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  1. IMT

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    The whole point he is trying to make is that it shouldn't even be possible to lootcycle official servers. Loot respawns in 3 minutes or maybe even less if you take all the items away. And you don't even have to be kilometers away for it to be respawned either.
  2. Unfortunately, it's the sad truth. The engine is finished for a year now or maybe even already longer than that and Post Scriptum threw out more valuable content than DayZ. And I think their development team is about 10 % compared to the DayZ development team. Post Scriptum is most likely not the only game which have thrown out more valuable and useful content while having a smaller development team. At least talking in terms of progress. It would benefit DayZ if they would release features like fishing, throwing, climbing over obstacles, new vehicles, new weapons, etc. rather than "yay, we've created a new inventory system... for the 100th time". But best not believe me right, because I'm a hater. I hate the game and know nothing. I have most certainly not played every major build and most minor builds in the past. I have most certainly never read a Status Report in my life or any other sources of information from the developers. No, that can't be, I'm just a hater.
  3. No, I don't hate the game. This only proves you entered during the hype, bailed when it died down and now you're back saying "what a ride it was, huh guys?", while thrusting a knife in the hearts of those who stayed, even during the dark periods. In fact, since I joined and during alpha or early access, I have always been positive and have been defending the game. I always told them "they're creating an engine, give them time, once the engine is done, everything will be alright", "the game is still in alpha, don't hate on the game or developers until 1.0" and more like these examples. And now here we are, post 1.0. The engine is done, the game is released and what do we have? We have a game which is a fraction of what the game was set out to originally be when it would hit 1.0. They said that after the engine is done, we would see a tremendous increase in content streaming in, that didn't happen. Then they had to go to beta and release the game to make DayZ stable and polished so they could implement features at a faster pace (ok...?). Did you play the initial 1.0 release? It was horrendous! It was more unstable and less polished than before they hit beta. But where are all these features? Where are the helicopters? I feel like I'm watching that Black Friday episode of South Park where George R. R. Martin tells Butters that the pizza's are on their way and they're going to be amazing while he hasn't even ordered them yet. They showed us a video of a working helicopter about what? 1,5 or 2 years ago? It wasn't ready for the public and after that silence other than that helicopters will come after 1.0. Even worse, this is supposed to be a survival game, since 0.63 it hasn't been a survival game in a long shot. When a project reaches the beta stage after alpha stage, it means that all must have requirements or features are implemented. They went into beta with barely any survival features and even now in 1.0 there are barely any survival features. It's an absolute joke. And still there are a lot of people who, when presented a hand with food walk towards it and start eating it, even if it is a hand full of bullshit. Stop eating the bullshit and start reading things on your own, make up your mind on your own. I have followed development closely since I joined and know what's up, do you? Check out all the Status Report and look how 1.0 changes overtime. They laid out 1.0 to be a survival game. Then they scraped some features for 1.0 to post 1.0 which was OK. Then they scraped some more features for 1.0 to post 1.0 which was worrying and disappointing but acceptable. Finally they scraped most features intended for 1.0 to post 1.0 and called them "flavor" and not necessary for DayZ to be the game which they initially laid out. Suddenly, 1.0 was all about a stable platform and they claim that this version was the thing they initially envisioned. Currently, I'm barely able to play the game. They have managed to make me hate the one game I truly believed in and loved, DayZ. Sure, for a lot of people it doesn't matter, bla bla. Those who have been here all the time, being passionate, supporting the developers and defending the game, now feel back stabbed, lied to, disappointed, etc. All the evidence is there, there is no more "you're just hating on the game". Go read some old topics, you will see what I mean. You will see how the stance towards the game changes for those who have been here all the time.
  4. *sigh*. Stable and polished? They had a 1 month beta period in which they were going to get the game stable and polished, they didn't need more, why would they release the game otherwise? The game is now released and I expect content, which let's be honest, should've been in for a very fucking long time by now. The engine is long done and still, we're missing that stream of content which was promised to us. Even gamestudios from 1 to 10 people throw out more content than these developers have with a way bigger team. But instead of flinging out that content, they are only working on trivial things, like a new inventory system (think this is the 6th inventory system), new server browser (had a couple of those as well), redoing gunshot sounds, etc. The funny thing is, all of that is actually flavor content. But hey, what do you know? You were probably not even here during the bad years of DayZ.
  5. One of the key aspects in hardcore survival, even in real life and he calls it "flavour" and "just another source of food gathering", smh. When I bought DayZ, I thought I was going to buy a survival game and not a "let's see how many times we can recreate trivial features"-simulator.
  6. IMT


