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  1. *If you don't have a gun*
  2. McPhorce

    Full release March 27th

    Nope. Don't even know how. I am a master at pillaging dupers bases though.
  3. McPhorce

    Full release March 27th

    Oh I can guarantee that this update will come with a full character, stash wipe. To be expected. That's why the official date for the update confirms that the purge must be fulfilled. Prepare yourselves for KOS mindsets. Let the hunt begin!
  4. McPhorce

    Full release March 27th

    I for one am pumped that it won't come until the end of the month. I have so much loot buried. Enough to keep my purge going for the next two weeks at least MMwahahahahahaha!
  5. Interesting. I recognize Primorsk from PUBG!
  6. McPhorce

    Buried loot disappeared

    Can confirm. I was the drybag
  7. McPhorce

    Buried loot disappeared

    In fact i'll even hook you up with a full set-up. HMU tonight. My GT is McPhorcer
  8. McPhorce

    Buried loot disappeared

    Well I've had a base up for weeks in server US4212. If you wanna call it home the persistence is seemingly stable. Could use some more friendly neighbors. By the way I wouldn't have destroyed said peoples things if they weren't so clearly all duped.
  9. McPhorce

    Buried loot disappeared

    Ouch... hasn't happened to me. I'm assuming they had survived multiple server restarts and just randomly up and disappeared on day? Weird. You weren't in server US4212 by chance where you? I found a camp last night. Took Their barrel and everything in it. Found 4 stashes buried by a bush. Took what I needed and destroyed the rest. Could it have been yours?
  10. McPhorce

    Action Clips.

    I know! I was scared the ACOG would be to much zoom at that range, not to mention the chance of it taking too long to load the reticle. I was super lucky though.
  11. McPhorce

    Action Clips.

    No idea how I didn't die. Had to be a drop of blood from passing out after the zombie attack.
  12. McPhorce

    Action Clips.

    Thought It might be fun to throw down some of our latest and greatest action packed moments. I often avoid contact, but sometimes it's fun to chase down shots and get into some trouble. This one is from the other day. Back story is that this guy was popping shots at me from the treeline, and I wasn't having none of it. Really got the heart pumping... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mcphorcer/video/70144922. I'm interested to see all of your unique heart stoppers!
  13. McPhorce

    Man Part's One Stop Shop (Open!)

    My man at it again! Keep doing your thing and try not to get to salty about the state of the game. Dudes like you changing up the flow is a big part of what makes this game so great.
  14. McPhorce

    Lack of HC players

    Same thing happened to me last night! Only about 6 on the server with me. Spawned in up North in CBET and sure enough I saw two fully geared players hovering around the giant garage at the Extreme North. Approached them to say hello, with guns holstered. One of them noticed me and must have scared the dayzlights outta him because he immediately started firing in my direction. Missed every shot. I shot back and hit them both. They retreated into the garage and locked themselves in. I didn't bother unlocking it. Just fired at the door and kept on my way. I wonder how long they hid in that garage for until coming out hahaha.
  15. McPhorce

    Did the game ran out of weapons?

    I was fortunate enough to find 2 M4's in the same barracks at the NW military base last night. Both equipped with almost full magazines. I also attached the handrail that you came across and I believe it improved the accuracy of the rifle. Assault rifles are far and few between right now due to RNG being screwed by dupers. Keep grinding though and you'll find one eventually. Came across two heli crashes as well. Neither had a VSD unfortunately.