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    • no please don't fix this, at least not until you do something about the zombies...….I can't even look at a zombie without all my clothes being damaged and the duct tape glitch is the only thing keeping me sane...…….I enjoy "dressing up" my character in dayz but with the way zombies are right now its pointless to care about what you are wearing because you will just be changing out your ruined clothes for whatever you find next after every single zombie encounter......   I gotta say I love that you added the option to aim down sights with RMB I was just looking at ways to hotkey this like 2 days ago...….and the ability to move while in inventory is a nice change but it seems kind of pointless that you can only slow walk, it does not really make a difference from slow walking/ standing still.   You may as well be standing still with how slow the walk is.
    • any news yet? ive tried evrything even completely reset my pc and windows from 0 and nothing
    • That’s upsetting to hear.   
    • ISSUES I've found in this experimental: -Lighting at night is way overdone, I don't even need a flashlight in this experimental. It has to be toned down, I litteraly glow in the dark now. I personally didn't see the need to change from current stable, night time should be dark. -Infected blocking you. I got stuck in a corner by a single infected, and with how you can't shoot them as the gun raises up when you are close to them, this is a big problem. I whould like to be able to push infected away with some kind of defensive move that drain alot of stamina. Atleast in the short term get rid of the raising weapon thing when you're close to infected or players, so you can shoot them. -Stunlock. This in the current state I feel is gamebreaking. I don't know if melee PVP has changed this EXP patch, but I whould like to see the "stunlock" removed completely. It seems ridiculous to me being able to lock up a player from moving away by just swinging at him again and again with an axe, sledgehammer etc.. If you are inside a house, there is next to no chance of getting away from this. Even out in the open I've died/killed players easily with this feature. It pretty much takes skill completely out of the fight, only counting who can make the first hit and then the other player is locked up. This is VERY frustrating when you're standing there with a gun in your hands, being knocked back again and again until you go uncon/die, not being able to counter with anything. My suggestion is that you flinch but can move away when getting hit. -Sounds not being heard. About half the time, I could not hear the infected scream when aggroed. Also when I climbed up in the "sandbunker" at staroye military, the infected sounds dissapeared when I was underneath the roof. I haven't gotten into any gunfights in EXP yet, but in stable it is VERY common not being able to hear gunshots, wolves houling or infected aggro screams. I also don't get any sound feedback when I'm thirsty, only when I'm loosing health from it, very bad for us that don't use HUD. -Health. We heal up WAY too fast. Both blood and health only takes a few minutes to get back up, this ruins alot of gunfights and more or less takes out the need for saline/bloodbags in the game. I personally whould like to see heal times as long as they were in 0.62. Also dying of hunger/dehydration should drain blood in my opinion, not health, making you limp. -Dead players disappearing too fast. The time for dead players to disappear/despawn needs to be increased to 10-15 minutes atleast. They practically despawn before the gunfight is over now, taking alot of the meaning/value of gunfights away. This is a big issue for me.   A GOOD thing about this EXP I took notice of is the inventory. I really like how things takes up more space now. I still feel we should be able to atleast jog while using the inventory.
    • Izurvive.  Yes. 
    • Xbox1X does have faster load times and the picture is better other then that I dont know of any other advantages.  My buddy has the X I have the Xbox1S. My game crashes a lot more then his. If he crashes hes back in the game in like a minute,  if I crash it takes like 3 mins or more to load.
    • Thx,do the heli spawns in the same places and is there still the smoke annimation?  
    • All over.  Everywhere.  Look harder.  Heli yes... numerous.   
    • What was changed for the loot economy? 
    • On PC I only play the "private hives" and there's either zero hopping or limited hopping and if you could catch it you could often report to server admins. But Xbox it's of course only the public hive. And devs said no plans for private servers on Xbox. Ghosting and hopping problem has been around since DayZ existed, but it's always been ignored, the most that's been done is lengthy respawn timer, which isn't much (and has been greatly reduced).