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  1. Actually, when they left I left the server and ran to my own camp, then I checked if they left the server and they had left it, so I hopped back in and ran to their camp and took their stuff later on. But yeah, still kind of a coward move I understand that. But I didn't want them to see me looting their camp :p
  2. TL;DR at bottom. Yesterday, I was running around the woods to find camps as usual and I stumbled across to a medium-sized camp. But before approaching to the camp as I always do, I was carrying a barrel with me but I had this strange feeling that someone was in there so I left a few valuables I had on me to the barrel and started approaching to the camp slowly. Also, before going there I ate a few things and slowly approached to the camp as silent as I can be. Eating food beforehand also allowed me to catch my breath back. Anyway, I approached to the camp and got into one of the trees next to the camp and I heard footsteps. Aha, that weird feeling I had in me wasn't just nonsense! There was indeed a player there! I have looted over 50 camps so far and this was the first time I ran into someone at their own camp and this was also the first time I approached to the camp by catching my breathe. By the way, it is a night time server. Atleast 3 military tents were pitched as I could see, they all had their doors and windows shut. So I opened one of the windows and tried to see where this guy was, he entered the tent. He was standing up and he had beige cargo pants, I slowly backed up a bit and understood that he had no suspicion that I was there. Later on, he left the tent and I was hearing footsteps behind me, I started walking towards him and saw he was in another tent. I was thinking of what I should do, If I tried getting away from there was a great possibility that he would hear me and shoot me. So I decided to wait, I didn't want to kill him judging on the size of his camp he could not be alone. So I waited a bit more. I wanted to loot their camp, I didn't want to kill them or anything like that. He got out of the tents and started digging, I could see his legs only (I was trying to see him through the gap between the branches and the ground) he entered a few more tents and then came back. He had black cargopants now. That was weird, he probably changed his clothes? Anyway, after a couple of minutes I understood that they were 2 guys, but I was 100% sure the black cargopants guy joined later, which I did confirm later on by looking at gametracker.com These guys were farming and I had a lot of chances to kill them but I really didn't want to. I've been looting many camps so far on this patch but I'm not a killing kind of guy so I let them be. My friends urged me to play music, or say hi or even play scary sounds. I thought of playing a helicopter sound. But I was too afraid that I would get killed. I didn't have much on me apart from a teddy bear that I really don't want to lose - he is like my companion. I wish I left him the barrel as well so I could try these scary stuff. But I couldn't, so I waited there for 20 minutes I watched them shoot eachother, break their legs, punch eachother and then use splints etc. etc. The crops had grown, they ate them and left. When they left I left as well because they were still in the server. When they left the server, I came back to their camp and took their SVD and ran away. What would you do if you were at my place? Also how would you react if someone popped up and said "hi" while you were at your camp? TL;DR Ran into two dudes in their own camp, they didn't know I was there. I watched them for 20 minutes. If you were me, what would you do and what would you do if someone caught you in your camp and said "hi" or played music, scary sounds etc.?
  3. I was in the same situation in Tisy, I had only 1 cr mag and that was it, It ofcourse couldn't kill the whole pack so I decided to use my stick (yeah, stick) and it took a while but in the end it worked, I waited for them to come near me as I waited at the stairs of the tower, they couldn't climb there.
  4. Need them on stable :c and I also play EXP.
  6. My IQ is 132 but I don't like PVP, sorry. (lol)
  7. map

    We would need like 600 player servers. It's impossible anyway, the game engine can't support more than that current map, it also can't support huge rivers / waterfronts.
  8. Could be the weather.
  9. Do you still need one?
  10. I guess Red_Ensign can help you with that.
  11. Traded with Dr. Fallen, fine guy, can vouch for him.
  12. You can have the FAL + a mag for a smersh vest, sure. Steam id: steamcommunity.com/id/yazar8
  13. I have a FAL mag you can have for free.
  14. Well the regular spawn points are also bugged CLE is bugged as a whole. Some tents have like 5 SKS' inside them etc.