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  1. Smoking LADA

    I know how to fill up the radiator but wanted to know if OP did it correctly. It took me a while to actually figure it out. I tried to do it outside the car first, it gives you an option but is bugged. After a while, I figured out that you need to fill it by putting it in the car first. OP might have stumbled on the same issue I had and thought he actually filled it. And it does indeed take almost 4 full oil jugs, given that my vehicle was fresh as well. But we both needed almost 4 full jugs and we both think it was fresh so that almost confirms that you need 4 jugs. However, it drove just fine with half a jug, it didn't give any problems for us.
  2. Smoking LADA

    How did you put the water in there? If you put only half a jug in there it doesn't smoke.
  3. I have a question. Guys

    You have 2 options and can even combine them. There is a password option and there is a whitelist option. You can use one or the other or even both.
  4. I'm sure it's a priority issue for them, but it's not always as easy to fix a bug as you think. That said, as long as this bug is present, I don't see any point in trying to get a camp going. Hopefully they have it sorted soon because I still haven't been able to mess around with the base building mechanics since it came out.
  5. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Not entirely true. Characters also get saved on your personal computer but these are the characters across all the hives. They also store gear but it's pure for esthetic purposes, changing any of the gear won't change it on the online hive.
  6. Known/Unkown Exploits/Bugs/Cheats That Crash Server

    If it's a deliberate abuse of a bug or exploit, I would permanentely ban them. No mercy for dupers.
  7. Need short help for correct syntax

    I'm not sure how it works in Enscript but in Java calling == on Strings it compares object references. In order to compare the values, one would use the equals method. So this might or might not work, depends on Enscript I guess.
  8. Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    Not sure if that's what he meant. In Javascript, you can literally pass functions as parameters to other functions. What you're doing is just passing an object as parameter since CreateInInventory returns a EntityAI. If CreateInInventory would have returntype void it would not be possible to pass it as a parameter. To answer his question, I don't think it is possible since it violates OOP. However, as you can see it does work as long as the method returns a type and it is the same type as the parameter type.
  9. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    If you're such a fucking genius, why don't you fucking fix it for them?
  10. Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    I'm also not sure if static is included with Enforce. I guess you can always try. You can also try searching in the already existing scripts. :)
  11. New Actions & Crafting

    Do you notice there is a crafting option via quickbar and do you prefer it to the inventory crafting? Why? Yes, I have noticed and definitely prefer it to the inventory. It's just so much quicker and less tedious. Found a shirt? Press the button for your knife, hold the button to get rags and pick them up with F. Need one of your magazines topped of? Press the button for the magazine and hold the button where the ammo is located and boom, mag filled. All of this with no inventory needed. However, I think it would be a great addition to be able to handle multiple magazines or at least 2 magazines with the hot bar, without taking up too much space. I generally carry only 2 mags, one in the gun and one on the side. I can quickly reload with the quickbar but reloading again or quickly filling it up won't work unless you assign both mags to the quickbar. In that case, your quickbar gets filled quickly because 2 mags for a gun and a pistol takes already 4 spaces. My quickbar usually looks like: 1 gun, 2 pistol, 3 melee, 4 spare gun mag, 5 spare pistol mag, 6 gun ammo, 7 pistol ammo and 8 to 0 tools like knives, can openers, etc. If I need to put two mags for both on the quickbar, it would mean that I can't keep moving while I'm trying to fill up a mag with the quickbar, which is crucial. Perhaps you guys can find/think of a way to make it work so you can interact with both or more mags. What do you think is causing you to spend most time in the inventory? Inventory tetris or organizing mostly but also when I want to top off a mag by putting a new one in and reloading the old one. Also when I need to combine items which I have a solution for. Currently you can double click to take an item to your hands. What would be great is if you could do things faster by let's say double clicking on a stack of rags which puts it in your hands and then double right click on another stack of rags to combine them. Also, not sure if it's already a feature but maybe make double clicking on an item swap it with the current item if you already have an item in your hands.
  12. What do you think about the speed of climbing and getting on/off ladders? I think the speed is good as it is. About getting on/off ladders, I wish you could cancel getting off the ladder at the top. Sometimes when climbing hunting stands, I've already seen there is nothing (of interest) there but my character goes all the way up. What do you think about the speed of vehicle enter/exit? I think the speed is correct. What do you think about the speed/representation of swimming? Unfortunately, haven't swam enough to give any feedback about this. We changed all stances to the C-button, do you get used to it? It took time to get used to but eventually you'll get used to it. However, sometimes it goes prone when I wanted to crouch and vice versa. Do you use the 360 degree turning while prone? I never used the 360 degree turning in any useful situation but I'm not prone that often. However, I have used the turning while prone once successfully, but not the 360 degree. The 360 degree is good for when your sniping and someone sneaks up on, being able to quickly fire will make a huge difference. Although, I'm not sure if the kicking animation is going to see any use but time will tell. Regarding the gestures, we soon will introduce the radial menu. What do you think about how they behave and how their cancelling works? I like how we can use gestures now while moving but cancelling them is a bit hard since you need to press the button again. This means you might press the wrong button if you try to do it without looking, which leads to another gesture. Unless there is a button I don't know of which I can use to stop doing a gesture. The swapping between items takes some time. There are still animation glitches in there, but we hope you get the hang of it? I get the hang of it but I find the weapon swapping animation weird. Unless this is a realistic animation (I believe someone mentioned the military gets thought like this), then it will be fine. What are your thoughts on the injured movement? It is a great addition since it adds some extra tension to the game. It's also a bit more realistic since I won't be able to run like roadrunner after I just got shot with a Mosin.
  13. Stamina

    Is it clear that the stamina bar is shortened in UI due to increase in inventory weight? For me it is perfectly clear. Is it difficult to track the missing ability of jumping/heavy attacks etc back to your lack of stamina? It's not difficult to notice because you can already see these things take stamina when you use them. Other than that, I think the remaining stamina is hard to see compared to the calculated maximum stamina. Also, make people be able to sprint, regardless of their stamina. If you get below a certain point, you can't jump, do heavy attack but you also can't sprint. It would make more sense if you were able to sprint, even if it is only for a second. If this is a mechanic that you can't sprint because of the weight, doesn't the stamina bar and the weight factors already count for that? An totally empty bar means that you're carrying so much that you can't sprint at all because of the weight.
  14. Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    I'm not sure if it's possible to appoint access modifiers to a class in Enforce. Have you tried it and tried to run it? If it gives you an error it isn't possible. What do you mean with "without using params" though? I have a feeling you're talking about static fields or methods. Example of regular class: public class Messenger { private String message; public Messenger(String message) { this.message = message; } public void sendMessage() { System.out.println(this.message); } } Messenger messenger = new Messenger("Hello"); messenger.sendMessage(); Example of a class with a static method: public class Messenger { public static void sendMessage(String message) { System.out.println(message); } } Messenger.sendMessage("Hello"); Static means that you don't need an instance of that class to access the field or method. Is that what you mean?
  15. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Thank you for adressing my question, will do next time.