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  2. dayz wont start

    Have you tried verifying file integrity through steam in steam library right click dayz, verify file integrity should download any files that are missing, restart steam and try load game again
  3. Can no longer bring up the menu in offline dayz

    Offline mode isn’t priority atm, we got up to date updates waiting to be fixed, sucks I know but if ur needing a working offline to test mods n scripts only thing I can think of is reverting windows to a week ago so you get the dayz version that was working with it
  4. getting error message instance Id parameter is mandatory and must be valid 32-bit integer. I have tried every guide and every thing I could find online. Any help would be reatly appreciated.
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  6. Hate wolves

    Shotguns? Do we have them yet? I thought the Izh-18 was a single shot 7.62x39mm rifle?
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  8. no more windowed mode

    @dayz Guys this is ridiculous. I have to play in windowed work so I can do my work as well as play on the side. You make it impossible for me to play with this bug. Everytime I change to windowed mode there is no way to make the window larger so it's just using maybe 1/4 of my screen. Please fix this so I can play this amazing version of the game I paid for years ago :) Thanks and keep up the good work.
  9. Addressing the most pressing issues

    His link is where it redirects when the bug tracker is (was) under the maintenance ;)
  10. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    Which part of game preview didn't you understand?
  11. Server Questions.

    Hello Dear DayZ Community. I have a couple of questions here. 1º Why server performace is bad? 2º By adding more zombie locations on zombie.territories or animals.territories with the events removed are them going to spawn? Exemple. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <events> <event name="Loot"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>0</nominal> <min>0</min> <max>0</max> <lifetime>0</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <saferadius>0</saferadius> <distanceradius>0</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>55</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="0" sec_spawner="0"/> <position>fixed</position> <limit>custom</limit> <active>1</active> <children/> </event> <event name="StaticChristmasTree"> <waves>0</waves> <nominal>13</nominal> <min>0</min> <max>0</max> <lifetime>86400</lifetime> <restock>0</restock> <saferadius>500</saferadius> <distanceradius>2500</distanceradius> <cleanupradius>2500</cleanupradius> <flags deletable="1" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1" sec_spawner="0"/> <position>fixed</position> <limit>mixed</limit> <active>0</active> <children/> </event> as you see I removed the zombie event and animals event. Do they will still work? I forced them to spawn on zombie.territories adding locations and smin , smax , dmin , dmax. 3º Question Is there any way to clean up bodies faster? Dead Bodies , Zombie Bodies? I looked at globals.xml I dont know if this is the file to edit. <variables> <var name="CleanupAvoidance" type="0" value="50"/> <var name="CleanupLifetimeLimit" type="0" value="50"/> <var name="QueueTimeSameServer" type="0" value="5"/> <var name="RespawnAttempt" type="0" value="2"/> <var name="RespawnLimit" type="0" value="20"/> <var name="RespawnTypes" type="0" value="12"/> <var name="SpawnInitial" type="0" value="1500"/> <var name="ZombieMaxCount" type="0" value="0"/> <var name="CleanupLifetimeDefault" type="0" value="45"/> <var name="ZoneSpawnDist" type="0" value="600"/> <var name="RestartSpawn" type="0" value="100"/> <var name="CleanupLifetimeRuined" type="0" value="330"/> <var name="AnimalMaxCount" type="0" value="0"/> </variables> 4º Question adding more loot. After using paint mode on CEeditor+ Export Hive to get new buildings locations to add more loot needs to adjust nominals/min or adjusting that value mapgroupproto.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <prototype> <defaults> <default name="group" lootmax="70" /> <default name="container" lootmax="70" /> This are my questions eventually I will have more. Kind Regards Niko
  12. Can no longer bring up the menu in offline dayz

    Don't know what to tell ya. I have not experienced this and the only thing that comes to mind is people changing keybindings. Put it in the feedback tracker or whatever it is they are using now I guess
  13. Can no longer bring up the menu in offline dayz

    the thing is though, i never changed any keybinds. this literally happened after i shutdown the game and loaded it the next day. ill try resetting the config and see if anything changes Edit: just deleted profiles and still have the issue.
  14. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    For those getting BSOD, just a thought but try deleting the DayZ folder (with Steam and the game shut down) in your Documents folder and then try it. This will get rid of any current character you have going, but might be worth it. I deleted my folder prior to downloading the first Beta patch and I've not had any blue screens on any patch, including this one.
  15. Can no longer bring up the menu in offline dayz

    when they say don't go near the fire , don't bitch when you get burned.
  16. Building Persistance

