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Baty Alquawen

Some Stable servers were moved to the Experimental branch

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Hello guys,

don't panic, it isn't time for 0.63 yet!

But we need to do some tests so we moved these official Stable servers to Experimental branch:

  • DayZ SG 4-292 
  • DayZ AU 4-279
  • DayZ DE 4-215
  • DayZ DE 4-263
  • DayZ SE 4-047 
  • DayZ SE 4-053
  • DayZ SE 4-049
  • DayZ BR 4-004 
  • DayZ ATL 4-298
  • DayZ ATL 4-234
  • DayZ DAL 4-099
  • DayZ DAL 4-095

I just wanted to let you know. Have a nice day(z)!

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    • By Baty Alquawen

      We have some news for you today! The first one is that this week’s Status Report is canceled. But don't worry, it is for a good reason! As 0.63 is getting into a better shape internally, we thought we could go for a more interactive way of presenting the development progress to you - we're going to organize a live stream! 
      At this very moment, we are setting up our first public live stream of the internal 0.63 version of DayZ with our developers, and it will be awesome!
      our Lead Designer Peter Nespešný is going to talk about the huge changes in gameplay, you will see the new player controller in action and we will be talking more about stamina, new crafting system and changes to combat the animation team will showcase the new animations and what has changed we will talk with our Lead Producer Eugen Harton about our overall release plans, the events we are planning to attend this year, and we'll also answer some of your questions We hope you will join the community on our Bohemia Interactive Twitch channel this Wednesday at 18:00 CET. We expect the stream to run for about 90 minutes, and there will be a VoD available on YouTube in case you can't watch the stream live!
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    • By Baty Alquawen
      How long do we still need to wait before the 0.63 Update is released on the Experimental Branch? That's a question we get asked every day. While it's still hard to estimate exact release dates at this stage of development (we've learned our lesson about estimating dates), we at least wanted to provide an overview of the work that remains to be done before the release is a go.
      Before you start scrolling through the list, we strongly recommend that you take a peek at the detailed Status Report we posted on November 2018 last year - back then, we provided a list of 0.63 goals that served as a basis for this particular checklist. In general, that Status Report contains a pretty decent breakdown of our development plans all the way to the 1.0. release - go ahead and read it if you haven't done that yet!
      We'll do our best to go through this list twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays - even if it would mean that the state badges for each feature/system stay the same. With each update that has some new things marked as "Ready for Experimental", we'll also share that information on our social media channels! We hope this will make our development progress a bit more transparent, and hopefully, you'll also get at least some sort of estimate for the Experimental release.
    • By Baty Alquawen
      Will DayZ be released on consoles? Yes, Xbox One version will be out this year (2018) in the Xbox Game Preview program. We are also working on a PlayStation 4 version and want to provide more details about that soon!
      Can you give us some modding tools already, goddamnit?! Not right now, we can't. There are ultimately two main reasons for that: we're simply not ready to legitimately support modding until we have a solid foundation in what is a game functional on an elementary level. We also need that game to be in YOUR hands and we need you to be able to run your own servers. That will not happen before 0.63 hits Stable. In addition to that, we're also still evaluating how far along will DayZ be moddable, and how we can best support modders with all the necessary modding tools. 
      How long do we need to wait for the 0.63 Experimental? We want to play it so bad! I know, we want to let you play it too! Right now though, it just really needs more love from the DayZ Dev Team. It's not fun to play yet. All the teams are working like devils now, trust me - I am sitting right next to them in the office, I can see it all happening and I want to play it with the community as bad as everyone. But 0.63 still needs more time!
      Will the cost of DayZ servers be reduced with the BETA release? Yes. In future, anyone will be able to host their own servers on their own terms, as we want to release the DayZ Server Files with BETA. Maybe not right with the first BETA build, but definitely during BETA.
      Additionally, we want to provide a Linux version of the DayZ Server Files, and that should further cut the costs of running a DayZ server. While we don't have direct control over the pricing offered by our selected server providers at the moment, the Linux Server Files should also lead to noticeable cost reductions with these providers. 
      Will the performance of the game be better in BETA or in the future? Optimizations of performance in DayZ are a continuous process, but we can definitely say that the game performance in BETA will be better than the current performance in 0.62 Stable. How much better depends on specific hardware. Besides optimizations of the rendering pipeline, we have rewritten multiple systems to utilize more CPU cores, we've implemented double buffering for rendering and changed some of the synchronous operations to asynchronous (which allowed further parallelization of those operations). All of these changes have a positive impact on the framerate in the game, especially client-side framerate.
      Do you have any plans for new buildings? Yes, we already have some new buildings on the Northwest Airfield in 0.63 and more buildings are planned.
      More answers coming soon.