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  1. This is quite interesting Weyland. Not sure what your net is like but I imagine it is far superior then what we have here in Australia. NBN is finally here and getting rolled out for most, it probably is a better experience for the folk who are on it. Sadly I still can't get NBN yet and stuck with ADSL +2. On the other shoe. I actually have had a very different experience from yours. It is very noticeable playing with large ping and overseas servers that are close to full for me. There is delay in all actions and the ai and other players can become laggy and glitchy. Take up to 2 seconds to pick an item up or open a door and so on. I have also noticed getting kicked a lot with high ping because it exceeded the latency limit. So this is quite interesting with your experience as it is the polar opposite from mine. Also take the fact you are playing from overseas and then joining a empty or a very low pop server over here. A very different experience then joining a close to full server over there. There is a couple community servers that are vanilla here that go from medium to sometimes high pop on weekends and late afternoons. It can be a lonely place at the best times though.
  2. @Cyral The shards are seperated so from my experience you cannot share between 1st and 1st/3rd official servers. They weren't linked like you think. What more then likely happened was some servers were being used on experimental for testing purposes and now the patch went to stable, there was no need to keep extra experimental servers up so they brought them across to stable. I noticed a few extra up and now we have 4 first person servers and usually there is 1 or 2. It is possible that fragnet or gameservers were switched over from 1st/3rd to 1st person only which would remove the ability to shuffle your characters across gameservers/fragnet Some other community servers like the pipsi ones have a 1st and 1st/3rd linked so you can switch across though if you want to though.
  3. @Cyral The reason for this is because Gameservers are running the 1st/3rd person and Fragnet are running 1st person. You cannot share across these.
  4. nuggit

    Stable Update 1.01

    @Leah Snow Don't play the devils advocate. I don't think you understood. Get aqquainted here https://forums.dayz.com/topic/153786-forum-rules-roles-and-guidelines/ Back on "track" Natural Point Support reached out to me and are happy to help where needed. It could be possible that it is just the implementation of how IR is streamed in game. Either way, it has been acknowledged so in due time things will get better. Just before bed I came across a situation that I found odd no one had reported. Maybe everyone just runs everywhere, man!. Either I am blind or careless or both. (I searched and could not find any report that directly related to this and was open) If you approach the bottom of steps or stairs and hold control to walk up them you cannot ascend the stairs/steps but rather walk on the spot. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137021 Most noticable on police station spiral stairs and the one shown in the trackers video. If I find other steps or stairs I will update my ticket.
  5. nuggit

