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  1. Not quite. Here is the best place to go if @DORLAHIANI880 was looking for other players to give him a helping start. Best of luck dude!
  2. Thanks for posting this @Irish. I was wondering how many would miss this bit of info! Basically beta for the devs (0.63) entails that the engine will be running on all newly made modules and no old legacy tech to rely on for working features. This will mean that not all features will be in and fully functional, however from their standpoint it is a huge milestone. Any new feature that will be implemented will be using newer tech fit for its purpose, not wrestled down to make it barely work with 100 band aids and then having to rewrite it again. There is terms and definitions for the typical early access/alpha/beta phases and different developers do things at different stages depending on their workflow etc. Personally nailing down features into phases/deadlines is no good here, I wouldn't get caught up as to what happens in what stages as BI approach is a little different then other ea titles on steam. The main thing to take away from all these SR and info kicking around is that there is a big shift in the way enfusion engine runs and works. There will no longer be 2 versions of dayz, legacy code and all the other stuff the devs shudder at. There will be some new features, not sure how many and possibly a backlog of other stuff too. 'Directly from the SR - BETA/0.63 will be a major change for the game as a whole. What does that mean in more concrete terms though? All the new engine technology we have developed for DayZ, along with the content of the current game - all merged in and improved, as it has been refactored from functionality point, design-wise, and in terms of fidelity as well. Moreover, additional content and features that we couldn't properly implement on the legacy tech' The main thing I take away from this, is that the devs can finally have a beer or two as they take a sigh of release! The hard work is nearly done and a new era is incoming :)
  3. Screw the player controller and all all the new jazz Bio! This is the biggest most important feature that we, the community are still waiting on and pining for. Andy needs to answer for this! Whaddya mean it won't get fixed? ;) Now in all seriousness @stilton you have to realize the response usually around here is all in how you hold yourself and your posts. I bit my tongue when you first posted but your follow up comments have paved the way. We are all devoted to this journey and emotionally invested at this point. 5+ years as bio said is a long time for us all. I personally do not take kind when misinformed users do what they do best. No matter how much you sugarcoat things, or word things politely the tone of your post always shines through. Good intention or bad intention it all shows, just like the tone in our voice when we speak to others. Something the old timers have a hard time grasping including myself, is new forum members making unjust comments with bias, starting a thread like the 100's before it, taking silent back stabs and not willing to put the time into making oneself informed. Being drip fed info here and there is fine, but not when some community members just disregard everything that is fact because they don't like the sound of something, or not willing to put in the time we all have. You do not have to understand everything going on and knowing every single little detail to get a grasp of reality and the whats/whys/hows. Now every respected member who has posted in this very thread, are generally extremely helpful and quite diplomatic majority of the time, as long as you are courteous and open minded. It is all in the tone and the way you compose yourself as to what happens next. I find a lot of people around here do not know how to take some posts. Not every smirk remark is a direct attack at you personally. Just try and be open minded and willing to learn (read). We all gotta start somewhere, right? Oh btw, being snarky back gets everyone nowhere just like life and threads will be closed quick smart along with a painted target on your face. Next time if you post, keep it cool dude and take no silent jabs thinking no one will pay attention. You only get fed to the wolves doing that. Oh if you get stuck with some functions and how to work them, feel you have been "attacked" or uncalled for posts directed at you, shoot the mods a pm and report the offender. Lovely bunch of chaps and their always happy to help. They are extremely open minded and if they get grumpy at you, it is for good reason ;) Now I think this thread should steer in another direction if things are going to get discussed further as I am sure this is getting watched closely. Good luck and peace out!
  4. Well a question like this has too many variables to narrow down to days/date/months etc but I do believe it will be this year. As mentioned by Eugene in the milestone to beta report, The devs are running 0.63 internal client branch with the all new enfusion script. This will allow them to concentrate on connecting the rest of the modules/data together in a way that does not break everything they do and no more worries about keeping two versions of dayz going, as it is all redundant now. Soon we will have one version to rule them all. What this means to the average player who only plays and misses out on the good stuff? Internally, the devs have hit a milestone, literally. Internal 0.63 client build marks the future for the devs and it must be an exciting time for them all to even get to this point. Kudos! Everything that has held them back this whole development process is now no more! This does not mean that 0.63 public release will contain all this, but it is getting to the time where soon™ is applicable. Hope this helps!
  5. Dayz just pushed 3 years in December since going live to the public. Four years with the mod, yeah. Now players like yourself really need to go and do some research about what is dayz, the why/when/how and all the other fancy bizz to come instead of creating such threads like these flogged over and over. You said in an earlier post if the devs could chime in, shed some light on your wants. You don't need an explanation from them, the community or even myself. You just need to grasp some concepts here. This thread is more about your wants as a bored dayz player in my eyes. You did not have real questions to discuss in your OP but rather aired your thoughts on why we should get tools now and porting old maps that should take crucial dev time away from the main focus at hand with no real reason as to why. Others have pointed out already that it's not ready for modding support. The workload on modders is irrelevant at this stage of development. Dayz has been running on two very different builds, public & internal. We, the community have always known and ' played' the ol frankenstein public dayz merged with new bits here & old bits there, slowly upgrading modules & features whilst removing the old bits and scripts this entire time. Kept playable only by the fact, we the public need something half stable to play. This will be a thing of the past soon when everything moves towards being unified into one build merged with all new modules, engine changes and old remnants removed. It literally will change dayz and the way everything gets handled here on out, not just for us but the devs and also prospective modders. You may not like what you hear but it doesn't change the facts.
  6. Hi CherryCoke, Welcome to the forums. Your best bet would be to post this over on dayz/gallery section next time, found here General discussion is for the chit chat and the likes, not for promotion. Best of luck
  7. There are a tonne of items in game that the majority will shun. If we took this approach, there would be a large amount of items/content missing. I like to reflect where I went wrong when I die and how I could have prevented the situation if possible. Just my insight into how another player may possibly think and play..
  8. The inertia would have to be my favorite of your listings @Espa. If they could come up with a nice system, I would be more then overjoyed. Have you seen the upcoming scrum game? Not long ago they showcased their inertia system, it looks quite good. I have no doubt that a lot of what you have suggested will be coming sooner or later though but for now here is my thoughts. For me it would have to be all the little things that have some generic anim going for it or none at all. If we could eventually get unique anims for everything, this will go a long way to make it feel more alive imo. Opening my backpack. It would be awesome to swing the bag around to my front to unzip and have a peak inside when in jog mode. Walking/crouching should allow you to peak inside your bag a tad quicker, and sprinting should not allow inventory access maybe. The new player movement should allow this sort of anim as the bottom half is separated from top half shown in a lot of videos (ie; eating & walking) Eating a can of food should leave the empty in my hand letting me choose to drop it or stash it in my bag or bush, similar to the mod days. Separate the anims for these actions here would be most welcome in my book. Actually thinking about this & anims, I would go further and introduce some utensils - fork, spoon, knife etc. would be another small immersive welcome addition. Without these, you must use your hands to eat and then forcing you to wash your hands afterwards in a pond or something? That would introduce a few more anims/mechanics just for eating/cleaning. Opening doors, having my hand grab the doorknob and twist and push to open the door either inwards/outwards, fast or slow. (pretty sure something like this was talked about from devs. Also all doors will open outward not inwards towards you, game decision they have made. Would be cool to see this overturned as it could lean towards some interesting encounters and how to go about entering/exiting buildings with certain doors opening certain ways. A new slow movement mode with new player controller. The one thing I pine for is a dedicated slow, slow movement. If I am crouching around, I am trying to be quiet. Now there is times when I approach a building, and I would like to be absolute stealthy & quiet. I don't want to glitch, lightly tap w every 0.5 secs to "be quiet"! I would love it, if we could hold a key whilst walking or crouching, to slow us down by half speed, reducing footstep noise by 50+%. We would now be ultra quiet, but now a sitting duck on approach. This could apply to crouch/standing mode. On the topic of movement, it has already been asked a few hundred times but here goes. Stance animations..I do not want the carbon copy of A3 like so many others, but I do relish the idea of something that will allow us to observe over/around/under objects. As an avid user of trackir, this would be truly amazing. Something possibly like another key to push and then use your mouse movement/trackir to allow for some peeking? I don't really care how they implement this if I must be honest, it is just a feature that I think is needed. I have no doubt that the devs will introduce something similar to this when they change the controller though. Why do more work, again? I guess I could go on & on but it is all mostly the same and already suggested. Really, I am fine by anything that adds small quality of life things that sucks you in to the immersion even more.
  9. On the topic of style and format Lok, you have bean slipping here my gallopy friend.
  10. Hey AJ Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you are having a blast, awesome! There is many new and exciting adventures to be had your way. There is no base building as of yet but you can make your own stash/camp by finding some barrels &/or tents and finding somewhere nice to setup. Bit more info here.
  11. My bean stash! It's back! I have bean hoarding these for a long time now. Beans for everyone!
  12. Game

