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  1. OrLoK requests backup!

    An earnest bump.
  2. Status Report - 17 July 2018

    Super awesome. Thanks to devs and all involved!
  3. A Thank You Is In Order

  4. Every 3 mo over last 5 years I try Dayz Again...

    Welcome back! You'll learn more about the issues you listed by reading the status reports every 2 weeks than by logging in every 3 months. If twiddling with optimization and fatal bugs hold us back much more, I'll be amazed if they make a reasonable Beta before 2019, let alone a respectable version 1.0. We need to have a massive content dump in the next 6-8 weeks. MASSIVE.
  5. I didn't mean to say that I should get anything other than the satisfaction of having contributed to something I believe in. I really just meant that my opinion would carry more weight due to my knowledge base and depth of participation. Thank you though, seriously. As far as pessimism is concerned.... I've come to realize that since 1.0 is an arbitrary label they could stop now and call it 1.0 if they wanted. So, they can basically say that whatever they have December 31st is 1.0. :/
  6. A Serious Problem

    If that's how you feel, please uninstall DayZ and don't come back. How will you feel once this is fixed and features start being implemented? Are you going to come back acting like you never disparaged the developers?
  7. Where is the DayZ population?

    It's nice to see some of the old names popping in again. Personally I've always been here, kinda like Delbert Grady.... I deserve a cookie for sticking it out through so much of the slow times. A giant fucking cookie.
  8. So if I spend 6 years studying something, my opinion carries just as much weight as someone who just learned about something that week? I've hung on every word of EVERY status report. I've watched every dev stream and convention stream. I've tested nearly every patch, and contributed 1,000's of lines of feedback pertaining to those patches. I've watched this community grow, flourish, and then whither, and die. I trudged through many near zombie-less experimental patches, just to add another set of logs to the database when hardly anybody played DayZ at all. None of that adds weight to my input? The whining threads are epidemic around new patches and are not created by informed invested testers. I have been branded a fanboi or white knight countless times over the years and NO ONE calls the new members out for that. With a clear historic understanding of this project, anybody would understand why a strong supportive voice might be necessary among the absolute cacophony of negative, misinformed, "opinions". I pine for the days when we had these threads merged or deleted more often. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many long time supporters bowed out of active engagement with this forum and DayZ in general because of the negative echo chamber that became the discussions around DayZ. Rocket melted down and left the communities because Reddit assaulted him so intensely. Reddit has also caused multiple personal problems for other devs on this team. If you simply look at the reviews on Steam, you might see just how infected (pun intended) the thinking has become around what the progression of this project should be. Facts can't pierce the bubble around haters that pat each other on the back day in and day out. How many, "look at how far PuBG has gotten in less time!", threads should people create? How many, "I'm dying of thirst... fix your game!", threads should clog the boards? How many, "I wasted 2 hours trying to find my friends.... just put in bicycles!", threads really add anything constructive?
  9. What song are you listening to right now?

    I only learned about Laibach from seeing the doc of their concert in North Korea, here's just one track from that.... The original video for this song is great too. Your musical overlords since 1980. Every once in a while I learn about something (usually a work of Art) that redeems humans, a little. This is one of those things.
  10. I disagree In stable I prefer to play like it does, for future readiness. In experimental builds and stress test builds where I know my character won't last more than a week I usually play a bit looser. If you agree with the basic concept that DayZ aims for authenticity, then you must agree that having an invisible drone is anything but authentic. It's a survival horror MMO that most people exploit the feature pour versions to play as a shooter. You are in a tiny minority playing this way. I have a very good average of "friendly" and neutral encounters in 1PP by nearly running into another player and talking through the situation. Where do I even begin to unpack this? The developers vision is carried into Vanilla. Modded versions of DayZ will fulfill the enlarged bold faced type I highlighted. I firmly believe that most people will not play Vanilla, or hardcore survival mods and DayZ will have PuBG/CoD/BF style mods which I would guess 75% of players will gravitate to. PERMADEATH will be very real on private servers, private hives, and single server based mods. The "moral" consequences are up to the player who can choose to project themselves into their character and act accordingly as a survivor might or be a disaffected rambo asshole in an apocalypse. Modded versions will settle all of these concerns, from 3pp to KoS. I imagine there will be certain versions with 0 survival elements at all and are basically Arma with a DayZ skin. Base building, camps, and vehicles, alone will provide a lot of goals and "endgame" that require little interaction outside of maybe joining a clan or group. Some of my favorite memories of DayZ are the interactions but I very much enjoyed playing 600+ hours of the mod almost completely by myself and proving I could thrive that way. For me, logging into the mod and seeing how many days I've survived typed across the screen was a big incentive to play everyday. I knew I had avoided or killed many murderers and killed hundreds of infected and traversed the map many many times, having built vehicles and established camps and stashes, eventually banding together like minded survivors and pooling resources. In a sandbox the endgame is essentially up to the player, to some people that's being a coast rat, to others that means living off the land in the North, and to even more people it's some kind of quasi-CoD experience. Which are all "valid", though I might argue some styles are more fun for the entire player base than others. The "point of DayZ" is just as the tagline says, "This is DayZ. This is your story.". I can RP any number of characters, serious or not, all under the context of a zombie apocalypse. You've found your preferred play style, and that's fine, I mean, in real life I value experience far more than material items as well... but I fear you've steered me too far off topic.... Again, you are in the tiniest of minorities with this use of 3pp drone cam. You're also tying KoS in too closely here. 3pp drastically effects any form of PvP and PvE experience, whether talking comes first or not. I do not believe that the concept of immersion is subjective at all. There can be clear and logical definitions of what's immersive and why. I've known for a long time that removing 3pp isn't going to happen, and yeah, it's a business decision, but the devs would not have publicly encouraged the player base to try 1pp if they did not believe that 1pp was more true to their design vision. A vast majority of people play 3pp because it's easier and that's where their friends play on, period. I almost always ask new players this question and the answers are almost always the same. I thought I had?
  11. Just saw Rocket again.

