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  1. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.01

    they arent dead. they are basically 28 days later style zeds.
  2. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.01

    thats definately a fair statement and i was not trying to come across judgemental or condescending. i just feel they are doing a pretty good job being transparent with the things missing and are still intending on adding them. since the game is already technically released it would be very hard for them to justify raising the price later and im really hoping they will not go the route of paid dlc so i dont mind paying for what will be, instead of what is. i just don't think its fair that everyone is flaming the devs saying they are ripping us off. or that the devs are dumb cuz this or that isnt working when the devs never said any of it was working. i too am incredably excited for things to come and wish they were here already.
  3. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.01

    if i buy a new car from a magazine having only seen a picture and done no research whatsoever and then when i get there find out it was a model that i purchased ia it the fault of the creater of the model? nope its on me for not doing my research. the game is complete in the eyes of bi and will be updated and improved going foreward. they have been very transparent and have put it out there that the game is not YET what was advertised over the years. at this point imo it is up to the consumer to do their research before buying the product. if they had done a single video search on utube, googled a single review, or simply checked these forums then they would know what was/was not in the game and what was/was not working. everyone has the right to vent their frustrations on any medium they desire but to me it just makes them look like the guy who spent 20k and showed up to drive his plastic model car home because he didnt read the giant lettering printed above the car model picture that told him EXACTLY what it was.
  4. FunkInYourTrunk

    Dayz 1.0 persistance BUG news

    that may not be a persistance issue. if i come across your tent during my travels, you would end up losing your tent
  5. FunkInYourTrunk

    Content is #1 Priority, Not Persistence.

    trolling your own troll thread..... way to take it to the next level. how the hell did this thread get people to ignore the 'do not feed the animals' sign over 20 times? i guess who am i to talk..... im throwing the crust of my sandwich into the monkey cage right now....
  6. FunkInYourTrunk

    PS4 Release?

    they would be smart to wait for ps4 release as long as possible. releasing on ps4 could be the hype they would need to resurrect the game after they are done adding in the content and fixing bugs. would be another large surge of buyers once the game is actually complete
  7. FunkInYourTrunk

    DayZ 1.0 Vehicle tips

    one day he may even quit whining long enough to get invited to one. Hopefully if he goes to it he remembers to bring his midol.
  8. FunkInYourTrunk

    Experimental Update 1.0.150183

    Boo! i agreed with most of ur list but this suggestion is garbage. ur base is worth as much as YOU make it worth. too lazy to hide your base well? not smart enough to have multiple locked threshholds? your base will be stolen from. and even if u do hide it and protect it well.... it will eventually get broken into and robbed. dont get attached to your loot as that is what dayz is. when u invent a simple 3 number bike lock in real life that is impossible to guess the combo to and impervious to a hacksaw then this will make sense. untill then get used to getting robbed or find better locations to build
  9. FunkInYourTrunk

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    BOO! kos removes all interaction from the game. if i wanted a pew pew shooter id go back to cod....
  10. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    that is precisely why cars are endgame luxury items. you work your ass off to get them and then as long as you can keep them you gain the benefit of faster travel and the ability to carry more. and yes i agree they are great to have, but they are not neccessary by any means. just as having a base itself is not neccessary. the only things actually neccessary in a survival simulator are things that make it hard to survive, and the mechanics you need to survive these things. everything else is sprinkles on top
  11. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    cars (and eventually basebuilding) were added to give dayz an endgame. and no i have never played minecraft and yes i have been playing dayz since the start and have been active on these forums since long before the switch to the new format (made a new acct when the switch was made due to lack of ability to remember passwords). the game was intended to be a survival simulator where you created your own story and played in a world full of other survivors. no you should not be able to log in, walk for 6 mins and have an ak and a fully functioning car and 7 mil tents on your way to make a base. these should all be goals for after your character has scoured the wasteland for 30-50 hours of gameplay (with luck). it is supposed to be hard and is supposed to center around trying not to die. if you wanted a game that was all about driving/flying/basebuilding then why have you been following dayz? wouldnt fortnite, or gta be more up your alley. hell you could go play minecraft for that matter. attacking me for thinking that luxury items are endgame and that you should have to search long and work hard isnt very productive is it? being upset that i think in game mechanics are more 'core gameplay' than item content (yes cars are merely items to make survival easier IF YOU PUT THE WORK IN). well im sorry that me looking at the game objectively for what its supposed to be and not joining your witchhunt of the devs offends you. unfortunately you can yell and scream and rev ur engine as much as you want it wont change anything or get you anywhere. the game is what it is and will hopefully one day be what we all hope it will be. for the record, if they never added vehicles at all, and all the game mechanics were funtioning properly we would all still have a great time playing.
  12. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    why would cars be considered "core gameplay"? the game played for a few good years and we all had a blast before they braught in the first v3s. not to mention they are not really important to gameplay at all (not that they do not add to the game, i would still rather have one than be without). they are more of a luxury item to be worked toward over a long period of time, possibly by a group (the reason they would be rare and valuable). personally i would say crafting and survival aspects would be FAR more important to worry about as 'core gameplay' features.
  13. FunkInYourTrunk

    BI is Making it Harder to be an Admin...Why?

    could they not just add a pop up style box when joining a server (that has no current active character of yours) prompting you to create a name before you spawn in? it could pop up again when u click respawn to allow you to change names with any given character death
  14. FunkInYourTrunk

    Game Concept: 1 Life Servers

    is hard enough as it is to attract people to private servers. the game is less fun without a fullish server. try keeping your player numbers up when the players get banned left and right. you gonna wanna play your server once all 6 of the people you are able to attract to it are banned and you are all thats left?
  15. FunkInYourTrunk

    Combination lock whortless

    why should it be harder? you realize that the combination lock in game is a simple bike lock right? in real life you would bike to work lock your bike to a sign or bike rack and head in for a minimum 2 hrs or so before going on break. if i sat and put my mind to it (in high school days we broke many a lock) i could have ur bike in a half hour or so and be on my way (and im not even practiced at it). If you want a game where you can build and store things and have everything be completely safe why not play something like the sims instead. or maybe build a smaller base in a harder to find location. not trying to be a dick but seriously if they make bases take 3 hrs to break into then they would be making it crazy unrealistic and last i checked the game is supposed to be a real life survival simulator.....