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  1. There's some more info/content in the works still - we'll get some juicy tid-bits im sure! "we will deliver a good amount of quality 1080p/60FPS footage in the following days. The footage will take the form of a Dev Log video similar to those made for 0.62, and you can expect around 10 minutes of new content with Eugen's developer narration."
  2. I haven't played dayz for quite a while either - I'm defiantly one of the 'hardcore fans' mentioned in the video eager to see the dev team come good! But remember it's the start of beta, things will still be far from perfect... regardless there are going to be people who still don't get what early access is and quite simply don't want to know about it. I've been watching some of the star citizen footage from gamescom, they are hitting a pivotal milestone as well with their 3.0 release. The people who have bought into it with no clue are exactly the same as those that bought into Dayz without a clue - who would be an early access developer...
  3. Some of my fondest memories of the mod were on night time servers - terrifying but fun :P
  4. Better out than in I suppose... like emu says, wait for 0.63 and see if this fixes some of your major issues. Personally I think people have rose tinted glasses when it comes to the mod, which I understand. But I briefly watched some videos of the original MOD and the run animation really wasn't significantly better IMO. I also had some reservation when the map began to change, but I can't deny that with latest update it is a massive improvement - anyway, I'm sure someone will bring back vanilla map with modding.
  5. Ah, that's what that is...
  6. Modding is coming to the big screen (so to speak)! The director of district 9 has launched a new studio which will release assets from its short film's on steam for users to do with as they please. A Very interesting concept that I will be watching closely. ___________________________________ Edit: Huh, I thought this would grab more peoples attention on these forums... this is a truly innovative idea in terms of movie making, very early days still - anyone from the very early days of DayZ MOD who were surprised to learn there was other forums outside of 'suggestions' should hit up the oak studios forums now - it has a very similar buzz right now!
  7. Anyone notice the UI in the melee preview video? Is that just for testing or a glimps of whats to come?!
  8. No this is pure opinion, 'nothing useful' is what you think and feel - for many of us (i presume) more environmental immersion is clearly useful for, you know, immersion... from what i've read people seem to have a mixed experience of frame rates but generally it is equal or less. Mine is a bit lower. From all I've read I don't get the feeling they are 'pushing off beta priorities', if anything this update is part of the requirements for beta release! Hopefully it will give them time to optimise graphics so that when beta comes everyone can forget about this as an issue and start complaining about something else :P
  9. I agree with the sentiment of your post, but I think that there is a very wide consensus on what is 'believable' and 'reasonable'. Things will change and a balance will be struck - peps just like to freak out when ever things change in the slightest (and are then freak out again when they are changed back because of the initial freak outs). After all this time people just don't seem to get what a creative process looks like...
  10. They had something like this in portal 2 co-op. Defiantly possible!
  11. Dynamic objects are defiantly on the books! Haven't seen or heard much on this recently but it is defiantly possible.
  12. Just a quick question, can you quarter a deer with a kitchen knife? I was trying earlier today and it didn't give me the option...
  13. Hey Kevo, I can't help but reply to these topics, It used to be that this was all I would discuss on the dayz forums... I disagree that this is the only way to give players value, it is quite brutal and therefore very much in line with the original spirit of dayz and im sure that there would be many people who would like to see how this may change the way people play. I have been of the persuasion that when the disease mechanic is fully implemented (haven't heard much about it of late...) the various immunity's you gather over a lifetime may give your character value, but like you say the real problem is giving everyone a value to one another. For me, the only thing that everyone values in the game is loot - So therefore everyone's lives should be somehow intrinsically linked to it. I have come up with several iterations along this theme and will try to implement it in some way when modding comes about. This one is the most interesting:
  14. This is my solution (if you have some time to kill) > I posted them years ago (in my former life :P) and with the new central loot economy and the zombie spawning mechanisms it is completely viable (hello modding?). I agree that there is some vital things missing from dayz - because it is not even close to finished.
  15. Haha great stuff, brings back the mems!