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  1. WELCOME TO BUG! Try reenable HUD by holding ~ key. If your HUD is off you not get any message from server even from Battleye. But I guess ads about maintenance you will see )
  2. Sid Debian

    Updated item id's from 1.03?

    Well Make this way. Get your current types.xml, download WinMerge, update server files and get default types.xml. All changes in files WinMerge will show you...
  3. Sid Debian

    Using a scope on a bolt action

    I see that you love battlefield or/and call of duty. But I've got some bat news for your sunshine - YOU CAN'T RELOAD BOLT ACTION RIFLE WHILE YOU LOOK AT SCOPE, BECAUSE OF THE BOLT WILL HIT YOU OVER YOUR FACE WHEN YOU PULL IT BACK FOR RELOAD. And that's a real problem. P.S. Sorry for caps.
  4. Sid Debian

    Updated item id's from 1.03?

    Checkout change log. And add what ya want.At least you can add NV Googles or belts (you can put on it pistol holster). For loadouts it's fine.
  5. Sid Debian

    Server kick by battle eye for no reason

    1-st is check out your server connection. And I think that you must check server logs. Sometimes server will kick if you first time connect to server (after server restart).
  6. Hey there. You made a mistake. 1st let me see your's "Scheduler.xml" 2nd let me understand how you want to make this messages (shown by specific time for example at 6 pm by your server time or each 6 hours since server was started). But I'll give you few ideas how to make a messages. All records in "Scheduler.xml" must have unique Job ID. 1-st Job must be a "loadbans" function 3.If you want use real server time then you must set up in this way: Where: <time> -> Real server time in 24 hrs format. (hh:mm:ss) <delay> -> don't care <day> -> day of week (if set from 1 to 7 = every day) <loop> -> is message must be looped. <cmd> -> Command for execute <cmdtype> -> Level of command. I hope that you everything understand in my message. I'm sorry for my bad English.
  7. I guess none. For now. But we may try to broke building's wipe. The server saves files called "dynamic_00*.001". You can open them with 7-zip and with help of Notepad++ we can try to find word "Tent" in this files. After analysis I guess that's we may find which ones "dynamic_00*" files store the tents and which ones saving loot. If you want to reply to me (I'll get notification about it), please click Quote. ))) UDP: I placed the tent and try to search files. So no luck. Then last think remains - remove one by one. But hell knows why files spitted on 15's parts..
  8. Wenn Sie types.bin, types.001, types.002 entfernen, müssen Sie auch versuchen, alle Dateien dynamic_0 * .bin, dynamic_0 *. * Zu löschen. Weil Beute im Spiel als dynamischer Inhalt dargestellt wird. I WARN SIE KÖNNEN GELÖSCHT WERDEN UND BASEN (KONSTRUKTION). Entschuldigung, ich kann die deutsche Sprache nicht. Ich musste Google Translate verwenden.
  9. Sid Debian

    Where is the newly added Hatchback?

    NOWHERE. There's no events and spawn points on stable and (open) test branches. When they fix that - unknown.
  10. Sid Debian


    OK. NOW I just don't care how will you get data but I'm post here algorithm. 1. Battleye GUID -> md5("BE"+SteamID64) -> was 7656119********** -> after function -> 5b384********6a32****ce********5 (as example result is Battleye GUID) 2. DayZ GUID -> Base64(SHA256(SteamID64)) -> was 7656119********** -> after function -> PLc+m**uU*****VGNNS2Ea2*****jI/TT8gVSo******* (as example) Explain: SteamID64 - Users Steam ID. "BE" -> String with 2 letters equals BE. md5 -> Hash function called as MD5, but you need find correct implementation. SHA256 -> Cryptographic hash (also know as "Rijndael") (by default many programming languages return result of this function as byte[] (array of bytes)) Base64 - > coding format (best option to get a String from byte[]) You wanna ask me "Why f*** do they do it if SteamID is unique by default!?" - my answer is: "I don't know...".
  11. Sid Debian

    Stable Update 1.03

    Have some. If you have a VSS in hands with PSO-1-1 and FireAxe on your back - you will see handgrip of axe. This bug working when you sit down on the ground. 2-nd test branch and stable branch has no spawn type for Gunter 2 (Hatchback_02 (no updates fro events.xml file same for cfgeventspawns.xml) I guess, DAMN, WRITE CLASSES IN CHANGE LOGS! 🤬👿).
  12. Sid Debian

    custom start gear for multiple members

    Here some code. Init.c for one player Same equipment for 2 players If you want to set different random outwear for not admin If you want to set some skin for player (repeat skin after respawn) Have a fun.
  13. Sid Debian

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    What's a Gunter 2?! Is that vehicle, Is that weapon!? Or it's name of "Strawberry Jam"?!?!?!?!
  14. Sid Debian

    Cant set up my server

    Then Let's try to make fresh install. 1. Move SteamCMD to root of C Drive. 2. Create folder C:\Servers\DayZServer 3. create script to install DayZ Server @Server.cmd in root of C:\Servers\DayZServer with content: cd "C:\SteamCMD" steamcmd.exe +login %STEAMLOGIN% %STEAMPASSWORD% +force_install_dir C:\Servers\DayZServer +app_update 223350 validate REPLACE %STEAMLOGIN% %STEAMPASSWORD% with your data. Wait until finished.
  15. Sid Debian

    Cant set up my server

    good. Then let's try other way. Do you installed MS VC++ redistrib (2012, 2015)?