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  1. Hi Adam, First, thanks for taking some questions and for your work making Chernarus what it is! Islands have been mentioned a few times above already, but I'm not thinking along the lines of Utes or even Skalisty/Prison Islands, are there any plans for additional islands? Maybe remote lesser islands with fewer resources?
  2. Phabricator isn't as complicated as it first seems - it's just not intuitive at all for newcomers, many of us had the same problems when we first tried it. They should add text to the icons on the top bar IMO that would solve a lot of the confusion. Once you're familiarized it's not so bad. That said, the most basic approach (not including searching for existing bugs) is this: login to using the arrow-in-a-box icon at the top right. Once logged in click the plus + sign which is Create New Task and select New Dayz Bug Report. Then fill out the form (be as detailed as humanly possible) and click send. That's it. It'll be posted on the tracker and the devs will have a look at it. They'll tell you if it's an already known issue, if it's already scheduled for a fix or they even might ask for more detailed info on how to reproduce it, etc. Good luck.
  3. Love it! That and the environmental sound revamp should make it feel like a whole new Chernarus!
  4. It could have been another player or you might have escaped their detection. I've escaped packs after hearing the howls a few times. As soon as I hear the howls I stop and hightail in the opposite direction that I had approached, a 180. I'm not 100% sure if line-of-sight has anything to do with their detection but I think it does. I try to use hills, trees and bushes as cover just as I would do trying to avoid a pack of players, then after a few minutes I hunker down somewhere out of sight.
  5. Yes on both counts. I've never gotten sick from stream/pond water when I had a healthy status and I drink directly from ponds very frequently (when healthy). I have gotten sick a few times only after taking damage and/or blood loss and then drinking from a pond before getting healthy. I've never gotten sick from pond water after using purification tabs, I might be going out on a limb here but in my own experience purification tabs work %100 of the time. And good advice from yazar8 if you have camp then keep a gasoline canister. One purification tab will purify all 20 liters.
  6. I used this a few times in previous builds and just attempted it on x64. It doesn't seem to be working anymore.
  7. Well done Tatanko - this will make an excellent reference! A question regarding body temperature: Does keeping warm items in your inventory (recently cooked meat, a warm cookpot, etc) contribute towards raising your body temp and/or wet status?
  8. @goateswyn that's all debug plains out there, there's no end. You got pretty far if you drove 1.5 hours. Welcome to the debug explorer club, some of us enjoy doing this occasionally. I'm not sure why, probably a combination of boredom and desire to explore the uncharted nothingness. Before vehicles were in I ran about 9 hours north/east along the coast, spammed a gasoline can and planted pumpkins to stay alive. We used to do regular excursions to debug island too, on some patches it's possible and sometimes it's not. It's very dependent on the current calorie, thirst & hypothermia settings. Here, you'll probably enjoy this video from @Weyland Yutani (DayZ)
  9. Remove all of them, the game doesn't support those launch parameters anymore. That should fix it but report back if it doesn't.
  10. I've seen them a few times too. I forget exactly where I saw this one but I think it was out somewhere near Zaprudnoe and Polesovo. I investigated the origin area but couldn't find anything odd at all.
  11. Hey Riddler, thanks for your generosity and keeping it going this long!
  12. They definitely changed the way handheld optics equip. Try using space bar to raise your optics up, then right-click to use.
  13. It is possible that it's not actually an official Experimental server. Someone may have named their stable server DayZ AUS 0-8 (Experimental/Unstable). Sort of like naming a perfectly good server Do not join - your character will be wiped! People actually do things like this, sometimes to get traffic but usually to keep their public server as empty as possible.
  14. Weird. If you hold the Windows key and press R, the run box should come up. Type in cmd, and press enter It should automatically bring you to C:\Users\[username] Now just type into the console: cd appdata (and press enter) Does it show you the new path C:\Users\[username]\AppData - or does it say "The system cannot find the path"
  15. When I logged back in I was in Tisy and had a run through the base before anyone got there. I can confirm about 4 m4's, two AK101's, an SVD and an AKM as well as the usual abundance of M4 mags and ammo. I met up with BioHaze and we took out a bunch of infected and wolves. That sawed off boomstick really does the job, I haven't tried it, but damn, it's super effective! One wolf in particular, the last of the pack was still alive as Bio was bandaging. He was no more than 100 meters away and aggro'd on something else. Bio bandaged up and I kept my gun trained on him before we had a closer look. No zed and no zed body, but he was running in circles and clearly aggro'd in that immediate area. Thurman showed up in a V3S and started accumulating some barrels and tents as he no doubt has plans to build his own well-organized tent city as he does every patch :-)