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  1. Whatever you're doing on that phone while driving is not worth someones life. I absolutely want to throttle every single person I see using a phone while driving.
  2. Plenty of tools to report shit posting though! :)
  3. Funny thing that.... I wasn't "defending" or "praising" anything here. My response to you was simply citing forum policy which is, add something constructive or GTFO. Between your time spent here and your time in game I have seen nothing to indicate that you've ever contributed anything meaningful. But alas, you can't see the forest for the trees and merely want to label people who can "fanboys". You have no idea what I think about DayZ or it's dev process. You're so helplessly self involved that you've created your own internal feedback loop of negativity and self entitled whining.... well done!
  4. It actually takes the perspective of someone who has followed this process CLOSELY and from the BEGINNING to fully conceptualize all of factors that have effected, impeded, changed, and yes even improved the scope of DayZ SA over these 3+ years. IMT has likely been witness to my helping to inform even some of our most dedicated player/testers with many many hours in game about the changes to come and the experience that the team is aiming for. There have been some key moments in this process where I have nearly melted down from lack of perceivable progress. There have even been a few decisions the dev team made that have infuriated me. There have been long stretches where I found myself day dreaming about feature complete DayZ while struggling to find some mission to motivate me with the, buggy, splintered, feature poor Alpher. Taking breaks from DayZ, tinkering with experimental builds, and finding a group of mostly testing minded players has helped keep the dream alive for me and avoided DayZ burnout. I came to enjoy the testing so much, I know I will miss the days of waking to a new patch and looking for changes with friends over my morning coffee. Features and polish, "a good game", will absolutely bring back the unwashed masses of griefing wankers you all seem to pine for. I'm not worried about modding splintering the player base either. There's no way to make everyone play Vanilla once you offer mods. Me, I just want empty cans (remember when we pooped those?), molotov cocktails, decent zombie AI, good hit detection, and quasi authentic survival mechanics. Is that too much to ask?
  5. Great, you've said your useless piece once again, so glad you're back! Maybe you should stay off the forum until 1.0 if you have nothing constructive to offer.
  6. I totally remember your name and avatar and I don't remember us clashing at any point.... I myself am a "polarizing" character so I'm never sure if I'm reviled or respected either.... Meh.
  7. This is one of the more rational posts you've made in quite a while and I commend you for it. Also, I agree 100%.
  8. Ears. What are your ears made of? Tin, bronze, copper, silver, gold, platinum? Sadly, most people have TIN ears. Sorry not sorry. Musicians, people with talent and hard fought skills making music with physical hands on instruments, where have they gone? Rock is not Rock anymore. What passes for rock these days is lazy, dull, stupid, banal garbage. We can't all be left shark and still make decent music. /end rant (for now) Easily the greatest musician/composer of the 20th century. FRANK ZAPPA
  9. Please let them stay in PUBG or something if that's what they want or don't have the patience to take 30 minutes and read about DayZ dev. IF you want battle royale type game play there are tons of games purpose built just for that. Rinse and repeat shooter games are the single most boring and over done experiences in gaming ever.
  10. boneboys is gone?! Wow.... Even if he was a little heavy handed, I must say thanks for all the good work I saw him do. I think people glorify the role of moderator. It seems like it would be a pretty tedious and thankless job at times. If DayZ 1.0 draws the attention I think it will, we're going to need some reliable sheriffs.
  11. I see it the other way. Almost NO ONE I ask knows of DayZ, even among gamers. I can think of maybe a half dozen people I've asked, "Do you know DayZ?", and they answered yes. Console release will spur PC sales and even vice versa. They haven't started truly promoting DayZ yet either because they don't have anywhere near a finished product.... So, I think there are many many more people who will be interested in DayZ over the next +/-2 years who never heard of it. Also, people scared off by bugs and bad reputation may think twice once they hear differently or watch some amazing video....
  12. Do you understand enough about what they are doing and what they have been doing to really offer valid criticism?
  13. Man, I really hoped we would see .63 before the end of 2017. It also makes good business sense to drop a patch with a huge update before the holidays. *SIGH*