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  1. Sigh!! wait a few more months then,
  2. error

    Win 10 is better. Unlocks the cores for you already.
  3. error

    First of all i would upgrade to windows 64 bit.. the new client is out. Plus you are only using 4gb
  4. error

    Still coming up after all these months? hmm i thought that would have been fixed. Must be an engine, script taken out thing until working.
  5. The problem with many things are this, each server will be differently done, and dictated the way they see fit. Arma 3 didn't restrict people from doing what they wanted, and arma 3 is one of the most popular modded games out there. No matter what BI does to Dayz, it will still allow for modding, and people will find a way to remove restrictions to enjoy the game on their server. If modding is dummed down? well that will be loss for dayz in the end. Arma 3 didn't and still is strong. The only thing i see this happening is on your own vanilla server, and official if they even last. But clearly i do agree with many of these issues. Take modding away? takes away removing restrictions. Forcing the community to play "out of the box" game play.
  6. game

    There was mention of added map sizes etc... remember it is hand done so it is not pre generated. Look forward to opening day :) 1 curator reviewed the game already "1st person locked survival game. Potential to be the best zombie survival game out there providing early access goes well."
  7. OH damn i thought this thread was about Things we haven't seen in game yet like base building, crafting system working as intended, half of the other crap promised. but it was items not in .62 LOL had me all worked up Mookie.
  8. You just posted a simple exploit, and you didn't know it. Send this to the devs to fix.
  9. I skimmed, and i agree. It will be the nature of these games in the future, it will take a crap load of stuff to keep us occupied. And if games like MMO's cant do it? other then EQ and WOW then i see no future in lower end MMO games like Conan, ark just saying, it takes a lot to keep us busy. Only so many can's of beans will keep us busy, and most of all, we already played the game. I still like Dayz though....
  10. Well it appears to me a 2 way street on that issue with stamina . Wolfs can out run or did forcing you to hide in a house for a long time to ninja log off or try to kill them someway to get away. Infected cornering you is the same issue if speed is reduced. With little bullets, and a hope in hell that you find some "pointy stick" everything, i mean everything in this game needs to be looked at. Right now it is sloppy at best for game balances. I am sure the devs would nod too. (we the players, adapt, find ways around it, die 10x more then normal and avoid the same issue to survive) So Stamina will need to be looked at from the top down approach. Not a simple "Check" this box to reduce stamina on each AI for it to feel right.
  11. Games with creatures spawning behind you drive me nuts.... but the environment sounds are great.
  12. Welcome to dayz
  13. I live in Canada and we have all the pine trees you want. A fully canopy tree can still be pushed back to hide in. A trimmed tree exposes you. I will not lie, you may end up with a few cuts and scrapes. Most branches are close, so you would have to wiggle your way or crawl under them. It is doable just sucks to be you in the end.
  14. Since, Lord Hall did it, i figured the rest are
  15. It is a known restriction, and is being worked on. I know i was one that posted on this to the dev team in testing. Video glitches and exploits. So it is well documented, much like everything else is. I believe soon they will have fixes for most of it.