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  1. It's Been 6 Years

    Finished game, is the same as saying solid base game with the main features. That's all people express as finished game.
  2. It's Been 6 Years

    Yeah i am just an old cranky fart at times, i sometimes dont read what people say, difference of opinions or difference of cultures. I do still hold in there hoping dayz makes it to the end, release. I just dont understand the business model of BI over the last few years. Its just me though.
  3. It's Been 6 Years

    See i dont know about that because i see a game called Ring Of Elysium fps and looting seems to run pretty good already with 60 players all shooting it up with vehicles. COD has 100 approx and runs pretty solid too with looting. I also see a MMO being developed on Unity with 1000s connecting zones though. I am apart of many kickstarter, and pre alphas/alpha/beta/release they run rather well with fixes going into desync as fast as possible. I have also been doing this since the 80s but not once have i ever seen what dayz has done. Like i said my opinions of the whole project. Will i continue funding EA projects and Kickstarter stuff? i dont think so after this year. I am not too happy with all the EA complexity going out there. Id rather invest and be paid for Pre Alpha now. Like we used to in the old days. Plus everything gets shut down to closed forums. I think those days are well past though, with the lack of publishers funding projects. Still here is hoping dayz makes it to the end and outdoes all the products on the market.
  4. It's Been 6 Years

    I did not buy dayz for the new engine to save BI... if i had known this ahead of time, i would have not followed dayz or arma. Sure 20 dollars or whatever we paid it money already well spent in some peoples minds, but ill be frank it only has been a buggy walking simulator with guns for me... and eating, drinking like a cow. But that's why i am so frustrated that this is not any where near release. Real beta will not be until 2019 or 2020, if that with the amount of netcoding rehash issues dayz has. Having 30-40 players in one space fighting it out will kill the server. Infected? where because you cant have that, loot and expect the server to not bottleneck. Arma 2/3 days? all over. This is my frustration with this project, and mine alone. Ill let the rest go and move on, because i am that frustrated with the game. Hope it makes it to a final product. If i am wrong i am wrong no harm done but i doubt i am alone feeling this way.
  5. It's Been 6 Years

    I am just frustrated and i really had enough of the that type of behavior from CS reps and staff. You shouldnt have been pointed out like that either and that i am sorry for. Running a business is not a Well ill get it done when i get it done attitude. Maybe because we are from North America we see it as do what you can for customers and treat them with respect is the major difference. I dont know but being middle aged, i do not treat customers like what i have been seeing the staff doing here.
  6. It's Been 6 Years

    You better take that back Orlok... or you will have to ban my account. I am dead serious, because i was a tester to move this game to finish. We did not buy this game and follow it since 2012 to not have it finished. So please do not post shit about " Do not buy this game ever" dayz was not a game to be not completed ever!!! and this is why am really pissed with hicks and your comments about it. We dont need your money he says. Slap another long term tester in the face?
  7. It's Been 6 Years

    Yup, i agree too, no info is a good indication of being stale again like in the past. Keep on it guys.
  8. It's Been 6 Years

    Ya dont be jumping on that bandwagon, ill warn you now you wont be happy.
  9. It's Been 6 Years

    I expect, a few servers to restore some of the .62 and below features. Not everyone is into a stamina system, or feeding cow system. They want a good survival shooter and its showing everyday the more keep purchasing Survival, and FPS shooter games they are looking for that .45 Dayz experience but with everything working and basebuilding is very important. If mods where not so difficult to install and broken patches for Arma 3 exile, epoch i think players would have played that more. Well maybe even the character animations needed to be redone. So many UE, Unity engine games made character animations so much better then this engine.
  10. 'Total: Warhammer' is official!

    LOL wow Orlok would be proud of this necro :)
  11. It's Been 6 Years

    HAHHA very nice, really he said that?
  12. Are there really diseases?

    WIP i think
  13. On which branch will server files be sharded?

    OK if your looking at Exp that currently has .63, but will eventually be all on Stable Finalized. It will still apply the same way the server files for private are on the private server. The official servers are linked to the master Hive database. So normally it all depends on where you plan to play on. If you like private hives, you will eventually have the ability to host your own server, from the server files and mod tools given to us soon enough. It was currently delayed due to some minor details they had to fix. Otherwise Private is still private and official is still public. If someone else hosts it they have 2 choices when purchasing turn it private or leave it open to the public. Your limited to the rules offered by the server OP, and Dayz when restarting servers. Otherwise welcome back. and eventually you will be able to host it on your own machines.
  14. Its staged comedy. I do like how he put it together though. So many truths in it though, just the way he sorta expressed the fact, you will be hunted or be hunter. You just cant trust anyone who says "Hey i am friendly" Ill be the last on your video, all tied up in a dress, that's for sure.
  15. I know, but be patient.

    That new Enfusion Engine should have had its very own Early Access prior to Dayz being EA. It should not have tied itself together like that due to the fact another game was created on Enfusion Engine prior to Dayz rewrite. Thats the way i saw it, and others too that used to sign NDA's in the past.