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    • On PC there's a slider which goes from 60 to 110.

      Not sure if that is the actual field of view in degrees, or an arbitrary number. They seem to have changed how it works more than once.

      I made some assumptions and calculated that the "110" setting should result in a 103.01° Horizontal FOV. The "60" setting was calculated as 59.75°.

      I attempted to test this in-game half a year ago and those calculations said I had a 103.3° Horizontal FOV on setting "110", within the margin of error.

      I don't know about console.

      120-160 = fisheye.

      At a certain point you would also rob yourself, as on a normal screen, people will appear smaller the higher you go, and you may have a hard time see them without using the "eye zoom", and would be better off sacrificing some of that huge FOV for a better initial vision and being more active with the camera.


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    • Hey guys & gals, Does anyone know if DayZ SA on PC has a FOV slider in graphical options?  I ask mainly to ascertain whether this option will come to console, we poor souls get the option about 1 in 10 games and have to play at a 90 Degree FOV most of the time which quite frankly gives me headaches & eye ache. I find it disappointing that in 2018 people are happy with triple A titles  because there at 4k for there fancy new gigantic fancy 4K TV , but then play a game that looks like the characters wearing blinkers. i would absolutely love it if we could turn DayZ FOV upto  120-160 so that it's closer to the average humans actual field of view , that way I won't feel like my survivors a total dumbass running around with a box on his head with a tiny hole cut out the front.  Please illuminate this poor console whelp.
    • You gotta have your mags in you backpack if your wearing one, for some reason you can reload from other clothing without a bag but once you put a back pack on it's buggy as hell getting a reload of from trouser, shirts or assault vest etc (assault vest seem exceptionally buggy for keeping magazines in ATM so tbh I steer clear of them completely as more of then than not stuff seems to duplicate in them as the duplicated items and mags tend to exonerate bugged out. Also you'll need enough space in your backpack to remove the mag from your weapon first. For instance if it's an AKM or M416 mag it'll take up 3slots so you must have three free slots in backpack as you remove mag and place it in bag before removing the fresh mag for bag to place in gun. also there are still occasions where de-sync causes the server to think there are a different amount of bullets in a mag than there are client side for you, if you get a mag that will not under any circumstances load into weapon I'd advise completely emptying mag, drop it on the floor floor so the server is sent the info it's empty then pick up and refill with rounds and see it it'll load into weapon. 
    • cast the object with a name Object myObject; myObject = GetGame().CreateObject(..... myObject.SetRotation("0 0 0"); // Rotation is a Vector  
    • Introducing DaRT 2.2 - Server Edition. Now with ADM Log Reader. SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/Wizbaggd/DaRT---Server-Edition
      DOWNLOAD: DaRT 2.2 - Server Edition What's New? New TAB in Settings Menu called "Announcers". Login/Logout feed announcement option. (This function can work for anyone, this does not require any special setup). Kill feed announcement option (using the new internal ADM file reader - NOTE: this requires running on the server or a LAN system with direct access to the file over the network). New Logo Removed banners (as they do not work when connecting inside LAN anyway) Removed link for DaRT 2.1
    • that's because in all programming in the history of programming, you cannot have 2 variables with the same name without major consequences.   The easiest way to do multiples with above statement is to remove the vector spawnPos and manually add those into the CreateObject method, though that might get tedious. Bouncing an idea here: // THIS IS A THEORY, UNTESTED AND MAY NOT WORK. Object[] myBuildings; void CustomSpawnBuilding(string buildingName, vector buildingLocation, vector buildingRotation, int index) { myBuildings[index] = GetGame().CreateObject(buildingName, buildingLocation, false); myBuildings[index].SetRotation(buildingRotation); } // Usage: // CustomSpawnBuilding("Land_Wreck_Volha_Grey", "10719 6.7829 2450.65", "14.6 0 0", 0); // CustomSpawnBuilding("Land_Wreck_Volha_Grey", "10719 6.7829 2450.65", "41.2 0 0", 1); // CustomSpawnBuilding("Land_Wreck_Volha_Grey", "10719 6.7829 2450.65", "12.3 0 0", 2); // CustomSpawnBuilding("Land_Wreck_Volha_Grey", "10719 6.7829 2450.65", "2.2 0 0", 3); // CustomSpawnBuilding("Land_Wreck_Volha_Grey", "10719 6.7829 2450.65", "10.9 0 0", 4);  
    • Enjoy it will you can. its been a long time since I was lost in a game.
    • Lol have fun now cause in the mod and OG PC standalone there's a special type of disease for you lol.
    • Can someone explain to me why the eastern suppressor doesn't fit the SVD. same gun with longer barrel. longer bullet. that's it.