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  1. Internal testing of the new content update 19/07/2018

    ahhh okay, that's a shame. Keep up the great work though :)
  2. Internal testing of the new content update 18/07/2018

    Keep up the great work guys! Can't wait to get my hands on this update :)
  3. Status Report 3 July 2018

  4. Really? I mean between now and 0.63 stable. They need to add in. 1 - Everything from 0.62. 2 - Basebuilding 3 - Vehicles including the littlebird That's a lot of stuff. Beta is meant to be pretty much feature complete. So... we shall see.
  5. A while, 4-5 months I would guess. There is a ton of content they plan on added before 0.63 Stable.
  6. Stress Test vol.6

  7. Stress Test vol.6

    So this is the Infected test right?
  8. Stress Test vol.4

    It more limping because you are dying from dehydration. How long it takes to get dehydrated is irrelevant at this point of development.
  9. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    I ask myself that everyday...
  10. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    A difficult situation but you're making the best of it I suppose. Keep up the great work, In Beta We Trust!
  11. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    It all looks so gooooood! Keep up the great work devs!
  12. We are turning off some Stable servers

    Another step closer.
  13. "Forum Exclusive" Experimental Server(s)

    It seems so... unnecessary. BI have their own testers to work through the buggy builds, the only reason I see the devs wanting to give us a buggy build is because the need it stress tested.
  14. My Suggestions/Wishes for DayZ

    I pretty sure almost everything you're asking for is being added...
  15. We are shutting down Experimental servers