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  1. Sid Debian

    DayZ Rented Server Tools ???

    Awesome. Not known. xD Sorry man. But at same way - Try to find Battleye app for android or iphone to make it able to kick... I think that for consoles there's option for Battleye connection,
  2. Sid Debian

    DayZ Rented Server Tools ???

    Server tool 1 is DaRT or Battleye Remote Control (BRC, infiSTAR) BRC is free but if you paid for licence you'll get more awesome futures. Ban, kick and do other admin things. 2: BEC -> Messages and restarts. 3. Windows scheduler system -> restart. 4 MS Visual Studio (if you know C#) and BattleNET library if you can develop software -> Create more futures for your server (parsing logs and other useful things), 5. Community Online Tools (Mod) -> good way to get SteamIDs and ID's of players (Create parser and DB for players list) 6. Yours fantasy -> Can make everything what are you need.
  3. Sid Debian

    How to Kick all player befor restart?

    Use special battleye command: #oh_Lord_kick_all_bastartds If be honest there's no any command to kick all. You need execute command #kick player_id from 0 to players count... Possible solution is using BEC and calculate schedule for kick players from 0 to max server players. And when it finished - make a restart. But problem is player_id. Battleye gives id each new connection. For example 4 players and 1 of players was reconnected 200 times... So his ID will be 201. If you know how to develop - you may create a software on C# for example which will make restart each time when you need and with BattleNet library you can get access to Battleye admin console for kickin' players from server. And yes, there's no official option for this (for now i guess)
  4. Sid Debian

    Server Shutdown

    Best option to use task manager and #shutdown. 1-st: #shutdown (by BEC or other software) and after that (after 1 - 2 minutes call 2-nd command) 2-nd: taskkill /f /im dayz_server_x64.exe Why??? 'Cause BE command make a point to server that it must close sockets and make append to Database (with closing transactions). That's why server is hanging in memory. And then taskkill will close all descriptors of process and "terminate" from memory.
  5. Sid Debian

    Gear load in and zombie gear

    Well. You see. You need to create on player some store (backpack or some thing which can store some loot). Then with relation link you can create all what's you need. Best option is CreatePlayer fnc. It will executed once when player just created (respawn or new player) you have my examples for it. Also you can search a list of loot: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jFQOkaU6kSZJFzMV4NHHgmi95htJzS0_1iM8aCWYCvI/edit?usp=drivesdk And then create some loot/weapons/equipment for player. Also I added section with custom loadouts by SteamID (it's best option). Also you may make a little cheat for your player if you want to prevent dinanic player entity. I mean spawn with static player face. I hope that that information will help you to create something special for your players. On your server.
  6. Sid Debian

    Gear load in and zombie gear

    about zombies I don't know. But about spawn gear search theme "Custom loadout". I don't know, if you so numb you can use search over the forum, or google it... But I see that you can't do such easy things... I mean work with your head and I made search special for you. https://opendayz.net/threads/custom-loadouts-per-player.22384/ https://www.survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Setting_up_Custom_Loadout
  7. Sid Debian

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    After finishing of film. I'm review my understanding of film. As result I want to say that film is 95% of lie. And mazin spat on liquidator's memory. Too many lies in this film. That's a very bad if to be honest.
  8. well that's awesome. But next time please add tag Experimental or in header or first line of text that this future work with 1.04+ As Idea - that's interestin' thing. And suggest you move your code to GitHub, 'cause pastebin can remove your code...
  9. Sid Debian

    Reset loot types

    you need to remove everything but vehicles.bin mean to be saved. Loot is event type of spawn so events_* mean to be deleted. But tents and barrels is event too so if you wipe events files you will wipe all (custom) buildings on server.
  10. Sid Debian

    Sending / Receiving data to external programs

    In arma2 & arma 3 there's an C++/C# (.net) example how to create library. But for DayZ the's no an example of connection and call functions from library yet. An I think that ther's no any future for that idea. About DB - there's Hive class, witch have a method allow to connect to MySQL server. But Still no documentation about DB requirements, connection type . So as result I want to say that there's no need to create application, you need to create a Library for DayZ where you can fetch data from required classes lists and dump 'em into database over your new static library. That's all for now what I know about DayZ DB futures. Also I think that DayZ Dev don't give an opportunity to override default file hive.
  11. Sid Debian

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    Very interesting film. While you watching you begin sacred, really scared 'cause government keep silence and after 2 days said that was an "incident" on 4th block. Well as a man who knows about this сatastrophe, I want to say that A.S. Dyatlov (Deputy Chief Engineer of 4th Unit) represented like very ugly human. Correctly say represented like bitch and bastard in a single word. Colleagues at work (who survived), employees of the Chernobyl NPP spoke of A.S. Dyatlov as a strict (demanding) specialist, but not as cold-blooded scum (as shown in the series). As for the staff in the first series, they were not stupid enough, in contrast to how they were shown in the series. Speaking of the rotation of personnel and young personnel of the units: People did not work constantly on the same block, the team with the experience of work was divided in half. Then, half was moved to new power units due to the fact that it is always difficult to launch a new reactor and bring it to its rated capacity. Therefore, people with experience are needed, the younger staff switched to working blocks and work with the senior staff who remained at the power unit. For this we cannot say that on the 4th block everyone except Dyatlov were fools who did not know their duties. Oh and one more. 1 helicopter fall down and that's happen after half of year and not at second day after meltdown of reactor. As my personal view really awesome picture, good operator's work. But you can not say about 100% reliability. I suggest to watch this movie. There is a lot of pain, misunderstanding and despair in it - which creates this insidious tragedy. I'm sorry for my bad English, 'cause I'm from Russia )
  12. Sid Debian

    How to put the players.db data to MySQL?

    Well. DayZ has a constructor for MySQL database. But only. There's no any structure for it, not configuration and examples. Maybe some when we'll see MySQL hive but not now.
  13. Sid Debian

    Question about loot

    Checkout. Tiers map Dark green - Tier 1 (noob\startin' area) Light green - Tier 2 (equipment\huntin' area) Bright Red - Tier 3 (Locations with rifles, crashes and military bases with assault rifles) Dark Red - Tier 4. Other colours show type of locations (military, hunting, city, etc...) Zelenogorsk is T3, same as troistkoe. Tisy is T4.
  14. Sid Debian

    Help with the init.c

    Move that question in Troubleshooting or Servers section. About your init.c You made few mistakes. 1-st function void SpawnObject(string, vector, vector) must be declared as static if this function is out of class. exmpl: static void SpawnObject(string, vector, vector) 2-nd SpawnObject must be ended with } not with }? 3-rd Don't append in init.c directly. Create file "mission_trash.c" in root of your mission and put there this code: And then there yours init.c