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  1. @ThatsMyBike There is absolutely no reason to speak towards the dev team the way that you are right now. Take a chill pill.
  2. That's one of the very few things I don't have. We do have a FAL, but no mags, sorry.
  3. Looking for the following items, either pristine or worn: 1. Cooking Pot 2. Cooking Tripod 3. M18 Smoke Grenade (Red specifically!) Thank you in advance to anyone who has these items to spare. I've got a whole camp FULL of good stuff, so as long as you aren't looking for anything super rare I can probably accommodate whatever you might want in return.
  4. Hi Adam! With Chernarus being my absolute favorite part of DayZ, this is a Q&A I've been looking forward to. I'll try to keep my questions focused on your experience as a map designer. 1. As an experienced community developer of maps, how does your process differ when you are working as part of an official team versus working on personal projects? Are there any challenges unique to one or the other? 2. Do you still enjoy map design as a hobby now that you do it for a living? What are your toolsets like for DayZ in comparison to developing for ArmA? 3. How much of DayZ's map design choices are aesthetic versus functional? What are some examples of functional goals when designing or re-designing an area of the map?
  5. I didn't eat the results, but you cooked up nicely! Thanks again for your help (and the FAL!).
  6. It's for science, I promise! Haha
  7. I need... raw Human Steaks. Preferably 5 or 6, but at least 4. Don't ask me what I want them for, and I won't ask how you got them :)
  8. Additional "Contact Methods" fields on our user profiles. It looks like the regular ol' Bohemia forums (for Arma) have a million of them listed, but we only seem to have three. Being able to list Twitter, Twitch, Discord, etc. would be super helpful.
  9. Good to know that it still does something. As for other things, my understanding is that there are no other functional parameters at the moment. -dologs is the only one with a purpose, right?
  10. Hi Baty, Related question: does the -dologs launch parameter still do anything? Is it helpful in any way, or totally obsolete?
  11. Oh no worries. Mostly attempting to get the satisfaction of finding those items in the wild. I appreciate the offer though :)
  12. I drove around for probably 5 hours last night in this beat-to-hell V3S that we had been referring to as the "workhorse" around our camp. All the panels are ruined, the mechanical bits are in poor shape, and we never ever refuel it -- just drive it 'til she dies. Well, she didn't die, and she's now sitting back at my camp with only fumes in the fuel tank. Not only that, she dutifully carried us to several heli crashes and through a big ol' pack of wolves. Rest easy, friend, we'll get you cleaned up and running again next time! As a result of finding those heli crashes and wolves, I had a grand time playing inventory tetris and cooking up steaks back at camp when all was said and done. I tried drying as a method of cooking for the first time, and it was a success on the second attempt (accidentally burned the first batch...). Several items I haven't seen at all in 0.61 yet, and some it's been even longer than that. All that's missing from the collection is a VSS (to go with the mag we found) and an FAL (ditto). The SVD and FAL have been encountered at least once in 0.61, but the VSS is proving to be a fickle mistress.
  13. I spent around 4 hours yesterday driving around the map in US Southcentral 0-6. First a V3S, then another V3S, then an Offroad. All of the vehicles tested were okay with hopping curbs, and I pretty much tried my damnedest to break each and everyone of them to little result. Hit a maximum of 131 km/h in the Offroad down the primary western road, traveling from Kabanino to Kamenka. The trip also began with fishing (Carp, from Prud) and ended with fishing (Mackerel, from the sea). Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the Mackerel actually being generated as an item once you catch one, but I had many successful catches anyway, and Carp work just fine.
  14. Thanks for getting this out to the Stable branch. After seeing the improvements on Experimental, I'm convinced this should make a lot of vehicle lovers very happy :)