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  1. Server Hopping

    Mosin doesn't even take a magazine or clip in real life... it is a single feed through breach and holds 4 or 5 rounds I believe... So it doesn't make sense that you have to get a magazine for it. Not surprising that this is not accurate considering the zombie sound effects and elk sound effects are horrible... I really had some high hopes for this new release and it seemed to be finally coming along so well but the console release so far is a let down, $40 for bugs, server crashes, limited functionality, features, etc.
  2. Server Hopping

    It is not part of the game. This is an exploit that people use to unfairly get gear quickly so they can run around and shoot people like it is call of duty... Bohemia needs to find a way to fix this or reduce it. Really ruins the game when every time you get a military base or outpost, some guy spawns in, fully geared and smokes you. If you manage to survive, his buddies spawn in and kill you. Takes away from the game entirely.
  3. Server Hopping, Spawn Delay Fix?

    Hell yeah, now that is a good solution. They need to implement something to reduce the frequency for sure. It is out of control on console... can't even go into a military area with out some ass hat and his 3 to 4 friends spawning on you with full gear!
  4. Group Spawning/ Meeting

    Every spawns somewhat near the coast. Personally I will find some food/water, typically some apples or something, a water spigot is good too. Then find a little loot for your travels. Then head out or to a town on the coast, have your friend head with ocean to your left and you with the ocean on your right. Normally you will find each other fairly quick... look for the town signs and find a map online. My friends and I can normally find each other pretty quick.
  5. Server message size

    Is this for Xbox One X only? I have this issue but my cousin does not. He is on an OG Xbox.
  6. Server Hopping, Spawn Delay Fix?

    They do not have a spawn delay on the PC version anymore? This should be a priority considering it defeats the purpose of the game entirely. Thought the last time I played on PC there was a spawn delay for server hopping... did this change? Just really shitty for those trying to enjoy the game when you have to put up with this kind of shit.
  7. Server Hopping, Spawn Delay Fix?

    Just wondering when Xbox One version will get a fix for server hopping? It is a little out of control at the moment. Any time you are in a military zone, you are dealing with a group of server hopping fools, fully geared just blowing people away. This really takes away from the game considering all you need to do is run to a military location and hop servers until you are fully geared. Pretty crappy for those that are playing the game, how it is meant to be played.
  8. What to do after fully geared?

    I would say, stay alive, help friends and other survivors. Be different, protect people from bandits.
  9. No servers... Are all servers down?

    Restarted and re-launched DayZ after character lock and now I do not see any servers.
  10. Current state of console build

    I was very excited about this release and have been asking for some time now on the forums about testing. Then I was surprised it went to game preview. Even though I own it on PC, I purchased on Xbox because I love the game and wanted to play with a new group of friends. $40 seemed a bit steep but figured what the hell, you guys need the money, you work hard. However, this release has been a little disappointing and game is almost unplayable. I was wondering what the issues are, is there a current list and estimated fixes? Is the server load to high?
  11. Player locked in database?

    After updating this morning, jumped in hoping to see some improvements. Logged into a server after multiple attempts on different servers, once in I ran about 100 yards and got a no message received... dropped connection and now when I try to connect it says my character was kicked for being locked in the database.
  12. test dayz xbox one

    Hello! They will be announcing on Twitter when and how to get access. So if you are not following them there, follow and watch for updates!
  13. Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Yes it is awesome, the graphics and performance look good to! Really want to get some hands on! I have been playing it on PC since release and prior to that on both Aram II and Arma III version of this mod or breaking point (which was awesome too!) Whatever, it will be here soon!
  14. Vigor founders access to dayz game preview???!

    Right... who is this guy, our parent :-) I have been patient with DayZ for many, many years!
  15. Game Preview Access

    Watching some of the stream, I might give that a try or continue to try and get access. It would be great to stream it a little early myself. For a couple reason, I would like to build some followers. I am a new streamer, well not exactly new but it is hard to build followers and stream with work, school and family. Additionally, I am watching the steams and it is just a bunch of experience players playing in the coastal towns... It would be great to stream and move further into the game, show off some of the survival mechanics, crafting, etc.