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  1. Exp Update 0.62.142963

    There are still bugs and crashes with legacy code - just focus on 0.63 beta patch. *Like you can`t crouch somtimes for instant (click c couple of times to find the bug) - it do not always work unless you held a weapon in your hand. And I suspect that the recent patch broke other parts of game play in worse condition.
  2. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Yeah, we need to speed up weapon implementation - if that is what we`re waiting on for beta. I took a calculator and did some quick math and if we have 20 weapons to implement in the beta 14 days pr weapon *20 = 280 work days. I`m curious where we are concerning start of base building, UI, sound system, core systems that is essential in the beta client, improved networking concerning desync, because it need to be fluid - no one like desync isssues as we have in the legacy code. And most importantly we don`t need all the weapons implemented to start the beta on the experimental branch.
  3. Status Report 7 November 2017

    @Boris (DayZ)It`s too much smoke one the last gun animation video - u need to see what u aim at - otherwise I like the particle effects!
  4. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Another issue with the stable patch that need to go in the beta version concerning sounds. When you`ve your weapon on your shoulder you can change mags without any sounds compare to have the same weapon in your hand - and such sound exploits should not be possible to do in the beta version 0.63.
  5. Status Report 24 October 2017

    I admit I`m excited for 0.63 beta now on our experimental branch servers. It will bring many old players back - so you need a lot of servers for such an event. Good read and happy Halloween!
  6. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Yes it`s not stable, but better to use dev. time on 0.63 beta patch. And u still get about (30-40) fps drop just looking at houses - using a gtx 1070. I hope they will look at buildings in 0.63, but we will see and optimize it.
  7. Exp Update 0.62.142080

    It`s something wierd going on the latest stable patches when u crouch among other things and a house glitch u see through walls, and a graphic issue when u hit objects, but don`t bother focus on 0.63.
  8. Exp Update 0.62.141072

    Well some are waiting for 0.63 - so I guess the new color pattern will get into beta. :)
  9. Far far away Dayz SA morning

    - It`s a long unedited movie from this morning stream 20.07.2017 on twitch - I don`t earn any money from Youtube. So it`s mainly for those who enjoy Dayz SA content hence why I posted it here - even though it`s over 2 hours long. :) I learnt something new this morning in Dayz SA - it`s certainly most action near the coast! Anyway I hope you enjoy it!
  10. DayZ - Sh*t happens (short clip)

    You're supposed to use trains on those tracks, not cars!! :P
  11. Exp Update 0.62.140267

    Any of the recent experimental patches been pushed over to the stable branch yet?
  12. Exp Update 0.62.144044

    alright nice.
  13. Exp Update 0.62.144044

    yeah not sure if bolts and quiver is in this build - I`ve not found the magnum loader - the 22 pistol is usually on top of lighthouses, very rare since there are only three lightthouses on the entire map. One on the island, another one south of the island, and the last one far west of Balota so u can see to the prison island.
  14. Exp Update 0.62.144044

    @Hicks_206 (DayZ) and others on the dev. team I hope you consider to rewrite the entire fall damage code from the old legacy system, because it`s too clunky. The game should not stop to calculate 1/2 meter when you jump and freeze your character in the process - I hope you guys look into it in beta. It`s not all about broken ladders, but how the fall damage is calculated and coded on this engine.
  15. Exp Update 0.62.140009

    Which server are u guys playing on to try to get on medium server? :) @Lirik will be happy with that he accidently got killed last evening by the office ladder. )) - A minor bug update for this evening test session. Well sometimes u can climb deer stances with a pistol in your hand, but other times it will automatically place it in your backpack if u have space - otherwise it will drop on the ground below it. It`s kind of random result while holding a pistol - a glock 19 to be specific.