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  1. Melee attack while sprinting

    They should make the axes and such throw-able, that would solve the problem of cowards running away (and coming at you with your weapon ;) )
  2. Shaking / trembling bug

    Yes, many times. I had this bug during many sessions. I tried the splints many times. Didn't try painkillers nor morphine. On this specific server (private hive) I play alone. Of course, I was hit by infected multiple times and had to go back to a healthy status but the trembling remained. Normally I guess I would have made a report but I don't want to waste dev's time while we wait for beta.
  3. cannot open

    did you google on the message? I did not read myself but it seems more people had this error in the past, also related to ARMA. https://www.google.nl/search?dcr=0&source=hp&ei=GWBJWqycD4XXwAKrv4mgDA&q=cannot+open+'dta+bin.ebo's&oq=cannot+open+'dta\bin.ebo'&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i160k1.1521.1521.0.3859.
  4. yeah, because everybody plays DAYZ sa, a survival game, just for the firefights -_-
  5. Shaking / trembling bug

    well I was drenched before and already sat by a fire. What you mean F2? Do surrender animation and this fixes bugs?
  6. I had a character that never stopped trembling and would never get hot. At one time I got very cold but got back to normal status after which the trembling hands never got away. All the time I had maximum health, hydration and energy levels. What I tried to get rid of the trembling: -constantly sprinting (literally hours on end) and while receiving the "I am rapidly warming up" message I never got a hot status. -no damp or wet clothing or items -sat at a fire for a long time (15 sticks, 4 logs) -used at least 4 splints to heal hidden damage -was wearing an m60 jacket and plate carrier Now it is kinda nice to be able to sprint full time without ever getting too hot but using a scoped rifle sucks when you tremble. I killed my character and started with a new one (not trembling)
  7. Local servers - Connecting failed

    Sounds like it, or maybe they are blocking certain ports? Could try to give your ISP a call and see what they say.
  8. The game is not optimized yet, so even with my "more powerful" system I experience the same but probably less than you. (The game probably won't feel smooth until beta or some time after) What may help is: -run game from SSD (faster to load all objects in a town) -don't use the very high objects setting but set it a bit lower. -don't set all settings to low because that way all the work will go to your CPU and not GPU, you card should easily handle higher settings.
  9. Seen in height

    Do you mean you want a map? You can find one here: http://www.izurvive.com/ Or do you want to make screenshots from a "bird perspective?" Not sure how to do that.
  10. Some houses have fireplaces you can use, craft a fireplace and place it in there and ignite.
  11. Limiting direction change when sprinting

    It's discussed in one or more of the official dev status updates, somewhere in the last six months would be my guess. Read some of those.
  12. Stable Update 0.62.143758

    End of development, the final product, the actual start of Dayz SA...
  13. Stable Update 0.62.143758

    The time it took to make this video could have gone to getting beta ready for release.... Just kidding! Happy holidays everyone! Looking forward to 2018 and to see what Dayz will become in the end!
  14. No servers found

    Gezien je naam neem ik aan dat je Nederlander bent? (I assume he is Dutch) Op onderstaande link kun je mededelingen zien van de ontwikkelaars, hier lees je ook dat de stable servers inderdaad offline zijn gehaald voor een update, meestal zullen ze ook aangeven dat de servers weer online komen. In de toekomst kun je daar dus controleren of ze iets aan het doen zijn: https://twitter.com/dayzdevteam
  15. Just rediscover the game, I wish I could do that.