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    • Good day all, Once again it Saturday morning and as you saw last week things... our heroes were in a tight spot what is going to happen in Game Night Adventure Game Night: Adventure - Page 112 – A difficult choice... Enjoy you weekend! See you all next week,
    • Sorry for being another one back seat dev.... just for fun

      One particular spawning of character in DayZ shouldn't have big value, because then it would ultimately increase KOS, hiding and camping.

      But there should be global continuous value of the character tied to steam acc, and perhaps player should be able to have a few... There should be some kind of rankings, statistics... karma rankings, hero rankings... a rewards for bandit killing certain ranking player, a rewards for hero killing a bandit. Different kinds of rankings/statistics as: total achievements; achievements per single run/ achievements per month and so on...  For example higher ranking player should be more rewarding to fight down, and it should be multiplied by the level of gear which would be present on active spawned character (fresh spawn of high rank player shouldn't be worth very much more than average player, but as he would get geared up it should be more and more rewarding to kill him). I could continue on this forever... easy to be back seat dev, maybe easy to do bad decisions too though... Obviously not only killing should matter, helping someone should be rewarding too. I really think that these type of things will be flowing into DayZ rapidly as soon as core will be ready, and gameplay will be much better than it ever was. Speed of development, horribly failed "internal" roadmaps, and some other questionable stuff doesn't help to believe, but DayZ can be 10/10. 

      I do think that players shouldn't be encouraged staying alive as long as possible, unless it woul become actually very challenging one day finally.

      But I'm sure some kind of this will come into DayZ towards 1.0, if we'll ever see it finished. And then it will be a blast, there will be finally a real goal, other than just to gear up, kill, and die, there will be some actual meaning in it.

      I didn't really read most of the thread yet, really sorry about it.
    • " I could see RP PvP server making use of this function "     I agree :)
    • If you want to aim properly, use the ironsights. The reticle is for interaction.
    • Probably yes, if we count in military and and police weapons. I wouldn't say that there are so much civil weapons, quite plenty though.... But I find guns more often than food too, a bit harder to find bullets, bullets probably are as hard to find as food. I'd say that I would expect to find more bullets than guns though.. As for food - perhaps it is ok, because it has to have value. I don't know if there has to be more kinds of food, would give more depth perhaps, but i don't think that it is an issue... There are quite a lot of food kinds anyway.

      It is a very difficult game to get right. Everything is either too much, or not enough. 
    • You're right. But ... exactly that creates a new point of view. There is no "my base" in this view so there is only "a base" it would be the pure hardcore version of a "difficulty level public Hive". Important: This can only be done if there are several "different public hives". For new players, this is a nightmare, as it would not be possible with a buddy together to go to a server. >>>The whole head cinema please do not take too seriously ... that was an idea which I had in 2 seconds under great tiredness ×_×  <<<
    • Yep first of all you have to meet people if you want to have an interaction... Sadly not happening so much...

      But yesterday it was different, not sure if it was luck, or is it really better in RP servers. I joined random heavily populated server, turned out to be RP server. In short ~ 50minutes playtime I've met 4 people, and it felt like DayZ. One at Gorka actually spoke to me, I wanted to talk to him more but he killed me very quickly, after asking "-Do you know 1st rule of DayZ ?" :D Then one freshspawn at Berezino also talked with me, and two armed Bandits were shooting everything what moves.

      It was quite some time since I've met so much players in such short time span. 

      I agree, would be great to see current players heat map, I'd guess that it would be much more spread. 

      I'm pretty sure that probability of meeting people has to do a lot with KOS. IMO, if you'll only meet someone in 2-3hours and you are already quite heavily looted you probably are looking for pvp, and will feel more fragile because of collected loot value, but you'll also want to finally use your gun, because you spent so much time for it and now what ? Why you spent all that time to collect stuff, if you don't have real reason to use it for hours to come ? So you become really protective, thats when you engage military zones for battles. Or become bandit, or hero, or both :D But what if you still don't meet, even see anyone for hours ? It is most likely that you'll shoot first person you'll see. Plus if you kill anyone nobody will come after you, because most likely there are nobody around to play hero. And I'm pretty sure that Bandit comes first and Hero next, and right now there is mostly only Bandit, and nobody to oppose him. Also how quickly dead player bodies are disappearing now ? It used to take a while, it was an indication that something is going on, it was that moment when you look somebody and you know he was there, because it is still warm.

      It is different at the coast or till your character is not geared a lot, you are more relaxed then, you care less, and take bigger risks in interactions, go closer to people, talk to them more. In the very early days when I bought DayZ I remember a lot more players with medium or higher level of gear playing heroes, talking to freshspawns and noobs, helping them, much more roleplay, everything more. I wonder if it was easier to get loot, or just community was better ? I remember 4-5 people meeting at the same street of the coast quite often. Shame that I had to enjoy it with 15-20FPS then, now I have 50-60FPS, but don't have the gameplay. 

      KOS is severe not only because there are no mechanics to prevent it. IMO it does have a lot with probability of meeting other survivors, player density in the map, over protectiveness, not being relaxed, not having clear goals, desperately trying to make use of the loot before death/end of play session.

      How many times your play session started and ended without any significant event ? Not everybody can afford to play for 2-3 hours continuously. 

    • No kidding- I was just in the process of de-winterizing my home, and it just snowed 6" last night here in Colorado...  Brrrrrr. Colorado's weather is Bi-Polar
    • Which ones? Strange, they seem pretty similar to me. DayZ Mod accuracy (heyday, maybe outdated): AKM    0.00195
      AK74    0.00125
      M4A1    0.00175
      CZ550    0.0005

      DayZ SA accuracy:

      AKM    0.0013 (standard furniture)
      AK74    0.0018 (standard furniture)
      M4A1    0.0012 (standard furniture)
      Winchester Model 70    0.00075 (+ hunting scope)   I don't like it either but I suspect the reason is somewhat different.
    • That. There is not even a single reason to let yourself take captiva apart from "want to try it". KOS frenzy has nothing to do with realism either. Humans have individual skills and bonding up offers advantages in survival. Since characters in DayZ are just shells with no skills or any use apart from another trigger button ... well, you get the picture. No reward for and no point in interaction. Killing is most efficient and most profitable. And last but not least the incredible shitload of weapons and lack of other items sort of gives you an idea of what you are supposed to do. There are more different weapons than different food items available (realism :P )