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  1. Rain revamp

    I think all clothes should be varying degrees of waterproof. In just a t-shirt, yeah, you should get drenched pretty quickly, but if you're wearing a hoodie or a quilted jacket or something you should be able to manage at least a few minutes in the rain before having to dry off. I'd also say that there should be no 100% waterproof clothing, but rain coats and Gorka jackets should still keep you dry for a good long while.
  2. Donald Trump

    I see. So if a German Holocaust denier created a news network called "The SS" You'd argue that the SS was... -An an early Japanese hardcore punk band -A Japanese comic produced between 2000 and 2003 -Sosthenes Smith, pseudonym of H. G. Wells's book A Vision of the Past Among others. Except the Germans weren't responsible for the Holocaust; the Nazis were. #notall. If there was a faction within the Nazi party called "The Young Germans" then I might agree with you. It's just an observation. Fox News is a highly biased, often misinformed right-wing news show. TYT is a highly biased, often misinformed left-wing news show. Not everything that Fox News does is complete horsehit, and not everything that TYT does is complete horseshit. You've agreed with me on several points (that TYT does shit research, for example) so I'm not really sure what you're asking me to provide. Try the multiquote feature, just for future reference.
  3. Donald Trump

    The Young Turks was the group largely responsible for the Armenian genocide. Cenk calling his network "The Young Turks" would be like a holocaust denier calling their news network "The Schutzstaffel." TYT is the Fox News of the left. It's just as misinformed and biased. There's very little there worth watching. If you're going to post a 5 minute rant by Cenk Uygur, you might as well post a 5 minute rant by Sean Hannity - same shit, different political affiliation.
  4. Donald Trump

    Cenk has always denied that the Armenian genocide happened, but has more recently (literally two or three months ago) accepted that it did happen. That's right. Took him, what, 30 years to come to that conclusion? It'd be quicker to convince a neo-Nazi that the holocaust happened, plus neo-Nazis don't run a successful news show called "The SS." My bad, it was Cenk who thought that soap was radioactive snow. He alleged that US servicemen were suffering from radiation sickness which... no. Long story short, what TYT have done, and what they do, is report on what the media reports on, and the media is routinely biased or just plain wrong. Add TYT's bias and bullshit into the mix, and you get, well, TYT. They're unreliable, they're biased, and they're frankly unpleasant, hypocritical dickheads who shouldn't be treated as an authority on anything. I think something has been lost in translation here, but I'm not interested in "feelings." It's supposed to be a news show, not a vlog. If it was just someone giving their opinion on something, that'd be fine. That's who Sargon of Akkad is, that's who TL;DR is, that's who, I don't know, Hbomberguy is - just people who give their opinions on shit they've heard about. TYT is supposed to be a news organisation. They should act like one.
  5. Donald Trump

    Virtually any source that doesn't think that a 30-second Google search constitutes "research." If they could also be on the "it happened" side concerning the Armenian Genocide, and not actually name themselves after the group that perpetrated said genocide, that'd be nice too. I know it's weird, but I'm not really into ethnic cleansing. Maybe that's just me. TYT is consistently objectively wrong on a range of issues, which could be rectified by them having an actual research team. No, Cenk, Margaret Thatcher did not invade the Falklands unprovoked only to slaughter the inhabitants and place their heads on spikes as a warning to the peaceful Armenians. No, Anna, that's not radioactive snow from the fallout at Fukishima, it's soap. They pick a conclusion and jump to it, reality be damned. I can't take them seriously. Even when I agree with them, I can't help but assume that they're fucking it up somehow. Plus they're incredibly smug and irritating - that's just a bonus.
  6. Donald Trump

    Nope. The Young Turks are still insufferable.
  7. That's a real shame. See you in a few months when 0.63 hits.
  8. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    The only loot stash I ever found was a barrel in a random bush. Happened to be in my inventory while I was running through the woods and I saw it flash up in the proximity window. Was really well hidden, I never would have spotted it. Was stuffed with ammo and guns. Besides that, nada. I'd love to find a tent city but it never happens. I am bad.
  9. .63 ETA ?

    No you didn't. If you'd meant Just Survive then you would have said the player counts were comparable, not that they blew DayZ out of the water. Even then, DayZ still consistently has more players than H1Z1, and pretty much always has done in spite of less regular updates.
  10. .63 ETA ?

    H1Z1 is now a Battle Royale game. It's hardly comparable. Back when it was supposed to be a direct competitor to DayZ, it got crushed. Again, there is nothing like DayZ. There are games that have tried to be like DayZ for sure but still, after all this time, there is nothing like DayZ... including DayZ. Escape From Tarkov looks like a boiled down version of DayZ. It's taken the aspect of DayZ that people unambiguously like - the setting, the fights, the looting and the stashes, and have stripped out most of the survival aspects and the travel time. It's close, but it's still not DayZ. As such, I stand by what I said. DayZ doesn't have much in the way of competition. When DayZ finally goes into beta and development picks up speed, its popularity will soar because people haven't moved on to other games in the same genre, they've moved on to PUBG.
  11. I wasn't even expecting 0.63 to come out this year, but this status report still disappointed me. Lots of media updates should help soften the blow a bit, though. Certainly a status report without any images or video doesn't help the sombre mood.
  12. .63 ETA ?

    Does DayZ really face much competition, though? Escape from Tarkov probably scratches a lot of people's cheeki breeki survival game itch, and there's one or two other survival games that seem... competent, but there's not really much in the way of direct competition to DayZ. DayZ is DayZ. Nothing else really comes close, and that has been the case for years now. Hell, remember H1Z1? The game that was supposed to blow DayZ out of the water? Remember the one million survival games that have come out over the past 5 or so years? They don't come close. DayZ is always going to cater to a niche market. Modding will make it more accessible, but people are going to mod DayZ - not some other random survival game.
  13. When will gameplay be introduced?

    DayZ's alpha isn't really an alpha by that definition, though. I prefer to think that DayZ is currently in a sort of pre-alpha, and that it's about to move into what would traditionally be described as an alpha where the devs start adding actual gameplay elements. Really that's just semantics, though. You're not wrong. Judging the development, and development decisions is one thing, but DayZ simply cannot be judged as a finished game yet because it's nowhere near that state.

    Welcome to life. The only consolation I can offer is that it'll be over before you know it, and then there's an eternity of blissful void. I can't wait.
  15. As I understand it, animations, 3D models, textures and so on aren't the bottleneck. I mean, look at the DayZ trello. There's a ton of content there. They've got all the models and the animations more or less good to go, they're just waiting for the programming side of things. Putting together a whole new engine can't be easy. They can't move forward with X until Y is complete, but Y is dependent on Z. This is why 0.63 represents such a huge milestone. It'll be the bulk of the engine work finally complete. So much is reliant on the new player controller, but now it's almost done. Post 0.63 should yield more frequent updates, rather than, like, one or two a year. The updates will also be more substantive in regards to gameplay. Consider that basically everything in-game currently, from the movement, to the combat, to the disease system, are all effectively placeholders. With the engine bottleneck finally out of the way, the devs can start actually making a game. Something I'm sure they're looking forward to. I certainly am. 0.63 is also a huge deal for DayZ because of how it's been built up. If 0.63 has a shaky release, that might shake the confidence of the fanbase, and of prospective players. if it has a good release, it has the potential to put DayZ back on top and restore faith in the evil scammer devs. I expect that the devs are well aware of this, and probably want to incubate 0.63 for as long as possible before even so much as releasing it to experimental. Then again, they've expressed a desire to release 0.63 as soon as possible, so I probably have no damn idea what I'm talking about.