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  1. Spawning naked would be so crazy haha, even spawning in just underwear would seem strange to me, but I'd see it play into survival mechanics: -Not having shoes yet hurting your feet -Being super cold -No storage -No rags to spawn with I'd be fine with this, but I think it would just be too odd for the devs to implement it just for the survival aspects it'd bring
  2. It's a gain :P
  3. dayz moment

  4. I could see the situation for what it was right from the start :P
  5. The thing i'd always hear was doors opening, but I can differentiate now
  6. I gladly shoot/fight back when I'm attacked, even when I'm out for blood I hesitate attacking people first
  7. I also like how you can puke in the game
  8. Lift your left arm and it will fall out, easy fix
  9. Just make a garden plot under your dead friend, he'll be buried at least ten centimeters! I really like the idea of burying people, dead or alive :P
  10. Yep, I really wish people wouldn't be able to respawn out of whatever their reasons are when i knock them out. From time to time I knock a geared player out and he respawns when all I would have taken are his shoes :P
  11. I'd probably dislike building houses/bases like in Rust, it doesn't seem to me like they'll implement it like that though. The most frequent art I have seen regarding basebuilding, by the devs, looked more like improvised fenced-in areas that seem easy to sneak/break into, kind of like the small millitary tent camps with sandbags. I think these bases will be more like a place to come together than a bunker to bunker all your stuff and people inside of.
  12. I remember reading about Dean Hall saying that if he had died on Mount Everest and someone had implemented micro transactions into DayZ he'd come back as a ghost and haunt them :P Brian Hicks said something along the lines of Bohemia having made enough money to develop DayZ fully withing the first few months of public alpha, so no need for this system to raise some more money I guess. I appreciate someone suggesting this, personally though I think it would really change the game in the opposite direction of where I want it to go.
  13. Cool pictures I am confused about those ramps, is that supposed to be a motocross track or what? :P
  14. I listened to the silent hill soundtracks while playing some time ago and it was the most immersive thing in the world