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  1. Alpha BIts - my journey through Alpha

    Some footage captured from .44 through .60. What does it have? well, spider zombies, loot splosions, infinite backpacks, unicorn mosins, booby traps, flying zombies, birds in the air, the old NEAF, and much, much more.
  2. Episode 1 of a Cinematic Series I never finished

    Really enjoyed the video man.
  3. A few PvP clips from public 3pp run

    Good stuff. Gotta love Tisy & the Sobors! Subbed as well - looking forward to more.
  4. Player Assistance Team

    Count me in. Always have plenty of food and medical supplies along with vehicle access. Have characters on public (both hives) and some private servers as well. Often lurking in the shadow of green mountain so I'm centrally located.
  5. Memory crashes and Bugs

    Yep, tried it. Its not something I can replicate. I might go 3-4 days no problems at all and then I might have one day where I will have 3-4 during a session and then no more problems after that. Its weird, hoping the next patch will alleviate it.
  6. FULL GEAR - ZOMBIE 1 HIT = Dead

    Any time I have a companion (or myself) cry out in pain in an attack or log in - I repeat to them "don't forget - you have bone damage - splint every 20 minutes for the next hour" Those that have followed my advice - don't get one shotted or cry out in pain during log-in. It might be overkill with the splinting but, hey you can't be too cautious and it eliminates the possibility of death by bone damage.
  7. Memory crashes and Bugs

    I can't even pinpoint possible causes of my crashes they are so random and can be tied to so many other factors. Doesn't matter if it is on 32 or 64. Some days are fine, others plagued by crashes. I've had them accessing inventory on myself, sedan, bus, or another player. Had it also when getting out of V3s and Sedan and once while in the middle of driving. The only thing in common - It happens at the worse possible time.
  8. Experimental .62 - Encounter in Sosnovka

    Some fun on day 2 of .62 with 2dogs. Nothing beats a good old fashioned car jacking.
  9. Exp Update 0.62.139507

  10. My buddy and I were at a tent we had placed, decided to move it and just as we packed it up we noticed two players running about 150 meters in front of us. They were on their way to two tents they had placed nearby. We watched them for about ten minutes and made our move. We gunned them down and took their donation of two additional tents, additional weapons, and food. It was a lucrative day and we found a new more secure location for our camp in the process.
  11. Items That Don't Spawn Anymore

    Thank you so much for the confirmation Baty
  12. Predator in Chernarus

    You are not alone. Those pelts you found may be from an earlier encounter with another player, I can't verify 100% but, I believe pelts may linger around a bit longer than the lard, guts, and bones. I have found only pelts on the ground in the areas of wolf spawns - no bones, no guts, no lard - just the pelts. I just haven't had a chance yet to compare the persistence of the remains from my kills.
  13. Location of grenades

    I've found them in barracks, but the delay when throwing them is soooooo excruciatingly long that my targets have already moved a safe distance away. Just last night I counted a full 20 seconds before the grenade exploded.
  14. I want to share one of the most fun days I had playing DayZ and all the adrenaline rush that continues to bring me back to the wonderful world of Chenarus. There is no other game like this that can ruin your pants in more ways than one. This was a session from this past summer and I hope you all enjoy.