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On 7.11.2017 at 7:55 PM, Baty Alquawen said:

Far too often, players are forced to manage survival simulation mechanics while trying to engage in the true draw of DayZ, the player interactions. Rather than the survival mechanics serving as a method to drive, and give agency to the player interaction.


I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but what about a simple "adrenaline system": Detect if a player is engaged in combat and rise the adrenalin levels which "pauses" the other survival mechanics. No need  to drink, eat or do anything else while actively engaged in combat. If you survive and the adrenaline drops (soon after the active threat is over) then the other systems continue again - maybe even dropping slighty faster than normal.

I think this could tackle the described problem while being realistic "enough" for DayZ to work.

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Adrenaline could be connected enemy gunfire and passing bullet sounds and it's distance to the player.

I think it also makes sense for when you get shot or cut to experience adrenaline. To indicate the image could have some additional sharpening an perhaps a bit of wide angle lens distortion to indicate hyper focus and tunnel-vision.

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It could defiantly be an interesting mechanic - I remember in the mod, if you (or anyone else) fired their gun in your vicinity it would stop you logging off, so I guess its possible to have mechanics linked to gunfire... though i'm not sure how effectively this would refocus the core game mechanics towards player interactions.

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It could defiantly be an interesting mechanic - I remember in the mod, if you (or anyone else) fired their gun in your vicinity it would stop you logging off, so I guess its possible to have mechanics linked to gunfire... though i'm not sure how effectively this would refocus the core game mechanics towards player interactions.

What are your ideas to "refocus the core game mechanics towards player interactions."?

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Ok I got another idea, it's not really original, some big companies have done it, but what about finding play cards and have a gamble game? BI could even start selling packages of these cards, and similar to risk you could make combinations and earn weapons and upgrades ;) ;) ;)

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On 12/06/2012 at 3:14 PM, hoik said:


The overall concept was developed to make each players life in DayZ have a clear value.

This idea lays on the proviso that there is a HIGHLY DYNAMIC LOOT DROPING SYSTEM (as well as many others :P)

The system will work by giving players the ability to directly infuence both the quality and quantity of loot in game simply by the actions that they take - and by influencing resources it can also affect both the difficulty of the game and the cultural behavior of the players.

So here is the proposition:

*Each server keeps a log of the no. of deaths (by PvP) that occur. It also logs the total number of players. Dividing No. of Deaths against players gets an average player death count.

(This indicates co-operative behaviour)

*Each server also logs players average lifespan.

(This indicates survivalist behaviour)

*These two data sets can then be assigned to a value on a scale that will determin loot density and value (which, of course, is the difficult part)

(edit) I will clarify what I mean by 'loot value'. In this idea I divide all items into two groups - Essentails and Exotics.

Beans, matches, civilian grade weapons, etc = Essentials

Nvgs, GPS, miltary grade weapons, etc = Exotics

I know that items value are subjective (objective??) to the situation, but for this idea to work there will have to be a definate 'artificial' distinction.

Here is an example:

Lowest End of Scale - (Very High Death Count/Low Average Lifespan)

- Loot Density = 100%

- Exotic Loot Chance = 2%

Highest End of Scale - (Very Low Death Count/High Average Lifespan)

- Loot Density = 2%

- Exoticy Loot Chance = 100%

And everything inbetween...and it is this "inbetween" where all the intrest lies. The dynamic scenarios that would naturaly occur are very exciting as well as being very logical.

(edit) A possible issue is that of players skipping from server to server in hope of exploiting servers with better chances of Exotic loot: But this assumes that determining the current state of server wil be easy - it wont! There will be no visual indicator (on the hud) to allow a quick analysis of the game world. So... players will have to search and explore (and by extention interact with the game world) for some time before a judgement could be made on the state of a server - and heres the good bit - simply by do this they will actually be helping to shape the state of any given server!! Therefore even those that try to 'skirt' the system are inevitably drawn into it.


(edit) This part is just where I can theoretically see this type of 'global causality' system going, like I said before, it does rely on a lot of other additional content to flesh it out - as it is mearly the basis on which a dynamic DayZ could be built.

At the low end of the scale - with plentiful food supplys and low level weapons - there will be a tendancey for chaos and violence. But as groups organise, setup basecamps, restore vehicles and develop culturally acceptable behaviour, naturally the average lifespan will rise and the death count will go down. But this in turn will lower the amount of available resources while better arming the community. If the community continues to work in pure co-operation, their technology advances whilest resourse deminish further and further. The average death count plummets while the Life expectancy rises till it leeds to a tension point where resource become so limited the only way to survive will be to turn on eachother - the death count sky-rockets, life expectancy plumets - and it all begins again!

"This is key. The cyclic nature of this dynamic is very important..." - Malleovic

How it may effect culture and give value to life in DayZ

I hope it is obvious how this (could) influence decision making when it comes to killing other players. It will not discourage or penalise player decisions persay, but will make their decisions have a conciquence - a non-imediate one, one that is only negative or positive depending on your standpoint, with no moral concequence other than those imposed by your fellow survivours.

