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  1. And SCUM arrive ....

    I'm not sure if Minecraft was the one which hyped this genre/gamemode. It wasn't until now that I learned about this minecraft mod. It was in fact PUBG which really hyped the genre. PUBG started in Arma 2 by PLAYERUNKNOWN himself as a mod known as Arma 2: Battle Royale. After that he created the same mod for Arma 3 called Arma 3: Battle Royale. The same concept was used for the Standalone's SurvivorGamez. After Arma 3, PLAYERUNKOWN worked as a consultant for H1Z1, effectively creating the gamemode King of the Kill which was also a very popular gamemode. And finally, PLAYERUNKNOWN became a creative developer for Bluegame which in the end created PUBG which was a standalone game of his vision of the Battle Royale genre. PUBG spiked up the popularity of the genre which led to a lot of games trying to pick up on the hype like Fortnite. To be fair, two very popular genres had their origins or at least the fundamentals of how we know these genres from Arma 2. And that is of course the survival genre thanks to Arma 2: DayZ Mod and the Battle Royale genre thanks to Arma 2: Battle Royale. We all know that both genres have games popping up left, right and center trying to pick up on that hype and trying to recreate it. To this day, I don't believe there is a game in the survival genre that can match DayZ. In that sense, Arma 2 was a massive success because it was the predecessor of two popular genres and it was all thanks to modding. So yes, I don't think there will be a game which will top DayZ because of the endless modding capabilities.
  2. And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    Huh, I guess they hand out college degrees to just anyone these days. Please uninstall the game because if you can't handle DayZ at its worst, you most certainly don't deserve it at its best!
  3. keep up a little propaganda ;D

    I haven't read the article but this update has been out for quite a while already...
  4. Glad to read this part of the post. The faction makes a bit sense though, given the location of Chernarus.
  5. Stamina and energy levels?

    Not sure what you mean but the difference in movement speed does affect your energy and hydration consumption.
  6. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    In the 4th picture it looks like Gary lost something and is searching for it hahaha. I believe one of us was there yesterday and it was indeed bugged.
  7. 0.63 my personal opinion and experience

    We should be seeing new content and features soon.
  8. Stress Test vol.29

    I can confirm that they changed all the weapon names on the Stress Test branch.
  9. Stress Test vol.29

    Spawned yesterday near Svetlojarsk, found some drinks at some boats and some apples in Svetlojarsk, looted the roadblock at Svetlojarsk. After that I went to Cernaya Polana which I looted in its entirety. Looted the guard shacks in Novo and the police station. Then made my way to Kamensk military base and after looting that I set my course to Tisy. After looting Tisy I ended up with the screenshot above. Notice how my energy isn't going down? Yeah, I reached the maximum amount of calories (I believe 20 k), that's how much Tactical Bacon I found. Same applies to my hydration, it's also maxed out. I'd also like to say that I've had a Skorpion with 2 mags, Makarov with 2 mags and plenty of ammo. I also had plenty of 9mm but dropped it since I'm good in the pistol department. The only thing which I didn't manage to find is the SVD, if it even spawns. I acquired all of this in approximately 5 hours but had already enough loot, food and water after 2 hours to go absolutely ham with PvP. [sarcasm]We really need more loot, food, guns and ammo. This game is absolutely broken, I keep dying from starvation and dehydration. There is absolutely no loot whatsoever. Reeeeeeeeeeeeee[/sarcasm] Edit: The server did crash once or twice though. One might've been a regular restart, not sure about that. The server was SWE 2-1, if I'm correct.
  10. I think ImageCtrl explained it already nicely, including pictures. To add to that, currently you will find a stack of 8 stones but in reality I believe it is only one stone (it goes back to one after a relog). So you need to find a second "stack" of stones and combine them to craft the stone knife.
  11. Make Mobility more REALISITIC to the map.

    Thanks for the daily dose of humor, buddy.
  12. Stress Test vol.29

    No server crash, no client crash, no kicks. I did have an instance of some severe rubber banding + sometimes you could notice a very little lag spike.
  13. Server Files For 0.63

    I believe they're going to release the server files when 0.63 goes to Stable (aka Beta).
  14. Few questions about 0.63

    This is correct. If your video settings are too low, the CPU will do most of the work instead of the GPU. For graphical calculations the CPU is worse than the GPU thus resulting in a lower framerate on low settings than you might get with higher settings.
  15. Let's face it guys, it's a real disease. Now government, can I get a welfare income, so I can stay at home and fight this damn disease? Thanks in advance! All jokes asides, perhaps you should look at both sides. Perhaps see how our beloved west and NATO, etc. behave (towards Russia). Both are equally evil.