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  1. Just checked it out, if I'm correct it should be between Dubrovka and Krasnotav. There is this house west of the gas station in the middle of an open field in the woods. http://dayztv.com/map/#6.103.043
  2. Good to hear that the results of the stress test were looking positive. I really can't wait to get my hands on the next stress test. :) I'm also glad that people received DayZ 2.0 so well and hope that they can see that patience does reward those who wait. DayZ is dead, development is taking too long, <insert other game> is better than DayZ, yada yada yada. 4.2k people for a stress test, that's quite impressive. I wonder how big this number will be at both the Experimental and Stable launch. What are the requirements or what does make you a content creator? I do have a YouTube channel and DayZ content on there but I haven't uploaded in a while. If I qualify as a CC, I will of course upload footage of it. :)
  3. General Discussion

    For those who missed the stress test, don't worry, you didn't miss too much. I think my longest time on a server was 10 minutes. All the other times max. 1 to 2 minutes and I would get kicked off. And even in those 10 minutes there was no room to properly check out the new stuff or take in the new patch since it was literally a deathmatch. It gave me a quick look and feel as to how the game has progressed but exploring the new features in depth was almost impossible. Here's to the next stress test being much more stable and to a quick Experimental release!
  4. General Discussion

    The problem is that they do these tests during the business hours of CET and there is really nothing they or we can do about it. The company is located in Europe which sucks for people with a big difference in timezone.
  5. General Discussion

    That would be too much actions to perform an action, specially with reloading. I think that pressing R handles the chamber or bolt and holding R reloads the gun if you have the appropriate mag or clip in your vest. Unjamming your gun or cycling a bolt needs to be quick in combat. Reload as well but at that point you already shot, maybe injured the other person and put some pressure on them which makes holding R acceptable.
  6. General Discussion

    The problem is, how does one cycle the bolt or clear the chamber? But I do agree, it would be a nice addition. I guess the reload would be hold R and cycle or clear the chamber is to press R. When I used Alt-TAB to go to Windows and back to the game it fixed the bug where I couldn't get to certain parts of the screen.
  7. General Discussion

    Boy oh boy, even though I didn't get a lot of time to play but man, DayZ is not the same. I feel like a complete bambi again and as soon as it hits Experimental, I'm going to have to completely relearn how to play. :) I don't know if I really like the double right click to ADS but that's mostly because my mouse acts weird, guess I have to order a new one. As I suspected, the new injured animation will be a real game changer. Haven't had the animation myself but saw a person which did and he was such an easy target. I can't wait to test it for a longer period of time, I'm definitely impressed. :) Thanks, I was at a complete loss with this, will keep it in mind for next time.
  8. Just checking in..

    Gahhh... the "I know it all" argument, but you're wrong, dead wrong. They decided to go with a new engine because the Arma 2 engine (Real Virtuality 3) wasn't able to achieve what they wanted to achieve. Even going with the engine of Arma 3 (Real Virtuality 4), they wouldn't be able to achieve it. Most things in the mod were done by scripting and for the Standalone with scripting and changing the engine. Scripting is high level which means that performance will be bad compared to low level. And changing the engine constantly was also not pratical since it takes time and will probably affect performance as well. Also, when changing something in the engine they have to change a lot of other parts to make the new change work. That's why they decided to go with a new engine because the RV engine was just not able to achieve what they want to achieve. The engine wasn't build for an apocalypse survival simulator but rather for a military simulator. A great example why the new engine is working is the renderer. Everyone had bad performance until the new renderer came along. The new renderer and even the whole engine is built to create a game with a setting like DayZ. Were they better off going for a new engine from the get-go? Definitely. But were they better off staying with the old engine or using the Arma 3 engine? Hell no! In the end, it would probably take as long as it took to build the new engine and we would end up with shitty performance and a game which is glued together. Now we're going to get a brand new game, the only resemblance is the setting and the idea behind the game. I'm seriously sick of people who mouth off, thinking they know everything but in reality know nothing about what they're talking about.
  9. Well, I was rather talking about his latest Arma 3 video's. He doesn't record on public servers anymore because it ruins good clips, etc. He explains and shows it all in this video: I don't think his DayZ (Standalone) video's are staged though. His recent video's are also not entirely staged but they're most certainly not random encouters anymore. That does not mean that his video's aren't entertaining anymore because they still are. Not only that, a lot of work goes into those video's, which I do appreciate.
  10. Yep, hope he's back soon but also starts uploading DayZ. Even though his video's are staged nowadays, they still provide a lot of entertainment! To be honest, I started watching his DayZ Standalone series a few days before this survey, so it's funny he's mentioned in the survey. It also reminds me immediately how much DayZ has progressed over time, despite people saying otherwise. :)
  11. Well that was an easy one, FRANKIEonPC on all of them.
  12. Выбрасывает с сервера

    It says "Hello, I have a problem. When I try to join a server I get a loading screen with the text "DAYZ". After that I get booted to the main menu with the message "You were kicked from the server".". At least, it's something along those lines according to Google Translate.
  13. What is the exact problem? Did they shut it down? You can try and contact Fragnet.net. Last time I read a topic with the same problem and when they messaged the SP they put it back online.
  14. respawned under house

    Even a better option is creating a ticket on the feedback tracker or asking @Baty Alquawen in a private message to unstuck you. They will move you to another location (in my case Vybor). If you want to make a ticket on the feedback tracker read this: