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  1. Irish.

    .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    They just confirmed in the new SR that they are working on it currently.. it should be back, the way it was.. maybe slightly improved after some testing? lol.. well see. :P
  2. At first I was like.. wtf? But then I noticed this is your first time here, and your first post.. So welcome! :)
  3. Irish.

    persistence in offline mode?

    ?! Persistence will be added at a later date to SP/Offline mode. This has been confirmed several times.. I am not sure why that question wasn't able to be answered yet?
  4. Irish.

    Stress Test vol.21

    Yes, that was the super obvious but thank you for trying. :) I have. Thanks for trying to be of help. :)
  5. Irish.

    Stress Test vol.21

    Any ideas what I can do for a "connection failed" over and over? I've still never even made it into a Stress Test server due to this. Im trying to enter normal stress test servers, as well as the '..creators' server (I have PW from Baty), but no luck so far..
  6. Irish.

    So, what happened to Brian?

    I'm sorry Brother.. I've just been irked up for a while now, awaiting these changes.. feeling so worried that the console porting would play too heavily on things, and the other day I felt like my fears had finally come to fruition. I am really sorry for dragging you into this publicly.. enjoy your new ventures Brian, and best of luck with all of it.
  7. Irish.

    .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    I am sorry. I assume way too much. I guess I have been here too long. :(
  8. Irish.

    .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    Peter's response: "I think, given everyone's clearly strong opinions on the matter that we would all benefit from taking a step back, taking a breath and looking at this from a different angle. Looking back at my ‘Fun Fact’ tweet to see how it was kinda rough and sarcastic, I can certainly understand how it annoyed some of you up and confused many. At very first, I understand you folks all love DayZ and you really want to get your hands on the systems, mechanics and overall we have working on, that new DayZ, you have all waited for so long already. I think all of us, the developers, and community want DayZ to become everything it could be, and everything we wanted it to be if not more. I’m really the last guy who would like to water down DayZ experience or make it casual by any means. So I ask each of you, do you really feel that all that changes with advanced firearms manipulation, loading magazines with bullets one by one, being prepared for situations to come, slowing down the pace to make it more tactical and thoughtful, is making DayZ casual? Let’s make that straight - any kind of constructive criticism and feedback is gold to me and the team. But what happened for some reasons, for me personally, was a little bit oversensitive reaction, causing an unnecessary avalanche. Maybe it’s me and my English which leads to clumsy explanations what’s going on and what are the intentions. Maybe we still didn’t deliver whole, or enough polished picture to be studied and hopefully enjoyed. Maybe it’s just we, all together, are already tired and frustrated from the long wait, jumping the gun here and there. In previous DayZ versions (0.62 and lower) projectile was fired always in direction of the barrel of a gun, even during point shooting (‘hip fire’ as some of you like to refer to it). In such case, certainly corresponding to reality, it leads to some unwanted results. The important thing, to be aware of, is that you, as a player, are focusing your sight to the centre of the screen - subconsciously. Other things that play the role in such situation and need to be taken into account are the actual distance to the target (the closer the worse) and actual firearm position in screen space (more off-centre the worse). So, at first in such case, what you will observe after shooting is that there is significant offset between centre of the screen and actual point of the bullet impact. Secondly, because of that, it is necessary to show you the actual direction where it will fly to account that offset, which means the need of introduction of floating crosshair which is projected in direction of the barrel of a gun for point shooting. Without it, you don’t need to have point shooting at all, as in this realistic case, you just miss most of the time your target altogether. Thirdly, as the result, you are forced to hunt that projected floating cursor around the screen with your eyes which can become tedious. All of that is a just unnecessary hassle and counterproductive, especially when shooting quickly at close ranges. Fast forward to present - as mentioned in last Status Report, the change already introduced in 0.63, which is applied during point shooting (with the raised firearm, but not aiming down the sight, to be specific), is the altered direction in which projectile is fired from the said gun. To be clear - point shooting in DayZ is meant to endanger targets at close ranges, within reach up to, let’s say, 15 to 25 meters. It’s meant to be used in stress situations, which needs lightning fast reactions to possible life-threatening situations. By any means, it’s not there to be used for accurate taking down targets at mid to long ranges. Current implementation solves all these issues mentioned above with old system. Why just not to point projectiles to space you are already subconsciously focused at? There isn’t anything bad about it. Yes, I acknowledge, it’s not realistic, but let not get overly intoxicated by some ‘simulation mantra’ indifferently hanging in the air. DayZ is meant to be authentic, not realistic. Even when we are dancing on the edge between the simulation and the game, let don’t forget, that we simply cannot afford full simulation of things, even if we want. At the end of the day what really matters is the fun, enjoyment and experience you get from playing DayZ while creating your own stories. I have to emphasize again, that current implementation is still rough on edges, and there are some specific situations where it isn’t working properly or straight wrong. We are not happy about it and it’s not how it will stay. Our goal with it is to reach the state, where it’s nearly impossible to distinguish it from the realistic behaviour of shooting along the direction of a barrel of the gun. Believe me, we know how to achieve it, it will just take some time to implement and to settle down. To underline things that weren’t changed in point shooting (AKA ‘hip fire’), in case I wasn’t specific enough about them, or you who are still worried about these, let me summarize it. Projectiles are still fired from the gun, it doesn’t allow you to shoot around corners, cover or from any advantageous positions at all, we didn’t change how external and internal ballistics works, and there is still sway, recoil and zeroing applied to the trajectory of the projectile fired during point shooting. I encourage anyone who is reading this to give me your opinions, concerns, and questions. Gunplay is critical to DayZ and I feel together we can reach our mutual goals. So let bury the hatchet and see stabilized new point shooting first, so we can judge it together and decide upon it. Thank you for your time, energy and passion. You are one of best community around as I already stated many times… see you in Chernarus folks!" - Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer Touche Peter.. I will step way back, and do me. Best of luck with the console port. :)
  9. Irish.

