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  1. I'd say add one to Gorka as well or maybe Stary Sobor. It's really frustrating that you need to go all the way up north, to the coast or all the way to the west to get a firefighter axe once you're inland.
  2. As the most people already stated, these things will hit DayZ eventually which is a thing I'm really looking forward to. Although I need to warn you, the intention of the developers is to make bases in such a way that no base is safe. What they mean with this is that there will always be ways to get in someone's base. Hiding a camp is almost impossible, it will get found at some point. Just to give you an idea, this weekend we found a massive barrel camp which was probably there from the beginning but was found in the end. It was well hidden but was stumbled upon by luck. I tend to disagree here. I love to share my knowledge about the game with other people unless they are bashing the game or the developers. We're a community, we are here to help each other.
  3. To be honest, I rarely see any hackers and can not even remember when I was killed last time by an hacker. I was left with an odd flavor about a death a few days ago though, but of course I'm not sure if it was an hacker. Obvious hackers are hard to find (those who teleport (to) people, kill everyone by "carpet bombing", etc.) these days. I'm certain there will be people who can hide their hacks very well and dying by their hand will not ring any bells. Your best choice would be to play on a private hive server by the way because these servers are next to the anti-cheat also monitored by the active server admins and the community which play there. In my opinion, Bohemia has successfully made hacking harder and is also trying to fix all duping methods as soon as possible. They're certainly trying to keep the game as clean as possible. :)
  4. Backpacks are only persistent for 4 hours, except for the crafted ones which are 30 minutes I believe.
  5. design

    Ha, rape field. On-topic: I guess we will have to wait and see what the visual overhaul will bring us. I know that there will be much more variance in tree's, might be the same with grass. Although it might be a good idea, maybe we're already getting things like you mentioned. :)
  6. Just like Cold, I'm 6 days shy for my second year of DayZ and have played it approximately 1900 hours and still rising almost every day. In my opinion, despite it's still in alpha, the bugs, frustrating moments here and there, I got my money's worth plenty of times. DayZ is my favorite game and the game which is spent most hours in compared to the time I own the game. Because of DayZ I started to like survival games and realistic shooters. I personally would advice you to buy it, before you will get bored you will already have your money's worth unless it's not your type of game. But keep in mind, the game is still in development. The game will be more expensive at some point so if you decide to buy it, I would do it now. To reflect on your post, I see you own Arma 3. If you like Arma 3, you will probably like DayZ as well and in my opinion the controls and character interaction feel much more fluent. Not to mention the new upcoming character controller and animation system. The game gets a lot of negativity, that's true. However, most of this negativity is just frustation, trolling or lack of knowledge about game development which is critical for this game. You need to understand that the build you are currently playing might be totally different in the future and that a lot of things you know or have learned may be due to change in the (near) future. About your specific examples: vehicles are currently in but still need some work but people really wanted them and the developers needed more data so they pushed them to Stable. So people who are negative about vehicles don't have a point anyway because they wanted them so badly, even if their current state would be bad. Base building is currently in-game in a very basic concept in the form of building a camp with tents and/or barrels. But the end-product of base building looks very promising. There is some information about it here and there and if you want I can post some links about that subject. If you need more information, do let us know. The rest is up to you. Maybe see you in Chernarus!
  7. Guess what the previous Experimental build was all about... exactly. My guess is that they might push the previous or even the current build to Stable this wednesday during maintenance.
  8. Part of this problem is because of desync on high populated servers. Our group has migrated to high populated private hive servers and you can clearly see the impact on AI in general when the server is full. This is a known and acknowledged problem by the developers and they are working on it. However, I do believe that sometimes you might encounter very few infected because the maximum amount has been hit. Those are my observations which of course I can not fully confirm. I would say that 8 out of the 10 infected I fight, I can kill them without them even hitting me. And I'm talking about infected which have aggro on me, it's just a case of learning to time and dodge their attacks. Learn their aggro distance and how they work and you can successfully loot an entire town with only getting hit a few times. Basically what you need to do is when they're about to start their attack animation, strafe to the right, turn towards the left and swing your melee (I prefer the Firefighter Axe or Splitting Axe). This will "stun" them, giving you the opportunity for your next attack and killing them quickly. I also play agressive towards them. If I know I can't avoid aggro, I will run up to them and start attacking them before they aggro. Most of the times I don't even use my pistol and specially not my main weapon but rather melee them.
