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  1. Ah, I see. And how do you switch from one card to the other? Do you right-click desktop and use the Intel Graphics Control Panel? and is Nvidia Control Panel still installed? I can't know if your problem is similar or not - but I had something like this issue when 64 bit first came out, we eventually figured it out. Dayz 32-bit would choose my Nvidia card correctly but loading DayZ 64-bit would incorrectly choose my Intel integrated card... I don't know if it'll help but have a look at the post below from an old thread (If you still have the Nvidia software/Control Panel installed you can use it force use of the Intel card globally. )
  2. Ah, I'm pretty sure that Shadowplay is nvidia only. And since your running an Intel card, it kinda makes me wonder why you have the Nvidia references below in your dxdiag Is there (or was there) any other Nvidia related stuff on your computer? Is there anything Nvidia related in Control Panel / Add Remove Programs and Features? I'm not suggesting to uninstall them - I'm just wondering why that "Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610" is in there. If somebody else knows maybe they can clue me in.
  3. A few things to try if you're still having trouble: Go into your Steam Library, right click DayZ and click Properties, go into the General tab: 1) Uncheck Enable Steam Overlay while in-game (even temporarily, if it doesn't help you can turn it back on later) 2) Click on Set Launch Options. If there's anything in there delete it and click OK. 3) Restart Steam, give DayZ a run & report back. Good luck. edit: Also try turning off Shadowplay (temporarily, again) to see if that helps. GEForce Experience Settings > General Tab > Turn off Share
  4. It does look weird. Maybe they'll come up with a less immersion-breaking solution for it but I would guess that it's an afterthought, late beta or maybe even after release candidate. I'm definitely hopeful they add in a few more islands too! I want one small distant island with an apple tree, a shed that spawns random loot and a boar that runs around in full panic mode 24/7.
  5. I was torn between New Player Controller and Map Expansion, although I know the Player Controller is on it's way and Map Expansion isn't going to happen in vanilla. I love that the map is getting more sophisticated and new stuff is being added regularly, but as far as expansion goes the devs have said it's not as simple as it might sound. I was really hoping to see a Banana in Holster vote option, but I understand that to put the holy grail up there would have been unfair to all of those other less appealing mediocre options.
  6. I dunno, that looks tiresome.
  7. I wondered the same thing. I had a single well-hidden barrel go missing a few days ago, mostly full of medical stuff.
  8. Thanks for the update!
  9. I've never beaten severe cholera and I've gotten it a few times. The last time I even had some help from Biohaze and Emuthreat, leaving me some supplies. @IMT has beaten it though. I believe he said that the very last end-stage was that he was unconscious for quite some time - but I don't remember how long. I hit respawn after about 20 minutes of being unconscious but I wasn't aware at the time that I might have come back to life. After all those hours of suffering I wish now that I didn't respawn - next time I definitely won't! So don't respawn and keep us updated!!
  10. Freshie mode ... on rain sevrer ... in Tisy ... looking for wolves to kill with apple-on-a-stick! DANG @Sqeezorz maybe you should turn off your monitor to make it more challenging!
  11. Well it was definitely down earlier this morning but it looks like DayZ Rain DE 0-5 (Experimental/Unstable) is back up! Thanks Baty! (and try not to shoot the guy in the yellow armband Sqeezorz!)
  12. I enjoyed playing on this server as well. Hopefully harsher weather is something the devs will continue to monitor and we can enjoy it again in future updates!
  13. There are a few things to keep in mind about the status of development we're in right now. One of the biggest things that the DayZ devs have promised (and are presently working on) is the new Player Controller. It's expected to come as part of .63 I believe, someone will correct me if I'm wrong about that. As I understand it: The Player Controller (which they are working internally on right now - and as such we can't see the progress of ) is directly related to many of the current bugs presently in the game right now. If there were no new Player Controller on the horizon they would have fixed already - or would be presently fixing - all of those many existing bugs. But there is a new Player Controller on the horizon therefore it makes no sense to spend countless man hours fixing the present-tense bugs as many of those will be automatically fixed when the new player controller is implemented. I hope that made sense to you, as I also hope you're genuinely interested in what seems to be taking so long.
  14. Just click on your name on the Character screen (Play, Character, Change Server, Configure, Exit) and your name should be highlighted in red and you should be able to edit it. The other, slightly more difficult way, is to open your C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\DayZ\(Your Username).DayzProfile file with notepad and change the value of playerName= to whatever you like.
  15. A server admin can ban you from any server to which he has access to. What a server admin cannot do is BattlEye ban you. That would indeed be unjust, but it doesn't happen that way. Whatever got you BattlEye banned has nothing to do with that admin and everything to do with your own computer. You'll not have any luck getting a refund especially with a BattlEye ban. I suggest to take your argument to BattlEye.