    .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    If you think this is about giving them a chance.. you have no clue Bob. Ive been playing this game since it started. Ive given them chance after chance, through many bad times. This is not a bad time, or bugs issues.. this is core mechanics. This is the CD left the company over creative differences.. this is horrible decisions with core game mechanics.. Its not a good sign of things to come.. but you're right. I should just sit back and play something like COD or PUBG in the mean time.. and get ready for what the future dayz will be just like. FML.
  10. Irish.

    So, what happened to Brian?

    Well that was rude.. Your response is that Ex did not read it right or at all? And he was vague at best.. literally, Brian was in his post. That he prefers to work for free as a consultant.. that makes sense to you? The truth is, there were major creative differences and you can read about them over several status reports.. over and over again, Brian would lightly touch the subject that PETER wants this.. while he wants different. Eventually Peter fired him, or he outright quit because he was tired of the BS.
  11. Read the posts on Reddit, and its clear.. we are not entirely happy over here. Some major changes were made, some good, and some not so much.. The major changes that I see many people not liking: Changes to ADS.. Changes to the weapons in general.. like hip fire, cross hair, projectiles.. etc.. Changes to reloading.. Changes to run speed.. Adding the stamina system.. Then we see that Brian is gone. Much like Dean left.. What the heck is going on over there? Why would you change things that should never be changed? Changing the mechanics for shooting is confusing at best. Especially when those changes were not good. And even further more, when its from the company that made ARMA. You need to realize why we love playing dayz.. its constant curiosity.. constant learning... NOT CONSTANT ANNOYANCES. Dayz and its greatness comes not from how painful it is to learn how to play, or to play in general. Its beauty comes from the open sandbox world, where we can do almost anything we want. The draw was never the PUNISHING ANTI-GAME.. it really wasnt.. we flocked to this game because it was massive, and took years sometimes to learn how to do all the different parts of the game because there were no instructions.. guess what is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY now? Instructions on how to play.. *(wait for console versions) I mean.. have you paid no attention to what we complain about, over and over again? Its the things that dont work right, and show up buggy.. so please dont change the things that DID work. All we ever want is a Dayz that runs smoothly, and works right. A Dayz that has options, not takes them away. Maybe Peter is the one that needs to step back? Sincerely, Irish
  12. Irish.

    Stress Test vol.4

    Baty I keep missing these.. I have zero footage so far. My sadness can be felt for kilometers. :( But you all are doing some great work lately.. please tell them over there, that they are doing a wonderful job!
  13. Irish.

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    PSA: DO NOT OPEN CANS OF FOOD. Bug issue, gets stuck in your hands and youre screwed from there on single player.
  14. Irish.

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Is it a known issue, that opening cans of food can cause them to disappear and get stuck in your hands forever? I just died due to this.. simply could not eat. Graphics look amazing, and the map reworks are fucking gorgeous! I love all the ambiance we have now, the little things that were added really make a difference. Obviously we need the old control scheme back, but the issue with this build is some controls you cannot change or simply do not work.. I could get freelook to change buttons and work, and I could not remap my weapon controls for shit. The sounds are nice.. seem like they need work, but love the new additions. Ladders.. OMFG! Thank you BI.. finally. Cool new buildings and towers.. love the new stuff. I like the new swinging and fighting controls.. but it makes zeds totally useless.. you just bash on them until they drop, and it seems like they cant hit me if I do that?