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  1. Spray paint in 0.63??????????

    I've not seen any spray paint in recent builds. However through all of my travels I haven't seen a spawned civilian tent either and I know they are in game. But it's just bad luck in my case. If spray paint is actually in game and you haven't seen one there could be a few reasons related to the CLE: 1) Obviously it's very rare. 2) It's found in a CLE loot zone that players don't travel through often. 3) It's spawning only in buildings that are rare (such as the prison building on prison island, the tower in Novo, Altar radio tower, military base coolers, etc) or some possibilities outside of the official CLE: 1b) It was on a player's character who brought it over from a different server. 2b) The 'unmodded' server does have some minor changes. 3b) 1337 H4X I think that covers most of the possibilities. I'd put my money on 1b or 3b
  2. Server hopping - base security

    The server hopping into bases problem is a tough one. If that's possible it's going to be very disheartening to have all of your work potentially circumvented by 5 clicks of the mouse. It'll probably prevent many players from investing their time and energy into attempting it. The only thing I can think of is that each fully enclosed/completed/locked base must log it's coordinates and perimeter per server. Then nobody can log in or out within that perimeter on that server. Trying to do so bumps the player back to the server browser with a notice: cannot log into this location at this server, or something like that. There should also be levels of fortification. A few pieces of tin can be knocked down by driving your v3s into it, but not so with hesco bastion. Maybe a landmine is required to remove a hesco, or hours with a shovel, that gets ruined and needs replacement, etc etc etc. If someone has the time and motivation to build a fully fortified base, with layers upon layers of barricades it should still be possible but extremely difficult to get into it. And if another player has the time and motivation to get into that base he should eventually be able to do so. But imo base building can go either way, if it's not properly balanced then it's just a novelty. But even as a novelty it will lead to different end-game options. Presently, after getting fully kitted and thinking "now what?"we'll end up running to the airfield or running uncharacteristically recklessly around Tisy out of boredom before respawning and doing it all over again. Base building could end up being just another 'end-game' thing to do - or it could end up something that adds value to your character. Something to design, something to loot for materials, something to build and something to protect. Another possibility is that cooperation and coordination between players can lead to better fortification and better breaching of those fortifications. I think it's going to be a difficult task to balance that all out properly.
  3. Explanation on server hives

    The link here explains the server and hive functionality. I haven't read through it so it may or may not be a little outdated. https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Servers And then there are some oddities that can happen from time to time. I'm sure you already know that first person servers and third person servers are on a different hive, meaning you can have two different characters going on official experimental servers. The thing is that *if* you always play in 1PP mode you might not even notice that you're playing on a 3PP server. The next time you log in to your 1PP and don't see the character progression that you *thought* you made, because it was saved on the 3PP hive. That one can be confusing. Dayzspy is showing seven 1PP servers up right now: UK 0-4, SNG 0-2, US Northeast 0-3. DE 0-2, UK 0-8, US Southcentral 0-2 and AUS 0-1. Don't know if the 1PP vs 3PP is your particular situation, but I'm just throwing that out there. Also, if a server isn't connected to it's hive for some network issue/bug/hosting/glitch that can mess your characters up too. You might play as that freshie for hours and establish a kit and then log off - but all of that character data could not be saved. Next time you log in all of that progression was lost and you find yourself with the kit/location you had before you connected to that server with the buggy hive. That one's frustrating. As you've said writing down the IP:port of your server is a surefire way to end up on your home server every time. It might sound aloof but confusion like this is just the price of opting-in to experimental - things frequently just don't work as expected and you have to find your own solutions (then hopefully report them or at least share them here on the forums). imo that's kind of the purpose of exp.
  4. Stable Update 0.63.149415

    What rainy nights now feel like
  5. no one can see or join my server

    As mrwolv said above, you also have to open the query port 27017 (which is different than the server port) in your router also. Also, if you're not sure about your server cfg details you might want to just open udp ports 2302 through 2305 and tcp/udp ports 27015 through 27018.
  6. Can't combine items?

    Yeah just tried it myself - and by weight it makes sense to cut that pumpkin into slices right away. Seems that cans and openers are working fine now too. I was wondering why I couldn't vault too but then I realized that I was weighed down with junk. In my case it was the stamina system not a bug. Why was I carrying around 4 pumpkins anyway?
  7. Can't combine items?

    I've noticed the same. I couldn't find a way to open cans, even with the can opener. Can't use a sewing kit or craft an improvised suppressor. The options simply don't appear. This is a primary functionality of the game so I suspect (I hope) a quick patch will be coming soon. Without it much of the fundamental gameplay is lost. Also @Kirov (DayZ) last patch if you sliced a pumpkin the result was all seeds and no food ... but you could eat the pumpkin whole without slicing it.
  8. Stress test vol.55

    and it should be able to hold a tremendous amount of single slot items. Capacity 80, 40 width X 2 height
  9. Stress test vol.55

    Yes! I've had a hard time placing them in areas that used to be fine. It's considerably harder now to find a suitable location.
  10. Stress test vol.55

    It can't hurt to try a few guesses while you're in there making changes, i'd try mB5 or even m5 If they're undefined they won't do anything anyway.
  11. Stress test vol.55

    I think so too as that .xml file seems to be complete with keyboard, mouse, xbox controller binds and all of the vehicle driving keybinds (that I don't think are implemented yet)
  12. Stress test vol.55

    Hey sak, binds can be changed but it's a pain right now. Biohaze successfully changed all of his keybinds over to lefty. username.dayz_preset_User.xml are located in your Documents/DayZ folder. An editor such as Notepad++ (freeware) will make the file legible so you can make the necessary edits. Some of the names of actions aren't intuitive but it's all possible. Good luck! Also, make sure to backup the original file just in case
  13. Stress Test vol. 54

    Spark Plugs do spawn in this build, I haven't seen a glow plug though. I saw it north of Novod at the industrial area (Smirnovo) in one of the storage sheds on the shelves. I also found a car battery charger, a hood for V3S, a tire-iron and a door in that area but that might have been for that lada, can't remember. I'd say those industrial areas or maybe just that one in particular would be a good place to search.
  14. Stress Test vol. 54

    Some of the stacks in the lumber yards show planks now, when I approached it it showed "Planks 75/75" - or something similar. But how to remove them from the stacks I haven't figured out. maybe it's just a placeholder for now....
  15. I haven't gotten a tent yet but I did find a bear trap which while setting did use the precise placement. The bear trap was transparent in areas where it could not be set but became opaque when it was in a suitable location.