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  1. video

    I loved that into... "No, no. no. no!"
  2. Most of that is not new.. heart attacks have been in since the defib could kill you of one.. same thing for electrocution. Brian Hicks talked about megaphones about 2 years ago.. But thanks! A lot of people probably missed it all. :)
  3. I dont think they've told us too much about how they may be changed down the road.. other then speaking of some limitations on how many there can be in the server, we have not had much input on where they may go with zeds. I'd love to see at least some small sized hoards of 5-10 or more roaming around randomly. And would really love to see loud noises and light attract them much more. Also, bleeding.. we need them to attract to blood.
  4. Well, I can see that this is inevitable... and since this still inexplicably has not been locked, I will chime in: Hi, Where is the game going now? It's still in development. We are on build 0.61. 0.62 is pending, and BETA (0.63) is coming reportedly sometime before the end of this year. Have they got the animals in and coded properly? Yes, however: It's still in development. The zombies seem to be dumber and there's hardly any around so what's going on with them? It's still in development. What about the survival elements have they been improved upon? Yes, however: It's still in development. What new stuff has been added in the last year and a half? Vehicles, map changes, various inventory items added, the core game engine has been replaced, and portions of the game (parts we have seen previewed in the past) will be later added in as modules, once the core game engine has been fully replaced with Enfusion, BIS's new game engine. Thanks :) You're welcome There is no need for arguing, flaming, telling others they are wrong. There is no need to bash the game and where its at, nor is there any need to "support" it. It simply is, and if you cannot live with that there are far more problems in your life then simple video games. Go back and read what you wrote, no matter who you are, on this thread and contemplate; is that the type of person you want to be, and the impression of who you are, that you want to convey to others? Now, this thread can stop. Please, act like adults, unless you are in fact literally children.. then well, keep being kids (life is short and being young is important). Thank you, Mr. Irish
  5. Wow... its still a thing? What happened Lok? You take a nap?
  6. Dear Baty, I am severely jealous of your buttery smooth frame rates. Please tell us what is inside that magic machine? Sincerely, A. Jelousplayer
  7. .62 is going to drop right before Memorial Day. I see all sorts of families upset over missing members. ;)
  8. I just wanted to stop by and say hello before this gets locked.. Hi! :)
  9. I lol'd after coming here from reddit. :D
  10. Hi Baty and BI staff. First off, I must apologize for my overreaction to the "heli tweet".. my heart was in it too much, and I stepped too far. Im sorry. Aside from my lesson learned, I had a question: New SR makes me feel like we might be hopeful to see 0.62 sometime here soon? I had thought at best June, are you feeling like it could still be a little ways out, or is it really close? Close would be amazing, and a huge surprise. Thanks again for all of your hard work (not ass kissing, they actually deserve a big thanks from the community for caring). - Jake
  11. LOL! Those last few posts got me.. fucking Marcy.. :D And.. I got it! :D
  12. Oh I've been in similar situations there.. but that is horrible man. At least right now, I have a working PC to be bored and impatient on. Im only upgrading. ;)
  13. Anyone else go crazy while waiting for deliveries to drop off?
  14. Thanks Baty! Filled with great news, and an overall feeling of hope. *Cant wait.