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  1. Almost done with this game

    Have to agree. He did not KOS or you would never have heard him speak. You should have punched him :-)
  2. DayZ Background on Mixer Channel?

    Is there any issues with using a DayZ background on my Mixer channel?
  3. preview program

    Oh I can't wait. I think it would be a revival of the game if it hits console and runs good. I have been promoting this game to my friends that play PUBG with me. I tell them that DayZ is a similar in size and mechanics, with a good mix of co-op, with the thrill of player interaction. They are all excited and I think it would do well on Xbox preview! Hope to see it soon.
  4. Exp Update 0.62.141072

    Really man, 4 post and one is you criticizing development... have you read about anything they are working on?
  5. food need balance to save life

    Agree with pretty much every response. Food is easy, chickens and animals are everywhere. Not only that but I find cans of food, rice, cereal, etc. often. If you can not survive hunger... then you are going to have a hard time in this game. Try surviving being sick! Tip: Get a rock knife, get a stick and kill some chickens! Do not eat the meat raw or burnt because if you get sick... you will surely die.
  6. Exp Update 0.62.139869

    Oh please, please, please! Things are starting to look and run so good! As soon as beta hits I am purchasing a copy for a skeptical friend! Great job on the .62 update.
  7. You Have got to be kidding me!


    Oh I would love to test this out on the Scorpio when it is available! ;-) Of course if there is some early access on Xbox One (Scorpio) I will probably purchase! ;-) However, it would be cool if those that originally picked up early access on Steam would be able to test on Xbox too. I also understand that development of a good game is not free.
  9. a couple of small changes

    So you believe that your opinion is gospel in regards to attracting customers... ;-) funny! 1. Stash/Chest coming or something similar but will not be 100% safe, as it should be. Currently there are tents, cases, barrels, etc. 2. See above, by the way; Infestation is garbage that is littered with hackers and does not even come close to DayZ in any aspect, Escape from Tarkov has a very long way to go to even come close to DayZ, PUBG is really just a spin off from DayZ mod / Arma Days, really just a game type that used Arama game to promote. Although it has been fun but modding DayZ would get you the same results. 3. Leg Holster would be cool as loot but should not be standard. Of course I have one at home in my safe but I would guess not many people do. Oh and there is already a chest holster and holster attachments for the right tactical vest (MOLE) i think. 4. They are working on it. FLUSH command, but for faces/head. 5. Not sure what this is as I have not used Shadow play. 3,700,000, where did you come up with this number? I love the game too and I think they are still working hard to release a stable/functional survival game. Personally, I would like to see the facial hair, player progression, etc. but still think this should only be as long as you are living and not a permanent increase in stats. For instance, the longer you are alive you can go longer with out water/food, sneak ability vs. zombies is improved, walking and sneaking become better vs. Zombies/Players, assassinations moves on Zombies from behind ;-), less sustainable to disease, cold, etc.
  10. Future of public hive servers

    This would make sense as long as the Official DayZ servers could keep up with player demand and admins to monitor cheating. When I rented a server it was fun, we had some regulars but when I would monitor rcon, most people would spawn in just to loot and then leave. So I think it does kill the experience. Plus you have little control for administration, like you mentioned. The biggest benefit is for those players that just want to jump in and play without worrying about being white-listed, which is where maintaining a strong official public hive would come into play. I for one think that if it will improve the experience, cut down on cheating/server hoping, etc. do it!
  11. DayZ Noobs, Hardcore PVP, KOS Allowed, 60 Slot Private Hive!

    Hell yeah man, I would love to join. Are your admins active in preventing glitching/cheating? Oh and by the way, I didn't think you could say "high loot" in your server name. Texas is right next door (AZ) and I would love to play on a managed server. When I get switched back over from exp. I will jump in. Is the server white-listed? Do you have a TS server or Discord?
  12. Exp Update 0.61.138792

    Nice glasses :-) By the way, they did add cars among other development! You should try to actually read the reports.
  13. Returning player

    Welcome back! We are a group of two ;-) but I would love to help if you need anything. In the U.S. though.
  14. Lockable objects.

    I think that really should depend on what you are hitting it with and the type of door. Obviously you have never tried to break down a door ;-) It is a bit harder than you think and really it comes down to the frame. In most cases the frame of the door is what gives and not the door itself. However, I agree that it should be destructible but there should be variations depending on door and weapon. That being said, lock picks can open most doors/locks so it would be cool to see something more with that.
  15. Found My First Ammo Box

    Wow, i have not seen one of these forever and I did not realize the protector case was persistent. Good info! Thank you. You items are a good list for survival for sure!