    It should be - and with my server it works - 45 Days until these items despawn. Maybe many servers did not update their types.xml files After some server updates and are still stuck with not properly working Persistence.
  17. *INVENTORY* - Slot separation/Quickbar Accessibility

    So you're basically saying you would like it in the game but it should be prioritized in a way that it's quite a bit post 1.0, right? I'm absolutely with you on that one. In my vote I didn't ask wether you want it right now, I asked wether you would like to see it in the game, in more of a general sense with no mention of when, so since that would be a "yes" for you, I'd appreciate if you could correct your vote. Thanks for the feedback!
  18. Need short help for correct syntax

    Very good to know. I come from the Java side and allways wondered how EnforceScript handles this.
  19. Tool for create new positions for spawn loot

    I made this for my own purposes. What kind of format do you have the positions of the buildings saved? Maybe I can build a Parser for that and add it to my Toolbox. You can find the current version in the Community Made Tools section. LBmaster
  20. Two BSOD's

    After this post, I would BSOD after 10 minutes of playing, every time. The folks at BE finally sent me a new file for BE and now I'm not crashing, at least not during my short 20 minute sessions I've had time for since I replaced the file.
  21. Can no longer bring up the menu in offline dayz

    They really need to add to the disclaimer to not touch the in-game keybindings for it will have catastrophic consequences
  22. Xbox Development Briefing - November 16, 2018

    So I gather from reading that your what seemed like hint was useless BS , Don’t throw your flares away 😉. why would you say that knowing damm well your wiping us all anyway , yeah I’m a little annoyed as Iv already lost 2 stash servers .. your building what seems like a great game but what about the harm your doing it . I bet I’m not the only person questioning myself for not waiting until you have your act together
  23. no helicopter

    Yeah they out there keep looking. Or maybe search the forum for the other 4 threads in regard to why there are NO Crash sites. But we DO have Kiwi fruit!!!!!
  24. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    The freezing effect (temperature) in the rain has too less consequences IMO. My temperature icon meanwhile was on dark blue outside in the rain (dark night). Hearing the atmospheric freezing shivering breathing sound, together with the visible breath I almost felt the coldness in my room (very well done!). Finally found a house, entered and what? The temperature icon was on white (normal) again after 1-2 minutes. Way too fast. The window panes were broken (ok, almost no sound from outside - an issue that was noticed by others as well), it should take much longer to get comfortable again. I didn't need to change or remove my clothes, nothing. Also the drenched stuff in the inventory became dry again pretty fast (don't remember how long it took). Maybe I'm used to 0.62 too much where you needed a raincoat (or a fire) to survive a shower of rain :-D but this needs some tweaking in my opinion. The sense of coldness outside doesn't fit to the fast recuperation inside. EDIT: Ok, I remembered something that makes me feel a little bit like an idiot... I had a heat pack with me. I don't know if it's related - if yes, then I think that the recuperation speed would be somewhat ok, but nevertheless even then I doubt that such a small pack would give so much warmth so that the player is 100% fine again after 2 minutes.. Will have to test it again. In any case it would be good to hear from others what their experience was (with or without heat pack).
  25. Zombie Hordes to my server

    You need the full mission for da0ne scripts to work as is, you can disable the things you don't want
  26. Night time/Food

    Got back into DayZ since the recent update and I have been really impressed with the changes so far. However I have 2 main issues with it's current state and these are food/hunger and night time in general. Firstly hunger should not be depleting so quickly, I find my character needing to eat far more than he needs to drink which just seems wrong. If we're trying to implement realism here, then surely thirst should deplete far quicker than hunger when running long distances. Secondly I like most others have a fairly average life, working during the day and playing games on the evening. Nights are so dark in game that I find myself rarely able to play and enjoy myself. There should be a variety of official servers that offer day and night at the same time or official servers with accelerated time. Even if I did enjoy night, others clearly don't as all the servers are dead by 9pm. Realism is fine until it impacts fun (Even though nights are very unrealistic in how dark they are), just like most games trying to implement realism the devs have massively overtuned how dark nights are in real life.
  27. Known/Unkown Exploits/Bugs/Cheats That Crash Server

    Trouble is it can be done withoutknowing just by picking up an item when you already have something in your hands afaik
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