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  1. Server files release update

    the point of the game is to survive as long as u can, die, and START AGAIN. not to mention that character wipes are and have been very common throughout the dev process. dont get ur panties in a bunch bro. if you cant handle starting again then maybe its just not the game for you, and i severely doubt lacking patience to get gear is a valid excuse for a refund. were you planning on rage quitting and asking for a refund WHEN (not if) you eventually died?
  2. 90% of players are unimaginitive simpletons

    hahaha why u gotta be such a care bear bro?
  3. Stress Test vol.39

    i know i can be trollish at times but right now i wanna be sincere. what happened to u bro? you used to post constructive feedback and talk about how much you liked dayz. hell your bio still says "cant wait for .58 stable". lately all you have had to say is. - devs arent working hard enough - devs dont know what they are doing - x box conspiracy - devs stealing your money - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! and none of these things are true at all. these devs are busting there asses on this project i guarentee it. they were able to make the new engine so im sure they are more than knowledgable. the xbox thing.... seriously stop. if they were going to run with our money they would have done it before it was spent on developement. you may be right about one thing tho.... maybe YOU should take a dayz break. unistall the game for a full quarter. dont check the forums. just forget the game for a while and then come back and let it take hold of you all over again. that is of corse unless whatever happened that changed your outlook on life happened in the real world. if that is the case then i am sorry that whatever happened, happened to you and i hope things look better in the future.
  4. Stress Test vol.39

    someone needs some midol. chill out bruh..... oh ya.... you are wrong. a release would fix everything.... as long as everything works. which is why they are taking their time and doing it right. why is everyone so insistant that they live and breath work and have no time to do anything else? you know they are not machines right. would u like a crappy version of an unfinished game? would u be happy moving into a house with no electrical or running water? take a chill pill and have some patience.
  5. they are developing something new on a new engine. i cant imagine how hard it would be to promis anything at all never mind with certainty. it doesnt nake them liars just because they keep hitting road blocks. so one day you tell your (im guessing x from op) girlfriend you will be over in an hour and you start walking over. halfway there some old lady in a rusted out pinto runs you over and you dont get to ur girlfriends till a week later.... should she look at it as you are a liar and a douchebag just because something unexpected happened?
  6. not trolling just responding in sarcasm to the 8000000000th whiny post by someone complaining that dayz is in early access and isnt going as fast as they hoped. we get it. we all want dayz to be finished yesterday so we can park ourselves back in front of our computers till we grow roots. it will be done when its done and complaining about it isnt doing anything productive.
  7. sounds like she cut you deep bro but i dont see why u gotta bring dayz into it.
  8. Stress Test vol.33

    k seriously..... they should do a comedic valentines day event where the zeds fart rainbows and skittles. i would just die
  9. Which is a better experience? Expermintal or stable?

    you should start in .62 just so you can experience the magic of going from .62 to .63. play .62 till they addmore content and then it will be an even more epic moment to switch.
  10. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    why would it be game breaking to not be able to interact while in attack stance? i dont think ive ever raised an axe or rifle and then gone through my backpack to take something out or put something away without lowering axe/rifle first. as for fighting system, its just more complex. will take some relearning but you will get used to it dont worry.
  11. Internal testing of the new content update 23/07/2018

    yes but people arguing that they should release now without knowledge of what they are fixing is ignorant. for all we know the issues they are having could stop you from joining a server alltogether. hell they could stop the game from loading in the first place. or they could be issues that could damage your pc if released as is. everyone just needs to chill the funk out and wait. they will release it when THEY are ready to release it. have some patience.
  12. Internal testing of the new content update 19/07/2018

    so very uncalled for. great to hear things are coming together. great work devs!
  13. why are server prices higher than other games

    easier said than done. we ran a server for 3 months and over the 3 months only had 2 people join that were willing to donate to help keep the server going. thatbeing said we didnt start with a community of people, it was just the 4 of us to begin with. still tho... i dont k ow too many people who can put together even a group of 10 people to play with never mind 60. very much looking foreward to the posability of hosting a dedicated server ourselves.
  14. why are server prices higher than other games

    so once dedicated server hosting is available will i be able to host a server on the same machine i play on or will i need a seperate desktop to run the server?
  15. A Thank You Is In Order

    i applaud the fact that you found the error and that you added it to the feedback tracker. even that you went farther and posted everywhere else you could think of when you didnt think it was being fixed fast enough. however i imagine they fixed it when they got to it on the feedback tracker and i imagine flaming the game and the devs of the game did not make it any faster. people reacted harshly to your post and to be honest i agreed with then because i believed and still do that they were frustrated in how you made your complaint and how instead of just bringing attention to the issue you felt the need to go on about how the devs were crap and you would never play again if they didnt respond right now. it came across as entitled and demanding and kinda rubbed me and im sure a few others the wrong way. i hope your future experiences are as welcoming as most of mine have been and that we one day can tell stories of these events around a campfire or in a newly crafted base sometime in the future. i hope your negative experience is water under the bridge. the people in this community arent toxic most of the time and are usually very informative, helpful, and provide amazing scenic stories of their journys in dayz. we all have bad days here and there.