    Stable Update 1.01

    I really appreciate this being acknowledged @Baty Alquawen Thanks!
  6. nuggit

    Stable Update 1.01

    I have never been one for posting much and I give my beans to feed the hungry around here. My stay here has been a very long one, lurking since day dot on these very forums. I read everything around here and it is getting really hard to swallow some of this. I have usually ignored these comments and kept to myself, If I have nothing nice to say I was taught I need to be quiet. Everyone that is itching, can you please read what I have to say. You don't have to agree or like what's in my long post but just take it on board like the responsible adults we all strive to be. Can everyone involved in this thread, please provide constructive feedback. It is doing no one any good here venting because of unstable emotions. It is getting everyones jimmies rustled. It has a knock on effect! You know when someone smiles at you and it makes you smile at them back? (I hope you all do) If you have some emotional issues with this game, take a deep breathe and maybe just walk away for a bit or for a long time or for good, you decide. Stop testing and go get some sun. It can be a bitter pill to swallow but it will be better for everyone involved. I get it. You are all extremely passionate and do not want this to fail like so many think. It is after all, a one of a kind gaming experience that can not be rivalled. It has been 7 years in the making with no end in sight. We were the social experiment that Hall produced. Don't forget that. We got hooked and we became junkies like the crack heads down in cherno apartments and can't seem to get enough. We are all in this together and it will not help speed anything up, rather slow it down whilst the devs have to sift through all this crap with half baked comments, conspiracies and next to little information on the issues many face. Now they have to also read through my crap. Some are just not happy with the direction, that's cool, it was bound to happen. I blame myself a lot for not contributing enough in the earlier days of feedback, something that the majority is guilty of. I have played every. single. patch ever released and I look at the feedback tracker all the time. Most of the issues I ever faced was either reported or never phased me because at the end of the tunnel, I can change it to tailor my experience or knew it was going to be fixed at some point when they got a handle on the engine and newer modules. I should have been a better tester in my eyes even though it was "not my job" I care about this and so do you all. Regardless if any of you paid for servers, bought the game, wasted hours of real life and then feel cheated because it does not live up to your expectations, gives absolutely no right to speak with the venom produced by some members Everyone is a human and has a right to be treated equally regardless if you feel wronged in your current situation. If we all chip in, do our part and treat and talk to everyone as respectful responsible adults, this place could be so much healthier and constructive. Still I should have done much better as a tester to something I am very very passionate about. To this, I sincerley apologise. It just was not good enough from me. It also was not good enough from the majority of the community either. The real testers, are heroes in my eyes and now are all in lurking and a bit pressed. I understand and hope they all come back in a years time all fresh and wide eyed and get surprised. Myself included. Everyone that cares about this project knows that 1.0 was not really a true 1.0 release. There is reasons for this and it has been explained. No pixie dust. Don't throw theories and vendetta in this because it is not the vision you wanted at this current stage. Whilst I cannot agree on alot of everything they have done, stop speculating and making things worse. It is what it is, if you are not happy, come back in a years time or not. Arma 3 was not perfect on release nor were any other BIS titles ever released from them. it was as barebones and buggy as the next EA game getting released monthly on steam for the last 7 years since dayz inception. I adore BIS work effort and their visions and have the upmost respect for all the developers under the name. It was a mammoth task dealing with what they had been dealt and it was only compounded by the irrational toxic players. To that, well done devs, I hope you are all in a happy, healthy state. You have been walking on a 0.1mm fishing line over 2 20 story buildings. I can only speak for myself and for this, I thank you. I also want to thank all the moderators if any of you happen to read this. You have been at the brunt of the storm for many years. You all have withstood the test of time and you do not do it for fame or money. You do it because you are all passionate and believed in Deans vision. I know some are not happy either but thanks for being here and being fair If anyone who reads this and cannot understand or take on board anything I have said due to your ego, you really need to take a long hard look at yourself as a human being. I am sure everyone here has been in some dark places and kicking people when their down is the worse thing you could possibly ever do just because you are not happy with results or yourself as a human being. Now I was coming here to report about trackir and reading through this thread I just had to have a sigh and think about everything and this came out of my fingers. woah woosah! As to my feedback it is purely on TrackIR implementation again. As a couple other people mentioned, it does not feel or look right. I hope I have clearly explained myself in the ticket and my videos I finally uploaded (took 20 hours all up due to wonderful Aussie net) Feedback Tracker https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136979 DayZ TrackIR - Arma3 TrackIR - I cannot give feedback on TrackIR and the ADA or any other vehicle as I have spent over 5 days looking for one to test and no luck. I personally feel it is not correctly implemented but due to being in the minority. as an IR user, I very much do not expect this to be looked at for quite some time.as there is some major pressing issues they really want to get fixed more then any of you or I believe That is ok in my book. Maybe if I did something about reporting things in the early days it could have been different. 🙂 TDLR: Community Members ONLY. Read everything above and let it sink in on how the behaviour and attitude has been. it's not a one off, it has been 7 years of this and there is no short version. Just read it!
