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  1. Replace the Child Breifcase

    I rarely ever wear backpacks because I hate how all of them make my character look, in my eyes the child briefcase is the best backpack because of how it works as a fashion statement!
  2. New @ Day Z

    I don't think they do, but I have seen posts about one or two public servers disappearing. DayZ Voegel is my favorite 3pp server and my friends have had camps on it for weeks on end, I have only experienced them wiping everything a couple of times within the three or so years it has been online.
  3. New @ Day Z

    I preffer private servers that don't wipe their persistance files and don't have nighttime and are without multiple servers on the same hive. Private without sibling servers on the same hive because you can't server hop for loot and combatlogging is a little less lucrative. I also don't like the multiple universes vibe public servers give me. No persistance wipes because they mean you can't make camps and there is way too much loot going around, I think it gets rid of the loot economy so that people have more guns. You can check wether a server does this by reading it's name and checking the messages you get when playing on it, maybe on it's website. No nighttime because there is an exploit that lets you see in the dark and it's pretty ugly.
  4. Has hacking been fixed on DayZ standalone?

    I don't meet any hackers on private hives, probably because of low player counts too
  5. Melee attack while sprinting

    You can, let go of shift for a split second and left click whilst sprinting. I have know this trick for about two years (you should also hold a+w or d+w, not only w) They are also adding some kind of proper sprint/charge attack in the future.
  6. Brrr, it's cold out there

    Maybe it has become winter in Chernarus
  7. Why 2-slot-pants when you spawn with 4 slots?

    Cheeki breeki Also only wearing 2-slot pants and nothing else lets you have a concealed derringer and look as harmless as possible
  8. The Gun Smoke is too much

    I think I saw new smoke in .63 demo, I'm pretty sure what you are talking about is way better in .63
  9. Get Rid of the BLOOD TYPES

    I preffer the bloodtypes, I also mainly use them to poison people ;)
  10. Build Counter Strike Mod for DayZ Standalone

    I have asked myself before how DayZ would be in a cs setiing :)
  11. Are Hunting Backpacks Rare?

    Locations mentioned above and red garages (I think exclusively up north) spawn them not too uncommonly, I even find them behind the church in berezino (feed shack) from time to time. I check that shack all the time though, on servers that keep restarting/resetting persistence
  12. Object Quality

    I have seen a video some time ago of someone with a powerful graphics card only being able to run DayZ at half or so efficiency, people in the comments said pending optimization caused this. Uneducated speculation (don't know about pc-setups much): Since you seem confident in your setup I think optimization changes down the line of development will fix this
  13. Anyone left who likes jogging instead of sprinting?

    I wish it could be comp They increased the amount of meat a cow drops when you skin it by a ton in the demo, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a realistic-ish amount of bikes around the map, especially since the whole changing-to-an-engine-that-fits-the-scope-of-their-vision-for-dayz-better-than-the previous-one-thing is done
  14. Anyone left who likes jogging instead of sprinting?

    I'm a convinced sprinter, but only since everybody else does it. I really appreciate everybody jogging most of the time when .63 comes, even though (especially since) it makes moving around the map slower