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  1. Primitive Firearms: The forgotten Survival Weapons.

    I like your thinking superunknown29. How about a museum in downtown Chernogorsk, with a rare loot chance of one of the above weird and wonderful weapon. In this museum there could be paintings and murals of the trauma of war. Maybe even a very rare chance of a two man Browning water cooled machine gun? Firing, dismantling and carrying could require a two man team. Would be excellent for base defence or roadblock as well as frustratingly temperamental. In this museum there could be different themes in each room, with the low chance of a super rare weapon from each. African theme, stuffed animals, throwing spear or a blowpipe and darts. WW1 theme, military manequins with the Browning (or Russian equivalent). Russian space theme, sputnik and whatever weapon they would have taken into space (maybe melee?) or a space suit. Religious theme, parchments, varying religious outfits, books and a giant golden mace. Torture dungeon theme, caged manequins, executioners hood, thumbscrews and a cat of nine tails. I better stop before I let my imagination get carried away (again).
  2. Why can't I tear rags with an axe?

    Makes sense to me. Most axes/splitters will be blunt in the apocalypse and modern(ish) clothing will be reasonably strong. A t-shirt however should be tearable by hand. I know because I'm sitting at work trying to rip everything I'm wearing.. Depending on condition, blunted tools should require sharpening, which could even increase the chance of cutting ourselves when performing actions. Make sure you're wearing work gloves?
  3. Donald Trump

    Hi Beefy, hope your well. Why do you feel the need to include religion in this sentence: "I do believe that mass Muslim immigration is harmful"? I agree that mass migration can be harmful. Though sometimes it is less harmful than blocking the migration of the masses. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rana-f-sweis/a-refugee-crisis-on-jorda_b_10201702.html Over one million refugees have fled to Jordan from Syria and nobody seems to mind which religion they belong to. Where mass migration occurs is irrelevant and can only be tackled by a united worldwide front. We (the UK) has just stopped our offer to re-home 3000 Syrian child refugees as we have reached full capacity at a measly 350 unaccompanied children! A bloody (literally) disgrace. We are no better than Trump when it comes to compassion, we are just better at keeping it hushed up. https://www.rt.com/uk/377544-child-refugees-commissioners-rudd/ I personally believe the rise of far right parties across the world have been put to the fore by successive governments failing to plan and prepare for imigration (mass or not). When services and infrastructure show signs of strain it is always the newest incomers that get the blame, no matter what their contribution. Last in, first out mentality. If we vote wiser and hold our governments to account then this rise in their popularity could not happen. Ultimately you and I are to blame for this. Though, we do have a little time in our favour to change our ways and defeat far right fascism without violence. If we leave it to long then the last resort of violence will be our only option. The time to act is now.
  4. Conflict Resolution Server

    Apology accepted, but not required. Unfortunately party politics is where we are at. I am still prepared to push for change of our shared disfunctional system if at all possible. We wouldn't be talking if it wasn't for this game and we should recognise the value of that. Any means of open dialogue are beneficial and I was just wondering if their was demand for it in game. I frequent political forums, but I have never had a verbal conversation with strangers about our differences online. Plenty of real life door knocking though. I would like to be able to chat to as many people as possible to help me have a fuller understanding of others with a different opinion and be able to have fun together at the same time. No harm in trying. I haven't seen or been involved in a conversation with anyone or groups to resolve issues in game before. Once (3 years ago) a whole server hunted a rule breaking bandit called Setcat. It was awesome because he/she was a real threat to us all (arma experienced veteran). They left the server only to return a few months later explaining they felt bullied. If we had better opportunity to talk freely we could have settled our differences and Setcat could have remained as a valued player/bandit. I would like to help others avoid this scenario and improve the attitude of players towards even their most revered enemies in game and real life. Sounds like you know what your talking about concerning the sharing of data between hives. I can just about manage a keyboard and mouse!
  5. End of the Map (Quarantine)

    Mirrored except for the player obviously. I would **** myself if I saw two of myself running towards myself and would definetly open fire. Fortunately I'm a ****shot...
  6. Conflict Resolution Server

