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  1. FunkInYourTrunk

    Experimental Update 1.02.151010

    out of sheer curiosity, why not just get rid of the cluster concept with servers. then people would have a different character on each server. then people could still leave at night but wouldnt be able to take their toon with them. I know I would stay through the night if leaving would mean starting again. that being said I suppose that this concept might actually cause more people to just log off during night time and lower the numbers playing the game.... I dont know what I'm talking about....
  2. FunkInYourTrunk

    Experimental Update 1.02.151010

    let me sum this up. I'd I'm understanding correctly you are saying. "im not good enough to shoot people who are moving... can u make it so they cant turn for me? I cant shoot people who are jumping... they shouldnt be able to do that. someone was able to boost someone over my fence as if it was a fence in real life.... this is rediculous my base should be invincible. someone was able to break into my base by spending 20 mins spinning the lock.... make this impossible..... can I just have easy mode?
  3. itll be done when its done. and they wil communitcate with us when they are ready to. posting a thread every day about how salty you are with them will do nothing to change this whatsoever. so... ya...... it kinda is...
  4. FunkInYourTrunk

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    hahaha was just funkin round. I'm gettin left behind too. I still download everything.
  5. FunkInYourTrunk

    the real hardcore survival server

    why not find a server with increased zed count? instead of lowering ammount of loot, it would just make it much more dangerous and time consuming to search for the loot. not to mention that it would give u back the feeling that a small mistake at any time could cost u everything. @Guy Smiley might know a great server u should check out.
  6. FunkInYourTrunk

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    do people still buy blue Ray's? hell do people even download torrents instead anymore?
  7. FunkInYourTrunk

    [Recipe] Steamed Stuffed Peppers

    end of world comes..... vegans make a choice. learn to eat meat or get weak and die as soon as you run out of peanut butter and supplements.
  8. FunkInYourTrunk

    No Status Reports, No Updates, Hello...???

    dont worry bro, ur not alone. I'm totally with u here and I'm sure many others are too. I hate FB and use it as rarely as possible (dont think I've logged in in months) and Twitter...... I'll shave off my badass moustache before I sign up for that garbage.
  9. FunkInYourTrunk

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    my bad bro. things just seemed to be gettin heated. i miss the good old days when we were all just as excited as each other and this forum (though there was still arguments) was FULL of positivity. hell i even remember a time when the diehard forum boys/gals exchanged addresses and shipped all their old parts to each other to build a pc for one of the people on the forum who was unable to play the game. now the forum reminds me of a menonite soup. lots of great stuff in it and brings wonderful flavor but god damn is it salty (might not be a good example. even with all the salt in the broth i usually end up adding a bit when i sot down to eat my bowl)
  10. FunkInYourTrunk

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    * Yeah, those players who don't understand Emuthreat - SCREW THEM * why all the hostility? notice how myself and @emuthreat have vastly different viewpoints on the concept of endgame yet we are able to converse about the subject without salt? i think in this instance it is all a perspective thing and as we all have different playstyles it will always come down to agreeing to dissagree (hopefully while acknowledging the merit of the opposing viewpoint and respecting the oppinion of the person on the other side of the discussion). to be honest i dont particularily dissagree with emu even. i think we just have different viewpoints on what word should be used to describe the stage of gameplay, which is actually kind of silly. if i would compare the situation to real life i would use age maybe. if im understanding correct he is saying endgame would basically be after you are retires and have done all the traveling u can do and all u have left is mowing the lawn and waiting to die. a more than valid oppinion with incredible merit. only difference to the oppinion i hold would be that i would push it back to the paliative care stage, because u are still stuck mowing that lawn and waiting. i guess im just being too technical and saying "it cant be endgame cuz the game isnt over" when he is merely saying (not tryin to put words in ur mouth bro) "the game is basically over, it just has an incredably long end scene" to be honest, i dont think anyone is wrong here.
  11. FunkInYourTrunk

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    i would agree with ur statementthat endgame is different in all of these situations. I would even agree that this is a stupid arguement. but instead of it being the kid coming up with random what ifs in class its actually a few of yhe stupid kids beong explained by the teacher 10000 times and still not getting it. the diehard fans here are being aggravated by the term endgame being used at all. all of your examples are of games that have an endgame goal. the only goal in dayz that is static across all characters and all players is not dieing. therefor the only endgame would be to die. everything else is just things to do while you are fighting to avoid getting to endgame. a mushroom collecter isnt at endgame when he gets all the mushrooms because he still has to find something to do untill he dies. therefor having 85% of the mushrooms would still not be endgame for him. not to mention there is no diminishing returns in dayz as you are either alive.... or dead
  12. FunkInYourTrunk

    Looking for a good GSP

    we used fragnet back in .52 - .54 and i would definately use them again. we never had any problems. was quite a bit more expensive then we could afford to keep up but was a good experience while it lasted.
  13. FunkInYourTrunk

    A few tips to surviving your next encounter.

    you will always survive every encounter that you avoid altogether.
  14. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.01

    they arent dead. they are basically 28 days later style zeds.
  15. FunkInYourTrunk

    Stable Update 1.01

    thats definately a fair statement and i was not trying to come across judgemental or condescending. i just feel they are doing a pretty good job being transparent with the things missing and are still intending on adding them. since the game is already technically released it would be very hard for them to justify raising the price later and im really hoping they will not go the route of paid dlc so i dont mind paying for what will be, instead of what is. i just don't think its fair that everyone is flaming the devs saying they are ripping us off. or that the devs are dumb cuz this or that isnt working when the devs never said any of it was working. i too am incredably excited for things to come and wish they were here already.