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  1. Large Groups in Close Proximity

    Optimisation is an ongoing process, we understand this is an issue and will try to work continuously to ensure a smooth experience on all consoles.
  2. Unable to verify email

    This is a known issue, we are working on resolving the sending of the verification mail as soon as possible, you should receive it later.
  3. Player Owned Servers?

    The DayZ Server Files have been released for PC. Private server hosting for Xbox is not possible yet.
  4. Cant Run,jump,or use items

    Regarding running/jumping you might be low on stamina or carrying to much weight (reducing your stamina below a critical level on which you are not able to sprint/jump any more). You might not be able to switch your items because you don't have the space in your inventory to store the item from your hands.
  5. Realism but with no logic.

    While DayZ is striving to be an authentic survival experience, first and foremost, it is a game. Just to ask behind your own questions: Would it be realistic or fun to have an entire tree of apples at all times? Would you rather have each tree wear it's apples only once a year? Realistic, but definitely not fun in a game. Same for water in every building, would it be realistic to have fully functioning water support in the post-apocalypse, and would it be fun? -- Digging multiple worms was possible and might be possible again, anyway it is not a priority right now. More a question of balancing once we move towards/past 1.0. Continuing to work with soda cans is also an interesting thought (we had for example concepts of traps with them), but filling not closable cans with water while running around might not be the best idea in terms of realism and making any fluid container reusable might not be fun either.
  6. Server Owner ?

    There is no possibility on Xbox right now to define your spawn point. It is very likely the guy just had very lucky respawns (there is a major cluster of respawn points at the southeastern shoreline), and that he just found it funny to hunt you down as he saw his lucky spawns.
  7. Been unable to play for 5 days

    You are not the only one affected, we are getting swarmed with this kind of requests. So we have to find a general solution for this problem.
  8. Character stuck

    If you are stuck somewhere, please report the location and your GamerTag to our Feedback Tracker at feedback.bistudio.com
  9. 0 servers are popping up

    Is the problem fixed now? After downloading yesterday's update you should be able to see servers again.
  10. Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    Hello survivors! We have a new Xbox Update for you today, servers are offline until then. Fixed VoIP issues while in an Xbox party Fixed crash while disconnecting from a server Fixed character in water in the main menu Fixed issues with magazines and reloading Improved title stability This update will include a complete character wipe for all Xbox players to free all players locked in database! Don't forget to restart your consoles. We are looking forward to your feedback!
  11. DayZ Server Files Documentation

    Hello Survivors, today we are releasing the DayZ Server Files to open server hosting to all of you. With the files, you will be able to run your own DayZ server and configure it to your liking. You can download the files in the "Tools" section of your Steam library or via steam://rungameid/223350 Due to a small issue right now you only have access to the files if you own a copy of DayZ. This will be fixed soon. in this post, we will go over the basics of how to configure your server: Config Parameters Launch Parameters BattlEye configuration Server Economy Hardware Requirements How to Ban
  12. There is a 15 second logout counter when your character stays vulnerable after leaving the server. We are aware that combat in DayZ can take it's time and can be pretty nerve-wrecking, which is why many folks decide to use the coward's way out. Ghosting is a problem resulting from this. However, keep in mind that it takes several minutes for someone to log around you. If someone does not even peak his head for a minute, there might be something off. The team is keeping an eye on the situation and we hope once the database locks are working as intended to have more limitation to those exploits.
  13. Frame Rate Issues and Game Freeze

    There are still ongoing inventory optimisations, so we will work on fixing the mentioned frame issues and crashes.
  14. Been unable to play for 5 days

    We are in the process of testing new fixes to resolve the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to set all affected players free as soon as possible.
  15. Stress Test Changelog

    17/09/2018 - 0.63.148707 fixes for magazine getting stuck in weapon and not allowing for manipulation fixes for proper display of official/private servers in browser fixes for proper logging of server .rpt files