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  1. I have fallen through that walkway like that a few times, having a weapon raised like in the video also helps
  2. Hanging, yeeeeeeeah! I remember Brian Hicks saying something along the lines of: If DayZ was optimal/perfect you could hang people
  3. They seem like annoying screamie monkies
  4. I wonder what plans for improvised explosives are right now, since there were/have been improvised spraycan grenade models in the game files for ages
  5. I wish dying would be more realistic and not an instant blackscreen once you're done doing the (current) death animation, I like the way gettin shot in Red Orchestra works Mainly to make stuff look cooler, doesn't have too much to do with how the game plays
  6. I want poison berries back ;(
  7. I'll build myself a hangout place and hang out with people to trick into doing crazy stuff
  8. Eating people and puking them back out onto the street
  9. You can do aaaaaaanything maaaaaaan
  10. Do you wear tracksuits and/or stalker bandit outfits?
  11. I'd handcuff myself and call for help, I need It is very discouraging when you have to trust your life to the guy you want to handcuff
  12. Spawning naked would be so crazy haha, even spawning in just underwear would seem strange to me, but I'd see it play into survival mechanics: -Not having shoes yet hurting your feet -Being super cold -No storage -No rags to spawn with I'd be fine with this, but I think it would just be too odd for the devs to implement it just for the survival aspects it'd bring
  13. It's a gain :P
  14. I'd like kissing zombies
  15. dayz moment