    One year dead (this thread), but not forgotten. My 1,000th upload to my DayZ only IMGUR account.
  12. It's only a personal preference because the game was built off of Arma2. I think it's safe to say that if DayZ SA was created in a world where Arma2 didn't have "easy mode", it would have been made as a 1pp only game. Most players who play on 3pp switch say they switch to 1pp when using firearms. Yeah, I played Wolfenstein on C64, and played Doom on more than a few platforms, including Atari Jaguar. Shooters haven't interested me since GoldenEye really. I consider them to be the most repetitive and stale gaming experience available. DayZ gives me a reason to carry a gun in a game, to protect myself. Not just to shoot at everything that moves. There's an actual decision to be made as to whether to shoot or not and that adds tension (if you don't KoS). I find CQC to be far superior and more immersive in 1pp, always. That's definitely just your opinion and does not reflect the facts. Why would VR be so impactful if 1pp didn't provide more immersion for nearly every genre? To me this shows that you have not followed the discussion around DayZ much, at least not on this forum. 3pp is DEFINITELY preferred by most players who search for PvP only. Myself and most of my non-KoS friends prefer 1pp and it often seems like most people who play in a survivalist style that I've met say they prefer 1pp. The ratio of 1pp only servers to 3pp only is paltry and that's purely because more people took the path of least resistance and chose 3pp. I reiterate, "I think it's safe to say that if DayZ SA was created in a world where Arma2 didn't have "easy mode", it would have been made as a 1pp only game." There is a status report where the devs plead with the player base to try 1pp. In Stress test, servers are often 3pp only. I laid on top of the apartment buildings in Novo, zoomed out to 3pp, and watched more than half the city completely hidden from view for 30 minutes. 3pp doesn't just effect "corner peeping".... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3pp destroys the DayZ experience. At no time should you ever feel "safe". Being able to hide behind a structure and see where half the infected are in the town is "game breaking". Being able to see the loot inside the buildings without entering them is "game breaking". Astral projection to see further out into the horizon is "game breaking". I've played in 1pp with more than a few people who say they prefer 3pp, and they almost always have the revelation that 1pp is more tense and immersive. Saying that 3pp accommodates for the fact that a flat screen cannot reproduce a realistic FoV is a weak argument, one which I've never seen brought up in regards to other 1pp games. If I played in 3pp I would almost never accidentally run into players or infected and my survival first play style would be mostly me just running away. 1pp forces me to interact more because there are more times I find myself in close proximity of another player and I'm forced to talk or defend myself. DayZ is not and adventure game or RPG, and is often not treated like a sandbox by most players, sometimes with good reason (missing features being one). DayZ is essentially built on a shooter, whether we like it or not. Every aspect of DayZ leans hard on reproducing a level of "authenticity". 3pp is so far against the core of what I understand should be the DayZ experience, that I find it cringe worthy, and a massive shame and detriment to keeping DayZ more a sandbox and less a shooter.
  13. This is the first post you've made that I completely disagree with. The developers have openly encouraged people to try 1pp because it is the most immersive. 3pp is literally a leftover aspect of Arma 2 that people used in the mod, people got comfortable with it, and now we're stuck with an RTS view that was literally labeled easy mode in Arma 2. How can you have a respectable zombie game where you can see the pattern of zombies from behind a wall? When will you ever be surprised by the infected? How is having an invisible camera drone at your disposal immersive? The only valid argument I've heard is motion sickness. Otherwise, people just like the path of least resistance. You can gawk at your character all you want in the inventory screen....