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    • All fine. I got used to it, and really like it. But it would be good to add the possibility to bind it on diffrent keys for those who prefer that. (only if possible, otherwise it's good as it is) Not really often, but its awesome! Ok, it should be easy to use, but still cover all the animations. Therefore you need multiple levels of the gesture wheel. But first, let's talk about how the wheel should work. Hold a key (for example "y") opens the wheel. You then have 2 diffrent types of "pizza slices": The three top ones "Hello", "Surrender" and "point at" are smart cast slices. Once your courser if hovering over one of those and you release the "y" key, your character does the animation (say Hello, raise hands to surrender or point at something). I think those animations are the most important ones and should therefore be easy to select via smart cast. The bottom three slices are categories. They can be "opend" not by releasing the "y" key, but by pressing left mouse button. For example if you click on the positive smilie (obviously this is just a placeholder) a new wheel opens where you have again diffrent pizza slices with (in this case) positive emotes like the heart emote, thumbs up or applause. All those slices are now smart cast slices, once you hover over them with your courser and release the "y" key, your character does whatever you've chosen. The same applies to the other categories "sad smilie" for animations like middle finger or cut throat and "other" for animations like sitting, lying down or waving.   If you want to cancel the animation wheel you should have two options: to right click, which closes the wheel anywhere, anytime and for user friendliness i highly recommend you also (additionaly) add the option to just release the "y" key when your courser isn't on any of the slices (in the middle of the wheel or to one of the sides) To summarize: There should be smart cast slices and categories, because you need some animations more often (Say hello, point at) or faster (surrender) then others.   Yes, its a good thing. Additionally you could add the feature that you can't take pistols or guns in general out of your backpack without standing still/ being in your inventory. Hotbar should only be possible for visible weapons on your back or pistols in a holster. This makes it impossible to "pull a fast one" on somebody that is robbing you, as it would be IRL. For me it would make sense if there are different animations for limping out of hunger/thirst and limping because you got shot. But i think once the fractures are implemented this will change anyways. Sometimes it feels like you are wounded to fast, which is really unfortunate in fights. You get hit once (by a bullet) and are basicly forces to fight because you cant sprint anymore. But if I think about it, even with "just" one bullet inside of you, you shouldn't be able to sprint anymore. Still one could argue that (IRL) your adrenaline level could compensate this for the first 1-2 min. Maybe you could add a feature where the pain hits after those few minutes so you have the chance to run somewhere after getting shot (obviously not in the legs or head). But if you get hit in the arm or shoulder, something not vital it would be contributing to the gameplay if you had the "chance" to even the playingfield a little by still being able to sprint somewhere save. This would force Bandits to shoot you in the legs if they want you to be unable to move, which is imo a good feature.
    • Can someone help i would really appreciate this.
    • To preface ive played DayZ SA since launch and put over 2000hr between Xbox one and PC What do you think about the speed of climbing and getting on/off ladders? -its fine What do you think about the speed of vehicle enter/exit? -I think there should be a more atmospheric slow enter and exit and perhaps a version where your character would do it quickly for fear of his life. Maybe double tap the button to do it quickly What do you think about the speed/representation of swimming? -speed is fine the animations look cheesy and could be faster or more dynamic We changed all stances to the C-button, do you get used to it? -yes Do you use the 360 degree turning while prone? -rarely if ever but its a cool feature Regarding the gestures, we soon will introduce the radial menu. What do you think about how they behave and how their cancelling works? -they behave fine but should cancel at the press of any other button besides surrendering would should require the same button to start it to be used to end it The swapping between items takes some time. There are still animation glitches in there, but we hope you get the hang of it? -yes the swapping does take time as it should. I got the hang of it instantly What are your thoughts on the injured movement? -more relating to the type of injury. I also feel that the player heals far too fast once injured. The injured movement should be a long term effect not something that is fixed rapidly once you "fix" the problem causing it.
    •   i would like to add several admins by steam id how does that work? Thanks for your help
    • I don't know if anyone else noticed that once you refill a full canister of gasoline and you drive from i.E. Kamenka to Zeleno, shut down the engine and you try to start the engine again, the gasoline run out all of a sudden and your tank is empty. When I let the engine run, I can drive back to Balota with the amount of gasoline I put in the tank. Also the gasoline bar that shows me the amount of gasoline doesn't seem to work properly.
    • sounds great - Im glad you AT LAST found the only true PATH to play DayZ - Give yourself stars and spread your religion. Great to see you have a priority kill list, that's the most important thing for a Cult. And banning people for combat logging? How quaint yet..strangely predictable (does that happen a lot on public servers?)  - Right thought makes right bodies makes right actions makes good neighbors,  that's real noble..   Must make you warm and cozy. Hope you're all vegetarians.

      IF ONLY ALL PLAYERS WERE LIKE THIS - what a circle jerk DayZ would be. xxP * * what private server are you on? - do I get hunted down fairly ? or do I get banned as soon as I log in ?  
    • @echo off
      TITLE DayZ SA Server - Status
      COLOR 0A
      :: Variables::
      ::DayZServer_64.exe path
      set DAYZ-SA_SERVER_LOCATION="C:\Dayzserver"
      ::Bec.exe path
      set BEC_LOCATION="C:\Dayzserver\Battleye\Bec"
      :::::::::::::: echo Agusanz
      goto checksv
      pause :checksv
      tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq DayZServer_x64.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "DayZServer_x64.exe">NUL
      if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto checkbec
      echo Server is not running, taking care of it..
      goto killsv :checkbec
      tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq Bec.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "Bec.exe">NUL
      if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto loopsv
      echo Bec is not running, taking care of it..
      goto startbec :loopsv
      FOR /L %%s IN (30,-1,0) DO (
          echo Server is running. Checking again in %%s seconds.. 
          timeout 1 >nul
      goto checksv :killsv
      taskkill /f /im Bec.exe
      taskkill /f /im DayZServer_x64.exe
      goto startsv :startsv
      echo Starting DayZ SA Server.
      timeout 1 >nul
      echo Starting DayZ SA Server..
      timeout 1 >nul
      echo Starting DayZ SA Server...
      start DayZServer_x64.exe -config=serverDZ.cfg -port=2302 -dologs -adminlog -netlog -freezecheck -noFilePatching -BEpath=C:\DayZServer\Battleye -profiles=C:\Dayzserver\PlayerLogs
      FOR /L %%s IN (45,-1,0) DO (
          echo Initializing server, wait %%s seconds to initialize Bec.. 
          timeout 1 >nul
      goto startbec :startbec
      echo Starting Bec.
      timeout 1 >nul
      echo Starting Bec..
      timeout 1 >nul
      echo Starting Bec...
      timeout 1 >nul
      cd "%BEC_LOCATION%"
      start Bec.exe -f Config.cfg
      goto checksv         try this one
    • use your hammer as well if I remember correctly, the shovel is only useful when placing wooden logs with the kit, then it's hammer, hammer, hammer ^^  
    • my discord if you need live help https://discord.gg/tUZ8DB