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    • It "being over the top" could be that there are already many factors affecting accuracy that it will be such a miniscule impact for a lot of work. You would need to work on it like you would for recoil (specific weapon values) but it would have much less of an impact on gameplay. In the end it will probably come down to time and if they said they needed to drop it for more time to work on say vehicles or damage system then ill be completely fine. (Remember they plan to have 1.0 out by this year) It just means they can always implement it again in the future so long as they dont mess up the modularity of how weapon firing works.
    • Melee isnt difficult. It just feels weak. Remember old dayz where the melee was actually left handed? It was crap but it felt really powerful with its fast attacks, hit reaction and collision. Not to mention you can actually aim for the head. You cant even in this one which is like taking a step backwards.
    • Of course.

      But it seems strange to remove inherent dispersion, something that just happens automatically, when they are doing things like changing it so you need to take every item into your hands before being able to perform any functions with it. It's not even worth talking about being "too realistic" as inherent dispersion doesn't affect gameplay in such a way.

          As I mentioned a few times, even CS:GO, the benchmark competitive game, has weapon dispersion. It's a Source game so it can be easily disabled, but they put it in by default. I don't play a ton of games but still, I can't think of any current-gen or last-gen title that lacks weapon dispersion on all its weapons. And going sillier, you don't see Tracer mains complaining about the dispersion of her blasters. It's just how they work.

      If titles like PUBG and Fortnite manage to have weapon dispersion and thousands upon thousands of casual players enjoying them, while DayZ says realistic dispersion ruins gameplay, despite having had realistic dispersion and just about zero complaints about realistic dispersion, either in ARMA or DayZ, since the first day DayZ mod existed... I don't know what to say.
    • It seems like a pretty cool thing to add, being able to administer saline or blood bags to oneself.  As I read your duct tape idea, a couple ideas came to mind, one of them quite silly. I realized that armbands would be an easy way to implement this, perhaps adding duct tape afterwards to prevent it from falling out if you have to sprint with it a bit.
      Balancing this self-administered IV mechanic could add all sorts of fun things; like the adrenaline from having been shot recently, or another bullet whizzing by, would unsteady your hands.  If you bandage up and pop an epi-pen to buy yourself some buffer shock damage in case you get hit again, there would be a 1 minute cooldown in which trying to administer the IV kit would fail because your hands are unsteady.  In this way, it would further reinforce another player needing to administer the IV, given that they have not just been shot at and now have unsteady hands too.

      Okay, now for the silly idea for how to improvise a mobile IV stand for the injured survivor on the go.  Combine Saline Bag IV with cowboy hat, Use Saline Bag IV, put on cowboy hat.  And with that, I think I just won the internet for today.

