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  1. Keep squashing those bugs and keep up the good work. Can't wait to try this one out!
  2. These threads have been done to death but what the hell - I like them both so I'll play whatever my friends on steam are playing at the moment. I do play 3pp a lot when I'm just taking a stroll around enjoying the forests and scenery, or exploring the map, or if I want to take some screenshots or see some new animation or characters. I'm sure when shaving beards comes in I'll be checking that out asap on 3pp. There's definitely a place for 3pp imo. When I want that real gritty dayz feel, potential combat around every corner, harsh weather, starvation, cholera etc there's no comparison to 1pp. I don't think 3pp combat is necessarily unfair because all players have the same exact advantages and disadvantages on the server, but so much of the game is based on who sees who first and 3pp wall-peeking can foul up that authenticity and thus foul up the experience. I'd hate to see either removed but I'm confident the devs have no intentions of doing that.
  3. Issues with mouse control in .63

    Glad it worked! And fyi, some players have reported having problems with discord overlay and dayz. I don't use it so I can't really elaborate.
  4. Issues with mouse control in .63

    Hi and welcome, Try tapping the ALT key once. In .63 Experimental and Stress Test you start off in free-look mode. You may simply be looking around as opposed to directing your character. Try jumping onto a third person server and using ENTER to switch into third-person view this way you'll have a visual as to how free-look is behaving. Also, try holding down ALT to see how that behaves, alternative between modes. There's also the possibility that your free-look binds have messed up a little, that might be something to look into if the above doesn't help.
  5. Status Report 3 July 2018

    Oh joy! I am going to need a backpack full of splints.
  6. Stress Test vol.31

    Yes, I've had it once with the makarov and twice with the UMP. It happens the same way you described, picking up a mag which automatically goes into the gun. It pretty much breaks the gun. The gun displays the mag loaded and attached to the gun in the inventory screen, but it doesn't appear that way in your hands. It won't fire (click-click-click) nor can you remove the mag after that happens, at least I haven't found a way to remove it. Ejecting the chambered rounds seems to empty the mag one round at a time, and the bullets go into inventory, but even when empty you still can't swap out the mag even with a new mag in the hotbar. I've tried logging out/logging in with the gun in my inventory, with the gun on the ground and with the gun in my hands. I thought it might be something with my character but a few days ago while playing with @starvingart I gave him a glitched makarov and he couldn't do anything with it either. I'll try to reproduce it and see if the "mag goes automatically into an empty gun" breaks it every time. edit: I found a fresh spawned scorpion with no mag and picked it up. A bit later found a cz mag with 10 rounds. Grabbed the mag with F and it automatically attached to the gun. It worked fine and fired properly. The mag removed and attached properly also. Maybe it's only certain guns? I'll try it with a makarov or an ump again ... when I eventually find them.
  7. Game that shows no sounds what so ever

    I can think of two quick things to try, which shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. 1) First make sure your default audio device is set correctly, and try using 24-bit audio, to do this: right-click your volume icon down by the clock, select Playback devices, select your speakers/headphones (not hdmi or something that might have switched over automatically when plugging in a cable) set the speakers/headphones to default, click apply, and then click properties. now go over to the advanced tab and try setting it to 24-bit (48000 Hz) and put checks in both boxes of exclusive mode (if available), then click apply, then OK. close out of all that and load up dayz and see if the sound works. 2) DirectX get to a command prompt (or hold the windows key and press R) and type in dxdiag and click OK, it'll run automatically and it shouldn't take very long, it might even finish before you even know it started right there in the system tab just make sure that DirectX 11 is listed as the version (towards the bottom) now go over to the sound tab and check the notes section (also towards the bottom) if you're seeing anything other than No problems found then you probably have some dx audio issue
  8. ReShade will it mess up my dayz?

    I've read that battleye was blocking some reshade files, so battleye was restricting some aspect of the program but it refrained from banning simply for having the software installed. If Just Caused says he's been using it for a year now then it must be legit. However I'd hate to see anyone here get banned because battleye decided to change it's mind at some undetermined point in the future. Maybe I'm wrong but I can't help but think there's risk in there somewhere.
  9. Stress-Test forever?

    No I'm fine but thank you for asking. Can I interest you in any cheese?
  10. Stress-Test forever?

    That's a dramatic font.
  11. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    I was stubbling around looking for Luc's mustache, I was going to shave it for later. ::groan::
  12. Share The 0.63 SERVER files

    Sometime during beta is the official word right now. Besides the devs have been debugging the server all month so there's that many fewer bugs. If they release it today they'll be inundated with devs fix your stupid server - it's buggy as hell! threads. I say let them finish up.
  13. What song are you listening to right now?

    One my absolute favorite Sabbath songs and a great cover. Here's what's in my headphones presently: Jimi Hendrix - Pali Gap (Instrumental) There's a note at 4:17 that seems to come clear out of an alternate multiverse. (on vimeo -not on youtube due to strict and litigious hendrix estate copyright issues)
  14. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    I was under the impression that -dologs simply creates a crash dump upon a client crash, so it can be attached if/when reported to the feedback tracker. In other words, if you didn't crash then it isn't do anything. If there's more to it I'd be interested to know as well.