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  1. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6223974/ Awesome Voyager spacecraft doc
  2. Probably just the hive mind/horde mechanics. Large groups of aggro'd infected acting as a single entity. I've requested child infected but I think it will be adults only just to avoid any possible region blocking the game with a bad rating. As far as heavy and light infected, they are in already and will likely be tweaked and expanded upon. The infected in the puffy jackets pretty obviously take more damage to kill, as well as military infected. The clothing on the infected will likely effect their durability similarly to ourselves, once they finish incorporating our wardrobe into theirs. In the mod the infected would eat off of a corpse or KO'd player. I woke once or twice to being eaten and it's super creepy. I hope they do have some stuff specially to prone characters and I personally would like to see them able to grab a player from different angles. Lastly, I think if we are going to follow accepted lore that it's important to remember the people now think like animals and would not be capable of the abstract thought needed to use a weapon etc. This would be the same reason they bash doors instead of just try the handle.... More 28 Days later style zombies than RE4 Ganados style.... Mods are the answer to all our dreams though, it is important to remember that modders are going to go apeshit with this platform as soon as they get their hands on it. You'll have giant tortoise zombies firing tactical nukes in the middle of Cherno in no time.
  3. Nice pics. Miss you guys! You know I'll be back... :)
  4. Not this time... :/ But if you or the devs ever end up visiting NYC, I hope you'll let me know! I make a great tour guide and host! :D
  5. Choo choo. Thanks devs, all!
  6. Not really. I want to believe that development will speed up on all fronts when all modules are merged together. I believe patience will pay big dividends. :D
  7. Hate they neighbor (vice series) Vice - Terror (vice series) Risky Drinking - (showtime) Jakuchu the divine colors - https://vimeo.com/173703273 Eat that question: Frank Zappa in his own words I am greatly anticipating watching this - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3127902/ Who murdered sister Cathy? - (Netflix series)
  8. I think the quote is more along the lines of "biggest threat". The players will always be the top threat but they don't intend to make infected a non factor. I want to believe the infected can be made to cause trouble even for a well armed group... But it remains to be seen.
  9. What you're asking for is basically a complete departure from widely accepted lore for a single new element that adds maybe a couple of new factors to gameplay and in my opinion (as a bit of a purist) it's not worth changing the core experience. What's often frustrating for me, is the lack of foresight of the community. So little that we discuss now will be relevant at all until we see some deep iteration into Beta. Let's extrapolate a little: Beta > new hit boxes > new combat mechanics > new player and AI controller structures on same tech > new animations > stamina > infected destroying barriers > optimizations(?) > increased infected populations(?) > hive mind/infected horde mechanics = profit(?). ^All of this is really really close and will change how we deal with and view possible changes and improvements to infected. Until then, it's all just speculation, suggestions, and fantasies, and often these are best for a mod or belong in some other game....
  10. One of the only pieces of lore connected to DayZ is that we are the immune. I see the current infected in DayZ as a placeholder and a massive WIP. Just the fact that they will be able to break down doors in the future will make them more dangerous. Let alone the myriad other improvements slated for Beta and beyond.
  11. PUBG = Unreal engine - premade plug and play engine with way more than a few years of iterations, improvements, and optimizations. DayZ SA = Enfusion engine - brand new engine and script being built and written from the bottom up. Made especially to handle the specific tasks that DayZ SA requires.
  12. Negative reviews are the direct byproduct of ignorance and impatience. There will still be plenty of people who have never heard of DayZ when 1.0 and console versions drop and the popularity is almost sure to surge once again. Vanilla DayZ is as much a long haul perma death process as following it's development and mostly people haven't the belly for it. The constant revolving door of burnt out and melted down players that I've seen here is seemingly never ending. And few of them even ever realize they were testing anything really at all.
  13. *Molotov cocktails. They will be essential for horde control and base siege tactics.
  14. Misinterpreted "I might come back" as "I am leaving now", how? Your massively pathetic backpedal attempt fails miserably. You need a lot of help.... I don't like hypocrisy, or the people who practice it.
  15. This here shows where you completely misunderstand DayZ Alpha and why you need to go read, read, read, read, and read some more, about the project before you try to join the discussion. Your complete and utter ignorance, and your belligerent, immature, and entitled view points, contribute nothing to progress DayZ in any meaningful way. If you're looking for a pat on the back for bald faced ignorance and poor conceptualization of DayZ you will find a lot of up votes on reddit for just that sort of thing.