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  1. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    @Troll_Hunter I quite agree with this. Though instead of degrees youll just have a simple float var which represents door state. 0 = closed -> 0.5 half open -> 1.0 full open. With the number increasing by velocity factor of door so you can have fast opening or slow opening etc. edit wtf my english cbf fixing
  2. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    You got that right. Its also a matter of priority. Why spend so much time implementing it when itll have so little effect on the game other than visuals.
  3. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Wow what a great milestone to have river support. Very well done and a great report to start off the year!
  4. Exp Update 0.62.14463

  5. Basebuilding

    That would be very inefficient and not scalable for future maps :/
  6. Basebuilding

    I really wish environmental assets like furniture were individual objects in-game because it'll be super awesome to be able to take furniture out from houses and place them in your base. AFAIK they aren't objects that can individually be spawned in and are part of the structures they belong to which is why they cannot do randomizing building interiors. q_q
  7. Anti Cheat Idear to fix this bug or minimize this

    Battle Eye does not check for actual game exploits and cheats like speed hacks, bullet hacks, godmode, damage hacks etc. All it does is prevent hackers from injecting into the game which results in the manipulation of it allowing for ^. The reason its undetected is because the game itself does not have any safe guards to prevent abnormal player behavior. Examples would be server checking player position every x to determine if they aren't traversing faster than normal or if their aim is abnormally high based on amount of shots fired in a duration and accuracy (head shots).
  8. Basebuilding

    I can imagine very fast iterations of different base building mechanics happening as it seems there isn't a solid design yet the devs have spoken about. Who knows they might even decide later that "complete security" is the only way to make it engaging and worthwhile. I'll be most eager to see what they come up with.
  9. Opinions on culldistances

    As it stands I believe only grass and certain bushes are not rendered past player render distance. Player's will begin to disappear before object view distance does. As shown here: So the issue is more about grass itself and being able to spot people proning in grass when grass isn't even rendered. Arma 3 has a system where player models "sink" into the ground when they are proning to simulate occlusion of grass (as if it was there). Here it is in action on old dayz versions, not sure if it still exists ingame. (Don't believe it does) https://imgur.com/a/YEf6M Here's another possible solution. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/140105-rendering-grass-at-long-distances-my-thoughts-about-it/ Lots of ideas and discussions about this from the past but its great to bring it up again.
  10. I reckon if your initial shots were on target you would have downed him and lived. This is just another matter of spraying while moving habit that results in you missing tons of shots. Notice how the first guy doesn't move, and hits you right on, on his first shot.
  11. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Rust isnt developing their own engine.
  12. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Lets not forget it isn't a team comprising of 80-90 programmers. You have about 20-40 QA testers, art and sound designers, business managers, brand managers, pr and more that don't explicitly work on the engine. Eugen said that statistic also comprises of external sources too. Not entirely sure what that means but it could be things like outsourcing art assets and what not.
  13. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    I'm not arguing that they made promises, but rather not give us enough information on their progress on .63 and how close it is to release. No definite "checklist" of things to be completed for .63 which led the community to inevitably decipher it by the way the devs word their status reports or tweet about .63 on twitter. I mean this year was sorta just "looking forward to .63" without much information on what was required for it to be ready. A couple of status reports even introduced new features that we didn't even know they wanted to put in .63. Which sorta gives the feeling that the end just keeps moving further away. I personally got no problem with it, but this is what i think a lot of people feel when following their progress.
  14. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Yeah I understood that all they've alluded to was a "possible" .63 this year, but the problem was anybody outside of their development team would have no idea how close things are to release. It went from "possible .63 update this year" mid this year to "sorry couldn't make it" on the last month of the year (this is just how i felt). So between that period there was no way of grasping the progress they have made because we were never given a definite "checklist" of things they have to complete for .63. Their status reports mainly consisted of things they've done, or what they have been working on that week. Sometimes it would seem like .63 is right around the corner, or sometimes its completely out of reach. However now that their last report has given us a definite checklist i'm sure subsequent status reports will let us feel how much they have progressed in completing that checklist.