map, but they should spread out the spawn points all over the coast of the map and also west of Cherno when they increase the player amount per server, because that part of the map feels really empty now. And I`m not a big fan of all the permanent coastal fog, and fog should be part of the dynamic weather system.
  5. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    I was in London not too long ago; a really beautiful city though concerning design and art, but I understand what you mean @BeefBacon And I think there is room for improvement related to buildings if the houses have been empty for years, and some plants should start to grow on part of the wall sections due to zombie crisis years ago.
  6. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Yes, I really enjoy the new map upgrades, and we will see rivers too in 0.63 - I`m looking forward to the new content for sure.
  7. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Yes true, it does not matter what my opinion is in the larger picture of things, but I just hope they are successful I would dislike it if the game died, because I still have-had a lot of fun in this game after 3k hours.
  8. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    It reminds me of Arma 2 dayz mod. houses @DannyDog, but they open up a few buildings some years after that, but dayz dev. team should go away from 2012 version houses and redesign most of it in my opinion especially with a new engine and code - the style can still be 1970 if they wish without feeling u suffocate inside the old version police station to just mention 1 building set.
  9. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    I`m glad you mention that @Gobbokirk - I hope they don`t label it as a beta, because people expectations of that stress test will go sky high, and many players who might come back for this game including old dayz players from 2014-15 would not understand the current state of the game in that particular public stress test in near future. It`s a good reason why the small map with code name; Savage in pubg is in closed test stage with keys, because the map is far from finished. I guess it`s to stress the net code and the amount of zombies and players they can have before it go unstable on their servers.
  10. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Well that`s my point thousand of lines so you need to do a research to find information about this game just only for the last year in 2017, and why is death animation(s) not in and it suppose to be a beta? The amount of bugs I read including blockers remind me of a different version alpha, because they are using a new engine and codes which has bugs. A beta version of a game don`t involve too many visual bugs, blockers, and crashes and unstable servers. And we are soon in May like 7 months until end of 2018 which the game is suppose to be 1.0 ready, yes I think part of the house design in this game is really narrow and bad in consider we live in 2018, if u look at western design concerning houses and buildings, @DannyDog
  11. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Well one thing I don`t understand with the new game engine: It need own unique codes for houses in the engine to work properly without players or zombies going through walls reported as a bug, and it was used as an exploit as well for years now based on the old code. Another topic concerning houses and design; you feel like suffocating inside the police station. It`s so narrow and little space in each room.. I almost wish they created an own unique police station with a lot more space inside it with an unique twist. It don`t need to be exact copy of the original building at all, because the person who designed the police station failed at school and design. I also have a strong wish that the death animation was fluid and less clunky, and the animation team should add different variations when players and zombie dies, but it`s not a blocking issue at all and mainly fluff since we are in 2018 now. And when I read critical issues - not all bugs are critical in this status report. I think we use own definition on what critical really is without going into politics or the grammar version of it. I believe the dev. team is afraid to launch a stress test version with critical bugs in it - they know part of the community will complain no matter how they release it in near future. But concerning the most important content in my post - the popular live streamers on twitch are never updated on what is going on behind the scene due to thousand of lines and words in status reports very few have time to read, and most are not invested that amount of time into it like a few of us on this particular forum. Lirik is certainly not updated, nor is Summit1g, and Break don`t have time to get updated while on the TSM team in pubg even though he love the concept of a survival sandbox game with a realistic approach on it like Dayz SA. And what about the other large streamers like Shroud - hopefully the first impression of the beta product is interesting enough to caught their attention. What is important that dayz SA game need to be be so good related to quality that it looks like a beta version. And most who are not updated what is going on with the game development, but those expect a beta version state while coming back to this old game title since 2014 when dayz SA was released as a pre alpha version. So what is a beta version of a game? Do we have a good definition within the gaming industry on what that really reflects the game quality and content, because I`ll be honest after years trying out games on Steam - I`ve no ideas what a beta version really include or exclude without talking to an industry veteran like Gordon Walton from ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. and president - he is over 62 years old one of the founders of Crowfall a new western mmo. Personally I really don`t know - do the Dayz SA dev. team knows what kind of condition their game need to be in to label it as a beta? Anyway the first impression from named live streamers on Twitch is important to increase the size of the current very small community, and I`ve exact numbers from steam stats who are playing this game, and if it looks like alpha all over again even with new engine - they will play maybe (2-3) hours and don`t look back at all - which result in that the game will struggle to recruit new players which is so crucial also related to marketing and Twitch.tv. I`ve underlined the essential part of the content and those streamers need to enjoy the game to get them back and get more hours invested into it to increase the overall interest and the size of the community. And that include sales as well with your company, and fact is very few of us who have above 2.5 - 3k hours into this game like myself since 2014, and I`m not worried about the guys and girls who enjoy and followed dayz SA for all these years. And we will enjoy it for what it is without being too critical to its current state or version based on information and you will release more content end of this year in 2018 to get into the 1.0 which is the company goal. - I just hope it don`t feel like an alpha version all over again based on new codes and engine which often involves bugs - if there are too many blockers or critical bugs don`t announce and release a public stress test that named streamers will barely use (1-2) hours until they are gone based on an unfinished product, or the game do not look like a beta version of what the word beta really include in that game state which is part of any game development including Crowfall.
  12. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Yes, read the 0.63 checklist update, and don`t have an opinion on what you think will happen in 0.63 to be successful which is not on the list, and that is why most successful games have modding support like Skyrim. You will get your dayz experience which you like with unique setting when modding is online with hoard of roaming zombies. But they need figure out a way to code it without a player performance hit. The key is to have smooth character experience without server lag, server stability without crashes, and we need more players on this map concerning player interaction 100/100 servers so it do not feel completely empty like in 0.62. I`m also enjoy the thoughts to remove the fog effects near the coast - and have it part of the weather condition. A permanent fog near the coast only help to confuse new players and it`s much easier to get lost for instant, and it`s not very realistic weather condition. The fog effects should be part of the random weather condition like rain which is my brief point.
  13. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    And server stability need to be a lot better, cross fingers. It kind of ruin the fun if u shadow a guy or in a gun fight - then suddenly the server crash. ))
  14. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    Where is the sound guy? The rain weather condition is way too loud in that 0.63 video - it need to be a much lower sounds when it`s raining. Otherwise I enjoy the Status report - hopefully it`s out before the summer since we are in March. :) I also enjoyed the cartoony dayZ well done and so creative.))
  15. Yeah, try it out when beta release @Yuval and take a break from the game in it current state. You will get a much better overall experience for sure in beta 0.63 and beyond. I`ve played dayz since the mod. was out from arma 2 as well and great memories since 2012. Happy holidays!