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  1. Connecting to NL servers from UK

    That's a lie, I don't run any servers. :p
  2. Stress Test vol.38

    Played for about 40 minutes and started to get BE kicks, on multiple servers. Restarted steam, same deal. Edit: seems to happen on all servers, I see others get kicked too, unplayable at this moment.
  3. Progression & Base Building

    1: beard grow, possibly soft skills and scars 2: probably mines and traps Note: all this is not implemented yet and possibly there will be more, but those are things that are mentioned from the top of my head. Mines and traps were already in at some time during development but removed later.
  4. I have bound "toggle raise weapon" to CTRL but most times when I push it it will raise and immediately lower again, usually it takes a few times before it stays raised. Do others experience this too? BTW I use a mechanical keyboard (Steelseries Apex M500) and I wonder if that may be the issue? Maybe it continuously registers input?
  5. Stress Test vol.35

    Played for about 2 hours, no major issues encountered. I actually had quite a significant performance increase. In the previous build I averaged about 70 fps, now about 100 fps.
  6. how many characters can I have?

    yes your exp. char will be preserved after playing the stress test. But, be prepared that you exp character will probably be wiped soon anyway so for character preservation you can only rely on the stable branch, but even those can have wipes. Of course, the devs intent to push 0.63 as soon as possible to the stable branch and then your character will be wiped too. Don't get hung up (yet) on your characters too much, that will come when the game officially hits 1.0. and you'll have a proper chance to grow a beard ;) Also on stable branch you can have a character on the public branch (official servers) for 1st and 3rd person servers, same for experimental branch. On all private servers you will have separate characters, admins however may decide to do a character wipe for whatever reason. So in theory an unlimited amount of characters.
  7. Stress Test vol.33

    It seems the new client update is not being distributed yet?
  8. Stress Test vol.32

    played offline, several crashes, I also was not able to get into the sea and swim, also caused a crash
  9. I know, but be patient.

    If you want a playable experience you need to go to stable/0.62, that's what it's there for, how hard is that to understand? That said, I do not recognize your troubles with dehydration and starvation in 0.63, only challenge is when you spawn in but there are plenty of apples and water to get you fed and hydrated, once achieved you can go without eating and drinking for a pretty long time.
  10. Is that a glitch or how do you manage to get this small guy?
  11. I would think that with the budget BI has for Dayz hiring a few professional translators won't be such a big deal.
  12. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Experiencing constant connection lost" and "character locked in database" again, I thought these issues were solved? Also many servers I am unable to connect to, especially 1st person servers.
  13. Where is the DayZ population?

    Possibly you are right, however, you are factoring out new players who never played the game before (both mod and and SA)
  14. Where is the DayZ population?

    I'm still here, waiting patiently, occasionally playing a few hours, checking the forum almost daily. Although part of me feels disappointed about progress I still have faith this will be a platform for many iterations. I am actually mentally prepared it may take another 2 years from today for the game to get into full swing.
  15. I think by now it is an issue Bohemia is aware off, assuming it is caused by DAYZ or Steam I would expect there is a fix soon. BTW, reinstalling Dayz and updating to 0.63 seems to have fixed the issue for me.