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  1. Ah darn secret is out.
  2. Working as Intended.
  3. Feels very smooth, i am hoping it isn't network sync and actual game play now. Over all felt much better, and the colors look deeper then before. Bus still spun around after i started it up in 3rd person. One thing that caught my eye as i exited the game was distanced traveled. That to me felt like a walking sim game aspect right away.
  4. Fill in the edge of the map though..... bare looks weird. but only visible when you start to get close. Showing maybe 50 feet, blocked by trees and unable to move into that land. If they make a different zone, seamless or not, it would be best to allow modders to carry forth that and make new maps, from the admin tools and ability to make new sections. Otherwise a player controller would be best suited for everyone. I agree with you on that. We know it is coming and will be fixed when it gets broken.
  5. This the only update? gotta be close to the rest of it by now.
  6. Yup one day Gews, we will get that slowed down some. I get it,
  7. 18 degree here, to 29 degree are you sure you don't like liquid cooling?
  8. game

    It does look interesting doesn't it. 400km? rather big for unity. It can be done for sure. They are recreating BC, Alberta so this is a game i am going to get for the fact i am a Canadian.
  9. This whole thread belongs in Offtopic, where i posted STN to begin with. However this will take it to a bashing fest so please don't merge it. It is lower budget compared to dayz due to it not hitting steam yet. Small team that could grow. It is not easy for a team to be 50 people + now a days due to the numbers declining in development, and the publishers. Dayz is a different game, then STN - Miscreated - etc.. But find the Off topic and post there.
  10. game

    I am in the same boat, the only thing i need to talk to JB about is wither i can turn off motion in 1st person. I know ill get sick after playing if we can not control the bounce. Just something i get, maybe my eyes are focusing too much i dont know but i get dizzy at times and have to walk away. Silly huh?
  11. I completely agree with everything you have said, but it is just not him it is all of us that forget these things. We just lack positive information, pieces of the puzzle and where we stand. People are impatient and eager to explore a game like dayz with all the features. They see these in other engines like unity and expect it to be easy to do with dayz engines. Dayz is a new flagship game for BI, in my opinion and expect it to be good in the end :)
  12. They are not lies, it is opinions and questions. A open discussion how people feel. I am still here hoping dayz turns out to be the best game in the world. I still have a similar view how these guys feel but Battle royal games are not the same genre. Since i have well over 2000 hrs in 2 games, i tested, i submitted bugs but at the end of the day i still feel the same way, will it ever get Basebuilding, will the infected ever be done right, will these bugs we had since the start be fixed. will exploits and cheats be looked at. The mistake they don't know, Dean was always working for BI. They think he is a guy that was sitting at his computer developing a mod, as a modder and not a programmer. Concept made into a standalone is a huge project, what dayz is doing is HUGE!!! a engine to run the game is a big concept. If you have ever worked with arma 3, coding, arma 2 coding and scripting you would know that it is very in depth. But battlegrounds is not a fair comparison. A completely flagship new engine is a huge undertaking. Battlegrounds was made with unity? already done.... Maybe we should do a Dayz=end of days 64miles sq unity project to gain more sales. Boring, i want to mod BI games.
  13. New game i just found out about.
  14. game

    Not sure?? take a look at a very good video by the devs. It was delayed like expected to polish all details to the alpha testers.
  15. LOL emu, good to see your having fun :) BTW how is the Fal firing "CLICK, CLICK" jking