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  1. IMT

    Rewriting bits of your code modifications

    That's because there is no method in DayZPlayer called traderServerLog, I assume. So you need to remove that line as well. Here, try this, I belive this is what you're trying to achieve: modded class DayZPlayerImplement extends DayZPlayer { void traderServerLog(string message) { TraderMessage.ServerLog("[TRADER] Player: (" + this.GetIdentity().GetName() + ") " + this.GetIdentity().GetId() + " " + message); private PlayerIdentity p_Identity = this.GetIdentity(); if (p_Identity) { string name_player = p_Identity.GetName(); string UID_player = p_Identity.GetPlainId(); vector pos_object = this.GetPosition(); private string message_log = name_player + "(steam64id=" + UID_player + ",pos=" + pos_object.ToString() + ") " + message; Print(message_log); } } }
  2. IMT

    Lock each character to a single server?

    Make sure you keep up your Ironfur to increase your armor and mitigation. Wait... that's not DayZ. Sorry, my bad.
  3. I'm absolutely not happy with the post-1.0. I'm kind of in the same boat as you, I'm not having a lot of fun while playing. Not only that, the patches are horrible, to say the least. Nothing is really coming out and it feels that the game will take a very long time to complete. They really need to step up their game if they want to redeem themselves.
  4. IMT

    Rewriting bits of your code modifications

    You're trying to override a method which doesn't need to be overridden because it doesn't exist in the inherited class DayZPlayer. If you remove the override keyword, the error will go away.
  5. IMT


    "Bit of profiling"? Since we're getting on a personal level and reosrting to insults, I think we're done here. What a shame about the rest of the text, all that wasted time. Have a nice day.
  6. IMT

    deloot ?

    Well I don't know exactly how it works but in my eyes, the deloot tell the CLE that it's a dynamic event exclusive item and would probably count towards the CLE as well. So if there's a max of 10 and that max is reached, no FAL's or SVD's spawn at the dynamic events.
  7. IMT

    deloot ?

    It's not really a counter. It's either 0 or 1. If it's 1, it counts when it checks if a new item needs to be respawned. So count_in_player would check every player on the server who has a FAL. If that number is greater than 10, it doesn't spawn a new one.
  8. IMT

    deloot ?

    I think that it means that it's exclusively for dynamic events. If you change it to 0, it might mean that it now spawns in military barracks as well.
  9. IMT

    deloot ?

    I remember that thread on Reddit. There should be a reply from me in that thread explaining that it stands for dynamic event loot. So yes, it's indeed dynamic loot.
  10. IMT

    Dayz Ban

    You are literally using a program which people use to bypass bans. I really don't believe a word of that you didn't cheat when you're using such application which is used by cheaters to bypass bans.
  11. IMT

    Stable Update 1.02

    Stable/Experimental threads when a new patch comes out, Twitter, Reddit and this forum in general. But it's mostly not about progress but rather questions being answered.
  12. IMT


    Yes, and that is exactly what I mean. We don't need an European Council in order to make it work. The goal of the European Union was to bring peace upon Europe and have economic benefits between member states. It wasn't set out to be political and it doesn't have to be and it shouldn't be. Don't twist my words. I never claimed that Norway is doing just fine because it is not in the EU. I said that Britain leaving the EU isn't disastrous and doomed because there are countries which are not in the EU and they're not poor, doomed, etc. So as example, I took Norway. I could've taken Switzerland as example as well but I went with Norway. It just means that with or without the EU, a country can just do fine and so can Britain. And what's with all the stuff on Norway and China anyway. How does this information contribute remotely to the discussion? You sure like to extrapolate stuff, that's for sure.
  13. IMT

    Reporting Cheaters

    Now this is exclusively for PC but it could be the same process for Xbox as well: I think you need to replace the Steam64ID with the Xbox gamer tag or what ever Xbox has to give their users an unique identifier. Perhaps @ImpulZ can shed some light on this?
  14. IMT

    DayZSA Database access

    Which database? If you mean the players.db file, then yes. It's not a MySQL file but a SQLite file, which can be opened by any database browser/workbench program which supports SQLite. Edit: I think I used "DB Browser for SQLite" in the past to open the file.
  15. IMT

    Adding NPCs

    While it is indeed possible, you would need to implement that AI on scripting level instead of engine level. It would make an AI which is very prone to bugs, performance issues and also easy to figure out by reading the scripts. Not very optimal if you ask me.