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  1. Sid Debian

    What is Mean This Script

    This script must set text bu submitted parameters. 1-st is definition: this is part of something GUI mode. (From game or someone's mode). 2-ns Parameters Param 1 --> Channel -> Where must showed. (It's not and ingame definition, you must find definition inside mode). Param 2 --> sender name, (I Guess here must String or instance of Man class. I guess player that must see that widget in game). Param 3 --> message, (String, ....) Param 4 ?? -> really strange. You must find the constructor for class: "ChatMessageEventParams". Because in your script you have 3 param and no defenition and usage of 4-th param: params.param1 (int) // 0 = Survior 1 = Game/System 2 = Admin. 11 line, params.param2 (String) // "Survivor XYZ" 22 & 35 lines params.param3 (String) // Some message 69 line. So It's something like old ARMA-like "hint"-style message, with fade support. Base idea is shown notification/message/warning and etc. I guess that's all what I can say about it.
  2. Sid Debian

    can't compile game script module

    Лучшая помошь - это внимание! Давай попробуем так: удаляй всё "Г" из документов, запусти валидацию кэша игры (в Стиме) и как эта всё закончишь - залезь в стим, параметры запуска DayZ и удали целиком строку параметра запуска (у тебя сейчас она: "-window -maxMem=6144 -maxVRAM=2048 -cpuCount=3 -high -mission=D:\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ\Missions\dayzOffline.ChernarusPlus -noPause -mod=" (без кавычек) Мой тебе совет: оставить в таком формате строку параметров; можешь скопировать всё внутри кавычек "-window -maxMem=6144 -maxVRAM=2048 -cpuCount=3 -high -noPause". По результату в любом случае отпишись! Удачи.
  3. Sid Debian

    Delete all current loot on a server?

    there's 2 options. 1-st you can delete types.bin. 2-nd you can override economics to make loot not saving. For 1-st option: mpmissions -> your mission -> storage_1 -> data -> type.001 & type.002 & type.bin. For 2-nd option: mpmissions -> your mission -> db -> economy.xml -> Set: <dynamic init="1" load="0" respawn="1" save="0"> Profit. (I think that 2-nd option is good but try both. And if you set second option you can get loot respawn and renew.)
  4. Sid Debian

    Can't find AK or M4

    You see, there's a few things... and almost funny thing is config of loot location. I love place AR at T3 and T4, but you can find AR in Berezino, Cherno, Electro at ports and broken ship. They are marked as T4 Military placement (green military container... funny isn't it? :))) ). And count in server DB config. Yes, thanks for correcting. NW locations. :))))
  5. Sid Debian

    Can't find AK or M4

    M4 and AKM you can find at military objects at Tier 3 and Tier 4 location (NE locations).
  6. Sid Debian

    Battleye GUID

    If you have any development language, you can find it by md5 hash function: md5("BE"+(String)SteamID64).
  7. Sid Debian

    Using a DNS address / Hiding IP

    Some bad new for your sunshine. DayZ using Steam Query Protocol. Steam Query (Master server) return IP, if you input in game DNS name, gmae will query IP and retunr it to game and then gmae establish socket connection to server and begin to get server information.
  8. Sid Debian

    SKS Spawn

    SKS is military loot for t1,t2,t3 locations. If look in real life - SKS is Soviet union was military carabine untill '79. In 1980-th all those carbines was go on conservation. Since '90th this carabine is hunting weapon. ('cause 7.62x39 was removed from military ammunition).
  9. Sid Debian

    Gun doesn't work

    Короче смотри, берёшь, пихаешь магазин если в секции кол-ва патронов в Иж-е написано 0/20 значитскорее всего оружие заклинило, удерживай R тогда перспопробует выполнить экстрацию пильзы/патрона из патронника, если не прёт, то держи ПКМ и зажми R, ну если и это не поможет - выкидывай это гуано. Try this steps: Install mag in SMG. Press RMB and hold it, then press and hold R (reload chamber) your player try to extract broken ammo from chamber. IZh-70 is SMG, which shoots from the open shutter, but I don't know why 6 out of 10 doesn't work normally ... Oh, one more. In left corner where written ammo cap of mag and chamber (0/20 or 1/19) if you see 0 of ** then you have not chambered weapon or the weapon is wedged.
  10. Sid Debian


    You see, there's an count per location (meaning one building) you use percentage value (35% is fine chance to spawn. 15% minimal chance to spawn), and other regulator, quantmin & quantmax. that's mean if building type is "Town" or Village that in sector (distance of spawn/respawn objects for player) at least will be random and at maximum will be random count itesm of this class. But you may try to decrease size of spawn of objects without changing chance of spawn. So, on ~ 45m around player in Town or Village will be at least 15 and as maximum 30 (is set <quantmax>30</> <quantmin>15</> but they will anyway spawned. It's an regulator of objects count. it's a good thing to regulate maximum and minimum floors of object, (I guess that's good help with M4 and AKM assault rifles and ammunition to 'em). I said about it on my experience with loot table on server.
  11. Sid Debian

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    ArmA2OA_BE.exe has the same version :DDDDD
  12. Sid Debian

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    DayZ_BE is wrapper for start Battleye service. Look over DayZ_x64.exe
  13. Sid Debian

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    Go to DayZServer folder, find the file "DayZServer_x64.exe" press Alt+Enter over that file and search value: Product Version in section "Information". (It's in file properties, I have a Russian version of Win10 so it;'s hard to translate...)
  14. Sid Debian

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    You see... Current server version is: So it's alright...