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  1. Yes that second picture has ALWAYS bugged me about enabling clouds. Hopefully they change that.
  3. Isn't it just darker because of the updated sat texture and grass color changes? I do however agree that Arma 3's (not so recent) lighting update should be applied to DayZ (hopefully soon) but it also sorta suits DayZ for its dark/gritty atmosphere. But i'd prefer if atmosphere wasn't created by graphics but by the content and interactions players encounter. Like you happen upon a bright and sunny day with lots of colours of nature only for it to be directly contrasted by some satanic hold up that forces you to worship the wiggles.
  4. @THHT Huh, it looks more like it's ignoring shadows rather than it being a color change. Probably a bug.
  5. Yea, SCUM or Dead Matter. Those two look pretty promising.
  6. This is already planned.
  7. One point i think is pretty important when it comes to not being able to hear anything while unconscious/dead is that there won't be any incentive to aid an uncon/dead player before they decide to respawn. Like seeing someone drop into unconsciousness out of nowhere (probably from not being able to find food or water) and wanting to help them back up only for them to hit that respawn button straight away. Gameplay wise it would be much more interesting if you could hear, but also not be able to click that respawn button instantly. Maybe put a delay on it before you can respawn to allow for potential players to come and help. So then when you do wait for the delay you hit that respawn button and spawn in instantly without that spawning in.... timer because you've already waited.
  8. That rhymed.
  9. game

    On the topic of new survival games, Dead Matter seems to be the most promising followed by that other good one with the stiff looking animations (with the name i keep forgetting).
  10. Also it will be a lot harder to spot players now that its darker so they blend in more. Really good change.
  11. I was on the DE RAIN server earlier and tried looking for what you described and I didn't notice it? Maybe its very subtle or just happens to you. Also any possibility of indoor rain sounds added prior to .63 or is there no way of properly knowing if a player is inside a building. (Not just a raycast check of ceiling)
  12. On the status report where this is located, theres a link to the pdf which is the full res version of it.
  13. My assumption based on the definition of the word and some googling (and some background in IT) is that its basically a system that handles every single state and event of the object. eg. states: empty, scope_attached, loaded_scope_attached, loaded_ads_scope_attached etc. NOTE: I COULD BE ENTIRELY WRONG. @Tatanko I think the old assets are like the old bushes and trees. They might replace them with newer, updated models i think.
  14. Have you checked the Community Tab in the server browser?
  15. #5 is clearly a joke. It seems like nothing more than two drunk dudes attempting to thinking critically.