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  • Recent Posts

    • Играя в и гру мне вышло окно что меня выгнал разработчик. В стиме я увидел что получил блокировку игры. По какой причине эта блокировка ?
    • The doublr tap to leave Voip open is still there. Check control settings and search for something like "VOIP (double tap)" or similar and check if Caps lock is assigned to it. If you dont find it let me know i search it and let you know where it is exactly with some screenshots. I am not in my PC now.
    • +1 - issue should be fixed, but it’s not included in the patch for some reason… setting screen resolution in PS5 settings to 1080p solves the issue, but that’s just a workaround… Please please include the fix in upcoming patch. related ticket https://feedback.bistudio.com/T157221 >  Geez closed this task as Resolved.Sep 26 2022, 12:26 AM Geez claimed this task.   Hello everyone.
      The issue has been fixed internally and the fix will appear in one of the upcoming updates.
    • Just a few ideas.  I understand there are some variations of ammo already but adding a hallow point to pistol calibers would be cool. Also a list of only a few guns. G36 Fal Galil Sr22. Aa12 Shotgun?   Maybe add auto glock or burst fire barretta . Bows and arrows(already mentioned)  Camera for bases  Mountain Lions? Maybe bleeding traps  
    • I always thought it'd be cool if they added a special infected type that roams the forest and produces a loud screech when in an aggro state, which can be heard from long distances (1km+). This way, other players in a 1-2km radius would know when a screecher has been "activated" and could move toward you 
    • Yes, I know the switch is there. However, I used to be able to double tap and leave VOIP on permanently. I cannot do that now. I don't want to use voice activated VOIP because it's unreliable and people cannot hear me a lot of the time, even when the threshold is set high. But I don't want to have to hold caps lock to talk either because that means I lose the use of a finger. I'd like the old system back where I would be able to leave VOIP on. Is there a way to return to that option?
    • Shame on you for pointing out the obvious.  You should know better, BI can do no wrong.  Check the attenuation on your crappy internet connection.  Something is obviously wrong on your end, if you are not enjoying the flawless masterpiece bestowed upon us mere mortals worshipping at the feet of the almighty BI.
    • RE: M3S  That is something I have been wondering about as well.  It was just getting semi-usable, then BAM, 1.19, ruined it.  I never noticed the reverse issue, it's been hard enough driving cars forward for the last 4 years, I was hoping you were going to tell us that driving cars in reverse works beautifully, and we've been doing it wrong all this time.  I fully expected you to say that.  But alas, imagine my non-surprise that they drive terribly in reverse as well.  Oh well, the smart ones on here say it's all because of your piss poor internet connection.  Shame on you for not being Elon Musk rich and having an OC3 connection straight to the Internet.  You're a bad person, get money, none of this is BI's fault.
    • FRESH WIPE 01/12- The Collective [Trader|1PP/3PP|BBP|Helis|Airdrops|Weekend Raid]
          Discord: https://discord.gg/WTJkut24
          Platform: PC
          Region: EU
          Map: ChernarusPlus Here at (The Collective), we hope to build a fun non-toxic community. We are a Pve/Pvp server. KoS is allowed, We wish to make stories and memories that we can all share as a community. PvP is always enabled but we would like to keep raiding at Weekends. The server has a few more guns and base-building options. We hope you hop on and give us a try. We aim to grow and make a nice community that anyone can enjoy. Happy Holiday to anyone reading this. . Our discord isn't just for DayZ but if you select the DayZ role you don't have to select anything roles for other games and then you get pings or mentions for things that don't interest you.
      ~  PC
      ~ Chernarus
      ~ 40 slots (will increase when needed)
      ~ VanillaPlusPlusMap
      ~ 1PP/3PP
      ~ PVE/PVP
      ~ Minimal Rules
      ~ Added 12 Weapons including their attachments & ammo
      ~ Base Raiding  on weekends
      ~ BaseBuildingPlus
      ~ RedFalcon Flight System Heliz
      ~ SchanaModParty & SchanaModGlobalChat
      ~ CodeLock
      ~ SimpleAutorun
      ~ Airdrop-Upgraded
      ~ Trader Plus
      ~ CarCover
      ~ We are open to Add or Remove Mods and rules based on feedback. (edited)
    • Read Steam terms of service , your account management is your respondsibility if i take your statements at face value. No one can help you here.   Also , HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA