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  2. awalsh47

    Tips and stuff I've learned.

    Love the teddy bear touch! People say coast is full of murderers ( which it is)but I've never had a nice interaction inland....just shot at by no mics
  3. philippj

    Server question and port

    Set `steamQueryPort` to 27016. Afterwards create following firewall rules: - Inbound UDP 2302 - Inbound UDP 27016 - Inbound TCP 2312 ( Only if you plan on using the DZSALModServer )
  4. MarczXD320

    Anyone having ambient audio issues?

    Sign me up on that, the ambient audio just stops and reloging is the only way i found to fix that.
  5. pilgrim*

    Quick test on 1.02

    DUPING solution MINIMALIST OK Nayte - roughly this is it.. I suggest transportable containers instead of weapons, to cut down the lists overhead - but this system seems to me to work and requires the manipulation of ONE extra byte only for the object instances concerned. This will not burn out the server IMO or slow down the software or the game = In My View. Difficulty of programming.. ?? Maybe I can leave that open ? There may be something I have NOT noticed that would make this difficult or impossible to implement ? it goes like this: * * * each object-X instance that spawns on the map has a definition. This is already the case - Central Loot Economy definition = {object} {condition} {coordinates} Now suppose we want to stop Duping. Leave aside the CLE and public/private hives (we don't need to worry about those) We can assign serial numbers to all transportable containers - backpacks, sea-chests, barrels - that can be carried by players between servers. How to do it simply is explained below. Add another term to the definition when the object-X instance spawns = {code} So that object-X instance definition becomes = {object} {code} {condition} {coordiates} the "code" is made up from one word (64 bits should do it). Easy to parse. It contains : =time (spawn-date/hour/second)= =server number (or server IP)= =serial number= generating the time stamp and server number is trivial (right?) the "serial number" is generated sequentially for each object that spawn on a single server, by the server. There is NO requirement for cross-referencing of any element withing the {code} integer, with other servers or with a central registry, The "serial" can be assigned as many digits as convenient. When the server reaches the max serial number it begins again with zero. The time stamp and server number guarantee the string is unique and can never be confused with any other string generated on that server or any other server - even if one single object-X instance stays "live" in play and moves between servers for years. There is no need to cross check with other servers as you have already included the server number and the time stamp with the serial number {code}. So each {code} is KNOWN to be unique without verification, and cannot be duplicated On a single server, two object-X instances cannot be generated with the same serial number at the same moment. Whenever an object-X spawns it receives instance definition = {object} {condition} {coordiates} {code} This {cod} is only needed for transportable containers -IMO- as containers are used in Duping. It could be extended if necessary, from this simplest structure. But I do not see that this is required. * A player carrying object-x instance logs in to a server : Say, he carries an instance of "backpack A" (plus maybe an oil-drum - or more than one container) We already have the list of object-x instances on the server. (we know the CLE already handles the math of instance in play & spawn, this information is locally available) Each instance on the server is listed at present as < object-X instance plus {coordinates} .. etc > - this is true at present. However, at instance spawn we have extended this list to < object-X instance plus {coordinates} plus {code} .. etc> The player logs in to a server with object-x instance (backpack A) + (Sea-chest) .. We KNOW what the player carries. We KNOW what object-x instance (backpack A) are already on this server Compare serial numbers If two serial numbers match for object-x instances (backpack A) - the instance held by the player is removed from the game. If two serial numbers match for object-x instances (oil-drum) - the instance held by the player is removed from the game. One Question : From player login to completing a true/false numerical comparison of {code}s in the server's object-x instance list {codes} - only concerning containers carried by the player - how many clicks are required ? xxp @ImpulZ ?
  6. BetterDeadThanZed

    Combination lock automatically reset when spawning inside base?

    If you are the server owner, there's a mod that changes the lock so it can have 6 alpha numeric characters and it works perfectly, doesn't reset on server restart: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1646187754
  7. Seen it All

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Feedback on new 1.02 New Scroll Wheel with the images is nice (takes a bit of getting used to if you play inverted though, as up is now down) Sounds is great Like how you can drop the item in your hands without going to the inventory system Like how you can now see batteries and select ammo Like how it's easier to distinguish between ammo types in the inventory system Like how the range finder and other optics including Binoculars work Dislike how zombies are less sensitive Dislike how fast melee is, zombies in 2-3's are now a joke, feel like i the jack the ripper Like blood spatter Like new sounds Likes when I shot up this poor doctor that was hiding in a room (he shot first) Disliked when I got rushed by two guys and got killed ­čś× Liked running into a survivor that was planting multiple gardens to help feed people..lol My and my buddy both were in a game where all zombies and other players were frozen and we ran around like we were neo in the matrix. We ended up having to quit the game to log back in and found that we were warped 20+ minutes back Overall seems good, the biggest complaint is zombies are no longer a threat due to increase melle speed, seems like more zombies though so it could be a good balance.
  8. GolemNo9

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Not a big fan of the night light. Would be perfectly ok with them turning it off and letting it just stay dark.
  9. Derleth

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Oh I agree, the night light has just become something of my personal crusade. Night lighting looked much better in earlier iterations of the game. Then when the anti-gamma system was introduced the ambient light from the moon disappeared entirely (apparently since any level of ambient brightness more or less kills the anti-gamma thing). Ideally, on a clear night with a full moon it would be fairly easy to navigate, while on cloudy nights or with a new moon it would be much darker all the way to the 1.01 ultra darkness. It should be dynamic. Now it's just as dark with a full moon which makes the game look bad, it's simply unrealistic.
  10. g4borg

    Some great reading to pass the time.

