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  1. will there be a map?

    My bad. But my point still stands. It's in the PC version but its still WIP. So yes there will be a map :)
  2. will there be a map?

    No but you can spawn the map in using the community offline mod and try it out for yourself.
  3. will there be a map?

    Yes there's currently a WIP map in the game atm. It is just not spawning and is probably not fully ready. But it's cool it has an animation for opening the map infront. Though it opens up into a UI rather than being on the texture.
  4. How to change fire modes of weapons

    On PC its the x key. On xbox no clue
  5. A first look at DayZ Modding

    The game is 18+. That sort of thing would be allowed though ridiculous in its nature. (this isn't scum)
  6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Live Zone

    Hey welcome back man! :)
  7. A first look at DayZ Modding

    Take that with a grain of salt however. Posted awhile ago so not sure if anything's changed. Intellij for life mate.
  8. A first look at DayZ Modding

    Wow what a genuine surprise. Thought we'd get more info at gamescom. Super excited to upgrade from notepad++ xD
  9. jumping

    The conversation continues in that tweet. Have a read.
  10. I whole heartedly agree. The way they communicate gives a lot of uncertainty when it comes to how far they are progressing and what their intended goals are for what makes BETA and 1.0. We didn't even know fishing wasn't going to be in before 1.0 until now. How can something like that let slide and be made uncertain until half way through the year. Also it doesn't take months to implement. They're not going to implement all the weapons in if it takes time away from developing other important systems. All they are doing essentially is implementing weapons that matter on improving the system. Such as the mosin being a means of implementing chamber looping that can then work for all other bolt action/pump action rifles/shot guns. That itself would have taken more time to develop than actually implementing the weapon. Say they wanted to implement the winchester70 now. It will not take as long as it did for the mosin because that major system that had to be implemented is done. But the fact that none of this is communicated is the issue.
  11. jumping

    That will come with vaulting and climbing not jumping. They plan on letting you do this on sizable windows.
  12. Stress Test vol.34

    Couldn't find anything else regarding the bow besides: from https://www.dayz.com/blog/status-report-28th-november#/firearms3 But i'm not even sure if they're going to go by that status report anymore because it seems like they don't even mention it much. I mean the link to BETA on dayz.com on the timeline doesn't even refer to this status report when it should imo.
  13. Falling Trees? O_o

    Nah it's just the audio that plays when you startle a herd of animals (sounds like deer in this case). It sounds strange yeah lol.
  14. Some of that is the community to blame. It is just the implementation of it in the new scripting language and systems. Those systems are also still being fine tuned. Sure the new engine is here but by no means is it complete. They dont start from scratch at all. They just need to configure them to work on the new systems and then implement them.