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  1. 4 million copies of DayZ sold

    https://www.gamesindustry.biz/amp/2018-11-16-dayz-reaches-4-million-units-sold Congratulations Bohemia! I hope you can grow and improve the community and the game for years to come. Na zdraví!
  2. Status Indicators in the HUD

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet.... If you do keep the healthy color as white for all indicators, the bacteria icon should go from white to green the more bacteria you ingest.
  3. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Can we possibly keep stable discussion to stable thread and experimental discussion to experimental thread, please?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Played for a couple of hours earlier. First infected I tried boxing with brass knuckles and he didn't seem to take any damage. After that, I was able to kill the infected as per normal. Body temp seems to be more forgiving, and recovery time for warming seems sped up. Glad to hear the bushes make sound again and the rain seemed to be a little quieter. Food consumption due to hypothermia seemed less overwhelming. No major crashes or bugs encountered, some freezing when engaging infected but mostly smooth otherwise. Breathing sounds are toned down, injured sounds have been changed as well. More new infected sounds heard, and aggro seems to be tweaked a bit too. Found a lot of buckshot but no slugs. Rain gear is of questionable usefulness right now but it was hard to tell. I thought maybe the patrol jacket was helping some.
  4. I just don't have any words left.

    Many things that did not work for you are things that won't be in for a while, unfortunately. Like tanning. If you had follow more closely you can learn what features and mechanics are coming, that hopefully will add those things back in that you want, and polish the rest. It will likely be many more months before that happens though. :(
  5. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Then go play something else!
  6. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    "Why isn't my least favorite bug fixed or mentioned in the build notes!" This is what's ready now. The bugs you mentioned are being worked on. They aren't going to specifically list all pending bugs and fixes and when they will be done in every build release. This is what's ready now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks devs! I will likely give it a try later.
  7. My confidence was massively shaken by the 7 month update drought we had. My suspicion is that they found so much flawed code in the engine they had to go back and rebuild it. The amount of double and triple work we've seen throughout the alpha phase was disconcerting as well. The data they gleaned from our testing on the old engine seems to be useless now as they are rolling out the latest iterations that seem to be starting from scratch again. The perfect example being vehicles. When they released the latest version of vehicles performance was almost exactly as it had been when they released the first versions of vehicles on the old engine. Infected were originally supposed to be server controlled and they fell back on dynamic spawned infected after many many months with almost no infected in game at all. They could have been perfecting dynamic spawn that whole time and given the PvE players more to do but instead we suffered in an empty game for months. There is probably a list of twenty or less features that should have been worked on as priorities from day one. Things as basic as throwing objects and key bindings being two examples that defy explanation as to why they were left off. At this point I'm slogging forward, taking everything they say with a box of salt, and hoping that maybe something they call 1.5 or a modded version will deliver on the original promises.
  8. What song are you listening to right now?

    Remember when people strove to further the craft of an instrument and people honored and encouraged these artists? I do. RIP Paco
  9. Character Movement, Gestures and Actions

    More thoughts on this. We used to be able to swap gear both ways. Drag from body to item on floor, and drag from floor to swap with item on body, should both be available. Furthermore, we should be able to swap anywhere we see the model for the item, whether it's at the top in the master list of gear you're wearing, or swap the item from where the model shows above it's inventory space. Also, dragging items to vicinity to drop them used to work all around the vicinity frame, like tossing the item off to the side. Now we can only drop things in the upper portion. I think it would be good to have all areas outside the vicinity frame to be a place you can drop items to ground.
  10. Character Movement, Gestures and Actions

    Or have a totally separate animation specifically for this type of walk/climb.
  11. New Actions & Crafting

    1: I don't think I noticed crafting options via quickbar. I guess that's basically what we are using when we reload. Color coding for options available might be good. If you're holding an item in hands that can be crafted via quickbar, the quickbar slot with the other crafting resource could turn orange to show that crafting is possible. 2: Probably reorganizing gear. I would like if inventory "remembered" what spaces an item was in when you last placed it in inventory so when you hotbar the item back to inventory it returns to exactly where you placed it unless another item has taken that slot.
  12. Character Movement, Gestures and Actions

    1: I believe that the speed for ladders is ok as it is. 2: Vehicle enter/exit is fine, especially since there is the option to bail out. 3: Swimming should actually be much more difficult. Trying to swim with full gear on should result in drowning. We need light craft, row boats, small motor boats, and the ability to use the dry bag and waterproof bag as flotation when empty, and we need life vests. Swimming should burn the most calories and reduce temperatures the fastest. 4: I am left handed and rebind almost everything, default key bindings are not really a concern when people can rebind. ;) 5: No. 6: Gestures work well for the most part, and are often a way to free up hands that are bugged. I still think we need "the horns", gesture. \m/ 7: Swapping between items I assume is referencing moving things around inventory or hands and vicinity? This needs so much polishing. It is extremely tedious to manage inventory in everything in DayZ. Moving items around from storage, to hands, to character clothing and bags takes multiple tries, and is unreliable at best. Moving things around inside a storage to rearrange requires many tries as well. Furthermore, we need to be able to turn and flip items to Tetris them together properly. We also would like to be able to action hotbar while in inventory again. 8. Injured movement could have more variation depending on the injuries. If arm is hurt, you shouldn't limp, maybe hold your arm and walk more awkwardly, or be unable to use 2 handed melee. If you have a stomach ailment, this should be displayed differently, than say having hypothermia.
  13. Stamina

    1: It is clear, but as others have said, a color designating level of impairment would be helpful. 2: Being unable to jump makes sense, but we should be able to step over small fences or anything 3 feet high or less without issue. I agree with rain significantly slowing a person down. It's not just water weight but also the effects of cold that drain a person drastically in real life. I have a lot experience in all weather endurance activities and can attest to the massively draining effects on energy levels when wet and cold.
  14. Status Indicators in the HUD

    1: Not really. I knew what the bacteria symbol was, but some friends did not. I knew what the stomach symbol meant. I knew what that the pill meant I had some infection/disease. I think people with smaller screens seem to have the problem or are maybe not looking closely enough. 2: I would like to see the colors fade into each other as values progress. White, through shades of light yellow, into solid yellow. Yellow, through shades of orange, into red. Red to slow flashing red, and into fast flashing red. This would give a better indication of the degrees to which the character is in need. Temp readings could do same with, blue > white > red. Sickness or infection, white > yellow > red. 3: No, the arrow system is adequate so far.