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  1. sneakydude

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    Right on glad everyone is having so much fun with base building and cars. I remember the day they worked in .48 and on. Bases we used fire pits to block the doors. So i am happy everything is working as intended. Fing joke.
  2. sneakydude

    A hacker or just bad luck?

    Mine was 5 yrs too, log in, log off...
  3. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    Not true, dayz .49 at least you had fun in it. Our numbers where high, we had high interactions etc... But we did donate for a new engine and all :)
  4. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    If so i wont be buying another BI title. I dont feel i am alone in this.
  5. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    Yes it is, and once the standards have been made then everyone will start to do it for either funding or whatever to cash the next phase. Dayz is no different, they just did it a different way. The en fusion engine was as far as i am concerned DLC. Everyone knows where i stand on that matter. Do the engine first not the other way around. Dean knew the limits of Arma 2 engine a long time before the announcement. Just he sold the game to everyone first. But hey thats not new news, its old news and everyone moved forward. Like i said before the damage has already been done. So now you need to get new blood.
  6. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    Basically what i am getting at is we should expect more, like your boss would each week you punch in and out of work. I am sorry if it sounds wrong, but even Dean Hall himself said, without quoting him exactly... DLC durning Early Access when you have bugs, major bugs is completely wrong. I agree with him, even though.... and you dont need to step on his toes because its known facts, he himself did the exact same thing back in the day.
  7. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    Nope, and your completely right about that too... Instead of telling you i am selling you half a donut or car what i would do is just make A video trailer and sell you the concept video.... but slip in a Half a donut under you nose charge you half price and say it will be finished in 2015... This way, the more i sell then its the more i can bank. What i am seeing about Early Access games is a way to have teams not hire, not get bank loans to fund the projects, and or publishers, but to actually milk the Cow... Yes many out there did it guys... cant lie.. Remember guys, i do back projects with $$$ too... I have 4-5 or more on the go.
  8. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    I saw a review from another game, who is a mod here. Orlok, he said some things that made me think, and very hard about the situation at hand. He was playing Atlas, and its really really rocky start. The review i got from him, and his words where rather concerning. Dayz has been a very buggy concern for many of us over all the years we tested, and played. But what he said bothered me deeper. I felt we are getting too used to Early Access garbage and expect it to be the norm now. That should not be the case. We should not put up with that, as consumers of products is ok to half have a don nut when we go to a coffee house? Is it ok we have half a car when we go buy one at the dealership? is it ok if we have half a pay cheque when we finish our work week? Seriously ive been in retail for most of my life, service, and IT management as well as owner. Never once have i ever given a customer Half a computer, or Half a service ever. To me, we really need to think about this if you even care anymore.. but ARK was never finished guys, and Atlas will never be finished either. Remember ARK actually started the DLC durning EA, and it did not go over well with bugs, and they also ripped off many modders products and included them for free. So do you feel these reviews no matter correct or wrong? nope they are informing the public on it. To me that is a good thing, to protect consumers from what happened to us when we backed Of Kings and Men. Have a great Holiday everyone.
  9. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    I am not that bad am I? HEHE sorry but yes merry christmas :)
  10. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    Now that everything is working as Intended, the Devs will be spending time away from the Office spending it with their families. Hope they have a great merry Christmas too. You guys, gals worked so hard for 6 years you deserve a break. Have a great new years too.
  11. sneakydude

    Reviews starting to come out

    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you enjoy your Dayz Experience this Holiday Season. The devs worked so hard for 6 years on this project to give you a perfect 1.0 experience.
  12. sneakydude

    5 Years of people's lives

    Honestly at this point, turn it into Of Kings and Men... I am really REALLY disappointed everything we did for the devs is this gawd awful mess.
  13. sneakydude

    5 Years of people's lives

    OMG i had feelings but never did i dream it would turn out like that. It was suppose to be beta release, this is like pre alpha. without a santa claus suit on. To think all of the hours we put into test this game and not 1 person cared. Glad my Christmas hamper is filled up.
  14. sneakydude

    5 Years of people's lives

    was this dayz 1.0? hmm that's worse then .48