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    • Did I just rate a JJ Face Palm? Cool! ...but why? This is not a flame war, dude (or dudette). Let's hear from all the folks who know how the loot distribution system "really" works and maybe I would think differently about hoarding. Again, for those that don't know, I am one of those guys that gather as much food as I can and I head back to the coast where it is most needed. 50% of the time it ends in energized new spawns heading inland...and I generally stay on the same server the entirety of that character's life span. That's how I roll...and that's probably NOT going to win me any friends within the Private Server Owners but that playstyle means I spend a lot of time just creeping around the map...taking my time...and generally not getting into any trouble. You could meet far worse in your ventures. As my rule of thumb goes, a public server should be an open experience and not one that has pre-determined rules of engagement whether it is supposedly for the greater good or not.
    • .....Yeah.....very noble of you good sir. ;-) But are you saying that when you pick Kamyoshovo, Berezino, or the other coastal towns clean the water bottles, clothes, tents, food tins, drink cans, etc. all just reappear when the timer on that item trips? And it re-spawns within that general area of the map? (it's not on server restart anymore, right?.) If this is indeed so...then yes, I have been overlooking this mechanism. So if this is the case then all the items you guys hoard in tents and barrels are simply replaced with yet more of these same items? As in the mod....when the assigned number of loot items have all been "gathered for the greater good of our faithful" then the server is effectively "out" of these items to respawn and redistribute on that server? That is how I interpret the per-server CLE. Don't try to prove how wrong I am about something by using irrelevant quotes. Please explain instead. The cheeky Gimp reference was intended. Finally...remember that "behaving reasonably" on your terms simply means you want others to be like you. Hardly altruistic, if that's what you were going for.
    • Everytime the same Server ? Or you login on different servers ? 1) (If you logout, your Character are for ~ 30 sec. visible and aktiv on the server... in this time its possible from a Kill be a Player)  2) its possible if you have aggro from wolves or infected while logout, them can kill you on the Logout phase. ( closed doors no help for AI glitch )
    • It's not like I cause any harm.  Usually the worst thing I do is to rearrange their loot a little bit, usually adding random bits to make the interior design really pop. I use people's reactions to my activity in their camp as a gauge to how welcome they might be in my camps.  I've actually had to make the decision to be friends with strangers I've found in camp before; better to share than ruin it for everyone. Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, and such... Sounds like you might not be the kind of player that I would readily welcome into one of our camps.  I like to have enough loot stashed in one place, so that when someone chooses correctly, they get to see a camp with dumbfounding amounts of goods to share.
      There is also the consideration that your point of view on the subject of loot scarcity and hoarding is demonstrably flase; just a flat-incorrect understanding of how the CLE works.   ~~~ "Loot stored in tents and barrels does NOT affect the CLE" --Hicks ~~~   I think our disagreement might come down to general styles of gameplay preference. I prefer to pick one main server as a home server, and gain control over the resources on that server.  Knowledge of the location of the majority of vehicles is strongly preferred, but not necessarily to the point of hoarding them.  It just makes sense when they need to be tracked down and respawned again.  If a player tries to shoot me to have a look at the small amount of loot on my person, or just for the lulz, then they will not have access to a well-stocked supply network.
          This is how I try to incentivize communication and cooperation between players.;  by rewarding good interactions with access to pretty much anything a player might need, including free access to quality healthcare. Sometimes it is a difficult process to find other players who behave reasonably.  It is a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless.
    • It's happened 3 or 4 times.
    • Regardless, this only applies to the foliage, not the new small natural objects that have been added, of which there are very many. It is relatively inconsequential that the foliage dosen't render at range now, because they have taken other measures to ensure players can cover themselves at range. I still wish that it would render further too, but server hosts will likely have the option to boost it up if they choose. The base game is more stable for more players this way, and all players will be able to use cover they see either way. It isn't perfect, but .62 is a massive leap in the right direction in regard to cover that's visible to the player providing equal advantage, and disadvantage, to everyone. 
    • I can guarantee you it is not 200 meters. 100 meters would be a stretch, to me it seems 50-75 on average. 
    •   It does stop rendering at a certain distance, which I think is actually 200 meters. But the ground foliage was not the only change. This patch seems to have been focused on improving how well we can use natural objects as cover. It is no coincidence the patch came with a new ghillie suit to match the world, which was featured in the .62 showcase. Whereas foliage provides much better cover close up, trees provide much better cover at range. There are also many more small natural objects that do not dissappear until you are as far as your object distance is set, like trees. The new color changes and ambient sound also contribute to making stealth more feasible as well. As of .62, all of the nature in the game can effectively be used as cover at all ranges within reason. I have tested this for hours in multipe environments with enemy players present. Please do check for yourself. 
    • There was a wipe recently, that might have been it.