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  1. I've had some problems with my USB headset and dayz, but mine doesn't cut out once the game has started. Normally I just use my built in speakers, unless I'm gaming then I plug in the USB headset. I've tried to set it up where my USB headset becomes the default device immediately upon plugging them in, but that's been unreliable at best. The solution for me is to ensure that the headset is the default playback device BEFORE loading up dayz, then everything works fine, alt-tabbing and all. For me there isn't a reliable way to switch output devices after the game has started to load. Hope that helps, give it a try and report back. edit: You can also try disabling your alternate playback device, so if it is defaulting back to that other device, now that's not an option.. In my case, in the pic below I would right-click the Realtek HD Audio Speakers and select disable.
  2. I get that the eye zoom (or focus/fov, whatever we're calling it) is cpu/gpu resource-heavy and obviously the devs are having real trouble with the 'instant' on and off rendering of textures. That said, I think it's almost essential in 1PP, perhaps less so in 3PP. Hopefully they can work it out and leave it in game. Even if only for the future and for modding. I get that it may be on the cutting edge of what present hardware can render without problems *now*, but it's important to keep in mind that hardware continues to improve, as does the devs daily work on performance too. Perhaps a resource-saving compromise is a better choice. As @St. Jimmy mentioned above maybe zoom can be restricted to walking or standing, or maybe crouching. Or with the new stamina model, when you are at rest your 100% stamina correlates to 100% zoom or clear focus. If you're 50% exhausted you get a rotation-blur or a recoil-like wobble or a similar function that restricts vision in correlation to your stamina level. Players would learn quickly not to bother zooming until rested. Just my 2c
  3. they've all been archaic since .54 -nosplash and -skipintro were the cause of some wacky color issues after .54 hit (purple screen/green screen), some people couldn't play at all until they removed them -nopause was supposed to help initial loading time, but i forget how exactly -world=empty was an archaic map choice command (don't load any map) supposed to help initial loading time too but it only delayed the loading of the map until you got into the server, then you had to wait for Chernarus to load. bad idea actually -winxp if i recall forced dx9 instead of the default dx10, but now we're at dx11 so that's older than old and will probably mess up everything worse than the -maxmem and -malloc memory parameters More recently there was -newui when we had the option to switch UIs, but that's kind of moot now. And there was also -dologs for crash dumps but I'm not sure if that one is even active anymore. I wouldn't use any of them, they certainly won't help you in any way and if any are still left active they're likely to mess up your experience.
  4. Try disabling your antivirus and firewall temporarily and see if that works. If it does then you can create some rules/exceptions and turn it back on.
  5. There once was a boar who couldnt walk straight-a while the devs they regularly collected his data He was quite the celebrity back in .59 but now he just gripes about development time and makes random posts demanding the beta
  6. One day it'll happen, even if I have to create Banana Holster Mod myself ;)
  7. As @nl said, remove all of those old launch parameters, they are archaic and haven't been used in a *many* patches, those alone will seriously mess things up. Also delete your config, then restart steam and DayZ and it'll create a new default config to start from. Good luck.
  8. Try this: Go into nVidia Control Panel, on the left under 3D Settings click on Manage 3D Settings then in the right panel under Global Settings make sure Preferred Graphics Card is set to High Performance nVidia Processor (not auto-select) and report back. Good luck.
  9. I noticed this too, releasing the button seems to stop the animation. So no more cancel current action with animations being interruptible. I'm hopeful this is for all animations, reloading and especially bandaging/medical.
  10. Ah, I see. And how do you switch from one card to the other? Do you right-click desktop and use the Intel Graphics Control Panel? and is Nvidia Control Panel still installed? I can't know if your problem is similar or not - but I had something like this issue when 64 bit first came out, we eventually figured it out. Dayz 32-bit would choose my Nvidia card correctly but loading DayZ 64-bit would incorrectly choose my Intel integrated card... I don't know if it'll help but have a look at the post below from an old thread (If you still have the Nvidia software/Control Panel installed you can use it force use of the Intel card globally. )
  11. Ah, I'm pretty sure that Shadowplay is nvidia only. And since your running an Intel card, it kinda makes me wonder why you have the Nvidia references below in your dxdiag Is there (or was there) any other Nvidia related stuff on your computer? Is there anything Nvidia related in Control Panel / Add Remove Programs and Features? I'm not suggesting to uninstall them - I'm just wondering why that "Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610" is in there. If somebody else knows maybe they can clue me in.
  12. A few things to try if you're still having trouble: Go into your Steam Library, right click DayZ and click Properties, go into the General tab: 1) Uncheck Enable Steam Overlay while in-game (even temporarily, if it doesn't help you can turn it back on later) 2) Click on Set Launch Options. If there's anything in there delete it and click OK. 3) Restart Steam, give DayZ a run & report back. Good luck. edit: Also try turning off Shadowplay (temporarily, again) to see if that helps. GEForce Experience Settings > General Tab > Turn off Share
  13. It does look weird. Maybe they'll come up with a less immersion-breaking solution for it but I would guess that it's an afterthought, late beta or maybe even after release candidate. I'm definitely hopeful they add in a few more islands too! I want one small distant island with an apple tree, a shed that spawns random loot and a boar that runs around in full panic mode 24/7.
  14. I was torn between New Player Controller and Map Expansion, although I know the Player Controller is on it's way and Map Expansion isn't going to happen in vanilla. I love that the map is getting more sophisticated and new stuff is being added regularly, but as far as expansion goes the devs have said it's not as simple as it might sound. I was really hoping to see a Banana in Holster vote option, but I understand that to put the holy grail up there would have been unfair to all of those other less appealing mediocre options.
  15. I dunno, that looks tiresome.