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  1. He's also, enlisting into a five year term into his countries military service, I'm sure this was a big big part of him leaving. @Yuval Best of luck to you during your term of service, and whatever the future may bring.
  2. You didn't say the words, but the message in your response was. "Hey all don't have expectations and seeing as how you/I didn't pay much to be on this bus ride, it's ok to not have a steadily developing game." DayZ SA made over 12,000,000 million dollars in the FIRST week of sales revenue 5,100,000 was made in the first 24 hours of sales. See any critiques or complaints or criticisms are labeled as people bitching, or whining, or complaining just for the sake to be upset about it. With ALL paid for this game, the good and the bad, and we are all free to voice our opinions/thoughts, not just the, "Wowza this game is amazing", ones...
  3. But if people just swallow what is being developed and go with it, and offer zero feed back because, "Alpha", then how will the development team know how the community feels? If we just ignore the pink elephant in the room and wait till full release to then criticize certain aspects of the game, there will be most likely a lot more changes/poor opinions that the developers will then have to mull over and change/add, that if they listened and seen the criticisms that people have as a tool to improve the game NOW sooner then LATER it will save them additional work that could have been prevented. But if we all move along like sheep and keep chewing on the same patch of grass, they'll never know.
  4. It's becoming increasingly difficult to remain positive or give back constructive feedback, when for the most part, DayZ and it's progression has felt very much void of, "Progression". Alot of the additions/changes ect. that have been made in previous updates feel very much like a teeter-totter, where you'll get updates/content, but then it goes right back down to nothingness because it's either very short lived content/changes or it's really not content because it's taking what's already there and making it worse/better. And the reason why people bring up, "It's Alpha", "It's Early-Release", "You've read or been warned of .... " ect. as, "lazy responses", is that is what we always get as feedback from other forum members/moderators ect. to any/all sort of criticisms towards this game or it's development staff... Just as people defending DayZ's state, are tired of criticism w/o constructive feedback, people who criticize are also fed up with the same ol' responses or reasons to as how DayZ and it's staff, can remain in it's current state for as long as it has been. Also, it feels like to me atleast, any real constructive threads or responses don't make it to the developers, as in, the developement of DayZ SA will remain as they want it, no matter the suggestions, because they get swept under the rug. Just like the simple thread discussing a, "Auto-run" hotkey be put in, it was flamed and contested by people who just pound their chests about, "STAMINA", being the sole reason not to have it, or that, "I might run off a cliff because I looked away for a few seconds..." sort of responses. As for my constructive feedback, I struggle to think of any that hasn't been said already, and while I like playing the game, certain aspects of it or mechanics/controls that could be changed/removed ect. aren't going to happen because, I feel voices are muffled and not shown to the developers, or else, you would see a lot more community outreach from developers such as responding to threads like this one, ect. Thank you, and keep on surviving.

    First thing I do as a Fresh Spawn is find an apple tree, and eat eat eat, until I am, "Stuffed", then I keep like six or so apples on me as I loot up, eating one every so often. I find most of the canned food is inside containers such as, back packs and jackets. Ohh and you can always go kiwi hunting and kill the zombies with the Dean Hall skin on them, they always have a kiwi in their inventory. Once they return animals back to DayZ, it will be a lot easier, shoot a dear or pig ect. cook it up and there you go plenty of food. I find most of the problem with food gathering is your initial spawn in and eat phase but once you get your food to bright green and water to bright green, it's an easy task to keep those up. But once stamina is introduced we may see our food levels being drained to fuel our stamina, ect. Now onto the loot, now, for quiet some time it has been well known, that the coast is pretty much as scarce as it's going to get loot wise, a lot and I mean a lot of useless items that the devs put in for, "Future use", are what you are going to find opposed to good gear. (Or what you conceive as good gear.) Now I'm the type of person who goes with the bare essentials when playing DayZ, many times I am running around with a sporter/trumpet and a branch as my weapon setup, because we all know those, "Super skilled", players in full military gear with the AKM/M4 ect. will be showcasing their, "Elite tactics", on the coast, "Educating" new players and freshies about the wonderful world of DayZ... And that's where you find me, with what many consider a, "Weak", firearm, getting that military gear for me, from the walking salvation army that is most of these, "Muh-military gear", players, lol. I do however feel that the frequency of needless gear should be toned down, in favor of more useful things spawning, just to sort of give players a better foot hold starting out.
  6. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    See there is no reason not to have a toggle for auto-run on/off, people will say, "But stamina", and I say, "If your too dumb to turn it off and die from exhaustion that's your fault, no one elses". Then the whole cycle begins with, "Early release", and "It's Alpha" and oh, "Didn't you read the warning", sort of responses. Because you know, everyone wants to develop hand cramps or lodge a coin in their keyboard, when all they need is a hotkey to toggle it on/off, and when the stamina system comes in (Ages from now.) people can toggle it off freely.
  7. I don't get the point of you quoiting me, since I fully understand and support what you just said. However I want to point out, that most criticism about this game/developers/host company, is met with the usual, "Early release", "Alpha", "Are you a game developer". People aren't given the option to explain themselves, and are usually penalized by the powers that be for it. I understand that non-constructive criticism gets us no where, but sometimes people have a hard time expressing their distaste for something, and go with a blanket statement, such as the one you gave, "Ambient sound sucks", because to them, that is how they express it. And sometimes people feel that either it be constructive or not, they're going to get penalized for it anyways, I mean just as I am typing this, I feel that since I am not being super up-beat and cherry about everything DayZ SA related, that I will get in trouble for speaking my mind. So I will be constructive with my following criticisms from now on, but be prepared for more rambling. (Since I suffer from sometimes not being able to form my thoughts in a proper manner.) 1. The loot system/table in this game needs revision, I feel the current level of available resources from your typical spawn area, needs to be elevated so that people can get a proper foot hold to be able to begin the trek to the better loot spots. Because I for one don't enjoy picking three dozen apples to try to get full/hydrated only to freeze to death moments later because the only thing available to wear is damaged/soaked dresses and track suit bottoms. (I know this can be customized based on server, but there needs to be a solid loot baseline that you can't go below.) 2. Zombie fight mechanics are frustrating to say the least. It is horrible to be walking along and see some zombie do some falcon punch manuever from several feet away while sliding at you, and hit you, while you start bleeding. I feel that even with the new player control coming out in the next patch, that, zombies need to be more zombie and less Conor McGregor. (Meaning slow and stupid, a task sure to be handled, but not that hidden mma fighter in the shadows.)\ There's more, but I am short on time this morning, and can't invest more time into my reply, surely, I would go on if given the opportunity to do so.
  8. I can fully comprehend that developers cannot just snap their fingers and *POOF* and game is fully created in an instant. But what I am trying to get at is, since we are testing this game no matter what it's phase of developement is, we can form opinions/feelings on how we as the consumer/tester feel that things are going, and if they're headed in the right direction (To us.) I for one love this game, it's fun for what it is currently, and I see a lot of promise. But I'm certainly not going to get pushed aside and not allow myself to be heard about flaws/problems of it's current state. I do this not out of spite or bigotry, I do this so that the developement staff when they visit this forum, can see what people no matter who it is, have an issue with, and perhaps if its something they can see as a problem as well, they can address it in a future patch. Just as you are free to promote how great you believe this game is, and how you have opinions on how people shouldn't be able to complain, that's your prerogative and I have mine. Thank you.
  9. Then why as testers are we not aloud to complain about or criticize the development speed and current state/content of the game? Why must everything be one big, "White Knight", episode where we must just over glorify what the game offers and how it stands? Not being able to voice ones opinions however they might be, is censorship, and posts/replies/threads ect. being deleted is just manipulating feedback to only show the snuggle bunnies and rainbows threads such as, "Guys you can't complain about development speed because of these other titles, ect." style threads. Now I understand a lot of negative feedback is just that "negative", and doesn't help if there is no follow up about how to change/fix something that person was negative about. However I would debate that people championing the developers and brown nosing, are just as guilty of not getting this game's faults addressed, because if developers see a load of, "This game is the most awesomest game ever in early developement evar!!!111!!", they're not going to address problems, they're going to carry on with doing things as they see fit. So both sides of the coin need to be able to speak they're mind about this game, it's development and staff.
  10. How To Win Playerbase Back

    1. What is a, "Customer facing patch", and since when can't developers control what they put into a patch, and design smaller more frequent content patches to entice people to stick around. 2. / 3. I'm talking about non-community servers, unless the official ones are like this too, but it seems as if most of them are dryer than a Trisket cracker on the sun. 4. We'll see, only time can tell I suppose. 5. This is good to know, since the current layout looks far too, "Clean", for a post-apoc infection outbreak world.
  11. How To Win Playerbase Back

    Alright, so in the past I have tried to offer my opinions on things like this, and it has came across as, "Flaming" or just rage inducing, so I am going to give it my best shot to be critical yet offer plausible ideas to bring people back. 1. More consistent content patches. (We all know it to be true, we get to nibble on the content-carrot for a bit, then there are three month+ long spans with nothing being added.) I feel like less is more, save the big content patches for down the road when the game is better defined and in working order, for now, just add in simple content ie gun attachments/different ammo/different types of infected ect. because sometimes less is more, and with a game in early development saving the big things like base construction/vehicles/flight ect. could wait till beta+. 2. Revert some changes to thing people loved. (We all seemed to love NEAF and Balota Airfield how they where, they where a good source of interaction/pvp/gear and saved people from trecking all the way from the east coast to NWAF/Military Base in the hopes of gear being there, which was a low chance since those two areas are the most server-hopped areas around.) This would bring people back to those spots, because as is, you see very little people outside of Cherno/Elektro and NWAF/Military Base. 3. Loot table/availability. (Now I fully understand that there is a realism element to DayZ SA, and in a post-apoc world things aren't going to be stacked sky high, ect. However, I feel like the current look table/availability is far too low, and the frequency of finding junk items far outweighs the good ones, and not many people wish to loot up for hours only to be KoS'd by some loon 500+ meters away.) Back when DayZ was first released, you could spawn onto a freshly reset server and within 20-30 minutes be setup and ready to rock in a sense, for whatever reason you are playing DayZ be it for the PvP/Immersion/Interaction/Feel/Survivability ect. being able to reliably gear up and go, was a good feeling, the way it is now, you feel discouraged from traveling because all you're going to find is piles of books, butane cooking tops, and pic-axes... 4. Zombies/Infected. (I love the new look, and other players do as well, however, the glitching/buggy sliding upper-cut that they do now, makes them less of what they where, an annoyance. Before I and others enjoyed that the zombies where slow moving, following, creatures that took a few quick axes to the head/body to take down, now it's a virtual slip and slide with them swinging from several feet away and somehow nailing you in the chest and making you bleed, destroying your gear and in some cases 1hit KO'ing you. Bringing back the old style mechanics with these guys/gals was a lot more better. 5. More chaotic/horrific environments. (An improved look for the games environment, that would give the players a better/stronger feeling about doom n' gloom/post-apoc happenings. would be excellent.) right now the game is far too clean, for a infection outbreak of this size, there are some places where bodies are piled up, and some blood smears, but I feel like more things could be broken down, more so in the cities, but places that where better fortified and outlying villiages/towns could just be rough looking, or have obvious suicides like people hanging from trees, bodies missing heads from shooting themselves, ect. to make it feel a little less like a ghost-town simulator and more like, "People lost their shit, and their hopes, and offed themselves". ect. These are a few things I could think up, I know I will get some people who will defend this game till everyone has left it, and they wonder why everyone left, but, these are some things I feel could be changed/added/reverted ect. to bring back or improve the current flow to keep people ect.
  12. I'm just hoping people don't build their bases like you see people doing in games like H1Z1 where popular roadways/cities ect. are just one huge clustering of bases making it ugly/impassable and taking away the natural flow and esthetics of the area.
  13. DayZ Dev Team is lazy ?

    @OP See OP, the reason why DayZ is dying, and taking ages to progress from a, "Early Access" or "Alpha Stage" game, is the vast amount of excuses that White Knights and Chest-Thumping "IT'S ALPHHURRR" smucks are pumping out. If I was a developer of a game, working at a company, and seen people excusing the crawl-speed rate of development of the game I was working on, I wouldn't care to try either. They have their money, we all bought into the, "Zombie Craze Survival Game" hype these past years. A game that was flourishing, wildly popular and you would see several if not more, FULL/High/Medium servers, are now, one or two High/Medium servers. And I get wanting to defend a game, either be it from loyalty, admiration, finding it a fun game and wanting it to continue being fun, ect. But there comes a time, when you have to remove those rose-tinted glasses, and see it for what it really is, DEADz Standforeveralone.
  14. Best Advice for new players

    I've met two girls playing this game, and both, know how to use their gender to their benefit. Girl: Help me, these guys are KoS'n me! Me: Where are you?! Girl: I am hiding inside this building, from the KoS jerks. Me: *Opens door* Guy 1/2/3: BAM BAM BAM Girl: Easy loot boys, easy loot! Guy 1/2/3: We're so pro bros!!! Well from that experience I kill everyone, no matter the gender.
  15. The, "KoS" mentality has been perpetuated through, Streams/YouTube Videos/Reddit and other sites, such as this one. Where most if not ALL gameplay videos, or streams are all about killing other players, killing squads of people, knocking people unconscious and poisoning them, to the point that is all people expect to happen when they play, and see someone, that that someone is going to try and kill them, or they should kill that person. Interactions are one of the most interesting parts of playing DayZ, but sadly, the only thing that occurs in killing on sight, because why do anything else , when the only thing shown or they've seen on the web, is killing each other.