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  1. Are launch options relevant anymore?

    Gobbokirk is right, the option doesn't work anymore because the old ui has been replaced completely with the new one. Everyone is using the "new" ui now.
  2. Starting off with a full stomach

    I'd have voted to make the starvation rate faster and food less common but there doesn't seem to be an option for that, so I didn't vote.
  3. The P-38/P-51

    This immediately made me think lanyard. It would be nice to see something like this as a rare item, maybe found on military zeds. it comes with an attached lanyard and therefore doesn't take up an inventory slot. When pristine it opens tins at 100% efficiency. So, when the CLE/food distribution finally does get fine-tuned then the P38 (and it's resulting inventory/efficiency advantages) would be a keeper.
  4. Status Report 7 November 2017

    I know how you feel about it, IMT. I too have been waiting for the banana holster since .47. I know the devs have explicitly stated that it'll never happen but I'll never lose hope.
  5. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Another great status report! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the changes in .63 and also seeing some of the old crew again (and some newcomers). Since .62 experimental is going the way of the dinosaur soon(tm) and the devs still have their data to collect, why not spice it up a little? Most of those servers are pretty low-pop anyway now. It would be interesting to see the devs take one or two servers and load them up with some gimmickery. Just to draw some curious players in that's all and fill up a server or two. I'm sure the devs have had conversations along the lines of "imagine what would happen if we did xyz? the playerbase would outrage!" Well here's an opportunity to try it. It's only experimental, it's not going to ruin anyone's stable character, and it's coming to the end of it's life-cycle anyway. As @kopo79 said, and as a many of the experimental players have eluded to in the past, I'd also be in favor of harsher conditions. * rainy weather, of course * remove all canned or prepackaged foods - we have to hunt, farm, or fish for what we eat (and trap too, bring back wire!) * turn up deer and animal populations a bit to support this (and bring back boars!) * turn up the zed sensitivity and aggression * turn up the possibility of cholera and infections Basically, do your worst (or best) to keep us on the coast!
  6. Can't click anything after closing DayZ

    I had similar problems in an earlier iteration when dayz used to crash when closed, but I haven't seen that in quite a while. As @HaseDesTodes said the steam overlay thing has caused problems with some players in the past, disable it temporarily and see if the problem persists. If you have a different overlay going try disabling that temporarily too. With the ctrl-alt-del thing it sounds like another app might be stealing focus. You've probably tried alt-tabbing but give shift-tabbing a try too.
  7. Sprint & Exhaustion Periods .63 Stamina VS Alternative

    I'm all in favor of a complex stamina system as well. I think it'll force some hard decisions, especially during combat and for those lugging heavy things around like barrels and tents for camps - and (eventually) how it'll integrate into base-building fabrication. Stamina advantage/disadvantage should create some genuinely interesting interactions along the coast (much needed imo), where the freshies may have an endurance advantage over more kitted players. We might now look at players in the distance more closely before engaging, checking out his loadout for example to determine not only what weapon he's carrying - but how much weight he might be carrying too. Does he rest a little too frequently? Based on my own endurance versus what I perceive his to be ... should I wait for this player to leave the city and go into the forest before engaging him? Would that give me any advantage?- or would it favor him? More choices and decisions = more fun! IMO a complex stamina/weight/health/endurance system is a real game changer. I'm curious what ideas the devs have implemented already into .63 and very excited to see what we're going to get in the first iteration!
  8. Forum

    Thanks! This place just didn't smell the same without our beans.
  9. Forum

  10. Sounds cuts out with new headset. ONLY in DayZ?

    I've had some problems with my USB headset and dayz, but mine doesn't cut out once the game has started. Normally I just use my built in speakers, unless I'm gaming then I plug in the USB headset. I've tried to set it up where my USB headset becomes the default device immediately upon plugging them in, but that's been unreliable at best. The solution for me is to ensure that the headset is the default playback device BEFORE loading up dayz, then everything works fine, alt-tabbing and all. For me there isn't a reliable way to switch output devices after the game has started to load. Hope that helps, give it a try and report back. edit: You can also try disabling your alternate playback device, so if it is defaulting back to that other device, now that's not an option.. In my case, in the pic below I would right-click the Realtek HD Audio Speakers and select disable.
  11. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    I get that the eye zoom (or focus/fov, whatever we're calling it) is cpu/gpu resource-heavy and obviously the devs are having real trouble with the 'instant' on and off rendering of textures. That said, I think it's almost essential in 1PP, perhaps less so in 3PP. Hopefully they can work it out and leave it in game. Even if only for the future and for modding. I get that it may be on the cutting edge of what present hardware can render without problems *now*, but it's important to keep in mind that hardware continues to improve, as does the devs daily work on performance too. Perhaps a resource-saving compromise is a better choice. As @St. Jimmy mentioned above maybe zoom can be restricted to walking or standing, or maybe crouching. Or with the new stamina model, when you are at rest your 100% stamina correlates to 100% zoom or clear focus. If you're 50% exhausted you get a rotation-blur or a recoil-like wobble or a similar function that restricts vision in correlation to your stamina level. Players would learn quickly not to bother zooming until rested. Just my 2c
  12. Are launch options relevant anymore?

    they've all been archaic since .54 -nosplash and -skipintro were the cause of some wacky color issues after .54 hit (purple screen/green screen), some people couldn't play at all until they removed them -nopause was supposed to help initial loading time, but i forget how exactly -world=empty was an archaic map choice command (don't load any map) supposed to help initial loading time too but it only delayed the loading of the map until you got into the server, then you had to wait for Chernarus to load. bad idea actually -winxp if i recall forced dx9 instead of the default dx10, but now we're at dx11 so that's older than old and will probably mess up everything worse than the -maxmem and -malloc memory parameters More recently there was -newui when we had the option to switch UIs, but that's kind of moot now. And there was also -dologs for crash dumps but I'm not sure if that one is even active anymore. I wouldn't use any of them, they certainly won't help you in any way and if any are still left active they're likely to mess up your experience.
  13. Cannot join any servers

    Try disabling your antivirus and firewall temporarily and see if that works. If it does then you can create some rules/exceptions and turn it back on.
  14. Status Report - 29 August 2017

    There once was a boar who couldnt walk straight-a while the devs they regularly collected his data He was quite the celebrity back in .59 but now he just gripes about development time and makes random posts demanding the beta
  15. How To Win Playerbase Back

    One day it'll happen, even if I have to create Banana Holster Mod myself ;)