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  1. Amazing, keep up the great ideas!!
  2. IS base building before beta? or after. Not sure if they devs mentioned that yet. Everything changes so fast, i get mixed up when.
  3. Not much, but i bet when you login fresh you will die :)
  4. Now go make dayz great again!! Good to see you guys back to the forums more. Now you can ban me more often :) jking
  5. 12 pages of donald trump WOW... this is a book. I have never seen half of what was posted, good stuff folks thanks for the funnies and not so funny things.
  6. Forum looks nice.
  7. Emu you don't feel that is normal? Take 40 shotgun shells out to your car, put it to a door and see if you can enter it at 39 :) I am sure there is nothing left of the door, but you still should be able to enter it.
  8. Arma 3 has autorun feature for devs to develop from. I remember using it in exile mod. Not sure if arma did this or the mods. Was rather nice to have going over hills etc.
  9. You could if they modify any client files. We have server agreements, to follow. The devs are very aware of this server. Asking these questions in normal forums is not a good thing, best to ask a mod, or dev about that.
  10. Could be many issues, we do not know about. You and I both may have made the same decisions based on partnerships and how much it would cost or make in the end. Sometimes ideas never get off the ground, just in this industry Hype seems to be a fluent problem. Especially when it comes to getting something off the ground fast.
  11. Oh character controller you mean? But you could be correct on hold. Maybe the base building is on hold too? Until cars are fixed and controller is put in.
  12. I believe placement is working as Intended, but i could be wrong as usual. I remember they said it was being worked on, but now i see it only placed on flat ground. So maybe it is finalized for beta? i don't know honestly anymore.
  13. Nice write up Baty, and I understood that dayz was not getting any new assets until beta? In the above report we see a new weapon? Would bugs being fixed before new additions be a better goal? and Hemtek, from what i understood from Brian Hicks we would not be adding in any new assets until beta. Unless some are already created and not introduced. A roadmap would be nice, since character controllers and all the major bugs be fixed prior to additional assets.
  14. Once i get into Survive the Nights, ill let you know what it is like to craft.
  15. All i care about, is that both players can hide and be seen hidden in the grass. Otherwise we look like a rock laying down at 400m in the woods currently. Currently we can wave to someone and they are seen a 1km away, its so flat. Then up the basic requirements past normal so they can not reduce graphics. Too many exploits now, as a target.