      Just for good measure, I decided to finally take my most rudimentary first steps of using GIMP to make you this wonderful abomination:
    • It's possible that the console port had no influence on their decision to remove dispersion. Maybe I'd go so far as to say it's likely. They have been nothing if not deliberate in everything they have done thus far. They redesigned the entire engine so the game could do the things they wanted it to do. I don't really think they would allow the console port to influence any aspect of their game design after so much effort to get it right. But the thought still scares me. I only talk about it as a deterrent, because the possibility exists. But realism hasn't always worked out for DayZ. I think realism within reason should be the goal. DayZ had overly realistic features in the past, but they have slowly removed them one by one from the alpha. Players used to go unconscious for realistic amounts of time, which is stupid. Players would commonly break their legs and be unable to walk, which is stupid. The day/night cycle was actually on a 24 hour schedule on every server, which is preposterously stupid.  If you have time, you should check this out. I think it provides interesting perspective on the development of realistic video games.  This game is a perfect example of what I am speaking about. The devs had to completely redesign the game after realizing they had made it too realistic. It was so realistic that it was impossible to actually appreciate how realistic it was from the players perspective. The devs realized that they had to redesign many features of the game to make it fun and desirable to play. The result is interesting. It is universally accepted that STALKER is a flawed masterpiece. Fans acknowledge its shortcomings as a game, but are also incredibly impressed with its realism, enough to inspire a strong, but not entirely fulfilled, fan-base.   My point is that this is a real possibility for DayZ right now. The risk of being too realistic exists, but at the same time the game's realism is absolutely critical to its success. There must be a balance between the realism and the game. Personally, I am a fan of the removal of dispersion, because it makes shooting less random. All competitively viable games have one thing in common; they are consistent. Random elements don't make for good games generally, as far as competition is concerned. If the same player puts his cross-hair in the same spot, with the same gun, under the same conditions, I think that bullet should do the exact same thing every time. That's not to say the shooting shouldn't be dynamic and realistic, but I think there is definitely a limit to how realistic shooting can become before it just stops being fun and starts being stupid. This is what I think the devs were referring to when they said dispersion is nonsense. From a game-play perspective, it sort of is. If every weapon had it's own unique dispersion that was predictable for that weapon, maybe it would be different. But the way they had previously implemented it, it was random.  Still, I am not totally opposed to the implementation of dispersion. Many people seem to care about it on these forums. I could take it or leave it really. 
    • You're preaching to the choir here, but that is quite a large interval of time between those sources.  Regardless, the inherent precision should differ between platforms of the same caliber.  A quick browsing of the relevant discussion boards came back with a figures of about 1 MOA reported for the T/C Contender (Longhorn analog), and 0.5 to 0.75 MOA for the Model 70 in .308.; unsurprisingly, people reported the .270 models to have a precision of as low as .25 MOA.  Personally I'd be tickled pink if the Longhorn shot like a laser gun, but it would be pretty cheesy from a realism standpoint.  Why not do away parabolic trajectories while they're at it, eh?  Surely raycast trajectories would free up some resources... I wonder just how many of us players with more stick-with-it-tude have bought a second or even third copy of the game in the last year or two.  I've bought four copies altogether myself, between my twin characters and a couple gifts. 
      Ahhh, nothing beats logging back in with a different steam account in the same location, and getting a second trip back to the coast within 5 minutes. But seriously, they've already mentioned that cross platform hive compatibility was technically possible, but not feasible, because PC and XBOX One would have obvious imbalances that could not be reconciled.  So in light of this, why not give PC players what we want?  It just seems janky to remove at this point.
    • Thanks devs/all! I'm excited by the recent progress and look forward to more testing soon.  
    • Honestly, I would not have thought about it at all. I recognized right away that shooting felt a little more "solid" to me. It felt like my bullets went where I intended to put them more often, and I liked it. It doesn't feel like they've taken anything away from the shooting, it feels like they have added to it. However, I have feared this since the day they announced DayZ for console. They aren't porting DayZ to console because they think it will be good on console. All experience with console ports suggests the contrary. They are developing it for console because they ultimately need to profit more from the work they have been doing all these years. Which in my opinion underscores the major problem associated with releasing a game in early access. It is unreasonable to expect people to do work they aren't getting paid for, and I do mean GETTING paid for, not paid for in the past. The world doesn't work that way. The massive amount of work that has been done turning DayZ into a redeemable project did not come free, and anyone who thinks the Alpha profits are sustaining their current work is naive. No one wakes up in the morning and decides to spend their short, precious, life working for money already earned. The decision to overhaul the engine was calculated. They planned out how they were going to pay for this a long time ago. My biggest fear is that the money is in the console version of the game. This terrifies me. If they do in fact compromise the integrity of the PC version for the console version, they will have definitely proven that early access is the most sinister concept to ever assault the industry.  But it was a necessary evil to port to console because they chose the route they did. The work just would not have gotten done without profit potential. But again, it does bring the whole notion of early access into question. I really wish they would just let go their death grip on the whole early access thing. No one associates early access with good things. It isn't good to be associated with it. Early access does not define DayZ. It is so much more than that. But for what it's worth, I think DayZ is slowing turning into a masterpiece and I applaud the work that is being done. They haven't done anything to suggest they are making drastic compromises yet in my opinion. I think it is important that DayZ is not just a simulator but also a game. We already have Arma. I'll give the devs the benefit of the doubt for now. I am so happy with the work I've seen so far. 
    • It could actually take a good while, seeing as we don't have any magnifying scopes, and have only 60% of the eye zoom compared to DayZ mod or ARMA. And also what this implies is that dispersion not over the top. Ha.   Found this in old status report:
      Status Report: Week of 28 July 2014 Firearm dispersion was also tweaked to bring accuracy of weapons back to sensible levels and there will be more balancing passes done in the future which will address attachments and projectiles as well.

      Again this statement goes against the idea that dispersion is somehow excessive. Different people writing the 28 July 2014 and May 8 2018 status reports, but dispersion can't be both "sensible" and "random nonsense" at the same time!
    • Well damn, now I regret speculating on the reason for considering the removal of dispersion.  Maybe when assigning tasks to the people working on the gun mechanics, they got to dispersion and just decided to skip it and see if anyone notices.

      It brings an interesting question though.  How long into stress tests or experimental branch would it have taken one of us to notice that there was no dispersion?  Maybe Peter should have just not mentioned it, and we'd be all the happier for it.
      That is, until some hapless killjoy decides to test a grouping and ruins the game for us all...