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    • Most likely tour wheels are damaged, take them off and try to repair them or find new ones. Before you start to bitch a game first make sure you understand all the mechanics.
    • @Mantasisg Yeah...that's really sad,when people talking about survive,but exit when night comes,or rain. :(
    • When there were only V3S in early 0.5x, it was not much worse IIRIC, maybe even slightly better.

      Whatever the vehicles, the game overall is so not a game... It is like devs where giving us hints not to play the game at all, till it is ready. And it is known that the game "will be ready, when it is ready" :D
    • Oh well yeah, it is so bullshit. Cars are so slow. I mean. I understand it is alpha but why do you even add vehicles if people won't be able to drive. At least make it like arma 2 vehicles until you do something good.
    • Yes, I think it might be combination of bugs and just bad physics of the vehicle. 

      You really can not get it going till you reach the momentum. I remember, maybe a year ago, maybe less, found some friends next to berezino they had a sedan, The Volga, by the side of the road, and we couldn't get it out of the grass. 
    •   So is this some kind of bug that I can't drive on 2nd 3nd and 4nd gears on a slight hill. It stuck on 1st gear when I change to 2nd it just stops this v3s is useless and waste of time. I better run lol, there is no point of driving with 7 miles I run like 20 miles an hour I guess :D
    • Sadly - it appears that most players prefers, to log-off whenever they are facing real threat, and rain can be a real threat.

      I really hope for the effective solutions from devs. Because people suck when there are no laws.  
    • I just have had luck to find a V3S a week ago, at devils castle.

      Noticed tons of "bad stuff" immediately.

      1. Got stuck in the way out of devils castle. And then couldn't jump out. Had to relog. Relogged right by the side of thew car. It was stuck because wheels had to be fixed. Fixed them and got out.
      2. For some reason the car was stuttering heavily, I suppose network stuff. IIRIC fps were ok.
      3. Same problem as yours. The car was performing really badly. Physics are so bad, that even torque charracteristics are messed up. 1st, 2nd and third gears works like you would be pushing other V3S with brakes applied. However on 4th gear it is starting to slowly pick up the momentum, I have reached good speed. Then. But while trying to climb the hill on gravel road I have to suffer a snail pace on 3rd gear, because 4th didn't provide enough torque IIRIC. It was quite bad overall.
      4. Drove to Pustochka, and found another V3S, decided to go through it, and found out that collision system is also BS. Feels more like hitting a tank, than other V3S.
      5. Ditched the car later. And found exactly nothing at Tent City, which is more like "tent village" now.
    • Even if 99% of the post-modding playerbase was playing on "easy TDM mod servers," modding would still be a positive thing for DayZ if more people were playing the game and for longer, but in reality that's not the only kind of mods you're going to see. The gamer audience is vast, and the true DayZ experience only appeals to a niche audience (in my opinion). Having mods vastly expands the appeal of the game for people who either wouldn't otherwise play the game or would try it and leave soon after. Just look back at ARMA 2/3 and see what mods are doing to a mil-sim. Remember Altis Life, remember Battlegrounds, remember DayZ. Mods also increase the longevity of the game even for people who love the base game on its own, because everybody gets bored of their favorite game eventually (or begins to see the flaws or just grows tired of encountering them) and mods can add variety to keep your gameplay fresh and more interesting. I know mods keep me coming back to games I wouldn't otherwise play anymore, like Skyrim, Fallout or (and I hate to admit this) Stalker.
    • Today! But dayz in 2011-2013 years. In this years are wasn't these scopes fastening.