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  1. Status Report - 30 May 2017

    Wait, who buried them?
  2. Broken Bones

    You want to change the game because YOU dislike. Don't you think a lot of people like that way?
  3. Idea for a new gun

    Too weak, buff please.
  4. Why can't my guy be shirtless?

    Cuz, you're too sexy
  5. Just saw Rocket again.

    This thread is epic
  6. Just saw Rocket again.

  7. Guns are really weak now

    Well, even if they're weaker, alpha is a period of tests, it's hard to balance a game like Dayz. They have to try, and see what happen, if it's not good they modify again. After all we're all testers.
  8. Layers on clothes

    There's a problem that rocket already said, clipping problems, but I think a good idea to resolve it, it's to just show a little part of the shirt, like if you are wearing a red T-shirt under a hoodie, that white T-shirt that normally appears would be red, and when you removes the hoodie, would be normal again, I don't know if you get it, english is not my native language. Same things to shirts just a little part would appear giving the sensation that you're wearing a shirt and a hoodie.
  9. Couple of questions and my opinion

    Not so safe, people can still rob you :b
  10. What would happen if...

    I think it's a good idea, but the "Testers" out there dont think this is an alpha, and think that things like that never should happen.
  11. Well, I try to be the more polite as possible. If I see a thread suggering something that benefits the game, I will not get mad, but some people think that their idea it's the best idea ever and wants that idea in game NOW!! And that what one of the things that get people mad. When someone post an idea that was suggested mutiple times before, or someone post idea of something that the devs already confirmed, it's easy to search, if was already suggested. People get really mad when someones post a thread like "HURR DURR game iz broken, I paid the game and want the game 2 b good RIGHT NOWWW!!!" And another thing:
  12. More Zeds

    I dont like they're adding more zeds too, but maybe it's just for testing porposes, see if the server can handle more quantity, we all know the zeds are broken, we all know that there is a lot of problems, I don't mind threads with good opnions, and not offensive content, but I think a lot of us, lost their patient because 80% of the threads is to insult the game or the development team, with simple threads like "hur dur this game iz garbage", we all have to see the difference between a thread of someone whinning and someone who is asking a descent question.
  13. Sli GTX 780 ti

    Dayz don't support SLI and crossfire, Dayz use more CPU than GPU