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  1. I assume you played those games back then too? in your 30's there emu? I am in my 40's aiming to 50 ouch... but yes we played those games to death back then.
  2. I personally gave up testing anything anymore. The Exp guys know what i am talking about. I just cant do it anymore. I am sorry if i let anyone down, but i cant do it anymore. and vehicles should never have been put to stable.... until all of the engines where put in place, to fix the desync we know.
  3. Did you know this? they can buy from vendors now and purchase Aqua gear at a low rate??? All that gear they keep getting it was bound to happen. "Stay out of the water" it is rather dangerous, too many evil things live in there. Next a zombie shark =D
  4. It would not cause any harm but provide a more "vanilla" gaming experience. I agree completely with this statement. If private decides to run vanilla, that is good too. You can join a community, or simply run randomly in official. Offical i tend not to see any moderation though. Where as i choose private due to admin control.
  5. After reading this, i am rather confused? Public hive is connected to the central hive. Private is connected to itself. Public is cheaper then Private when renting, You can lock Private, but not public. You at the current time are not allowed to restrict any player from playing on public hives. So clan vs clan battles are best suited for Private hives. Cheaters can move to any server, and are banned at the same time if caught by Battleye. There is many rules to follow and restrictions on public hives, which will hinder the public from banning, kicking, shutting down, and modding them. You are best suited to own your own private hive. The public server is best kept to the official vanilla servers, and any modded servers are best suited for private. This way mods can modify them without problems. Also the only major issue with private right now is getting the gsp guys to drop the prices down on the servers. It is way to expensive to host private. 30 player Lif is like 20 bucks a month. So if we can aim to bring the price down to 40-50 per month i think that might be more affordable to customers. Right now you can spend well over a 100 a month :( 1 Master hive, but cheaper solutions for more servers attached.
  6. I have seen that in the past, then move to a different area they all attack me. So i don't know if it is specific reasons, but i do know what your saying. I kept asking the same things, are they dumed down.
  7. That system is way to old now, you should have at least i5 / 8gb / 700 series video soon. Minimum specs are totally debatable today.
  8. I have to ask this, This public hive conversation, is no way to stop development on closing the gaps for cheaters i hope? It just came to thought. Otherwise private servers will have to rely on a 3rd party application.
  9. You report these things to the correct people. Failure to do so, is your own fault.
  10. Was a topic just below this one, and you didn't see it? Talking about beta in 8 months. I wouldn't hold myself to any deadline though. We have been through this too many times now.
  11. Holding accountable is one thing, but to change the stock market of products either on steam or real stock markets isn't a good idea. I personally would have it internally set date, project planning etc.. but to keep changing due dates has been proven to lose stocks - customers.
  12. Top right is your control bar, the major flaw with that site is linking arma 3 and dayz main pages together, but it is workable. The top right bar is where you want to post a new bug. Private bug or whatever you wish.
  13. Rented public servers should be removed, and make it private only, Modded, admin. Bring the price down for people and maybe it will be affordable, otherwise as soon as you can release the files for us to do our own Dedi servers. Reason i feel the public *server hop* servers should go is not just the server hop, exploit but the fact it is too much on the central hive, too much added expense, and reduced resources. I really get why you did this, but it is taxing on the "whole" system. Not only making rules up for everything, but having to police the whole thing.
  14. Going to help you out some. Please make an account here. Then post the bug, video anything to help the devs understand it. Nothing will get fixed unless players post them there. *i have never experienced this* but things change, and get updated all the time so anything is possible.
  15. I'd be more happy with the game working flawless before beta. Such as MP lag issues, net codes. and all the engines working together before half of the stuff that was promised be added. Beta can wait 2 more years all i am concerned. I just want the bugs we reported on properly fixed.