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  1. piggypotpie

    DayZ Colony (Whitelisting | PvP + RP + PvE | Advanced Role-Play)

    great server and bunch of good rp players
  2. piggypotpie

    update/maintenance period?

    There wasn't either today. Is that unusual?
  3. piggypotpie

    was attacked by AKM

    Same here until I can get my hands on a SKS......unless they fixed it in this last update
  4. piggypotpie

    was attacked by AKM

    Most accurate gun in the game?! the sway when trying to aim, even when prone and rested, makes its power useless. Add the PSO and the thing is a hunk a shit that you'd better off throwing it at a target than shooting it.
  5. piggypotpie

    Gender Discrimination and Prejudice

  6. piggypotpie

    New pvp hot spot?

    You got lucky
  7. piggypotpie

    No one cares about the new city?

    Zombies still absent in Novo. Enjoy it while it lasts
  8. piggypotpie

    New pvp hot spot?

    As the spawn locations have been spread out where are the battles going to take place? I really enjoyed the old spawn spots just so we all had a local spot we could battle it out. In Berezino you could be an asshole because everyone who came to Berezino was going to be an asshole. Novo?
  9. piggypotpie

    New weapon aiming sway

    I read that post already. It really doesn't delve too much into whether or not it's a new feature. The OP had a broken arm which would show as HUGE sway. I'm experiencing minor sway which is still interfering with my accuracy
  10. piggypotpie

    New weapon aiming sway

    But it seems to lessen when I hold my breath.....
  11. piggypotpie

    New weapon aiming sway

    It has been kicked around in the forums that the weapon sway is a new feature added with this patch. Is this correct? And if it is correct is there more sway for the AKM? Perhaps, in an attempt to nerf it a bit?
  12. piggypotpie

    Looking to expand our group!

    I can speak HIGHLY of this group. We live by a simple ethos that you risk your ass and gear for your buddy because he'd do the same for you. We play a great deal of hardcore, but I've been using my regular character to experiment with different roles: medic, pacifist, hero, etc. We're looking for stable players who like to have fun doing it. Cheers
  13. piggypotpie

    FPS hills and valleys

    I have disabled all the suggested option ie antialsing, vsynche, etc.
  14. piggypotpie

    FPS hills and valleys

    Need some help. Just bought a new rig: AMD 9370 8 core and gtx 770 gpu. plenty of memory and RAM. In game I'm getting crazy spikes and lows in my FPS. While sitting still and staring off into one spot my FPS will go from somewhere in 40-60's down to 13-9 in thirty second intervals. I've disabled Norton, made sure there was anything drawing power on my CPU, made DayZ a high priority and disable al;l the use in-game issues. I've tried with Arma3 and same issues, but not with single player games Anyone have any ideas? (keep in mind I'm moderately PC handicapped) Super stressed as I bought this machine to improve my performance not make it worse
  15. piggypotpie

    Arc server bloodbath

    To whomever engaged my clan on the ARC server last night in Svetlo and commenced a holocaust sized bloodbath, THANK YOU! We had a great time. There were so many bodies in the hallway of the triple decker that we couldn't walk up the stairs to retrieve our gear. The place was strewn with blood, bodies and ruined gear. BRAVO.....screenshots and a vid forth coming