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  1. Thumper1999

    Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    Im Ready for the new update.
  2. Thumper1999

    What are the best towns to loot in DayZ?

    until regional loot control i added lets hope it will be easy. Or you could wait until the next update.
  3. Thumper1999

    dayz loot and zombie issues

    until region loot control is added we hope for loot to keep respawning
  4. Thumper1999

    Why is there a .57 server still?

    its questionable if the server is hacked, pirated or not update but you should report it anyway. you could use the bug tracker to see.
  5. Thumper1999

    Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

    this must mean that server admins will be allowed to control loot spawns ;)
  6. Thumper1999

    Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

    This looks awesome cant wait until the next update :)
  7. Thumper1999

    New Loot Spawn System

    I agree that we need new loot on server restarts and the doors starting locked.
  8. Thumper1999

    "Warning" Exp 0.59 Broken / Jamming AK's - SKS work around

    thank you for sharing this issue I guess I will avoid the pristine AK for now lol
  9. Thumper1999

    Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    finally time to kill some zombies
  10. Thumper1999

    State of loot spawn?

    you could wait for the next update for the loot to be fixed or try the Experiment branch.
  11. Thumper1999

    I'm done with 0.58

    until 0.59 update comes out we will see the loot improvements and zombies returning again. if not well the fate of your fans.
  12. Thumper1999

    DayZ porn ?

    this is against the rules.
  13. Thumper1999

    What i suppose to do -_-

  14. Thumper1999

    Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    thank you :beans:
  15. Thumper1999

    Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    I hope the next update fixes the loot so It will not leave the world of Chenarus Barron also cant wait to see the new vehicles. Lets hops for the zombies to return to Dayz.