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    • After watching the 0.63 stream an idea came to my head. 0.63 will introduce the "hold button" mechanic to perform a certain action and I would like to suggest a little change for the icons, for example when Baty tried to load the magazine they looked like this: A square with the key F and the description of the action and a mouse icon with description and instruction to HOLD the button to perform it. So, why is there a HOLD instruction but not a PRESS for the first action? that's because people already know this from other games and sources that an icon like this represents a PRESS so there's no need to type it, why don't we do the same for the HOLD action, here is my suggestion: I'm not an artist by any means so excuse my crappy icons, it's just to illustrate what I have in mind. First of all a better icon (in my opinion) that illustrates the Left Mouse Button, second - since a circle pops up when we hold a button when doing something, let's teach players that a circle means holding a button to perform an action. So, squares would  mean PRESS and circles HOLD. In the spirit of this idea, here are a few more examples: Also, another suggestion regarding the action icons, when Baty loaded that magazine, the circle popped up indicating that the action is being done and it's progress, but also a counter in the bottom left corner indicating the progress in numbers of bullets loaded, so why are we showing the progress with two indicators of the action in two places at once? where should we look? wouldn't it be better to just do it in one place, in the middle of the screen where we are looking at the object the action is being performed on, like this: I've also added the "Loading" description to inform players what action they are doing, because  sometimes there might be two actions with two buttons and each one of them requires to hold it and a simple circle showing the progress of that action would just not be enough to inform players what action they are performing for example in the heat of a battle players could hold the wrong button and would not know it till they finish the action and see that they did something else, with a description they see what they are doing and can immediately cancel it. Other descriptions could be: Eating, Drinking, Crafting, Fishing, Applying, Injecting, Filling, Stitching, Cooking etc. Any thoughts about those ideas?
    • Some of you are hyped out too much over the same game play we had way back when. All i really saw from that stream was one thing. Lag, more lag, and warping. It was the tent lag bubble all over or loading of the town. What computer do we need to not have that? Put 50 people all in one area and we are having server bottlenecks all over again. The rest is a single player event with a few on the server. Otherwise it is a co-op with semi lag bubbles. Add 50 more into the server and it is a lag fest all over again like we have, had in past builds.   I hope Eugen gets on top of this for everyone's sake and finally squashes this lag bubble problem in dayz.
    • That's what crafting stations are for! XD
    • It is the same with me. However, I have always considered this to be a "steamoverlay cause" because I was only longer in the server browser when chatting with others. (The input then reacts about 4x slower than the fps shown to you.)
    • I looked at the stream video today and paid attention to the addressed lighting. In the picture below we see like the characters "lights". But this is because the sun is shining directly on it. the place is north of Kamishovo and the sun is about at 2:00 AM ... the glare is created by mirroring (camera effect). If you look further in the video where they run in the forest in the shade of the trees this "seem / dazzle" disappeared. I think the announced update of the "light setting" addresses these issues .... a broader spectrum from deep darkness to bright midday sun. Add: did you see the new greenhouses?
    • Totally agree with too much light inside structures. It's an issue for so long. I'm curious how would it all be solved, not only for inside but outside too, especially since we are playing on a vast open space. I guess the way shadows in the distance are rendered could prove to be a similar issue like with distance rendering and LODs. Quite a bitch that one.
    • Sorry, I hadn't noticed they kept logs of even no changes at the bottom of the page.
    • Well, I wouldn't believe after all of this gun sway and recoil tweaked up to the current version, they'd leave it like this for beta and final version, with barely any of it. I think it's obvious that much of what we've seen needs tweaking and it WAS stated it will be, so maybe going too deep and even personal with commenting is too much. On another side, it's a good idea to just plainly point out what you think might be wrong. @exwoll As far as the gun sounds, I think the problem is that it's not a good idea to compare them with badass movies :) except for making badass games, so maybe a balance would do. But for example, at the shooting range for practice, you'd wear ear muffs for hearing protection. Without those, you are risking hearing damage. After the first shot, your hearing would indeed be muffled for a split second at least, followed with some ear ringing probably. Like, you'd just hear the beginning of that loud shot and then barely anything, not like in the movies. Of course, being inside a room or outside when shooting matters too. Maybe our weapons expert @-Gews- could add something there :)
    • Just too bad it's a plastic one. I'm sure if they added banana peel after eating it, it could prove quite a deadly trap set at proper places (police station stairs etc.) :)