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  1. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Thanks for listening to us about the status report which was "empty" :)
  2. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Sorry for my English in advance. I have a question about weapons: How many weapons are ready for 0.63? Moreover, I think that certainly there are interesting things about this status report but I have the impression that you recycle, you talk to us all the time modding for example. And also Boris tells us about what Peter has already shown us, I'm really disappointed. Whilewe see improvements, but I liked better the status report where you give us your goals to reach the 0.63, as the status report of June 13 and May 30, for example. I come back from what I said about weapons, we are told that every two weeks a weapon is ready, but at the last news, we know that there is the FNX, CR 75, Makarov, and the UMP45 ( status report of 24 October). Can we have more information? There are about forty weapons that are present on DayZ and if there are only ten that are ready we are still there until the end of 2018.
  3. Feedback in game

    Hey ! I had the idea to put a feedback in game, it would be simpler to post bugs. The goal is to report a bug / malicious server in a few keys, you could open the feedback in the game with a key. This idea comes from Subnautica, and I think it's really good because people do not take the time to report the bug. A screenshot coming from Subnautica, and their feedback system.
  4. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    I had my answer : '' Now that the next couple of weeks are fully focused on the content of the Gamescom demo, so that there are no major hurdles when fans in Cologne get their hands on it. All of our rooms are equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure you a pleasant stay. '' Thank you ;)
  5. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    All developers will focus on Gamescom? If so, the beta will be delayed.