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  1. We're kind of a group of lone wolves who love to play with each other. There is no leader and we don't have specific schedules. Some people are in Teamspeak and are just doing their own thing which is perfectly fine with us. But yes, we are a group of mature people who run around with each other on almost a daily basis.
  2. Private Shard

    I think this is rather a "you" problem. DayZ Underground is currently (one of) the biggest server(s), you don't get that status if the admins are douchebags. Their population will drop quickly if the admins "abuse" their power. If it's one or a few admins in particular you should report them to the owner or the person who is responsible. But because you said you got banned in Deadlyslob's stream, I'm starting to doubt if it's the admins fault. I personally don't know Deadlyslob but I watch all of his video's since 0.61 and every now and then tune into his stream. I don't think that Deadlyslob would ban you without a reason or approve that one of his moderators ban someone without a reason, that's not how Deadly is. If that would be the case then his viewers and subscribers will drop exactly like the case with the population of DayZ Underground. Since Deadly relies on his stream in order to get around each month, he won't put his reputation at risk in such a way. Maybe look in the mirror and wonder if they are actually the problem. Not saying that they might not abuse their powers but from my perspective I have the feeling it is rather you than them.
  3. Really good Status report! I can't wait to see for all those pieces of the puzzle to fall together. Keep up the good work!
  4. I haven't streamed yet so I have no experience with that. I do know that having a fast enough connection and an high enough bitrate in your settings is important. I think this would be your best shot for getting the best possible settings:
  5. I guess opinions differ. Personally, I choose OBS over all the others like Shadowplay and Plays.TV because it has all the exact functionality that I want or need. If you just want recordings so nothing fancy, I would go for something like Shadowplay. But if you want seperate audio tracks and more helpful things I would go with OBS. It also is a bit complexer than the standard recording software so you need to probably follow a few tutorials for it.
  6. I really wonder what happened to you. Before, your posts were good and now they don't make any sense at all and they are the same as all the other crybabies. Did you burn-out? How about a break for an half year? How unfortunate.
  7. That the bug is not fixed is confirmed, I already made a ticket on the bugtracker with video evidence.
  8. Nicely done! I wonder how (my method of) kiting will work against them. Against infected it works great. I will try and include as much information as I can in my ticket. I might know the cause of the bug. Everything, including the video will be in the ticket. When the servers get back up I will see if I can reproduce it.
  9. I had an issue last session with invisible infected, twice actually. Once in Novy Sobor and once at the airfield. The one in Novy Sobor I have recorded and will upload a ticket to the feedback tracker later this afternoon when I get to cutting out the certain part out of the recording. The other one was caused by BioHaze so I don't have the issue fully on camera, only the getting hit and rid part of it.
  10. Thank you for putting things into perspective for us. Keep it up the good work and eventually we'll hit 1.0, together.
  11. Even though there is a dynamic spawning system that doesn't imply that there is no maximum. The CLE is dynamic as well and loot has a maximum.
  12. I had another memory reference crash yesterday on the 64-bit client. I was running towards the platforms and was in between the double bunkers and the most western platform.
  13. If it's a manageable time for me (CET) then I would love to help out. I'm pretty sure that other Experimental regulars won't mind helping out either.
  14. That's unfortunate but I understand your decision. Thank you for your hospitality!
  15. I see you're on a different server now. I'm curious if the same thing happens again. Otherwise it might be player related.