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    I don't shoot on sight, and I'd love to help you if you need it, but cross me and I'll ruin you and everything you've worked for. I like ponies.

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  1. nettles

    Bug , please help

    It's not a bug. Once in a thousand years, a paragon emerges. This man or woman is to be hailed as the herald of the endtimes. This is no bug. This is prophecy.
  2. nettles

    Survey: Worst part of DayZ?

    Hiding from the jackass that just shot me in the buttcheek and hearing his footsteps pass by my hiding spot while he searches greedily for my nonexistant corpse.
  3. nettles

    Top 3 places to loot after 0.55 - DayZ Standalone

    I'm not hating, just thought it was a bit obnoxious for the informative nature. Thanks for the video.
  4. nettles

    The true feeling of achievement & Survival

    No doubt. I came back after an extended break and it took me all of about five minutes to realize that the game has changed. As soon as I let that first zombie catch up to me I realized I'd made a huge mistake. Luckily I survived the encounter and the fracture, and now that stealth actually has some use, I'm super stoked to see what's in store for the next few updates. Unfortunately people have realized they can farm military loot in some areas. That's kinda lame and boring. Defeats the purpose.
  5. nettles

    Top 3 places to loot after 0.55 - DayZ Standalone

    Helpful information. Kinda obnoxious start though.
  6. nettles

    Sleep Deprevation

    Good points- I jumped the gun, a thousand pardons and kudos for the well articulated reply. I just feel like requiring rest would promote team gameplay as you'd need someone to watch over you and wake you up if someone comes creeping along.
  7. nettles

    Sleep Deprevation

    oh, you're one of those types. I like the idea of having to rest and sleep because it brings an opportunity for teamwork. You and your friends set up camp and someone stands guard while you and your buddies catch sleep. While waiting for everyone to get their beauty rest, someone could be cooking up hunted food, making rope with dried grasses or whatever, building fishing poles or whatever, traps, etc etc, it's a good opportunity to get some work done. Kids seem to forget there's more to this game than just picking up a gun and shooting each other...
  8. nettles

    Looting Zombies

    I understand that loots being on a zombie might not make it grounds for immediate ruining, but there is also the matter of the loot economy that needs to be taken into account. Can't have people farming military zombies for 5.45 ammo and the like.
  9. nettles

    Looting Zombies

    Anything you would find on a zombie (especially military.) would be ruined. Springs in magazines would be rusted out. equipment would be broken, clothes would be ruined beyond repair. These zombies stand out in the rain and get shot up. They drag themselves along the ground, etc.
  10. nettles

    Missions and AI

  11. nettles

    Drag unconsious players

    It had always been a planned feature. There's a loooot of things on the list of features to implement though, so don't hold your breath. They've only just recently put physics into the game.
  12. nettles


    Yep, it is possible to get inside those statues pretty easily, but you're exposed while you try it.
  13. Trying to teach ignorant edgelord children that there's more to DayZ than collecting rifles and shooting each other and they just don't grasp the concept. Such as hunting and fishing, for instance...
  14. nettles

    Dynamic bleeding

    Yes, I'd really like to see some more realistic body damage and profuse bleeding. At the moment it is a little silly you can take six rounds to the torso and still be standing a blood bag later.I'd also like to see recovery from wounds take much, MUCH longer. Particularly broken bones and puncture wounds like stabs and gunshots.
  15. nettles

    Remove books and other ideas

    What kind of cretin plebeian are you? Get rid of books? For fuck's sake. If you choose to live in a dark cave like some ignorant child jacking off about how cool your l33t sn1pr r1fle is, that's great. Don't expect us to want the same thing. Food should be scarce as hell because no factories are producing or shipping the food into the country. That's just how it is. Learn to farm or fish and quit crying about being unable to loot 3 rifles and 20 cans of food every town. Have you even tried to READ a book? They're not worthless. There's plenty of useful information and entertaining stories in the ingame books. Take the Russian Cheat Sheet, for example. I carried that since the last wipe and used it to translate signs and the like. You can also tear out blank pages to light fires. As for drinking an entire can of gasoline, good. You did everyone out there a favor. Your ignorant, poorly-suited survival instincts are wiped from this planet for good. In closing, don't play a survival simulator if you just want to loot rifles, shoot people, and be a whiny cock.