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  1. IMT

    Searching Items in the map

    Yeah I think so. These 2 methods return items in a given radius so in theory, you could search the entire map at once but I'm not sure if that would be smart performance wise. Maybe someone in the modders Discord has a different way. If you're going to ask them and they do know the answer, please let me know. Although, if you think of it, there should be a list, an array or whatever somewhere with each item because they need to check the lifetime of each item, right? Unless they use these 2 methods to do that.
  2. IMT

    I just won the lottery!!!

    Did you just necro a topic dating from 2012? Lulz.
  3. Gotcha: Edit: I believe there was another video where it shows better what I mean.
  4. I think it is lower indeed but I remember seeing a video of the developers where they showed off when a character hugs a wall, the camera pans down towards the height of that wall. Not sure if that video is still out there somewhere but they were working on a fix.
  5. It does in fact though. You quoted a part of where I talked about camping while I was specifically talking about camping in a building and peaking over a window, wall or around a corner. That's a big difference. I also never said I didn't like 3pp, I prefer 1pp for the reasons I stated before. And I agree with you on the tactical awareness part and that's where my argument comes in to play. If you have a good tactical awareness you can see someone in a window lining up a shot on you or what ever in 1pp. That's because they have to expose themself in order to do that. And yes, I know why 3pp was introduced into the game and it makes sense. But it can be "abused" as well. I'm not even sure why we're having this discussion since a long time ago, I remember that the developers were working on a fix for 3pp peaking. Not sure what happened with that but it doesn't surprise me that we haven't seen anything about it recently.
  6. No, you only picked certain parts of a sentence, not the entire sentence. There is more relevant information after the parts you quoted. You're like the Dutch Public Broadcasting who likes to do this as well in order to spread propaganda. And I'm only stating facts and my opinion why 3pp is a gamemode which shouldn't be in a game like DayZ.
  7. Really? You only pick parts of my sentences and pretend I only said that? Who was calling who the child again? And again, perhaps you don't know what a level playing field is. Yes, I can peak around a corner, wall or window but that's kind of hard when I'm out in the open and someone is in a building. Or are you going to say "you can do that too"? You're having a laugh. At that point everyone is sitting in their own feces in a building and no one moves an inch. Yes, at that point there is an even playing field. But at the same time it isn't because there is no advantage to be had when no one moves around. In 1pp, I have as much opportunity to spot someone as they have as spotting me. I can see them when they try to follow my movement. I can see them when they are lining up a shot on me. I can see them whenever they can see me. In other words, we both have equal chances. Don't come with that "you can do that too" bull shit because that acknowledges the fact that in 3pp there is an uneven playing field.
  8. IMT

    Speed hacker in NL 3663873

    Hopefully they'll get rid of these public hacks and script kiddies asap.
  9. First of all, camping is the name of the game, only on 1pp you don't have the advantage of being able to peak over a wall, a window or around a corner. If you want to actively see if someone is coming towards the building you're in, you have to expose yourself. Second, the playing field isn't even. If someone is peaking over a window, a wall or around a wall, I can't see him. That gives him the advantage over me. He can see me and be invisible until the person makes the choice to act. Again, on 1pp you need to expose yourself in order to follow that person. That's what I mean with an even playing field. Both can see each other, at that point it's an even playing field, both can come out the victor. Third, if you watch his stream regulary, you will know that the question comes every now and then. And yes, he says that he likes to play both but he prefers 1pp over 3pp. I do to, that doesn't mean I can't or won't play 3pp. I'm only stating why 1pp is imo better than 3pp and why I would choose to play 1pp over 3pp. And finally, I'm not saying that everyone who plays on 3pp is a child, you put those words in my mouth. I'm only referring to the people who sit in a building in their own feces all day, peaking a window until they see someone and kill them, those are mostly kiddo's. You know, the kind who scream "MOM, GET THE CAMERA!" when they get a kill.
  10. IMT

    Searching Items in the map

    Was wondering this myself but I'm sure it's possible, right? There has to be a storage somewhere which holds all the items in the world. I'm sure there are also ways to access and manipulate this storage. I'm going to have a look and see if I can find it. Edit: the best thing I could find was the GetObjectsAtPosition or GetObjectsAtPosition3D in 3_Game/game.c. Problem is, it's a proto native method so the implementation isn't in EnScript. Maybe you can search the entire map that way but it might cause lag because I'm guessing there are a lot of items on the map.
  11. The reason why 1pp servers are better than 3pp servers imo, is that they aren't full of people camping a building while peaking without showing themself. 1pp levels the playing field, in order to see someone, you can be seen. It doesn't consist of kiddo's who think they're this godlike PvP'er while peaking and showing themselves only when they are going in for the kill. Also, I know for a fact that TRMZ plays mainly on 1pp servers and prefers them over 3pp as well. He even plays mostly in 1pp on 3pp servers. The few times he does play on a 3pp server is because of variety, avoiding stream snipers or because he wants to check out a certain server. So it's weird you're trying to use this argument to justify 3pp over 1pp.
  12. See, that is what we needed to know. Why keep all this crucial information from the OP which makes it look like exactly like I described in my previous post. It doesn't make any sense. You guys really need to work on your communication skills because this happens every damn time. Despite getting more details later, it still looks grim though, since stuff is going to be scrapped yet again. I'm curious about that DLC though, since it isn't any old features, Survior GameZ or Namalsk, honestly curious what it's going to be.
  13. IMT

    Parity with 0.62 and DayZ Mod

    This really explains it all. Yes, most of it was not perfect, but a lot of stuff is not perfect now, so that's not an excuse. And most of those things aren't even that hard to make like fishing, fish traps, etc. This SR has me really furious. Yet again are they cutting back on shit and stabbing us on the back, it's unbelievable.
  14. What's bothering me as well is that he has answered on specific questions but not the most important question out there. They're scrapping shit again but not saying what they're going to scrap. It might not be their intention but this SR sounds to me like "we're stopping development, we're adding a few things like guns, items but no new features. However, here is our DLC, give us money... LUL!". Unless the DLC is for free. I'm never ever going to buy that DLC and hope no one else does as well. It would be outrageous and a real stab in everyone's back. It would mean that in the end, they didn't go for the survival game they initially promised and kept promising but went with the BR game.
  15. *sigh*. My biggest question now is, which features from 0.62 have been scrapped (bows, fishing, traps, broken bones, etc.) and which features which were promised are going to be scrapped (vaulting/parkour, bears, helicopters, etc.)? We really need more information on this matter to get an overview of the damage.