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  1. Dear OP, please take some time to read about the last 5 years of DayZ. Thank you.
  2. *I have been engaged in the conversation longer than anyone here. Once again I will offer what I have learned in hopes that it sheds some light on the subject. Shooters train people to KoS everything. Asking people to try a game with guns in it and not have them shoot everything that moves goes against all of the ingrained habits from every other game. Now take into account how the brain of most men works under the age of 30 and their need to feel "tough" or puff up their ego's at the expense of other peoples fun goes up exponentially. Shooters are one of the least "fun" types of games out there but people are addicted to an endorphin bump from feeling they preyed on someone or the adrenaline dump from a firefight. The irony is that just like hard drugs, thew law of diminishing returns kicks in and the habit of KoS losses it's rush in relatively short time. IF people were more creative OR they could actually think for themselves, they would realize that the most replay value is in exploring all aspects of the game. People try to argue that KoS = survival. This is incredibly false. When you fire upon someone you are inviting gunfire in your direction which is exactly counter to survival. I talk first always unless fired upon and I guarantee you I survive longer than most KoS players, easily. Server hopping for gear and 3PP add to the problem as this decreases the need to spend as much time looting and reduces the sense of danger by giving overhead and corner peeking views. TL;DR It is possible to be "bad" at having fun and many peoples ideas of what constitutes fun is stupid, repetitive, boring, and requires little to no creativity or talent, like the music they listen to!
  3. That's all fine with me but as a lefty I want to choose a left handed stance for my character for everything. Shouldn't this just be a mirror image thing?
  4. Thank you for the response. Regarding annoying banners, we could have something that would give you the option to hide the banner after 100 posts or 3-6 months membership (for the lurkers) perhaps.
  5. Welcome Martin! I would like to suggest that we have a comprehensive bug list, suggestion list, and FAQ with links to the status reports that have to be clicked through by all new users. DayZ is such an enormous project with so much history and very little to get the new players up to speed in a centralized location. One huge bright red unavoidable banner at the top of the forum home page that says, "New players, click here for vital info! Think you have a new question, suggestion, or bug report? Check here first!". The more people understand the dev process, where it came from, and at what point in development we are at, the more constructive their contributions can be, and the less cluttered the forum will be. Thank you! Now where's the emoticons? D:
  6. There is only one true beefening, we know this. It involves Pvt Meatbag, a leather hat, and a pantless wolf combat strategy....
  7. 5 years, 5 long years, the same bird sound, over, and over, and over.... the same bucket being kicked over by no one, over, and over...... the same fence being banged, over, and over.... Will it really end? Can it possibly? I won't dare to dream! Thanks for all the hard work devs/everyone!
  8. *Beta is for balancing. We need access to more stuff, more readily, in Alpha. There will be insanely brutal mods that I think people who want more scarcity will gravitate to. It's possible that future server options will allow people to very easily have lower loot numbers and you can have vanilla + scarcity without feeling like you're playing a mod as much. In experimental the devs have toyed with scarcity across different builds and are still now putting finishing touches on just how the loot economy will work let alone balancing values. I remember there were versions of the mod that were extra harsh. Always night, super aggressive and powerful infected, super scarce loot, I forgot what this version was called.... I realize that Vanilla may not be my preferred version in time. But I hope to enjoy Vanilla enough to want to maintain a character in the official hives as well as play the more brutal and unforgiving versions that pop up. I'm really excited to see what people do with modding. I really think a lot of the best post 1.0 content will come from modding communities and we are going to see some really innovative, fun, and challenging stuff come from DayZ/Enfusion. And yeah, I'm pretty much a fan of scarcity, and making guns more valuable/harder to come by, maintain, or complete.
  9. I have succeeded in destroying 2 vehicles in short order while stressing nearly every element of physics during driving and crashing into other vehicles and map elements. First I found this sedan and drove it for a while getting a feel for the how it handled. The shifting seemed a little more responsive and the acceleration and traction seemed improved. I did not get the sedan into 4th gear at this point and was merely eh, experimenting. As luck would have it, I came upon this 4x4; and the 1 man demolition derby was on! I proceeded to ram the sedan into a heavy fence with the 4x4 until it looked completely bombed out and then kept ramming it in an effort to kill the 4x4 against the sedan. The 4x4 was able to crawl up on the sedan rather easily like a tiny monster truck, crushing, spinning, flipping, and bashing it but the 4x4 wouldn't die. Eventually, I ran the sedan up a tree, or fence, or maybe it;s stuck in the sky somehow, I dunno, pretty sure it's kaput. I still had this problem of a functioning 4x4 so I found a suitably enormous tree and it took 2 rams, the last being quite hard, to kill the engine on impact. By this time I had all of the infected in the area chasing my car so I jumped out and made a wide circle to take this last pic. I hope you devs got the data you need. I had a bit of fun getting it for you. :)
  10. But, but, that means you watched it twice! It's a less than 2 minute video.... I think there's some element of shame clouding your judgement. Give me back my beeeeans!! :)
  11. I'm guessing the update is to the general physics involved with driving (how the vehicle physics interact with map physics/geometry perhaps) which can in turn effect most aspects of vehicle performance. That is a guess though.....
  12. I thought everyone in the UK loved beans?
  13. I feel dirty, used somehow. *shudders*
  14. ^You have one of my all time favorite signature @odin_lowe, glad to see it back. And, thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I spawned back in near the ski lifts and almost immediately had to seek shelter from the rain. Though hungry and thirsty I knew that if I stayed in one place (literally) I could likely ride out the storm without starving. After a good long while vaping and poking my phone, the rain finally backed off, but almost as soon as it abated it returned, soaking me on the way to Kamishovo. Here I found some of the food I needed and built a fire just in time to save my sorry ass. Police station was empty and I quickly headed North guided by my shiny new compass, not stopping to strip loot, trying to save time to get back to the bus up North. After eating a milk pouch and downing well water I was still in need of some more supplies so I popped into another town on my way North who's police station was also 100% empty. In an hour and a half I was severely hampered by the elements so I never reached the bus.... now with only a short while before restart it is futile. I hope you all crashed, smashed, exploded, shot and, dove many a vehicle into ruination!
  15. You know, I think that was just for the infected but my memory could be flawed.... Off topic @Espa - is your avatar Mallory Knox about to shoot Scagnetti?