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  1. It was only 1 update wasn't it?
  2. I don't feel the same way. I always feel there is an interesting juxtaposition of the calm and dominating beauty of nature in the game and the horrific actions of players and "mankind" in dayz. This is what i feel the vanilla dayz experience should be like, but i'm sure a lot of people would like to experience different atmospheres and i'm sure that will happen when more maps are added along with modding.
  3. suggestion

    Use blood to paint/draw things would be epic. edit: just realized this relates to absolutely nothing about blood types kek
  4. Ah yea when rain use to fall in buildings lol. Good times...
  5. Would have preferred le doot skeleton zombies but pumpkins will do. We had the pumpkin Halloween thing last year i believe but this year they glow which is great.
  6. And we already have those pvp tent servers too so people that want to solely play deathmatch already can. Though i do somewhat agree that i wish dayz stayed as a true hardcore survival and didn't let anyone deviate from it. But that's just me.
  7. Wowe so you haven't played standalone yet? Also: yes yes not quite as much but still
  8. @exacomvm Your almost right. The .60 patch which included the new renderer was the first iteration of implementing the Enfusion renderer "module" which was pushed to stable in June 2016 (first exp version in around May). And you may be thinking there were two "major engine reworks", but the first renderer update was the start of the process that we're currently on now. Also in regards to compatibility, I don't believe it "won't work" due to the "old engine" but rather all the new developing systems rely and depend on each other. From the new UI, to the animation system, player controller and to tie them all together they would need Enscript as well. So it would basically be that all those systems need to be finished and working before they can be implemented into exp and they HAVE to be implemented together or i'm sure some of the features won't work. Though some people might argue "where's the modularity" or that it's "bad programming" but they've probably never worked on engine development at all before. (Though i haven't either so kek)
  9. @exacomvm Ah yea thats what i figured and to be honest I really think they feel like making this next patch the biggest and best update ever because of the current popularity of the game. It won't have as much of an impact if the new features were trickled in through experimental. Not to mention it being much more work to maintain the exp branch and have servers working. Pushing to exp right now would mean they would have more work to do than to just work with their internal branch.
  10. Holy fuck who still does that in 2017?! I hate anybody that puts that shit on their videos.
  11. What do you mean? Are you saying there isn't much in the upcoming .63 update? And because there isn't you think they should push it to experimental now? Post sounds so weird to me that i can't even comprehend it.
  12. Atleast we'll be able to get an early version of it implemented as a mod. This would help flesh out the feature itself and the mechanics that come with it by having it in already. Then I guess when the developers decide to work on it they'll already have an example to look at.
  13. Yea I understand what you mean. I just meant ingeneral how it doesn't make sense for there to be lockpicks when doors themselves don't require keys to open in the first place. Like if certain doors had a locking mechanism on themselves already and shown as a model on the door then it would be great to just walk into a house and lock the door without needing any item. Then you would have lockpicks as something useable to unlock doors silently. The alternative would be to bash the door/shoot it which would generate lots of noise potentially attracting other players or zombies.
  14. I would also certainly like seasons to be implemented. There's already a date/month/year system in the game and i believe that affects environment temperature but why not go further and do things like tree leaf colours and snow. Dynamic weather would be great as well. I'll be diving into modding to see if its possible to do something like it.