Prehaps outright murder will become some what of a social taboo (looked down on, but unstopable) because life is now directly linked to the quantity and quality of loot - to better your chances co-operate, or at the least rob someone rather than murder them.

I know that even this level of, "guidence" lets call it, is too much for some people. So i see this as an option that can be implemented on a server by server basis - with the severity of influnce a player has over the loot density/quality of items being fully adjustable by admins. Of course this will directly influence the "worth" of other players to eachother.

I'll stop here because i can go on and on, but will conclude by saying that in my mind the most important role a system like this could take is to act as a catalyst for cultural behaviour within the game.

"My only "fear" is that most of people, specially in an apocalyptic world, are selfish and don't give a damn about the long term." - Mikyjax

(edit) The 'selfish' outcomes of this idea are just as valid as the 'humane' ones - all I ask is for the players to be more aware of the impact of their actions, and their possible outcomes. Then give everyone tools to allow them to enforce direct concequences on individuals that act outside any groups 'norms'.

"The particulars are hidden from the player well enough, it could enhance without being a distraction." - Malleovic


On 05/07/2012 at 2:53 PM, hoik said:

Server 'Death' - the end game to end games.

This idea is aimed at creating the 'realistic' outcome of excessive PvP (eg: the death of humanity) while giving tools/systems to struggle against this outcome. I have tried to keep it fun, intuitive and asexual.

(My thought was directed this cinlusion by these two posts on creating 'family' : http://dayzmod.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=27409 , http://dayzmod.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=22300 )


The complex version involves children as they are the key for human survival - This is a FACT (though I look forward to see how people disagree :) )

For clarity my view of a "child" (in regards to DayZ) is around 12-14yrs old, they are old enough to handle themselves but still vulnrable. If PvP of characters this age is too contrversial for some (mostly the cencors I think) the age could be 'offically' 18 (because thats a nice clean line in the sand for some...)


A ratio (1:10 maybe)of players will be randomly chosen to spawn as a child.

The Debuff

A child is requires to eat times 'X' (this is ballancing) more often than 'adults'. I think this debuff is most benificial for encouraging group activity around a child.

Of course a child could have many debuff's (eg: can only use sidearms effectivly, less stamina etc.) but for simplicity I am sticking with the ONE.

The Buff

The buff a child will have is to be the only 'character' in game to designate other players as 'friendly' - This turns off friendly fire (FF) for the child against those that they put 100% faith/trust in (but not for the trustee against the child). For me this is realistic because only a CHILDS MIND can truly place this much trust in another person.


Of course a child could have many buff's (eg: give a health boost to friendly , longer food timer etc) but for simplicity I am sticking with the ONE.


For those that would hate this you can opt out by respawn/sucide, but will be bringing humanity one step closer to extinction (I know, you really don't care :) )- I don't hate you for this. If pure PvP is your goal, do it - I want you to! You bring the balance to the game! (you are darth vader and I am luke skywalker!)

So this is how 'children' could be implemented into the game. I think a ratio of 1:10 is nice because it would resonable (I hope) to think that at LEAST 1 in 10 people who play the game do so as somthing else than a sandbox deathmatch.


They'll do it in the exact same way that they shape humanities fate in real life.


All that is required is a very simple 'ticket' system that is associated to a 'Child' character.

EG: ChildTicket = 50 and on a child spawning the ChildTicket = ChildTicket - 2

So then when the "Ticket" counter reaches 0 no more children will spawn - and by extention all players that now die do so FOREVER (they are locked out of that server) till the last man is left and then the server is resets. THIS IS PERMA-DEATH!

Players can logout but are then LOCKED OUT of the server till it resets, if they logout they leave an empty slot that anyone can log into (and then the same rules apply to them) - but if they DIE that slot is removed till the server resets.

A SIDE NOTE: There should be no cudos for being the last man alive (stats/leaderboard) because this IS THE END OF HUMANITY - there will be no one left to brag to!


To save the last two people hunting down each other across 200km2 + area I'd propose an imediate count down timer when child 'tickets' hit zero (5hrs maybe) till the server resets.

HOW CHILDREN CAN SAVE US (For those that WANT to save us )

'Child' characters cost 2 tickets per spawn but also have the ability to ADD TICKETS to the counter.

It'll work like this:

The game checks the current life expectancy of players on the server WHEN THE CHILD SPAWNS.

If the child lives 2* the average life expectance (ALE) then they add 1 point to counter.

If the child lives 4* the ALE they add an additional 2 points to the counter and graduate to adulthood - that is they become a 'normal' character and loose all buffs/debuffs.

By associating points to ALE this will (hopefully) ballance the difficulty of maintaining child 'tickets' on chaotic/quite servers (that is you will have to live less time on a server with a low ALE and a longer time on one with a high ALE to gain points )

This is 'logical' as well as have great side effects, such as:

- being a great way to prevent child "hording" for buffs

- makes being a child a temporary inconvenience.

