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    • Tinderbox: Get a small empty can like a tobacco tin with a screw-down lid (so the lid is pretty airtight). Fill the can with a folded flat square of old cotton (an old torn bit of shirt) fill it up. Then screw the lid on and cook it - just put it on your burner till it smokes & get it good and hot -  but DONT melt the can. - Dont mind if some smoke comes out. Without air to burn in there the cotton eventually turns to punk charcoal and stays solid and folded. Let it cool completely without opening it. (!) Try this once and you'll know just how long to cook it for next time, to get it right.  Costs nothing.
      Now in the wild if you open your punk can and strike your ferrite spark into it - onto the pad stuffed there (you dont have to take it out.. na - nothing complicated - it just glows burning without flame) - You get a glowing red patch like a cigarette end, STRAIGHT AWAY  - the size of a fingernail - blow on it to keep it going if you want, but it wont usually go out wont go out until you close the can. wind etc just makes it glow more. This is so EASY I even used it to light cigarettes back when I smoked. When you screw the lid back on the glowing part of the punk will totally go out by itself - you can shut the tin and put it right back in your pocket.
      Now you can use that one pad of cooked-burned-black cotton a few thousand times - it just NEVER gets used up. 
      I  keep mine in a flat tin that was made for 10 mini cigarillos. Always in my pack with the  ferrite bar & striker  held to it with a rubber band. Total is less than half the size of a pack of cigarettes & weighs nothing.  Easy to make, easy to refill - but it will be 3 years before you need to make more punk. Totally foolproof.  If you are a fan of that kind of stuff - try it. there are surely websites about making a "tinderbox" xxP
    • Even if I agree the infected are not very good at the moment I seriously can't remember exactly when was the last time I got killed by one. They are easy to kill and to dodge. If you want zero chance of damage you get a pistol or assault rifle with a suppressor, problem solved. Oh and can you please make future first posts a bit more easy to read?
    • Lots to look over but not a bunch to see.    I'm swirling around on the edges looking into the bowl wondering when to take a dip.    Emu- glad to see you're still on it bud. Amazed, but glad to see a familiar face! 
    • I don't know that I'm necessarily looking for "action", but some of my favorite moments are the interaction between strangers.  That has been virtually non-existent for a while now.
    • Or: Make a hook to "prev. played" and all other empty. (Not sure its work properly..or its reset by updates).
    • If you click on "play" it will put you on the same server you last played on
    • Have to say, it's really got the 'the road' feel about it now. Which was Dean's original inspiration for the feel of the game. So thumbs up to that. The trees are being blown around a little too much though if you ask me, maybe turn down the ferocity of that. Been living off apples and chicken and the odd tin here and there. It isn't too difficult to stay fed.   I haven't been able to get back online since Friday, but will log on now for a bit. Is there a way no to find out which server I'm actually playing on? Or is it simply log out and whichever one I dbl click that takes me to the right server is the only way?
    • Yes there are women gamers lol so far I have 15 women coming, I"m looking for about 10 more, there are some women who don't know anyone to bring as a tribute or guest, so if that's the case, I will be looking for a guy to fill that spot.
    • Don't you know girls are what makes the world go a round.
    • You can get 1 feather at a time from a chicken coop, the same as picking apples. and the stone knife is your friend,