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  1. test dayz xbox one

    Hello! They will be announcing on Twitter when and how to get access. So if you are not following them there, follow and watch for updates!
  2. Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Yes it is awesome, the graphics and performance look good to! Really want to get some hands on! I have been playing it on PC since release and prior to that on both Aram II and Arma III version of this mod or breaking point (which was awesome too!) Whatever, it will be here soon!
  3. Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Right... who is this guy, our parent :-) I have been patient with DayZ for many, many years!
  4. Game Preview Access

    Watching some of the stream, I might give that a try or continue to try and get access. It would be great to stream it a little early myself. For a couple reason, I would like to build some followers. I am a new streamer, well not exactly new but it is hard to build followers and stream with work, school and family. Additionally, I am watching the steams and it is just a bunch of experience players playing in the coastal towns... It would be great to stream and move further into the game, show off some of the survival mechanics, crafting, etc.
  5. Game Preview Access

    Again, really? I have been playing this game for years, there is nothing wrong with posting and asking for access or more information on acquiring access. You just posting to post?
  6. Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Really... because we are enthusiastic about this title finally coming to console! I have built PC's just for this game and would love to participate. Not only have I been patient over the years but I do not see any issue asking.
  7. Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Yes I would! Going to purchased it anyway but I would love to have a little bonus! :-) I promise I will open up some bug reports or help contribute!
  8. The Main Problem with Consoles

    Hell yeah, can't wait to just chill on the couch, drink a beer and survive with friends! Love DayZ and I think the console version will be just as good! Plus it has no impact on PC, so who cares.
  9. Game Preview Access

    Planning on picking up Vigor tonight. I have been playing DayZ for a really long time and would love to do some testing on console. It looks like the Game Preview might get some of us in their for testing. I am super excited about this and would love to do some Mixer Streaming with the DayZ Xbox version. Can anyone from the Bohemia team give some insight on how this will work? Thank you!
  10. Stress Test vol.10

    After you enter the code, you will need to use the drop down again and select the stress test build.
  11. Stress Test vol.10

    It was a lot for the short amount of time I played. Actually did not run into any crashes or bugs, had a couple of lag spikes where it completely hung but it was brief and only happened once. It would be great if you guys could allow some more over night testing, for those of us in the U.S. :-)
  12. Stress Test vol.7

    nooooo, missed it again! man, why do I have to work :-(
  13. 0.63 Night looks awful

    Right, why do people keep commenting with out reading the information provided by developers! .63 test is not representation of .63 exp., stable or any other versions... Stress testing! This is not a release, they make that perfectly clear if you take the time to read the test forum...
  14. .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    This sounds like a more reasonable response. I can't wait to play it and check it out for myself. As long as they keep the realism/survival aspect of the game, as well as fixing the mechanics/physics, then I will be happy!
  15. My cousin is running on a GTX750Ti but he has a quad core i5 and 16GB RAM. From my experience the game is not only GPU but CPU and Mem intensive. Maybe with the .63 build that will change, I hear that it is better optimized but I would still consider upgrading your system. Mobo, CPU and MEM. GPU can come later.