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  1. Tatanko

    Exp Update 0.63.147489

    A fresh wipe and a relatively stable build seems like a good time to jump in :) Enjoy your weekend, Baty!
  2. Tatanko

    Status Report - 27 February 2018

    So very excited for what is to come in the near future! :) #InBetaWeTrust
  3. Tatanko

    5 months till the new update? Realy?

    This statement is bursting at the seams with misunderstanding and ignorance.
  4. Tatanko

    Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Will the presents be sticking around long-term? Experimental only or Stable eventually as well?
  5. Tatanko

    Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Happy holidays to the whole team!
  6. Tatanko

    Stable Update 0.62.143758

    If anyone wants to see what all of the size/color combinations look like, I put together a collection: https://imgur.com/a/lXhvg
  7. Tatanko

    Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Thank you! Happy holidays :)
  8. Tatanko

    Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Hi @Baty Alquawen, Will this same build be pushed to the Experimental branch?
  9. Tatanko

    Exp Update 0.62.143640

    If anyone is able to help, I'm looking for the following gift boxes for pictures: -Small (Red) -Medium (Red) -Medium (Blue) EDIT: Thank you to Odin for the assist! Still looking for a medium-sized red gift box :)
  10. Tatanko

    Exp Update 0.62.143640

    Beards confirmed to be spawning in Exp: Also had a ton of fun playing around with these today:
  11. Tatanko

    Stable Update 0.62.143640

    I was going to say... I've been to two trees now and haven't found any presents :(
  12. Tatanko

    Stable Update 0.62.143640

    Is that Santa Peter in the screenshot? :)
  13. Tatanko

    Exp Update 0.62.143483

    But the 25 days of Christmas are half gone now! We, your spoiled children, want our presents :p
  14. Tatanko

    Status Report 11 July 2017

    Will we be seeing any more details about this? :)