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  1. Nice to see the iteration pace picking up
  2. 100% agree, this has no place in a supposedly hardcore game like DayZ. Prepare for night or suffer the consequences
  3. The BK-18 is a hunting rifle and has rails, will there be a scope option for this rifle in the future?
  4. Kerbo

    Experimental Update 1.02

    Well, someone's been busy. Nice looking update
  5. Now that's what I call an update!
  6. Goods news! Thanks for the update. I wish more people understood this bit, especially on /r/dayz
  7. Kerbo

    Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    Hi Baty, I had a server back in the mod days but don't currently have a standalone server. At some point I may have a server so am interested in what's coming down the pipeline for server owners. Is it possible to sign up without an existing server? If not, no big deal, I was just curious. Thanks
  8. That's the best kind of bug. :) Thanks for the update
  9. Kerbo

    0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    The link is now dead and the conspiracy theories are in full swing over on Reddit. Maybe leave this up as a stub explaining exp is released, etc?
  10. Kerbo

    Exp Update 0.63.147407

    This was rolled back? Experimental is back on 0.63.147368
  11. Kerbo

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Well done team, thank you :)
  12. Looking forward to playing this new game y'all have been working on so hard. :)
  13. Kerbo

    Exp Update 0.62.140401

    When using TrackIR your head movement in game lagged behind input real bad. This was very disorienting so hoping it's fixed now.
  14. Kerbo

    Exp Update 0.62.140267

    Confirmed for me as well. I tried playing for a while and it's very slow to respond to input.