    Oh, I get it, you're asking this question for a friend.
  7. IMT

    Stable Update 1.01

    This is more like it, a very thorough, extensive and detailed changelog/update topic, good job guys!
  8. No, it's a workaround, it doesn't fix the issue, it just provides a (temporary) solution or literally, workaround.
  9. Tatanko plays the game rarely, saw him play once or twice in the last few months. Bio and Cold gave the game a break until it gets better. Gary plays every now and then with us. Thurman pops in here and there for an hour. Bernabus plays the regulary, he's playing it right now in fact. Haven't seen him on the forums for a long time though.
  10. Well, a while ago, I posted somewhere that we need fixes, no workarounds. This is a workaround and took them a while to create this workaround. Remember in pre-0.63? Servers used to crash all the time and it rarely wiped persistence. Backups were rarely needed back then, so why suddenly now? We need solutions and fixes, no workarounds. Of course it's great that there is a workaround now but I hope they intend to fix the problem at hand as well and not leave it as is.
  11. IMT

    Recording gameplay

    This pretty much sums it up. Having multiple audio sources with VoiceMeeter is a must. It gives you the option to cut out audio without having to fiddle around with in-game sound, etc. OBS is also a great tool to record. It doesn't really affect your performance either, plus you can use it for streaming as well, if you're into that. I believe you can even do both at the same time. Not sure if I checked out the first video back when I set my OBS up, but I definitely watched the second video.
  12. Well, not sure, might be a memory leak on either side or just because DayZ uses so much memory. They are the minimum requirements for a reason but it isn't bad to raise the issue since it might be indeed a memory leak on their side. I don't have a high end machine either (AMD FX-8320E and AMD Radeon R9 380 Series) but I do have 16 GB of RAM, so that's not an issue for me.
  13. The minimum system specifications suggests 8 GB RAM and recommends 12 GB of RAM. Nowadays, games and applications use more and more RAM because games and applications get complexer thus requiring more RAM. Also, the more stored in RAM, the better. It's all about performance and speed, VRAM is the fastest which a game can use, after that comes RAM and after that disks. The more they utilize the VRAM and RAM, the better the game will perform and deal with load times. I also read something about high end specifications but getting low FPS. This is not a problem with the game, it is your problem, with understanding how it works that is. If you have a high end PC and have low settings, the processor will handle (part of) the graphics. Since the processor isn't nearly as good at it as the GPU, it results in low FPS. Sometimes you need to turn up your settings in order to get higher FPS. That might sound contradictive but that's just how it works. Edit: Best thing is to mess with the settings and find a sweet spot that you are comfortable with. Even better is to do it setting per setting because some settings affect FPS more than others. Also, you don't always need 1 billion FPS. I have a 60HZ monitor which means that any FPS above 60 is just a waste of energy. So I have my FPS capped at 60. I even have my GPU underclocked for DayZ since for some reason, DayZ uses my GPU way too much. Even when there is a black screen it sits mostly at 100 % GPU usage and DayZ makes my GPU run crazy. Underclocking it gets a bit rid of that heat and energy and I still mostly get 60 FPS, sometimes a bit lower but I rather have that than overheating my GPU and killing it.
  14. Oh by the way, when is tanning and coloring clothes coming back? Now that the SKS is back, I can wear my favorite outfit again:
  15. Is the SK 59/66 the SKS? If so, fixed persistence, SKS and a bunch of other good stuff, I like what I'm reading. This might get me back in the game for a longer period, thanks.