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  1. If I ever get robbed I hope it's by you, most are not creative and simply kill you...
  2. Well, I did die after all, by suicide because I didn't want to wait for the inevitable and had my gear safe. I seemed to be getting better but after about 30 minutes I started to feel tired again and worn out, suddenly a red message "rumble in my bowels" it was going downhill fast after that. Took a revolver and shot my brains out. After respawn I didn't invest time in finding weapons, just eating and drinking to make it back to my stash. Big mistake, about one kilometer from my barrel with goodies I was suddenly surrounded by wolves and had nothing to defend myself but an axe, they ate me. Now I am again trying to go back to my cache. Cholera and wolves are bitches.
  3. Never saw red messages, I did have an orange sick status which is now gone.
  4. Well it looks like I may make it. My energy was 100% when I got sick and indeed hydration was going down fast. Found a jerrycan and a small lake, not ideal but it had to do. Emptied the jerrycan, filled it with water and drank all of it. That made me puke. After that I kept drinking until dark green hydrated and kept it that way. After a while my "sick" status was gone and I regained color. However, I do still get messages like "I feel worn out", but there seems to be more and more time between them. Not sure if it will be over now, I am still drinking lake water so maybe I am reinfecting myself... As soon as I think I can leave the lake I will go search for a pump, fill the jerry can with clean water, make myself puke again and get hydrated with safe water. Thanks for the help guys!
  5. found a barrel and stashed my most important items should I die, trying to survive now...
  6. Shit, what should I do to survive?
  7. I Had the same experience, I had up to 6 apples on my stick...
  8. For the first time I got a message "I am tired", didn't play long enough after to experience the repercussions. Was this message because I was running around with a second rifle and is this what was meant by "we have a surprise for PVP players"? Or is it an indication of sickness? I had just drunk from a pond.
  9. hitlerz reacts

    Pfff, it's ALPHA Adolf...
  10. Yup, I try to keep it PVE only.
  11. I am no bandit myself but would definitely prefer to be held up by a robber and have an adventure together than the more common scenario of someone shooting you unannounced in the back...
  12. First of all: there is function called 'edit' so you don't have to make separate posts. Second of all: who says you are "within the game reality" the first to loot these houses? Most items of interest have already been taken and you are lucky to sometimes find a steak knife or some usable clothing. I think scarcity is more realistic than abundance.
  13. i also felt like typing a senseless mess of sentences without any punctuation because hey its what everybody seems to do these days because if you have info to share or a question to ask why in the hell would you respect the person reading your text because its not like you would want to motivate them to not only completely read your rambling but also understand what is being said and possibly even get an useful answer out of them of course its all because of the modern times with gadgets like smartphones and tablets that are in a way an improvement but are not really helping online communities like this one because typing any length of text on them is a hassle and autocorrect is messing with words and to check spelling is just too much trouble so i for one still prefer to do anything online with a computer simply an old fashion monitor mouse and keyboard because in the end they work so much better but hey who am i to condemn modern times and it is not all impossible that millenials have developed reading skills that i personally lack because of my old age and they can maybe simply glance at a body of text and perfectly understand where normal people would have used capitals commas exclamation marks or question marks and full stops it could be indicative of a next step in human evolution and could even be the first step towards telepathic communication now that i think of it although that might be taking it a bit too far because yeah we all know they are just lazy and dont give a shit about the people that have to make sense out of the mess they leave behind on forums nevertheless i have idle hope that this rambling of mine will open their eyes but lets face it it wont and there may even be a chance i get a warning or temporary ban for trolling which i could actually understand in a way as long as those posters who are allergic to punctuation get a warning too okay well thanks for reading and please change your behavior and have a good weekend and enjoy dayz cya