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  1. I'm 81% sure that at only 20, I'm the youngest DayZ fan...
  2. Peter - "When all the systems like metabolism, diseases, injuries, stamina, weather impact, infected, predators and others will fall in place and became fine balanced you will witness a definitive survival game, where you need to be careful, have to plan ahead and get prepared for possible upcoming situations - this is DayZ people." This is what I expect from the final DayZ.
  3. Alright, let me explain it to you. "the development wont get terminated its just extremely slow due to poor management." It really isn't. Amount of updates to stable branch =/= Speed of development. DayZ's development is taking a long time because they are creating a new engine. We are not getting many updates because the devs are making content for the new engine not the one we currently use. "also dont trust anyone who tells you this game is perfect and we are all uninformed" No one here would say that the DayZ we have now is perfect. In fact I've seen the devs say multiple times that people shouldn't buy DayZ until it's finished. Just because we love DayZ, doesn't mean we don't see it's flaws: The loot distribution can be bad. The movement is clunky. The inventory looks awful. Fps drops. Terrible d-sync. Animations are messy. Vehicles are horrible. But because we keep ourselves informed, we know that all of the issues we have with DayZ are being worked on. So we have no reason to complain.
  4. I won't lie. If the PPSh-41 was added, it would be the only gun I would ever use.
  5. They are developing. They are making a whole new bloody engine and a whole lot of stuff to go with it. Why is that so hard for you to understand?
  6. Believe it or not, they are going as fast as they can... Making a whole new engine takes time. I think this quote from the devs sums it up best: "[The devs have] maintain and develop basically two versions of the game side by side - obsolete one for public to play in the meantime, and a new one for us developers to make the game as good as possible - one that you, players, would enjoy later." Basically, right now we have a shit second hand version of DayZ while we wait for the devs to finish the so-called 'DayZ 2.0'
  7. Okay tell us exactly what you think the devs need to change and I'll explain to you why it can not be.
  8. Mate, if you find the development unacceptable you can always leave. I mean there is nothing you can do to change it so you might as well play something else and come back when the game is finished.
  9. Helicopters not being added until after full release was confirmed to be false. We will get helicopters some time in beta.
  10. Dat grass render distance though...
  11. er... you mean the debug zone? It's just the edge of the map.
  12. Easy bud. I'm just slowing the hype train down a bit. If the latest SR is anything to go by 0.62 will hopefully be out soon.