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  1. Aside from the typical zombie vs infected controv, I do wish night time gameplay was more intense or sp00ky. Hopefully the new audio update will spice night time ambience up as well as infected.
  2. Oh we all feel you. Everyone here has been cheated atleast once by the bugs in DayZ. Whether it be the infamous stair death or the glorious flying vehicles. But in the end the experiences you get from this is priceless.
  3. I've gotten slightly bored of the games available on the HTC Vive. I have a lack of sitting down experiences and I wish there were more that actually utilized the controllers more. Like this:
  4. @Zet_replicator Whether or not it has been announced, I'm sure they will fix this .63
  5. @valdark I feel as if that issue would be solved 100% if collision with zombies on players was temporarily disabled. It's been causing lots of desync issues such as that rubberbanding into corners where the zombie is attacking your desync'd position after pushing it. Probably more easily fixable when player and zombie are on the same collision system.
  6. So will .62 still feature the new audio updates spoken from the previous status reports? I assume they just forgot to mention it when they gave the bullet list of what will and will not be in .62. Can .62 just be called the MERSION UPDATE cuz it pretty much is :)
  7. Police car as always. Can just imagine the roleplay potential of hearing those sirens blazing in a town with the red and blue flashes attracting a boat load of zombies.
  8. I agree whole heartedly with disallowing renting public hive servers and even going further to saying remove public hives altogether. However that just means that official servers will need to be 100% reliable when it comes to uptime and data security. Wouldn't want to lose all that progress on your character because the server died or that you can't play that character beause the server is offline.
  9. Lol you're a retard.
  10. Oh haha must have ended a few hours after i posted. Oh well.
  11. Now i'm not gonna say it will be an easy task what with all the possible griefers the moment they see the logo but hey, why not? Here's the image: (32x13 pixels made by me) Here are the proposed spots (photo shopped examples):
  12. Yes im pretty sure they talked about this being something that they want to do with the new player controller.
  13. Check pulse. Also in regards to knowing if it was self defense or murder, it would just be if they had shot you/damaged you first then killing afterwards would be self defense. Like the rogue system in The Division. Don't really like that idea in dayz though.
  14. There's no functional effect when putting the rice bag into the cooking pot with water over heat. I'm sure the cooking system will eventually be expanded in Beta.