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  1. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    This is SURVIVAL game in a zombie apocalypse, and you trying to say that there should be Guns and Stuff in every single house. I disagree, I rather have that frustration on finding at least ANYTHING instead of walking in a house and seeing : Cans of Food, Clothing, Guns and Ammo. This is not Deathmatching game this is SURVIVAL game once again. And it has to be kept like that.
  2. Players cant hide in Pine Trees anymore

    I live in a private house I have forests all around me, and work as a lumberjack also, more or less, so I know how it feels like too. Some are impossible to get in, unless you crawl or just cut the branches off.
  3. You are totally correct you can not adjust loot spawns, only way the loot will be actually HIGH on server is when the server is almost empty, so you are pretty lucky to get all the loot you can carry. A lot of servers use it. pretty much, as a clickbait. EDIT: Also forgot to mention that one of the reasons why I put up High Loot was because of the server automatic server restarts, which means everywhere will be new loot spawns.
  4. Welcome everyone to newly launched DayZ UK Rebellion (UKR) 1st/3rd person server! You will know more just by scrolling a bit down! Let's start of with the rules we have so far (They might change in the future): - We have one Safe Zone for now which is Green Mountain, which means killing someone on Green Mountain will result in a Permanent Ban! - Cheaters will be banned instantly, so make sure to play clean! - Racism, bullying and any sorts of insults (TeamSpeak server and Game Server) will not be tolerated and people will get punished depending on the situation! Server information : Game Server IP - TeamSpeak 3 IP - ts.dayzcommunity.me Additional Information: - If you find out anyone who's breaking rules, please join our TeamSpeak Server and contact an admin for help! - We also have Steam Group so feel free to join us and leave us a feedback - [UK] Rebellion - This server is running on a private hive, persistence is ON but might be reset at random times! - Server has automatic Server Restarts at 9:00AM and 6:00PM (GMT) - Our clan members are wearing [UKR] tags, so feel free to interact with them on the battlefield or in safe zone! ____________________________________________________ Hope you will enjoy your stay, and see you in Chernarus! - UKR Administration Team!
  5. Yet another compilation video! :) Also soon launching our own server!
  6. Players cant hide in Pine Trees anymore

    I personally dislike idea of hiding in a pine tree. Try to hide in one in real life. There's way too many branches to even move freely around. I'd rather have combat instead of camping in a pine tree.
  7. Yep they still do. I and my Squad made our own camp on one server, with like 6 tents. We basically had tons of AK's, M4's, SVD's, VSS Vintorez's, clothing, ammo and stuff like that. Was cool until you get raided. :P
  8. Exp Update 0.62.139701

    Some FPS drops are really unbearable trully, glad it gets fixed. Also these weird FPS Lag Bubbles are annoying.
  9. Exp Update 0.62.139653

    Aww man, R.I.P M4 and Winchester also a Ghillie. :P
  10. [0.62 EXP] Black Screen During Recording

    Had same issue, go to settings and change your resolution one step back, then apply and then change resolution back to the one you wanted to use. Gotta do that everytime you go In-Game.
  11. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Regarding FPS, for me my FPS is much better then FPS on .61. At least got around more 10 FPS or so.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    I tried out the GAMMA thingie everyone uses and on this .62 update game just looks disgusting, everything becomes suddenly pixelated and way too bright, you open up the inventory and you instantly become blind of how bright it is. I am no gamma user, it takes away experience especially with these new forests and what not. I rather leave my game darker, much better. And those nights in forests, you keep running you hear this creepy wind sound and suddenly you hear some bushes moving or so, that made me jump instantly and look all around to make sure no one's following me. I love the new vibe of .62. Here's some screenshots of night-time that I took, totally loving it. Good Job Dev Team.
  13. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Fuck yeah! Time to record some more DayZ videos!