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    • Bumping this to hopefully get some more info on the status of this AMD-specific issue. I get identical results when I run CFX, regardless of whether I am running triple monitors or just one. (Asus Sabertooth, i7, 16Gb, SSD, R290X, R290, X-Fi) As soon as I go back to a single monitor the issue disappears completely. It might be something that only AMD can fix...but I truly hope "someone" gets it done. Triple monitors with big-time frames equals serious DayZ immersion.
    • As a great man once said, for the current state? No, To see the game? No (You can watch streams and reviews and lets plays), for participating in development? possibly (for now, yes), and the great man was dean "rocket" hall and this statement has been made in 2013. but if you want my opinion, you should probably buy the game. yeah, it has lot's of bugs, balance issues, missing features, kinda slow updates and ... but still is a freaking awesome experience and totally worth the money your paying. i had hell lot's of fun since 2013, a lot more than i deserved for that price. you wont find anything like dayz out there (yeah you can probably find survival games, but nothing like dayz) and we are only half a year to next price tag i suppose.    
    • According to Hicks, the underground objects have been removed because players who've glitch through walls then caught in Subterrain. According to Hicks should these subterranean not come back .... but is in contradiction with a building in the Tishy-base .... but there were again problems with glitches in hell of Chernarus. I think only if that is glitching fixed through walls, or another solution (not possible location areas with resetting to possible position) it will only be available again for Talkshow.
    • Brit's new album Glory is officially out after leaking about a week ago. Her last album Britney Jean was poorly received and a bit of a flop a big flop. Glory has been getting pretty good reviews, currently standing at 74 on Metacritic (with only 8 reviews), which for the time being makes this her top-scoring album on the site. Many are wondering if this is the start of a big Britney comeback.      Track list (physical version):

      1.    "Invitation"      
      2.    "Do You Wanna Come Over?"      
      3.    "Make Me..." (featuring G-Eazy)    
      4.    "Private Show"      
      5.    "Man on the Moon"      
      6.    "Just Luv Me"      
      7.    "Clumsy"      
      8.    "Slumber Party"      
      9.    "Just Like Me"      
      10.    "Love Me Down"      
      11.    "Hard to Forget Ya"      
      12.    "What You Need"      

      Deluxe version: 13.    "Better"
      14.    "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)"
      15.    "Liar"
      16.    "If I'm Dancing"      
      17.    "Coupure Électrique"         You can listen to the Deluxe version here on Spotify.        
    • It will be worked on more. It is no where near perfect, and has many bugs related to those items, uses.
    • It is most likely true, as 1 apple sitting on a couch seems to make me hungry. But besides that it is no where near accurate because we travel in dayz 240km and drink 6 - 12 jugs of water in just 50km in roughly 30 minutes to 1 hr we cover? the whole map? + not around the map.
    • Actually i am getting into those too. Even though your 14 it doesn't matter, but do you have any advise for me about unity? I never seem to want to sit down long enough at 46 years old. I find it all cloud based, and gets confusing to know where to start. I end up watching videos then going to bed. It isnt something i clearly wanted to do. In fact i wanted to start working on a map in unity.
    • Always C++, C, C#, Java, VB (OLD), but there is many things you need to look at just not coding for IT work. IT is totally different then coding. You do learn some coding, but that isn't always what IT is about. It is about many things away from coding, can be dirty work to nice cozy work in an office maintaining someones or many servers, computers etc. Coding is a different area, so is graphics work and many things even BI would suggest. The best thing for you to do, is start now, learn as much as you can on your spare time until your finished school, work whatever and prepare for many grueling hours before you head off to college, or university. Don't expect it to be easy, because math can get heavy or any of the other subjects you have to prep for.   Speak to your guidance council at school and explain the areas you want to focus on but you have to know if your ready for the technical maths, business, and Englishes before entering your final years in higher education. It does pay, it can pay you just have to deal with many hours of constant things around you. BTW IT work never ends learning, and you can end up with 30+ licenses in the trades. Eventually it will become apart of the unions, and part of the trades here in Canada, and i bet the USA. Because they are trying to get rid of the fly by nights. Small resume about myself, I have been in the IT, Computer industry for roughly 21 years and involved in computers for a total of 30 years. Its always learning every day where a coder has to learn whats in front of them. IT work can be as different as learning building diagrams - Hardhat use, to changing a simple hard drive. We as IT people have no ending to our learning careers. That is a fact.
    • i wouldnt buy it rn it's just a deathmatch - if you do however only play on private servers. don't play on empty servers you won't learn anything, 90% the game is about the other players so always play on a high pop private server (public servers r full of hackers and dupers)