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  2. Just wondering about vehicles.

    From what i've seen though vehicles on PC are extremely laggy af, so even when we get vehicles dont expect them to work very well
  3. I am so wet

    I didnt know this was a thing yet, awesome if so :) Your post made me wet ;)
  4. UK player looking for older people to group up with

    36 Leeds UK. I can play nice or nasty :D I'm down to group up.
  5. Backpack for me!

    I am all for more content but i would think there is enough backpacks in the game. When we have tents and barrels back and i can make a camp again i think i will be using the courier bag alot more for scavenge runs because its small and light and looks rad also. The great thing about the weight system is now you have to think a bit more about what you want to carry. I had a the mil chest plate and was wondering why my stamina bar was under half way and couldnt sprint. I noticed the plate carrier was 14KG! Things like this make the game alot more interesting because if someone wants to have a bullet proof vest now it comes at quite a price. The military vests are great for cargo also but i think they should be more rare as they can work as protective vests also with the right "hard" cargo.

    I only stopped playing for a couple of days cos I was salty. After trying and trying and trying and trying to talk to people only to get no response, (games fault or not) or getting shot in the back, yeah now I pretty much bandit my way around.
  7. DayZ Youtubers?

    Seems Frankie is a popular one! Will most definitely check him out! Edit: Checking him out on Youtube he seems to have not posted in a year?
  8. Ban from Dart...

    When banned or kicked through Dart, the dart line says that the player is banned or kicked but in fact this does not happen. help me please.
  9. It's because there's no on screen server reset countdown ATM. If your joining high population servers that'll be why. Once a server resets most people don't rejoin that server so it'll take about 1hr-1hr and a half for it to fill up again leaving only 30mins or less before it resets again. The you been kicked from the game message occurs on a reset. Next time it happens rejoin the same server you were in after a few minutes for it to reset. If everyone did this you'd come across the same players more, probably get better loot and reset servers would fill up faster also. It also stops progression breaks, if you've travelled for an hour and not seen anyone then get kicked and join another server you could run for another hour and not see anyone aswell because different server different people in deferent locations. Whereas if you jump back in as does the majority of others you can guage where people are and aren't more easily.
  10. No servers in list

    I've done the full dns flush / netsh winsock reset, uninstall / reinstall game, messed with server check boxes (ping etc), checked firewall exceptions (for Dayz, couldn't find a battle eye app in the list), even tried a Steam cache wipe, and made sure Steam is in 'full' online mode (had issues with my friends being 'unreachable. so removed the Steam file in My Documents, and launched Steam again to fix it) .... but still not getting any servers in the .63 experimental server lists. I can play 'offline' fine, but no servers appear when I launch 'online'. Is there a fix I've missed?
  11. UK player looking for older people to group up with

    Im 33 from the us gt dbd824
  12. Today
  13. Hello, If you want to join us to PVP on the airfield is the moment !! Dedicated servers are now available in experimental and official !! Server name : BETA Black-Raven.fr PVP Airfield FULLGEAR-SPAWN Rules : No Rules Link server stats : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ You spanw with full stuff in airfield and go fight ! Have a good day ?
  14. Anyone else getting kicked from game a lot recently?

    Server kicks me only after a restart and the red message comes maybe 1 time the week. After restart i join only the same server so i know i have two hours to play before the next restart and after 30-60 minutes the server is full. Playing on NL server on XboxOneX
  15. Staying on a Specific server

    Joining ever the same server after a restart and it will be full again in 30-60 minutes.
  16. dont taze me bro!!

    Woot i see a tranq gun
  17. persistant legendary items

    I think this is an interesting idea. Something that comes to mind that i would like to see, regarding this idea would be a scary serial killer type mask. There is only 1. As it gets handed across to different players perhaps they feel the need to fulfill the masks duties or just carry it as a trophy. Maybe there could be a server option to re start its spawn if it isnt in a container or being held by a player.
  18. 40 pop servers

    Where did the 40 pop servers go that was in the closed preview we only have 60 pop now
  19. Exp Update 0.63.148743

    Hello, "MAG" BUG REPORT: I really freaked out because I was at gun point and I had to run away from bandits ... My M4A1 mag == 22rnd STANAG So I tried to reload by adding 8 more bullets to the mag ... So far so good, after I unattached it from my rifle and reloaded its mag... The mag simple wouldn't re-attach to the rifle. 1. The mag would not attach to the M4A1 which was in WORN condition (green bar). 2. The mag was in PRISTINE condition (green bar). 3. I told my friend to try and attach the mag to the gun by dropping both items. Result: He couldn't attach it neither. 4. I told my friend to try and attach the mag to his own M4A1. Result: It worked. 5. I told my friend to try and attach his mag to my M4A1. Result: It didn't work. From these series of testing, I could conclude that the issue was within my rifle and not the mag. PLEASE HAVE THIS FIXED. It's really annoying not to know which item is broken (in my case, both were doing great). Doing great == My M4A1 was barely used (I didn't shoot w/ it before)... My mag was OK as well ...
  20. DayZ Youtubers?

    Years ago Frankie started it all for me. I’m a railroad conductor and always out of town a lot, so I’d watch his vids all the time while at hotels.
  21. Exp Update 0.63.148743

    I'm curious as to how the game isn't playable? Do you consider it that way because it's lacking in features? crashes?

    Lol I dont shoot on sight but hide and try to talk my way into peaceful interactions. So far its worked well for me. Iv yet to die but Iv been forced to kill 4 players. 3 geared players were very friendly but both agreed to go seperate ways and loot specific parts of a area. If any crossed into the others zone it would be considered hostile action. Trust no one people will always betray you. Others were freshies suprised I did not kill on site. I shared a can of food or pop with them and we seperate. Now for the dummies that shot at me they all died. I always have some one hiding to provided cover. When I interact with a player its because I see them fist generally and chose too. I did have one guy almost kill me with a kitchen knife due to glitched gun but I switched to 4 5 and got a lucky hip fire headshot. My recomendation is to hide and avoid all people. If you going to shoot someone be prepared you never really know how many may be with your target or some else may be near you. Lol Im always looking for banditos to take care of though. Flower power with a AK baby.
  23. do you want to heal at a realistic rate too.
  24. DayZ Youtubers?

    Jade Monkey Always a cheek-clapping good time.
  25. Death from nothing

    You and a bunch of others dont seem to realise it’s a game preview, there are bugs and shits gonna happen. To get to the main menu you have to press A on the disclaimer that states it’s pre release software. You coulda researched it a bit first to find out how it is. You don’t always hear the shot that kills you. I lost over a week of progress to the character wipe but you gotta expect that stuff like that is gonna happen. Also it doesn’t take long to gear up again and is probably the most fun part of the game at this stage of development
  26. Some ideas

    These will be things that i think the community will make when we finally see modding for dayz which is going to be an exciting time. Modding will add years and years on to the life of dayz but i could not see the official dev team making craftable human faces for us to wear.
  27. Death from nothing

    How come the game randomly kills u playing it for 5 hours next minite game kicks me lost everything i had don,t think ill be playing this game again what a waste of time for the game to fuck up
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