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    • Main thing for me is that the 3rd person peaking is meta in 3pp, it's an advantage that changes the approach to combat whether you abuse it or not, also if i don't abuse it i have to rely on others not to if i expect an even playing field  it's just cheap. On top of that being able to look at a building and rely on my eyes to see if someone is watching me or not is comforting. Just imagine a 1st person shooter, csgo for example, being third person, it would be a whole different game, but to each their own. 
    • Honestly if there's such a powerful exploit in a game for so long it's naturally bound to get abused. It's not hard to imagine why someone would dupe, everybody comes to this game for slightly different reasons, some people value the idea of pvp over survival & vise versa. Not everyone's gonna play by the rules, even if you had the opportunity to change all dupers mindsets there would still be the few who would ruin it for all, so not duping and convincing others to agree with you won't make a difference. I can agree duping isn't exactly the most considerate act (ruins the game for the majority) but i don't blame the people who do it, as probably the majority of dupers only contribute a little if anything to the CLE problems duping creates, it only takes one crazy person to ruin the CLE on a server. That said i think BI is responsible for the entire problem & fixing it. I'm not saying be mad at BI, I'm saying people will be people, if theres an exploit that is basically a cheat code, people will use it. So you get more where im coming from, duping among other problems has ruined the game for me, i ended up duping myself with the logic from above, had fun for about a day but quickly lost interest in the entire game, as it wasn't the experience i was looking for & showed me how broke the game was. I haven't played for a month probably 2. Excited for 1.04. 
    • No, 1pp servers are full of idiots too. Every time I go into 1pp server I find dupers and kos players. I've had far more positive interactions on 3pp servers. I don't know why people think 3pp is somehow an inferior mode. I don't see people complaining about TRMZ, Mr Blackout, Sada, or every other big streamer playing in 3pp.
    • Please can someone advise the date of update 1.04? 
    • @Grahame Right now, I imagine Arma 3’s engine works better under stress (high player and vehicle count), but it’s an old engine with years of optimisation. It’s still early days for Enfusion. Bohemia said they needed a multi platform engine for the next 10-15 years, so there’s still lots of work and improvements to be made.  I also think that DayZ’s map looks stunning right now, and I’m sure it will only get better. Just look at the difference between early DayZ builds and .62. Hell, even 1.04 looks miles better than .63. They definitely need to work on the interiors, though. Those assets are stuck in the Arma 2 era.
    • So I'm on holiday today and won't be back until post update so I went to the coast to die.  Wow what a shit show. Hundreds of tents not just on the ground but up in the sky!  Entire treeline was lined with snipers who shot whoever spawned and to cap it off I got killed by a meatball- in an FPS server!   I thought meatballs were confined to the kiddie friendly corner peaking  3rd person servers?   So annoyed. 
    • No, it's not about making the game easier.. But about making it feel better. Now We only can change 1 setting, which is changing sensitivity while aiming and also in free look. So if you set it on lowest number, you have advantage in ranges, but in close combat (face to face) with zombie, or player, it take for ever to turn around, especially when zombie running around you like crazy 🤪  If you set it on higher number, you can enjoy looking around in smooth and fast way, but shooting on something moving is pain in the as*..  So this setting should be add. (only for aiming and for looking around you) 
    • Have you tried changing the client connection port to something different than default 2302?,.. you can do this in launch parameters by adding -port=2344 for example, also is the affected client playing with others on the same connection as his ip? Anyhow its worth giving this a try.
    • That "raise up" animation is a side effect of the aiming at wall (proximity) point blank deterrent put in place, Id personally would rather see improvements made, for instance my barrel scrapes the wall then raises or lowers, and also being able to stick you guns barrel out the window without having this raise up effect impact critical sniping movements etc, so the animation needs further tweaking and possibly a block attack implemented whilst holding a weapon around zombies eg, when the raise up animation triggers it encompasses a block type animation with it and if lowers does not trigger a block animation and forces use of melee attack, being able to push or shove hard using stamina would be a nice additive also, thus giving a player a choice of fight or flight type responses.
    • Update: strange enough, if i start my own private server and keep the server up. I can go connect to every single server, official or private, modded or not. Make no sense.