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  1. Challenge accepted!
  2. Thanks for the help, it kept me alive a bit longer but that Cholera is just brutal and my blood was dropping at a rate of about 6 per second. Antibiotics, charcoal tabs, painkillers, vitamins - you name it and I ate them by the handful of them between bouts of ralphing and the rumbling's in mah bowels! Plenty of wolf steaks and a well too to keep me topped off... still it got the best of me. Below was the last thing I saw before I went unconscious, Teddy and I were discussing the possibility of just ending it already.
  3. A few things to try, first make sure you have no launch options set for DayZ: 1) Go into your Steam Library, right click DayZ and click Properties then go to Set Launch Options. If there's anything in there delete it and click OK. It could also be a laptop thing (reverting to your integrated graphics card, I've had this happen when x64 first came out). To fix that: 2) Go into your nVidia Control Panel, on the left under 3D Settings click on Manage 3D Settings then in the right panel under Global Settings make sure Preferred Graphics Card is set to High Performance nVidia Processor (and not auto-select) Good luck.
  4. We were able to fish/trap in the debug for a while, also farm and dig worms too. We were also able to catch rain in pet bottles, canteens and jerry cans. I don't know if that's changed but I wouldn't think so ..? I don't remember if tents stayed persistent through a restart but we'll have to give that a test that again.
  5. Ahoy Captain! I'll start getting storing some gear and battening down the hatches!
  6. Yep, that was me - a great way to end it before the wipe - Thanks for the ride!
  7. Went on a low-pop recon mission this morning to get a better look at all of the new west. Started down west of Myshkino and meandered all the way up to west of Sinistok. I was tabbed out in the middle of nowhere to check the map and when I came back in someone was talking to me. A friendly fellow named Andrew was doing jumps in a lada and ruined some of his wheels and was on his way over to Sinistok to get some new ones. I joined him, we found two and made our way back to the car to do some jumping.
  8. Dang tailgate killed me twice in three days!
  9. I just got the server stopping message. Wondering if the delves are busy today?
  10. That's a good alternative too. I am mostly just wondering if it's a common bug in this exp build. A while back they removed most of the executable switches except for -dologs, probably had something to do with standardizing and keeping some uniformity in our reporting and feedback.
  11. Question on this build: Someone had mentioned in Teamspeak - iirc it was @Girth Brooks - that when opening DayZ the pop-up option for x64 had disappeared. I hadn't experienced that before but now I do. To clarify: clicking play used to bring up the pop-up window choice for x32 or x64, but now it just loads up x32 by default. I can still right-click DayZ in the steam library and Play DayZ x64 if I want to - but the pop-up choice has mysteriously disappeared. Just throwing it out there. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. while this thread is still in it's good-natured form (and before the hammer falls) (credit : reddit)
  13. The last few builds you would see a steamid as 'last damage' if you're a passenger in a car that takes damage. The id is the driver's.
  14. Beans for coming back to report your own solution! One day it'll save somebody else some trouble.
  15. oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy