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  1. OliverPlotTwist

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    Come on devs, give me a shred of hope. My fps was 60+ in 0.63 and like everyone else the fps tanked in 1.0 but the temp fix that showed up on Reddit fixed it for me. That was until you guys put out your fix and my fps tanked back down again.
  2. OliverPlotTwist

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    Nope. Still struggling to even get 20fps :(
  3. OliverPlotTwist

    Exp Update 0.63.149741

    It's still forcing me to use heavy attack. Is there a fix to this?
  4. OliverPlotTwist

    Character Movement, Gestures and Actions

    What do you think about the speed of climbing and getting on/off ladders? They're both fine IMO. However it would be nice if we could jump off the ladder at any time. If I'm getting shot at while on a ladder I feel stuck to it, I would like to be able to press space and just instantly get off the ladder (even if I do kill myself) What do you think about the speed of vehicle enter/exit? Yep both fine. I really like the dive out of the vehicle when at speed. What do you think about the speed/representation of swimming? Again fine. We changed all stances to the C-button, do you get used to it? I have got used to it but I would love the ability to bind each stance to it's own key. Do you use the 360 degree turning while prone? I don't really use it during PvP. However I do use it a lot in RP. Regarding the gestures, we soon will introduce the radial menu. What do you think about how they behave and how their cancelling works? Yep good. I've used the radial menu on some servers. Being able to cancel any animation by right clicking is very nice. The swapping between items takes some time. There are still animation glitches in there, but we hope you get the hang of it? Yep all good. What are your thoughts on the injured movement? I really like it. However I don't like how there is a gap between when you get shot and when you start the injured movement animation. I would guess that is a lag issue but it does throw me off a bit when I shoot a guy and he continues to run normal for a few seconds before he starts limping.
  5. OliverPlotTwist

    New Actions & Crafting

    Just on this one. It's a bit pointless to craft via the quickbar because you have to go into the inventory to set up the quickbars. It's just a longer way of doing the same thing.
  6. OliverPlotTwist

    Stress test vol.55

    Thank you!
  7. OliverPlotTwist

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    I don't know where you get your info from but I think you should get a new source.
  8. OliverPlotTwist

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    And it smells good!
  9. My only problem with this is that it does go against the established "lore" of the DayZ Infected. The Infected are alive just... infected. And I'm not sure if they devs would change that. I think the "only being killed by destroying the brain or removing the head" route is a no go. Maybe having Infected being really resistant (but not immune) to damage from all areas apart from the head and the heart. Like the Infection is sending so much adrenaline through their bodies that anything other than a fatal shot/hit to the head or heart will just knock them down for a bit.
  10. OliverPlotTwist

    Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    - no - god no - we have mushrooms, good and bad
  11. OliverPlotTwist

    In passion about soon Xbox preview

    Man this is super cool. Nice job.
  12. OliverPlotTwist

    Stress Test vol.32

  13. OliverPlotTwist

    Any info

    The devs say it will be released this year. When this year? They don't know.
  14. OliverPlotTwist

    Internal testing of the new content update 19/07/2018

    ahhh okay, that's a shame. Keep up the great work though :)