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  1. I really hope Hicks and rest of the team start to use the official DayZ channel on Twitch more as the game becomes more "complete". I can see why they wouldn't see much point in the game's current state, but it could be pretty fun to use live streams to show off the new features and mechanics that come with the Beta.
  2. I try to bait them into doing the double swipe, then move in for a hit with a heavy melee. This will stagger them and as long as your timing is right, you should be able to kill them without taking damage.
  3. Yeah I think before long the radios will basically be side chat. I've had no problem striking up conversations with randoms by just turning on the radio and leaving it on the default frequency.
  4. I did in the current build when driving Northbound in the woods towards the Far West evacuation checkpoint. I hit a rough patch, started spinning in the air, and fell through the ground. I re-logged without exiting the vehicle and spawned in near where the vehicle disappeared. When I get home from work I can check to see if I Shadowplay'd it, but I don't believe I did. :/
  5. Maybe the physics changes have had an effect on the AI. Several times I saw zombies/wolves/deer up in the air on today's patch:
  6. So when you say "destroyed engine" are you referring to when a vehicle has been *completely* destroyed, changes to the "ruined" texture and is no longer able to be interacted with (inventory doors, etc)? Or are you talking about when the vehicle just shuts down and cannot be repaired, but you can still manipulate its inventory?
  7. What behavior should we be looking for, exactly? I normally wouldn't ask, but there's potentially a lot of time involved when observing this behavior, so letting us know what it *should* be would be a huge help. Mainly: separating the vehicle statuses into "operable", "wrecked" and "destroyed" categories: What is the inactivity timer for the despawn of an "operable" vehicle? What is the inactivity timer for the despawn of a "wrecked" vehicle (same as operable?)? How long should it take for a "destroyed" vehicle to despawn? Thanks for the update!
  8. Yeah I think he's referring to the negative mouse acceleration, which didn't really simulate inertia and kind of sucked. There's no reason why we can't have inertia while still retaining 1:1 mouse movement.
  9. I like emu's punch at the end there. Got 'im.
  10. One thing that seems to be the case is a vehicle can become "unrepairable" despite not being completely destroyed. This is unfortunate because unless you know to "destroy" the vehicle, it will hang around forever in a useless state until persistence is wiped. If your car is no longer drive-able, try removing all attachments/inventory and shooting the hell out of it. Unless something has changed, it should eventually "blow up" (spew a little fireball) and change to a darker "ruined" texture. At that point you should no longer be able to interact with the vehicle, and it should despawn after a little while. it's possible this has changed in recent builds, but this is the behavior I'm familiar with.
  11. Nothing substantial to report here. All I did was drive around a bit and cook some meat. Cars are still fun. More funner than they were but less fun than they will be. Thurman died a lot. Emu crashed a lot. Baroness went AFK at the garden plot. I found her dead at the garden plot. Her gear and skillfully butchered remains have been stuffed in one of the tents. No pictures from me. I'm terrible at remembering to capture the moment.
  12. Sadly the only fix for this right now is to meet your maker:
  13. When this happened to me, it was because a windows application on the other monitor was butting up against the edge of my primary monitor (and bleeding slightly into it). It sounds silly, but I moved the window away from the edge and the issue stopped happening. This wasn't a coincidence, either. I was able to reproduce the behavior.
  14. Thanks for the report. I can sense the excitement from the devs which makes me pretty excited, too. Can't wait to see the new stuff!