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  1. Status Indicators in the HUD

    I can get the general idea just fine. Let's be honest: in DayZ you're either doing fine or you're screwed. If you can't relay one of those two states to the player then you got problems. I personally believe that complicating the status indicators is neither necessary or an improvement. The "trend" arrows, while an interesting idea, are slow, confusing and take up too much space. It feels like this was done in an effort to "think differently" and separate Standalone from the mod. Yes. They are slow to update and I simply don't feel like I can trust them. I'm glad I don't trust them because otherwise I'd be constantly looking at them, which would be another problem. I feel like an effort should have been made to use the indicators themselves to relay information to the player. It would be simpler, and take up less space without giant chevrons flickering on and off. "Trending" information should be relayed on a supplemental basis via in-game cues (animations, sounds, visual effects).
  2. New Actions & Crafting

    Dragging items into and out of my hands. The quick bar can help, but then I'm spending the same amount of time ad-hoc setting up my quick bar for specific actions. Conceptually I like the idea of everything going through the hands slot, but if your aim is to get people in and out of the inventory screen quickly, then drag and drop + context menus achieves that, simply because it's faster and more intuitive. That said, I'm used to how it is now.
  3. Stamina

    There should be some kind of "reserve stamina" that incurs some sort of health penalty when you tap into it. The reasoning is that in a combat scenario where you are either trying to escape or maneuver, it doesn't make sense that as you're sprinting from one cover to another, one tree line to another, or trying to get to a spot while flanking, that your character would pull up and start jogging just a few feet from the goal. It's not feasible to have to look at your stamina meter and make some mathematical calculation to see if you can make it to the next cover without slowing to a jog. In a stressful situation you just go.
  4. Addressing the most pressing issues

    Yup, there used to be "Turbo" and "Fast Forward" binds which allowed you to separate 2xW and other "Shift-related" activities. I suspect that dual-functionality is gone, and would be pleasantly shocked if there is a replacement.
  5. Addressing the most pressing issues

    The XML files for keybindings seem pretty straightforward, but would anyone happen to know what formatting or keyword we would need to get "double-tap" functionality for a bind? For instance, double-tap 'W' to begin sprinting? @ImpulZ @eugenharton
  6. Stress Test vol. 54

    Looks like the DoF effect is back on guns when ADS. Still not a fan but it definitely is better than it was. Binocs are in. :) Issue with name of Hunting Knife: Vicinity isn't working. Not sure if that's just a problem with my character, though. Edit: Vicinity is working, but it somehow scrolled down even with nothing to display. Scrolling up is the workaround. *smirk*
  7. I am noticing timeouts after the update as well, but in my case it's related to the server bogging down every time a player joins. It doesn't even write to the .RPT log for up to a minute: 18:36:29 [StateMachine]: Player sanguine (dpnid REDACTED uid REDACTED) Entering WaitPreloadCamLoginState 18:37:18 Average server FPS: 0.04 (measured interval: 1 s) 18:37:19 Average server FPS: 3287.00 (measured interval: 1 s) 18:37:20 Average server FPS: 3319.00 (measured interval: 1 s) Coinciding with that on BEC: 18:36:28 : Player #0 sanguine - BE GUID: REDACTED 18:38:02 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 18:38:02 : RCon admin #2 ( logged in
  8. Zombies not spawning regular

    This is the same exact problem you'll see in the Offline Mode, which makes sense since it's the same mission that was released with the server files. It obviously shouldn't be attributed to "Experimental" because the official Experimental servers spawn infected normally. Still looking into it, but I'm at a dead end since I don't have much experience creating/modding missions. It would be much easier if we could compare the mission that is running on the official servers, though I imagine BI may not be so quick to share that.
  9. Hold breath aiming down sights?

    Edit: Woops, didn't realize this was an XBox question.
  10. ReShade for 0.62 / 0.63 exp

    The dev team's stance has always been that Reshade is fine:
  11. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    Out of curiosity, is your DayZ installed on a SSD or spindle drive? They recently started forcing -dologs so I'm wondering if that could have any impact on performance.
  12. Status Report - 19 June 2018

    What is "Enfusion Hierarchy"?
  13. Stress Test vol.21

    Sounds ambitious! I'd be happy with a single beefy physical server being able to handle 120 players with a slightly above-average pool of vehicles. At this point I'd be surprised if it even scales that well. We'll certainly find out once the server files are released.
  14. Running speed / TAB

    I disagree. TAB looting should always be an option for situations where 'F' looting isn't viable. That said, they've done a great job making 'F' looting pleasant which has made it my preferred way to loot. That is how you get players to use the systems you want them to use - make those systems good. Not by forcing them out of systems they are more comfortable with.