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  1. Millitary bases having bad loot makes me drool
  2. Looks like a person could fit inside... I just hope it is persistent for a looooong time so we can expect hidden treasure hidden anywhere! (or buried skeletons)
  3. I just hope wolves killing people will feel realistic
  4. I'd actually rather have and item be without capabilities worth using it for than have the devs make it useful whilst having it be unimmersive and irritating for the sake of it being useful. Stuff like only being able to put medical items into a medkit always felt unimmersively limiting to me, and I don't see why things would shrink in size when they were put into a container meant for holding them. Ofcourse the medkit having small pockets that are intended hold iv-bags would justify them being able to hold a few extra, but then you should also be able to fit a few sheets pieces of paper into one of those pockets, Jeans should then also be able to hold an extra amount of flat items, considering how flat their pockets are. I wonder if the devs will touch up on this in the future
  5. Ofcourse there would be negative sides to it, but who'd do such a disgusting thing anyway?
  6. Pee would be an awesome addition to the game! My undeniable arguments: - You'd be able to drink it if you had to, as a true survivor would do! -If you peed your pants in a firefight your pants would be wet and disgusting, meaning you'd be getting cold in winter! -You'd have to take pee breaks on roadtrips! -You'd be able to pee off of the apartment blocks in cherno! -If you were holding out in a house you'd have to go outside if you wanted to keep the carpet! -Toilet stalls would become as busy as the NWAF, and everybody loves going to the NWAF! -Snipers would move out of some types of cover to urinate! -People would separate themselves from their groups to pee in a bush, making for excellent horror movie situations! -There would be signs of people having been around, the warmth could be checked just as you can do with corpses! -Hilarious pee jokes to break the ice when meeting new friends in-game! You think pee would enrich the unique DayZ survival experience? Then why not leave your own undeniable arguments on this excellent thread!
  7. I have found an AKS, an ACOG and a coupled stanag mag at balota before. I am confident that they are supposed to spawn there, just very rarely, was it some kind of untouched server? I wouldn't rule out glitches or people dropping them there as possibilities though!
  8. -Spraycan+Ligther flamethrower (Dean Hall said a long time ago that someone had worked on that) -Skirts (as Chris Torchia said would be coming) -All kinds of unnecessary stuff like smoking cigarettes, sawing off any gun, eating as many different items as possible (batteries would be cool), injecting any liquid (gasoline) When i first found out that you could actually extinguish fires with a fire extinguisher or water bottle and that fireplaces extinguished with water got wet and unable to be lit again i was thrilled! :P
  9. I would like DayZ to perfect a system in which you are not constantly cowering somewhere hiding from zombies, sitting somewhere farming or in midst of bullet-hail, but something inbetween the three. We had a group of almost ten strangers in Elektro, farming and cooking together, less than half of them had guns and only one could be described as 'fully geared', we had to keep the supply of food sustained, fend off a few zombies and eye everyone in paranoia! It was wonderful! The zombies played into this nicely and I am confident in the devs to polish and expand on them only for the better!
  10. I really hope the melee and gun slots get removed and replaced by slings and such. Having to have a holster, sling or backpack (If not your hands holding it) to carry stuff that goes into these slots seems ideal to me, seeing how most melee weapons fit into backpacks and it'd be just the way it is irl. DayZ needs slings!
  11. I want to enter everything! Car wrecks, wardrobes, manholes, and dead animals' stomachs!
  12. It feels to me like the outdoors survivalist stuff is coming along slowly but surely! On a server without any loot spawns you could: 1.Fish 2.Hunt with bow and arrow 3.Cook meat on campfires 4.Craft different kinds of arrows 5.Craft Melee weapons like stone knifes and spears There are still a few links missing to stuff like crafting your own clothing or farming that would enable you to do so without using stuff like sewing kits and shovels that you can't produce yourself, I just hope the devs have all that in mind! I would say 0.60 was a step into the direction of survivalist gameplay, and i love it :)
  13. You can actually block and parry, with most items you can hold, most people do it all the time without intending to :)
  14. After playing many hours of 0.60 I can say that there has been a lot of being poor, people hit over the head with shovels, cannibalism and me being in love with the patch!
  15. I have not found any netting at fishingboats on the coast for a long time and i doubt netting is currently spawning, but i really enjoy how rare ghillies have become