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  1. I absolutely freaking knew it! A major sound revamp for .62. It makes so much sense considering the environment overhaul. Holy crap my dream is finally coming true. Andrej you better not dog us by not showing anything!!! >:)
  2. Great but not so great idea imo. If you concede to these people and give them what they want. You may find that it will be extremely difficult to take it back. In other terms, you shouldn't turn a game into what the people want because they complain, but rather give them the tools (modding) to do so while you strive to achieve what you're own vision of the game is. I mean if they want just a "battlegrounds" gamemode then play Battle Royale? Lol But there are some that actually find it extremely boring after awhile with little to no variety in gameplay.
  3. design

    I agree with you entirely except the part that "Chernarus is like a huge desert" because compared to most other open world survival games, Chernarus has like the most trees per square km. That's why I'm actually seriously excited by the upcoming .62 update as it will definitely bring a new refreshing feel to Chernarus. And I'm all about immersion.
  4. You'll probably get the same scenario with walkie talkies just with less of a chance of someone showing up. And even then you'll find more action at military camps than baiting someone with a 1% chance someone is listening on the radio.
  5. Well I believe they stated that their scripting rewrite to the new Enforce Scripting Language that the new engine uses will reduce or prevent the current "carpet bombing" script hack that is seen in a couple of recent videos. Not sure if they've mentioned other hacks that are possible rn but it seems like they intend on ridding them with the new script language. (Hopefully that is the case)
  6. Would be nice if it was added as an experimental feature only so we could coordinate during bug testing with other random players.
  7. Holy crap wow that video threw me back so hard. The nostalgia is real. On the aspect of those points, i do believe through out the development the devs have spoken about each point albeit not as in depth i guess. Most of them have been scattered or lost throughout the years and i really do hope they centralize all that info into something other than a status report. Perhaps they should put it on their roadmap page instead of what they currently have now which is 2 years outdated.
  8. Yea aggro range seems to be really short now iirc. Like zombies should be startled by the tiniest movement or noise tbh. Like running beside a wall with a zombie on the other side should make them aggro. (Not at you but aggro in general) Not to mention when they bring in the new zombie sounds coupled with the eden system like distant zombie screams (from aggroing) etc that'll be great.
  9. That would take too many man hours to do effectively cutting the amount of time they could use on working on .63 in half. I think i speak for most of the community that we would prefer them prioritize .63 than anything else. And i'm sure that's what they're doing right now.
  10. Yea this is been happening since the dynamic shadows update was added. Seems like the object is obscuring the light source inside the item. Also IMPROVED THROWING PHYSICS?! I GOTTA SEE THIS FOR MYSELF. EDIT: Hmm after some throwing tests, it does seem like they collide with the ground better. I was still able to throw my sledgehammer full force whilst looking all the way down through the ground so rip sledgehammer. Will test vehicle physics when i find one.
  11. If the vehicle has "crashed" with its engine still functioning but all other parts damaged, it should still be repairable and shouldn't be cleaned up tbh. I like the fact that you could come across a crashed vehicle (probably due to some idiot :P) on the side of the road and be able to fix it.
  12. They probably don't want to state much about this as their current goals as of now is to get .63 and the new anim/player controller system implemented. And there seems to be no information regarding what will come after .63. (Hopefully they can do a sound overhaul) But i have no doubt that we'll eventually touch on this before 1.0 hits.
  13. AFAIK these features are the result of being in Alpha where features and systems are rudimentarily implemented to show concept or test in a live version. And the argument can be made to say "why did they spend the time on these useless features and work on more important ones like the player controller or renderer?". But were not entitled to know the answer to that. We should just be glad they're working on the major features now.
  14. That's true, but we gotta remember with this whole "wish more devs would discuss stuff on forums" is that there aren't that many fluid English speakers on the dev team. (AFAIK)
  15. Ahh i actually can't wait for when they decide to show a preview of the player controller. Like just a recording of one of their testers pressing the WASD keys and what it translates to on screen.