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  1. why are server prices higher than other games

    easier said than done. we ran a server for 3 months and over the 3 months only had 2 people join that were willing to donate to help keep the server going. thatbeing said we didnt start with a community of people, it was just the 4 of us to begin with. still tho... i dont k ow too many people who can put together even a group of 10 people to play with never mind 60. very much looking foreward to the posability of hosting a dedicated server ourselves.
  2. why are server prices higher than other games

    so once dedicated server hosting is available will i be able to host a server on the same machine i play on or will i need a seperate desktop to run the server?
  3. A Thank You Is In Order

    i applaud the fact that you found the error and that you added it to the feedback tracker. even that you went farther and posted everywhere else you could think of when you didnt think it was being fixed fast enough. however i imagine they fixed it when they got to it on the feedback tracker and i imagine flaming the game and the devs of the game did not make it any faster. people reacted harshly to your post and to be honest i agreed with then because i believed and still do that they were frustrated in how you made your complaint and how instead of just bringing attention to the issue you felt the need to go on about how the devs were crap and you would never play again if they didnt respond right now. it came across as entitled and demanding and kinda rubbed me and im sure a few others the wrong way. i hope your future experiences are as welcoming as most of mine have been and that we one day can tell stories of these events around a campfire or in a newly crafted base sometime in the future. i hope your negative experience is water under the bridge. the people in this community arent toxic most of the time and are usually very informative, helpful, and provide amazing scenic stories of their journys in dayz. we all have bad days here and there.
  4. Stamina and energy levels?

    i would agree with you there. though some of the status indicators that have been added i dont mind, the stamina bar could be done without. im hoping that it being there is a place holder till they get all the different breathing sounds to where they want them as we need some kind of indicator that we are runnin on fumes
  5. A Serious Problem

    i dont see it as trolling. he is responding in agrivation to the op which is rediculously childishly written. if he was posting for knowledge or to make people aware then it woupdnt be such a whiny "fix it or ill never load it again!!! aknowledge this right now i command it!!!!" post. im guesaing he is a fan of dayz and is passionate about the game and is tired of reading 8000000 posts a day that all say "waaaaah! why isnt developement of a huge game and a completely new engine instant?" or "i just had to reboot my computer with no damage to it whatsoever, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!" they have limited time in a day and have limited staff/programmers. they do check the feedback tracker and are resolving issues as they get to them. have patience and it will all come together.
  6. What would you do if they removed third person view?

    i cant believe how many times i have read this same topic. how is it discussion worthy? removing it would be a poor business decision because of the people who like 3pp (i prefer first person) and the people with motion sickness. besides it gives us a buffer. it is where people who play strictly for pvp or people who want "the upper hand" all the time play. if you take all the toxic players from 3pp and move them to hardcore it would probably take from the experience. im not a fan of 3pp and dont play it but it would be silly for them to remove it imo. alas.... here i am saying dumb things like 'how is this discussion worthy'........while taking part in the discussion.
  7. Where is the DayZ population?

    Dont count your chickens before they hatch. Your friends may take longer or be more hesitant but everyone who truly loves or loved dayz will be back. Some during developement some after release. A finished product will be too much for them to resist. Besides, anyone who doesnt return will be replaced with new players and console players after release.
  8. Where is the DayZ population?

    dont worry. everyone will return. the more they add the more people will want to come back for a peak. once they return the game will recaptivate them.
  9. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    you are definately correct. i think they should definately multiply the current stamina amount by 1....
  10. Stamina and energy levels?

    personally i would rather see a penalty for players who have low health/food/hydration. i think the stamina as they have it is pretty well balanced as you can sprint for quite a distance. i feel it is a great way to make people think about how they use stamina instead of just sprinting to nwaf. they need to save a little stamina for fighting and take time crossing the map. im a big fan of the stamina system
  11. The state of current gameplay

    i totally understand the frustration of the orrigional poster and of the person upset with him. the orrigional poster was suffering from 'i died a bunch because it wasnt easy enough for me' syndrome, and the reaponder was tired of reading hundreds of posts of people saying the game sucks because it is difficult. i also am under the impression that the game is supposed to be an incredably difficult survival game in a sandbox environment. you should not be finding food everywhere and you should get hungry. if surviving is easy then people will get bored and immediately turn to pew pew pvp. THAT would ruin gameplay. personally i find the magic of this game to be that moment when you see another player and follow them for a while to get an idea of if they will be friendly. then once that is ascertained working with them to survive this apocalyptic new world. if the only thing you need to work to survive is other players then why play at all. we have cod for that. you shouldnt go from hungry to stuffed with a full backpack of food in an hour and you shouldnt need to eat only once every 6. you shouldnt be able to sprint from one end of map to other. you should need to calculate your decisions, your routes of travel, your rations, clothing for warmth and every other aspect to survive and learn from your mistakes by dying and starting again. food poisoning almost always killing you for example.... should be an exelent way to learn to cook your food and purify your water...
  12. The state of current gameplay

    and this boihaze...... is why you are my favorite. i lay low but i am always reading lol.
  13. Exp Update 0.63.147407

    The game was awesome before vehicles were a thing and will still be awesome if they never come. I'm sorry that taking longer than 10 minutes to cross the map and loot up is too long for you but those of us who love the game, love the environment, LOVE the survival aspect of the game, and could care less about pew pew pvp will do just fine without them. vehicles would be nice, but are far from being neccessary in any way.
  14. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    just choose a server that isnt accelerated.... pretty simple solution that doesnt force everyone to play the way you want them to.
  15. Stress test vol.18

    Thats got it going. Thanks a million!