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  1. McPhorce

    Falling to your death

    If no other players are around your body will despawn in about 5 minutes. The only thing that will remain is whatever you were holding in your hand at the time of death... avoid ladders.
  2. McPhorce

    Have anyone been driving the Olga?

    Ahhh yea there is no way to fill with oil currently. I made the mistake of letting a few of my buddies take my ride for a spin. They crashed it, replaced the radiator, didn't fill it enough and ruined my Olga... You can fill Jerry cans with water and it only takes one to fill the whole radiator. Otherwise it's like 6 canteens... I'll be on the hunt for a new Olga asap though. Rides like a dream so long as you avoid big cities. Got it up to 110 km./hr the other day!
  3. McPhorce

    Assault vest buttpack

    Finally found one... Got sniped out about an hour later. 2 week character. Whoever killed me got some really nice stuff... I had just raided an obvious dupers camp, and walked out with a ghillie suit, LAR, and fully decked out AK... Luckily I know how to get back!
  4. McPhorce

    Assault vest buttpack

    Has anyone come across one yet? If so at what location? Hit a few bases but i'm thinking Tissy might be my best bet at this point...
  5. McPhorce

    Looking to trade

    I'm into that trade. McPhorcer is my GT
  6. McPhorce

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    So then you agree that when a gun on that server is destroyed it does in fact respawn. So your argument that duping has wiped all guns from all servers is just not true. It's close to true. But the fact that on a very rare occasion you can find a rifle in a mili zone, makes you're argument invalid...
  7. McPhorce

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Duping is the problem with respawns... You literally just corrected yourself in the same sentence...
  8. McPhorce

    Assault rifle

    FAL is only at helicopter crash sites. You can find a Tundra .308 sniper rifle in hunting spawns. As far a AK and M4's go though they have been duped so many times that you can no longer find them. basically extinct off all servers because people have duplicated them and buried large stockpiles...
  9. McPhorce

    Xbox Update 1.02

    I used to find them in Sea Crate Containers on the coast... The state of respawns is mental right now...
  10. McPhorce

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Wow this is good to know! i could have sworn i saw a NY server at one point... Might have to migrate home servers...
  11. McPhorce

    Xbox Update 1.02

    I've found the Tundra in a hunting stand. Love it! It really packs a punch. Shot a man from quite a fare distance. Knocked him uncon instantly. Observed him from a far just laying there. Decided to let him get back up, patch himself up, and carry on. Unfortunately he fell victim to being the first test subject for my newly acquired snipe. Still trying to hit a man from over 300 m. If I run into you and you aren't 300 m. away though then you are safe for the most part haha.
  12. McPhorce

    Xbox Update 1.02

    What is your preferred method for heli crash hunting. I'm not having good luck...
  13. McPhorce

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    Not true. The occasional odd M4 or AK will spawn despite duping. Just very rarely. It all depends on how many guns have been duped on said server...
  14. McPhorce

    New item: Empty can

    Thats epic. If only the current glitches were that cool...