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  1. Well they did say over and over again that with BETA comes modding... so there is that, considering that they said over and over again that 0.63 is BETA. But all things considered.. dont hold your breath, it will be a few months at the soonest I fear.
  2. Aww, thanks Pilgrim (blushing) :) I would too! Your group seems pretty damned awesome. Ive been on Squad lately, but of course once .63 hits at the latest Ill be back in DayZ regularly. Here, add me on steam and once I get back into it.. Ill come find you guys. :)
  3. modding

    I would love to create single player missions, using the same Arma modding/editing tech as much as possible, like I did for A3: I know, that my previously made missions, were unique and had a flavor all their own.. I hope I can one day bring some content like that for dayz. :)
  4. We had an old dayz mod that would allow you to spawn as a zed.. it was not the most remarkable experience tbh.
  5. Build it yourself. Tell me if you can, and I will tell you which parts to buy. :)
  6. JUMP BACK IN! :)
  7. That'll make some people very happy! Thanks for all the hard work once again, I hope you all have a great rest of your week Baty.
  8. You need meds. I'm serious. Like, go talk to someone... not about this damned game. FYI, I was on the whitelist. I played on all your servers, at one point.. had camps on every one of them. Also, I did research and never once mentioned your name, nor did I bash you in any way. I simply stated my opinion that there is something obviously going on here, with the sheer volume of threads and reports on potential abuse, and other issues I saw while researching this. You full well know I used to play on Colony quite a bit, and I considered you a friend which is why I did not personally bash you or your server in any way. I shared my simple opinion that was not full of conjecture, or unfleshed out thoughts.. it was full of research and at the time I genuinely felt bad for all parties involved. But your right, ignore me, dont talk to me.. etc.. 1 by 1 anyone that would care about you, and your cause will not. Good luck. You need to literally calm down Weyland, this is killing you.. p.s. enjoy my reddit post. :)
  9. That's mature of you. *Edit: did you mean this.. or that thread about your locked out camps? - From Reddit: link to context "I get your point LordCake, and I thank you tremendously for letting this stay up for now. I hope that you can see how it should possibly not be taken down.. there is a certain amount of freedom of speech, and good information for others within this, that I believe helps the dayz community a great deal. I cannot count the number of threads I have seen, and can still bring up in a search, regarding this server and its potential abuse of the dayz community. I believe this thread alone could alleviate a lot of future players from experiencing similar negative things, as previously reported by others, and that is a value to this community and to reddit." Either way Weyland.. Carry on my wayward son.
  10. This reminds me of when BMRF fell.. be careful Weyland, this is a slippery slope you're on. ;)
  11. Thank you! And welcome to dayz forums!
  12. I think you're asking if private servers have persistence? I would guess that almost all have it set up.. *Im not sure even sure you can turn it off anymore as an admin, can you?
  13. Added, thanks Wolf! :)
  14. That is rather ... um.. intimate. :P