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  1. Not sure about this but maybe the axe was ruined?
  2. A quick search on that AMD Crimsmon software shows me a lot of people complaining about it, well in 2015 at least, maybe you should search yourself a bit and see what others did to solve it. Maybe you can try a different version or even disable it and try overclocking in your BIOS, if it supports that.
  3. Sounds like OC settings get an override or something. How did you overclock? Did you do it in the BIOS or are you using software?
  4. I would team up with you but unfortunately have a low bummer. Btw lol @ bump after 1 hour of posting...
  5. Just a little update that I have not heard this sound again since we tried to reproduce it. Strange...maybe the devs did something without telling us about it ;)
  6. We tried to reproduce this bug on exp. but failed to do so. Getting into each others network bubbles, using radios, using in-game voip, shooting, hitting, using cars and trucks and so on, nothing produced the bug unfortunately. Thanks to GaryWalnuts, IMT, Thurman Merman for helping to test!
  7. It happens throughout a session, beginning, middle, end. Not related in my experience to delayed sound. I can enter a server and start walking / running and not eating bandaging or whatever and I will get the sound. Also the sound doesn't "feel" like a game sound but rather voip. Like I said before, it won't happen when I am alone in a server. I am pretty sure it is related to in-game voip. When I recorded this sound I saw there were two players in the server who were connected to the server the exact same time (private server with gametracker) so I assume they were teamed up and using in-game voip to communicate, possibly causing this bug.
  8. Okay I recorded the sound. In-game it is louder than in the video. Opening inventory and the sound at the same time is a coincidence.
  9. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.
  10. Since 0.61 I sometimes hear a sudden loud sound, not every session but often. By lack of a better description It sounds like a whip and it always scares the shit out of me. It sounds a bit like it has to do with voip, maybe a bug when someone uses voip in the game, it doesn't seem to happen when I am alone on the server. -When it happens nobody is close by, I know this for sure. -It is not my sound card / drivers, I switched back to my Realtek HD onboard sound after having used a Soundblaster card, I hear the sound on both. -I use a 5.1 speaker setup and a standalone mic / webcam. -I use "push to talk" and am sure the noise is not activated by myself. Does anyone else also hear these sounds or should I assume it is caused by my own system?
  11. These are my settings, as you can see I find about 1200 servers.
  12. So is W maybe just sticking? I occasionally also have "autorun" seems to happen when sync with server is interrupted, I can always solve it by pressing my run key again (in my case that is right mouse button - I always remap key assignments)
  13. iirc it was always like this. If I look in the background it seems to me there's too much of a gradient. You need space and relatively flat terrain. But I prefer barrels anyway, much easier to hide, especially the damaged green ones.
  14. Nah, he just wanted to show off and get some praise for his rig. But nice rig, wish I had that kind off hardware.
  15. It would be nice if we had reserved slots. I recently lost a Glock with magazine and silencer due to this and did not notice until I could not remember exactly where I switched items.