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  1. My only problem with this is that it does go against the established "lore" of the DayZ Infected. The Infected are alive just... infected. And I'm not sure if they devs would change that. I think the "only being killed by destroying the brain or removing the head" route is a no go. Maybe having Infected being really resistant (but not immune) to damage from all areas apart from the head and the heart. Like the Infection is sending so much adrenaline through their bodies that anything other than a fatal shot/hit to the head or heart will just knock them down for a bit.
  2. Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    - no - god no - we have mushrooms, good and bad
  3. In passion about soon Xbox preview

    Man this is super cool. Nice job.
  4. Any info

    The devs say it will be released this year. When this year? They don't know.
  5. Internal testing of the new content update 19/07/2018

    ahhh okay, that's a shame. Keep up the great work though :)
  6. Internal testing of the new content update 18/07/2018

    Keep up the great work guys! Can't wait to get my hands on this update :)
  7. Status Report 3 July 2018

  8. Really? I mean between now and 0.63 stable. They need to add in. 1 - Everything from 0.62. 2 - Basebuilding 3 - Vehicles including the littlebird That's a lot of stuff. Beta is meant to be pretty much feature complete. So... we shall see.
  9. A while, 4-5 months I would guess. There is a ton of content they plan on added before 0.63 Stable.
  10. Stress Test vol.6

  11. Stress Test vol.6

    So this is the Infected test right?
  12. Stress Test vol.4

    It more limping because you are dying from dehydration. How long it takes to get dehydrated is irrelevant at this point of development.
  13. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    I ask myself that everyday...