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  1. ☣BioHaze☣

    Donald Trump

    Maybe you misunderstood my point in calling him a master manipulator. Mostly I meant that he has manipulated the media with great mastery, as a malignant narcissist would. He has been cultivating his image in the tabloids for decades, which led to the apprentice, which led to the presidency. He may be largely inept in most ways, it's true. But you can't deny his ability to ride the zeitgeist and find miraculous political success that way. Personally, I believe everyone he cares about will be brought down in the near future as they are much softer targets while he's in office. Then once he's out, places like the southern district of New York will be sure they are ready to file before statutes run out.
  2. ☣BioHaze☣

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Remember when people said, "television is rotting people's brains", back in the day? If television is rot, social media is cancer. There's your answer.
  3. ☣BioHaze☣

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    You've add little constructive feedback ever and are just looking for people to dry your tears because Bohemia took their football and went home. Your sour attitude and penchant for personal derision is duly noted as the sad ravings of a pickled malcontent. Some of us earned a right to complain a little more, but somehow are still more pragmatic with our feelings.... Mmm superiority is like a warm cardigan, so soft and relaxing!
  4. ☣BioHaze☣

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Nah, fuck that. 2 years, 800 hours? Cry me a river. People are lazy and spoiled. Many people never use the search function here or Google their questions. They treat the forum like an instant message chat room and want to be handed everything. They think the one bug they hate most is most important to the game and must be fixed NOW. There's 5+ years of standalone information for anybody who wants it. And most major bugs...? Posted and well documented. If you REALLY cared you would be on top of things like this, right? So many "fair weather" fans. You all look like Johnny come latelys to me. Didn't test those legacy experimental builds? Well then, you didn't pitch in now, did you? Maybe we'd have less bugs if we'd had more dedicated testers? I'm sore about how this last year went with development but I'm also not going to be unreasonable about a game I have gotten more out of dollar per hour of play than any other game.
  5. ☣BioHaze☣

    Merry christmas

  6. I said 5 year mark in that post regarding development. I've been on here over 6 years but more than a year of that was during the mod. The quote, "Those of us who have been here for 6+ years", included my time here during the mod, and made no reference to the SA development time.
  7. ☣BioHaze☣

    Reviews starting to come out

    Reported as antagonistic. Good luck.
  8. I know it might seem irrelevant to some people but it's 5 years, not 6. And boy, that's gotta be nice, venting all that nerd rage. Happy holidays. Maybe when it's all fixed, we'll look back at this dark period and be able to laugh it off a little.... Maybe.
  9. ☣BioHaze☣

    Reviews starting to come out

    This review was terrible. I got to the part where he talks about hero skin from the mod like it was part of the SA and then had to stop. Most people writing about dayz from the major outlets seem to have little real experience with the game. They've insisted there is no board or share holders who influence their decisions. We all knew they would encounter fresh game breaking bugs. Historically, every time they announce a prospective milestone, this has always happened.
  10. ☣BioHaze☣

    Questions for dev/community

    There was a list of content slated as post 1.0 and after some searching the forum I'm sorry to say I cannot find the official breakdown. I can say that many of the things you may be thinking are gone are actually slated for post 1.0 release. Things that are DEFINITELY not going to be in the game that I do know for sure are, companion animals (no dogs or horses), and advanced medical (no surgery/bullet extraction). Anything else you specifically want to know about, you can ask me and I'll try to answer. There are many bugs left in DayZ, some worse than others. You can read all about magazine bugs if you take some time to read other topics addressing it (try the search function). Only the Ada (the 4x4 hatchback). More 4 wheeled vehicles will be implemented and eventually we should have 2 wheeled vehicles and aircraft.
  11. ☣BioHaze☣

    servers with HC?

  12. ☣BioHaze☣

    1pp official PC and XBOX servers

    My (somewhat belated) 1.0 release celebratory meal. Czech potato pancakes, dumplings, and goulash. (Also some bratwurst and pierogies were ordered.) šťastné svátky!
  13. ☣BioHaze☣

    1pp official PC and XBOX servers

  14. ☣BioHaze☣

    Stable Update 1.0.149974

    No. Sewing kits do not seem to work for wounds anymore. I tried one recently and it never stopped the bleeding.
  15. ☣BioHaze☣

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/12/19/dayz-review/ ^He lost me when he started talking about bandit skins that were in the mod like they were part of the SA. Also, among himself and the multiple people he played with, none of them knew to craft torches. This is what is featured at the top of "news" in Steam for DayZ. @ImpulZ While in some respects it's a fair review, it's certainly not an educated one. I'm not sure I've ever read a review from a major outlet where the writer sounded like he actually played the SA enough to write about it properly.