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  1. This is for stress test. Their internal development branch.
  2. Maintenance changes

    They mean storage containers. Like bags, barrels etc. I think it was just a copy paste since there aren't any of those in experimental atm.
  3. A Serious Problem

    O_O This is what i mean by things starting out fine then turning into a shitfest on this forum. @Solopopo I completely agree that i shouldn't take responsibility off BI. But i cannot help but sympathize when sometimes issues can be a cause of things that are completely out of your control. All you can do is figure out a way to create a workaround with your own software. (Many times i've had this issue happen to me in projects where things kept breaking after updates) Now that these issues have appeared out of nowhere that's a lot of work and effort taken off of creating content patches that the community is begging for. In terms of those errors you posted about dayz uninstalling itself. That is not exclusive to DayZ. If you do a little research you'll notice its actually a steam issue and the game just stops being shown as "installed" in your library even tho its still on your harddrive.
  4. And SCUM arrive ....

    The Hunger Games movie came out in March 2012 followed by a massive minecraft event with lots of popular youtubers/streamers called Minecraft Hunger Games which occurred in June the same year. This was perhaps the first "actual" instance of a hunger games gamemode that had huge exposure to hundreds of thousands of gamers. I do agree however that it was only PUBG that spread the genre worldwide. But besides my point is as simple as saying that any game with huge modding capabilities will have much more potential than a game whose vanilla game doesn't support that (or is not near that stage). Didn't need another history lesson about a genre i've been following since the start :/
  5. And SCUM arrive ....

    Although SCUM has great potential to become a good survival/br game I still believe DayZ AND its modding capabilities will blow any other game out of the water. I mean look at minecraft and its modding capabilities. Hunger Games/BR gamemode exposure pretty much came from a mod/server plugin of minecraft. We'll just have to see. I'm very keen on watching more gameplay/streams of scum.
  6. If the 'healthy' status returns. Stews / casseroles

    Definitely needs to be a mechanic to encourage players to heat/cook/mix their food together to make actual meals. Then there can be mods that expand upon cooking introducing more tools, cutlery and ingredients :P Loved don't starve's cooking mechanics.
  7. The state of current gameplay

    This is usually how it starts. Decent discussions and opinions flowing around. Then you get completely different people coming in causing a downward spiral.
  8. And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    This thread needs a good cleanse. Thread #18364 for mr OrkLok to make his grand appearance. Grab your popcorn and take a seat. This will be a good show.
  9. DayZ doesn't have an official Discord??

    Dwarden is the Bohemia Interactive Tech Community Manager. He also owns the official Arma 3 discord server and the new vigor one. It is the official server. This is his twitter: https://twitter.com/foltynd
  10. DayZ doesn't have an official Discord??

    Sorry that was more about the fact that the discord server IS indeed quite hidden. I cannot find the link on any official medium besides reply tweets on twitter or reddit posts. Which is what i found funny because dwarden said its "such a simple url that people still fail to use it". Sorry for making you think i was being hostile.
  11. DayZ doesn't have an official Discord??

    Just realized there's also this link. https://discord.gg/dayz https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/6q2l74/psa_the_official_dayz_discord_is_the_best_place/ Quite funny too haha. I just googled dayz discord and that reddit post was literally the first result.
  12. DayZ doesn't have an official Discord??

    There is an official discord server. It's been up for quite some time. https://discord.gg/JwWeCB
  13. A Serious Problem

    Definitely. Really wish i could roll back because I recently opened up BF1 again with my new cpu and it's choppy as af and seriously unplayable. On launch i had smoother frames. It's so sad to see how badly windows 10 is screwing gamers.
  14. Status Report 3 July 2018

    @Baty Alquawen Just a small opinion on the compass in that gif is it possible if you can suggest to stabilize the hand/arm so it does not swing so much? Would be really nice to be able to read clearly it :)
  15. A Serious Problem

    I do not think this is exclusive to DayZ. The recent windows 10 update "april 1803" has actually given me random BSOD's after not having them for almost 1 and a half year since i bought a new motherboard + cpu. Though as far as i'm aware the devs said they're aware of people BSODing when trying to connect to a server. D: