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    • SHHHHHHH.   The children have learned how to spell.
    • I agree. Players shouldn't be able to jump really high or reach locations that would otherwise be unavailable to them because it takes away from what makes DayZ what it is.
    • I was trying to see why certain scopes in the stress test were magnifying more than they were supposed to when I saw something mildly interesting concerning the LRS...

      The devs have attempted to corrected the scope magnifications. Previously none of the numbers were correct and many seemed like placeholders. For example, the LRS and PSO-1 had suspiciously round minFoV values of = 0.05 and =0.1, respectively.

      They've now done it like this, should be a big improvement:

      4x ACOG = 0.3926/4
      3.5x PU = 0.3926/3.5
      2.8x Kashtan = 0.3926/2.8

      But for some reason it didn't seem to produce the intended results in game...

      About the Long Range Scope...

      The Long Range Scope and its replacement the Hunting Scope have always had the same zoom (FoV) values from introduction until 0.62:

      Minimum = 0.05
      Initial = 0.12
      Maximum = 0.18

      However, eye zoom has been constantly altered. It's fluctuated all the way from an initial value of 0.25 up to 0.65! Since scope magnification is calculated relative to eye zoom, so this meant that what you see through the scope stays the same, but the nominal 'zoom' is always changing.

      In DayZ 0.44, the eye zoom was changed to 0.375 which at the time, IIRC, matched ARMA 3. This value stayed until DayZ 0.55 when it increased to 0.525.

      So from patch 0.44 until patch 0.55, the Long Range Scope had a theoretical zoom range of:

      eye FoV / scope FoV = 0.375/0.05 (min FOV) and 0.375/0.18 (max FOV) = 7.5x to 2.08x.

      At some point, this information was entered in the DayZ Wiki:

      But as soon as patch 0.55 dropped and eye minFov was increased to 0.525, zoom becomes 0.525/0.18 to 0.525/0.05 = 2.92x - 10.5x.

      Eye zoom in 0.62 is 0.4143, so the same scope then becomes 0.4143/0.18 to 0.4143/0.05 = 2.30x-8.29x.

      The scope never changed. Only eyes. So DayZ Wiki is way outdated there and only correct for 0.44-0.55.

      As mentioned above most of the optics now have proper zoom. For example, the hunting scope is modeled on a Zeiss 4-12x, and now it looks like this:

      minimum FOV = 0.3926/4
      maximum FOV = 0.3926/12

      But I was surprised to see the long-gone Long Range Scope was also altered. It now looks like this:

      minimum FOV = 0.3926/2.08
      maximum FOV = 0.3926/7.5

      I'm imagining someone putting in new values for optics, wondering what to put for the LRS, Googling the Long Range Scope, finding DayZ Wiki or a similar source listing "2.08-7.5x", and ending up copying the old placeholder nominal magnification values as calculated relative to the 0.44 eye zoom... which I find amusing. Heh.

      Anyways, the real life scope the LRS is modeled after is actually a 3-15x. If added to the game it should also have zeroing to a full kilometer and a mil dot reticle. 

      (Whereas the hunting scope should really have its zeroing limited to a max 600 m as it doesn't have much elevation, or even fixed to one range, as it's capped turrets weren't intended to be used to dial elevation in the field).

      It might not make a return, for various reasons, but someone going to the effort of changing the zoom values makes me wonder a bit.
    • Player are easily getting to places that they shouldn't and are abusing it for PVP advantage.  I'd say that is a blocker unless we want to fundamentally change how the game is played.  Fortnight anyone???
    • Got any hot stock tips in that crystal ball of yours?  Of the 125 million active steam accounts, I'd soundly bet that there are at least few million who might give it a try once they start marketing the game in earnest. While that may be true, there is much potential for new players through console interest, even on PC.  Some may opt for the premium experience after realizing the limitations of console and seeing how much better PC plays by watching streams.
      If players really refuse to play the finished game because they think the feeling has passed, or they are stubborn and vowed to never play again after being "duped" by BI, I say good riddance. This ain't a cold pizza, or a snack that was processed in a plant that handles peanuts and tree nuts. It's not a set of new tires that were left sitting out in the sun for 5 years.
      There will be nothing intrinsically worse about the finished product when it is complete, besides some people's expectations and hurt feelings.
      Which for new players, this will not matter in the slightest; unless you count all the salty jerks giving people guff for playing "that game," you know, the "half-decade long bad joke" that "wasted my time."  Do we really need to care what those people think?  I sure as hell don't.
    • Some questions for those who might know:

      Am I to understand that the functions previously performed by "G" and "H" keys, drop item in hands to ground and holster item currently in hands, respectively, are no longer supported?
      Has anyone found a way to make it so the default LMB to perform continuous action overlaps with "F" interaction key when appropriate?  It is ohhhhh sooooo tedious having to hold that darned key down for 30-40 seconds at a time, over and over again.
    • I think we all understand what you are saying, but the reason people keep replying is that some of your concerns are showing problematic reasoning.   Well, that's just like, your opinion, man...  Sorry, had to : )
      And to be fair, aren't you counting your chickens before they are even laid?  If two million people who preordered the game in early access don't want to play when it is finished because they are upset with how long it took, I'd say that lays squarely on them.  It's as if one's mom promised to take him to Disneyland when he was 10, but then it was discovered that the kitchen floor joists had dry rot and they had to spend the trip savings on a necessary repair; to refuse to go at 15 when the family can again afford it, is petty to say the least.  I do acknowledge the 2015 roadmap, and was disappointed myself when things started to change, but this ain't a cold pizza; there is no objective loss of value over time, aside from hurt feelings and the internalized expectations of the individual prospective player.

      To a certain extent, unverifiable until the point at which the proverbial pudding is ready to be eaten, it makes little difference that other games have followed DayZ before it is even finished.  If Godzilla rose up out of the ocean and decided to go back and wait a few more years, the rogue waves and tsunamis caused by the false alarm will do little to reduce the damage when he later comes to shore.  Rust, ARK,PUBG, Fortnite et. al. do little to take away from the glory of the finished product of DayZ, as the experiences are significantly different.
      Many people who bought DayZ as a PVP platform will show and have shown increasing distaste for some of the more hardcore survival mechanics.  I've spent lots of money on steam games that I don't play, and I can blame nobody else for that. This is the equivalent of dropping a new 5.0 crate motor in the old 'Stang, and complaining that the throttle adjustment is off when you take it on that first trip around the block.

      To a certain extent, it is absurd to be disappointed that the feel is not significantly different than before, as I do not believe it was the goal to fundamentally change the feel of the game.  I always understood that the goal was to make the original experience more fluid and functional with added content and depth.
      That being said, things like bugged items that cannot be picked up should be fixed, and I expect that they eventually will be; but not without our help in reporting these rare and hard to track-down instances.  Simply coming across an item that cannot be picked up, and sending a 10 second video of failing to interact with it will do literally nothing to solve this issue; as they would need to know which player interacted with it first, and how specifically that first interaction was compromised.  It is really a hard thing to duplicate, and to some degree, it is mathematically insignificant in contrast to the total number of successful item interactions on a scale of 5 or 6 hours on a full server.
      I know that doesn't help, and too hope to see it fixed.  But realistically, how much do we hate potato chip (crisp) companies for that one burnt-to-a-crisp potato chip that makes it through QC out of more than 50 bags eaten?  Perfection is a lot to ask, especially of such a complex system.

      Re-reading your original post, I can't help but wonder if some of your expectations are that Dayz be more like other games.  Regarding the nomenclature of the menus, is this trivial, or a major issue?  I've read some product instructions that were obviously written in English by someone with a somewhat poor understanding of the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary relevant to the task.  I had a laugh, and got it figured out.  I do not think this is really the case with DayZ though.  It is unique, and does many things differently from how other games do, from the ballistics simulations to the minutia of having to pick up sticks from the ground after having chopped them.  I remember when I first started playing, and discovered that navigation was difficult because all the signage was in a foreign alphabet.  I googled cyrillic pronunciation resources, and adapted to the reality of the game.  And over three years later, I believe that was the correct choice for me, because the signage has not since changed to latin characters. I understand your concerns, but to a large degree you should be asking yourself if this is the way some things are supposed to be, and for other things if it's just the way have to be right now because those are the circumstances that exist. 

      I spent the better part of 7 hours today installing one of two exterior doors on a house.  I bid the job somewhat optimistically, expecting each door to take a half hour to demo and 2 hours to hang, and ended up having to replace the rotted out sill plates on both.  It took extra time and materials, and a significant amount of carving to get things level in the end.  It sucked, I will have to go back tomorrow and finish it.  And there is nothing I can do to change that. Even to go back in time and assume that both doors were rotted out beneath the sills, would not have changed the amount of planning, time, and materials required to get the desired outcome.  There is no amount of complaining, or speculating on how things should have been, that will have any tangible impact on when, how, and the quality to which I completed the task.  As with most things in life, it just is what it is.

      Now who else wants to get a couple licks in on this pile of horse dust?
    • I made a report about this issue. If anyone has anything to add please visit the feedback tracker and comment on the report. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T131533
    • Lol... No points needed and I understand what you were trying to do. Have you tried the northeast servers? I haven't ran into too much issue getting on them except the rare instance of having to wait for 10+ users ahead of me in the queue.
    • Arma 3 is too the same way now, much of the population and Modders have moved onto other projects. Half of the people stopped purchasing before apex. It just was a great idea turned really bad for the modding community.