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  1. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    I suspect that the stone knife will eventually have some drawbacks. It'll probably have an extremely low durability or something, meaning that it can only be used once or twice before becoming ruined - or it'll be extremely inefficient, yielding less food from canned food and less meat from skinned animals than a proper knife.
  2. With BETA comes modding

    Oh. Weird. I started writing a comment on this thread months ago, but only got half way through a sentence. Wonder what I was thinking. Anyway, I'm hoping that vanilla DayZ has time to mature before modding becomes available. I want people to think of DayZ as a survival game and play DayZ as a survival game before they start thinking about modding it. I am looking forward to modding, but I want to see the "right" mods that maintain the hardcore survival angle. I've said it before, but I'd love to see a Stalker-themed mod. Misery in DayZ? Sounds fucking amazing. I'm fully in favour of saving the planet from deadly anomalies, deadly mutants, anarchists and bandits. A Fallout-themed mod would be neat too but, again, I want to maintain that core survival element. I have a feeling that much of the playerbase is going to want to strip that out.
  3. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    I'm sure it can be modded in if that's something the players want. The new script system is supposed to be very robust.
  4. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    I actually kind of like this. At the very least the presentation is good, and I like that it focuses more on rewarding the player for good actions rather than punishing them for bad actions. That, I feel, is good game design. Bandits are punished, of course, but they receive small benefits as well so as to not completely ruin a playstyle. I'm not convinced by the bell curve that means that heroes have a smaller morality hit when they kill other player, but I do like the idea of the morality hit being directly impacted by the morality of your victim. Besides that, I really like the comfort, nutrition and addiction systems outlined here. The nutrition and comfort systems are similar to points that I think I've brought up before, but these are much more fleshed out. I was very, very skeptical to begin with. I've always opposed morality systems not because they're "too complicated" but because they're unfair. They can't possibly take into account every variable that leads to one player killing another. If you shoot somebody in self defence, you shouldn't be penalised for that. This system doesn't fully account for that sort of scenario, but it's much better than literally every other humanity system I've seen for DayZ. Hell, cut out the humanity impact of killing players and it becomes a system with no obvious gaping flaws. Comfort should absolutely be a thing. Nutrition should absolutely be a thing - players who pursue a healthy diet should have an advantage when compared to players who eat can after can of tactical bacon. When it comes to complex systems like this, it is always better to reward than to punish. If a player doesn't want to participate in the nutrition system they shouldn't randomly suffer from heart attacks or have massively reduced stamina or anything like that, but players who do want to participate should get some nice bonuses. These ideas add a nice level of nuance and, for the most part, are very well thought out.
  5. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    "Postponed: We decided to move this feature/system to a later 0.63 Experimental build, as it would further stretch the waiting for this first 0.63 Experimental release." It looks like the November status report outlined what they wanted to add over the course of beta. This new checklist outlines what they'll be adding specifically in 0.63. The other features that aren't mentioned (soft skills for example) will come in updates following 0.63.
  6. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    I disagree. I've not played DayZ in months. I'm one of a large number of players who are waiting for beta. I see this assumption that everyone has "moved on" but to what? H1Z1? One of the dozens of half-baked early access survival games? Escape from Tarkov? None of those does DayZ like DayZ does DayZ. About the closest you're going to get is an Arma 3 mod like Exile but even they are cheap imitations. The fact of the matter is that if you're looking for a game like DayZ, there is nothing else, even after all these years. Even so, DayZ has always appealed to a fairly niche market. I don't expect that it'll be competing with PUBG any time soon. Modding will certainly boost player numbers, though.
  7. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    I prefer the brighter images. High contrast works fine for film, but it's not so great in videogames. I often tweak brightness and gamma settings in DayZ to try and get a flatter image I suspect that it's to expedite future development. rather than having to do a bunch of new calculations for similar weapons, they can simply change a few values like barrel length and it'll do the work for them. Plus DayZ was built on a military simulator, so it's nice to see the standalone sticking to its roots in this manner.
  8. Map Boarders

    Vague recollection. I think it might have had something to do with object coordinates, or something? So increasing the map size would scatter everything about weirdly. In any case, I'm certain that the devs have said that they won't be increasing the size of Chernarus. Could be because they can't, could be because they won't.
  9. Map Boarders

    I suspect that there will never be a proper map border, unfortunately, even though it's something that has been suggested over and over again for years. Aircraft also complicates the issue since they could simply fly over any barrier. Some have suggested that there could be off-map SAM sites that shoot down escaping aircraft, others have suggested a sort of soft wall that slows aircraft down to a stop or forces them to turn around. There are lots of ways to create a good map border but, again, I doubt the devs are willing to actually create one for a range of reasons - for example, I don't think they can increase the map size any further, so the only way they could create a map border that extends into the distance would be to make the actual playable area smaller. At least I think that's true.
  10. DayZ suggestions.

