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  1. Zombies not spawning regular

    This is the same exact problem you'll see in the Offline Mode, which makes sense since it's the same mission that was released with the server files. It obviously shouldn't be attributed to "Experimental" because the official Experimental servers spawn infected normally. Still looking into it, but I'm at a dead end since I don't have much experience creating/modding missions. It would be much easier if we could compare the mission that is running on the official servers, though I imagine BI may not be so quick to share that.
  2. Hold breath aiming down sights?

    Edit: Woops, didn't realize this was an XBox question.
  3. ReShade for 0.62 / 0.63 exp

    The dev team's stance has always been that Reshade is fine:
  4. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    Out of curiosity, is your DayZ installed on a SSD or spindle drive? They recently started forcing -dologs so I'm wondering if that could have any impact on performance.
  5. Status Report - 19 June 2018

    What is "Enfusion Hierarchy"?
  6. Stress Test vol.21

    Sounds ambitious! I'd be happy with a single beefy physical server being able to handle 120 players with a slightly above-average pool of vehicles. At this point I'd be surprised if it even scales that well. We'll certainly find out once the server files are released.
  7. Running speed / TAB

    I disagree. TAB looting should always be an option for situations where 'F' looting isn't viable. That said, they've done a great job making 'F' looting pleasant which has made it my preferred way to loot. That is how you get players to use the systems you want them to use - make those systems good. Not by forcing them out of systems they are more comfortable with.
  8. Stress Test vol.21

    First of all, I apologize as I had already edited out the comment you quoted since I didn't want to distract from the report. I agree with what you said, but only if DayZ scales with hardware. If DayZ's performance scales with hardware, that's a *great* thing, because it means the only limit is what you can afford. That's not what I was referring to with that comment though. My concern is that DayZ won't ultimately scale well, and no matter how much hardware you throw at it, it won't matter. But again, that's just nervous hand-wringing by me at this point, and it's why I edited out that comment.
  9. Stress Test vol.21

    As servers approached 80 players, the performance was definitely impacted. Rubber-banding in doorways, delayed actions and glitchy/warping zombies seemed to be the main symptoms. Truth be told, I've noticed those symptoms on 60 pops as well (just not as often) since maybe Stress Test 14(?). It seemed to coincide with when they put in the synchronization updates from their Internal branch, but that may just be coincidental. It's definitely due to a recent change, though. The first weekend stress test had very few perceivable performance issues, and that was with large queues on several servers. I know it's probably unfair to expect Eugen to post a report on every Stress Test, since they are so frequent, but I'm super curious to know if they have any clues as to what is holding them back in terms of scaling up the player count.
  10. PLEASE -don't- change the new reloading mechanics!

    I'm totally on board with the idea of managing each bullet in the mags - that is cool and actually empowering. But since there is currently no hot-bar/key support for ejecting the mag in the gun, depending on the situation it can be a little awkward. If I'm not fortunate enough to have multiple mags, then I have to either: make sure the gun is in my hands throw the mag in free inventory slot (or on the ground) from the inventory screen shoulder my gun drag the mag into my hands drag the ammo to the mag to combine and automatically get thrown out of inventory finally left-click and hold to start loading. or: make sure the gun is in my hands throw the mag in free inventory slot (or on the ground) from the inventory screen throw ammo stack on the ground shoulder my gun drag the mag into my hands look at ammo stack on the ground and left-click and hold to start loading. return ammo to inventory I think the problem a lot of the "self-entitled assholes" have with this mechanic isn't necessarily with the process of loading the bullets in the mags one-by-one, but what you have to do in certain situations to get to that point. It's probably not unreasonable to ask that be improved upon. A suggestion would be that if you hotbar the mag that is currently installed in the gun, then hitting that hotbar key would perform the animation to shoulder your weapon (or place it on the ground if you are double-carrying or don't have inventory space), and place the mag into your hands. From there you could pick up with step 5 in the first list above.
  11. Reduced sun glare by wearing sunglasses

    I'm indifferent about the idea, but I would suspect it would work the same way the screen going gray when you lose blood does. The camera is essentially your "eyes".
  12. It's been in the game files for ages. Perhaps it was included as something for modders to play around with, or maybe just for *gasp* fun.
  13. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    I'm getting the impression that removing eye zoom isn't even really a design "choice". Sounds like it's causing them technical problems that they don't really want to solve. That would be a shame. From the video, I'm interested in the item pick up animation. When you hit "F" to pick up an item, do you have to stay still until the pick up animation is completed? Can you begin running while the animation is playing and still receive the item, or would that cancel the pick up process? If they're going to force an item pick up animation, then I think you should be able to pick up items on the run, as it's actually less realistic to have to come to a full stop and wait for an animation before you can accept the item. It could also result in great frustration during "high stress situations" to borrow a term from Eugen. I'm not going to lie - I'm a bit apprehensive. All of the improvements seem well-thought-out but I'm scared the end result will feel more like an amalgamation of the best qualities of DayZ's clones rather than DayZ itself. I guess I'm just anxious to get my hands on it. :)
  14. Pretty sure Baty monitors both these forums and the subreddit, and she is a direct line to the devs. They may not officially comment on here, but hopefully this at least motivates a response in an upcoming SR. Of course the final decision rests with the devs, but it would be very disappointing if it's made without any further community engagement, since many seem to be passionate about it.