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  1. Cars are a pain in the ass too, way to easy to damge them and ahrd to find parts. In my experience you can jog faster from a to b then using a car just of the time it takes to keep that thing running. I gues when you are base building you can't do without one if you wanna haul some materials.
  2. nl

    why do i get kicked

    Probably because you have mods installed?
  3. "this year"...
  4. nl

    DayZ Launcher crashes

    add only one mod at a time and see which makes it crash?
  5. When I keep browsing through characters I will get a generic one I can customize -->
  6. nl

    Unable to craft improvised backpack

    nope, crafted a backpack from a burlap sack and wild boar skin without issues.
  7. Played for about an hour, no problems encountered except very low fps 30-40 when I used to have 70-100, also some stutters but not lag.
  8. No, this specific bug don't seem to happen much although I've had trouble on this type of ladder / radio mast before during beta. It's not so much that I would expect Dayz to be completely without bugs at 1.0 but I do have a hard time understanding that after 5 years we still have to deal with bugs that screw with basics, like movement and simply navigating the terrain / world. If I were a developer I would at least have the most basic player control under complete control before releasing my game to the general public. But what do I know? I disagree to at least a degree. 1.0 or whatever the version number is not really the point here, releasing the game in a state like this to the general public is a bad idea imo. After all, the state in which it is released is not even close to the intended experience (at least I very much hope so). No hypothermia, no hyperthermia (without consequence anyway), no disease, no vehicles (well hardly), unreliable persistence, camps not really secure, weapon bugs, bugged ballistics, bugged stamina system, many many items missing or not working, unbalanced loot economy (how many pea coats do we need?) sadly outdated house models, hardly any wildlife, and so on. I know, we are still not finished yet and who knows how much more will be added in the 1.0 release we don't know about at this time? This game is still not even close to the envisioned game the (original) developers and many of us have (had?). If have rarely been this critical during my time here but I am now truly worried about the end-state of this game, and obviously many with me. I hope I am just too impatient (since march 2014) and very very wrong.
  9. Recorded today, on stable. Dayz hitting 1.0 not full featured is one thing, but basics still not working right is another...
  10. nl

    When will we get a wiki?

  11. nl

    Stress test vol.55

    Thanks for the tip. I have most buttons configured but I can't seem to find out how to define the right Alt key to "movebackward". Tried kAlt, Alt, kAltGr, AltGr, kAltRight and so on... Never mind, I figured it out, it is kRMenu
  12. nl

    Stress test vol.55

    Hey thanks for the tip, some buttons I don't know how to define, like for instance mouse button 5 doesn't seem to be listed or else I don't know how to name it. Will play some more with it. (it is still ludicrous I have to go to these lengths just to rebind some keys...) BTW, kudos for still remembering my former name on this forum!
  13. nl

    Stress test vol.55

    I really don't understand why all controls were reset and the ability to rebind them has been removed for now. I'd love to test this build but I refuse to do it forced to use WASD, I have not played a game with default key bindings since about 1997...just saying.
  14. nl

    Stress Test vol.52

    I got hurt badly by a few infected, was bleeding and bandaged myself 4 times but kept losing blood rapidly (no visual bleeding after 2 bandages) and died before I could bandage a fifth time. Can we have that many wounds now?
  15. Thanks and yes that is an improvement. However, a flare or torch has an open light source (not shielded on the back side like a flashlight) so in that animation you would still be blinded. In real life you would never carry a light source shining back directly in your eyes, messing with your night vision.