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    • Fellow DayZ Players, I am here representing our group CREW or Constantly Running Every Where. Prior to the .60 update hiatus, we were ranked top 10 on Due to the long wait for .60 and .61, and the declining playerbase we had no choice but to shutdown our private servers. However with the release of .61 we have decided to go all in and reboot the community by bringing back our 60 pop private hive! In case you don't know who CREW is, we are a community of gamers who primarily play and have passion for DayZ. Most of our members have clocked over 1000 hours! So if you are a noob, we'd be gladly willing to show you the ropes! For the veterans out there we'd be able to match your skill level, watch your back in combat, give you medical aid, etc. Feel free to join our server, teamspeak, and browse our website below: Server IP: TS: Website:   website done by yours truly ;)   BONUS: We are currently doing a giveaway!! The most active players on our server gets a $20 steam giftcard! For more details view our forum post here.
    • Hey Guys, first i have to apologize for my bad english. I try to express myself correctly. @Baty Alquawen: Thank for your great Community Support :) Can you tell me something about the Vehicles? Any informations about a return in stable?    
    • It's not only the stick, even punching will get someone's gear ruined eventually. I believe I punched Thurman Murman's hat from pristine or worn to badly damaged with one punch. I wish you good luck with your mission, never bring a stick to a gunfight haha. And I do think they appreciate feedback, even on the forums. :)
    • cool true story? If so i am going to use a stick and stab every mofo that goes around KOS the exp crew... what do you think @emuthreat??? But i haven't been on exp for awhile so ill have to let EMu stab pickles some. But suggestions, changes, bugs, features should go to They do not take anything serious in general forums, it goes down the list under feedback.
    • Holy shit... first time doing this OK so today i tryed to help some KID and the little shit tryed to kill me.. NEVER TRUST ANYONE RP OR STRANDED so after SAVING his ass i told him duck and he did and ran behind me and stabbed me with the Long Stick and ruined the uk vest, alicebag, ttsko pants, and tac jacket you know MILITARY GEAR with a stick Really WHY!? please just do something about that a little nerf would be nice but this most likely not be solved and I will be Shunned for Bitching about it but I have One thing left to say... Thanks for Reading  
    • Emuthreat, you look like a man in the know with the issue I have here. I quickly noticed that cooking times (and canister lifespans) got longer (right now it's ca 1:15min for one pot). I saw some variations but attributed these to my poor timing. It was only tonight when I was cooking cow and deer together that I discovered that we have different cooking times for different kinds of meat. Did you time these or any other times related to cooking? If not, will you care if I get the results? So far I know that it's some 15 secs to warm up a pot, then it's 1:15 for at least cow and wolf, and a large canister lasts for some 15 minutes, or 12 pots' worth of food.
    • Sure, OP mentioned wolf taming but I guess we can talk about getting stray dogs to follow you, as well. Horses would be cool, too. And I see no reason why we can't milk cows, strange that they found their inner wild heart after the apocalypse. As for birds, I don't know how falconry works, but if all our survivors are trained pilots of both heli and fixed wings, it would absolutely no stretch for me if I could falcon some falcons bred before the apoc by some Communist dignitary. In fact, his summer mansion could replace Tisy - falcons, horses, various breeds of dogs and you're good to go. ;)
    • I did laundry, cleaned my apartment, and baked 2 loaves of coconut banana bread today, and it's all your fault!!! Moar patchex pleeeeez!
    • wow.  I appreciate all the feedback.  I haven't read it all yet and the basic point that I need to do some relearning is well taken.  IT seems they've gone in a new direction.  Before the game was sort of a blend between a running simulator and a scavenger hunt.  Now they're reorienting towards crafting stuff.  For instance: I had no clue about the stone knife.  That would have made a difference. I already figured out hunting for apple trees.  That kept one of my lives going for an hour or two.  I think I was killed because of an infection.  I discovered that I could stop bleeding using a sewing kit, but soon after sewing myself up it said I was sick and then that progressed to being unconsciousness before I could find antibiotics.   I'll keep playing, but I'll spend some time reading up on what others have discovered first. Again: thanks for the feedback.