- could lead to groups banding and disbanding because of a child.


This type of 'ticket' loss/gain could be implemented to be effected by everyone in the game, without the need for 'child' mechanics, but would need to be ballanced differently and IMO would lack alot of the 'moral/social' impact of having children in the game.


The best thing this would give to the game is a least ONE definate over arching END GAME, make group play vital, dynamic and fun for civil minded players and retain and enhance chaos for those who dont want to take the game so seriously.

YOU CHOOSE to save or damn humanity!

From my former life on the forums (I am after all the ghost of hoik ;P ) these are some very grand ideas that I still stand by, and if I get the energy will probably try to implement when modding comes out.

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On 10/11/2012 at 3:49 PM, hoik said:

This idea is to create an ultimate end game that is the overiding story of the game. Put simply, it tries to bring the big picture of DayZ into play - This isn't just your story.

The Doomsday Clock

This is a mechanic that could be used to keep track of how close any particular server/hive has come to utter extinction. It could work like this:

- The 'clock' sits at ten minutes to midnight (Human extinction, end game, total server/hive reset)

- Any death, be it PvP or environmental, moves the 'clock' forward a infintesimal amount. For example lets say 10sec.

- Time can be added to the clock in many ways, my suggestion:

--- every 48hrs the average life expectency (ALE) of the players on a given server is recalculated.

--- Survive for 2x the ALE add 2mins to the clock

--- Survive for 4x the ALE add an additional 3mins

--- Survive for 4+ the ALE and add an additional 30sec for each iteration of the ALE.

These number are of course arbitrary and would require proper ingame testing tweeking/ and thought.

The end game to end games!

So what happens when humanity fails to survive? heres what I think:

- the only way to leave the game is by dying

- The abort button is greyed, much like in the combat logging system. Maybe it is replaced with a suicide button instead? Or a extinction button :) .

- players wishing to join the server are given a warning (maybe?)

- Players have a limited amount of time to contemplate their demise, an hour or two maybe, then the server, players and clock are reset. With people "raging into the night", I imagine the server going to hell would be a chaotic experience!!

Preemptive Q & A

Why would anyone want this?

They may not, so IMO a system like this should be a server setting. Doomsday Clock: Enabled!

Wouldn't this be a griefer/hackers wet dream?

Giving the players the power to do a full reset on a server, yeah I imagine so. IMO this type of system could absorb, to some amount, hacking/mass killings. If a server is repeatedly being hacked in order to bring about a reset, the hacking would have to be of a extreme nature. If this went on unchecked there is obviously a admin problem as well, so that server is probably not worth your time.

Because this idea can effect everyone so dramatically, it may be another reason this idea is best suited for private hives/whitelist servers.

Why would there be an imaginary clock counting down our demise?

Well, there wouldn't. The 'clock' is mearly a metaphore to explaine how this idea works. There should be no (or very very minimal) visual indicators of the overall workings of this idea. Prehaps forums could take a role in how people guage any given server.

I think more important than knowing the exact state of affairs is the knowledge that this system is in play and your every false step, and the false steps of others, matters (pretty awsome IMO).

Why would dying cause the 'clock' to shift towards midnight?

It signifies the loss of you and all your potential to drive humanity forward - if not through your actions, then at the least through your ability to procreate. This should also answer why more time is added for living longer than the ALE.

This is a simplified version that could combine both ideas into one.

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The Ghost of Hoik, I love the idea of a global game arc but at the same time your systems sound very complex, and I have a hard time seeing how this mechanism would logically fit in this realistic world setting. What is the problem you try to solve? server hopping?

In Dayz the world's size not just a map, but many [servers]. This allows characters to flee, recover, gear up at safer servers and then go to a population rich / target rich, servers to start killing again. With all the server dimensions the chance of running into the same person is very small. Such environment makes people indifferent, detached, cold towards others. It is in small groups that people start thinking much more about long term, and relations, reputations become much more important.  Perma death is a way to increase the value and involvement into one's in game character's life. My game play role playing experience becomes better when I experience more involvement in my character. My general experience become better when other's involvement in their characters are increased too. There are Role playing servers aiming to do just that, proving there is a need. With other short arc survival games cropping up, I think Dayz should focus on role playing and the long arc.

I propose for Dayz to create one character for each server one enters. If you're not happy with your life you can suicide in various ways, but you cannot 'abort'. Logging out shows a going to sleep animation, when you're logged out your character stays in game for 2 minutes more to prevent people from fleeing danger by logging out. You better hide well before you log out.

I too have thought of a character's life cycle, including shifting abilities, needs and appearance according to age. When your character is on only 1 server and you've a limited lifespan your choices gain value. One character's value needs to rise. Increasing abilities, build in game relations, increasing knowledge about people, environment, local clans, reputation and the time my character has stayed alive. And when I die, I and my clan will feel a big loss. What role(s)will you play with your one life?

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