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  1. Keep in mind, it is the apocalypse, stuff is supposed to be hard to find, specially food because people pick it up. :) Things like apples are a natural food resource which makes it one of the best food resources there is. There is also enough animals roaming the map, specially chickens, they are everywhere. I sincerely hope that loot will be even harder to find in the future and I'm pretty sure that's going to be the case.
  2. I never had that disease but your wounds are infected. Tetracycline antibiotics might fix it and to prevent your wounds from getting infected, you can clean rags with alcohol tincure.
  3. Alpha The alpha phase of the release life cycle is the first phase to begin software testing (alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, used as the number 1). In this phase, developers generally test the software using white-box techniques. Additional validation is then performed using black-box or gray-box techniques, by another testing team. Moving to black-box testing inside the organization is known as alpha release.[1] Alpha software can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss. Alpha software may not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.[2] In general, external availability of alpha software is uncommon in proprietary software, while open source software often has publicly available alpha versions. The alpha phase usually ends with a feature freeze, indicating that no more features will be added to the software. At this time, the software is said to be feature complete. Source: WARNING: THIS GAME IS EARLY ACCESS ALPHA. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME AND ARE PREPARED TO HANDLE WITH SERIOUS ISSUES AND POSSIBLE INTERRUPTIONS OF GAME Source:
  4. bug

    I think verifying the integrity of the game files will solve this issue. You can do this by doing the following: in your steam game library click with the right mouse button on DayZ -> Properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files. Edit: I now see this is for the mod. Still, try the same thing but instead of DayZ right click on Arma 2: DayZ Mod.
  6. That's some great news! Hopefully the fiber line will be put in place soon. :)
  7. I don't think that things like "Press/mash [button] to break free" will work in an online game or for DayZ in particular. Unless it can be designed in a way that it looks immersive and fits the game(play). A great example is breaking out of restraints. It doesn't trigger a sequence of animations or actions. That would be the only way how things like this could work in DayZ, in my opinion.
  8. New player controller? Wtf? Edit: Why is this in the mod section by the way?
  9. Herp derp, the title is even framed chernarus map. o.O Stupid me haha.
  10. Nice to see you got your goodies. :) I wouldn't mark the map as of yet because it might change a bit here and there. I wouldn't draw on the map by the way, not even with an erasable marker. Frame that fucker and draw on the glass. :)
  11. I'd say, do it the other way around. It's way easier to get a working, high caliber gun from a military base. Also, probably the best gun you will get is a Mosin, Winchester, B95, 1911 or MP5, maybe a SKS if you're lucky. That will provide a nice challenge.
  12. I think the crosshair is good the way it is. With only the dot how it used to be it will be too easy.
  13. Wise choice, if the game gets stale or annoys you for some reason, don't push it, you'll burn out. See you at 0.62!
  14. Thank you! I'm sure he's willing to submit his crash dumps.
  15. I think so because it's placed in the Stable Branch Discussion forum. But I think it doesn't matter if it's Stable or Experimental in this case.