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  1. Weekly Status Report

    Yes, it has been quite... maybe I just get spoiled by star citizen...

    ...bring on beta... this is cancer...
  3. Australia Votes "Yes!" on same sex marriage.

    haha yeah pretty good :)
  4. Status Report 7 November 2017

    This is a simplified version that could combine both ideas into one.
  5. Australia Votes "Yes!" on same sex marriage.

    Pretty Impressive turn out - something like 80% of voters turned out (this was a non-compulsory vote, voting is usually compulsory in Oz).
  6. Status Report 7 November 2017

    From my former life on the forums (I am after all the ghost of hoik ;P ) these are some very grand ideas that I still stand by, and if I get the energy will probably try to implement when modding comes out.
  7. Status Report 7 November 2017

    It could defiantly be an interesting mechanic - I remember in the mod, if you (or anyone else) fired their gun in your vicinity it would stop you logging off, so I guess its possible to have mechanics linked to gunfire... though i'm not sure how effectively this would refocus the core game mechanics towards player interactions.
  8. Australia Votes "Yes!" on same sex marriage.

    You can dream...
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Sounds interesting - how would we 'detect' when someone is in combat (and stop people exploiting it?)? Perhaps you then 'crash' after the adrenaline rush - to provide balance?
  10. 61% voted yes! I'm so glad for all the LGBT community in Australia - so proud of everyone who voted for equality. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-15/live-blog-same-sex-marriage-survey-results-ssm/9134066
  11. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    There's some more info/content in the works still - we'll get some juicy tid-bits im sure! "we will deliver a good amount of quality 1080p/60FPS footage in the following days. The footage will take the form of a Dev Log video similar to those made for 0.62, and you can expect around 10 minutes of new content with Eugen's developer narration."
  12. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    I haven't played dayz for quite a while either - I'm defiantly one of the 'hardcore fans' mentioned in the video eager to see the dev team come good! But remember it's the start of beta, things will still be far from perfect... regardless there are going to be people who still don't get what early access is and quite simply don't want to know about it. I've been watching some of the star citizen footage from gamescom, they are hitting a pivotal milestone as well with their 3.0 release. The people who have bought into it with no clue are exactly the same as those that bought into Dayz without a clue - who would be an early access developer...
  13. How is this supposed to be fun?

    Some of my fondest memories of the mod were on night time servers - terrifying but fun :P
  14. Back to DayZ standalone after 3 years - thoughts

    Better out than in I suppose... like emu says, wait for 0.63 and see if this fixes some of your major issues. Personally I think people have rose tinted glasses when it comes to the mod, which I understand. But I briefly watched some videos of the original MOD and the run animation really wasn't significantly better IMO. I also had some reservation when the map began to change, but I can't deny that with latest update it is a massive improvement - anyway, I'm sure someone will bring back vanilla map with modding.
  15. Exp Update 0.62.139977

    Ah, that's what that is...