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  1. I agree mostly, and sometimes it sounds more like a jet plane than wind... Especially around the edges of the map at the debug fields. Also even with strong winds the trees bend way too much and seem to be made of rubber. But I assume this will be fixed in the future, maybe already in beta.
  2. A truck should be able to reach about 50+ kmh. Thing is that gears 1,2,3 are very short, shift to 4 at about 20 kmh, speed will drop a little and then pick up. It also seems a bad idea to down shift when on an incline, better to just keep rolling in gear. When the tires are (badly) damaged the truck will become just about undriveable. Grip on inclines also diminishes with bad tires.
  3. Most likely tour wheels are damaged, take them off and try to repair them or find new ones. Before you start to bitch a game first make sure you understand all the mechanics.
  4. Don't get attached to your gear when the game is still alpha. You would have lost that stuff anyway because of an eventual wipe or certainly when beta hits stable.
  5. 2 weeks - no 2 months - probably not 2018 - most likely
  6. Many will want to buy Dayz when "super mods" come out, catering specifically to pvp or pve needs. Even if the base game keeps a "shaky" reputation I think what happens to the game after release will reach a new player base and possibly a great reputation for Dayz as a "platform".
  7. I hope you report these dupers and server kickers...
  8. I don't use twitter but I think the deerstand is here (coordinates in pic):
  9. In 3rd person we see a lens flare. In my personal opinion this is annoying and unrealistic. One could argue that in 3rd person view it is like looking at yourself through a camera and that's why there is a lens flare but I think it is corny and a relic from much earlier games when it was still "cool" that we could render these effects. For me, I am playing a game and am not starring in some blockbuster movie so I would be happy to get rid off it. Or at least add an option to turn it on or off in graphics settings. What's your opinion, lens flare on or off? Edit: added "make on/off option" to the poll.
  10. Does it have gas, a spark plug, a battery, is it maybe damaged or even ruined?
  11. Those temps seem fine. Hard to give you more tips. Maybe some process is freezing your SSD temporarily or fills your RAM? Does it happen when you turn off shadowplay? Do you also constantly record the games that do not freeze? Could it be a pagefile that gets full because of recording? I am stretching here.
  12. Those fans not ramping up could be the actual problem :p Of course, things can change in a system and temps that were before low could now be high because of faulty fans, old thermal paste, dust build up in heat sinks, bad cable mangement. Also take a look at processes running in the background, CPU usage, RAM usage (does it get to 100%). Maybe gives us your system specs?
  13. No I don't have this issue. Could be overheating. Do you monitor the heat of your CPU and GPU? CPUID HWMonitor is a good program for monitoring your system.
  14. No. Don't use them, they are ARMA relics.
  15. Verify your game files in steam first.