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  1. The-MCV-

    DayZ Memes

    You never know when a massive shootout erupts in Guglovo...
  2. The-MCV-

    Game Concept: 1 Life Servers

    What about dying once and then getting banned from the game altogether?
  3. The-MCV-

    Night is a problem.

    I play in the night more often than before. The flashlight is s**t, so is the flare, but it's fun to see nothing and just hear zombie growls or stumble about hoping to find a town. Of course it could be much better and appeal to more of the community if it were a tad lighter and more visible. My only current problem with it is that the surfaces of some buildings, be it floors or walls, respond weirdly to light and appear black or shiny black... Also it is quite fun to lure a horde of zeds somewhere, drop the light source and commence the bullet fest in that shallow cone of light.
  4. The-MCV-

    Can't change the character before spawning

    Ok, thanks, now I can see this base character to customize. I think I needed to join several servers until the 3 players in the menu cycled and made this one appear. I had only 3 characters for which I could only change the name. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I have 3 characters in the main menu, each to its own private shard. I want to die on one of the servers and respawn with a new character (especially since 2 look the same so I've blocked myself), but I can't. It spawns me with the same character over and over and I don't want that. Back in the day when you died and pressed Exit, you could reshape your default character. Now I can't since all 3 characters can only be renamed. Is there a fix? Is this something saved in a config file which I may have accidentally saved as read-only or something?
  6. The-MCV-

    Steaks, the infinite heat packs

    It's funny that when you put the hot water in a bottle, it says nothing of the temperature. But yea', it doesn't do any harm now, just a curiosity.
  7. Hello, Came back after two years or so and I gave cooking a try. I boiled goat and chicken meat in a pot on a portable gas stove and neither the container nor the meat cools down, even after an hour. The pot got to about 200 Celsius, but since it's mounted on the stove, when stored on me, it doesn't directly 'touch' my backpack/me (weird, I know). The meat (6 or 8 steaks) are on the hunter jacket, all at 100 Celsius. I tried to ditch everything in a river and I began to expect the river to boil up too lol. No item cools down. With all the meat in the jacket and without an intermediary container, my temperature gauge is somewhat 3/4 on the yellow side so my character should be thankful for not freezing and not getting his equipment damaged, but is there any actual way to cool stuff down? The fireplace itself burned at 1000 then cooled to 30 and died out eventually.
  8. The-MCV-

    Stable Update 0.62.139835

    I also lost a lot of FPS. Now I got 15-27 in Berezino down from 45-55 and the stuttering is impossible.
  9. The-MCV-

    Items That Don't Spawn Anymore

    Because it breaks immersion. I don't think it fits in drinking from a cauldron lol... But that is just me.
  10. The-MCV-

    Items That Don't Spawn Anymore

    Yea', the private hive I'm on is mostly full, but still, one bottle in hours over hours of civilian houses/towns/cities. Guess I am either unlucky or everyone likes improvised suppressors (kind of the reason I need one too xD)
  11. The-MCV-

    Any good EU servers without idiots?

    I am not sure it has something to do with high pop/low pop. People are friendly only until they find ammo for their gun. Period. Try to find a private shard which enforces a friendly zone. I play on something like that, but I never go there. Probably gonna' get killed trying to enter or after leaving.
  12. The-MCV-

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Returning after a several months long hiatus. First character died to a pack of wolves in the morning. Had all the survival gear. Second character died to a player (intense duel melee duel). Third character got sucker punched by a fresh (I was also a fresh after char 2 died). Got gear again on the 4th and now I'm fishing and hunting. Still unsure if the cooked meat just changes color and that is the only indicator that it is ready to be consumed or there's still the old 'raw/grilled/burnt' name prefix (talking about chicken breast here, but had fish too). Also waiting for that sick status to fade after being curious what 'stitch myself' with the sewing kit would do even though I was not injured. Popped tetra pills and cleaned myself with alcohol already.
  13. The-MCV-

    Items That Don't Spawn Anymore

    Water bottles. Always playing on the same server, but I've logged in during both low and max population and there's none in the towns or cities. Before getting rekt by a pack of wolves, I had a cooking pot, but it's ridiculous to use it as a bottle.