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  1. Hello there. At first i thought thats a bug, but then i realised its not, so im posting it as a suggestion to change. So we all know about the trueSKY implemented into the game. It looks awesome, but now the rest of the world is not properly adjusted to the trueSKY setting. Lets explain it with a screens below. On the first screen you can see the foggy mountains with the clouds set to "DISABLED". Everything looks fine, its blended fine etc. because its the standard look of DayZ. But then, when you turn the clouds on "LOW" or higher (VERY HIGH as on the second screen) which turns the trueSKY on, the foggy effect of the mountains does not match the new shading, lightning and colors of the sky. Also the brightness of the grass and trees turned a bit up, but that is because of different lightning so its cool. Another thing is to delete the standard sky, when trueSKY is turned on, because above the new volumetric clouds, theres an old 2D cloud texture. Cmon let the new engine shine <3 Also trueSKY has a problem, not turning on with the game, so you have to set your clouds to "DISABLED" then again to your setting (LOW - VERY HIGH) to enable the effect, but thats more of a buggy thing so I will send it via Bug Report option. IDK why but im sick about proper look of the sky in games. Hope to see some more abilities of trueSKY in game soon:
  2. Exp Update 0.62.139507

  3. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    @JS_Yoru I think they said that this is "audio-visual update" so it should contain some sound fixes and new ones. I dont really know why there is no point about audio in list of changes. My friend told me, that they applied new sound engine in 0.61, and now they will fill it with sounds and fixes. I guess we'll have to wait for some news about this.