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  1. Once the game is finished there will be servers that are always popular and full, probably because of active admins, community forums, set rules, attractive modifications and so on. I think it will sort itself out once the game hits late BETA and 1.0.
  2. You know you need to hold the throw button for a little while and not just give it a short press? Also there is a key bound to throwing and "empty hands" the latter will simply drop items at your feet.
  3. Put the iron on a low "cotton" setting and keep a dish towel between the iron and the map, iron back of map. Possibly making the towel slightly moist may help.
  4. @☣BioHaze☣ You should try to iron the creases out of that map (not too hot). Personally I would much rather have the satellite version but it's cool anyway!
  5. Dirt bike or possibly a quad.
  6. Meh, I would rather stay close to what you could realisticly find in a rural Russian area. I know hunting is still being done with black powder by some 'purists' but it's pretty rare although maybe here and there you could find a hunting rifle in Chernarus. I think black powder pistols is a step too far. Also finding WW1 machine guns that could be made to work again and finding ammo for it is not very realistic.
  7. Not sure but I feel the CPU is fast enough for now so I guess I would go for an upgraded GPU. I also run an older system myself with an i5 750 @2.67 GHz (no OC) and GTX 650 Ti Boost DCII OC,2GB and have medium settings and still have fps between roughly 25-65. The upgraded GPU can be used in other systems if wanted and at a later date you can upgrade the CPU and even the motherboard so you can use more up to date cpu sockets. Also, the game will most likely still be more optimized in the future and I suspect this will make a strong GPU more important than a CPU, but as said I am not sure about this.
  8. Same with infected :)
  9. On a little sidetrack: do doors actually serve a purpose? Like protecting you against bullets perhaps? As it is I tend to remove doors because it makes it easier getting in and out and when you try to hide the vehicle from view there are less bright coloured surfaces to attract the attention of other players, the vehicle blends better with its surroundings that way, camouflage if you will. And on that note, would be nice to use the spray cans to make a camouflage pattern.
  10. Not sure about this but maybe the axe was ruined?
  11. A quick search on that AMD Crimsmon software shows me a lot of people complaining about it, well in 2015 at least, maybe you should search yourself a bit and see what others did to solve it. Maybe you can try a different version or even disable it and try overclocking in your BIOS, if it supports that.
  12. Sounds like OC settings get an override or something. How did you overclock? Did you do it in the BIOS or are you using software?
  13. I would team up with you but unfortunately have a low bummer. Btw lol @ bump after 1 hour of posting...
  14. Just a little update that I have not heard this sound again since we tried to reproduce it. Strange...maybe the devs did something without telling us about it ;)