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  1. The Ghost of Hoik


    Young Maylay? Didn't know he was featured... FIX HIM!
  2. The Ghost of Hoik

    question for developers?

    1: No probably not, i think they tried, but the trees move about in the wind while the apples remain static. 2: Yes this is on the roadmap somewhere.
  3. The Ghost of Hoik

    0.63 Checklist Updates

    Hmm, seems the 0.63 checklist has been removed from the official website... is there any reason why??
  4. The Ghost of Hoik

    What I Think Players Really Want

    ...paragraphs... (and yes, most of what you want will, in time, be implemented).
  5. The Ghost of Hoik

    0.63 Checklist Updates

    UPDATE: Monday, June 04 - New player character - Melee -> Ready for Exp Seven to go!
  6. The Ghost of Hoik

    0.63 Checklist Updates

    UPDATE: UPDATE: Thursday, May 17? - Infected - Advanced combat -> Ready for exp Eight to go!
  7. The Ghost of Hoik

    0.63 Checklist Updates

    UPDATE: Thursday, May 17 - AI - Infected - Stealth -> Ready for Exp Nine to go!
  8. The Ghost of Hoik

    Stress Test vol.10

    Just to be clear, as it stands your hot bar is your "pockets". You put something in your "pocket' and now have easy access to it. What we have in game is very much the same as what you are asking for except that currently you can quick-slot everything and anything from your back pack, which I agree does not make much sense. Perhaps items in the hot bar must be in clothing that provide pockets (this could include backpacks that a couple of side pockets with easy access). I get where you guys are coming from in terms of stream lining the process and I really like the idea of being able to scroll through your "pockets" to find the right tool for the job. Now which pocket did I put that in...? I would go on to say, it would be really really interesting if you could place your backpack/ammo box/protector case on the ground and it provides you with additional quick-slots (on top of any pockets it may have) allowing you to quick-slot everything in your bag. Perhaps you need to prep the item first by "opening it up". Once you leave the immediate arms reach the quick-slots start to fade out till they are completely lost, and then over time you forget how you arranged the bag (if you return, the quick-slots are now empty). This could provide the player with more choices and fluidity in many scenarios from fire fights, to making camp or gutting a animal. It promotes planning and keeps you out of the inventory when it matters. Just some thoughts, and agree it is best to keep people out of the inventory as much as possible.
  9. The Ghost of Hoik

    This is how Infected Multiply by Self Cloning?

    lol, nice - but it was probably just swamp gas.
  10. The Ghost of Hoik

    Stress Test vol.10

    Ok, thanks... :(
  11. The Ghost of Hoik

    Stress Test vol.10

    Hey, is the stress test still going - im having trouble finding the stress test servers. I know I have the stress test installed properly (I can play single player) , and I have verified and updated the game. I search "Stress test" or "stress test" or "Stress Test" etc, in the search box and nothing pops up. Just wondering what i'm doing wrong here...
  12. The Ghost of Hoik

    .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    Completely agree, I think most of the complaints regarding changes is simply people not wanting to adapt - back in the day people would complain about all of the above but have become used to it, therefore it is 'normal' and should never be changed. I have no problem with the new ADS configuration, hold to raise weapon is also fine - maybe it becomes toggle-able if you are prone/ resting your weapon. The simplification of weapon mechanics' is a little concerning. Has the run speed actually been changed? I though it was just that stamina now prevents sprinting everywhere? Either way I like foot speed being nerfed - getting to the NW should be a achievement. The way the actions-bar is evolving is great.
  13. The Ghost of Hoik

    0.63 zombies are GREAT!

    So just throwing my two cents in there regarding moving and doing things at the same time: Great, I love it! I think it'd be great if the speed you are travelling effected how well you perform an action. Jogging while drinking/eating > high chance to spill food/drink > get less hydration > BUT you finish the drink quicker. Walking while drinking/eating > low chance for spillage > all the possible hydration/energy > takes longer to drink Standing still while drinking/eating > NO spillage, etc.> takes less time to eat (maybe?) Jogging while loading ammo > high chance to drop bullets > longer to load time. Walking while loading ammo > low chance to drop a bullet > shorter load time. Standing still while loading ammo > NO chance to drop bullet > fastest load time. You get the idea :) It opens up other possibilities for emergent game play - for example if there was a off chance to choke on your drink (causing loud coughing others can hear) if you eat/drink while running. The amount of food/drink/ammo you lose (as well as the chance of loosing it in the first place) could also depend on what type it is - an apple for example should be pretty easy to eat at a slow jog, the same goes for water from a sports bottle. Why? Well, firstly I think that it is logical (some may say "realistic"). Secondly, It helps emphasise the survival aspect of the game by giving the players *another* reason to think about their every action. As it should be in a survival game IMO. It could be a little overkill, but I wouldn't mind a simple iteration of this just see how it played. Edit: wow, obviously waaay too many tabs open... thought I was posting in offline testing mode for dayz thread :/ oh well haha
  14. The Ghost of Hoik

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Yes, currently the only way to remove a magazine using your action-slots is to have two magazines assigned to it and cycle through them (load the full one so you can then hold the empty one in your hand and refill it). We should be able to access the magazine in the gun more directly than this, for example holding down the action-key could also remove it. Apart from that I am really liking the new focus on using the action-slots over the inventory (though I am still in the habbit of doing so...) - I thought this video by septic falcon was a good demonstration of using it on the fly to load your magazine and then your gun - just need to be able to unload it as well :)
  15. The Ghost of Hoik

    0.63 Checklist Updates

    That is where the action is right now, but for me the checklist is still the best indicator of progress towards beta.