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  2. The bastards! I knew it! I was offering right handed ladders at half the price but I was told no because 'You're not a Party Member.'
  3. This was something you could do in the mod. I do not think it is currently possible. Eh, Zod doesn't play regularly anymore I think.... Wait? You're playing DayZ??? I mean.... the devs don't even have DayZ so, did you create a time machine? What we have here is FAR from DayZ and the way you prefer to enjoy this borked frankenmodpatchenstein may not be a viable playstyle in Vanilla. This will NOT be the mod+. Ready for stamina, item weights, a whole new character controller? Everyone who keeps playing like this is how the game will be in the future will eventually rage at some upcoming change that was planned all along. It's like they fall in love with a pretty girl and once they get to know her, they realize they don't actually understand her at all.
  4. You're most welcome anytime! Nice find on the forum avatar. :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's 8+ hour session featured emuthreat, starvingart, ThurmanMerman, ColdAtrophy, Baroness (formerly MamaB3ar), fing, Luc, IMT, Hell, and the addition of Scipio (I think that's everyone). Finding vehicles was no problem but military tents seemed to have been severely reduced in number or are spawning somewhere completely different than in the past. Usually in such a long play session we would have +/- 10 military tents and we ended up with 4(?) total. I struck out on a solo mission to Myshkino tents (wrecking a V3S in the process) to check the few containers there but found no tents. Leaving North out of the tents I found a pack of wolves which I try to lead back to the tents so I could kill them from the Hesco structure. They did not follow so I tracked them out to a shed and only after I was basically cornered did I realize I had dropped my shotgun when I swapped to the MP-5! D: They started coming through the shed door and I started firing, the wolf models were bugged, stuck twisted to one side while sliding and it was nearly impossible to tell from where they would attack. I could see the wolf sliding towards me but before it closed the distance on my screen I would get struck from the side! I killed 2, wounded a 3rd running out of ammo, and then resorted to my hatchet = You are dead. Back on the coast (Elektro), I looted my way North before running into emu with his bus. I left camp and met up with Thurman and that's when we passed a 4x4 so he spun around and the guy plowed into us while also trying to hail us (I heard him call out over direct, Thurman did not), on my client I did not see the collision. emu and IMT then came to our locale and immediately was fired upon, this did not end well for the driver.... Collisions with animals seems turned off for now, or roadkill steak would have been on the menu. During our hunt for tents we continued to track these guys, who apparently had the poor choice of Cherno for their home (where we wanted to check shipping containers). Here's a screen of the aftermath of art kill trade. When I passed the doorway the player was in my frames dropped drastically and I only caught a few frames of him before art started trading fire with him. We have a plan for some stunt driving exhibitions, courtesy of emuAir, I'm guessing we'll be posting those results soon. "Where'd the tents go!?"
  5. It was a government project, and the official in charge of buying the ladders had a cousin who was sitting on a surplus of left-handed ladders.
  6. 3 wolves is the default number that must be killed to scare away the pack. The result may be different if you use melee to kill them, but I need to test this more with larger packs. Last time I tried, my hitbox got stuck in a field, and I holed-up in the Tisy admin building with 1500 blood left. LOL
  7. Last time I checked, grenades in tents do precisely fuckall. To be fair, the last time I checked was 35 days ago when Jarin and Dicklepick tried to raid our west Emustan camp, and I didn't exactly see where the grenade exploded. Perhaps I wrongly assumed that they could pull a pin, and set it down successfully, and run away. Is there some technique that I'm not aware of, that makes grenades damage the contents of tents?
  8. Welcome to Experimental, @Baroness. Sorry about the driving. :P Regarding what @starvingart said about tents, it feels like certain aspects of the CLE may have been tweaked on this server that we use. We have had a consistent pattern of looting for a few weeks, and the mil tent spawns seem to be less than a third of what they have previously been. For what it's worth, there seems to have been at least two other groups of two or three players regularly on this server fora week or two. Even still, the loot just ain't what she used to be. One group of regulars seems to have taken to feuding with us again. Those knuckleheads were driving on the wrong side of the road up by the Sinistock-Vavilovo junction, and collided with Thurman's bus. Along come IMT and me, in another bus, and the friggin' mooks start shootin' at us. From the looks of it, IMT and I split the kill, likely both firing when the car was still for a moment. We had less success flushing out the other guy, and abandoned our search to go look for more non-existent tents. Their hatchback was no longer at the junction when we returned an hour later. A little while later, Thurman wrecked his bus in Cherno, and started taking shots. Sure-enough, there was Captain "I-don't-care-to-use-the-correct-lane" picking up himself from the coast. Thurman managed to snag their car and escape ruin the hell out of it, shortly before the reset. Being the good samaritans that we are, we decide to go down south and look for tents at the port, and happen to see someone fleeing the roundabout. Long story short, this happened:
  9. fdsaf
  10. I guess I'm kind of glad I don't have to clean up your tent mess? :D Also on a lighter note, had a good laugh at this! Thank you for having me!:)
  11. I don't, was hoping someone else might back me up. But, I think it was more along the lines of we are hoping to get between those numbers. They understandably talked a lot of vague numbers, like "we hope to get X times the amount we currently have. Plus, not sure it matters if the AI didn't respond and function properly, it was all merely a test.
  12. I'm going to let someone else tell the tale of all of our unexpected, pvp experiences in Experimental today but in the meantime here's a photo of my Bus wind surfing experience with @IMT! BTW WHERE ARE ALL THE TENTS????? :)
  13. Hmm
  14. Kill them, take anything worth taking, nade the rest, leave.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Nothing coward about it. DayZ is played they way you want to. Period. Your question was how we would do it, and we all play the DayZ experience differently.
  17. Correct, the beginning of EA. Sorry for the confusion. I can't find anything that says 2000 so if you have a link that would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Experimental only.
  19. How do I add that status window in the upper right?
  20. Wolves can come through tents and walls. Easy way to kill them 1 at a time. The other thing i noticed is that after you kill a few, the others will run away. Not sure if it's a Alpha (dog) thing or if when their pack is all but dead, the remaining run off..
  21. Actually, when they left I left the server and ran to my own camp, then I checked if they left the server and they had left it, so I hopped back in and ran to their camp and took their stuff later on. But yeah, still kind of a coward move I understand that. But I didn't want them to see me looting their camp :p
  22. If you stand on your head, it works ;)
  23. That's how people use ladders in soviet Russia.
  24. not a clue i was just using the previous posters words lol
  25. after some times being away from dayz, i can see myself to play dayz again with 0.62 for sure. this is awesome stuff devs,can't wait. one big question in mind, Can we expect any changes to how leafs of trees look like? is it me or you think the same that leafs look a bit simple (in terms of 3d objects and textures) and out-dated?
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