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  1. Editing Chernarus+

    Might it be better to wait for the final version of Chernarus++ to roll out? I'm pretty sure the devs are still making changes, and it would suck to have to update your map every time they update theirs.
  2. how to reload guns correctly?

    Put the ammunition on your hotbar. Pressing the corresponding number will reload that ammunition. I've not played in a little while, but I know that's how it works with weapons that need a magazine. I assume that a Mosin would work in the same way, though maybe you have to hold the number key down.
  3. Weird shxt you've encountered whilst playing.

    Was pottering about, forget where exactly, and I spot a town so I decide to check it out with my binoculars. Before long, I spot a dead player next to a police station, so I wait around to see if anybody comes to loot it. Nobody turns up, so I run to the town to loot the body. He was pretty geared, nice vest, MP5, things like that, but there wasn't really any clue as to how he might have died. I bury the body, and with my new-found loot I decide to check out the town. After a little while, I entered a building and found a very familiar body lying on the ground. It was lying in the exact same pose and was wearing the exact same gear, but I couldn't interact with it and it was very low-poly - like it was straight from an early PS2 game or something. I couldn't interact with it because it was technically buried, and I think it was low-poly because it was still somehow anchored to the original position where I'd buried it, so the game assumed I was further away from it than I actually was, but I cannot imagine why it was in that building. It's not an issue I've seen before or since, and I've never heard anyone else report it.
  4. Chernaus Facelift (Chernarus 2020)

    DayZ is set in like 2015 or something. Everything looks old because Chernarus is a post-Soviet backwater. Different maps would be nice, though. Namalsk is similar to Chernarus in that it's also got that post-Soviet vibe going, but it'd be interesting if they'd add a new map with a completely different setting like some rural region in the US or western Europe or something - or even further east towards China.
  5. .63 Combat System

    I think it needs a lot of work, sure, but I think it's an improvement. Most of the issues you've linked to are blatantly bugs or oversights. However, reducing the viability of hip shooting by, say, removing the aiming reticule would be nice.
  6. DayZ does have Steam friends integration as evidenced by the server menu telling you if you have friends on a server. It would be nice if the game detected where your friends are and then had a preference for spawns that are closer to their position. People then get to play with their friends and there are no spawn menus or any silly things like that.
  7. Infected types/instances

    I hate the idea of infected types, but I love the idea of them being in different idle states. Some of them should just be sitting in the street, some wandering around aimlessly, others lying on the floor inside houses, stuff like that. I'm not a fan of them just being scattered randomly outside, just wandering about.
  8. General Discussion

    I missed the stress test. Again. How'd it go? I know previous tests were plagued with players being disconnected and stuff, so I'm wondering if that's been resolved. Also, this one was testing zombies so I'm wondering how they, and the servers in general, performed.
  9. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    That's a really good idea. I'm hoping that there are more variables that affect the stamina level, rather than just weight carried and (probably) soft skills.
  10. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Weird. I'm sure it'll come back. And yeah, headbob is both unpleasant and unrealistic. I'm fine with a very subtle headbob - in DayZ it's unavoidable since your view is attached to a moving character. You're not just a disembodied camera floating through the world. I saw a neat video by the guys who are making Star Citizen where they talk about a first person view, and it went into quite a lot of detail into how people compensate, since our heads shake all over the place when we walk around, yet we can still see just fine. You don't really notice "headbob" in real life so you certainly shouldn't notice it in a videogame, much less a realistic one.
  11. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I'm pretty sure there's a headbob slider in the options menu. Just slide it all the way down. I also can't abide headbob.
  12. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Really? In my experience they only seem to spawn in the area you initially spawn in. I spawned near Kamy and there were a dozen or so wandering around. Made my way to Elektro and it was a ghost town, but that was only after I crashed. First time round I spawned near Elektro and it was swarming with them. Another time I spawned up north in the middle of a field and never encountered a single zombie, even when firing my gun off in the middle of Novo.
  13. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Yeah you'll have to switch back to stable branch if you want to play 0.62. Unless you play DayZ quite a bit, you're probably better off sticking to experimental/stress test while new versions are rolling out, unless your internet is particularly good.
  14. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Infected might be a liiiiittle bit too powerful, but wowie woo it's actually fun to shoot your gun off in the middle of Elektro. It doesn't take many hits for the infected to kill you, and they have a habit of stun locking the player a little bit, but I love that the infected are now a genuine threat. You can't really just run away from them either. So, don't fire your gun in the middle of town... or do. It's great. This is great work, devs. It really is like a whole new game. Oh, also, framerate is consistently above 30 (with a high of 70 with it usually hovering around 45-55) with medium-high settings on my modest but decent PC. Went into towns and did some zooming in to see if I could drop below 30 but no luck. There were a couple of 1 - 2 second freezes here and there, though. Things like that might be CLE-related though, it being a singleplayer build.