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  1. DirectX 12 confirmed?

    "no current plans for this as there are technical limitations". /s For real though. I don't see it happening ever anymore. Also that was quite a necro.
  2. Flock of Birds

    One thing i sorta imagine is if it's not possible for actual ai birds in the sky then let us be able to shoot "particle" birds (give them a bbox) giving us a % chance of hitting and spawning a ragdoll of the bird (that falls from the sky) that you then have to go find.
  3. Stress Test vol.12

    They also added building stress sounds for winds. Its epic. Item icon sizes have been changed too.
  4. Stress Test vol.12

    Looks like there could be an issue with battleEye seeing as it was just recently updated? Crash when trying to connect.
  5. I agree completely and i'd prefer that they keep dispersion. But what i'm thinking is alternative methods that can serve one of dispersion's purposes which is determining what weapon is better (sawn off vs normal). Such as stronger recoil, slower bullet speed, more sway, larger visible muzzle flash etc. Just throwing ideas out there that can help alleviate the outcry that is removing dispersion. Because the current systems they have now can be tuned to the point that it makes dispersion not such a requiring factor for weapon balancing. I don't believe its much work too. Heck i can probably mod dispersion in a day given all the proper values for weapons. It's as simple as altering the initial bullet's trajectory when firing. I'm just throwing out possible objective reasons as to why they would remove something rather than subjective reasons such as "over the top". Because without an objective reason we still have a chance to change their minds about it. If they end up deciding they will add it back but cant right now because of time restraints then this thread has served its purpose.
  6. It "being over the top" could be that there are already many factors affecting accuracy that it will be such a miniscule impact for a lot of work. You would need to work on it like you would for recoil (specific weapon values) but it would have much less of an impact on gameplay. In the end it will probably come down to time and if they said they needed to drop it for more time to work on say vehicles or damage system then ill be completely fine. (Remember they plan to have 1.0 out by this year) It just means they can always implement it again in the future so long as they dont mess up the modularity of how weapon firing works.
  7. Melee System needs balance/tweaking

    Melee isnt difficult. It just feels weak. Remember old dayz where the melee was actually left handed? It was crap but it felt really powerful with its fast attacks, hit reaction and collision. Not to mention you can actually aim for the head. You cant even in this one which is like taking a step backwards.
  8. Melee System needs balance/tweaking

    Well then just slow the character down and give them a bit of uncontrollable momentum for heavy attacks but still leave controls unlocked? Im just spurting out ideas because atm its just not good. It serves its purpose but it just doesnt feel great at all!
  9. Melee System needs balance/tweaking

    If anything i hope they get rid of the command move when you swing your tool or fist. I don't know why they wouldn't give us complete freedom of movement with this but i hope they atleast try it and let us test how it feels. Also bring back collision and hit reaction too pls xd
  10. 3D Weapon scopes

    I completely agree that fps games will soon have to atleast improve in this aspect (render to texture) but when it comes to DayZ it's not going to happen. Maybe sometime after 1.0 during their 5 year support when things are more fleshed out and arma 4 appears on the horizon. Or maybe not and it'll happen in DayZ 2.0? I can see it being something BI will atleast try to achieve in the next Arma atleast.
  11. Ah fk yeah i thought saying "this topic" might have been the wrong phrase. I haven't actually read all of the posts in this thread so my general idea was that people were having a hard time meeting up because they couldn't survive the trip which lead to my point that players just have a hard time learning how to survive. Like sure you need food, water, clothes, tools but when it comes to actually finding the loot it becomes difficult. Take for example the mindset of a bambi trying to survive "ok one of the important tools i need for survival is a knife or some sort of sharp object. theres a tool shed looking building over there that must have something that suits that job!....raincoat....ok next shed...duct tape....hmm maybe these sheds dont spawn those items?...one more try....wool coat....huh ok." Idk the game felt a lot more straight forward back then but now idk. But yea no balancing and adjustments have been made yet so hopefully when they do it'll be a lot better.
  12. Why are you ranting to me about what @Bramblevines said? I suggested no such thing. Also I understand your frustration but i don't really like how you can be affected so heavily by the people you accuse of ruining the game. You want this. He wants that. Christ it's quite annoying seeing people become so heavily invested into one idea that they no longer become open to others.
  13. 100% completely agree with this. Even though it's not such an impacting factor to your aim it's still a basic mechanic that many realistic shooters should have. Maybe they think they can manually adjust each weapon's recoil, bullet velocity and sway pattern to "simulate" each weapon's inherently better accuracy over others?
  14. I think the main issue with this is more to do with learning how to survive. When it comes to introducing newcomers (especially your dayz hate friends) nothing is more worse than feeling completely helpless as they struggle very hard to survive hunger and thirst + crazy ass infected whilst hearing them moan and complain in voip. All the while you as a veteran just try very hard to loot as much life saving items AND rush to their location just for them to end up dying minutes before you get there. Then they spawn in the complete opposite side of the map and you just can't help but f11 and start over. So idk there needs to be atleast something for newcomers. I would rather teach them the game myself than to go tell them to youtube tutorials or read wikis on how to survive. But it's impossible to do so when i can barely meet up with them. I got my friend to play during the stress test weekend and after like 2-3 hours of trying to meet up and have enough to journey inland he's gotten a good taste of the game and really likes it. (he use to be a hater) His main current issue with the game is this topic.