  7. I'll try and stick to my point. This was originally about trackir but I have discovered some things related to the "new controller". I spent the last 2 days running around collecting data and videos for track ir/player controller and to provide some feedback and write up a thread on it. Whilst investigating, I noticed quite a few things about the player controller and have many thoughts and questions I would like answered. I will write up soon once I get everything I need and rendered. I have to test more now since a new update has dropped. The new post that cropped up from @MirekManena kind of confirmed my experience and thoughts from 2 days of running around Cherno. Trackir's implentation is not the only culprit here, player controller also is. I think It's either tied into some sort of synced fps (server) or client due to optimisations and saving server/client fps. It is not dependant on if you use track ir or not. Mouse input is just not good. There is a jitter/interpolation issue happening and I think this comes down to the new controller optimisations and implentations. I run a 144hz benq XL series monitor, usually on 120 hz if I cannot maintain 144 fps with the blur buster app to change my strobe timings. This basically eliminates motion blur and is a joy to play games on when these requirements are met. When playing at a high fps, games look and feel stunning. Everything is easily spottable and smooth and so on. No exception for dayz and arma, even at lower fps with vsync. There is still hardly any motion blur and zero jitter. Frametime seems to be ok jumping from 6-7 ms to the occasional 15 ms, kind of usual I think. Running on lowest settings to eliminate gpu strain. 144 fps locked at 144hz refresh rate and there is still jitter on track ir and mouse movement although minimised due to the fps. It causes the screen to jitter and re-adjust its input on any panned input movement and makes it feel like it is running at very low frame rates. More noticeable on very small slow mouse movements (in game is 100+fps) I'll get some videos and extras rendered when time allows. I also use my deathadder mouse at 400 DPI with low in game mouse settings. (most don't notice due to their high sensitivities maybe?) It is so bizarre. Why does A3 at 35 fps feel more responsive and fluid then dayz which is running at 120/144 fps? Player Controller? I have never ever experienced this in any BI title. My fps has never mattered much in BI game or have I cared much as long as everything is double digits from 20 and above. Everything has always been smooth with mouse and track ir. Obviously if you pan at low frame rates fast, you get motion blur from unsynced frames but never any jitter or strain. I know everyone wants "extreme" fps .but BI games never needed it on the client with how the game plays out. You are not supposed to sprint everwhere especially inside buildings. It was never desgined for mouse movemnt with 1600 dps and wild mouse movements flicking all over your desk trying to scour all 4 corners in a room in a heartbeat Playing BI games like modern games made it feel more clunky then it really ever was. Some of these features in regards to player controller that are missing were in the game for good reason I believe. I recall reading many times that the pc version would come first and foremost and the console would not affect pc in any way. Rather the opposite, dayz would benefit from consoles and new tech. I can only judge with what I have been given. All the data given by the devs may look right on paper including server fps, but at what cost? It just does not feel right running around (or cramping my hand to walk around). My fear in any game development studio is optimisation. Most love this word.... I say this because anything in the last 10 years that looked promising or too good to be true, usually is. I see developers go the multi-platform route and change their goalposts, hit new road blocks, bite off more then they can chew and ultimately sacrifice one vision for another just to get all platforms functional in some way. There is a reason the mainstream studios pump out artifical release after release, year after year on consoles. Understandable in one way but not another. History has shown time & time again that a proper pc developed game with no influence from console, what is achievable and it is amazing. Waters get muddied doing multi platforms and no strategic plans to counter for both and a sinking ship when directly designing it for console and then porting it with non functioning systems not desgined for the pc platform. I also tried to bandage form a zombie inside a building after shutting the door with some duct tape and I self restrained myself leaving me defenceless and loxked in unable to do anything but relog as the break free mechanic was not working. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T133343
  8. Some feedback on trackir. (just a note, dayz is listed as having full 6 dof support. https://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/games/) I deleted all my old configs, reset track ir to make sure it was not a bad profile, reset all controls in game and verified files to make sure it was not something from my end. It feels like there is acceleration going on and it is very stuttery regardless of v-sync and fps at a solid 120 locked, especially around the center of the screen. Like it seems to correct a mouse input.. Only Pitch and Yaw axis work/bound. I had a look in keybinds and and tried setting up track ir. I can not bind a +/- on the same axis so for example if I bind lean. In Arma 3 I could lean L and R and set up lean for the same Y axis and it used an analogue input. In the current implementation it works as a key/mouse input. No incremental lean only hard lean and center. There was no way to bind zoom in/out on any axis that I could find. I even tried disabling all inputs from track ir and only using the Z axis. I have found as well due to the change in the player controller and the way fixed fov works on scopes, it is extremley jarring getting forced into a fixed fov when ads using track ir. We need variable fov to use track ir whilst using weapons to even be remotely useful. Using track ir in fullscreen mode using a corsair K-70 keyboard and touching the volume wheel minimises dayz.. Using dayz in windowed borderless does not It feels like trackir has not been implemented properly but rather as a keyboard and mouse input emulation. It feels nothing like how trackir has ever functioned in bohemia titles. It feels more like when Star Citizen brought in a temporary fix to get track ir working {using the mouse input to look around and not true track ir analogue input) I have used track ir with aiming deadzone in 90% of my 4000+ hours in all bohemia titles and Dayz before the new ui was added and I understand that myself and other track ir uses are more then likely in the minority. However this has always been a big sell from bohemia. I feel like this must be looked at if you continue to support track ir. @eugenharton I recall reading somewhere from you about the fixed fov on scopes possibly not getting changed. Is variable fov on scopes and track ir analogue inputs coming back? Because this tied in with track ir being fully functional and correctly using all 6 DOF.. As it stands it feels like a tack on just to get track ir working rather being fully functional from a consumers point of view. Does the simplified player controller in its current iteration, affect track ir inputs functioning from using all 6 dof properly?
  9. nuggit

