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  1. Also this: Thank you.
  2. This game was done years ago....
  3. Good post, and not off topic IMO. I always appreciated your thoughtful posts, even when I didn't fully agree. Fracturing of the community is something I've been wary of too but I am hopeful that the exponential influx of players to follow 1.0 will fill most popular game versions of the game to our liking.
  4. Why put labels on people? Maybe you shouldn't consider anybody a fanboy? You've said some terribly misinformed and ill conceived things about DayZ since joining here but you are head and shoulders above these sob mob jokers. Your dream of DayZ as the brutal scarcity survival game conflicted with the states of development and your misinterpretation of dev direction, so the clash of ideas frustrated you. But your ideas about what is and should be DayZ has changed in this time, right? You understand now that maybe you won't prefer vanilla and will have a mod you'll play instead, right? You've taken time to learn more about the project and realize that modding may offer you your ideal experience. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *********Super important. Very very few people have followed this project straight through from the beginning. The vast majority of people I play with that had 1,000's of hours before I met them played DayZ in a vacuum, fantasizing about the game they think they will have while being mostly ignorant of the process and direction. It is shocking how people can profess their passion for something and dedicate so much time, yet be so wholly and deeply ignorant of the end goal and what that will resemble. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I GET TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO. ^This is as much my place in real life as it is in DayZ dev/game.
  5. The update will drop while I'm out of town for a couple days this week. The devs are watching me and purposefully messing with ME, I know it, it's always the way!! D:
  6. I, I wanna die! Mods will give most of us what we want. I only hope that vanilla is to my liking as well.
  7. I'll be 40 soon. Strange to think back on all the changes in my life since I became involved with DayZ mod/SA. I'm often told I look 30-32, I love that (so do the young ladies). :D Sometimes I meet guys my age and they look ancient next to me. I've made cool DayZ friends of all ages, personally I find the older players are often more sophisticated in their play styles, younger guys are more aggressive in general, but some have really impressed me as wise beyond their years.
  8. World containers. This thread is more than 2 weeks old. You all are making me sad. The last thing mentioned about how apple trees and fruit bearing trees will be improved is that they will be turned into WORLD CONTAINERS. This thread has popped up SO much!! D: I feel better now.
  9. Patience is a virtue often difficult to find among people of all ages but especially the "young". I am from a generation that is accustomed to little to no news and massive delays from the game dev world. So for this reason I may have more patience for the process. DayZ was a pioneer that helped launch the continuing EA boom and the online mmo survival/survival horror genre boom and has had an eye on being the gold standard for survival sim from the moment the ideas popularity became apparent. Countless clones and coat tail riders spat out 100's of titles on existing engines to fill a new need in the market inspired by DayZ. As technology and resources became available the scope of the project has changed to open up more and more possibilities for vanilla and modding. Some promising ideas were scrapped along the way while other (mostly) bigger changes and ideas were brought forward. Still at the core is immersion and oppression; value the character that is under constant assault from many angles. The idea of the gold standard on all levels still pervades as we are seeing the visual updates and audio engines receiving a lot of attention and sound very promising. If you have been playing for 1,000's of hours (see also, "got your moneys worth many times over") with broken placeholder parts, and cannot conceptualize the changes to come, and only whine and cry, yet never have offered any bug reports or feedback, why are you really here? Is it anger? Is it ignorance? Is it impatience? Trolling "fan bois"? Meanwhile, I'm patient, rational, and well informed. When I see a good reason to call foul, I do so. In my comprehensive experience, I have had maybe 3 or so major grievances with dev decisions, none of which were deal breakers for me.
  10. After 5 years of closely following DayZ and contributing regularly to the discussions here, don't you think it is I who should be asking you this? What are the chances that the people like me are better informed about EVERYTHING concerning DayZ, from game play to development....? Extremely good. I've seen more people come and go with your attitude than anyone could reasonably remember. You're random whining guy #34,905. Congratulations you win, nothing.
  11. And what if all of those people are merely misguided and ignorant? Ever see what happens when misguided ignorant people take control of things? This is NOT the game many many people think it is based on the exploitation of placeholder mechanics. Thank you.
  12. I've got your Shpagina. Now who's your daddy?
  13. Agreed. There are more than a few things that should have the option to be wearable as well. The compass, a canteen, grenades, and rope, to name a few. I also believe vests and jackets that feature magazine slots should have magazine only storage similar to how fish hooks work on boonie hats.
  14. I have less, 100% on purpose. I see where the game is going to need time to develop and I allow for that time by taking a break and playing/doing other things. DayZ burnout is a real phenomenon that most of you do not prepare for or recognize as a problem at all. If you want to be here until the end, hedge your expectations, take breaks, be pragmatic about your feelings attached to a game you put $35 into, and follow the status reports. If you really get frustrated, try walking away completely, for longer. Maybe then you'll appreciate DayZ more again, when you come back with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Also, people's preconceived notions of what DayZ is and will be cause them to meltdown or burnout. It's like when you are in a relationship and the other person is thinking it will progress long term and you're just having short term fun. At some point the conflicting ideas clash and someone gets hurt.... In this case it's always the player/tester, who doesn't really understand that they are a tester of anything at all...