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  1. video

    This was great, watching this today.. thanks man. Love it!
  2. Nothing. Just not playing on public right now.. figure someone out there can use this stuff
  3. Hopefully this helps.. Hicks in the last SR: "over the last week or so, I saw something that concerned me: hearing conversation in regards to gameplay mechanics or systems currently implemented in the most basic form, and if they are intended (by developers) to ever change." "Nearly every gameplay system or mechanic the player touches is at a basic functional level, meaning the tech/script/animations are present and it operates in one way or another. Fleshing it out, addressing functional and gameplay issues - that isn't something we should be wasting time and resources on, especially when so much of it is being replaced." "The reality of the situation is, with pretty much everything on that proverbial list being dependent upon the new player, and the focus for BETA being on getting the game stable and playable on the new engine modules - we're playing our cards close to the chest."
  4. I have the vest on public, if you want.. yes, pristine ;)
  5. I have some things I no longer need on Public and wanted to see if anyone would like to meet me near the NWAF to take anything off of me they might want?
  6. If he only had one hour left to live.. what would he do?
  7. You really should not play on experimental unless you are involved in sending files and making reports for BI. The difference is marginal at best unless a big new experimental patch has just dropped, and most players are on stable.
  8. While Oliver covered almost everything.. Mr. OP, you forgot 6. 6. Console Market. They are working on getting dayz released on consoles. This will revamp the player base by millions. Perhaps us PC players will be on different servers, perhaps not. But in any event, that money you spoke of... Consoles. ;)
  9. Those are old, just seem to be more rare to find than some other clothing.. especially the striped shirts. I dont see many of those lately.
  10. Same.. to me its like going from a lemming to a gopher. Instead of leaping off of cliffs for no reason, now I can search things out specifically to report.. in the hopes of helping make this game great.
  11. The terminology, for BI, is simply a milestone and it explains where their assets are currently placed. Alpha is like 15% bug fixing, 85% content creation. Beta is like 85% bug fixing, 15% content.. And 1.0 is like 95% bug fixing, and 5% content creation for future release. At least that is what I have personally taken away from BI and past experiences with them... and that is more like an internal view of how BI looks at the stages of development, rather than some explanation of alpha/beta/etc..
  12. Those backlogged systems and content, are functional. They will be added in, as quickly as possible to the BETA phase. Hicks says it may be a lot of them at first, and it may be just a few. They are stating very clearly what they plan, but the issue is.. you are looking at the definitions of terminology rather than looking at BI. For DayZ, 0.63 is not 1.0. But it is BETA. And its a huge step. What you want, it sounds like, is 1.0. That is final release.. but for BI, that is basically like the final BETA phase. Bugs will be present, everything will be present in the game, and things will get fixed over the next 4-5 years. Look at Arma as an example. 1.0 will be what you are expecting of BETA, where all systems are present and the game only has bugs to fix before it is essentially "done".