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  1. When will gameplay be introduced?

    DayZ's alpha isn't really an alpha by that definition, though. I prefer to think that DayZ is currently in a sort of pre-alpha, and that it's about to move into what would traditionally be described as an alpha where the devs start adding actual gameplay elements. Really that's just semantics, though. You're not wrong. Judging the development, and development decisions is one thing, but DayZ simply cannot be judged as a finished game yet because it's nowhere near that state.

    Welcome to life. The only consolation I can offer is that it'll be over before you know it, and then there's an eternity of blissful void. I can't wait.
  3. As I understand it, animations, 3D models, textures and so on aren't the bottleneck. I mean, look at the DayZ trello. There's a ton of content there. They've got all the models and the animations more or less good to go, they're just waiting for the programming side of things. Putting together a whole new engine can't be easy. They can't move forward with X until Y is complete, but Y is dependent on Z. This is why 0.63 represents such a huge milestone. It'll be the bulk of the engine work finally complete. So much is reliant on the new player controller, but now it's almost done. Post 0.63 should yield more frequent updates, rather than, like, one or two a year. The updates will also be more substantive in regards to gameplay. Consider that basically everything in-game currently, from the movement, to the combat, to the disease system, are all effectively placeholders. With the engine bottleneck finally out of the way, the devs can start actually making a game. Something I'm sure they're looking forward to. I certainly am. 0.63 is also a huge deal for DayZ because of how it's been built up. If 0.63 has a shaky release, that might shake the confidence of the fanbase, and of prospective players. if it has a good release, it has the potential to put DayZ back on top and restore faith in the evil scammer devs. I expect that the devs are well aware of this, and probably want to incubate 0.63 for as long as possible before even so much as releasing it to experimental. Then again, they've expressed a desire to release 0.63 as soon as possible, so I probably have no damn idea what I'm talking about.
  4. I agree. DayZ is the only game I've ever bought into early access for, and Skyrim was the only game I ever pre-ordered. I've played the shit out of Skyrim, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how DayZ develops, but having seen so many early access projects fail and so many pre-ordered games turn out to be shit, I'm extremely unlikely to buy into any other early access game or pre-order any other game ever again... well, except for maybe TES6. But yes, pre-ordering is not a good business model for consumers. Early access can be, in regards to the developers acting upon player feedback throughout development, but more often than not it isn't beneficial to the consumer. But I would also say that it's the consumer's responsibility to judge whether buying into an early access title presents an acceptable level of risk. While it's a tired argument, the disclaimer remains valid. While people have the right to complain, they should take into consideration their own decision to purchase an early access game before they do so. My own position remains that while I wish DayZ's development was faster, I have other shit that I can do while we wait. I'm confident that DayZ will, eventually, be completed but if for whatever reason BI decided to suddenly drop DayZ and cease development, I got my money's worth out of it. Hell, I've probably got more play time per £ in DayZ than I do in Skyrim and, as I said, I really liked Skyrim.
  5. Donald Trump

    Jesus I hate The Young Turks, even when they bother to do any kind of research. I agree with them half the time, but my God are they insufferable.
  6. Yup, pretty much all the negative reviews talk about the development time - though some do talk about bugs and things, and I consider those to be more legitimate criticisms. Even PUBG is having a similar issue, where it's getting negative reviews because of the anti-cheat system (where players get banned for stream sniping) even though it's probably not even affected 1% of the playerbase. Very few negative reviews talk about the actual content of the game - those that do bring up server issues and poor performance. Again, these are valid criticisms. There very much seems to be a theme of meta reviews, where negative reviews will often focus on the behaviour of the developers rather than the actual content of the game. It'd actually probably be pretty interesting to see the nature of reviews aggregated into some sort of statistic, just to see what the focus of user reviews actually is. Maybe there's some academic study on it somewhere. Probably not.
  7. I agree, for the most part. Early access that gives players access to the game pretty much from its inception to its release is not a good model. Early access that releases a pretty much feature-complete game that's just missing a bit of content is fine. PUBG is a good example of an EA game done right. DayZ is not. That's not to say that DayZ is bad - it's just had a very rocky development, especially insofar as public perception is concerned. Access to closed betas and things like that is pretty commonplace now, though, even among mainstream AAA titles. Sometimes that's a good thing; other times not so much.
  8. Status Report 24 October 2017

    Those gun reload sounds: Super looking forward to the new sound effects, though. Having different sounds for different types of clothing is going to sound really nice. Very immersion. Question, though, in regards to modding. Will single player mods be possible? Will there be support for save games and things like that? Not that I necessarily have any ideas for a single player mod, I'm just curious. Does "the basic premise of it still being an MMO" mean that there won't be single player support?
  9. .63 ETA ?

    My guess would be any time within the next 5 months.
  10. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    If I'm completely honest, I actually like the climate. I can't do hot. 30 degrees is too much. I'm glad we only get, like, a week or two of that a year. If that. I swear to God, if climate change results in scorching summers I'll... you know. I'll have something quite stern to say about that, I'll have you know.
  11. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    Hah, well maybe I'll consider applying then. We'll see. If the position was UK-based then I'd apply in a heartbeat. Why don't you guys come here? It's especially dreary at all times of the year.
  12. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    I'd totally be up for the game capture artist gig. I actually aleady design videogame trailers, and even capture in-game footage for said trailers (some devs are absolutely clueless as to what should go into a trailer or their promotional content.) Not sure I could commit to moving to Bratislava though :D
  13. Lens Flare 3rd person - on or off

    If there's one effect I'd love to see, it's actual sun shafts. Not the cheap effect they've got now, but legit sun shafts like we see in real life and in STALKER. It's an old-ass game, but STALKER still looks gorgeous, and the sun shafts look incredible. As for final graphical fidelity, yeah I expect a bit nicer than Arma 3 is the target.
  14. Lens Flare 3rd person - on or off

    I'll admit, I'm not prone to looking at the sun... but I don't think I've ever seen a lens flare in my eyes. The lens flare should be removed all together, and the sun effects tweaked. The cheap god ray effect looks nasty. I'd much prefer a less glaring effect - something cleaner and more subtle.