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  1. FileMode.WRITE Handle always = 0

    Getting reports that it's fixed now. This also explains why crafting broke in the previous patch.
  2. Vehicles spawn repaired - How to do?

    If you want the car to start with it's engine on do oCar.EngineStart(); after you fill everything. Also the script Ruslan posted is directly taken from community offline.
  3. Experimental Update 0.63149374

    Taken from latest status report under "Plans for the upcoming weeks" by eugen. Besides can't you try messing with the user_settings.DayZProfile file in your dayz documents folder to change your keybinds? :/
  4. FileMode.WRITE Handle always = 0

    It's confirmed broken by numerous modders. Just wait till they fix it.
  5. Street Lights

    Can you enable pm's i cant seem to msg you.
  6. Street Lights

    Mind you tho i very slightly boosted night time brightness. Without doing so it makes all light sources in general very dim. But yea thanks :) I'll release this as a mod soon.
  7. Street Lights

    Gotchu https://imgur.com/a/ZBhB76r
  8. Modding Support and Tools, Initial Release

    Figure out positions for that and do it via script by spawning those objects in. You are limited to only spawnable objects as certain map objects aren't spawnable unless you mod it client side.
  9. Modding Support and Tools, Initial Release

    It's binarized. You aren't allowed to modify it.
  10. [Confused] BETA vs 1.0

    I always thought they said .63 hitting Stable was BETA? Isn't that what was intended? I guess it then means we would naturally get more updates on stress test/experimental now. Pushing .63 to stable with base building as well actually gives more incentive to start properly playing the game without fear of constantly getting wiped a few days later. Just my thoughts.
  11. Man this reminds me of the plethora of concept images people made during early dayz development time. I remember this one as well even tho I completely dislike it there modders currently working on things like this.
  12. Server Changes October 2018

    Good luck trying to figure out how many UNIQUE users log into dayz and play per day. You're not understanding the difference between unique players that play per day vs how many players are on simultaneously at a given time.
  13. Server Changes October 2018

    She probably means daily unique users. Not how many people play at the same time. Steamcharts and the likes for the PC version do not track this. Only the developers would know.
  14. Extending Item Despawn & Respawn Timer

  15. Night Time is Garbage

    They definitely need to adjust it. Full moon is just pitch black for me. Even torch light brightness feels weak as hell. note: pls ignore panel on the right. Before: Default torch light (full moon) Boosted game gamma Before: Cherno default full moon After: