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    Good Cover

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    =VX9= fun and games

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    Team kills

    Everyone team kills at some point but i have mine on video soo check em out and if you have some of your own be sure to share them
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    The Hunter

  5. TheMaxedout


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    day and night

    Lol ohh Gosh no we comunicate fairly well haven't team killed in awhile, it was just a bambi trying to take gear. Thanks for watching man!
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    day and night

  8. TheMaxedout

    Eagle eyes

  9. TheMaxedout

    Dayz Cinematic trailer

  10. TheMaxedout

    a rookie sniper

    Nine time out of ten there is always someone up there sadly but thanks for watching!
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    HARDCORE Day 3

  12. TheMaxedout

    a rookie sniper

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    Long Range Club 2

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    HARDCORE Day 2

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    Long Range Club

    Thanks for watching man!