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    • Where do we inquire about that XBOX invite?  
    • Google the video, "The day DayZ died". It basically postulates the game was shit but multiple playstyles were taken care of so the game was successful. Most of the criticism can be taken care of through mods. People are looking at SA with rose tinted glasses. It was always broken and empty. Higher player counts hid that fact.
    • It's not really a documentary, but a series of taste-testing one type of food in three different price categories - some of the top ones are just stupidly luxurious. (I wanted to post this in the "funny videos" thread or whatever it was called, but I can't find it, so bear with me ^^) Also check out South Koreans tasting American BBQ! :D    
    • So I gave this a good read. I can't say I really agree with the premise because it implies that people were happy with what DayZ SA was, and that it was good at any point. It was bad then and it's bad now. People loved the idea they were sold, not the game. An homage like this is just painfully out of place for DayZ SA. The game is still in development and you are writing an anecdote about an old man playing the game as a youth when development started. Do you not see the absurdity in that? You've written a parody. A more realistic anecdote would be about a man fronting the money to a contractor to build a house and then waiting outside in the rain for 30 years for the contractor to finish it,  but the contractor really only started building yesterday. But it's okay because the contractor used some of the money he was paid to hire a legal team to write a bulletproof disclaimer after that fact, exempting him from the horrible thing he did. He also ensured to censor and ban most people who voiced legitimate criticism, creating an echo chamber of self-justification, all the while deflecting and making the argument about the way in which complaints are voiced instead of the crime the voices speak to. (Here begins a continuation of my response to you, but also my response to the thread in general) The truth is that the devs screwed up hard in the first few years of development and they have never owned up to it in any meaningful way. There were many people who cared deeply for the game, and the admiration and passion they originally had for the idea that was DayZ turned to anger and even hatred. There are thousands of DayZ fans out there who feel betrayed, not because they feel jipped out of money but because they feel like something they cared deeply for was ripped away from them and then stepped all over and abused. You can't just wash that away with made up stories, and you certainly can't spin it around on them like they are the ones who are wrong. The initial release of DayZ was a scam, plain and simple. If you don't believe that, you aren't grounded in reality. Originally the disclaimer did not exist. It was written after a massive negative reaction from the public. They were forced into writing it, and they were also forced into refunding. It's possible that they did not have nefarious intentions, that they really didn't mean for it to be a scam, but for all intents and purposes it was, and little by little they have created this bs narrative about how everything has always been deliberate and responsible, which you all love to preach, but it's a complete farce, and one that is only effective on a minuscule minority. I don't expect anything to change now, but when DayZ releases in 1.0 and is what it finally should be, if that day ever should come, I think we are all owed a public apology for the horrible and flagrantly irresponsible first two years of development. The community is not in a healthy state right now. It's been poisoned by the events of the past. We need to start things fresh when the time comes. And before you think something to the effect of "that's so entitled," remember that DayZ was a community made game that was free. The IP was taken from the community, and we gave it up willingly, excitedly even. In retrospect, we could have done a much better job in half the time. One look at Arma 3 modding makes that abundantly clear. DayZ SA came out around the same time as Arma 3 and there are already survival mods with too many helicopters to count, and servers well over 100 players. Meanwhile, in DayZ SA we might literally never get those things. Think about that for a minute. The developers have actually entertained the idea of not having helicopters by 1.0. The only reason DayZ SA exists as a separate entity from Arma 3 is because they could not get away with making their own DayZ mod for Arma 3 and charging money for it. They already had most of the systems in place to produce a DayZ mod experience that was superior to the past, and they instead chose to throw DayZ on some garbage helicopter simulator engine and wing it. They didn't care that the engine couldn't support their plans for the future, and I refuse to believe they were so incompetent they didn't know. They dove into it flagrantly because it was the fastest way to profit on the craze that was DayZ. I am tempted to say that I can't blame them, because the market was primed for a game their software essentially brought to life, and someone else would definitely beat them to the punch if they didn't act fast. So they released DayZ SA as fast as they could only to hold their place in the market. That is the truth of why DayZ SA exists. That is the truth of why it is bad, and that is why we are stuck with it the way it is. This is why fans are mad, and they have every right to be. DayZ fans without question have every right to be upset with how development has gone. Expletives and other disrespectful behaviors do not invalidate a valid point. If you have that many people screaming at you, at some point you need to stop and take a look at yourself.      
    • Image, dedicated to this thread and forum like wow. ;)    
    •   Care to elaborate a bit more on this?  My understanding, and from what I've read from the latest DayZ Status report, the Xbox version currently running is the same version as the PC Stress Test.. Just as @LordBlackwolf stated..  
    • Really? Let me quote a small portion of the current status report by Eugen that you've seemed to not been able to read otherwise you'd know that I am not wrong. As you can see below, it does indeed state that the Xbox version is the same as the PC stress test version. If you want to see for yourself, go to the current status report and look towards the end of what Eugen wrote (it's actually right below a link he provides) and you'll see it for yourself.  
    •   This is a reasonable thought. I also see a sort of a problem with this: The clipping/colliding with objects geometry seems logical and much desired, mostly for aesthetic-realistic reasons, and it's great it's getting into the game finally. I'm not sure how this will work of course, but I don't want to be prevented to point-blank shoot with my weapon someone who is running at me or attacking me :) even if the infected or other player(s) crowded me, I hope I'd still be able to pull the trigger at their chin :D  
    • You are wrong. Xbox and StressTest versions are different.