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  1. Australia Votes "Yes!" on same sex marriage.

    Good on yuh, mates! Now if only the USA could adopt some Aussie gun laws....
  2. Forum

    Sounds like material for a poll thread in the near future... I appreciate the response!
  3. Forum

    @Jervant Yo! I have an idea for the "like" function.... Maybe we could keep the "thanks" and "beans" and add other DayZ food stuffs instead of the typical "like" and such. Apple, banana, kiwi, orange. Tuna, sardines, peaches, spaghetti. Canteen, notacola, spite, mountain don't. Ascribe a feeling to each food in parentheses next to the image in the drop down menu. Apple (ok), banana (like), kiwi (confused), orange (orange you glad I didn't say banana). Thanks!
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    I.... I think I love you. There, I said it! Remember President GWB? He was the perfect example of "lowest common denominator". People generally have TERRIBLE taste for all kinds of media/art. Games are a perfect example of this. Did somebody say gameplay?
  5. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Thanks devs, all! Beta gonna be beefy, sweet. :)
  6. Can't click anything after closing DayZ

    I have this problem with most steam games and I do believe it's the overlay. The only thing that will restore my desktop reliably is to log off Windows from the start button and log back in.
  7. Forum

    Thanks for bringing the music back to our fruit.
  8. This, forever this. This, absolutely this. And almost certainly this as well.
  9. I never said it was innovative, I said they made mistakes related to having no precedent for the process. After all of the negative mostly unfounded garbage you spewed above this, why would you not just leave DayZ behind altogether? No one wants to even play it once it's done right? Are you a glutton for punishment? Isn't it incredible? Also, there are millions of console and PC owners who have never heard of DayZ as it's never been fully promoted. Unless DayZ implodes completely, I do have faith that BI will finish the game and it will be better than any fantasy you had while playing the mod. Just remember everything you said here and definitely save your fork, there's (humble) pie.
  10. Forum

    I'm old. Change angers me. We had jello today. Why won't you visit more? Nurse!!
  11. They just finished one of a few guns that will be ready for .63, the fnx, that was 30 different anims just for the one gun. If I'm not mistaken, they also announced more mo cap sessions as well, and they have a lot left for vehicle interactions and actions in different poses. I also believe that the interactive depth for the character is intrinsically more complicated because of all the different factors working on many unusual mechanics tied to them. Bringing together all of these elements far exceeds the average demand for characters in a game. Just the animations for crawling out of an overturned vehicle (on trello) are above and beyond the standard expectations of most gamers.
  12. I wasn't comparing the 2 engines I just pointed out that one is a prefabricated engine and the other is being made from scratch, that's all. Also, you said PuG-B. :D
  13. Didn't read carefully past this because it seems to discount that BI is making the engine from scratch to run DayZ specifically. Then you start talking about PuG-B (the gangster pug with a radical attitude!), made from unreal engine that's basically DayZ-theft-auto, rinse and repeat shooter of the month. It's not a fair comparison in many ways and to either game. In fact, I'm not sure how you can say what you say and actually have an accurate understanding of what DayZ 1.0 will be like.
  14. Wow, something we agree on.... Be careful lumping people into one group in any instance. I don't, "take everything that's thrown at me", I just don't throw a fit whenever things don't go the way I think they should. Objectivity and realistic and flexible expectations can temper a person for adversity.
  15. Historically, the further we are from our last patch the more agitated and combative the members here become. People will likely have short fuses and be more acerbic until we have relief from this wait.