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  1. If they had some sort of "happiness" factor to your character then eating with clean cutlery and warm food should make you feel better if you're sick, previously injured etc. Also i wonder if having low blood/health should reduce your maximum stamina to simulate weakness by wounds. Or actions performed are slower if your maximum stamina is low.
  2. They never actually had a functional purpose in-game when it was implemented. And i'm not entirely sure what use it could have besides very minor things that they "might" add in the future. I'm surprised we don't have usable bowls/plates and cutlery yet q_q
  3. Man that would be great, not just hair but other factors such as cloth physics like those ones on the scaffolds around in towns. Wow just had an idea of being able to take those "tarps" on the scaffolds to use as crafting material.
  4. He's not saying its better to post bugs on the forums than the feedback site. Both is good but yes, you obviously have to post bugs/issues on the bug tracker.
  5. She means the bug where your gun lowers automatically after a few seconds.
  6. error

    Stable or experimental branch?
  7. Hah lol i doubt it.
  8. Made the process is currently running? Try looking for it in the process list in your task manager and end it or restart your computer. Not sure but thats interesting.
  9. Epi-pens don't seem to currently work. Your best bet would have been to saline or blood bag him.
  10. Yep, but hopefully it will be good with the upcoming updates.
  11. Haha nice. Problem i feel is it is hard to determine the distance of a sound source such as birds/crickets in the game. Either they play really close to you, or play so quietly that you can barely hear them at all. It's 5:14 pm right now in Suburban Australia, i step outside and the things i hear (in regards to nature) are very high up cockatoos screeching, a distant creek near a park (that i can very easily determine the direction), 2 crickets in my front garden to the right and one across the street. Also we have bats here, and occasionally they fly into the tree infront of my house and make really spooky noises and rustling. Currently in DayZ, there's just a lack of sound samples of insects and such that actually sound far away or have distance filters or reflections as if they were from the sky, in a forest, in an open area or surrounded by buildings. It's a lot to ask from the devs tbh, i'm not sure how far they'll take audio in the game to.
  12. concept

    For consistency in the future, please use UI or GUI rather than HUD. They're not exactly the same thing and in this case UI/GUI is contextually better :P
  13. concept

    Personally, i've been getting bored of the standard box like puzzle design of UI inventories in many survival games. But besides that: With the whole idea of world space interaction icons coming soon I was thinking about world space inventory UI's for things like player/zombie bodies, opening storage chests, looking at complex objects like generators, cars etc rather than your standard 2d inventory that fills your entire screen. I cannot recall many games i know that have something like what i'm talking about, perhaps you could do another concept of them? But something like that would be really good even going as far as looking at your gun in world space when putting or taking off attachments/checking ammo. You should be able to wield two items on each hand I reckon. Though realistically you can hold and use any item like a rifle or say two axes but i'm not sure how it would function in the new animation system seeing how they're coded to be used as two handed weapons. I would like it if your character has actual animations for taking items out of your pockets or whatever you're pulling it from. So taking a can of beans out of your pants would have your character putting his arm into his pocket and take it out. I would also like if there was a visual indicator to show that someone has items in their clothing. So if they had their pants full of items then their pockets would bulge or that the backpack wasn't always inflated like a balloon. Example: (photoshopped) This guy only has 2 items in his jacket (out of 4 slots) and 2 in his pants. But anyway going off in a tangent about something else. I'm more excited about possible crafting UI like how they said you'll be able to craft items from a pile. Similar to Stranded Deep but have the UI tracked in world space like what they showed with item icons and interaction icons. edit: might make a video demonstrating the idea with world space inventory uis for objects/crafting.
  14. Anyone reading this, perhaps test driving in vehicles (preferably a Hatchback) for 20-30 minutes in third person to see if your fps still drops/game starts stuttering. If it does, perform these actions afterwards: - open inventory - open inventory with items in vicinity (try dropping a couple of them at your feet before doing it) - spin your character around as fast as possible - zoom into towns - log out of current server to see if it crashes - log in to another server to see if it crashes
  15. Not only that but some of the samples sound very artificial or something. Not sure but there is something off with them... Guess were just nitpicking now lol