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  1. suggestion

    I preffer the bloodtypes, I also mainly use them to poison people ;)
  2. I have asked myself before how DayZ would be in a cs setiing :)
  3. Locations mentioned above and red garages (I think exclusively up north) spawn them not too uncommonly, I even find them behind the church in berezino (feed shack) from time to time. I check that shack all the time though, on servers that keep restarting/resetting persistence
  4. I have seen a video some time ago of someone with a powerful graphics card only being able to run DayZ at half or so efficiency, people in the comments said pending optimization caused this. Uneducated speculation (don't know about pc-setups much): Since you seem confident in your setup I think optimization changes down the line of development will fix this
  5. I wish it could be comp They increased the amount of meat a cow drops when you skin it by a ton in the demo, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a realistic-ish amount of bikes around the map, especially since the whole changing-to-an-engine-that-fits-the-scope-of-their-vision-for-dayz-better-than-the previous-one-thing is done
  6. I'm a convinced sprinter, but only since everybody else does it. I really appreciate everybody jogging most of the time when .63 comes, even though (especially since) it makes moving around the map slower
  7. I remember some super-old dev interviews where they kind of address this, I'm pretty sure they'll make ghosting impossible somehow, I don't expect bases to be hard to breach though
  8. Someone will have to confirm this, but I think it's just your pc that's too weak My pc is way too weak to handle the game properly, but whenever there is no source of light, particle effects like smoke or rain i can play at consistent 30~ fps My view distance is set to 500 though, I recommend lowering yours to at least 1000 meters, along with preferred object view distance
  9. woooowowowowo hypeeeeeepepep
  10. I have fallen through that walkway like that a few times, having a weapon raised like in the video also helps
  11. Hanging, yeeeeeeeah! I remember Brian Hicks saying something along the lines of: If DayZ was optimal/perfect you could hang people
  12. They seem like annoying screamie monkies
  13. I wonder what plans for improvised explosives are right now, since there were/have been improvised spraycan grenade models in the game files for ages
  14. I wish dying would be more realistic and not an instant blackscreen once you're done doing the (current) death animation, I like the way gettin shot in Red Orchestra works Mainly to make stuff look cooler, doesn't have too much to do with how the game plays
  15. I want poison berries back ;(