    Weapons: Weapon spawning is fine as it is. It's not difficult to find a gun. What I have long advocated for is more dispersed ammunition spawning. Currently you can loot every house in a village and not find a single round, but then the very last house you loot has a box of 20 rounds. Rather than having all of those rounds spawn in one location, I'd rather see them spread throughout the whole village making it a lot easier to find some ammo without actually increasing the amount of ammo that is spawning. Items: Item variety is good, and most items have or will have some utility. Spawning: I agree. Players should spawn soaking wet with ruined clothes. Their first priority should be to warm up and find new clothes. Stats: Survival should be much more difficult, but I agree that it shouldn't be tedious. There's definitely a balance to be found. Bicycle: Yup. Humanity: I'm not a fan of arbitrary stats like "humanity" in a game like DayZ because there's no way that the game can fully read a situation. If someone is behaving aggressively and you shoot them preemptively, the game shouldn't punish you for that. Instead it should incentivise teamwork and communication rather than punishing KoS. Hero and Bandit: Same deal. Too arbitrary and "gamey." Player behaviour ought to be determined by the players. I shouldn't be able to go "phew, that guy's safe. He's wearing a particular shirt and hat." Quests: No. Never that. No unlocking content. I'm not strictly opposed to soft quests (helicopter crash sites are a sort of quest) but "kill 50 zombies for a gun" is a bit much. Seeing a helicopter actually crash would be neat. That'd give players in the vicinity an objective to work towards. Perhaps treasure maps could be a worthwhile addition as well. Bonus Ideas: -Player count will be increased to 100, I believe. -Character customisation sounds good to me. -I seem to recall that there might be a GPS map being added. That, I expect, would have a marker of some sort. -Honestly, I don't mind campfires increasing healing speed. Healing is already incredibly slow, so even doubling the healing speed at a campfire wouldn't have too much of an effect. Sure.
  11. Rain revamp

    I think all clothes should be varying degrees of waterproof. In just a t-shirt, yeah, you should get drenched pretty quickly, but if you're wearing a hoodie or a quilted jacket or something you should be able to manage at least a few minutes in the rain before having to dry off. I'd also say that there should be no 100% waterproof clothing, but rain coats and Gorka jackets should still keep you dry for a good long while.
  12. Donald Trump

    I see. So if a German Holocaust denier created a news network called "The SS" You'd argue that the SS was... -An an early Japanese hardcore punk band -A Japanese comic produced between 2000 and 2003 -Sosthenes Smith, pseudonym of H. G. Wells's book A Vision of the Past Among others. Except the Germans weren't responsible for the Holocaust; the Nazis were. #notall. If there was a faction within the Nazi party called "The Young Germans" then I might agree with you. It's just an observation. Fox News is a highly biased, often misinformed right-wing news show. TYT is a highly biased, often misinformed left-wing news show. Not everything that Fox News does is complete horsehit, and not everything that TYT does is complete horseshit. You've agreed with me on several points (that TYT does shit research, for example) so I'm not really sure what you're asking me to provide. Try the multiquote feature, just for future reference.
  13. Donald Trump

    The Young Turks was the group largely responsible for the Armenian genocide. Cenk calling his network "The Young Turks" would be like a holocaust denier calling their news network "The Schutzstaffel." TYT is the Fox News of the left. It's just as misinformed and biased. There's very little there worth watching. If you're going to post a 5 minute rant by Cenk Uygur, you might as well post a 5 minute rant by Sean Hannity - same shit, different political affiliation.
  14. Donald Trump

    Cenk has always denied that the Armenian genocide happened, but has more recently (literally two or three months ago) accepted that it did happen. That's right. Took him, what, 30 years to come to that conclusion? It'd be quicker to convince a neo-Nazi that the holocaust happened, plus neo-Nazis don't run a successful news show called "The SS." My bad, it was Cenk who thought that soap was radioactive snow. He alleged that US servicemen were suffering from radiation sickness which... no. Long story short, what TYT have done, and what they do, is report on what the media reports on, and the media is routinely biased or just plain wrong. Add TYT's bias and bullshit into the mix, and you get, well, TYT. They're unreliable, they're biased, and they're frankly unpleasant, hypocritical dickheads who shouldn't be treated as an authority on anything. I think something has been lost in translation here, but I'm not interested in "feelings." It's supposed to be a news show, not a vlog. If it was just someone giving their opinion on something, that'd be fine. That's who Sargon of Akkad is, that's who TL;DR is, that's who, I don't know, Hbomberguy is - just people who give their opinions on shit they've heard about. TYT is supposed to be a news organisation. They should act like one.
  15. Donald Trump

    Virtually any source that doesn't think that a 30-second Google search constitutes "research." If they could also be on the "it happened" side concerning the Armenian Genocide, and not actually name themselves after the group that perpetrated said genocide, that'd be nice too. I know it's weird, but I'm not really into ethnic cleansing. Maybe that's just me. TYT is consistently objectively wrong on a range of issues, which could be rectified by them having an actual research team. No, Cenk, Margaret Thatcher did not invade the Falklands unprovoked only to slaughter the inhabitants and place their heads on spikes as a warning to the peaceful Armenians. No, Anna, that's not radioactive snow from the fallout at Fukishima, it's soap. They pick a conclusion and jump to it, reality be damned. I can't take them seriously. Even when I agree with them, I can't help but assume that they're fucking it up somehow. Plus they're incredibly smug and irritating - that's just a bonus.