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  1. Multiple Characters on specific servers..?

    Playing this morning, I joined off an friend on what he told me was a Public Unofficial. We looted up for a little while till the server restarted. We have a little tradition of taking alternative turns selecting a server (I live in the UK, he in the US...for the ping, baby!) when we experience a restart. I chose a UK Official server and arrived as a fresh spawn north of Rify which was definitely not where I was on the previous server. I put the disrepancy down to him accidently selecting a Private server despite him swearing it was a Public. But having read your post, I might owe him an apology. Have the Official and Unofficial servers had a divorce? Are they no longer on speaking terms?
  2. Exp Update 0.62.139808

  3. Exp Update 0.62.139796

    Is the night sky static? And will the night sky change according to the month or season? For example, will we be able to see Orion from November to February? If it's static, could you tell me the date of the night sky you use? Thank you.
  4. What you think that Devs are doing?

    Claire's Perception of the DayZ Dev Team The DayZ Dev Team's Perception of the Dev Team
  5. Exp Update 0.62.139701

    You're brilliant you are! Thank you. I was wibbling this morning with the juddering stuttering. I kept thinking...is it me?
  6. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    You found an orange?!?!? I'm so jealous. I want an orange, dammit! Apples, bananas, peaches and now oranges - looks like fruit salad is back on the menu, boys!
  7. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    I finally made it to the new dam, west of Zeleno! Mainly because I found a sedan on the east coast and had a rather terrifying journey along the coast road. Look! The Dam! Sorry it's so dark. Now, the real story. The sedan. Well, it's very nice being gifted a completely lovely sedan so one mustn't grumble too much. However, the frame rate drop was epic. Especially in Electro...dare I say it...I got 4 fps...only briefly mind. But 40 kmh with a frame rate of 4 is rather nerve-wrecking. It didn't help that my companion cheered when we left Electro unscathed. No great praise for my awesome driving skills, just a slightly sarcastic cheer. The swine! I'm loving 0.62 - thank you, you brilliant people.
  8. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    The trees! The New Castle! The Sounds! It's simply glorious! Apart from the whole grey face thing which is very aging.
  9. Basebuilding....why?

    There will always be wanderers, who need nothing but the grass for a pillow. There will always be those who need a little bolt hole, somewhere to call home. And there will always be those who want to build a gleaming city on the hill, for they drive towards civilisation. And of course, there are always those who seek to tear it all down.
  10. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    From Twitter... "We have some news about 0.62 on Experimental branch" (reads further) Thank you for keeping us in the loop, Baty. You're brilliant!
  11. Simple question about tent.

    You've been raided and emerged on the other side relatively intact. It isn't unknown for players to remove everything, casting it to the floor, packing the tent and leaving it to despawn. And as you've still got a tent with items inside, I'd say you were lucky. Nice of them to leave you some apples. A poor trade, but it could have been a lot worse. May I suggest you move? Find a new location to set up home?
  12. To less tins (food) in game

    A few days ago, I ran at the Dean Hall zombie screaming 'Give me your kiwi, you bastard.' Which, I must confess, is a sentence I never thought I would utter. DayZ, opening whole new worlds of possibilities.
  13. Dont wanna make new thread?Use this!

    Rainbows Question: Are there rainbows or (as mostly likely, I have the 'I like FPS' setting on) is it me? I've just been wandering around a rather wet, soggy and depressing Novo. I climbed to the top of the town hall and saw the sun through the rain. Ah-ha! I turned around to see the rainbow and was rather disheartened not to see one. I want rainbows... ...and unicorns would be nice too.
  14. Status Report - 2 May 2017

    But...the cardboard box adds that touch of the post-apocalypse that only increases immersion and authenticity.
  15. Newbie Questions

    You need to look inside the clothes. There you'll find tins, sometimes ammo, and the odd useful item. The Infected also have tinned food on them occassionally. The Dean Hall Infected always has a kiwi on him (because he's from New Zealand...) The other 'free' food is the apple. Otherwise, you're hunting and fishing (chickens are everywhere and will provide two chicken breasts, feathers, guts and two bones). Bones can be crafted into a spear, bone arrows and fish hooks. Wolves have good eating on them, if you survive of course. Regarding horticulture - pumpkins are your perfect orange friends. If anything, there's still too much 'free' food available. But that's just a personal opinion.