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  1. A quick Google goes a long way...
  2. Unless you have some kind of visual problem, you shouldn't crank up the gamma (that much). Have some balls for once and play with immersion.
  3. Interesting, will try that next time but it might just be a coincidence. Yeah, I wonder what the difference here is. Since the hotfix I haven't noticed a single crash yet while other players have.
  4. Maybe you got lucky and got the lightest of them the 3 but still, be cautious. :)
  5. As @Kirov (DayZ) already said, you will be immune to cholera for a certain period of time. And are you sure that you already passed the hardest stage? If I'm correct, at that stage the messages will show in red and the status notifier will also be red.
  6. First of all, make sure you have as much blood as possible before you're going to lose any, if you're already low on blood or have lost quite a bit you're not going to survive on your own. Second, the most important thing right now is getting a very stable energy/hydration balance. You're going to lose a lot of water and to keep regaining blood you have to drink a lot of water which will make you throw up a lot. This results in energy loss as well so it is important you need to keep both up. I would suggest Tactical Bacon but that is very hard to come by. Make sure you have food which give you a lot of energy and perhaps water but has low stomach volume. So the pumpkins which @Kirov (DayZ) mentioned is actually not the kind of food you should eat. What I did was after I threw up I believe I ate 5 apples and topped the rest off with water. Third and the most important one, stay still and at a well. Make sure you don't lose any blood so avoid infected. Maybe your best bet is to stay inside an house next to the well. You're in for an hell of a ride because cholera takes very long to get rid of, that's why it is such a nasty sickness. Keep yourself hydrated, at least dark green or light green so you gain 3 blood every second which makes the amount of blood loss somewhat sustainable. And finally, get someone to give you either a saline bag or a blood bag, this would be the most easiest thing. If you have high impact cholera there is no other way to survive than someone giving you blood bags. I would help you but I'm not sure if I'm going to play today. The weather is 35 degrees Celcius which is literally unbearable and me playing DayZ is going to make matters worse. Guess I'll have to survive in real life first before I survive in DayZ.
  7. Good question, I was thinking the same thing yesterday. I would assume they can't get out but if you would relog you're going to stand next to the destroyed vehicle.
  8. You can always post a ticket after you stop playing for the day and don't forget to include your crash dumps. If you don't like DayZ, you should stop playing it. Welcome to the first stage of cholera, good luck.
  9. Which vehicle, was it a bus?
  10. Noticed two things while playing. First thing is that buses can't be destroyed with the matchbox, it keeps saying "I'm too far away". I made a bug report about this. Second thing is that there are still infected spawning where the old bus depot was between Lopatino and Vavilovo. Not only that, it also still spawns a police car and I've seen the bus there as well in the field. Here is the screenshot of the police car & infected which still spawns there: Edit: by the way, no crashes, again. StarvingArt did crash 2 or 3 times. I have yet to see my first crash since the introduction of the hotfix.
  11. I see a few people talking about a crash or multiple crashes. To be honest, I haven't had a single one and I played for 3 hours and 40 minutes without ever restarting my game. I did however leave the server but this was because of either a server restart or a server crash. Also no memory exception error when leaving the game.
  12. It would be weird if they would push the map extension to Stable since it hasn't been pushed to Experimental. Unless they sneaked it in and didn't mention it.
  13. I'll piss my pants if that happened to me. :')
  14. Here is a video of the new feature in action featuring GaryWalnuts:
  15. Alright, let's light those cars up. :D