  9. Yay! Another douchebag! Again...
  10. I think you're wrong there. If I spent more than 10 hours to get a decent automatic you're gonna think twice before you take someone on or just rush towards a player which is barricated. Of course it delays the inevitable but if I die now with a gun like an AK or something, I do not fucking care. Why? Because there are plenty of them, it's not rare. However, if I die with the FAL with a mag it would suck for me because it's a very powerful but rare gun. If I can find it in 60 minutes I wouldn't give a fuck either but that's not the case. And you mention the term end game. What is the end game? It's a sandbox game, the end game is for every person different. Also my end game is never the same and can change while playing. Personally I can consider having a SKS (with PU) and 1 or 2 stacks of ammo and a splitting axe/firefighter axe already to be end game. The SKS is for killing players or wolves and the axe for infected. Currently characters don't hold any value because most people just want to PvP and can do this very fast. Within 1 to 2 hours of spawning you can already be running with an high powered fully automatic rifle so why would I care dying if I can get those weapons really easy? If you cut down on the loot it will mean that people won't shoot as fast because there is not much ammo to burn through and people know that finding it is hard. As I already mentioned, the things like facial hair won't matter if people don't see any value in their character. I won't care for it either because why would I? Why would I care for a system which take time while I know that 8 out of the 10 people I see will try and take my life. Why would I want to invest time in that if everyone is a murdereous asshole?
  11. Characters have no value because there is simply too much loot. Think about it, after the world has gone to shit, everyone runs to the big military bases and raid them, people grab food where they can, etc. In reality there won't be much shit left after a place has been looted. Loot needs to be more scarce, I want to see a lot of players run around with a bow and arrow or just with melee instead of a gun 1 minute after they spawned in. I have been in so many situations where I need to choose which weapon I want because there are so many of them. This should never be the case! If you find an AK47 you need to be glad that you found that fucker. It shouldn't be like "oh look, an AK47, don't need it, got a M4 in my hands, AKM on my back and an AKS in my backpack". If you make loot scarce and weapons and ammo rare you will find out that your character gets value by itself. I know this from my own experience. Currently the FN FAL and the magazine is rare, so when you got one you got a powerful but very rare gun. I have let @Thurman Merman die in a firefight so that I didn't die, lose my FAL and lose as well as Thurman's loot as my loot instead of gaining the other guy's loot and retrieving Thurman's loot. When I die I'm not sad that I lost my gear (except for maybe the FAL) but rather the fact that I failed. The fact that someone was smarter, better and more skilled than me. The fact when you respawn and reflect back on what you did wrong and could have done better. In my opinion, that's main thing which creates the lack of character value, the scarcity and rarity of loot. I don't mind that I need to search a few hours in order to get a decent automatic, as long as that is the case with everyone. Loot should be barren from the moment the server starts until it goes down. A restart shouldn't spawn in (more) loot, neither should a persistence wipe. If everyone can find guns around every corner and is shooting at each other as if they are playing airsoft or playing paintball then the addition of the character age or soft skills will not change character value. Maybe to some people like me but the majority will not give a single fuck about that. Because the main value of your character is the gear and finding it is very easy.
  12. Nah, it's intended. We're going to december slowly so they put the flying reindeer already in.
  13. I have been playing on DayZ Underground US and DayZ Colony US 0-1 and when trying to meet up with the others I didn't do bad. Had to ignore 2 players yesterday because it was 2 vs 1 and I had a Winchester. Give me an AUG or FAL and I'll take 'em both on. :P Then again, when I'm solo I tend to stay away from high traffic area's so that makes staying alive a bit easier. I believe I died twice playing on these high pop servers, once I got DayZed and the other one left me with a bad taste. The last one Thurman and I got rekt like there is no tommorow which doesn't happen to me a lot. Although it left a bad taste because after reviewing the footage, I seem that I can not find the the dude at all. I see no muzzle flash, no smoke, nothing. The strange thing is, he hit me, I immediately went down because he broke my legs and I went behind a tree branch. Suddenly he magically started hitting the tree branch in front of me a few times. When I went a bit to the right to see in between the tree branches he shot me again. If I would've seen him (in my video) I would've said well done, I got owned fair and square but I can not find him and the rules for first person is, if you see someone, they can see you as well. Shooting through vegetation is possible but it was too accurate for that. Maybe it's all my own fault since Thurman ran behind me and was probably seen and I crouched to show where I was to Thurman. I guess winning so many firefights and avoiding death all the time made me think I was invincible. These guys most certainly brought me back to earth, that's for sure.
  14. The netcode has always been a priority for them as far as I know but it is a complicated subject. I'm pretty sure they want a good tuned game in the end as well which plays stable, low or high pop. It will make a difference for sure but I agree that the CLE isn't the one which causes performance issues. It's indeed the player iself, vehicles and AI which are the most resource intensive.
  15. You mean "it's bean done"?