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  1. Yeah I don't think it's supposed to be like that. Watching the Gamescom footage you can see that even when your character reloads, you're still looking down the sights and it looks pretty goofy. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be like that. That being the case, it's reasonable to assume that the recoil isn't working as intended.
  2. I'm a big fan of the white checkered shirt + jeans combo with an assault vest and hunting backpack - or whatever backpack I can find. Or whatever vest I can find, frankly.
  3. Not bad, though a lot of the visual effects and colour grading obscures the actual in-game footage, which is something I tend to avoid unless it's for a transition. I like the photograph collage look, and some of the motion graphics were pretty nice too - though, again, ease back on the effects. The text at the end is also difficult to read - maybe accentuate the drop shadow, or bring down the brightness of the background while you fade the text in. Also not keen on the font but that's just me. In all, great work. What software did you use?
  4. About what specifically? You quoted my entire post.
  5. Well, no, pros play at 4:3 stretched to make it easier to hit distant targets. Distant, in this context, means like 30m away, not half a kilometer. The eye zoom compensates for the fact that a monitor displaying a videogame does not accurately depict the visual acuity of the human eye. If you have a wide FoV, you'll have difficulty spotting anything beyond a couple of hundred meters. If you have a narrow FoV you'll be able to spot distant targets, but you'll have severe tunnel vision. Zooming compensates for the fact that we can't have both a wide FoV and be able to pick out and identify objects at a distance. Most monitors simply aren't big enough and can't display enough pixels for that to be possible. Playing at a lower resolution (which I do, for a small performance boost) makes it somewhat more difficult to spot and identify distant objects. What might be a vaguely man-shaped object on the horizon at 1920x1080 becomes two pixels on lower resolutions. This means that players with smaller monitors or lower resolutions will be at a marked disadvantage compared to those with larger monitors and higher resolutions. Being able to zoom levels the playing field a little bit. I'd actually go one step further and say that your game resolution should affect how much you can zoom. If the devs won't remove 3pp because it'll upset the playerbase, I'm sure they can preserve eye zoom.
  6. Yeah I actually didn't bother reading it a few hours ago because I thought it was the old one.
  7. I think it's less what you're saying, and more your attitude. I get that people can come across as a bit fanboyish, but all that happens is that discourse degenerates into everyone becoming very defensive and accusatory. It depends. In DayZ fog is more volumetric. It's not just a simple Z gradient where the environment stops rendering after a certain point (see early FPS for glaring examples of this) it's a bit more advanced. As such, I don't think it helps much with performance, but then I don't think it harms performance all that much either. It's a visual effect rather than a sneaky optimisation measure. I agree, though. I hope they don't remove zooming. I don't consider the performance hit to be a good enough reason to remove it. If zooming results in a momentary judder, then so be it.
  8. I'm pro eye zoom. It helps to compensate for low screen resolutions. Human eyes are pretty good, after all, but screens only have so many pixels. We have to choose a balance between having a decent FoV and being able to see distant objects with any definition. Zooming allows us to change that balance on the fly. I hope they don't remove it, or at the very least make it a server option. I don't think it would ruin the game, but it would take a lot of getting used to. I'm confident that if a lot of people say that they really don't like it, the devs will listen and change it back.
  9. I don't believe anybody has said that any previous version of DayZ will fix everything. What we have said is "0.60 will really improve the performance!" and it did. "0.61 will really improve the audio!" and it did. 0.63 represents the beta milestone. It's a big update with features that have been talked about in status reports for years. It's possible, even probable, that the new player controller will come with its own set of bugs and issues. The difference is, however, that these bugs can then be squashed because they are no longer working with legacy tech. They've not bothered with bugfixing before because it'd be a waste of time, since everything was going to be replaced anyway. I don't know if they're trolls, but I do agree. Who's got more Gamescom pics?
