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  1. We had an old dayz mod that would allow you to spawn as a zed.. it was not the most remarkable experience tbh.
  2. Build it yourself. Tell me if you can, and I will tell you which parts to buy. :)
  3. JUMP BACK IN! :)
  4. That'll make some people very happy! Thanks for all the hard work once again, I hope you all have a great rest of your week Baty.
  5. You need meds. I'm serious. Like, go talk to someone... not about this damned game. FYI, I was on the whitelist. I played on all your servers, at one point.. had camps on every one of them. Also, I did research and never once mentioned your name, nor did I bash you in any way. I simply stated my opinion that there is something obviously going on here, with the sheer volume of threads and reports on potential abuse, and other issues I saw while researching this. You full well know I used to play on Colony quite a bit, and I considered you a friend which is why I did not personally bash you or your server in any way. I shared my simple opinion that was not full of conjecture, or unfleshed out thoughts.. it was full of research and at the time I genuinely felt bad for all parties involved. But your right, ignore me, dont talk to me.. etc.. 1 by 1 anyone that would care about you, and your cause will not. Good luck. You need to literally calm down Weyland, this is killing you.. p.s. enjoy my reddit post. :)
  6. That's mature of you. *Edit: did you mean this.. or that thread about your locked out camps? - From Reddit: link to context "I get your point LordCake, and I thank you tremendously for letting this stay up for now. I hope that you can see how it should possibly not be taken down.. there is a certain amount of freedom of speech, and good information for others within this, that I believe helps the dayz community a great deal. I cannot count the number of threads I have seen, and can still bring up in a search, regarding this server and its potential abuse of the dayz community. I believe this thread alone could alleviate a lot of future players from experiencing similar negative things, as previously reported by others, and that is a value to this community and to reddit." Either way Weyland.. Carry on my wayward son.
  7. This reminds me of when BMRF fell.. be careful Weyland, this is a slippery slope you're on. ;)
  8. Thank you! And welcome to dayz forums!
  9. I think you're asking if private servers have persistence? I would guess that almost all have it set up.. *Im not sure even sure you can turn it off anymore as an admin, can you?
  10. Added, thanks Wolf! :)
  11. That is rather ... um.. intimate. :P
  12. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God.. you kill me sqeezorz :)