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    • Or to black nationalists? Though I don't condone violence being committed against certain elements of BLM, say, who like to march down the streets calling for the deaths of police officers. That's not because it is or isn't legal. I don't care. My point is that it doesn't solve anything. Nobody has ever been smacked in the face, or been beaten half to death and then gone "Now I see the error of my ways." Of course, if you are peacefully protesting and you are met with violence, feel free to respond in kind. "Violence" doesn't include threatening behaviour like carrying swastikas, however. I'm talking actual, tangible, physical violence. Even then, restraint should be urged, though I'm sure it's a little bit different if you are faced with a wall of braying white supremacists. Freedom to hate is an unfortunate side effect of freedom of speech. Incitement to violence should not be tolerated. This includes calls to exterminate the Jews. This includes calls to physically assault people accused of being Nazis. I don't want to conflate my own morals with US law, however. Again, I don't know about the legality, and nor do I care. As I have said already, violence doesn't achieve anything. It might be necessary in self defence, or in defence of somebody else who is being physically attacked, but otherwise I find it very difficult to justify. I'm also not saying that taking down these statues is wrong. If they're actual civil war era statues commemorating some great battle or act of bravery - leave them up. If they were erected in the early and mid 20th century in protest of civil rights laws - take them down. I don't know much about the background and process behind the removal of these statues, but I suspect it involved a lot of peaceful protests and petitions. I don't think anybody rolled into city hall and beat local officials into submission with batons. This is a double-edged sword of sorts, however. Neo Nazis are well within their rights to peacefully protest the removal of these statues, no matter how morally repugnant they are, but others are free to counter-protest that protest. Just keep it peaceful. Them being Nazis is not a reason to physically attack them any more than Antifa being anarcho-communists is a reason to attack them. Maybe that's an overly principled Utopian view, but it's the one I hold - not just because I'm an airy-fairy Corbyn-loving democratic socialist, but also because it's pragmatic to advocate discussion over violence. As I alluded to before, perhaps my attitudes would change when faced with a wall of neo-Nazis, but for now, that's my position.
    • You'd be great friends with DayZTV admins. I have done good providing constructive opinion, I'd say you have no ability to welcome any oposing opinion to yours. Perhaps I've already presented my opinions about the current state of DayZ enough times, but when people asks how to bring the players back, I have an opinion, and i post it. Don't tell me to stop posting, even though I probably will because there is nothing left unsaid about current problems of DayZ.  Perhaps, it depends on what you call fully kitted, I'm usually perfactly happy with anything what shots 357 or has a scope. Last time I think I knew what I was doing at Novy and Stary Sobor and then NWAF, and haven't got any amunition. It was public server. I also have 500+ hours in DayZ, still a noob in a gunfights, but I'd say I know the basics. Prove that doing same things will not bring different results in DayZ, going same paths in DayZ each time can bring anything unpredictable (things used to happen more often in the past), I dig that you should know the hot points of the map if you want to get into something, but there are many of those by now. 

      I'm happy that you lately had some nice experience in the game, I suppose it is rare now. Maybe will have to check those BR servers. If will ever feel like playing DayZ again.

      The passion still kicks in sometimes.

    • Hello everybody I played a lot DayZ for years and few days ago I Downloaded it and I get This message and this in the BattleEye Console (I already do the re-download, clean cache, verify files thing, and the right click admin at Steam.exe but still not working)  I can't find a working solution anybody can help me ?   
    • I've been known to shake trees when desperate or in a hurry.
    • What kind of server does the Haven call home?  My regular group set up on the official hive this patch, but dwindling numbers left us with little more than transient PvP players to make contact with, aside from a few groups of camp builders who were possibly run off by our attempts to make contact.
    • Right, I see so. It is only, every time I make a fire I see the slots ... and I always ask about the meaning of these slots. They are meaningless, everything you put in there goes to ruined when the fire is burning ... so what are they there for ??? Stones heat or metals ... I do not know. (I also never use the apple glitch ... or else others, it breaks me the game experience .... sometime they will be removed and I will not notice it).
    • @BeefBacon  In the modern age of globalism and regulatory capture, I think communism being a four letter trigger word is terribly myopic.  But that's well beside the point. The reason that Antifa serves a necessary purpose in MY HOME COUNTRY, is that they serve to dilute the White Nationalists from standing unopposed in large numbers.  There are so many people I see and speak with who are so politically ambivalent, that they will just take the path of least resistance and join whichever side appears to be winning.  The legal aspects of this are important, because hate speech and incitement to violence are not protected speech, and the government should be intervening in the case that someone is caught on camera or in public saying things like down with jews.  The idea here being that if the secret service would arrest someone for making the same statement with Trump's name substituted, then by the 14th Amendment, that same legal deterrent should be applied to white nationalists advocating against other races.  In the case of Charlottesville, it was a group of organized white supremacists who descended on a town with torches to attack them for their decision by local government to remove a shrine to confederate ideals.  At the same time that the alt-right is campaigning for states rights and local determination so they can marginalize "the others" in their own communities, they defy their own ideals by traveling to other people's homes to impose their way of thinking--which I hope most reasonable people could quickly identify as morally repugnant.  Many of these confederate shrines where erected in the 1920's and '30's, during the days of Jim Crow laws and local governments infiltrated by the KKK, as a means to bolster and display their resistance to the idea that all humans are equal in the eyes of the law.  The idea that people wish to improve the social climate in their towns by removing displays in commemoration of a movement which tried to rend this country in two over their refusal to stop enslaving other human beings is a perfectly reasonable decision on their part.  How many IRA monuments do you have standing in Dublin?  My guess would be zero... Again, getting back to the legal implications of protesters and conterprotesters showing up with batons and shields, there is a concept in the US of "mutual combat" between two consenting parties.  I have tested this personally in my adolescent years when a group of friends would entertain ourselves by drinking and holding impromptu bare fisted boxing matches with each other in the streets. Invariably, the police would show up, and after discovering that we were all friends punching each other for fun, they would have little recourse than to tell us to keep the noise level down.  As much as modern sensibilities have conditioned us to detest, abhor, and condemn violence, it is legally permissible in most states between consenting parties, to the extent of nullifying statues against assaults and battery.  They do draw the line at what you might know as GBH. In this modern era where freedom of speech is being bastardized into freedom to hate, where federal laws against hatespeech and incitement are going ignored, and where emboldened white supremacists are taking to the streets , it is necessary that they be shown strong resistance. In the case of an impotent, apathetic, or corrupted government, sitting on their hands and refusing to enforce the laws of the land, it is both the duty and the right of good people to stand up and fight for what is right.
    • I absolutely LOATHE the abuse of fireplace kits for storage.  I simply will not do it.
    • After two hours, you should be full kitted if you know what you are doing.  Finding interactions is a matter of ingenuity on the part of the individual.  Doing the same things over and over, expecting different results, is just spinning your wheels and repeating learned behaviors that are no longer viable. Lately, I have made friends with an English speaking member from a clan of Brazilian PvPers, and have negotiated with him to cook our steaks in exchange for easy re-gearing at our main base.  NWAF is always poppin' on those BR servers...