    Some people spend a lot of their time in fantasy spaces (here for example) and are more comfortable with the safety of the internet. Not everyone likes to go out campaigning and looking for info/opinions in reality. I like the idea that people can communicate directly, someones voice can display their true meaning (tone and emotion). With typing like here, I struggle to understand peoples true meaning and this causes difficulty in communicating effectively. I'm guessing your tone is derogatory towards holyrood and the SNP, feel free to open a thread in off topic. I think it would help both of us to have a free and open discussion in person (impractical, so much easier to meet at the great debating halls of chernarus). We could disagree as much as we like, but we would have to work together to defend the debate from infected and anti-debate bandits... You up for it? In our chosen private servers, we tend to be overly protective of that space. The idea of a safe* server where nobody has control would allow more trust between the meeting parties IMO. Less likely for back stabbing and dishonesty. Maybe even a better outcome for all. Please excuse my hypothecating and assumptions. Thanks, I was wondering how that could work, you reckon a private server could share data for the purpose of venturing to a meeting or debate? Then detach easily, allowing for the next data share and pre-arranged meet?
  7. End of the Map (Quarantine)

    Out at sea would be easy to mirror as it would only be ocean, the change of direction of the waves might be immersion breaking though. NW corner could have a huge boulder forcing players to head east or west to get round, avoiding us hurting our heads thinking about a right angled (curved maybe???) mirror...
  8. End of the Map (Quarantine)

    I would prefer a mirror like border to the map. Say you leave Myshkino tents and head West, when reaching the edge of the map the border would look identical when facing East or West. As you cross the edge of the map you end up facing East, with a seamless transition that you can't experience unless you have a compass in your hand. It would be like the twilight zone/horror movie sequence where you run from danger and end up running back towards it...
  9. Conflict Resolution Server

    I think you're right. Hopefully a wee bit more discussion than that though and then the all out warfare, yee ha. They may even sympathise (for a second) with their opponents, before venting their anger and murdering. Still, an improvement on KOS, IMO. "On a serious note, can we keep politics and other real life conflicts out of the game ? Aren't they supposed to be a break from the mad real world ?" Yes, nobody would be forced to join in. Some who avoid their real life differences by hiding in front of a screen, may benefit from dealing with some of their real life issues in game though. I used to be an Ostrich... If players were against the idea of political discourse encroaching on their escapism, they could come across exactly what they dislike and murder away. Nothing unites real life opponents more than a common in game enemy. Could you imagine their delight as they come across a bunch of snivelling lefties and frothing right wingers... Suggestion for Devs: Any chance of a debating chamber in some of the municipal buildings (Cherno and Novo)? Bomb proof preferably..
  10. This is a topic dedicated to the idea of a safe* server for clan warfare and real life conflicts to be resolved. Our game is what we make of it, the beauty of that and the opportunity to create something beautiful is why I'm still enamoured with DayZ. I have often thought that this game has more to offer than solely entertainment, I believe it has the potential to do some good outside of the Internet. Aim high and remember to follow your dreams, so here goes: When (not if) this game is finished, I would like to have my own server, unlike any other it would be solely for players to arrange a peaceful meeting with those they are in direct conflict with in game or real life. Clans that are ruining each other's enjoyment, lone wolfs being picked on and base builders frustrated with the destructive nature of all of us constantly satchel charging their base, could arrange a safe* meeting supervised by one of my team and opening a channel for dialogue, hopefully resulting in some progress towards conflict resolution. Nobody would be forced to attend obviously, those that choose to ignore the invitation to discuss can continue with their game plan. Meeting plans could be arranged using the radio comms in game or via steam chat. Is their a demand for this? Or could the negotiations take place without a special server and independent facilitators? On the other hand, real life problems that are more serious and not easily resolved through a game could be discussed openly and without prejudice. For example: debates could be had between the Scots and the English players about our union, trump supporters/opponents, Serbs and Croats, fascists and Antifa. In game there are people from all round the world who have preconceived ideas about others from afar, could this become a small contribution towards a better, united world? A culmination of my two favourite things: DayZ and politics. Like I said "aim high" and we could achieve great things! * Safe as it can be with a no rules server. Meetings could still be interrupted by bandits and mischief makers. Low loot as the disincentive for these undesirables. Meeting rules would allow for all out murder for those that draw the first blood by the "class monitors". No bans and everyone welcome to have a second or third attempt at a peaceful meeting. No limits on freedom of speech, except to incite violence on others. Technical question: Is it possible to have a server that is connected to all hives, private and public? Obviously I would need a compadre to deal with the technical side of running a server - any volunteers
  11. Donald Trump