    I should really play this more instead of taking screenies, but its so purty. Pictures in bound of my Toddy inspired wip! Full album here
  13. Game

    I think DIce did a fantastic job as well. Although their anti aliasing used is very poor and softens up the image considerably, too much for my taste, even using temporal. I have brought it back with a lot of sharpness as you pointed out and brightened a lot of the shadows and changed the colour tones considerably. For better or worse, it is all down to personal taste. Also this is still early days for me and I am still tinkering away, I have a few different presets so far and one that looks absolutley stellar in my opinion. The presets so far only suit the deserts, and not all maps. As you pointed out Death, It is quite cyan. This video here shows what I have set out to achieve, as the author's release was far from this look sadly after all his tinkering. It looked very promising. It goes after the movie feelz, I feel like I am getting closer after todays tinkering. There is a trade off with this look though, the forests do not look as nice and YMMV.
  14. Game

    Got this over chrissie, but hardly played it. I haven't spent any great deal of time with it but I have fun when I do I must say. Unless I get pwned over, and over, and over and over from the same freakin guy :blush: Anyways thought I would post this for you lovely folks as I watched jack frags 4k video of teddy's mod 3 nights ago (late to the party), so thought I would try my hand at my own realism mod. Still tweaking but here is some wip for you guys. In game it is a lot sharper and has no cinematic effects, although I am unsure if I will add more as it looks stunning already. I have added some mb but feel gameplay sucks with it although the lasers and sabers effect look insane with it enabled. Will probably release 2 versions once I finish up. Feedback as always, is most welcome. Comparison Screenies (sorry for the crappy quality, jpg isn't ideal but its what I used)
  15. Why you ask? Well this was intended. The aspect ratio has been fixed to your monitors correct aspect ratio now. There is absolutely no reason to play at an incorrect aspect ratio in dayz, It serves no purpose. Judging from the community, there was a massive amount of players who had no idea how to set it to their monitors correct ratio or just had no idea it was wrong :| If you have a 16:9 monitor, you will now have 16:9 aspect ratio in game. If you had a 4.3 monitor you would also get this ratio, but it seems you do not considering your follow up post. Why would you play at an incorrect aspect ratio if I may ask? Besides the added advantage to see or shoot people easier because they become wider targets. I am genuinely curious on the answer to this one considering the amount of screenies that show a blatant disregard to correct ratio.