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  2. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    Embarrassing is correct.
  3. Any info

    The devs say it will be released this year. When this year? They don't know.
  4. Any info

    Hello , played DayZ on Pc launch years ago back when u could put cases in cases then put those cases in vests the good old days.Was wondering if we will ever hear of any updates for Xbox version of the game it's been a very long time coming
  5. Any word on when this next update will hit stress test ?? We need vehicles back soon walking is legit killing my dayz vibe , also soft skills cuz fun .
  6. .63 Combat System

    You wrote pretty long post, yet you avoided mentioning at least one specific thing you don't like on the new combat system.
  7. Today
  8. What song are you listening to right now?

    Partner with legendary impresario Tony Prince to open and operate a top shelf Nightclub featuring world-class DJ acts Solomun, Tale Of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna, and use it as a front for the most concentrated network of criminal enterprise ever to hit San Andreas. - rockstargames
  9. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    It's the first time since 2012 I'm taking a break of DayZ... never thought I would, but I am. Bug/exploits or not, as much as I love DayZ I think the current state of the game is the worst it's ever been. Really hoping for a turn of tide, soon. As far as I see it, the current "melee" is the exploit.
  10. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    It could be people find out by accident. I stopped using it at the point where I was taking on 6 infected at one time with melee. I never used it on players though but it would suck if you encounter someone who does. Glad they're going to fix this one, hopefully with the next content patch. It's best not to use these bugs/exploits because you will get used to it and when it gets fixed, you will suddenly get a backlash because you adjusted your playstyle to it.
  11. Where is the DayZ population?

    Zombies getting out of fashion. It needs to be a BR game to blow up now.
  12. Where is the DayZ population?

    Maybe. I just don't think DayZ is going to "blow up" again like it did when the Mod first came out 4 years or so ago. AFAIK, there was never anything like that. Since then, there have been all sorts of similar zombie survival games with various degrees "sandboxedness" and success (or even completeness) (H1Z1, State of Decay, Dying Light, Dead Rising 4, Dead Matter, Dead Island, etc), survival games like The Forest and The Long Dark, Rust is in there somewhere and "battle royale" games like PUBG and Fortnight.
  13. What`s new with this update - scopes & new weapons? We need random events back too - I`m missing the crash sites for sure.
  14. Toon TownZ "Cartoon People RP" Gameplay :P

    I litteraly died of laughter
  15. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    I'd say exploit is not the right word to call or describe it. It's one of the broken elements in the current Experimental version and yes, it should be fixed. Some players are doing it by accident and they have no idea. I was doing it by accident too and wasn't aware of it up until recently. Because I do a lot of melee combat. The food cans also did more damage but now it seems it got fixed a bit, but not completely. About a month ago, players would take less damage, now after couple of patches, players are taking more damage from melee combat. But it's still Experimental and WIP so things may change every patch. It's not exactly the same but best alternative comparison would be like the one where damaged items became pristine when punched. It was in 0.62 and I think that got fixed.
  16. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    I was going to stop punching when he started saying that but it was too late :P
  17. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    There is an exploit with the combat mechanics. That's all I'm going to tell because I don't want more people to abuse it. I think the person being killed in the video is referring to this exploit. I made a ticket about it a while ago and they acknowledged the exploit and scheduled it for a fix. Until then, it is best that the majority doesn't know about it.
  18. Yesterday
  19. .63 Combat System

    also this is only an English language forum - that takes out 2/3 of the world
  20. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    Thank you, now the devs will never know what they need to fix.
  21. Ideally, Yes... But the devs have been guilty of getting ahead of themselves in the past, and the limitations of the old tech created a real crap show with trying to get the vehicles working right. Pulling them completely was the best decision as it probably would have taken a lot of resources away from the larger core development and would inevitably been a bit of a waste of time seeing as how they evolved to the .63 state. I was not happy to hear the vehicles were being removed and initially was critical of that decision..as I thought this was a sign that the team simply couldn't figure out how to make them work...and that they were getting in over their heads. This was, again, the smart move...so I am very keen to see if they have learned from the previous mistakes and difficulties when rolling in content as complicated as vehicles and helicopters. I still would prefer to see bicycles in game before vehicles...as I am sure this would help them sort out some of the initial performance, character, animation, and server issues that might need attention...but it seems they are not even considering the bikes yet… I personally think this is a bad idea (or maybe just an oversight) so once again I look forward to being wrong! ;-)
  22. .63 Combat System

    I really like the new combat system .... so much better than the old one and you can finally turtle kick like a little bitch on your back 🐢
  23. Appreciate the update. Transparency is a good thing. Keep at it guys !!!
  24. .63 Combat System

    Oh I know all about Gews whining post on the subject of dispersion. Also, you're the one not with the times when you clearly stated they never announced the new changes which they clearly did when they announced a "New Player Controller". Get with the times man
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