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  1. Hypothermia is a bitch. You will lose 10 health/sec, 5 blood/sec and 1.05 energy/sec. Meaning that if you're healthy you will die within 500 seconds and that is if you're healthy. As soon as you see freezing make getting your temperature up a priority.
  2. They have mentioned in the previous SR (or was it the one before that?) that this build is not a set back. What I'm gathering from the current SR and other people as well is that it might've even helped them making this build.
  3. Didn't knew that reference so makes sense, I withdraw my nitpickyness. :P
  4. I'm going to be nitpicky but that's a Glock. :P
  5. Really nice status report! I still can't believe that with 0.63 we'll be playing a complete different game. I really can't wait for 0.63 and see what the future of DayZ holds after that. The teasers in the SR's aren't really helping with that though, makes the wait even more painful haha. I guess patience is a virtue. :) Sadly I can't participate with the live event nor can I watch the stream because I will be in the air at that time. :( For the ones participating, good luck and have fun.
  6. Hey, I don't wanna get tired killing wolves.
  7. How to kill wolves the easy way:
  8. When every module is ready and merged within the game then we will indeed see huge leaps forward. For the ones who has been following the development know that the devs can crank out patches and hotfixes in rapid succession on the Experimental branch. :) Keep in mind people, 0.63 does not directly mean that it's going to be very fast. As soon as the entire engine is done, then we will see huge steps forwards.
  9. Awesome screenshots! Had a lot of fun. It's nice to be able and pop infected without having to look around your back so that no one stops you from having fun. Still, I'm convinced that someone with a Mosin, Blaze, SVD, FAL or Winchester easily could've sniped me from the lighthouse while standing at the big tower. When are we going back? Wanna throw a shot across there before we make the swim to see how easy it would be. The lighting makes the leather clothing look washed out, now my style meter has gone down. :(
  10. Let me fix this for you.... Title: Banned for a reason Description: Hello team, my account was banned globally from BattleEye. I probably know why. Can you guys please unban me? Thank you! No one gets banned for no reason as far as I know. To be honest, I have never heard someone complain about getting banned for no reason. There is always a reason and you probably know the reason.
  11. No idea if they exist, I think you can filter the servers. I have to say I have a lot of doubts for the reason why you're banned.
  12. Can you taste his salty tears? Hmmm. Using third person to deliberately ambush a person at Stary tents on top of an high place with only 1 fast exit and gets pushed off. The post and those 2 video's made my day. Seems like he got what he deserved.
  13. I kind of like the ones we got now but I believe they may add a bit to the quantity. If other aspects of the game get harder, then their difficulty will be scaled naturally. Instead of being a nuisance, they start being a threat. Damn it! You stole my idea.
  14. You're not Danish, only Danish people can and are allowed to make Danish cookies. :P
  15. You do have a problem with EA, I quote: Another thing directly from the FAQ of Survive The Nights: People still don't get that what's taking the DayZ developers so long is the actual engine. Having a pre-made engine over making one yourself makes things go way faster, basically all the work is already done for you. This is why you have a problem with EA. Most people don't get this and never will so they just bash the developers, game and development. I don't mind if people show off other games here but don't do it in a way like: look at this game, it's way better than DayZ, fuck DayZ.