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  1. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    I stopped by for laugh and honestly got it.. this has been fun. See you in 6 months! :D
  2. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Best status report, ever. No lie. :)
  3. Status Report 7 November 2017

    I ran out of popcorn months ago.
  4. Since the past 4 SR have been full of complete BS.. I'd say not too soon Wolf.
  5. Observations from a Returning Player

    Hey Wolf! Ive been lurking in the shadows of Chernarus myself as well... have not logged in, in a while. I honestly see no point in playing a game that is unfinished and about to change so drastically. Which sucks, because if BIS had kept doing what they were doing I would still be here.. but at some point they decided to change the way they are doing things here.. which genuinely turned into a "non-early access" situation and completely into a "play an unfinished game" scenario. As soon as they get back to actually patching and updating this game, Id love to play it again.
  6. You do realize that is insane right? Its not waiting if you are not actually waiting.. what people not playing are doing is observing. Waiting is what you do when you know when something is coming.. ..see what I did there :P
  7. Well, I say that because it is an old legacy code.. for lack of better terminology. This tent coding has been around since, well.. forever. My reason for questioning is solely based on curiosity.. will this be changed? Has it even been discussed? Because there are things like this, I am sure, that perhaps will not be touched in any way, while others will. So.. I am just curious and my reason for using "legacy" is because I have no idea what else to call coding that is old and may or may not be replaced during this process. I hear a bit of tension in your wording Russian.. maybe a break is due Brother? Only trying to help :)
  8. I could care less about time.. think about this: How many games have you played for beyond 1 year? 2 years? 4 years? Now we're talking about the same game, not part 2 or new DLC and shit.. the same old game, for over 5 years? That is DayZ for me. No other game, comes close. I play most games for 1 month, and move on.. yet somehow, here I am.. waiting for the magic that this game will bring once modding hits, and the creativity of the masses make it the most popular online PC game again. I can wait.. its simple for me.
  9. My questions is.. will these specific old legacy parts still exist down the road this way, or will they be looked and changed?
  10. Status Report 24 October 2017

    The artwork exhibit, and the glass of wine while contemplating.... just killed me. I freaking love you guys Baty. Keep up that great work.. and for the love of Chernarus, have a great rest of your week over there!
  11. How To Win Playerbase Back

    I stopped by because I had some left over popcorn in my couch cushions..
  12. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Just saw your letter in the new SR Baroness! Cant wait to get together with you and your group once .63 hits.. because I will definitely be in dayz on that day. :)
  13. think about it.

    Think about it.. Some of us have been coming here and commenting for years.. years.. Think about it.
  14. Modding and Engine update

    Well they did say over and over again that with BETA comes modding... so there is that, considering that they said over and over again that 0.63 is BETA. But all things considered.. dont hold your breath, it will be a few months at the soonest I fear.
  15. Recruit Me.

    Aww, thanks Pilgrim (blushing) :) I would too! Your group seems pretty damned awesome. Ive been on Squad lately, but of course once .63 hits at the latest Ill be back in DayZ regularly. Here, add me on steam and once I get back into it.. Ill come find you guys. :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/lrishjake/