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    • I hear ya dude and yeah I read the server file release notes. But to be fair the devs haven't directly stated that FPP won't be available till servers for hire are announced after a 1.0 . Even thought that is a fair assumption by all accounts. It'd be very very nice if even three of the numerous region servers have TPP disabled after the controller QOL update happens (whenever that comes), it'd be a quick fix that'd please a lot of players and start the ball rolling on FPP tweaks and fixes aswell as garnering a lot of data on how many players actually want to just play FPP. Always helps to enable your player base to show you what they want so you can react accordingly. I'll keep my fingers crossed but there spinning so many plates at BI already so I feel ya when you say don't get the hopes up ;)
    • I don't think it's really possible now, or at least if someone did make it, everyone that joined your server would have to install your mod manually.
    • Wasn't it patched last week?
    • Private servers for xbox are in the roadmap. Mod support is not. Now that's not to say either will or will not happen, neither could, or both could, but we dont know yet. I have seen in other mod threads that xbox mod support is not in the roadmap at this time.
    • Well if original speculation is true, then 1.0 would launch Q1 2019. I think that is wishful, probably Q2, however, if they plan on jumping right from v0.63 to Beta, which would be like what.. v0.80? Its gonna be a rocky jump. I just hope people make solid big reports, and help the devs perfect the outcome.
    • Im very curious tough will we get mod support on xbox asswell there already has been leaked info about microsoft willing yo make there own steam workshop idea to support mods this would be awesome.  Anybody know if we would get private server files for Xbox asswell i already have a dedi ready to host a server ?
    • Yep colour me suprised, they did say that the game would be at a BETA stage cross platform by Xmas but tbh I always figured this was 50% wishful thinking, but they've obviously been working there butts of behind closed doors. I'm happily surprised. 
    • Glad to hear it & welcome to the console build. Nice to see not all PC players were put off the game completely. Once BETA goes live the game will see a huge resurgence in player count and content being created. Oh they've readers the community content section aswell in main forum page to champion youtubers/streamers as part of the run up to the game beefing up abit. Wise choice by the  BI team there.
    • Welp, let them stress test it, once it rolls into experimental we could possibly see some features, as xbox does have experimental versioning, so you never know. Considering as how they are skipping the next update set and moving right to beta, as the devs stated.. "This will be a big feature update" (paraphrasing) meaning that there will be alot of content. It is imperative that bugs are reported properly, and it is ironed out before launch. I'd expect sometime in the next month or so it will be hitting stress tests, then November sometime we will see it experimental, and it will be drip fed into xbox, with the full blown update probably late November or early December
    • I would dearly like FLIES back in the game, around dead bodies. I think I am NOT the only one who wants FLIES - like they were in the old game. They added Atmosphere, for sure. And this is not a technically complex suggestion. We have cannibalism in game, bags on heads, handcuffs (ie torture) etc..  so FLIES aren't going to offend anyone. Put FLIES back in DayZ. * So - if at all possible - Let dead bodies lie around a WHILE longer before despawning.  The game can despawn any gear that is ruined (that's usually quiet a lot these days), to reduce the load on the server.. but leave the body for a WHILE (as long as you can?)  .. Bodies lying around in the game was also extremely Atmospheric.. I remember running up the coast road, then hearing flies buzzing off in the undergrowth, going to investigate... that was WORTHWILE gameplay.. I think the Xboxers would love it and most PC players would vote YES on that. <kichilron, please add FLIES to your list of suggestions.. thanx> xxP - folks - Join the "Bring Flies Back to DayZ Campaign" - You Know it Makes Sense.