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  1. Did time acceleration stop working?

    You can submit the question to our Feedback Tracker at feedback.dayz.com. It might also be helpful if you submit the exact text from your config (or just upload the file) just so possible mistakes can be seen.
  2. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    The Update is now live on the Stable branch. Server files and modding tools are updated and server providers are starting to patch their servers.
  3. Which version are we suppose to be testing??

    When it comes to critical fixes, we will sometimes still consider the Experimental branch to make sure severe issues are avoided. So as long as the Experimental branch is running a different version than Stable, reports from there are preferred. At the same time, there's still a lot of issues remaining on Stable, so Stable reports are very welcome as well.
  4. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    It's probably happening to official servers as well, we will check it out. :) If you experience crashes with wipes on official servers, let us know on our Feedback Tracker with time and server-IP.
  5. Hello Survivors, as expected there's still a number of issues popping up with the current BETA build. First and foremost we want to resolve the persistence issues, that are sometimes appearing. So especially for server owners, try to work with regular persistence backups and if you encounter persistence wipes, report with your server dumps and persistence files to our Feedback Tracker. This Experimental patch includes: FIXES Fixed: server crash tied to cooking Fixed: issue which allowed for magazines to become stuck in hands/weapons and disable them Fixed: fixes in inventory Fixed: general map fixes and tweaks Fixed: turning when heavily injured Fixed: loot spawning underground in castles Fixed: stability while giving blood TWEAKED Tweaked: character voice samples Tweaked: rain and wind ambient Tweaked: distance visibility of fire ADDED Added: Audio for going through bushes KNOWN ISSUES guns can lose their shot-sounds for the player who uses it. Relog fixes this problem.
  6. UK 2-1 Offline?

    It was just the update, the server is back up and running.
  7. Stable Update 0.63.149442

    Nobody said it was coming back, it was removed on purpose. Still looking into this one to find a good nighttime experience.
  8. Stable Update 0.63.149442

    We are still investigating this issue, if your server is affected by this, please submit your server persistence files via our Feedback Tracker (feedback.dayz.com).
  9. Hello Survivors, we have a new patch incoming. It will hit the Experimental servers first and arrive shortly after on Stable. Please be aware that official and community server providers might take a while to update their servers. Fixes: Fixed: Manipulation of one item by multiple players at the same time Fixed: Memory leak in weather Fixed: Vehicles becoming stuck in some buildings after server restart Fixed: Some base building and cooking objects disappearing from distance Fixed: Issues with mod loading in workshop Fixed: Idle injured character no longer plays injured sounds Fixed: Some issues with base building Fixed: Vehicle damage materials Fixed: Weapon scope triggering when starting sprint Fixed: Player voice audio disabled during unconsciousness Fixed: Logs no longer disappear upon dismantling a watchtower Fixed: Admin log should log kills properly now Tweaks: Tweaked: Item switching animations Tweaked: Vehicle audio Tweaked: Spotlight light parameters Added: Added: Action for destroying combination lock Added: Some new audio Added: First prototype of keybinding menu (NOT FUNCTIONAL YET!) Known Issues: A magazine can be placed into a weapon in the hands slot when double clicking it in inventory vicinity - this results in the magazine being dysfunctional and stuck in the weapon Upon restart, door colliders can have the wrong position. Opening/closing the door and/or relog fixes the issue.
  10. Please be aware that there is a border between feedback on existing features and entirely new feature requests.
  11. If you want to give Feedback on the specific topics, please reply in their respective discussions.
  12. Stamina

    Please give reasoning to your suggestion(s), so we can better understand why you are asking for them.
  13. New Actions & Crafting

    Please give reasoning to your suggestion(s), so we can better understand why you are asking for them.
  14. Focused Feedback Round Hello Survivors, Welcome to our Focused Feedback Round section. In this section we want to share topics from various fields of the game with you, and ask for your feedback on how to improve them. To ensure our team gets a smooth and structured overview of your feedback, we have a different set of guidelines for this section of the forum. While the general Forum Guidelines still apply, there are a few extra conditions you should keep an eye on: Please be sure to read and understand each topic's introduction before replying. This is a feedback thread to a specific topic of the game, so stay with this topic and don't derail the stream of feedback. Different topics will be discussed at a different point in time. This is a constructive feedback thread, not a discussion thread. So please try to keep these guidelines when commenting: Comment only with specific ideas on how to improve the given area of the game. Comments such as "this is bad/stupid/great" without creative input will be removed. If you like the current idea presented by the developer, or want to support a piece of feedback, don't make the thread more complicated by writing an extra comment. Just leave a can of beans to show your support. You don't want good ideas to get lost in a flood of minor discussions. If you don't like ideas but don't have a better one, don't give beans, but keep this thread open for constructive ideas. We are very aware of flaws and drawbacks in the design. If you want to make changes to your idea, please change your original comment and explain changes with EDIT at the top, so we can easily recognise the changes. If you have any questions on the Focused Feedback Round, feel free to ask below. :) Topic Overview: DESIGN Status Indicators in the HUD Stamina Character Movement, Gestures and Actions New Actions & Crafting