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  1. I made some tests on experimental .62 shortly after it came out. What I noticed, is what you did. On low, almost everything in game stayed there. I was a little blown away. After a lot more testing I left my settings on low, for objects, then went into the new folder for our profile and adjusted my view distance and overall distance to much higher numbers. Jumped back in game and low and behold it worked. I can see forever, but my game runs at 80-90fps average in almost all areas. In Cherno Im getting a steady 60+. The only other setting I have on low is shadows, because that seems to give a large hit now and doesn't "increase" performance on very high-high any longer, like it used to with certain systems. All else is maxed out, and Im gaming in 1440p. The game looks gorgeous and is smooth as it ever has been. Its such a great sign of things to come.
  2. Was that called for? * the only way I can take that is negatively.. sorry if I am off base by doing so. Do you know what Bambiland is? Its a deathmatch server.. everyone kills each other, no friendlies. This is from that server, and my very first time playing.
  3. This is what happened next.. *watch the short part 1, if you want context:
  4. It was trees and other objects most would not notice at all. Some forests near towns changed a bit, but most of the map changes were very minor (trees inside houses, things that were not right, etc.)
  5. Map changes would be my guess, along with other things that may cause the need for it.
  6. I guess I need to preface this with what Bambiland is: Its basically a deathmatch. Like Call of Duty. Tents filled with weapons/ammo on the coast near spawn points. Everyone is out to kill each other. This guy was trying to trick me, seeing I was a fresh spawn, he thought maybe I had no idea where I was... see, he was the one greeting new players. I simply defended myself. <--- he was going to bash my head in when I ate the apple.
  7. :)
  8. Can confirm these are certainly in current .62 stable: Gloves flashbangs FN Fal VSS Press Vest And I am wondering something... maybe the no loot heli crash sites are tied to a certain item? Like the loot - all doesnt spawn, simply because a particular item is messing things up? i.e. game tried to spawn Smersh vest, but find error, so all loot at that heli crash does not spawn. Hmmm... or BIS is trolling us. ;)
  9. When I dropped my object settings and shadow to low (while going into my profile and readjusting my overall view distance and object view distance to 3600 and 3000) and left all else on maxed out settings (no post processing ever, its just gross imo) the weird little dots all over were either gone completely or very hard to see. Try that and let me know what you see?
  10. Sneaky needs more coffee this morning. ;) So, yes, I have noticed that the objects settings now do not really have major differences like before. At the same time, it still makes a large impact on FPS so when I placed my object settings on low yesterday, almost nothing changed except some trees at around 1km or beyond, and my fps jumped about 20-30 frames. :D
  11. Push to stable soon?