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    • got it all working with BEC have been  working with BEC for years was easy will post a tutorial soon
    • DayZ is a hardcore Survival game, not a hardcore deathmatch. I too love some good PvP but ATM being able to get fully kitted in 30mins then spraying down people with total disregard for your own life because you know you can just sprint Inland if you die and get kitted again and rinse & repeat. PvP will remain an important part of Dayz but in the future getting geared will take substantially longer, surviving long enough to get north and geared will be substantially harder and take longer but the top end of the gameplay curve will be higher. People will be looting for vehicle parts, building materials & medical supplies. at the moment theres no end game for players who feel like once there kitted they've won DayZ , especially if theyve already got full map and mechanic knowledge. So they tend to just go kill anyone they can find due to boredom. I love DayZ and think the Devs have done a great job with this port and with updates so far, but this build isn't even DayZ really and after a few weeks of rinse and repeat gameplay with little to no nuance except the occasional fun or tense player interaction I for one will be taking an extended break until a content update arrives. Many will continue the deathmatch and more power to them but if I wanna kill I go play PUBG or SIEGE so I don't have to wait three hours to maybe kill a guy who's gonna run Into a bush and log, I'd rather ace a team , get a chicken dinner or reach diamond rank. I'll come back to DayZ EZ Mode once it actually becomes hardcore
    • If you read memoirs from the First World War - a lot of people in the trenches say exactly the same thing as you (real people, not game avatars) .. and it's a theme that turns up in many war stories, and war films and apocalypse films .. and philosophers have discussed exactly that since the ancient Greeks.. ""this guy is the same as me, why do I have to kill him (or be killed by him)""?  One theory says - From the time homo sapiens developed, from the stone age to today .. the only ONE dangerous deadly animal that he ever had to face and deal with ALL the time, anywhere - was other human beings. So we never had a reason to get together against an outside danger, we were our own danger, and that's become a kind of instinct.  Like, why did generations of Vikings turn up totally geared up and kill & loot & pillage & burn monasteries full of peaceful monks, who just wanted a quiet thoughtful life.. and why are hundreds of Syrian civilian families (plenty of them completely non-violent innocent, especially the kids, right?) - why are THEY being bombed flat by totally geared up foreigners, as well as their own government? Hey the pilot of that warplane ain't never even SEEN or MET those people he's bombing to death.. he don't know them. The Vikings didn't have a chat with the monks about their fave books before the battle, either. Maybe their King got together a raid for profit..    List all the words that mean "raider" "footpad" "bandit" "highwayman "invader" "terrorist" "killer" "outlaw" .. there are a few hundred of those words going back in time right to the first tribes and families..  If you look at human beings, all the way from Real Life through to Mad Max.. killing a person who has done nothing to you -  it seems to happen. So what's new? For hundreds of years, some folk have chosen NOT to do that, too.. It's your game. Play it xxP
    • Was kicked out try to join server back and now I cant join back been 45 mins 
    • Are you saying i need to Forward 27016 on my WAN IP to 2302 on my Dedicated server for Dayz Server to show up in the server browser? Why is this not mentioned anywhere : \?   I tried both 0 and 1 in the video. I've tried the german version found on the forum, same issues.. I'm completely stumped as what  to do...
    • I don't want to get more out of food just because it will make the game more realistic, I want them to make the game feel more rewarding and satisfying when it comes to finding and eating food. I dislike how currently when you are a fresh spawn and you find your first meal, it's never really thrilling and enjoyable because you still have to rinse and repeat that same process multiple times in order to even stay alive. It makes early game feel like you're fighting the clock to fill up a progress bar, and once you're established and healthy it just becomes tedious, rather than the enjoyable RPG element it could be. Standing under an apple tree for an hour is not fun gameplay, but being forced to run from town to town looting cans of food for 3 hours feels like more of a grind. Give us less food spawns but make it more rewarding to consume.
    • when you say functions you mean the init.c ??
    • override void StartingEquipSetup(PlayerBase player, bool clothesChosen) { EntityAI oCar = EntityAI.Cast(GetGame().CreateObject("OffroadHatchback", player.GetPosition(), false, true)); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackWheel"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackWheel"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackWheel"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackWheel"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackDoors_CoDriver"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackDoors_Driver"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackHood"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HatchbackTrunk"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("HeadlightH7"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("SparkPlug"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("EngineBelt"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("CarRadiator"); oCar.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("CarBattery"); oCar.SetAllowDamage(false); } add that to the function and u are done, vehicles are crashing client, correct me if i am wrong
    • Liking this comment because I love everything you said apart from the reducing PvP bit. That's like reducing racing in Forza....
    • Seems unlikely - if you had your server on the public hive, you could create all kinds of non-standard stuff (instant gear spawns, backpacks full of ammo, whatever) on your home server, and folk could gear up with that and move to another public server. Can't see how that could happen. If you mod the game in any way (and who's to say you won't) you can link up with other private shard servers running the same mod. Don't see that would be a problem ?