    Sometimes these people get into positions of power. I prefer to have these discussions with them before they are the leader of the free world. We also have a UK law that enforces similar crimes. Incitement to.. something something. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incitement_to_ethnic_or_racial_hatred I could say "I hate (insert religious or ethnic term)". That would be legal here and only highlight my ignorance. Creating an opportunity to discuss. If I was to say "You/We should do something (sinister stare) about (insert rel or eth term)". That would be illegal and the courts would decide the punishment. I fully agree these groups should be banned from promoting themselves, but those fooled by their rhetoric should get our sympathy. Our freedom of speech is moderated here and quite rightly so. In real life there are no mods, no reporting to Lok! Heading your way this weekend, avoid the roads at Baden-Wurttemberg (no umlaut available due to Brexit). I'll be driving on the wrong side of the road wearing a blue t-shirt with the European Union stars (one star with the St. Andrews flag instead of gold). Toot three times if you see me go past..
  12. Donald Trump

    Genocide is what happens when discussion breaks down, or one side resorts to violence allowing the other side to justify more extreme violence until a crescendo is reached. Fortunately for me, I reject all forms of violence, from a slap in the face to the use of WMD's. It can never be justified, only excused. Freedom of speech is precious to me (and I assume you also). The far right/left can say whatever they like. If they partake in illegal action, I expect the full force (judgement, not brutality) of the law to crack down on them. I did watch the RS clip and then another showing political fights. What I don't get is the police present seemed to take no action against the perpetrators of the violence. As if it was ordinary every day behaviour. In one clip a rather burly man punches a mouthy lady in front of several police officers. They take no action. If I was an American and witnessed this failure to police, I would be tempted to personally take up arms to defend myself. Instead, I would be calling for the police involved to be sacked and publicly shamed for failing to do what I was paying them for - I believe the American police motto is - Serve and PROTECT. The public (anywhere) should be able to cope with their ears being assaulted by opinions they do not share. If they have their ears assaulted (physically) then justice should be applied by the appropriate judiciary. I hope that is clearer to understand. I wouldn't want you to think I was belittling the seriousness of genocide.
  13. Donald Trump

    Dissatisfying for me. Unfortunately sympathy is what they require, mainly angry forgotten individuals. I know a few that lean that way, no real friends, loss of family connections, unemployed or in labour intensive low pay jobs and most importantly a sense of unjustifiable superiority. I'm no better than anybody else and nobodies better than me. Just difference of opinion on how we deal with the issues we all face. I blame the governments (past and present) for not investing time and resource into the people they are supposed to represent. Pointing this out clearly to people who blame others of different ethnicity from themselves is indisputable. Persistence is the key, as with our favourite game of choice.
  14. Is The Russian Bear Going To Far?

    Hello, is anybody out there? On behalf of the U.K. And our submariners, I would personally like to apologise to our American compadres, for launching an ICBM from the HMS Vanguard towards Florida. Before you run for the hills, this was a scheduled test of a missile without a warhead. And we were aiming towards Africa. Although it could still have given somebody a nasty fright or worse, a bump on the head. Sorry. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/no-10-covered-up-trident-missile-fiasco-hch3shsrn
  15. Items That Don't Spawn Anymore

    The bloody prize in the bloody effin crispy crunch cereal box. If it's gone, I would've rather been notified by an emergency weather warning or similar high level notification and saved a lot of cereal hunting and eating. Anyone had a prize recently? Seriously, I need to know... Almost forgot, liking the progress devs, keep up the good work.