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  1. I do not fully agree with this. My friends and I have been contributing to these threads for years, since experimental was released, and before the new bug tracker. It may be more helpful in some ways but experiential posts are read by the devs, and if you make a quality report here it is acknowledged, noted, and dealt with. I can detail an entire 8 hour play session with more than a dozen bugs outlined with screenshots, and accurate times, and places, for all bugs, plus repro steps. Both the tracker and the build threads are helpful, and both are necessary. My reports wrap the gaming experience around all the bugs and vice versa, plus I can add my design ideas, and suggestions as they occur to me through playing.
  2. Yeah, God forbid people with thousands of hours playing a broken test bed alpha spend a few hours reading and actually following development to learn what the game will actually be like...
  3. Nope. Anything under 90 can kill you according to this scuba site, so I'm basically on the mark there. http://infolific.com/leisure/scuba-diving/warm-water-hypothermia/
  4. RIP
  5. Should be rag + matchbox @ gas cap. :P Nice to see some extra mechanic for testing though.
  6. The body loses heat 25x faster when wet. If I stood you outside in a t-shirt and jeans in the cold rain you would be shivering within 5 minutes. You can die of hypothermia floating in warm 90 degree water.
  7. Saw the Magnum today. I've definitely seen bolts. Quiver is not in the game for a long time now.
  8. Press vests are in hospitals. Plate carrier is likely tied to the borked heli loot spawn system.
  9. RIP Maklo
  10. @GaryWalnuts - check your steam PM's. I sent you info on where to find the Cholera recovery supplies we stashed for you. Good luck! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apocalypse or no, ass, gas, or grass, still applies.... I had a long play session today lasting near 7 hours. Initially I met up with Gary and we fought off a pack of wolves in 2 waves at Kamensk jail. Not long after our battle ended, Gary realized that he was sick from drinking dirty water when not full healthy. The search for antibiotics was on and we scoured medical buildings around the North and middle of the map. We found a pack of 4 and Gary kept his hydration and hunger in check until emu came around with a saline bag. He then took Gary off to look for more saline and antibiotics in a chasis V3S while I continued on foot. emu doesn't like morphine going to waste.... Here we inspect the warnings that should have been clear to Gary. Gary's condition began to slide downhill fast, so he logged out (RP: medically induced coma) while we searched for more antibiotics and saline for him. Returning to Kamensk with emu another few wolves came out to play. We actually got split up before they found us but managed to basically encircle the small pack and take them out separately before linking up again. Here 2 infected share a tender moment. Brooks and IMT joined us and both noobs didn't have rain gear so I set to making them a fire. Brooks had a strange gray face bug. Here Brooks and I made a meat grinder in this doorway. It actually worked out well in this spot. Infected couldn't get strikes off and we never hit each other. After quite a bit of driving around, zombie killing, looting, we finally made it back to Gary's sick bed and left our care package for him and logged out.
  11. Welcome back! Boy oh boy, where to start~! SO, vehicles are really really buggy right now, both on Experimental branch and Stable Branch. We are on the cusp of all physics engines becoming unified as Beta gels. Short version is like this, the stable version of vehicles available are running on older tech than what's found on experimental, but both are buggy for different reasons, and in different ways. Searching for tires isn't necessary as you can repair all but double wheels currently with the repair kit found in the vehicles inventory. With any damaged tires you will find climbing hills to be near impossible in a truck or bus. The top speeds of the truck and bus are 70-80km an hour currently (if I'm not mistaken), and you can shift a bit earlier than your instincts might dictate, especially if you have some downhill or level terrain. Eventually we are supposed to see many more engine and body parts, and huge improvements to physics and traction performance, which will make vehicles much more sought after for groups, and a challenge to maintain. They are basically ready to go when found now for testing purposes (and this is why the ruined battery worked, or it's a bug). Dirt bike, ATV, pick-up truck, crop duster, helicopter? In time. Please, and working well.... thank you.
  12. I almost forgot.... emuthreat's new "more emu" look (not to be confused with an emo look), for more threat factor.
  13. Play dead... forever. My hunt for wolves took many hours but North of Lopatino my prayers were answered. A pack of 7 fell upon me in the woods, no structures to hide within. Killed 3 with my shotgun and killed the 4th with my Glock before the others ran off. They took 1500 blood, ruined my helmet, and damaged my vest. I grabbed the pelt and headed South, now determined to test tanning. I found a barrel but no lime. Carried the barrel over to the next town North and when I tried to drop it my hands were bugged with the barrel stuck in them. F2 made me drop the barrel but my hands were now stuck over my head no matter what I tried. When I logged back in the barrel was no where to be found but my hands were free. I even retraced my steps all the way back to Lopatino but still didn't find it. No rest for the wicked. I found a truck near Sinistok shortly after emu logged in and then he managed to get a bus stuck. Here you can see him testing the monkey wrench... emu found a barrel, and I had some lime. Soon we found the wolf pelt did make tanned leather. Unfortunately, when we added nails to try to dye the leather, all ingredients disappeared, and all was lost. Not entirely discouraged, we decided to try to find some assault rifles, and other higher tier weapons. A tour of some hotspots yielded surprisingly little but the views sure were pretty. Our next mission was to unstuck the stuck bus with the truck, Gus. We had thought to try tanning and dying again so emu kept a barrel handy. At one point it was invisible to me and emu demonstrated it's presence by punching it. Not long after this art met up with us and we continued our tour, looking for rifles in all the wrong places. Here we found a Russian heli crash which had 2 drum magazines among other things... As I have reported already vehicles slide when the engine is off and a person is in the drivers seat. This is potentially dangerous when exiting the vehicle. If you move to the passenger seat the vehicle will stick in place. For safety in this patch, leave the passenger seat empty whenever possible and always move the driver to the passenger seat before exiting. Here's why.... After we collected emu's things for him, we drove the vehicle to meet him where he spawned. When we were about to meet up with him we stumbled across a lost herd of cows roaming through the streets. As they were broken apart and splintered off by the sound of our vehicles we could only take down 2 before the herd was gone. We then set about cooking our meat and had a mind to continue tanning, and possibly testing other ways of dying. Our final destination in our search for rifles was Myshkino tents. The logic here was that it was least likely to have traffic and possibly similar to other far flung areas, it will have a lot of loot for it's size. Unfortunately, we once again found little of interest and for all of our searching came up with just an AK for which we had no mag and 2 SKS. I experienced the crash when opening inventory and crashes when exiting the client. Along with the one heli crash we looted 3 police cars which had a nice mix of things.
  14. Had-a Lada. Met Brooks. When I stepped out, Nada Lada. The Lada had become invisible. I was blocked by an invisible wall when walking around it but could not see or action any part. Throwing stuff at it (bottle of vitamins) did not help. Logging back in the car appeared where I left it. Brooks took over driving (to Tisy) and when we left we drove about 1/4 mile and the server crashed. Logging back in we were back in town at the spot where I parked but no car.... sigh.