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  1. Agreed. Animal sounds should be occasional or, even better, actually coming from real animals that you can see and hunt. The transitions are far too sudden, but that might be for the purposes of testing, to make sure that sounds are actually transitioning properly. I'm sure they'll tweak it. I hope they make it so that geometry can block sound. I don't see it happening, but it'd be really cool. Welcome to the forums. I think I have to say that now because I have way too many posts here.
  2. Huh. I just thought. In 0.62 trees have small variations in colours, making forest look a lot prettier and more varied. I wonder if this structure is grey because they intend to do the same thing with buildings. Having said that, there's absolutely no colour at all to it, so maybe it's just to make the vines pop a little more for the sake of the showcase, but it'd be cool if all the houses varied in colour.
  3. Experimental servers also have a stress test function. We are the ones who are testing the performance.
  4. I can see precisely nothing. Look forward to seeing it in the daytime, though.
  5. Yeah pretty much. In the first instance I was picking apples, and one of the apples attached itself to the long stick on my back. However, it also cloned itself, so there were two apples on the stick - one of which was fake and couldn't be interated with. Upon eating the 'real' apple the real apple would become a fake apple, so there'd be two fake apples on my stick. Dropping the stick caused the clones, or ghosts, or whatever you want to call them, to disappear. In the second instance I had an invisible item - a drill kit, I think - in my inventory that prevented me from storing anything in those slots. Attempting to replace the invisible item with any item in my inventory would cause that item to also become invisible. Replacing it with any item outside of my inventory (sticks on the ground, for example) would cause those sticks to drop. I had an improved knife in my hands that became invisible in my inventory. I could still use it, but I couldn't drop it. Throwing it and picking it back up caused it to behave normally again. I found the drill kit on the floor, and put it into my inventory. This fixed the issue (which is what leads me to believe the drill kit was the problem, it seemed to exist in two states - on the floor and in my inventory.) Similar issues have cropped up before in previous builds. I expect it'll be resolved for good in 0.63.
  6. Servers seem very unstable. Was able to play for a good 30 minutes before I got disconnected, but now I'm losing connection within 2 - 5 minutes. Looks great so far, though. Huge visual and sound improvement. Have noticed some inventory issues, though, so I'll go to the bug tracker, I suppose.
  7. I've only played at night so far. The ambient audio is excellent, but it seems to be too loud in the woods - it downs out every other noise. It also has the effect of sort of drilling into my skull as a result. Not sure how day sounds yet. Server went down and I just rejoined, but it's night time again. Could we maybe get a clock in the debug menu?
  8. Loaded into the menu. First thing I notice is the sound. That fucking bird sound is gone. It's finally gone. It's dead. We're free. That fucking bird will no longer haunt me. Best patch.
  9. Where the hell is 0.63? We've been waiting for literally 11 minutes. Lazy scam devs! Seriously though, I might give 0.62 a whirl tonight if I can get on. The creator whitelist idea is neat - perfect for pure testing as well. Keen to see the new changes.
  10. I can see why people are annoyed On one hand, I'm happy that the devs have given us a more or less definite "0.62 will be ready next week." That's really good, especially since a lot of people (myself included) have been expecting 0.62 to drop any day now - possibly this week. So being told that it won't be this week, but that the odds are super high that it'll be next week is really good. However, telling us "we were going to release today but we discovered a bug that many of you might not even consider to be especially severe so we'll probably release some time next week instead" is sort of frustrating. Telling us it won't be this week is great, and the honesty of why it's not going to be this week is greatly appreciated, but I think a lot of people really got their hopes up and now are disappointed as a result - especially because, as I alluded to before, the door states issue doesn't seem like a big problem. Now obviously it must be fairly major to delay the release of an experimental patch, but it doesn't seem major. Ultimately I'm disappointed, sure, but waiting a few days isn't all that bad. I'm one of those degenerates who only plays for a few hours after each major patch, and then forgets about DayZ for a few weeks or months, depending. As such I'm not exactly itching to play DayZ every day. Maybe, hopefully, I'll play some DayZ next week, patch permitting. As a sort of tangent, people have made the point that experimental is supposed to be buggy, and it's supposed to be experimental. I agree. I'm wondering if that when DayZ hits beta and the gameplay is getting worked on the experimental branch might actually see some experimental stuff - playing around with game balance, maybe some weird mechanics just to see how they work out and how people react and so on. I'd be down for some experimentation. I'm ready to get freaky.
  11. It's got to be said, I'd be perfectly happy to play with buggy doors on experimental, especially if that's the worst issue. Part of experimental (hell, the entire Early Access process) is dealing with bugs. I can't see people minding all that much - certainly this sort of bug isn't something we've not had to deal with before. Still, I suppose it means we'll get to look forward to a release next week. Possibly.
  12. That's a good idea. With survival becoming more difficult in future, players will want to carry around more food and water, rather than simply relying on water pumps and apple trees. However, having layered sounds would actually incentivise carrying less, not more, in order to remain stealthy.
  13. I think it probably goes without saying that it'll be fixed. No doubt it'll be fixed automatically by the new player controller, since that handles interactions, but even if it isn't I'm sure the devs are aware of it.
  14. Spoopy zeds yelling at you in the night seems kind of arbitrary, but it'd be neat if their behaviour changed at night, somehow - perhaps a select few (the more 'aware' ones) could go into a sort of hunter mode where they actively stalk players and animals. It'd certainly add extra tension to night time since it's usually pretty safe to loot at night considering the zombies (whoops, I mean infected) are pretty much blind. Then again, I suppose part of the meta is that looting at night is easier in regards to PvE, so maybe that shouldn't be messed with too much. I'd like to see a greater range of weather types. Heavy fog inland would be nice. Drizzle would be cool as a mild alternative to either full-on rain or thunder storms. Sleet as well - that'd be super dangerous. Roaming groups of zeds would be great too, as well as zeds spawning inside of buildings. I don't want to see forced spookiness. As an aside, I'd really like to see way more animals - particularly small animals like rabbits, foxes and birds. Maybe even something like a muntjac if they're region-appropriate. Chernarus always feels so dead - wildlife should be everywhere. Deer and cows, being fairly easy to kill and yielding a lot of meat and other resources, should still be fairly rare, however.
  15. I suppose DayZ is in what could be more accurately called a pre-alpha, and is about to move into a traditional alpha with .63 when they actually start adding gameplay features. I've a feeling that the move to "beta" is more of a marketing thing, because they can't really say "now after 3 years of development, DayZ is finally ready to enter alpha!" People would lose their shit, but it would be hilarious. It is, obviously, a new stage of development however and it deserves a new name to reflect that progress. Beta works. I'll treat .62 like I've treated every patch. Play it every now and then for a couple of weeks, then give it a rest. I wish development was faster, but it isn't. I know that the final product is going to be great, but I'm not desperate to play it. I'm happy to patiently wait and play other games in the mean time.