    Sorry to say but no. The correct critique would be that they should have used a new engine from the start. And they should have developed it to be used for a future engine used in more titles. The engine they used, arma2 / choppers, is very amateur compared to even a five minute unity project, or modding unreal a bit. Which got proven by pubg using standard assets and minimal coding in unreal. So that choice was just late. Also it is not a few hackers. It is a lot of them. Even more than you assume, as many only use hacks moderately. Not everyone staples all cars on the server. FPS. Something that clearly improved. Physics. Network code. Fluidity of animation. No clipping through walls. Not saying I am happy about the current state especially about how overengineered cr4p the scripts are, I am absolutely not happy at all. But the old engine was a wrong choice from the start.
  11. Robzom11

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Atleast everybodys basically seeing the same thing and people arent turning their brightness up to get a game breaking advantage. Although the moon setting the brightness sounds cool ( i never knew that ) i bet its gone to make it so people cant abuse the light from it too see way more than they should. But ya i was really disappointed when i first heard of the night light but i dont really care now unless it gives me or someone else an unfair advantage.
  12. GolemNo9

    Xbox Update 1.02

    I was hoping for a gear wipe or at least raising the loot economy for weapons since all the duppers have already exceeded the limit hence no new weapons spawning in. So I do t really understand what this supposed fix for dipping was for this patch. I haven't found anything except 5 weapons after hitting 3 bases traveling around the map. Even after 3 server resets nothing whatsoever. Plenty of attachments though. I like the new gas mask. Also found some anarchy assault boots.
  13. Today
  14. Robzom11

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I like the night changes, although im not a huge fan of the night light, it has a haunting glow that i like. I like how nobody can see at night and you can't just turn up your brightness and see perfectly fine either, encouraging people to camp or use light sources, which were pointless before... However with the night being so long it sort of drags on for too long, I'd personally enjoy it more if it was 30-40 mins so i could chill by the campfire and take a break from intently focusing on not dying, instead of continually playing through the hour of night because its too boring sitting at a camp for an hour, your kind of forced to move in a way.
  15. for me,things has turned to slightly positive cos of few servers that runs true hardcore settings...but really i would like to know what is situtiation about,fishing,bows and diseases? we dont have any status reports anymore and in customers mind,predictting about those features is just...maybe this year or next.... but just wanna know that is fishing/bow/diseases developing even started?? months not years?
  16. CamoMixx


    if you add CamoMix Me and my buddy would be happy to roll with you i'm currently on the verge of NWAF however i need to make a trip back towards the coast so i will be happy to meet up at any time
  17. Bhodi11

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    What we had previously was accurate. If there was a full moon you could see ok when out in the open same as IRL. If there was no moon it was pitch black and you would navigate by the horizon or use a flashlight etc... it worked and was pretty realistic. Now what you have is fake bright glowing bushes that just pop out as you approach them. The nearby foliage is so bright it drowns out all other low light detail. The blacks and grey scale are now completely crushed into a detail less black void when you are not being annoyed by glowing bushes. I play on a OneX and Sony 4K OLED so I can tell the difference. I used to love running at night. Now fuck it I will just switch servers. You would have to be blind not to see what a crappy adjustment this is.
  18. headcase

    Xbox Update 1.02

    So iv played since the new up data have come out and I like it fps is better in town new car is good and the guns are good when you find them but I do think you need to wipe ereyone and reset the loot because even when you do to a high tier mill base you only find basic mill gear.
  19. CamoMixx


    i live in northern ireland me and my buddy are always looking for new dedicated players to play with add CamoMix and send me a pm for more info
  20. ambient sound cutting out, almost complete silence, i think it cuts off after entering a house? Doesn't come back till i relog... Is this just me or anyone else have the same problem?
  21. LMNOP

    =VX9= Gaming Community

    get ready for a 50v50 match! sign up at vx9.com/gamediscussion
  22. Jonas Levin

    Anyone know if they fixed duping or meatballs?

    Yes, yes - they are pure monsters only fueled by your grief.
  23. Stagman70

    Xbox Update 1.02

    They got rid of the rolling while prone when trying to navigate your inventory. It's a start. The only problem I have, and adjusted to, was the quick menu 'y' axis being inverted. Other than that, the controls, at least for me, are fine. People that prefer a "claw grip" or whatever don't like it.........and? Not everyone uses a claw grip. Custom controller layout would be a nice feature, but it is NOT on the top of my list.
  24. Stagman70

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Well, I will admit that night in 1.01 was better, and the "night light" is a little weird, but I wouldn't make that the basis for calling it a horrendous mess. The game is actually pretty good once people quit nit-picking every last single little idiosyncrasy.
  25. Liven_28

    xml/txt/json variables to .cpp

    Ok, I see, thank you very much, I have new things to try now. Last question, you seem have some answers Do you use the debug mode of the workbench scripting tool? I tryed to follow this : https://github.com/maxkunes/Enscript-Workbench-Project-Setup but it didn't work (I reported the issue but sadly no solution find). Or maybe you use another tool? Not being able to use breapoints/step by step execution to see varaibles value make me loose so much time...
  26. awalsh47

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I didn't notice much of a difference. It seemed darker which isn't a bad thing. I thought it was a little too bright before and this might encourage more use of torches etc.
  27. ImpulZ


    Grenades are currently not implemented, as we don't have throwing in the game.
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