  10. Well, let's see what 0.63's new tech will, or should, fix. I played tonight. My interest in DayZ picked up over the last week or so. Found several kiwis, and they all showed up just fine. They'll eventually be able to knock down doors, amongst other things, but besides the navmesh a while back, and the ability to vault over objects, zombies have barely been touched. Given that they want more zombies on the server, however, it stands to reason that they intend to make changes to the way they behave. I suspect this will be addressed by the player controller which affects all aspects of player movement. The new inventory system that you mentioned should address this. Player controller. I, personally, haven't seen zombies clip through walls for a very long time indeed. Doors, occasionally, but that's usually a lag issue rather than anything else. Netcode is a problem in DayZ, but we know that's something they're working on in preparation for 100-player servers and more zombies. I don't know if netcode changes are coming in 0.63, but we shall see. Sounds like either a netcode or an inventory system. Probably the latter. See 0.63 I didn't know you could interact with trash. I guess my only answer to that is that games crash sometimes. Which is why they're putting together the new engine. Without the graphics upgrade, it'd just be a pig without the lipstick. They're getting rid of the pig, and replacing it with Karen Gillan. Bear in mind that it wasn't just a graphics upgrade, it was also a performance upgrade. Given that Arma games tend to run like shit regardless of your setup, the performance boost is much more relevant. The graphics upgrade is just a nice perk. It's still not fully there yet - you'll be lucky to break 40fps in Novo - but it's a lot better than it was, and that's without extra optimisation passes. In short, 0.63 should fix most of the problems you're having. Game development isn't so straightforward. Try to develop a game at the same time as you're developing the engine for that game, and things can get pretty messy. You could argue that DayZ's development process could have been better - there's a lot that they've done wrong, but there's a lot that they've done right too. Hindsight is 20/20. In an alternate reality, there's a DayZ that was released in 2015. It was shit.
  11. Well, not really. The scope of DayZ changed immensely mid-development because it, initially, proved immensely popular. The devs realised that these changes couldn't be achieved with the current tech, so they decided to make something new. Right now, a two year setback sounds about right. They're not learning the new architecture, they're developing it. Hopefully, before very long, that'll be developed - past tense. Remember also that what the DayZ devs are working on right now will form the framework for Arma 4 and other BI games. They can't stick with the same old tech forever and, as I understand it, Enfusion is going to be a much-needed upgrade from the Arma 2 and 3 engines. We are seeing the elimination of old problems. Zombie AI and pathfinding is now greatly improved - remember when they couldn't even go through doorways or upstairs, and they just walked through buildings like they weren't there? The game now runs and looks better, whereas it used to look outdated, and ran like shit. It's hard to point out specific improvements relating to gameplay because they've made no new gameplay additions. When we can compare the old with the new, it will be clear where the improvements were. When modders can start playing around with the new scripting language, they will tell you where the improvements are. We're seeing improvements. We're seeing progress. It's just taking time.
  12. When did I say don't worry about the white supremacists? When did I even imply that they weren't a problem? If anything I have said the polar opposite. The problem I am raising is that violent tactics do not stop neo-Naziism as an ideology, and if anything it does a lot more harm than good by pushing people who are simply right-wing even further right. The disparate groups broadly referred to as Antifa are thugs, and perpetuate a violent, far-left ideology. That doesn't make all anti-fascists bad, I'm saying that being anti-fascist doesn't make you good. You're a fan of naming fallacies, so I invite you to keep burning that strawman. And why do neo-Nazis exist? Sometimes it's just because they're hateful, vile people, but you'll find that most of the time they have legitimate concerns - real or imagined - that drive them to believe what they believe. We need to address these issues, and address why they believe what they believe. We need to tell and and show them how and why they are wrong, not beat them into submission and hope that they shut up - because they won't. White supremacy is not "mainstream" but it is certainly on the rise - as all forms of extremism are. I also agree that white supremacism probably represents the most immediate threat. However, extremism whether left or right, religious or secular, should be challenged at all times, not just when it is convenient. You are right. Extremism if left unchecked will grow. So check it. By supporting violent tactics, you are not supporting a solution, you're just creating yet another problem. I made it a political thing, not you. It's my fault. And Emu's fault. But mostly my fault.
  13. You're a star. Something that I didn't notice before - rags now take up four slots instead of one, but bandages only take up one. I wonder if that's how they're going to balance bandages against rags since rags, currently, are objectively better. I'm also wondring if they'll include the need to sterilise rags as well, or else face the risk of infection. I guess we'll see in [REDACTED] when 0.63 is released.
  14. Buggernuts. I only caught the last 3 minutes of the Twitch stream. I thought it'd go on for longer.