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  1. Don't need it anymore man! Thank you though! Mookie might want it though better ask him :P
  2. Survival game or not, it should be an option on private hives anyway.
  3. OP is right with that a single room can be full with ridicilously high amount of items. But guns are meant to be rare.
  4. Like Skyrim, basically. It would be great.
  5. design

    The fields of DayZ are so dull and boring, Chernarus is a poor country with lots of agricultural villages but there's not a single crops field that I can see. It is absolutely boring and there should be more variety with the fields. Swamp areas would be so good to see, but I can't come up with a proper place to make a swamp at. I really hate the huge fields between Vybor and Green mountain, it's plan dull, no trees, no forests, no crops, nothing. It's just boring. I do like the area between Novaya Petrovka and Grishno however again there's not so much variety. Also Stary-Novy-Altar areas are really dull. There should be more variety between these areas, Lopatino as well that came to my mind just now. Hopefully, we'll see changes when they add the new environment stuff. Currently Chernarus is like a huge desert that has a few green trees here and there. The forests are just boring with repetitive pine trees, nothing in the scenery to say "wow" when you are travelling in the forests.
  6. Oh come on, can we just put all the excuses aside with the sidechat and mod? Don't compare SA with the mod please, they aren't the same. I don't understand why the sidechat is still not a thing, maybe it would be nice if it were a server toggleable feature you know. Server admins are able to disable the crosshair ON PUBLIC SERVERS. But they can't enable sidechat? Bollocks, it should be added, and fast. On a serious note, servers that are full RP or any private server would perfectly benefit from this, should be default open on experimental servers at the first place. Public servers should have it as well, but disabled by default imho.
  7. Using a decoy is smart, never saw someone else doing that. Good tip.
  8. plugin

    In the poem, the poet is complaining that there are too many male clothing and there should be more female clothing.
  9. With this speed if the dev team split up we would have a real apocalypse happen before this game gets released, HELL NO
  10. Interesting, they did react when I talked to them like you did. Maybe that zombie used to be a deaf person.
  11. This is already a thing, test it yourself.
  12. Woot I can actually see my old trades! YAY I think I can't edit my siggy though.
  13. I'm disappointed. I was expecting you to get pushed down by the wolves.
  15. Maybe there's an issue with steam, you could contact steam support.