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    • Very interesting.. but some of it defeats the purpose of having 3rd pp anyway ?
    • Then sry... no more ideas.
    • they've all been archaic since .54 -nosplash and -skipintro were the cause of some wacky color issues after .54 hit (purple screen/green screen), some people couldn't play at all until they removed them -nopause was supposed to help initial loading time, but i forget how exactly -world=empty was an archaic map choice command (don't load any map) supposed to help initial loading time too but it only delayed the loading of the map until you got into the server, then you had to wait for Chernarus to load.   bad idea actually -winxp if i recall forced dx9 instead of the default dx10, but now we're at dx11 so that's older than old and will probably mess up everything worse than the -maxmem and -malloc memory parameters     More recently there was -newui when we had the option to switch UIs, but that's kind of moot now.  And there was also -dologs for crash dumps but I'm not sure if that one is even active anymore. I wouldn't use any of them, they certainly won't help you in any way and if any are still left active they're likely to mess up your experience.
    • This table does not work on a 0.62 patch!
    • Hello, tell me please what colors and how to paint the armband now, on a stable branch? How many berries or herbs do you need for color? 
      I got from 8 black berries to make a bright blue color and from 8 black and 8 kprasnym bright black, who knows more recipes?
    • Combat logging is definitely not sorted out. I play lone-wolf most of my time, have like 1.650 hours in-game and been facing a lot of people lately that will simply combat log whenever they even glance at me running around or I miss my long range shots. There was this case just a few days ago, where I saw a lone guy in Cherno he was clearly all geared, he was kinda far away from me down the street, he saw me too... The deal was, he ran away to the closest house his position, I dashed straight to the guy and reached the place he was hiding, could still hear him there, them when I decided to storm in... Guess what? No player inside. The guy logged out. This was under the frame of 30 seconds. Now imagine I'm sniping some dudes, 400~800 meters away, I miss my shot, dude run into cover, and logs out just for the sake of cheesy surviving the encounter. How long would I take to process his cheesiness and know that the guy is not simply taking cover to fire back at me, then after that, decide go full storm on him from this 400~800m position I was? Sure more than 30 seconds. I agree with you on that btw, but can't agree with the zombie horde flee stuff, most people that are fleeing from infected right now would lock themselves into houses first, so they can't be harmed in the process.
    • Ok, sorry, but you do go a very long way around the question. Let's not get bogged down with philosophy and just stick to the topic. 1) I'm suggesting internal rules for factions only. Raids and attacks are another topic for another day. 2) This idea would concentrate a lot of players together into the same base, and not all at the same time either. I think it's safe to say that the players themselves would be incapable of upholding/enforcing self imposed rules. So, yes I think any base/factional rules would need to be built-in, just to make gameplay functional. 3) Asking for suggestions on these rules, is where I think the mix-up occurred. I was getting ahead of myself a little, but I was thinking that some of the in-built rules could have some variations to them, to suit different types of factions. For example, a set of rules for a relatively peaceful faction might not be the same for a faction of cannibals. I mean, the former might impose a "fine" (handing over some loot) for breaking the rules, while cannibals might just shoot someone in the leg for the same crime.
    • Shared Bases: On a modded Server = Ok. On Vanilla = Not Ok. I hope on Vanilla all things are possible, no restrictions, no rules, with all things and mechanics. Pure DayZ.
    • yep, I thought this was part of the same thing. There was a LOT of discussion and a LOT of argument mainly around server hopping and combat logging (like; this discussion went on for a YEAR solid)  - and I THOUGHT that was all sorted.  Then for a while SOME players complained because they'd snipe and log out, and when they came back in they'd be dead -  or they'd log out in a dumb place and when they logged in again they were being eaten by a zombie. But those things were WHY there was a set logout delay.  The body log-out countdown timer was signed sealed and delivered to solve those gameplay problems - it was implemented - along with the login delay. = Better gameplay. Coming back to the game I never thought of playing any other way.