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  1. how to fix base building

    i agree it should funk up ur sledge pretty good, but 4 hrs for a wall? i would have no incentive whatsoever to protect my base as the ammount of time and materials to break in would be insane. i would say if they went ur route and had to break 4 parts, to use a absolute max of 5 mins per part and to allow multiple parts to be taken down at a time with multiple players. grenades/mines would obliterate a wall instantly and crashing a car into them would do the same with the expense of the car. hiding, multiple perimiters, actually defending, should be how u keep ur shit safe not in game mechanics keeping it safe for u.
  2. base destroyable?

    best way to keep your base safe will always be the same. have someone online to defend it, or keep it small and hidden. other than that expect that it wil be raided/trolled/destroyed. to avoid ghosting just make sure u are on a private server. don't feel bad if you lose everything, it happens to us all. it will teach you new wayd to defend and will give you a reason to rebuild. safety is great because you never lose any of your own stuff but stockpiling will only eventually get boring.
  3. base destroyable?

    havent tested it yet so my opinion really doesnt matter much but i like the idea of being able to chop your way into a base with an axe or saw. i just think it should be heavily taxing on the tool you use to break in. for instance make it so that to break 2 fence panels would eliminate 2 pristine fire axes. or driving a car through would destroy the vehicle. this would force people coming to break in to be prepaired. as for defending... you would have to build multiple perimiters to make raiding more difficult. if you think about it most modern homes built with pristine modern materials could probably be chopped into with an axe rather quickly. one of the exterior walls of my current home is stucco, then sheeting of some kind, then studds and hollow cavity (filled with insulation) then a measily layer of drywall. given a good axe and half an hour to an hour i could probably chop my way into almost any house on the block.
  4. Forum Moderators

    if you are having an issue with the forums i would talk to a moderator. try orlok he is awesome at his job and im sure will be able to help you.
  5. Pls fix the night issue

    please devs do not listen to the people whining about night being dark and please for god sake dont bring back gamma slider. i absolutely love the concept of dark nights being the ultimate equalizer. if people cant handle a little dark they can play on another server. though i would agree time probably shouldnt be 1:1 as then it would always be dark cuz night is the best time to get a few good hours of gaming time for us parents. as for the "grainyness" i have seen many screenshots of nice clear blackness so far. maybe if you are having this issue u should stop trying to exploit gamma through out of game settings
  6. How to refill fuel to cars ??????

    can u refill at petrol stations? just curious, havent booted pc in months. think i will give up waiting and fire it up this week tho
  7. Experimental Update 0.63149374

    sometimes the greatest and most intelligent solutions are also the least complicated and simplest.
  8. Experimental Update 0.63.149358

    so excited to see this. still going to force myself to wait till jan to actually boot up but i do the reading on here several times a day. was just curious about base building. have seen a couple videos on utube where people tested shooting built structures and they seemed unable to damage the structures. have also seen things in status reports talking about combination locks to secure your camp and talk of fixes to stop people ghosting into camps. what i have not seen any of is work towardsbeing able to break into/destroy or raid camps. the only thing i could think of is that you might need explosives, but without throwing mechanics to use grenades that only leaves us with landmines and self sacrifice. i like the concept of basebuilding for the endgame but bases should be far from invincible. they should need to be defended or repaired. can a car crash through a wall? will there be a structure decay system implemented? just a little worried as i feel a map full of impenetrable structures would make for quite boring gameplay.
  9. Stress Test vol. 53

    Happy Halloween everybody! stay safe and make sure you have lots of rags!
  10. Stress Test vol. 53

    ^^ hoping you are all educated enough not to... but seriously.... dont do this.
  11. Stress Test vol. 53

    best method i have found so far.... wait untill they are on experimental and released. if waiting isnt your thing though ill let you in on a little secret. if you hold crtl, alt,and press delete it will bring up a menu. once this menu comes up repeate the process and your computer will shut down. once it is shut down simply remove your gpu. place the gpu on a piece of paper with dayz written on it (must be in blue ink) and pop the paper and gpu into your microwave. it wont need long, just run it for 4 or 5 minutes. once this is done give the gpu a good rinse in cold water for about a minute and reinstall in your tower. once you get your computer going again you should be able to access the server files.
  12. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    i thought we were just going into beta in a couple months not calling it feature complete. are they skipping beta?
  13. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    if there is no pressure from xbox, and no pressure from pc, and the fanbase all just wants a complete product released for beta and is willing to wait then what is the point of releasing an unfinished product? you guys have been very transparent in the past but i cant help but feel something is being hidden from us. there has to be some reason to release it evennif it isnt done even though the consumers dont want you to. pressure from investors? threats from big companys? washing your hands of a project? i love the game and would wait 10 more years for the game if it came with all the crafting and survival features, i just would love to not only know whats happening but why.
  14. It's Been 6 Years

    ^^ so much effort. u litterally made a new account just so that you could anonymously troll and flame a heavily contibuting member of the dayz community.... sounds like your time coulda been better spent gaming... even if the servers of whatever game u chose were empty....
  15. It's Been 6 Years

    is anyone else taken back by the fact that a thread whining (yes whining) about timelines and impatience, has 95 replies and almost 2k views yet the last status report (information of actual significance) has 12 replies and 800ish views? bitching and moaning (pardon my language) doesnt get anything done any faster. the game will get finished, and it will happen when it happens. grab a tissue, whipe ur eyes and blow your nose and then chill. conversations like these do not promote accountability, they do not speed things up, in fact i would say they do nothing but spread salt. just my 2 cents, but i still have faith that the devs will release an amazing feature complete game and if it take 23 more years to do it, im still going to be patiently waiting.