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    • Like the chap further above said "ARMA3" it has loads of mods that are player faction based with light survival elements. wasteland and exile to name a few. go on then go get em 
    • Swell idea, but I believe we expect this and much more in the final release. Can anyone confirm the status of scripted events, random encounters. etc. in the upcoming builds/beta/1.0? Will we get none/some/much? What about the AI mentioned above?
    • Looking at Breaks (and Smithy) video of the engagement, I would say it's a great idea.
      Thanks for bringing it up. 
    • I love DayZ, and hope it succeeds in all its glory as one of a kind. I have played DayZ Mod and play DayZ Standalone for a long time now, after playing for a couple of hours daily looking for players/loot/animals, it can become stale, so I started thinking of unexpected distractions to fill in those gaps. The best unexpected distraction I can think of at the moment is the Dynamic helicrash from the sky. Apocalyptically immersive and fun.   Be it RP / PVP / or a random encounter, it makes for great stories. Whoever played the DayZ mods that had this feature know exactly what I am talking about, you experience it once and desire it more and more. The loot has an important role in this, so does the timing (how often it occurs), I think 2 to 3 times a server restart in random locations is good.     Be it medical, military, civilian or even a actual survivor (player). You will have to question what it is (If the pilot was infected, if its aid from somewhere, military assistance/bandits, civilians trying to escape, players doing random stuff). The feelings this occurance brings is magical, you really have to experience it!     I dont want AI, but if this feature needs AI to fly it then I am all for it, even if its just for this purpose, because it brings so much to the game. You find a heli already crashed on the ground its like (oh...), but if you witness the crash its like (oh my! go go go). Here is a video example showing how effective it is at distracting players during gameplay (only video I could find)-   Dont doubt the fact that this gets your heart pumping, players from all over the area will see/hear this, there will be fights for the loot and survival, there will be stories told between groups and trading of the loot. Even the random good parts of the heli salvageable. Hearing its engine in the distance, making players run after smoking heli's then hearing them crash and boom, ending up in random locations, exploring more and more screaming "Get to the choppa!".     I think DayZ needs this as a feature for its main structure. If anyone finds more videos or pictures post it in here, thank you for reading and giving feedback :)
    • Maybe he's disabled? Maybe he's to used that layout? Let's not judge him for his preferences.
    • Something about kiwi's seems to me an after thought change, from ground loot to infected loot since it is rockets infected body that seems to drop it.  
    • Not relevant, but who the hell uses right mouse button to go back? That's like using restart button on your PC's case for left-click on mouse.
    • So just started playing again and my keys were still saved they way I used to have them, but my right mouse button doesn't work for move back anymore, tried rebinding it and still no dice. Did something change?
    • Had an interesting encounter today.  I'm minding my own bussiness, running in the Solnichniy to Tisy 20k and I hear a couple of gunshots in the distance a few clicks northwest of Alter Radio Station.  Their in my path, so I investigate.  I start hearing more shots, which I eventually determine to be coming from a small cluster of houses about a click away.  All of a sudden, I see movement coming towards me off in the distance.  On closer inspection, it appears to be a bunch of wolves, spread out in two groups of 2-3 about a thousand meters apart.  I manage to book it out of there without them tracking me.  Never did find the source of the gunshots or what happened to them. I like those little touches when you encounter evidence that there are actually other players on the server.  I mean besides when you encounter some other asshole in an airbase going for the same weapons cache.