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  1. I got the popcorn, but missing something.

    Ouch rough start then? persistence some saying is holding in. Private servers though, so maybe public is effected?
  2. Oh ya got any salt? Joking aside how is the game guys, just loving it i bet? all around hugs to the devs for the release? What are your thoughts.
  3. Wow.

    First in with the popcorn :)
  4. I too am nervous about 1.0

    Wow long time Kichilron, where you been hiding?
  5. December, Full release

    Hehe good luck with this one guys... ill be watching and eating lots of popcorn... with all the flaming that comes in.
  6. BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    See this is exactly all i hear in many other games, same thing McWendy is saying. They all left to never return. Like i believe damage is done. The comments are the same thing all over the place.
  7. BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    Damage has already been done. Only really us and some that dont visit the forums care to stick around.
  8. BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    It should be stuck in beta for 1 yr, fixing all the bugs so when release comes around which then should be called 1.0 Otherwise its a buggy mess again.
  9. DayZ and its future

    Its a cross between arma and what people observe. You cant fault anyone, ppl see what they see and read in between the lines.
  10. DayZ and its future

    We had that with arma when i bought it, all future content included with alpha. When you mention it you where deleted. Sadly nobody could say much in defense.
  11. BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    I still am shaking my head, still come here hoping the game is going in the right direction but so far i dunno man.... Ive gotten all these new games now, not sure dayz will hold onto many players anymore. We all can flip to Warz.. that game still play able isn't it? i know pretty bad comparison but still.
  12. No faith mama

    I kept saying it should be still called Pre Alpha, maybe Alpha now.
  13. I just don't have any words left.

    Sounds like persistence is buggy again, and many other bugs not flushed out. Again scrap dayz and shelf it. So many other games out there now. Then when you have a solid engine come back and maybe redo dayz 2.0 That's suppose to be a joke btw...
  14. base destroyable?

    Maybe BI needs to contact Epoch, and Exile devs.
  15. You do know we have been here awhile right? It was pre alpha most of us where involved in.