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  1. xbox 1question

    I think they have it running on a xbox x ATM
  2. Icons Feedback

    Those icons could work (took me a second to figure out the throwing up one though), but personally I will be switching off as much HUD detail as possible. I think there needs to be as many layers of redundancy as possible - visual and audio ques as well as icons that can allow the player to know what their character is experiencing. With the new system being implemented it should be easy to show the character is feeling ill (with a distinct 'slighty retching' animation for example) or feeling full by slowing down of eating (taking longer to finish a can of food) till your character is basically refusing to eat any more, on top of this you could have distinct audio ques (stomach noises, retching etc).
  3. Icons Feedback

    What if the status icons (for hunger, thirst etc) faded in when it was negatively effected and faded out when being positively effected. My logic is that you only care about things like food, hunger, being cold or having an injury when it is effecting you - we (generally) are not constantly monitoring our health and don't care when things are fine. Things might niggle at you (My throat feels a little parched) but unless it gets worse you can for the most part ignore this. If you have no status Icons on your screen you are doing fine. The thirst icon is barely visible, something is niggling at you. The icon fades in till it is flashing, you are desperately thirsty and can no longer ignore the fact. This can address the issue of "up and down" arrows being in constant flux, and I feel would be generally more "realistic" and less invasive on the HUD. Just a suggestion, what do you think?
  4. Firstly, I'm glad that people are expressing themselves - I wouldn't want anyone feeling dissatisfied or concerned with development shot down or dismissed. @Mantasisg, I can see you are clearly quite cynical about the devs. You are probably right that they are feeling excited about seeing things coming together and the end being in sight, but this is only natural after working on something for so long and not at all a detriment to them. Also, you make it personal when you say thing like: "I also can't feel the devs, no charisma which you'd expect from someone who is in love and crazy about. Obviously how can you be if you aren't really good at it, and possibly don't even believe yourself, faking everything." The rest of your observations and/or comments indicate to me that you have expectations that haven't been met - the stream was showing what the team have completed in the lead up to beta and you were expecting a full showcase of polished features... when your expectations don't line up with reality it can be very disappointing - this is something that we all have to learn to deal with. I know you probably don't want to hear it (and it will tickle every cynical bone in your body) but the game is still in alpha and this should be taken into account when you are forming your expectations. If the devs claimed to be coming to the end of Beta and on the verge of full release, then I would be in full agreement with you. All I can say is hang in there. The journey ain't over yet!
  5. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    1. Stones are now 'physical' objects in the environment (like the new apple system) - there was nothing shown about how they will work in 0.63 2. Someone else can maybe answer this - i think they had matches in the stream. 3. Apple spawns are controlled by the central loot economy. 4. Not sure what controls animal spawning.
  6. I thought there was heaps of enthusiasm on display during the stream - also I don't think its fair to make such personal criticism of the devs. They are hard working people who wouldn't be doing what they are doing if they weren't passionate and committed to the project, not to mention being thick skinned...
  7. Beta on a stable branch

    Kind time of the day to you too :) As far as I know the 0.63 update will first be on experimental branch followed by a bunch of patches - then when its ready to it will go to stable (correct me if I'm wrong here). Not sure if that answers your question...
  8. Yes, there is a clear reduction in recoil in the beta footage which seems less in line with the real world footage - I agree, there should be more recoil!
  9. If you look closely at this segment of the video (after they stop running) you will see both character's heavy breathing.
  10. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    This just your opinion, stop making the assumption that everyone sees things the same way as yourself - to me Dayz is not and has never been Epoch. You may be right in saying that enhanced melee isn't as essential to the success of dayz as base building, but this is a sand box game trying its hardest to enable the player to do as many things as possible, just because you can't see the value in something does not mean it has no place in the game.
  11. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    You are making large generalisations - perhaps no one you know is interested in these features but I assure you lots of other people are. As far as I recall (at least during the time I was playing the MOD) base building was never a part of vanilla DayZ. Epoch had base building, seems a lot of people get confused between what was epoch and what was Dayz.
  12. With BETA comes modding

    In the Dayz spotlight interview with Sumrak (the creator of Namlisk) he recommended getting to know arma 3 modding tools in preparation for Dayz modding. I've reinstalled arma and am going to have a poke about :) . But yeah, if you own take on mars its probably worth a look.
  13. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Hmm, that house looks AMAZING! And look at all those people queuing up to see it!
  14. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    So basically the devs were trying to be transparent, and in doing so confused and pissed everyone off? Sigh...oh well, so basically we are waiting for everything to go green (except for things tagged postponed) and then we get 0.63? Edit: I realise that my comment may come across as critical of the devs - it was not meant to be, I really appreciate their efforts to be more transparent - I was just trying to express my frustration with all the knee jerk reactions and misunderstanding... :(
  15. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    Let me first clarify, I completely agree that punishing KOS isn't something we want to see in DayZ! But... that does not mean I don't like logical consequences to your actions. While your point might of had nothing to do with mods (and I get it), Ruskies video is most definitely about modding - his very first example of why dayz 'died' is to say that it hasn't got a end game, like epoc servers... his second (very long winded) example, also epoc. Fine, he liked the epoc mod, but it is far from the vanilla mod. Finally there is his 'friend' Danny who baffled him because he is still playing standalone - Ruskies then realises this must be because his friend (though given the a choice of many MODs) preferred liked to play vanilla mod < and this is the player base standalone is catering to...which is why it 'died'... sigh He divides players up into groups via mod preferences (mostly) for petes sake! To me it is clear that Ruskies probably never played much of the vanilla MOD because its particular style of survival didn't appeal to him - unfortunately for him (and a lot of other people) dayz standalone is trying to enact the original vision of DayZ and not the MODs! Personaly it has been years since I played the mod and have no idea what the current build is like (would be great to hear how it has evolved from someone who has played it recently), so I can only go from what I experienced at the time and the information I gathered at the time. As far as I could tell Dean Hall wanted a 'hardcore' survival experience, both PVP and PVE. It was to be a brutal 'anti-game'. Rant over :P