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  1. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    That sucks but I believe our stuff despawned or got found anyway.
  2. Take a look at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_development_process I know it's for software development but most things apply to both. There might be some additional things with game development though. Other than this I wouldn't know if there is information about the process of a feature. Maybe if you're lucky one of the devs will answer your question. That's exactly what I think and how I see it as well. We don't have any strict dates, for all we know it might be out the second week of January, what's waiting two weeks longer after waiting for so long?
  3. Stable Update 0.62.143267

    Did they? I know they removed it from the Experimental brach, maybe you got confused with that. :)
  4. Really helpful Status Report, now I know where you guys and we stand and what we can expect. I'm really looking forward to 2018 and getting my hands on the first iteration of 0.63. I might not play (a lot of) DayZ at the moment or be active at the forums but I'm still here. When 0.63 launches, I'll still be here. I'm not going anywhere and I got a lot of time and patience. Also, I'm going to ignore a lot of posts in this thread intentionally. If they didn't get the message why the game is taking so long, I'm not going to waste my words on that. I'm informed on game development and have experience with software development. So call me a fanboy or others who get it as well, it will only show your lack of information, experience and the will and ability to learn. With different ammunition types they mean tracers, full metal jacket, hollow point, armor penetrating, etc. For example what would be possible: say you have a MP5, you put 5 to 10 9mm tracer rounds in first and then other 9mm type(s). This means that if you shoot 20 to 25 bullets, the last bullets are tracers which are a really good indication that your magazine is almost empty. There are a lot more variations you can make. Say for example they add armor to the game. You're unsure if your next firefight is going to be against someone with armor so you load in a hollow points first then AP, rinse and repeat. The hollow points will do the horrifying damage against un-armored targets and the AP rounds will make sure that you wound armored targets. This is something which I kind of miss as well. Having all the features and content listed is nice but some more details on a few things would be nice. This doesn't all have to be in 1 Status Report but they could introduce a new section where they each week explain a feature with more and deeper details. It depends on the company itself but think about: documentation, discussing/meetings, implementation, bug fixing, testing, quality assurance, waiting for other teams to wrap up their part, integrate the feature with the other features or engine modules and probably some more things. This is a reiterative process and most of these will be done multiple times, some more than others. Same thing here. I can keep my ass busy with other things or other games and will be back for sure when 0.63 hits Experimental.
  5. The P-38/P-51

    So you can drop a bomb on the can to open it? Haha, in all seriousness, what's a P-38? As far as I know it's an US plane from WWII.
  6. 22/11/2017, servers down?

    Maybe they did a server sided update which extended the maintenance time. Edit: And that.
  7. Nice, no more that annoying pop-up each time you want to start the game. :) You sound sarcastic, don't you have trust in beta? If not and you're only here to troll and tell us how bad DayZ is, kindly leave!
  8. Wire... the pain, why did you have to bring up this, for me touchy subject? But hell yeah, would love to see wire and boar's back in Experimental. I think these things we've pointed out are definitely new things or changes which will be interesting for some or all players. I would love to see a mod which increases immersion, shouldn't Vanilla DayZ provide (enough) immersion. Personally, I'm all for more loot, more weapons and more vehicles... types... definitely types. I'd like to see less quantity of it though.
  9. Exp Update 0.62.142963

    *sigh*. If I were you I would ask my money back from your elementary school because they certainly didn't teach you reading.
  10. Another very information filled Status Report, thank you. What might be a good thing to do is release more video's of new features when you guys feel like it is to a point it's ready for public. By this way you can receive feedback like you guys got from the Gamescom demo. I think that will give beta more positive feedback rather than people get mad or disappointed because they don't like something. I can't believe we didn't come up with making such a large pumpkin farm, it's so simple yet hard to come up with. I will most certainly give my feedback when the game moves into beta. It's an hard thing to get right because you will have two sides. Getting it right is important so I hope everyone will give their feedback and we will get to a point which follows the game vision but also satisfies the players. Other than new content, fixes, etc. you could experiment with some variables. You can release a patch where you change the CLE in certain ways, the environment (like that rain only server) or some other variables you guys want to test out. This will probably interest a few players in testing out these changes.
  11. Forum

    Luckily they're already open, don't have a can opener on me. Nice to see they're back, thanks!
  12. General opionion on CLE densities

    To be honest, I don't loot the big cities where I spawn in, only a few houses to get myself started. I try to move as fast as possible inland. Still, my opinion is that there shouldn't be too much loot on the coast because it will bring back the coastal warfare and inland will be pretty much empty again.
  13. Forum

    For me it's the other way around.
  14. Forum

    I noticed the forum got an update/new look. I have to say I like it, the only problem... where them beans at!
  15. .63 ETA ?

    I'm not an animator nor do I barely know anything about it. But I do know that a game like DayZ has a shit ton more animations than a game like GTA V.