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  1. Building a community, improves the game!

    Played for awhile last night with my cousin. Here is a little story about our experience. We stopped at a military base on our way to the coast. My cousin was changing out some gear while I was looking around for loot. At that time a player server hopped right into the base and started to stab my cousin. it was actually kind of funny because he thought I was playing with my knife until he realized he was getting stabbed. I ran to help, the player ran away before I could get there. I looked for him but I am sure he combat logged... My cousin died from his wounds. I grabbed what I could from my cousins body and headed to the coast to meet up with him again. During our travels we ran into a few fresh spawns and supplied them with knives, food, water, etc. Of course we could have been assholes, bandits, psychos, etc. and just killed these players but why. There would be no reason to kill them, they had nothing we needed and they posed no threat. I think doing this helps strengthen and increase the player base. For instance, if one of these players just started playing the game and just get killed over and over, they will probably just stop playing. However, if they run into some friendly players that are willing to help them, they might return the favor at some point and help improve the community and game. Ran into another player this morning at the military base, he was just running around looting. I had the drop on him, he might have had some ammo or something I needed but why kill him? I asked if he needed any help, we talked a bit about the game and end game, then we both went our separate ways. I guess my point is, there does not always need to be pointless KOS. Even if there is a player that might have something you want, maybe just rob them vs. KOS. Take what you need, send them on their way :-) This type of game play, only improves the game play and environment for everyone. I am no against bandits, cannibal or anything like that, just making the experience better for everyone :-) If you are planning on eating someone, maybe capture them first... have a conversation with them... you may or may not want to kill them after. Oh and please do something with military bases, high quality loot spawns, etc. Two suggestions that make senses, Do not allow logging in and out while within a certain area of military base, police stations, airfields, etc. This alone would reduce hoppers and combat logging. :-) Don't allow logout for s certain time period after engaging in combat.
  2. Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Take off your shirt and cut into rags. I was bleeding too and starving, went grey and almost died. Took a couple bandages.
  3. Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    Awesome! Got to play a little today and it feels like it is running better, maybe a little more responsive in the inventory! @Jonas Levin When I spawned in after the update, I was bleeding and starving to death! :-) Almost died before I knew what was going on. Find some antibiotics, try to stay alive.
  4. @Impulz

    Oh sure... a profile with an attractive girls as the picture and admins jump all over a response... ;-) The rest of us don't matter!
  5. 2, 3 and 10 sounds good, the rest is just foolish nonsense.
  6. Progression until death?

    I have been around off and on for many years with DayZ. I know that people have suggested this in the past on multiple occasions and I know there was some talk about aging, hair growth, scaring, etc. but I was wondering if there is still something in the works for progression, whether it is beard growth or maybe a slight increase in survival. It would be cool to have something to survive for vs just surviving. I know that devs have talked physical changes, such as beard/hair growth, maybe scars or something from battle. These would be really cool and probably make the community a little less KoS, especially on console. However, it would also be cool to have your player become a little bit better at surviving the longer you kept them alive, maybe carry a little more weight, not have to eat as much, sneak up on zombie or animals better, etc. This would be incentive to keep your character alive especially if these stats reset every time your player died!
  7. Looking for a US group, Westcoast if possible but would like to find a mature group of good players. Preferably OG DayZ, play through the game, hunting bandits, hoppers, etc. Send me a message... don't want to fill out applications ;-) Wish I could find some of the BigDickRangers, that was a cool group of guys! Alas... Breaking Point is dead ;-)
  8. Devs giving us the cold shoulder?

    Can you use a repair kit on the the gun to restore it if it jams?
  9. Server restarts, day/night cycle, loot spawning

    Agree, i have always liked having a night cycle and was disappointed when they were not in the Xbox version. It cause people to hunker down or use lights to find their way around. Adds a lot of realism to the game. Plus we would always go back to our base at night, cook our meat and hang out going through our inventory. Plus it is or was always cool to see a fire or house with a fire place all lit up at night. When dawn would come around, time to start moving again :-) Oh and a moon cycle would be cool. Maybe make part of the evening very dark and other times a little light from the moon.
  10. Forced metas

    Nice :-) !
  11. Forced metas

    So I know we will get a lot of push back from this but I think this is a good idea. Like you mention it will keep players in play, no combat logs and hoppers will have to enter the base like everyone else vs. hopping in behind someone. Not sure of the distance but I think this is a good suggestion.
  12. Weapon Aiming

    So does anyone think that the weapon controls can use some improvement. For instance, when using the scope, you have to click hold LT, then click RB, then LT again? Is this right or am I doing something wrong. If this is right, why not just have a one click RB for irons, then a double click RB for scope?
  13. Forced metas

    @Molecular Drift 1.0 Kind of like sitting back and hunting rabbits :-) What is the best gun in your opinion for long range shots? Mosin? Any suggestions on long distance snipping?
  14. Couple more questions :-) Is loot spawning in the server with out the server being rebooted? How does this process work, for instance does it spawn when coming into a new area and will new items spawn while you are in the same location? Have day/night cycles been added? What are the restart schedules for Xbox?
  15. Forced metas

    Well regardless of how it is addressed, there should be some deterrent to ghosting and server hopping. I think an increasing timer for hopping servers repeatedly would be helpful. Maybe not after the first or second server change but if you are changing a server every 10-15 minutes, then start adding time to join the next server and significantly to discourage people from doing this. Of course it will not eliminate the issue but it will definitely reduce it. However, until something is done, the only solution is avoiding these areas. Once you are looted with something and want to combat this a little... Start killing some hoppers! That is our plan a anyway :-) Once geared we will patrol areas, look for hoppers and take them out, or die trying! :-)