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    • Yeah, the kind of bandits who hold up random survivors and insist that they eat some delicious boiled steaks and take some extra ammo with them.
    • I think the better way to go with the logout concept includes elements of a "morale" system, not to be confused with good or bad morality of actions, but rather player comfort and attitudes that positively effect health and stamina. If you log out with all basic needs met--comfortable temperature, and no wet body or clothing, energized hydrated and healthy; as well as extras, like having eaten a warm meal cooked with a variety of ingredients, all clothing in worn or better status, and all weapons having full magazines; you come back with slightly improved/boosted stats.
      Maybe even have an opportunity to increase the maximum capacity of certain player status after logging out with maximum stats all-around, as an incentive for players to plan ahead on taking care of their characters for maximum performance.
      These conditions will help you to have a secure, comfortable and contented character, which will yield such benefits as faster healing, slower food and water consumption, larger stomach capacity and quicker digestion, as well as an extra buffer of stamina.
      Of course if you let yourself become hungry, thirsty, or overly exerted, these benefits will no longer be available until you restore all stats to maximum and perform some extra actions to boost morale; such as sitting down to eat, or consuming a hot meal, reloading and repairing all your kit, logging out with a friend (fed or healed you) and so on...
      And for those concerned about balancing, or just don't want the presence of super-characters, just remember that this is all based on morale--being in high spirits in addition to being healthy; so getting slapped up by zombies, or shot, is definitely going to ruin your day as well as degrade your perfect health required for said perks. The idea of adding an extra layer of penalties to the logout process seems unnecessary and immersion breaking.  I would much prefer there to be a system of additional 'perks' for going the extra mile to ensure your maximum character value.
    • That everyone assumes someone who is in a full leather kit is friendly but they may in fact be bandits. :)
    •   No, re-read my post lol. I just said that weather changes in the place you log off should affect the character, not that he should physically stay there (which would suck pretty hard). :) But having some hunger thirst effects in place would be fun too!   This actually is what happens when people log-off. Your character is relocated to an X location in the map and it just stays there till you respawn. When you see the "bug" of a player spawning dead (or receiving damage) its because a hacker found the place where the characters are "stored" and started killing them. This happened to me a couple of months ago, so I had to research a little this issue :/. There was a video showing this, but cant remember the name . So if the characters are already "in-game", it would be possible to manage the statuses they have based on their locations (theoretically at least o.O?)   You can relog after a couple of hours and move your character to a safe location. EZ :)   It´s not a "log off" punishment. It´s all about bad and good decisions during a survival situation. And you might be surprised how many people die IRL because they didnt found a shelter to spend the night (or even insulated their bodies from the ground).   It´s logic to find a shelter to sleep during bad weather conditions. And yes, this is a suggestion that wouldn´t fit EZ servers. I only play in hardcore ones, so all my suggestions go that way XD
    • What exactly are you trying to say here? Lol I'm just hoping that by the time basebuilding materials are put into the spawn tables. we will have reliable means of transporting them.  Last time I took a supply run to Tisy, my preferred vehicle lacked the acceleration to make it down from the reserved parking lot.
      That is until after a server restart, at which point it dropped through the ramp... and the ground.  F8
    • This game was done years ago....  
    • Good post, and not off topic IMO. I always appreciated your thoughtful posts, even when I didn't fully agree. Fracturing of the community is something I've been wary of too but I am hopeful that the exponential influx of players to follow 1.0 will fill most popular game versions of the game to our liking.  
    • Teddy's reaction to 98% of things in Chernarus XD
    • - What many would love to see including myself is an improved armor value system on items similar to player Unknown`s battlegrounds with item duration, weapon sway overhaul, breathing mechanic sounds let it go - kind of tired of it. Melee damage system overhaul, weapon damage overhaul related to clothing and helmets. Sporter & Trumpet sound changes it should be lower sounds. Breahing sound mechanic kind of counter the whole idea with ghillie suits - I heard him breathing miles away even before I spotted him with a full ghillie suit last week.  - Pistol silencer should be a lower sound too. And that 1 bullet can ruin your whole back pack need to go in beta and be better balance. I`m also looking forward to base building which is exciting, Helis as new vechile, and finally improved dynamic crash sites so u can actually see helis for a while until they crash land! We need better FPS too, especially if they have plans to release it on x-box or ps4, but that is not that important compare to other features I mentioned above! And with a medium to high end pc u should have a good fps now in Dayz SA - at least outside the major cities. About improved dynamic events like crash sites I don`t mind if zombies are guarding it - I think it`s necessary so it get more of a challenge. And it might be easier to spot other players or hear them nearby which is exciting since we have dense forests now in 0.62, and it might be harder to spot other players! :) - Finally, I still beleive the Dayz SA experience is best with 75/75 servers or even higher numbers on this map to get decent amount of action!