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  1. Thanks for getting this out to the Stable branch. After seeing the improvements on Experimental, I'm convinced this should make a lot of vehicle lovers very happy :)
  2. I was also able to drive an Offroad around (intentionally) missing one of its front wheels. Squirrely handling for sure, but at least driveable to some extent. Can also confirm that ruined vehicles are cleaning up properly -- I destroyed that same Offroad, and when I logged back in about an hour later it had gone already.
  3. I think this is worth mentioning: I'm seeing 138401 as both the client and server build # for this particular update.
  4. Hi Baty, Can you elaborate more on this, especially the last two? Is this fix intended to *prevent* players from driving without wheels? And for the last one, is this meant to prevent vehicles from sliding on their own?
  5. The animals seem to be working as intended. Spent some time tracking a "double herd" of both cows and deer in the same spot, just west of Pogorevka. When I got bored with watching them, I bagged 5 deer with a single clip through the SKS before losing the entire collective in the woods elsewhere. Vehicles also still seem decent as ever!
  6. 10.7 MB for those updating from 138284.
  7. That's an AWESOME idea, and I bet it would be somewhat helpful to the world designers as well.
  8. Agreed. The perpetrator should be hung by their toenails! Traders: if you could keep an eye out for me, I am looking for (but don't actually need to take delivery of) the following items. I only need a screenshot. It would be much appreciated! 1. Dirt Bike Helmet Mouthguard 2. Dirt Bike Helmet Visor 3. Gorka Helmet Visor EDIT: Found the Dirt Bike Helmet pieces, just need the Gorka visor now.
  9. We're very lucky as a community to have someone like Martin in this role. Welcome, friend! :) Espa made some good points above, and I'm always happy to help with images of course.
  10. server_data.pbo -> config.bin
  11. If the system described in Wobo's videos (whatever you want to call it) has been disabled in some way, I would like an official confirmation of that. It's still very much outlined in the configuration data, right alongside every other mechanism involved in player health. There are even references to the "spine" within the data, but it's not all presented together as a clear picture so I am connecting the dots (as did Wobo). It's possible that it works differently than I have described, I would never claim to be infallible.
  12. It's hard to nail down what to call it or how to present it, so I made a decision and this is what I ended up with. Really it could be seen as an extension of the Health stat, particularly because the game refers to limb damage and other specific areas (what we're referring to here as "bone") with the term "hitpoints". Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that for this particular section we're operating in a kind of grey area. I did my best to present what I found through my own testing and, more importantly, what I could find myself in the configuration data.
  13. I'll have to keep digging. There was some old, leftover data on the original wiki health pages but I was never able to track down where it came from to verify it's accuracy.
  14. His original video states that it does not regen, and then his later video (which was made after changes occurred to the game) states that it does. As far as I know that hasn't changed.
  15. I just thought of one more factor that plays into the Cholera situation: being Healthy gives a huge boost to your disease resistance. Drinking pond water while Healthy is significantly safer than without that status.