    Trackir for post-1.0

    I have been sorely missing trackir. It is featured as having 6 dof support on naturalpoints site. Found here. https://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/games/ I am a little worried about its return and full functionality. It was broken when the player controller was getting revamped (exp -newui launch param) It was patched a couple times to work later but ever since the player controller was finalised we lost full trackir support and many other things. (all relatable to trackir, ie: variable fov/aiming deadzone etc) @eugenharton Is trackir making a come back along with aiming deadzone? Since the change to ADS, keybind actions and fixed fov, will it be possible if reimplemented to use our Z axis like before as a bind for continuos zoom in/out. Looking through all binds, it seems most things are missing/re worked to function differently.
  10. nuggit

    Freelook toggle

    No worries mate.
  11. nuggit

    Freelook toggle

    Just a quick thought. Have you tried unbinding the free look toggle and only using the hold to use feature in options/keybinds/view? You should have look (Left Alt) and free look (x2 Left Alt). Only keep look bound to whichever button you prefer it on your gamepad and unbind freelook. Does this help @ShaneRetter?
  12. nuggit

    Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Right? better and better indeed! How good is night time?!! It was so dark but just light enough for my eyes to focus on things every now and again, the light bouncing off one lone tree trunk lighting it up where the moon shone through. Running through a thick forest, it was so dark and then coming out into the field, it gradually got brighter until everything was visible again! It was very captivating in my eyes. That would have been a nice peaceful run as well too Espa, awesome stuff.
  13. nuggit

    Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Had a much longer run last night that crept through to the wee hours, woops! Upon login, either server wiped or the last crash put me back into arms reach of someone or something hungry. Back to the coast, again. This time I did get a raining bug. Within 2 minutes of spawning the sky was clear with shadowed clouds and no sign or sound of rain however I was completely drenched through. I was just leaving kamy with no loot as it was empty and I was hungry, thirsty and the onset of hypo had started, when I heard a broom broom. I watched it blaze past with a trail of hungry runners in toe. I followed the runners and the feint revving until I could see it off in the distance, the guy crashed into some handrails not far from Elektro, just out the front of a white barn! I skulked around and could see no movement from the past driver but only 2 runners who where now entangled inside the wreck. I took my chances and got in. The car was snagged good but a few attempts at reversing, I got unstuck. Free wheels! The car was not badly damaged at all bar the front left tyre was completely destroyed and missing. Now starving and hypo coming on I though bugger it, one quick drive would do as I have nothing to lose and I wanted to test. Surprisingly it drove for the most part "straight". It veered to the left at higher speeds, nothing I couldn't handle though. Not once did I get any desync/glitchy feeling, it actually felt, dare I say...amazing :) It felt broken due to the tyre but very very enjoyable, and had no lost frames until I pulled up into Elektro, which is Elektro for you anyways. I suppose the issue people are having is in 3p driving? This was fp only server so that could also have something to do with it and being late the pop was now low not even med. I left my car for someone else to have fun with as I was going to pass out any minute. I found some minor supplies in my dying moments and managed to make a fire. however it was too late for me so I dropped everything in a little kids bag and F11'd with my hands shaped like a gun pretending to pew pew myself over comms. New life led me at kamy again (3rd time lucky?) so I decided to head up to Staroye after picking the minimum apples needed. This time the rain had stopped and I was free to make a life somewhere inland this time. Because I was in a carefree mood and just wanted to look at everything, I decided to walk my way there and soak everything in. The noise, foliage, sunset to sunrise, it was all magical and I was genuinely just dumbfounded. Apologies, Screenshots/overlay broke with MSI afterburner logging so my journey was left ingrained in me with no screens to share, sorry :( Besides the rain bug everything was pretty smooth for the most part and the little bugs I encountered are already logged besides one thing that got broke even more..I doubt many people use this function as it isn't pvp friendly but immersive as feck. Aiming deadzone. For starters, there is built in mouse smoothing when using aiming deadzone! No way to remove it, even having smoothing slider at 0%. Secondly, before when using aiming deadzone it had smoothing but you could look in all directions. Now you can only move your gun left to right/right to left with no way of looking up and down. Something I need to jot down on the bugtracker! The most embarrassing thing just happened...I have bean hoarding my deez for over a year now in quiet mode. I think I may have bean raided, as my quota is shot. Apparently I am empty, well I was. Their back!!!!! ***People having issues with keybinds and track ir*** After reading a comment on here about trackir, I had a look at key binds in comparison to my Arma 3 binds. It looks like we can copy/paste or input the correct key across to make the binds, same as the mouse until the devs fix the issue. I managed to make my mouse buttons work without using software this time. I remember doing something similar when the -newui was on experimental, no mouse binds or track ir until reverting to the older ui, making the key binds then switching back to the -newui. From then on all keys worked as requested although I could not bind them in game. I had no luck with my trackir though, which is probably due to the camera not being enabled, so i will add the activation of it manually today to see if it works. For those interested you will need to add these keys into the blanks @Baty Alquawen
  14. nuggit

    Exp Update 0.62.139507

    And to everyone else having key bind issues, I have had this issue for awhile regarding mouse binds specifically. I believe it was when the -newui hit. Easy work around is to use something like Razer synapse or whatever software your mouse uses. Just bind the mouse buttons to something unused on the keyboard. You can then bind in game to that unused key and your mouse buttons will work again. Until it gets fixed this may be the only solution? Seeing exp hit, I had to reinstall! Was a great 2 hours spent admiring all the new foliage and getting lost all over again. The new sounds are great albeit a little buggy as others have mentioned. I personally have not had too many issues though. I loaded into the only Au exp server, it was half full and fp only (yes!!!) The downpour was real and the rain was brutal. My sound didn't bug either, I had rain audio fx going the whole time it rained. This is really just a taste of whats to come I think and is a step in the right direction although not perfect. Server was pretty snappy too and loading in literally took me 5 seconds from the server menu to running around in game. Could be due to the half pop though. Towards the end of my 2 hour run, the server crashed. I will have a more thorough test tonight. Excellent work devs!
  15. nuggit

    somone to play

    Not quite. Here is the best place to go if @DORLAHIANI880 was looking for other players to give him a helping start. Best of luck dude! https://forums.dayz.com/forum/127-recruitment/