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  1. Will we be seeing any more details about this? :)
  2. Excellent. This is going to make a lot of people happy, I think. Have a great weekend, Baty!
  3. Nice pic, d00d! :) The build you are playing can be found in a number of different places: the main menu (lower left corner), the in-game menu (lower left corner), and when you log in to a server the initial server message will tell you what build you're playing on. I believe it can also be found in one of the config files (can't remember?) and of course an external server browser can pull that information as well (e.g. dayzspy.com).
  4. The one on top of the mountain Klin by chance? ;) EDIT: Build number is actually 140044 in case anyone is wondering.
  5. I haven't had a chance to investigate for myself, but I imagined that this was more of a "small tweaks" kind of map update rather than anything significant. Thank you for confirming that @Redseven!
  6. I don't believe so. After seeing what was possible with 0.62 however, I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a return eventually.
  7. I had forgotten all about it. I didn't even have it listed on the wiki! (Just added it though.)
  8. Yup, it is!
  9. Congrats to all the Exp regulars for testing long hours the last two weeks so this could be pushed to Stable quickly. Good work everyone! :)
  10. Like... none at all? That's somewhat disappointing :(
  11. I'm really interested in hearing feedback about today's build, since I'm just now beginning my work day! :( It's okay, I'll live vicariously through the rest of you.
  12. Spent most of my day playing 0.61 to document some of the map change removals before 0.62 becomes the norm, but did manage to get a few hours of 0.62 in as well. Feels really good now that we're a few builds in, I'm ready for this to be DayZ as we know it. I checked out the Gorka/Altar/Black Forest area myself to see what changes had been made, and as suspected they were primarily tweaks to object placement and that sort of thing. Polish, if you will. Also made my way over towards the Sobors, and came to notice that the Grass Pyramid memorial is gone at the moment :( 0.62, you're beautiful:
  13. Experimental may prove challenging with the near-daily wipes, but if nothing else I'd like to do it when 0.62 inevitably hits Stable in what seems like probably-the-not-so-distant-future. I don't think enough has changed since 0.61 that I am all too worried about it -- I think we can be successful! During our visits to the island in 0.61, more or less everything worked that would normally work elsewhere EXCEPT persistence. It was either 0.60 or 0.61 that persistence was finally disabled outside the bounds of the map, but even persistence worked up until then amazingly enough. During 0.58 we kept a camp on the island for over a week :) The lack of persistence out there in 0.61/0.62 means that you can only have what you are able to carry with you (individually or as a group) and pick back up when you're done, making it hugely advantageous to travel as a group so that your gear can be diverse while still meeting the needs of everyone in the group through farming, fireplaces, etc.
  14. I think he means some sort of visual noise.
  15. That reminds me: I think it's time to take a long swim out into the sea once more...