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  1. Reduced sun glare by wearing sunglasses

    I'm indifferent about the idea, but I would suspect it would work the same way the screen going gray when you lose blood does. The camera is essentially your "eyes".
  2. It's been in the game files for ages. Perhaps it was included as something for modders to play around with, or maybe just for *gasp* fun.
  3. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    I'm getting the impression that removing eye zoom isn't even really a design "choice". Sounds like it's causing them technical problems that they don't really want to solve. That would be a shame. From the video, I'm interested in the item pick up animation. When you hit "F" to pick up an item, do you have to stay still until the pick up animation is completed? Can you begin running while the animation is playing and still receive the item, or would that cancel the pick up process? If they're going to force an item pick up animation, then I think you should be able to pick up items on the run, as it's actually less realistic to have to come to a full stop and wait for an animation before you can accept the item. It could also result in great frustration during "high stress situations" to borrow a term from Eugen. I'm not going to lie - I'm a bit apprehensive. All of the improvements seem well-thought-out but I'm scared the end result will feel more like an amalgamation of the best qualities of DayZ's clones rather than DayZ itself. I guess I'm just anxious to get my hands on it. :)
  4. Pretty sure Baty monitors both these forums and the subreddit, and she is a direct line to the devs. They may not officially comment on here, but hopefully this at least motivates a response in an upcoming SR. Of course the final decision rests with the devs, but it would be very disappointing if it's made without any further community engagement, since many seem to be passionate about it.
  5. For anyone who needs further explanation as to why the "eye zoom" is present in the first place, maybe you will trust a DayZ developer (from June 30, 2015 SR - scroll down to the passage written by Jan): https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-30-jun-2015#/title3
  6. It won't be a waste if the person you kill (or hold up) has bullets.
  7. unplayable ofc

    @emuthreat has the best reply in this thread, but I wanted to add a couple tips: Always check inside of every clothing item you find. Food and ammunition can spawn inside of clothing. Check carefully around interactable cars - meaning cars that have opening doors and trunks - for loot. Food, ammo, weapons, etc. Check the inventory of zombies you kill. Zombies can spawn tools and occasionally food or ammo. Sometimes the inventory of a zombie can be difficult to pull up. Check near their feet. If you spawn in the rain, keep running. Running at full sprint should keep your body temperature from falling much, if at all. But once you are drenched, if you stop running your body temperature will fall *fast*. In other words, don't stop running until you find a raincoat, gorka jacket, or firefighters jacket. Stop to pick an apple or two if you must. If you want to get a better idea for how this works, switch to Experimental and play there for a little while. Experimental has a status window with your current body temperature (and blood and health values, as well). Once you get your waterproof jacket, build a fire to dry off and get on with it. If you don't have matches, you can activate your starter flare and light the fire with that. You can also create a hand drill by combining a stick with dark bark cut from a tree (not the lighter-colored birch bark). If you spawn on the South coast, head to Balota (town, not airfield) for guaranteed weapon spawns. If you spawn towards to the NorthEast, make your way up (way up) to Berezhki in the corner of the map. The reason guns are difficult to find elsewhere on the coast is because many are concentrated in these two towns. This will gradually improve as they are still tweaking weapon spawns and the entire loot spawning system itself. As a fresh spawn, there's an initial hump you need to get over before you can start enjoying your journey at a more comfortable pace. Hopefully this helps you get to that point.
  8. Exp Update 0.62.139977

    What server do you play on? Maybe it's a server-side setting.
  9. Get Rid Of Obvious Looping Audio

    I could see their justification for such a sound being that it is intended to be wildlife, but as in real life it could be misinterpreted as human footsteps, thus ratcheting up the tension. Personally, I find it cheap and obnoxious, so I agree with you.
  10. I'd be interested to know if the developers are as passionate about this as you are. Personally, I see it as a non-issue, but only because my enjoyment of DayZ hasn't changed at all between knowing the exact number of players on a server and only knowing an approximate population. It's made no difference at all for me. The way I see it, the concept of "looting up on an empty server" is going to go the way of the dodo, anyway. Mods will attract people who want quick PvP. As for vanilla, people will quickly discover that the loot economy, when completed, will result in much the same looting experience regardless of the server population. And for people who want no player interaction at all, there will be the self-contained "single-player" mode, or they can host their own local server once the server files are released.
  11. OBS and 0.62 Patch

    If you're using full-screen "Game Capture", you need to disable anti-aliasing in-game or else it will not work. Weird bug.
  12. Recording using OBS

    There should be an "anti-cheat compatibility" setting in OBS that you can turn on that will fix that specific issue. Also, if you are using full-screen "game capture" you will need to disable anti-aliasing in-game or else it will fail to capture.
  13. Exp Update 0.62.139869

    Hopefully just temporary until they make them directional. I was able to put up with the sounds but they were literally driving some people crazy. It depends on your sensitivity to such things and no one should suffer due to the sounds or be forced to turn the volume way down.
  14. Exp Update 0.62.139796

    It seems that the devs are still iterating on the ambient sound balance, so to claim the current balance is as intended is a bit presumptuous? Maybe they've stated so and I missed that in a tweet or Status Report.
  15. PSO-1 reticle

    There aren't any tricks that I'm aware of. There's been a Feedback Tracker ticket open on this issue for a while. They acknowledged it so I suspect they'll get around to fixing it, eventually. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119333