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  1. FunkInYourTrunk

    Experimental Update 1.04.152160

    anyone know if there will be a content update at all for july? maybe something that isnt guns and cars? maybe even the bows and fishing that seem to be entirely forgotten? just curious as we are currently at a whole month of hotfix patches with no word whatsoever on 1.05.
  2. FunkInYourTrunk

    Global ban DayZ

    "If you're gonna spew, spew into this"
  3. England, Australia/new Zealand (just the dudes), have that disarming accent. they could be shooting at me but if theyre talking ill still trust em
  4. FunkInYourTrunk

    Experimental Update 1.04.152036

    Can anyone on the team confirm if youre working to fix the issues with invisible walls and barbed wire when destroying a wall or opening a gate ? Has existed through 2 updates now but ive never seen it acknowledged anywhere, and in terms of base building and using your own base, it a bit more of an issue than sound not playing when barbed wire mounted, but again i would think you know about the issues with the invisible wire/walls if youve fixed the sound, so could you share any info you have please ? i had no real reason to make this post... for some reason i just thought it was helarious that it was posted and added to 3 times instead of just being edited or something. i cant help it... im simple minded and i enjoy the little things
  5. FunkInYourTrunk

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    a few of the changes are awesome. server hopping deterrence is nice and as it moves u to specific spawns it may make meeting ur friends easier. throwing is nice. but to be honest.... wasnt it hinted that we would be getting a survival patch.....? the only thing survival here is that u can clean the water that wont make u sick anyway. if u do get sick all it will do is make u drink more water..... no fishing still and no word on it whatsoever.... so basically..... hint at a survival patch..... and immediately get to work on adding more guns and ways to kill each other.... again dont get me wrong there is lots of good stuff here...... none the less..... super dissapointed
  6. lol I see what ur saying I just dont see the need to get rid of them. if they made them hella rare and got rid of server hopping then only made them spawn in dangerous areas with a very small chance almost no one would have them and anyone who did would be too afraid to engage anyone with them. they would end up being used to hide more effectively
  7. wouldnt making all servers private and then making nvgs rare entirely solve the issue? if they were hard to find and server hopping was impossible then the advantage they give a player wouldn't matter. the player with the nvg would never engage as he would be too scared to end up losing the nvg that it took him 7 hours to find. as for the "I cant see and they can" argument, isnt this very similar to the advantage someone has when they have a good scope and you do not? and scopes are everywhere.
  8. they should really move this thread to another part of the forum. every time I open it up I see somethin recent in experimental and my heart starts thumpin like a jackhammer and my face smiles till it hurts. only to click to check the notes on the new exp patch and find out.... that it's about an app not a patch... maybe in announcements?
  9. FunkInYourTrunk

    DayZ is launching on PlayStation 4!

    are u by chance sitting 45 feet from your TV and only using one hand with ur ps4 controller? u have to be the first person in 7 years to ever complain that the zeds are too strong... u should try minecraft on creative mode or something.... the difficulty level might be a little more your speed...or I dunno.... or some kind of sesame street put the garbage into the trashcan simulator or something
  10. I just hope 1.04 is soon and is survival based. no one I know will come back without. they are tired of the pvp only game dayz has become. I give it 2 or 3 patches without survival, tops and all of them and probably myself will be gone forever
  11. FunkInYourTrunk

    Intense Moment

    is fair enough. I had a great time but ur right. I'll probably put in20 or 30 hours and then need a break again. just never turned into all we had hoped for. I really miss the old hermit days. so much fun is just missing
  12. FunkInYourTrunk

    Intense Moment

    cant even describe how much I love this clip. so epic. ur server still going? just jumped back into dayz the other day and though I'm super dissapointed in the survival side of the game (seems like they are just working on making it as pvp as possible) I was in love with how smooth everything is now. looking foreward to many more hours of exploration. besides, I havent been on (for any extended play) since around the time of the Cherno changes so I havent seen any of the map changes. every town is exciting right now.
  13. FunkInYourTrunk

    which sniper rifle and why

    cant say I see the point in having that many variations on a server.... give me the .62 selection and I'm happy. hell just give me the craftable bow and fishing and I'll never complain again
  14. FunkInYourTrunk

    DayZ is launching on PlayStation 4!

    having a hard time swallowing the fact that I paid $28ish cad for the game on PC when I bought it.... they are asking for $67 cad for it now on ps4.... that is just under 2.5 times the price I paid. they should offer a 50% discount for people who baught it early access. any more than that and I just cant justify buying it a second time.
  15. FunkInYourTrunk

    Speculation on the upcoming ''survival focused'' patch.

    fishing and craftable bows. I'd trade all the guns for fishing and bows. I miss the days of setting up a tent and barrel beside a lake, getting crops and a fire going, making leather clothes and fishing for hours on end. loved the whole never enter a city style gameplay (cept to get the tent of corse)