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  1. and?
  2. There is and they are.
  3. "You heard him artists! Start learning C++ so you can work on the big problems with the rest of the team!" I'm gonna assume you don't read the SR so I'm gonna make this easy to understand: Seeing as it would be a waste of time to fix all the big issues in a engine that is only going to be replaced, the devs are fixing them for the new engine (Beta). So stop crying, they are working on it.
  4. Before After
  5. In Beta we trust.
  6. What the hell happened to the new Rogovo? It's been change back to the old setup. When did it happen? Why did it happen?
  7. Well it's not that realistic... There are variations of Kalashnikov rifles which can mount NATO attachments. But they are not very common within most branches of the Russian military. The guns we have in game certainly don't allow for any such attachments.
  8. This is what was talked about in yesterday's SR, right?
  9. Eh, you're probably right. This is way out of my comfort zone. So I'm gonna peace out of this thread. o7
  10. In Beta we Trust!
  11. I would suggest posting this on reddit as well. People often jump sides when they learn the whole story. This sounds like a sucky situation, I hope you can get it sorted out.
  12. You okay there buddy?
  13. That mindmap is brilliant. Thank you for another great SR!