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  1. Yes, you guys have been here since 2013 and clearly making yourselves look stupid. You guys have been here this long and still don't know what a game engine is all about, do you? Do you think developers sit in their office all day, doing nothing and after a month clap their hands once and half the fucking game is finished? Fuck no! It's funny that you guys act all high and mighty and talking down on people. Oh yes, everyone who has been here from the start is a negative Nancy. Wait a minute, why isn't BioHaze negative? He has been here from the start as well. Oh wait, he understands clearly why we click the "I understand!" button each time. Now get the fuck off your high horse and go read up on game engines and then come back to me. Maybe ask developers like Rockstar who also made an engine for a big open world sandbox game like DayZ. Ask them how long it takes to make an engine of that scale. Oh and keep in mind the size of both development teams and scale it properly.
  2. I find our climate already rather shitty. I pity you guys in the UK. You guys literally throw a party when the temperatures get around 30 degrees Celcius and it doesn't rain, don't you? It depends, the more you go to the east the warmer it will be. Prague itself is situated in the north-west, not that far from the German border. I assume it has a bit more climate like the (south-)east of Germany.
  3. Why would it push folk away? It makes no sense that people will quit DayZ just because of a increase in price since they already own the game. With my vision of the future of this game, I believe the price of $45 is well worth it. A lot of games have an even higher price tag while they most definitely don't deserve it. Games like Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, etc. poop out 1 game a year for €60 with minimal changes to their concept.
  4. I have to say I find it unfortunate that he went with scripted content. As far as I know his original DayZ Mod was unscripted. The Standalone content already had some heavily edited footage (watch the Barefoot bandit's POV for comparison). At the moment all his episodes, at least the Arma 3 related stuff is all scripted. He even made a video about it, explaining that it takes a long time to record it because it's scripted. Don't get me wrong, it is still very entertaining but it takes away the credibility in the randomness you get in encounters, especially in DayZ. By the way, if you want another quality content creator, try SheriffEli. I recently found out about him, he is a retired cop who does GTA V RP as a cop and his content is absolutely hilarious! He also streams and has some of his streams on YouTube. The amazing thing about that is that he also explains a lot of how law enforcement works during his streams, so it's also educational. :)
  5. I kind of do understand him since you need to learn a new language, it's a completely different country, new surroundings, etc.
  6. I miss you too @Baroness! Well, he was kind of a self assigned guard haha. I would be up for that. I absolutely loved his Barefoot bandit video. I think it's his best video ever. The music in the end fits the video at that point so well, it's amazing.
  7. Very nice Status Report with a lot of information. The wait is long but in the end it will be 100 % worth it. And @Baroness that's an awesome message and you're right, 100 %. Even though I might not play DayZ that much currently or be that active on the forums lately, I still can't wait for 0.63 hit those Experimental servers. DayZ has been and still is my favorite game since I started playing it and I don't know if any game will surpass that. Even though a lot of people give the game and developers a lot of shit, I think the community who still supports this game makes it worth it. The developers show an huge love for the game themselves and want to do everything right. And they're right because there isn't a fully released post-apocalyptic survival game who has done it right. Keep up the good work and I'll be patiently waiting until the beast gets unleashed.
  8. That's some old ass footage right there, M4 with a bayonet. We all know it's fake. They all murdered each other after the last frame.
  9. Nice to see you guys are still providing critical hotfixes! :)
  10. One big thing I noticed is why are there so many elif's? Only if Money >= 8000, elif Money < 8000 and else would work. If someone would enter 8000 or above it's going to say "You can pay the rent!". If they enter anything under 8000 it will say "You can't afford to pay the rent!". The things @.freaK mentioned are useful feedback as well. I advise you to look up naming conventions and such for Python or general programming and use that as early as possible. It will not only help you but also potential other coders who have to review or work with your code. Good luck learning Python! Programming can be very fun but at the same time very frustrating. I think Python is a good language to start with. The Python interpreter doesn't fall over the fact you try to compare an int to a string since it's an interpreted language. With any compiled languages the compiler will throw an exception when trying to compile the code.
  11. It is deliberately frozen. *sigh* I believe I told you before, read up on development, read the Status Reports to avoid dumb comments like this one. Get with the program. And I told you before, we don't need this negative kind of bullshit here, go do that at the Steam reviews. Either get your shit together or fuck off.
  12. My top 3: 1. Sword, it is very fast, very efficient. 2. Fire fighter axe, kills most infected with two hits plus it has quite a long reach. And it can cut trees. 3. Splitting axe, kills most infected with three hits and it can cut trees.
  13. It is an encoding issue, that's for sure. Now the question is the "where" part. What I can gather from quickly looking at the code is that the DaRT tool either gets or sends information. I think we can do very little here except for giving advice for an alternative. But since I know little about the rcon for DayZ server, I can't help you in that department. Maybe asking the other server admins what they use would be the best option. Good luck with your requirements & specifications translation. No offense to any French people but they aren't so good at English.
  14. It might be the BattleNET library where the conversion goes wrong. Strings in C# use Unicode by default so I believe there shouldn't be any problem with that. Of course it is pretty annoying this happens. Hopefully they will look into it.