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  1. It's like the one the devs did for 0.62.. but for the Gamescom Demo. So yeah, enjoy.
  2. All of the above. If we knew we would tell you but we just don't know. The best anyone can tell you is "When it's ready." If I was to make a guess, I would say early next year. But that could be spot on or completely wrong.
  3. When it's ready.
  4. A short cinematic I made to show off the beauty of DayZ. Hope you enjoy :)
  5. Is driving manual really that hard? Maybe, instead of trying to making the game easier, you should try to get better.
  6. Devs say maybe next patch (0.63/Beta) but it's not 100%.
  7. 1 - Yes it's in game. Plans to improve it with a mix of death animation and ragdoll for 0.63. 2 - I believe so. I know they are going to be able to break down doors and stuff. 3 - Yep, if you break an Infected legs they will crawl. 4 - Yep, both are being improved. 5 - Target is 100 per server. 6 - Lighting is being worked on.
  8. I was just correcting some of your, mistakes. Maybe you will learn from them.
  9. Alrighty then... First, the SR are bi-weekly, not weekly. I don't see why there would be no progress if a small number of the team was at gamescom. In fact you can see that there was progress if you look at the Steamdb: https://steamdb.info/app/221100/history/ I'm not quite sure why Eugen mentioning Base Building for beta would make you laugh... It does not do well to dwell on the past. The devs don't give out dates anymore. "A loyal fan" would know this.
  10. If the giant table isn't in the final game, I'll be very disappointed.
  11. I love Eugen's excitement for the future of DayZ. It's great to have devs so passionate for their project.
  12. Not to experimental. Experimental is for potential stable branches not for demos. However there is the possibility they could open another branch for the demo.
  13. Bloody hands from skinning: