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  1. What about the people who come running, to only lash out at people offering a different way to look at the game, and an opinion on how a different playstyle may give them a bit more enjoyment? Are they not also, "Snowflakes", people who get all their feelings hurt that someone is calling into question, they're lack of intelligence because those people out right refuse to do anything but point and shoot, when there is so much more open to them? But let me guess, since there isn't any hard-forced mechanics in game to encourage survivor cooperation, you feel that all there is to do, is KoS? Seems you fit the bill pretty nice, too.
  2. You triggered, or nah? No where did he say, "Play like this!!!", he merely voiced his opinion, on how people could get so much more out of this game, if they would do more then KoS.
  3. comikz

    This is geting silly

    @OP If there is anything I have learned on these forums is that, any comment/opinion/thread that isn't rainbows and butterflies about the game and it's developemental staff, is rained down on by cool-aid drinkers, it's best not to have a negative thought/opinion and just nod your head.
  4. comikz

    Need some honest advice...

    "Most of them will try and kill you". This is the mentality that leads people playing DayZ like some sort of open-world KoS-fest. @Tom Hawks I will say, be cautious of other people. If you want to interact with them, be sure you have eyes on them first, and be in a position that you can communicate with them over mic, and watch their reaction. Most people from watching YouTube, Twitch, or reading on the Forums/Reddit have been made to feel as if, everyone is going to kill you, so you have to kill them first. Which is crud, I have 2366 hours in-game, still play it as the survivor who wants interaction over shooting everything that moves. If I wanted to gun everything down, I'de play CoD. But yes, in most cases, spots to avoid just running around mindlessly are the coast, and military locations (Bases/Air fields/Tents.) as these spots are high-pvp. I would encourage you also, to play on medium/high pop servers as this is the best way to learn the game, because you have motivators like people shooting at you to play smart. If you need help, msg me, and we can explore.
  5. comikz

    Just checking in..

    Gahhh.... The, "It's the engine", excuse. They knew it when they began that the engine they wanted to use was going to be problematic and need a lot of changes to perform how they wanted. But they wanted to be unique and different so they just went with it. They could have used the same engine as ARMA III, and then tinker with changes, ect. But they went with the engine that would take the most work.
  6. comikz

    looking for some mature people to play with on standalo

    I'm interested, hit me up, Steam is, Phelix w/ the same avatar as here on the forums. (I'm also 33. w/ over 2K hours played.)
  7. Been a while since I have played this game, I feel like getting back into it. Looking for a small/medium sized group to form a squad to roam around for looting and semi-organized gameplay (General tactics, nothing too hardcore, just playing smart, ect.) My playstyle isn't one that can be labled either hero/bandit, and more of a, "What the situation calls for". sort of thing, I prefer to play it safe, stay at a distance and observe people before engaging either in direct voice, or if they pose a threat, murdering them from a distance. If you're an older game (I'm 33) and want an extra chill guy to pvp/loot or just general exploration, hit me up. Thanks.
  8. Friendly survivors are a myth, if it moves it dies.
  9. comikz

    I miss my Dayz

    Waiting waiting and more waiting, hoping that beta is a cure all for the most part. We shall see if all the hype is warranted but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  10. comikz

    Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you wait till this game goes into Beta, currently the game has a lot of problems and lacking in a few areas. Hopefully the Beta will address these and prove to be something everyone has been hoping for, for a long long time.
  11. comikz

    5 months till the new update? Realy?

    1. On what day will .63 be released to Stable branch? 2. Why not use a previously used engine, and modify it to the needs of DayZ Standalone? 3. Why add in so much cooking tools, lower spawn rates of canned food, only to remove the majority of animals? (I haven't seen any deer/pigs and cows seem to be hiding in the woods?) 4. Why add in so much useless items/gear to the loot tables, such as books/cooking tripods/propane canisters/heating elements/cooking tools ect. with no real use to them? 5. Why force so much realism into a game that is pretty much a post-apocalyptic fantasy shooter (Zombies ain't real.) 6. Why take several months if not longer per patch/update only for it to consist of a few graphical/glitch/bug fixes and a handful of re-hashed items/gear, and perhaps more copy/pasta towns/cities/villiages? 7. How many people actually WORK on DayZ Standalone (Such as programmers, or others who actually put stuff in the game, not you know, people who appear on YouTube/Reddit who say they work with the team, when all they do is talk about stuff.) 8. Why is there very little outreach to the community, and the actual game's forums are pretty much ignored. (A few Reddit posts, and a "Possibly releasing this here", road-map is not enough.) 9. Why have the loot tables been so destroyed, that most buildings that had loot in them previously, are now just empty (Jail houses, ect.) 10. When will mechanics that encourage more interaction and less KoS playstyles be introduced (To change this game from an open-world pew pew grudge match.) 11. What's being done to bring back players, and to facilitate future player-growth rates in game to boost the activity level? 12. How with all the money that was made in the first month of sales, is this game still in early access alpha four years down the road, with games that are also alpha, ahead by leaps and bounds (ARK: Survival Evolved.) (Ohh and spare me the, "Muh Engine", garbo.) 13. If definite dates of releases of new content, ect. don't want to be listed due to, "We may be wrong", why isn't the reasons you could be wrong, addressed and fixed within the team/company? 14. How many hours a day, how many days a week, how many weeks a month, how many months a year, is actual solid work done on DayZ? 15. When Dean Hall left, why did it seem like the momentum that things where being done all but disappear, was he that pivotal to the games development, and are there any plans to try and get him back? 16. Are the reviews on Steam taken into consideration with what needs to be added/changed/removed ect. from the game, or are they pretty much just scoffed at and ignored? 17. What's the likelihood of this project (DayZ Standalone) being released to modders, ect. or heck even being finished this year (2018)? 18. Again, why waste time on useless stuff that no one really needs nor adds to the game? (Bases are a huge thing, but emotes/animations, are kinda meh?) 19. How genuine are excuses such as, "It's early access", "It's Alpha", and "The engine is being built", in terms of making it so that things can take ages to produce? 20. What are the true feelings of Bohemia on this game and it's direction, additionally how do they feel about the rate of development? Now these questions are for the developers/bohemia and their staff to answer, since they are the ones that are in control. The reason why these questions are for them only, is, time and time again I am told or I read, "You're not a programmer, so you have no idea what you're talking about", when anything negative or any complaints arise. So if you don't work with them or for them, sorry, you don't know what you're talking about.
  12. comikz

    5 months till the new update? Realy?

    TL:DR Don't have expectation or opinions on how things should go, because you're not a programmer and you know nothing of what you're speaking of. Ohh you upset that things are taking a long time to get released, well that must mean you're in dire need of fresh air and a life. I do not mean this as a personal attack, but your post, is just another one of those, "Dumb comments", just one more of those vomited up by one of those, "Experts" who feel it necessary to reiterate the same ol' , "Crap happens, you're not a programmer", vibes. I get that you are annoyed by the people who come in here with demands, but your post is just as annoying because it does nothing but copy what has been said over and over. And until there is some direct communication that answers questions, that reassures us gamers who bought into their project that it wasn't a grand waste of time. Then expect people to have negative opinions and to make demands, because as I see it, weather you're galloping around on your horse or raising a clenched fist wrapped around a torch, nothing of value is getting said by their team.
  13. comikz

    5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Information that would allow us as the games supporters to have a more concrete and visual representation as to how this game is progressing and when things are expected to be released. We had a, "Road map", but that hasn't really been finite, it's more like, "Hey we could possibly have these things possibly around this possible time." I've read some pretty vague responses on Reddit (As some others have read too I am sure.) Twitter posts, ect. I know it's early alpha, and I know we all accepted that warning, but, that doesn't mean we shouldn't expect nothing to come of DayZ. Also with all due respect to Bohemia and their DayZ team, a lot of the excuses as to why things are taking so long, or should be allowed to take so long, seems awfully like some big smoke screen to cover their butts when things go south (As in giving up on it.) I remember when these forums where buzzing, there was A LOT more outreach from their staff and dean (When he worked there.) the servers where hectic and players everywhere when you logged in. But now it seems so disheartening and painful to look at. We have so many people hanging on, trying to stay positive, but gosh is it hard to do. If they don't want to give us information and then be wrong/late about it, perhaps let that be the driving force to improve DayZ, I enjoy this game too much to give up hope, but, what I wouldn't do for some outreach and positive vibes from their team to be poured over the flames of negativity here.
  14. comikz

    5 months till the new update? Realy?

    After watching the demo for .63, I feel like it's a lot of fluff that should have been in the game already for a while now. Lots of the things being changed/added seem to be, "Quality of Life", updates and then you've got new animations/emotes, amazing right? But as with any big update I feel like you will see an influx of activity as it's put on experimental then a tad bit more when it goes to stable, then numbers will drop back to how it is now. If I was a member of their PR team, I would be a lot more forthcoming with information and community outreach, because all we have now, is people singing the same, "It's early release alpha / the engine isn't finished" tune, and dated reddit posts to go by, and the community and growing more and more restless. Now before someone comes in and says, "You clicked on, I understand". We get it, we all do. Maybe it was wrong to have expectations, but maybe, just maybe, the developers are wrong too, with things taking several months or more to come out as updates and keeping most information in the dark, and only sharing what seems to be a, "Band-aid countermeasure", with the community to put out some fires. Been playing this game for a while now, and I can't stop feeling that the project has been forgotten, and the community is struggling with remaining faithful and making the decision to go elsewhere.
  15. comikz


    The idea of base building or having large camps such as the one depicted in the picture, is interesting. I'm just hoping no abusive admins or alike, are going to put things in place to safeguard their camps, besides that, having structures and such as the ones in the picture, are going to make these a lot easier to spot while going through the woods and thus, easier to, "Raid". Hopefully there will be defenses put in place to help against off-line raiding, such as barbed wire/turrets/pit falls/mines ect. Because if you're just going to be able to go up to a wall and break it down with an axe or something, it kinda makes these pointless outside of the aesthetic reasons.