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  1. most problems are with arma, updates and lack of. good modders are quiting.
  2. 1-2 more years you gather?
  3. Hope your students don't mind you speaking about sucking big fat dicks. Its just a game. There is no survival at all yet...
  4. No we where told not to, totally different engine so i would say no. They may have other options for this new engine.
  5. It is clear from the new topics that .63 has to be released so game play will evolve from that. Everything else, pretty much before .63 can be thrown out and start fresh. I am hoping to see Dayz SA turn into a fun game.
  6. Another great modding idea, damage modifier for infected.
  7. LOL you trollin old man? hehe I just read your comments from another topic, I cant blame you for it honestly.
  8. modding

    You guys are forgetting that public maybe canned....I haven't heard of any more reports or updates to that last poll. I hope public hoping goes poof.... let the server handle the Database. This is my thoughts on it, this way modding or vanilla stays left to the user. Also allows for you to lock down your server from aggressive cheaters etc... As for modding, i hope we have as many tools as Arma 3 did, maybe not all of them but a good chunk available, with future changes.
  9. modding

    Exactly, I agree with you. I was hoping that some information may be generated by this topic not the defense of vanilla. Vanilla will not change, only the players demand changes. "The default package" If BI changes it like Arma 3 updates did, it gets rather confusing for the modding community. We lost so many good modders trying to make a better experience. Arma 3 was a very fun tool to make new and improved ideas. It just was not strong enough to handle what was needed. So would dayz SA allow us to mod good AI ideas? we are yet to see. Will i need 4-5 headless clients to redirect some of the load, so that i can add in more AI features? More fishing, more hunting? Maybe add in snakes, or simply more crafting ideas. Lets say i add in a questing mod, that allows people to run missions from a safe zone. Anything goes. I would love for someone to show us more on the modding side of things, honestly. Vanilla is safe until the devs change it. "We", the players make the game come alive.... modding does help, its been proven. Once that Vanilla experience gets boring, we want to try something different.
  10. modding

    This is why i feel i maybe misunderstanding some posters. Sometimes it is rather hard to follow. I do apologize if i have done so.
  11. modding

    I am a modder/scripter and player i recognize and understand. They already told you modding will not effect vanilla servers. You just cant force people to pick the same server your on. We have already played the game for 3000 hrs, what more is there ??? more sheds? the experience comes from the people, and if people want to enhance it Great!! other wise dayz is pretty stale without a community. BI whole fundamental change has been modding. Seriously ask them about Arma. OK Dayz SA vanilla no mods. Means i enable or disable mods for this server. If it is a private server, you have the choice to download my compiled list of mods active on this server. If only 75 people enjoy Dayz SA vanilla we are balanced between 2 servers only... Like 1st person servers. What exactly is the rest of the 99999 players going to experience? Wait until your fed up with Vanilla server for the remainder 5 yrs? NO we will open a private server mod up what people enjoy, hop to other modded servers and experience something completely unique and different. BI understands this and made the effort to bring it to Dayz because Dayz was a mod concept. So Pilgrim get off the road to Pilgrimage here and look at both sides of this stone. <---- was suppose to be a bad joke lol
  12. modding

    WHoa hold on a sec, you are forgetting the other private hosted hives that some have 4+ connected they are no where near public vanilla servers. We do not know the engine, what we can enable or disable. How exactly mods will be allowed or not in Vanilla. You can filter out modded servers so only the true vanilla experience works. We also do not know if public jumping of hives will be allowed once the beta comes around?? right remember? So much we do not know, yet we see arma 3 vanilla just was boring as heck, until modding made it a huge success. Not everyone's game or value either but modding was superb. Unless someone can really give us all of those answers i would put your fears away in your back pocket and wait until we know more. Also remember this, each patch can change with little to no notice. Also all status reports have been proven to be taken with a grain of salt until we see the new engine in place. Also the time line will not be correct or what can or be added to the game due to the new engine and it's subordinate engines. Digging too deep into it at this point might hurt feelings and discourage you and others from playing.
  13. Awesome to hear this. I am sure 99.9999% of the others are happy to know this too.
  14. modding

    I completely agree being open minded, because we do not know what can be generated from this. We might even see dean create another mod on his own time, that blows away the public. Who knows right?
  15. modding

    Well if you get bored after 2000 hrs game play of searching sheds and someone comes out with a version on their own server that completely redoes the game to their liking and others appear to like it and change what does it matter? not everyone is going to keep playing the same thing over and over for 5 yrs. This is how dayz was created from a war game... do we say that dayz was a failure? BI has made it very clear, they want to continue down this path. You knew this before 2012, arma had modding abilities.