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  1. Stress Test vol.14

    New infected sounds, much better sets of sounds in general. I like the direction you've gone with most of them.
  2. Stress Test vol.14

    Spawned in with a character I started Wednesday but I was at the NW airfield. Walked for a few minutes and got this CTD. Restarted client tried again walked a few minutes crashed again. ^"Duration will depend on how the servers work....."
  3. Um, you like to say this but the recent weekend long stress test featured nearly 7k players all in game at one point and had queues that were in the 30's. I sat in queue for nearly 30mins from #17 to get into a 1PP server. And there were as many servers up as any experimental build has had in the past. If that's any indication of future participation, servers will be jam packed for Experimental as well....
  4. Stress Test vol.12

    I spawned in near the Elektro sign and found I could not enter the guard house there no mater how I approached it. I didn't see any infected for at least 15 minutes while looting the East side of town but eventually I found them milling about. I managed to find some soda and a well but for food I only had 2 apples. I did get a Makarov up and running and had a backpack, was about to head North a bit when the servers came down.
  5. And some challenges, whether viewed as tedious or not due to play style, will be hardwired into getting started in Vanilla DayZ. Navigation and basic solo survival tactics should be a major component of the core skills of any DayZ enthusiast. Many factors not yet in play will change much of this as well. Bases/camps/stashes and vehicles to name a couple. The people who want to teleport to their friends are usually the same people who can't be bothered to build a fire when standing around in jeans, and a flannel shirt, in freezing rain. If you can't adapt, or lack patience to learn, you're likely playing the wrong game.
  6. Stress Test vol.12

    Servers go bye bye. :(
  7. Stress Test vol.12

    Some great audio changes! It seems ambient sounds and some item related sounds are improved. Loading a magazine no longer sounds like swatting flies!
  8. Stress Test vol.12

    Got a spawn clock. Spawned in with a new character. Northeast 03 (1pp) is no longer in the list.
  9. Stress Test vol.12

    "We've just released a small update to fix the crash upon launch. You might have to restart Steam to download it."
  10. Stress Test vol.12

    "We are aware of the client problems and looking into it. While you can start the game using the installation folder you cannot join servers right now."
  11. Stress Test vol.12

    Same here. Tried restarting Steam. Restarting PC. Tried to run multiple different ways. Game will not start at all.
  12. Stress Test vol.12

    3.7gig DL Thanks guys! I'll hop in and contribute asap.
  13. FYI - the definition of grinding is not my opinion and your efforts to belittle a challenge as tedious have no place in DayZ. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grinding_(gaming)
  14. The worst game ever

  15. Status Report - 22 May 2018

    Thanks devs/all! I'm excited by the recent progress and look forward to more testing soon.