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  1. You'll get everything in that list either from mods for the standalone (M16 is already modded) or eventually officially.
  2. odin_lowe

    9v battery question

    I've been using lots of batteries in radios, light sources and scopes, and they run out pretty quickly in light sources and radios, but so far I haven't run out of power using them for scopes. Yes, the PSO uses a battery to get the reticle red. It means the battery you are using is dead/flat. Could it be you used an old battery that was in another item that drained it? Or you've been using your scope a lot and this for a while now?
  3. odin_lowe

    Single player mode

    I have to agree that the offline mode need some love. It was nice for testing purposes, but with the current mechanics there should be a way to save progress, and be able to really play a single player experience.
  4. odin_lowe

    Stable Update 1.02

    I'd say test it without a wipe as nothing really major changed from all the experience I had on experimental 1.02 and then if there are some hiccups then wipe.
  5. odin_lowe

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    Yeah, that "personal light" thing is horrible. Leave it to the light sources we already have. The head lamp and weapon flashlights are perfect the way they are. Just add more ambient light with the proper moon phases and it'll be perfect. But that magic personal light radius was meant for Diablo 1, and should stay there.
  6. odin_lowe

    Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Character screen shots.
  7. odin_lowe

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    They will, eventually. Patience.
  8. odin_lowe

    Сombination lock (5x)

    I'd suggest using the mod that adds the 4th combination number. I'm currently using it for a locker, and it's perfect. Mind you, using a simple hacksaw can ruin any lock without a problem.
  9. odin_lowe


    Nevermind the weapon redux thing. It's another mod. No idea which, using 20+ on multiple servers. Check what Derleth said instead. Anyway G36 or it's variants would be a great addition to the DayZ arsenal.
  10. odin_lowe


    Yes. I love this weapon.
  11. odin_lowe

    Duping ruined game for me

    I remember about 2 years ago when Eugene was talking about a system exactly like that. That was their solution, to have every item have a specific "hash" file attached to them so that when 2 identical hashes were detected on the server, one of the items was going to vanish. (get deleted) Sadly after many changes to the CLE and mechanics, it was abandoned completely.... :( It's the only real way to remove duping the in game. Thus why I ONLY play on certain private hives that monitor any form of abuse.
  12. odin_lowe

    Duping ruined game for me

    The DayZ Underground, DayZ Village, the =UN= or the Colony. Personally these are my top four. Be aware that apart from the Colony (US-2 is roleplay/pvp while US-3 is PVE only) all the others are 1PP only. But these servers threat glitchers or cheaters severely, and have pretty high population.
  13. odin_lowe

    Duping ruined game for me

    Duping has been in the game for very very long. The best is to find a nice community and play on private hives that monitor cheaters/dupers/glitchers/etc. That way you won't be plagued by the duping problem. But, as the problem persists, you can ask yourself if it will ever truly disappear. The first time I saw duping was in Diablo 1 back in the 90's. Almost 30 years later and it's still a thing in many video games.....
  14. odin_lowe

    Can Devs FIX In-Game Name please?

    I use the launcher to set my name. Maybe it should be a necessity instead of simply be optional.
  15. odin_lowe

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Guys please check files integrity, as I've just tested and there's no problem reloading .45acp in FNX mags, items can be accessed in hunting/deer stands and most of what was noted as "bug"s in the previous posts are not bugs at all. Keep it up devs. God's in his heaven. All's right with the world. - NERV Cheers!!
  16. The thing is, it was happening to me also, until I started taking the sewing kit or duct tape in my hands, THEN using it to fix clothes, backpack or craft bottle suppressors. Never disappeared on me after that. Yes, it's a bug, but there's an easy workaround.
  17. odin_lowe

    Post Your Gear So Far

  18. odin_lowe

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    I was able to get my hands on a hunting scope last night. Glad they are back in. Mouse wheel lets you zoom in and out. Can't wait for the Winchester and Blaze to get re-integrated! Again, a flawless night. No issues or problems encountered.
  19. odin_lowe

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    So far I had no issues with fps or lag. The infected do go through garage doors, but I was able to get them inside house and other sheds without problem. Heard gunshot sounds from various weapons, at various distance without problem too. Been on the lookout for a hunting scope and CR rifle. The thing I like the most is pretty weird, but for me the sweet sound of bullet casing hitting the ground is awesome! Keep it up! Will try and get more playtime in!! Cheers!
  20. odin_lowe

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Brilliant!! Gonna jump right in to test it out! Cheers!!
  21. odin_lowe

    Stable Update 1.0.150192

    I love the night time. The bane of many players is my playground. Use light sources or NVG on modded servers.
  22. odin_lowe

    DayZ Annoyances #2 - AUTO JUMP

    lol, never happened to me.... This camera work make me think you were looking in the wrong direction...
  23. odin_lowe

    Melee Combat Was Botched Last Minute

    Clearly you don't understand. The problem was fixed. No matter if a file was corrupted on YOUR system, the issue was officially fixed. That was a fact. I gave you a solution to your personal problem, and this solution works, yet you're still blaming the devs? Insulting me? Yeah, great community. Ungrateful popo. Next time I'll think twice before helping out.