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    • And the sway blocking your vision... far from justifiable.
    • Talking 1-3 meters, yeah the recoil would take getting used to - never made my self out to be a marksman
    • BB and paintball guns do not equal a real gun, and yes, guns do sway in real life when you fire from an unsupported position, you simply don't notice it.  You ever get a chance to fire a real gun with an optic on it, stand up and aim at a target at least 50yards away.  You're gonna notice every little twitch and sway of your hands transfers to the gun. And no, there is no set or official release date for DayZ.
    • Here is a method that should hopefully reduce your frustrations. It worked for me. Since you start with only a few slots, and it increases that over time as you get new gear, try prioritizing the slots in order of their type and range. For example: When you first start out: Slot 1 is for your stone knife (since you'll be using it a lot at first for making rags, fires, and gutting chickens for making spears/bows/getting food/etc) Slot 2 is your main melee weapon, be it axe, spear, stick, can of tuna, whatever. Slot 3 is for your first gun with ammo Slot 4 is for your ammo for the gun in slot 3 (if needed) As you gear up, the numbers change, but the pattern remains: Slot 1 is your main melee weapon Slot 2 is your pistol Slot 3 is your primary rifle/gun (the one that you actually have ammo for) Slot 4 is for your ammo for the gun in slot 3 (if needed) Slot 5 is for your backup weapon in your pack (probably not as good as your primary, so it takes a back seat) Slot 6 is the ammo for slot 5 (if needed, these guns tend to have magazines) Slot 7 and up is for accessories (bandages, bincocs, etc) And for your fully geared character: Slot 1 is your main melee weapon Slot 2 is your pistol Slot 3 is your backup weapon in your pack Slot 4 is for your ammo for the gun in slot 3 (if needed, these guns tend to have magazines) Slot 5 is for your primary rifle/gun Slot 6 is the ammo for slot 5 Slot 7 and up is for accessories (bandages, bincocs, etc) Once your brain gets used to this pattern (or something like it), it is MUCH easier to hit the correct button in the heat of battle. The key is to always use the same pattern - the higher the number, the more powerful/longer range the item is, until you get to the accessories on the right hand side of the hotbar. Need your pistol? That's always #2. This shouldn't cause you to confuse it with the melee weapon that was there before, because if you have a pistol, it's always in slot 2. Since the new reloading system was put in, if I have a lot of slots and a few guns, but only some have ammo, I leave a blank spot for it until I find ammo to put there. For example, if I have an axe, a hunting pistol (with no ammo) and a Mosin-Nagant with ammo, I'll leave slot 3 blank, so that when I find some .308, so I don't have to shift half my stuff one slot to the left.  This way you only have to remember the hotkeys that have ammo assigned to them. If this is still giving you trouble, put a small square piece of brightly colored tape above/on those numbers. Even if you play in the dark and the only light is from your screen, it will be enough to see them in your peripheral vision or simply go by the feel of the keys.
    • Then i find a rope or make one from rags and then make a bow from the branch, then cut some sticks to make some arrows.
    • Probably because you don't have a reason then?
    • My mental state - judging by how he shot at me was fully engaged to kill the guy... doing the world of DayZ a favour. I've fired training BB guns very accurately from early on... I missed a few shots then it's always bang on (I'm not from a gun country)... I had the full element of surprise on him due to patiences and that's like claiming blitzkrieg strategy is null. I was in the top 10 clans on COD4 at a point when I was younger... I know how to shoot on video games - anyone can shoot a .22 or low cal rifle fairly well at 1-3 meters at someone. I don't shoot unless it's a critical hit. I clicked the R1 later than him only because the lack of controller support where I'd have got a pin-point on his head sooner. - Also done paint-balling and shot people 40 meters away (they're very innacurate)... 20 meters I completely painted an opponents gun (I was young - touche on that move) and that was in a little crevice and technically irl he'd have damaged his gun so they more abused the system. Still I learned from it. 

      There has been official dates so it's not as simple as "Game'll be done when it's done".

      You want someone to not kill you, reward them for dealing with your zombie for you or try talking. Any other game that guy was dead. I had the headshot if he were crouching... I'll aim down if he's prone and he'd be unable to line a critical hit if I move forward.

      Didn't have loads of gear either.
    • The engine is their own, as sneakydude said. You should take a look at the tools that are currently available for ArmA 3 for creating missions/mods. They have a visual editor for placing various assets, triggers, and such, and an interface for editing code and tying that in to external scripts. While I would not expect something like that to come to SA for quite a while after modding is permitted, it's not unreasonable to think that SA would be the logical place to test out such a system when the time is right. That said, I highly doubt that modders will be left with no visual element to the mod creation process. It's probably a safe bet that at first we'll have something along the lines of the ArmA 2 editor at the very least.  A great deal will probably depend on what can be brought over from ArmA 3 (I'm particularly curious about the feasibility of bringing ArmA's Zeus system over in some form as well), and how difficult it will be to port/adapt it for use with SA. No reason to rewrite a new editor from scratch if there's an existing one that was just redone in the last two years that can be tailored to fit SA's needs, even if at first it lacks a number of bells and whistles.
    • No, no no, hell no! I don't even see the reason that this has to be explained.
    • How do you know? Ever shot a gun before? Maybe you did. But ever shot a gun before to kill fellow human being while taking fire at you. I highly doubt that. Plus you have to consider that you're wearing 20+ kilograms of gear with you and you're constantly running.  There's NO official date for game's release, and in the close future, there'll never be. Game'll be done when it's done. If you want game to grow faster, go on the feedback forums and post bugs.